Fate/Zero:Act 4 Part 3

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Prana is consumed not just to keep the Servant materialized, but also for all the effort they do. Thus in battle, the consumption rate is all the higher. The prana is extracted from the Master's Magic Circuits, and is supplied to the Servant.

And the activation of the Magic Circuits, in Matō Kariya's case, means a hell of pain by having his body eaten by the Crest Worms.

When dematerialized, the prana consumption is at its minimum. Still, in that state, Kariya would sometime be tortured with palpitations and dizziness.

But when Berserker was materialized, the agony was beyond imagination.

The foreign body awakens, starts eating his flesh, creaking his bones. Acting as Kariya's pseudo Magic Circuits, the Crest Worms supply the sucked off prana to Berserker without concern for the host's limits.

Speaking about agony isn't even half of it. Being corroded, plundered by a living creature inside his body —the pain of being devoured alive doubles with fear and disgust.

"Guh... Ga, gwa...hh!!"

Hiding in darkness, Kariya stifled his scream of impending death, raking up his throat and chest. When his skin tore and blood started running, he started chewing off his nails on both hands.

For even more of a disaster, the prana consumption required from the Master by the Berserker class is even higher. When Zōken had Kariya use the maddening formula during the summoning to make him stronger, maybe this really was already a plan of the old magus to tyrannize him.

The worms bite at his spine. The worms are melting his nerves. The worms are, nesting en masse inside Kariya's body, the worms are the worms are the worms are the worms the worms the worms the worms...


He was unable to hold out his scream, but only a feeble moan came out. The intense pain was choking him and wouldn't come out of his throat. As he started sobbing, Kariya kept trampling his body out of rage.

He couldn't even watch over the fight between Archer and Berserker in the main street. When the tempest of pain finally calmed down, it took Kariya some time before recovering his ability to think and get a grasp of the situation.

"... Haa... Haa..."

Roughly breathing away the remains of his agony, Kariya resumed his observation of the battlefield through the vision of his familiar. There are three Servants left. Archer is nowhere to be seen. The battle has ended.

Victory— is not acquired. Perhaps Tokiomi evacuated Archer when he realized the disadvantage.

Kariya's Berserker hasn't taken one step back in front of the overwhelming golden Archer. With a magecraft improvised in a year, Kariya was able to rival the Tōsaka magecraft polished through generations all by himself.

"... Fuhu, hahaha..."

Haggard, Kariya left out a dry laugh from his theory.

He did it. That haughty magus was finally splattered with mud by an ordinary man like Kariya, after always looking down to the likes of him. In his heart, Kariya sneered abundantly at Tokiomi and Zōken, thinking, did you see that.

I'm not a loser. Nobody will call me a failure or an insect anymore. I can fight against you. I'll have you know what fear is...

This is enough for tonight. There is no reason to continue a battle that will pain him now that his sworn enemy, Archer, has withdrawn. Just let the other Servants kill each other as they wish.

As he reached his conclusion, Kariya was the most panicked of them all when he saw Berserker took Saber as his new target and charge at her.

"Stop... Come back! Come back here, Berserker!"

He called out to him. Such a simple instruction should be enough to reach him, and yet the black knight didn't respond. Instead, the amount of prana consumed by Berserker's excitation stimulated all the Crest Worms at once, and pain shot again through Kariya's body.

"Berserkeeeeer! Stoop iit!!"

With the pain, Kariya's voice was more like a scream. He didn't even have the mental freedom to use a Command Seal anymore. Swarmed by a torrent of agony, Kariya could only focus entirely on keeping a hold of his receding consciousness.

The black knight charged with the force of a wild beast, kicking the asphalt. He looked only at Saber, with a swirling, black killing intent.

Naturally, Saber isn't unprepared. She immediately readied her sword in a defensive stance.

"~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~h!"

Like a ghastly drive creeping on the ground, Berserker swung his current weapon down at Saber's head.

Saber blocked it safely with her invisible sword, but she was astonished when she identified what the weapon was.

An iron pole — this is what was left of the street light pole Archer was standing on top of, that tumbled on the ground when Berserker chopped it down. Berserker probably picked it up at his feet when he charged at Saber.

