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Chapter 56: Rosemary's Baby

To get a proper grasp on just who the son of the Devil is, one must look into his birth, and his meaning of life.

Little is known about him because no one really knows why he was born amongst the likes of man in the first place.

The answer will explain all of the above. It will show you why and how he became a person strong enough to steal the allies of his father and become the greatest threat to mankind and the one they call God.

His origin will explain why he has such a personal vendetta against Ubica the Ant-Christ, and it might delve further into his somewhat unapparent motives.

So let’s go back to where it all started, back when the Son of Satan was implanted into the fabric of the world...

The year is 1330 A.D.

In the large city of Rome Italy, a woman has just given birth.

She’s a young woman, only 17 years of age and is actually a foreigner from the neighboring country of Switzerland. She moved here to the Religion Capital of the world in order to pursue her parent’s desire for her to become a nun.

The young woman's name is Rosemary Halloran.

At this point in time, this is simply just another birth. A girl having a baby in her home under the watchful eye of her parents and local doctor is nothing short of a regular occurrence.

However, there are more than just familiar eyes that witness the birth of her child; outside of her small city home are thousands of people awaiting the healthy arrival of the baby.

The reason for that is because Rosemary is a virgin nun who became pregnant after no physical possibility of contraception. She had just lived a regular life when one day she literally woke up pregnant, and not in a way where she had 9 months to go, she had awaken to a belly only a month away from going into labor.

Naturally, people were skeptical at first but they were quick to realize that this was an impossibility for her to get to such a stage of pregnancy so fast.

Word spread like wildfire through the Roman Catholic country of Italy. It wasn’t long before she was visited by the Pope and other religious figures. People began to worship her and praise her as the next Virgin Mary.

These times in the 14th century were rough and war torn; there was a seemingly endless amount of conflicts throughout all of Europe and the known world so to them it was only right that the second coming of Christ would be now. The people truly believed that he’d be born again and free them of their sins once more.

Little do they know, this child is not the Son of God, but rather, he is the son of Satan.

And Satan, disguised as the voice of God told the young Rosemary what to name him.

The infant who is now wrapped in white linen, resting peacefully in the arms of his mother is none other than Damien.

Rosemary has not been impregnated by God, it’s the opposite. She now shares a son with the Devil.

Her son is not the second coming of Jesus meant to bring peace to the world. Her son Damien has been birthed in order to fulfill his destiny as the person to send the world to its destruction.

Her son is born to be the Anti-Christ.

12 years later, the young Damien finds himself living in the Palace of the Popes in the center of Avignon France.

The papacy has been in place in France rather than Rome for years now, so all religious figures from all parts of Europe are stationed here. Because of his dramatic and well known arrival to this world, he has been worshiped by the Christians and Catholics as the Son of God.

Even by this young age, Damien knows who he is and what his role is as the Anti-Christ, he’s to send humanity into turmoil and work tirelessly in order to raise his father’s army. So he fully intends to take advantage of the fact that he’s so close to the Pope and all the clergy, it was Satan’s plan from the very beginning after all.

Waiting in a large room alongside him is his mother Rosemary, he watches her leaning restlessly against a large window dressed in a decorated nun garment. The morning sun gleams off her pretty face and her light blue eyes shine in angst. She seems very nervous about something, unconsciously twisting her light brown hair with her index finger.

“You can relax mother, it’s just a meeting with the Pope. We’ve been living in the same palace for years so it shouldn’t be too much of a shock that he’d want to meet with us.” Damien said.

Dressed all in an expensive looking time appropriate white suit, he sits properly at a large oak table surrounded by ten chairs.

This room is one of the many that are used as a meeting place for Cardinal’s and other clergymen, it’s rare for a Pope to enter here. This is one of the many reasons why Rosemary is uneasy about this sudden meeting, a meeting that was supposed to be known should normally take place in the Papal room.

Rosemary takes a deep breath replies, “Yeah but it’s still odd, being summoned in private on such a short notice... And the weird rumors I’ve been hearing around the palace lately has really got me worried.”


“Yeah... I fear that the Pope is going to do something unforgivable under the name of God.”

Damien stays straight faced and asks, “Is it another crusade? I understand that that has been a topic of conversation all over the Catholic Church.”

“No...” His mother answers, clinching the rosary hanging from her neck tightly within her hands. “I fear it is something far worse. Pope John XXII left a terrible scar on the Avignon Papacy, the stigma surrounding this Holy City has been tainted, and many people fear that the sins of the Pope have not been washed away with his death.”

When she mentions the sins of the Pope, she speaks of perhaps the most evil man to ever hold the Papacy. Pope John XXII died when Damien was only 4 years old so the young child was blessed not to see the atrocities committed by the religious figure firsthand. If he did, it’s possible that he could have ended up one of the victims.

