Denpa Teki na Kanojo:Volume 1 Chapter 2

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Chapter 2       The Confusing Everyday

After class the next day, Ochibane Ame walked into Jyuu's classroom without any reservation.

Coming up right to his seat, she spoke to Jyuu, who was packing to go home.

“I came to pick you up.”


Carrying the flimsy school bag under his arm, Jyuu gave two short nods of his head.

Seeing this, Miya pointed to and from Jyuu and Ame and tilted her head slightly.

“What's your relationship?”

“A master-servant relationship.”

“Just friends.”

Thinking it'd be too risky to let the conversation go on too long, Jyuu pulled Miya and Ame apart.

It was only natural that Miya was curious, but he didn't feel like explaining in the slightest.

How was he supposed to explain it in the first place anyway?

It was just a mish-mash of things happening, reaping what he sowed and getting his just desserts.

“Wait, Jyuuzawa!”

Fujishima Kanako, the class representative, closed in on Jyuu in a brisk pace.

One hand was set on her waist, and the eyes behind her glasses were narrowed.

“I thought you'd turned a new leaf after you dyed your hair again, but now you're taking girls into classrooms...!”

“Please wait a moment.”

Before Jyuu could respond, Ochibana Ame stepped in front of Fujishima Kanako.

As though she was protecting Jyuu.

“Are you Jyuu-sama's enemy?”

“'-Sama'? 'Enemy'? What do you mean? But more importantly, it's not that appropriate to associate with guys like him.”

“How so?”

“You're asking how...? Well, you'll be judged for it.”

“If it's for Jyuu-sama's sake, I'd willing to brave the flames of Hell.”


“Jyuu-sama's happiness is my happiness. Jyuu-sama's wishes are my wishes. I exist purely for the sake of Jyuu-sama. And the reason for that is because of the strong bond with Jyuu-sama in our past life...”

To prevent the conversation from straying into a really bad direction, Jyuu frantically clamped a hand over Ame's mouth and dragged her away.

“Bye, Fujishima. See ya tomorrow too, Miya.”

Bathed in the curious gazes of his classmates, Jyuu left the classroom together with Ame.

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