Berserker held the iron pole, over two meter long after being cut down, with two hands like a spear, putting a terrible pressure on Saber's sword. But the surprising point is that this weapon was nothing but an iron pole.

Saber's sword hidden under Invisible Air was definitely the holiest of the holy swords. It was the most supreme Noble Phantasm. There is no way it will have troubles against a piece of metal you pick up on the roadside.

The only thing that could possibly rival Saber's sword with such strength is the Noble Phantasm of another Heroic Spirit. Yet...

"Wh... at?"

Holding up, Saber couldn't believe her eyes.

The iron pole in Berserker's hands was being tainted in black. Black lines were spreading and multiplying like the veins of a leaf, invading the iron pole.

The starting point was Berserker's two hands. The black lines were spreading on the entire pole like a spider's web from where the black gauntlets are holding it.

This was Berserker's prana — the prana muddled with bloodthrist and hatred, possessed only by the black knight. The iron pole was receiving it by permeation from his hands.

"You can't mean...!?"

Saber understood through her surprise. The true nature of this Berserker's Noble Phantasm.

Lancer and Rider, watching closely, reached the same conclusion.

"... So that's it. When Blacky takes something, it becomes his Noble Phantasm."

Rider growled in admiration. The Noble Phantasm of a Heroic Spirit doesn't need to manifest through a characteristic object. Sometime, it can be a type of Noble Phantasm that manifests through a "unique ability" retained by the Servant's very body. This is exactly the case for Berserker.

Still, what an astonishing power that was. Berserker was capable of pillaging at will the countless Noble Phantasms thrown at him by Archer. They now understand the frightening lure. The instant Berserker's gauntlets grab one, the control of Archer's Noble Phantasms go to the black knight.

Not only that, even ordinary scrap iron became full of the immense prana fit to compete with other Noble Phantasms once it came into Berserker’s hands. Unlike how the golden knight owned numerous Noble Phantasms, Berserker’s Noble Phantasm is endless.

The second blow, the third blow – Berserker pressed Saber back with impressive throws of his ‘spears’, while Saber was merely defending herself. Saber’s left hand that was resting on the hilt had no strength in it, and the wound dealt by Lancer’s Gáe Buidhe started to hurt again. With only her right hand wielding her sword Saber could barely fight with the support of prana, but faced with the torrential attacks sent by the furious Berserker she could only defend. Saber could not find a chance to retaliate, and gradually became disadvantaged.


Irisviel called out eagerly. Unnoticed, drops of anxious sweat seeped out of the King of Knight’s brow.

Emiya Kiritsugu, from his distant surveillance, also saw that Saber was in a tight spot. But with Kiritsugu’s current equipment he could not interfere in a duel between Servants.

If they could at least find out where Berserker’s Master was located, there might be ways to handle this... But Kiritsugu could not see Berserker’s Master with any of his two night scopes.

"...Maiya, can you see from your side?"

"No, I can’t see him."

Kiritsugu furrowed his brows when he heard Maiya’s reply. Kiritsugu and Maiya’s positions were actually each other’s blind spots. The reason that they could not see the Master might be that Berserker’s Master also considered his own hiding place as a priority, and did not stay at a position where he can deliver direct commands to his Servant.

It seems the opponent’s personality is even more prudent than Archer’s Master. For Kiritsugu, compared with those talented but flippant magi, magi who do not show themselves off are much harder to handle.

"...The situation doesn’t look good..."

Right now it was not just a single combat between Berserker and Saber. In between the two of them stood Lancer and Rider, both at their full strength. On a battlefield where only the strongest survive, the worst position is to be at a clear disadvantage. The Masters of the other Servants must be thinking the same – at this point, by just helping Berserker a little, they can easily defeat Saber.

Then eliminate an exhausted Berserker. It would be two birds with one stone. Lancer and Rider can defeat two enemies with minimum prana expenditure.

Kiritsugu sighted his rifle towards the top of the crane once again. The Assassin with the skull mask was still sitting there. Just one moment of carelessness might cost Kiritsugu his life.


