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(PART 3)

It is the month of August in the year 1352 A.D.

Damien is now twenty two years old and is still living within the walls of the Palace of the Popes in Avignon France.

He stares out the window of the top room in one of the towers of the palace overlooking the entire city. The sky that was once blue is now an ugly color somewhere between green and yellow, and dark gray smokestacks rise up from all over the city, giving the overall complexion of Avignon a dour color. The outside air is hot and humid, and the smell of death spews from every inch of the outside world.

These smoke stacks are coming from the burning bodies of thousands of dead people stricken by Plague. If they were to be left alone, their rotting corpses would send even more disease throughout the city.

It has been two years since the Plague has spread throughout the known world, and the death toll is well over 10 million. Europe’s population has been hacked by 20 percent already and it shows no sign of stopping any time soon.

A severe panic has been implanted into the people of Europe as thousands upon thousands of men, women, and children die each day from the pandemic. This has caused a great rift between the Catholic Church and the citizens of Europe. As a natural reaction to anything that threatens one’s way of life, the people have desperately tried to find someone to blame.

The Christians needed something to blame this all on as well, which resulted in widespread persecution of minorities such as Jews, foreigners, beggars, and lepers. So the same cycle of violence continues even though the disease doesn’t discriminate against any form of man. The known world is in shambles, and the death toll just doesn’t stop rising.

These tragedies; were all masterminded by the young man gazing upon his work without a shred of remorse in his eyes. The power of Damien has spread a disease the likes of which mankind has never seen before now.

“Have we finished yet?” Damien asks to no one present in the room, “Killing this amount of people takes a toll on my body, I’d like to know just how many souls you need until your army is able to rise.”

That’s when the black snake comes out of a pentagram in Damien’s hand and answers, “We are almost there my fair son... You’ve done a masterful job, your power really is comparable to Jesus himself. You truly are the Anti-Christ.”


“Be patient Damien, you are moving at a much faster pace than I’d ever had imagined. My army will rise soon enough, and we will have the world in our hands.”

Satan disappears back into Damien’s hand and the pentagram fades along with it. He then walks to the exit of the small room and opens the door. Standing there in a robotic fashion as if he was waiting for Damien, is Pope Clement VI.

By looking at him, one would think that he is alive and well. But the truth is, he’s as dead as dirt.

After Damien slaughtered the Pope in the most gruesome way, he proceeded to put his body back together with whatever straggling pieces of flesh that was left from the rest of the dead Clergymen. He implanted another set of eyes, another set of hands, but left the lower part of his body vacant as if to keep insulting the Pope even after death. All that’s left of Clement is his vessel; his soul is restlessly tormented in one of the 7 levels of Hell.

The reason he reattached Clement’s body is so Damien could use it to act as the reigning Pope. People would be very suspicious of him if they found the Pope murdered in cold blood all of the sudden.

With control of Clement’s former body, in the last 10 years he has implanted a certain peacefulness inside the Catholic Church that hasn’t once been seen in its thousand year history. He has successfully ended corruption in the Church as a way to see for himself what his mother Rosemary believed in. Gold and other riches stocked up in secret by the Church has steadily been redistributed back to the people through many forms of charitable work, and a big portion of that went to the children of families lost during the Crusades. He made sure that children brought into the Church were treated well and given the best opportunity to live a normal life outside of its walls.

He did all these good deeds despite knowing full well that he was going to kill off the majority of people he helped through the Plague. It all seems so pointless now, but he still feels like helping them was worthwhile and in an odd way meaningful. It's almost like raising livestock, one would make them as healthy as strong as can be before slaughtering the animal and eating it. With that kind of logic, he is continuing the same good will by killing them as well.

“I wonder...” he says as he walks down a flight of stairs, followed closely by his puppet. “If you can see what I am doing, mother. I wonder if you’re angry, or if you’re disgusted.” He takes a deep breath, and his familiar confident smile appears on his face as he continues, “But don’t worry, it won’t be that way for long... You’ll see that the ends of my plan will justify the means, once my father’s army arrives, and once I assume my role as the Anti-Christ... You’ll see that I will have the power to change it all.”

Walking along the streets of Rome Italy, Rage looks around at all the death and clicks his tongue in annoyance because there is nothing he can do about it. He and his fellow reapers have been desperately trying to gather the millions of souls that have overrun the skies above all of Europe. But the numbers are just too high; and the rate of death over the last couple years is simply too much to handle with competition that outnumbers them 10 to 1.

