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[[File:]] Dragon Life (???) is a web novel written by [???].

Story Synopsis[edit]

I used to be a human girl. I can’t recall my name. Because I’ve turned into a female dragon. What’s more, in a certain kingdom I am considered a sacred dragon. My diet consists of humans… Eh?

Humans? It seems that after eating a human, that human’s magical power is what sustains me. How G R O S S. By now I’ve gotten used to it and eat without batting an eyelid though. Eeh. I want to live, too.

I’m a type of dragon called an “Earth Dragon”, which for generations have formed contracts with humans in a certain kingdom, leading that kingdom to victory in war against an other kingdom that they are on bad terms with.

I don’t care about that. I want to live in peace. Since I’ve come to an alternate reality, I want to live in tranquility.

However, when living together with my fluffy rabbit friend, I got branded as a “man-eating dragon”. Growing tired of those sent to vanquish me, I entered human society, ending up serving in the castle, where tasty looking humans abounded.

When I felt down about my job, I was immediately informed that I had been selected for personal-reassignment. I’m to clean the 4th Knight Corps resting quarters. There I met a lineup of top-grade ingredients tasty looking humans.



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Dragon Life by ???[edit]

Dragon Life
Arc 1

Arc 1[edit]

  • 01 I used to be human. I’ve forgotten my name. [Link]
  • 02 Rabbits are cute. Cuteness is justice. Justice is a rabbit. [Link]
  • 03 A busybody raven and a wolf prone to worrying. [Link]
  • 04 I got a weird nickname. Please stop using it! [Link]
  • 05 It’s about time I moved, let’s do that. [Link]
  • 06 A tree in a forest, a dragon among humans [Link]
  • 07 Three girl apprentices. Including one dragon. [Link]
  • 08 Castle and assignment circumstances. How complicated. [Link]
  • 09 The captain is like fluffy cotton candy. He looks tasty. [Link]
  • 10 The honored knights seem to have a lot of free time. [Link]
  • 11 The history between humans and earth dragons. [Link]
  • 12 The subjugation of the man-eating dragon = My subjugation. [Link]
  • 13 There’s No Time to Think. Go By Instinct. [Link]
  • 14 The Left Arm and the Color Black. Greed and Confusion. [Link]
  • 15 One on One with the Captain. Talk of Rumors. [Link]
  • Extra Chapter – Lutoria [Link]
  • 16 Serious Stories and Outrageous people. The name is… [Link]
  • 17 The employee’s four daughters. It also includes marshmallows. [Link]
  • 18 Light entertainment and sweet atmosphere. Unbelievable.[Link]

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