Kiritsugu gritted his teeth, but could only sit and wait.

The wound on Saber’s finger cost her the maneuverability of her sword. Saber was keenly anxious because of that.

Of course she was aware of how dangerous her situation was. While she needed to stall Rider, who was observing at one side, Berserker’s fight with her had also become a stalemate. In the current situation – she didn’t have any strength to fight Berserker anymore.

Berserker, on the other hand, mercilessly and ferociously attacked, fitting for the title of the Heroic Spirit of fury. Although Berserker continued to throw his iron 'spear’ in a way as rough as a beast, the skill of the throws was nonetheless accurate and precise.

It was not Berserker’s vigor that pressed Saber down, but his intensely fierce barrage gave Saber no way to retaliate. No matter how bad the wound on Saber’s hand might be, as the strongest Servant Saber didn’t even have a chance to strike back. On top of that, although Berserker’s weapons were strengthened with prana, they were still twisted remains of an iron pole.

Berserker is definitely not a simple mad dog. The Heroic Spirit that became Berserker is a master warrior with amazing skills that even after his Mad Enhancement, he still possessed such an extraordinary ability.

"You... Just who are you?!"

Of course, the black knight ignored Saber’s question, but threw the iron pole following his piercing vigor.

The strike could be called as an absolutely exceptional feat. The ferocity of the strike appeared to hit Saber’s short stature and –

However, the thrown pole did not hit Saber.

The two meter iron pole was split down the middle, and fluttered from the air to the ground. It was Berserker’s fake Noble Phantasm, with enough strength to compete with Saber’s holy sword. What broke this fake Noble Phantasm with ease was a streak of red light that glimmered through the darkness.

Lancer had his back towards the astonished King of Knights. This beautiful spearman took a pose of protecting Saber, the King of Knights, whom he regarded as an enemy only moments ago, and stood against Berserker.

"Please stop your pranks now, Berserker."

Lancer pointed at the black knight with the tip of the long spear in his right hand – Gáe Dearg, the Crimson Rose of Exorcism, and coldly declared war on the black knight. If Lancer’s red spear repelled the prana of Berserker’s Noble Phantasm, then the fake Noble Phantasms covered by Berserker’s black prana would be nothing but bundles of iron.

"Saber has a previous engagement with me... If you keep up this nonsense and interrupt the battle between us, I won't stay quiet."


Although this was a fight to the death, Saber was immensely touched by Lancer’s words. The Heroic Spirit of the spear devotedly believes in the same ‘chivalry' as she does.

Despite that, not everyone gathered on this battlefield praised Lancer’s actions.

"What are you doing, Lancer? This is a good chance to defeat Saber."

A voice questioned severely. This displeased voice should be Lancer’s Master, However, Lancer unexpectedly donned a solemn expression unfitting to this Heroic Spirit,

"The fight with Saber is a battle that I, Diarmuid ua Duibhne, gambled my honor on!"

and yelled loudly at the empty sky.

"I’ll first let you see how I will kill that mad dog. Therefore, my lord! This duel between Saber and I..."


Mercilessly interrupting Lancer’s passionate plea, Lancer’s Master ordered with an even colder tone.

"Lancer, assist Berserker in killing Saber. I command you with the Command Seal."

The air on the battlefield froze with tension.

The Command Seal. An absolute order for a Servant. No matter how great a Heroic Spirit might be he cannot disobey a Command Seal. Consequently, Lancer no longer possessed his free will –

The tip of the red spear reversed direction and attacked, flying towards Saber with a low whistle. The two demonic spears, long and short, brushed past the shoulders of the rapidly retreating Saber one after the other in front of her face, sweeping across the sky.

Lancer used the two spears in his left and right hand to attack the target directly behind him without even turning his head around. This astonishing prowess with the spears, as though the pair could change form at will, is the show of Lancer's true strength. The accuracy of Lancer’s techniques didn’t even invoke his opponent’s rebuke.


Saber was halfway through her sentence, but she suddenly went silent. Lancer turned around. Humiliation and anger filled his face with anguish; it spoke of the Heroic Spirit Diarmuid’s thoughts more than any mighty argument ever could.