The ones he’s competing against are reapers of Hell that are constantly taking souls by the thousands and sacrificing them so they can be used to rise Satan’s army.

With so many souls suffering the injustice of never reaching their proper destination, Rage can’t help but feel a distinct bitterness at his shortcomings.

The way things are now, there will be nothing to stop the Devil from fulfilling his goal.

The bitter taste of that truth stings as he walks about in somewhat of a daze. The people of the city can’t see him, and the ones still brave enough to go out in public simply walk through him as if he’s a ghost. Even with the plague running rampant through all of continental Europe, they’d still be stricken with a deep fear knowing that the Angel of Death is walking right alongside them in the streets of their neighborhood.

Rage thinks nothing of them as both he and the humans go about their business until an elderly man overrun with the symptoms of Plague stops along the road directly in front of him. Through his bushy gray eyebrows, the man’s cold eyes stare straight at Rage and never waver.

Rage stops and is confused when he asks, “Can you see me?”

The gray beard under the man’s nose rises in a wry smile as he answers, “Of course I can.”

That’s when he is enveloped in a bright light and his dirty gray hair shines an elegant white as his cold eyes glow to a warm gold. A golden halo twirls around his head and as soon as it appeared, all signs of Plague vanished from his body.

The man takes another step closer to Rage and finishes, “I am God after all.”

Rage is floored, he hasn’t once been in the presence of God, nor has God ever talked to him directly. For someone considered to be death itself, that’s quite a big deal. So having God come before him at a time like this in order to speak with him is almost mind boggling.

“W-What are..?”

“What am I doing here is what you want to know right? Well, I can’t just sit idly by while Satan’s son kills off millions of my people.”

“So you’re going to stop him?” Rage asks, surprise still evident in his voice.

The man smiles and replies, “No, at least not directly.”


“You are going to be the one that puts an end to the foolish uprising of my counterpart.”

“The other reapers and I have been trying to do that for the last couple years. We just can’t gather the souls in the numbers they can.”

“Then how about we do something about that?”

Rage jolts his shoulders and looks at the man, hoping for an answer.

The man smiles and explains, “I’m sure you know the death toll over the last couple years, almost a quarter of the population of Europe has been wiped out. But what you don’t know, is that a certain amount of people must parish in order for Satan to have the power to break his army through the barrier of Hell and Earth.”

The bright gold eyes of the man scour the death filled city of Rome with no signs of pity as he continues.

“Though the number is not specific, he's getting awfully close.”

“Then why doesn’t he just spread Plague to the other parts of the world?”

“He’s already tried that... Plague is just another way of punishing people for their Original Sins, it naturally goes to where the highest mass of sin is and spreads from that point. I guess it found Europe to be most potent, I'm sure it'll spread back to lesser civilizations in the near future, but we can't afford to let it reach that far.”

“I see...”

“So the solution to our problem is simple." The man reveals a thin smirk and holds two fingers out in front of him when he says, "Kill the other two quarters of Europe before he can.”


The man chuckles at Rage’s reaction and says, “Don’t be so surprised, it’s the only way to stop him. If he doesn't have the numbers then he can't win. Doing this will effectively enclose Damien's Plague with the one's already infected right here in Europe. The Plague will eventually die out and so will Satan's plans to raise his army.”

“That’s just fighting fire with fire, two murders to pay for one is an awful solution. I’ll never consent to such a thing!” Rage hisses angrily.

The old man folds his arms and replies, “You’ve named yourself ‘Rage’ was it? I believe your morals and sense of justice get in the way of what your actual use is. You named yourself after a term of anger because you have been forced to be a neutral partner in mine and Satan's war right? I fear that that very thought has confused you into complacency.”


“You are not neutral at all. You are mine. I created you to do a job, and I assure you, you ‘will’ do exactly as I say.”

Rage grits his teeth and feels a horrid pressure in his chest after calculating the harsh reality of those words.

After all, who is he to defy his creator?

“Fine...” he mumbles deeply, obviously reluctant. “But I don’t have the strength to kill on a scale that large.”

“Don’t worry about that.” The man said as he walks to Rage and holds his hand out.

With his index finger, he touches the blade of Rage’s scythe.