In his reign from the year 1314 to his death in 1334, he’s personally responsible for the torture and death of thousands of people. Whether it be men, women, or especially children, he showed no mercy to all of his victims because to him, their deaths were carried out under the will of God.

Pope John XXII instituted regular sodomy of children, especially young boys and falsely claimed that as presiding Popes, these acts were to be held in the same tradition as the ancient Greeks. Furthermore, Pope John XXII committed such atrocious behavior in major churches. Behind the closed doors of the house of God he committed the ritualized murder of his child victims after such evil sex acts.

He also went as far as incest with his own children, both male and female, and actually fathered illegitimate kids with his daughters.

John XXII’s terror wasn’t planted on youth alone. He maintained a convent in Boulogne of 200 girls which he regularly used in satanic rituals as well as a factory for making babies so he could use them as a sacrifice in those ceremonies; personally murdering a number of these girls and nuns during and afterwards.

One would find it hard to believe that a Satanist would be able to rise to the title of Pope and do such things so openly without consequence, but one must understand the times. During this time of strife, people were desperate and foolish. Whoever disagreed were killed, considered heretics by the people of the religion that they devoted their lives to.

So Pope John XXII actively promoted further texts of demonology, Satanism, and witchcraft across the Roman Catholic Church in a bid to recruit greater numbers of satanists. He said that he brought in such works so they can be used as examples in mock trials by the same priests and bishops to “prove” the existence of evil in their communities, and use that to aid in Inquisition trials. This allowed judges of the church to sentence the deaths of innocent women as witches under those ridiculously fragile guidlines.

If that wasn’t enough of a red flag to show the clergymen serving under him that he was a depraved mad man consumed with evil, this certainly should have been alarming. The Pope continually opened St. Peters, St. Pauls Church, and other major churches to regular acts of sexual orgies, ritualistic murder of children and cannibalism in the celebration of High Mass of Satanism in Christianity.

When he died in 1334, his crimes came to the light of the public and the people were rightfully appalled. The Clergy declared him an Anti-Pope within hours of his death. A new pope was instilled almost specifically to right the wrongs of his predecessor and regain the trust of the citizens.

But John's successor didn’t get very far until he died of illness just a couple months ago.

So with yet another Pope in office, people have yet to grasp what kind of man he is, he could be a good man, or one consumed by power and be one as evil as John.

The rumors circulating within the Palace is that he holds similar beliefs to the XXII.

Damien doesn’t get a chance to reply to her worries when the door to the room opens and in comes the new leader of Christianity.

He’s a relatively short man, clad in a red and gold Papal gown. He is in his late 40’s but looks to be much older, it’s as though his workings in life has added to gravity’s effect on his face. He’s followed by two spear wielding Papal guards with blank expressions. His wrinkled face wears a tender smile as he shuts the door behind him.

He is Pope Clement VI.

Rosemary walks up to him without a word and kisses his hand. Damien stands to his feet and slightly bows.

“Please, be at ease sister Rosemary.” Clement urged kindly.

Damien walks to his mother’s side and says, “I don’t mean to be rude, this is our first meeting after all... But I’d like to know the purpose of Your Holiness’s visit to my mother and I?”

“Buahaha, a sharp child you are.” Clement laughs as he puts his hand on Damien’s shoulder. “Those eyes of yours are able to pierce through any ill intentions of mine... You truly must be the Son of God.”

“Ill intentions?” Rosemary asks.

“Well that depends on what you consider ill intentions... In a regular person’s eyes, sure, but in the eyes of God it’d be considered fulfilling his will.”

“W-What is it?”

Rosemary begins to have sickening feeling brewing in her chest. She sees the Pope’s smirk turn twisted and corrupt as his grip on her son’s shoulder begins to tighten.

“Do you disagree with Pope John XXII’s beliefs on life? Do you think he did everything by himself?”

“...Your Holiness?”

“God spoke to him.” Clement declares, “And God has spoken to me as well!” He pulls Damien into his chest and finishes, “In his greatness, he told me, ‘Take my son into your bed and bring his Holy powers into the realm of man!’ His words permit me to bring the human embodiment of good into my vessel, and use it to save the world!”

“N-No you can’t!!” Rosemary shouts, her worst fears have been realized. “That is not God speaking to you! Your Holiness, those are the words of the Devil!”

“The Devil’s words cannot reach the sanctity of the Holy Church! As the mother of the Son of God you should know that. The words spoken to me were none other than the Father, his will must be fulfilled!”

Clement’s face writhes in pleasure as he begins to pull Damien towards the door. Rosemary runs to him and attempts to pry her son away; her motherly instinct will absolutely not allow her son to be put through the same pain as the unfortunate children sacrificed under Pope John XXII.

Seeing their Holiness being touched, the two Papal Guards jump in and pull Rosemary away with an unnecessary amount of force.

“No! No! Let go of my son please! Spare my son and take me! Please!” she yells as she kicks and struggles.

Damien only watches stone-faced as his mother does whatever she can to protect him, it’s almost as if he doesn’t care.