From the point where his finger touched, jet black spreads throughout the weapon until it looks as though Rage is holding a stick of the darkest charcoal.

“Use this to spread the 'Black Death' to all the sinners of this land. You won’t have to worry about their souls, I'll be the one to judge them.”

The halo above his head disappears and his gray hair returns. But his eyes are different, instead of being coldly filled with color of death; they now are bright with the light of salvation. With a Plague free body, he feels a strength he hasn’t felt since he was a young man, this strength flows a current of happiness through his veins.

He falls to his knees and throws his hands in the air as he shouts to the sky, “God Almighty! I praise you for the life you have given me! Thank you God Almighty! Thank you!”

Rage clicks his tongue, his black cloud forms under his feet and sends him into the air. About a hundred yards up, he looks down to his black scythe and then down to the city of Rome.

Dv06-chp06 img004.jpg

What was already of country filled with despair is now about to be hit by a storm of doom so great, it will change the foundation of humanity for generations to come. What Rage is about to introduce to them far outreaches the curse of the Bubonic Plague. Because unlike the death brought upon by Damien, this massacre will be brought upon by God himself.

This particular Judgment will forever be known as ‘The Black Death’.

It’s only now that Rage realizes that what God said was right; there is no need for emotion if it only serves as a hindrance to God’s will. Once he does this, he’ll never be able to return to being a man of justice. Once he does this, there will be nothing separating him from the title of Death itself.


With a cry of emotion, Rage throws his scythe as hard as he can towards the ground. The butt end of the shaft forcefully lands on the ground and sticks into the street.

It flashes brightly for a moment and then...


Black vapor screams in every direction and spreads through the streets of Rome so fast that if one blinked, they literally would have missed it.

It only took a couple seconds and the vapor has already made its way into other cities of Italy.

After a few minutes, it already made its way through France, Switzerland, Germany, and England.

After an hour or so, all of continental Europe has been infected, and will be judged by God through the Black Death.

Damien looks out the window of the Papal room of the Palace of the Popes in Avignon France. However, the scenery before him is different. The air is crisp, the sky is bright blue, the city is seemingly more vibrant now than ever before. There is life in Avignon, a life that hasn’t been there for close to 5 years.

It is now the year 1353, and the Plague that he spread across Europe has finally ended.

The death toll is upwards of 30 million and the population has been slashed by 60%.

The only problem is that 20 million of those deaths were not caused by the hand of Damien, but by the hand of God. This has effectively shattered Satan’s plans of an uprising.

His army is stuck in Hell and will not rise.

Satan was so angered by this failure that he secluded himself in a dark room and has yet to exit for months, no one has heard from him since; not even Damien.

So now, the young man of 23 is alone in this world, falsely ruling over the religion that betrayed his mother.

For what reason?

Why is it that he’s still even here?

What is he supposed to do now?

How is he going to change this world now?

With questions like that repeating themselves in his mind, he frowns bitterly. Even though he used every last bit of his strength to secure a future for his goals, he is left with nothing to show for it. He is as hopeless as he’ll ever be, with no where to move forward, he is destined to be on this river of still water until he finds a new objective.

There’s only one problem, there are no more objectives.

Even if he went to Hell and took over his father’s crown, he still wouldn’t be able to bring about change to the worlds above him. He’s just become another Satan. He needs a different kind of strength, one that can transcend the boundaries between all worlds. One that can be used to drastically alter the scope of each world.

But other than God, who or what has the strength to do such a thing?

Certainly not Satan, his failures over time are proof enough. And certainly not Damien himself; if not for his father, he’s merely the son of a human nun.

He grits his teeth and clenches his fist, he’s never been more frustrated in his entire life. He was able to accept his role as the Anti-Christ before, but now that that role has lost any kind of meaning, he can’t stand the thought of who he is. To him, being worthless is far worse than being frowned upon by the eyes of man.


Came a woman’s soft voice from behind him.

This person’s voice instantly shatters all thoughts of doubt and he quickly turns around to see a sight that widens his eyes in shock.

Standing there, dressed in a white robe and surrounded by light, is Rosemary Halloran, Damien’s mother.


She smiles and walks to him, she puts her warm hands on his face and replies, “It’s me... You’ve grown so much since I last saw you.”

She embraces him tightly and he can feel an uplifting of his broken spirit surge through his body.

“Have you become an angel?” he asks, halfway worried that this is just an illusion brought upon by his desire to see her.

“No... Unfortunately I can never become an angel, those seats are reserved for the purest of heart.”

“Then why? Why are you here?”

Rosemary smiles again and grabs his hands. “I just told you that I can’t become an angel, that’s because my heart is still set on your well-being. That’ll never change, so I’ll always be the same mother just trying to help her son.”


“That’s right, I’ve come to help you change the world.”


She squeezes his hands and says, “Close your eyes...”

Damien hesitates at first, but eventually does what she asked. He didn’t have his eyes shut for more than a couple seconds when Rosemary says,

“Okay you can open your eyes now.”

Damien opens his eyes to find that he is floating hand and hand with her above the ocean. There is no sign of land anywhere, only the color of dark blue water expands the horizon.


Rosemary lets go of him and he hovers back a couple feet. She points down below them to the ocean's surfae and says,


Damien’s gaze shifts to the water below his feet and,


He is immediately overwhelmed by a presence that rings like a heavy base between his ears, causing him to have an excruciating migraine. He winces as he sees that this part of the ocean is as black as the darkest sky. In fact, most of the ocean as far as he can see is black. It’s as though black blood is spreading outwards, stealing the blue of the water as each wave gently rocks.

“What is this?” he struggles to say. The pain in his head shows no sings of slowing down; all he can do is rub his ear in an attempt to block the heavy base noise.

Rosemary, seemingly unaffected by the presence of the black water below, reveals a peaking level of seriousness when she answers.

“This is what is going to help you change the world... This, is Dantega.”


“That’s right, underneath our feet is the collective sin of every person to ever to live. When Jesus was crucified, the sins of man were washed away and collectively stored here. Billions upon billions of people have lived and died on this Earth, and all of their evil gathered here. It will continue to grow with each birth and each death and will never stop growing. The sin stretches to the bottom of the deepest ocean, and spreads to every corner of the Earth.”

“So it’s like a poison?”

“No... It’s the weakness of man in its purest form. It is absolute strength.”

Damien understands it right away. Resting below him in the water, is the power that he has longed for. He almost catches himself salivating as he stares down on the beauty of Dantega.

“Dantega is the key that opens the door to the new world that you want. If you can become strong enough to wield this power, you can fulfill your dream.” Rosemary said, she gently starts drifting away from Damien as he starts drifting towards the water.

A hint of sadness surfaces on her face as she continues to move further away from him. “You are not ready to grasp this much power yet, so you must be patient and become strong. You must become stronger than anyone else before you can control Dantega. So promise me that you’ll work hard okay?”

Damien doesn’t turn to see her sad smile; he doesn’t turn to see her tears as she starts to fade away into the blue sky. He’s infatuated by the darkness emitting from the ocean below, he’s like a moth to friendly fire and feels a need to get closer and closer.

Rosemary looks down on him as he gets out of sight, with her last breathe before vanishing, she says,

“I believe in you Damien.”

Damien barely notices that she’s gone, but her words reach him.

He smiles as he lands atop the black water; he puts his hand on his chest and says to himself, “I know you do...”

Before he even gets a chance to fully soak in this new found hope, the black water before him rises almost ten meters high when an explosion is heard.

Out of the dark water comes a blue serpent.


Damien is taken aback by this monster's sudden appearance and jumps backwards while guarding himself.

The sea serpent glares at him for a moment and then opens its mouth. Walking down its tongue is a man with a slight smile on his face. The man has dark blue hair and bright blue eyes that stare menacingly at Damien as he takes his first step onto the water.

“Who are you!?” Damien inquires roughly.

To which the man replies, “I am Leviathan. No need to introduce yourself, I can tell by your eyes that you are Satan’s son.”

“You know my father?”

“Hahahaha, I guess you haven’t really been told anything about Hell yet. But yes, I know him quite well. He’s actually the one that put me in charge of guarding Dantega.”

Damien takes a sharp breath in surprise shouts, “He knows of this!? Then why didn’t he use it to raise his army??”

“Because he can’t. The power of Dantega is too much to handle for him.”

That’s amazing in and of itself; the man who is leading a war against God doesn’t even have the power to control this mass of Sin. If something can be so evil that the Devil himself can’t even touch it, then Dantega must really be on an unfathomable level.

“...That’s ridiculous.”