“Take you instead?” Clement asks as he gestures to the Guards to gently contain her. “The virgin woman who was impregnated by God himself...”

He lets go of Damien and walks up to her, he slides his hand across her face and the smooth sensation on his fingertips warms his wrinkled body.

“I am certain God would allow it... No, it is certainly his will, the holy womb of the virgin entered by the Pope... The possibilities of what we could create are endless.”

“So will you accept me instead?”

“Very well, come with me. We’ll get started on the ritual immediately.”

Clement walks to the door and opens it; the guards escort Rosemary out with him until she says, “Wait... Your Holiness, may I humbly request a moment with my son before I leave?”

The Pope doesn’t turn around but waves his hand when he answers, “Very well, make it quick.”

The two guards exit the room along with him and shut door behind them.

As soon as the click resounds through the room, Rosemary’s legs go limp and she drops to her knees. She throws her hands on her face and starts weeping; as a nun, the thought of being taken into a man’s bed terrifies her. It’s not only that her devotion to chastity will soon end, but also the fact that it will end by the hands of a man on the same level as John XXII. As far as she knows, she’ll be sacrificed right after, and she’ll die a sullied woman and never enter through the Gates Heaven.

After a few seconds, she regains her composure and wipes her eyes. She walks on her knees to Damien and embraces him tightly.

She takes in sharp breaths as she has trouble saying, “Your mother is going away for a while...”


“While I’m gone you must leave the Palace and flee Avignon, flee France for that matter and go to my parents in Rome. With Clement VI as Pope you’re no longer safe here. So promise me that you’ll leave okay?”

Damien doesn’t really know what to say, if he knew how to comfort someone in pain he probably would, but there’s nothing that comes to mind.

Even without knowing how to sooth the delicate feelings of someone in her position, he still finds it easy to reply, “I promise.”

Rosemary takes a sigh of relief and stands to her feet, she kisses his forehead and says, “Thank you... My beautiful son, you must survive, your meaning in life far outreaches the importance of mine or any other’s. I truly believe that you’ll be the one to change this world Damien.”

She walks to the door and prepares to take the first step towards the end of her life. As soon as she leaves this room, she becomes the property of Pope, and subsequently her life as a human being ends.

Before she opens the door, she turns to Damien and shows him a beautiful smile. “I love you, just know that I truly love you... Not as the son of God, but as my son. No matter what happens I’ll always be your mother.”

She opens the door to the awaiting guards and shuts it behind her, leaving Damien alone in this quiet sunlit room.

He takes a deep breath and leans up against the table.

“This is all your doing isn’t it?” he asked as if someone is present in the room with him.

That’s when the sunlit room grows dark with the tint of red and out of Damien’s hand comes a black snake with red eyes.

“Of course it is, you couldn’t possibly believe that God actually came to the Pope and told him such things.” Satan says, his voice ringing through the room.

Damien’s eyes don’t even look towards the snake when he asks,


“Why? Corrupting men of God is the easiest way to gain worshipers, I can tell them what to say and the foolish people who believe in his benevolence follow his every word. They in essence are following my will instead.”

“That’s not what I mean. I want to know why you’d tell the Pope to defile me, what were you aiming to achieve from something like that?”

“I knew that your mother would sacrifice herself for you. So I actually planned for your mother to by taken away all along.”


The snake slithers up Damien’s arm and says, “My fair son, you were born from the evil of myself and every demon that surrounds me, and mixed with the human sin of everyone that surrounds your mother. But you are still but an innocent child, you have yet to grasp the evilness of which you were birthed.”

“I suppose I don’t. But I still don’t know what your intentions are.”

Satan pauses for a moment, and then asks, “Rosemary, your mother... You love her right?”


“Of course you do, and I intend to use that to be the trigger for your true arrival as my son.”

“What are you expecting me to do?”

“Save your mother... Not just from the hands of those supposed men of God, but from the world itself. Once you do that, you’ll be able to achieve anything you desire.”


“Do you know what I ordered the Pope to do to her? Just let your imagination run wild with this my son, think about what evils humanity is capable of, and picture that evil forcing itself into your mother. If you truly want to save her from the others looking to take advantage of your powers, then you'll have to separate her form the world in which she lives. Will you really not take action for the sake of becoming someone your mother would be ashamed of? Or will you not save her because she told you to run? I'm curious to see your resolve.”


“What will it be Damien!? Are you just going to let her die like a dog!? Or will you let her go in peace!?”

As if Satan’s words were a trigger, Damien is overrun with an intense anger. He grabs the snake with his free hand and swings it at the oak table. The force was so hard that the snake’s head splits and its blood slides across the smooth oak surface.

The red tint of the room regains its shine as the snake's lifeless body lies limp in his hand.

He mercilessly tosses it to the ground and clicks his tongue; with fists clinched, he exits the room and ventures into the palace.

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