“I agree with you there.”

Damien looks down at the darkness under his feet and in a trance like fashion says, “I want it... I must have this power.”

Leviathan smiles and quickly replies, “You’re too late.”


Leviathan points his hand down and explains, “There’s a child down there, and that child is absorbing Dantega and growing because of it. That child is the only thing keeping Dantega from running rampant and destroying the world. That child and Dantega are one in the same; they can’t be separated from each other.”

“Lies! If my father can’t contain this evil, then a child certainly can’t.”

“This child is far stronger than your father, trust me on this. I’ve been watching this kid grow since he appeared here after Jesus’s crucifixion; once he comes of age there will be nothing that can stop him. And that’s why I’m here. Satan has ordered me to ensure the allegiance of this child. So whenever it is that he wakes, I’ll be there to take him to our side and use him to fight alongside us in our battle against Heaven.”

“That’s far too risky. If what you’re saying is true, then this child has the potential to become a threat. We’re better off killing him now and taking the power for ourselves!”

Leviathan shrugs his shoulders and says, “We’ve already tried that. I’m the only one who can get close to him, but even I can’t get close enough to lay a hand on him.”

“So you’re saying that there’s nothing we can do until he wakes up?”


Damien again grits his teeth, but calms himself down after a few breaths. He must take Rosemary’s advice and be patient. He must become strong enough to wield the power of Dantega, so he must become a new man before the child in the darkness awakens.

As much as he hates it, he must leave Dantega behind and start growing as a Demon if he wants any chance of changing the world in his favor. If he lets things be, everything just might be destroyed.

A new plan formulates itself in his head and a smile of confidence begins to show itself on the edges of his lips. He’s not going to let the child in the proverbial womb of all of the world’s sin become something that can destroy him. He has every intention of stealing that power from the child and using it for his own goal.

If that means betraying his father to do so, than so be it.

Nothing will stop him.

He turns to Leviathan and says,

“Take me to Hell.”

Rosemary finds herself staring down on the world through a cloud in the sky. Just above her is the light of Heaven and all its glory but she’s hesitating to enter, she’s stuck between the rotten world below and the paradise above because she is so worried about Damien.

That’s when she feels a strong presence behind her coming from Heaven.

With her eyes still fixated on the Earth below, she asks rather angrily, “Are you happy now? I showed Dantega to my son, just like you wanted.”

A voice of a man and woman together slides out of the brightness above in reply, “I give you my humble thanks.”

“Is that all you’re going to say? You’re not going to tell me why you had me show him that horrible power?”

“I don’t believe that my word ever needs an explanation.”

Rosemary frowns and yells, “If it involves my son then yes it does!”

“Huahahahah.” The voice laughs, “For a nun to raise her voice at God like that is quite amazing.”

“Just tell me please!”

The voice sighs and a warm breeze is felt on the nape of Rosemary’s neck.

“I will only say this once so listen well... Your son will play a crucial part in the development of 'my' child. That’s all I’m going to say to you. You can take that however which way you like, but that’s the truth of the matter. The events that play out later on are entirely up to them.”

The presence of God behind her disappears and she’s left at the helm of Heaven. Rosemary puts her hand on her chest and takes one last glance at Earth before turning around and walking towards the light.

She knows that her son is on the path of evil and will never sway away from it. He’s already taken the lives of over 10 million people, he’s too far beyond the point of saving. But that doesn’t keep her from caring for him, no matter what horrible things he may do in the future, that doesn’t change the fact that Damien will forever be linked with her.

However, she must leave him for good now; she has to separate herself from his evil. This is her final goodbye, because once she re-enters Heaven, mother and son will be separated by two distinct worlds of good and evil.

No matter what kind of love is there, it doesn’t shorten the distance between the two.

Rosemary belongs in Heaven.

Damien belongs in Hell.

That’s at such a distance that the gap can never be filled by feelings alone.

Rosemary is saddened beyond the point of despair when tears fall down her face as she is engulfed in Heaven’s light.

With some final words to her son that’ll never reach him, she says, “Goodbye Damien... I love you.”

Dv06-chp06 img005.jpg

The current Damien is staring out a window that overlooks the landscape of Hell. The sky is orange, yellow and red, and just like Avignon during the Plague he caused, people are suffering. He's made a habit of looking out at such pain through the window of a castle, whether he be the twelve year old that had just massacred a room full of people, or the Demon here today plotting his next move. He finds an odd peacefulness in it that even he can't describe.

The room he’s in is dark, only the red gleam of the outside environment shines through the window and paints itself on the checkered floor below his feet.

Even while looking directly at them, he pays no mind to the people suffering in the world outside of his castle, he is in deep thought about something that totally eclipses any kind of emotion towards their pain. There’s an impatience about his glare that changes the complexion of his aura. It’s almost like he’s anxious for something to arrive in the mail.

It's been over 1600 years since his tenure on Earth which brought upon the greatest pandemic in human history. In all of this time, his goals still haven't wavered. He's still working towards the same goal of controlling Dantega and changing the worlds above him.

That being said, there are people that are helping him to his end goal.

One of them is a certain girl that holds a distinct purpose to his motives.

He pulls a locket with a pentagram insignia out of his pocket and holds it to his mouth as if it were a cell phone.


The room is very silent until Messor’s voice is heard coming from the locket.

“Long time no talk Damien, I’m surprised you haven’t had anything to say since your underling tried to kill me.”

“I apologize for Abaddon’s misbehavior, he’s still new.”

Messor clicks her tongue and sharply says, “Not Abaddon you bastard. You did something to that Princess and now she’s trying to kill me.”

Damien slightly laughs, “Oh that’s right, I almost forgot about her.”

“What are you going to do about her? With her in that group there’s no way I can remain close enough to Ubica to fulfill our plan. One of us will kill each other and all hopes of success would be dashed.”

“I have a separate plan for her if she's needed. But don’t worry about that, she doesn’t concern you any longer.”

Messor sighs at his explanation and gets straight to the point, “So what do you want then?”

“We’re going to follow through as planned.”

“What!? You said that I’d have a chance to win Ubica back before I have to do ‘that’!”

“It’s too late for you to win him back Messor.”

The pause in the pentagram is enough of a question for Damien to answer, “You’ve lost your chance. Asmodeus, Mammon, and I checked in on him earlier today, and it’s safe to say that he chose that Tsubiri girl.”

“Bullshit! I’m not going to buy that, you’re just trying to get me to give up!”

“Ubica said he loves her.”


“You’re a smart person Messor; even if you don’t believe me you should know that you never really had a chance from the start. All you were doing was grasping at strings of the past that once tied the two of you together. But you can still become a part of him if you do as I say; you and he can still become one. It’s actually the only way for you to guarantee that you’ll never lose.”

“...It’s not the same.”

“It’s better than nothing right? It’s either that or you lose completely, the choice is up to you.”

“I’ll have to see it for myself before I jump into anything.”

“That’s fair enough, the plan will commence at the 4th Gate. Where are you now?”

“I just got out of an annoying labyrinth and now I’m standing at the 3rd Gate contemplating whether or not I should leave the others behind.”

“I’m glad you aren’t with them. Go through to the other side and contact me right away, I will escort you to the 4th Gate where we’ll be waiting for Ubica and the others. That’ll give you more than enough time to think about what you have to do next.”


With a clicking noise, the connection through the pentagram is severed and silence is once again filtered through the room.

Damien’s red eyes shine as he smiles confidently, he looks to the door and rather loudly says, “You can come in now.”

The door opens and in comes Leviathan, he shuts the door behind him and says, “I have some good news for you.”

“Oh? What is it?”

“I got your old man to agree to heading to Purgatory with me. Now that he’s been successful on Earth, he no longer feels threatened by the return of the humans accompanying Ubica, but there’s one man in particular that he has to see for himself.”

“A human?”

“I don’t know, he didn’t tell me. All he said was that there is a certain priest that he has to meet.”

“I guess his intentions with that priest are pointless to worry about. All that matters is his appearance in Purgatory, just getting him there was half the battle.”

Leviathan sighs and asks, “You really want to go through with this?”


“Alright, I’ll let the others know.”

Leviathan exits the room and heads off to inform the other Demons allied with Damien.

The son of the Devil can’t help but smile, everything is going according to plan, the pieces of the puzzle are all falling into place.

He walks back to the window and glares out to the orange horizon of Hell.

“This is it Ubica...” He says softly, “The beginning of end for you takes place at the 4th Gate. It won’t be much longer until Dantega is finally mine.”

Rosemary's Baby: (END)

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