For Lancer, whose body was bound by the Command Seal, his flesh no longer belonged to himself. It was merely a cruel and merciless machine called a Servant. All the skills and abilities the Heroic Spirit Diarmuid had gained were manipulated wantonly without regard to his own beliefs, used only to fulfil the Master’s supreme command. As a Heroic Spirit, Saber deeply understood Lancer’s regret.

Beside Lancer, Berserker was closing in step by step. Although the situation had changed on the battlefield, Berserker’s goal apparently remained as Saber herself. Berserker picked up the iron pole that was cleaved in half by Lancer’s red spear, and this time he held it at eye level like a longsword. Although the shape of the Noble Phantasm had changed, there were no inconveniences with him using it.

Saber was out of options.

If her left hand was not injured, she might be able to fight her way out of this.

But now, Saber was at the limit of her abilities just handling Berserker alone. At the moment, with Lancer being her enemy as well, Saber has no chances of emerging victorious.

"... Saber... I’m sorry..."

Lancer moaned painfully, but continued to advance towards Saber step by step. Contrary to Lancer’s expression of shame, the quivering prana of the two spears on his left and right, hiding its killing intent, was raising in a haze.

The black knight beside Lancer remained silent as ever, but the intensity of his threatening surge was increasing exponentially and advancing towards Saber. A thick layer of black veins covered the fragment of the iron pole, turning it into something beyond a sword, alien and repulsive, and the tip of the splint was pointed with intimidation at Saber.

Saber stared calmly and intensely at those Noble Phantasms, gave a sidelong glance at Irisviel, and caught her gaze.

"Irisviel, I will handle the situation. During that time – "

Saber’s thoughts were already running in circles. There’s only one desperate measure left. She has to do this in such a grave situation. No matter how big a sign of defeat she was showing right now, she must protect Irisviel. Even if she is to lose her own life...

"During that time, I need to get you out of danger. Run as far as you can."

Saber nonchalantly reported this quick decision to Irisviel, but Irisviel did not detect Saber’s true intention.

The proud maiden knight will cleave out a path for Irisviel to survive, at the expense of her own life.

Irisviel shook her head decisively. She did not expect Saber to sacrifice herself in even the smallest of ways.

"Irisviel! No matter what happens, you must – "

"Rest assured Saber. Believe in your Master."

Saber recognised the deeper meaning hidden in the sentence, but she was still very puzzled.

Kiritsugu – Is he here?

Actually, Irisviel did not help with Saber’s confusion, but she had always believed firmly in Kiritsugu.

At this point, Saber and she did not do anything wrong. As per Kiritsugu’s orders, they have fought honorably and made a big show in the open. Now Saber is the focus of the battlefield. Everyone regarded this delicate knight as a thorn by their side.

The two spears of exorcism and mortality, the iron soaked through with the black aura of the kill, did not threaten Irisviel. All this is proceeding as Kiritsugu had planned. That is – Saber and Irisviel should now be in an advantage.

Therefore – the rest is up to you, dear.

Faced towards her husband who was nowhere to be seen, Irisviel prayed with total conviction.

Emiya Kiritsugu made a decision to start acting, not because he detected his wife’s worries, but from a clear analysis of the situation.

The first to be protected is ‘the Vessel of the Grail’, Irisviel. Since Saber can no longer protect her Master, right now no hesitation can be afforded.

"...Maiya. Match my countdown and attack Assassin. Restrain him."

The answer ‘Understood’ immediately came from the other side of the radio. The air was soaked with tension.

At this point, they need to kill Lancer’s Master. That is the only way.

" – Six."

Kiritsugu began to count in a low voice, and focused the heat-vision scope towards Lancer’s Master.

After the WA200 sniper rifle was customized it was tested outside the country before it came into Japan, therefore Kiritsugu was already familiar with the gun’s characteristics. However, he hasn’t tested its compatibility with the night scope system... At this time, he can only rely on Maiya’s skill.

" – Five."

According to Maiya’s report – the shooting range was adjusted to 500 meters. The reticle in the scope should be identical to the bullet’s flight path, from the muzzle to 500 meters out.

For long-distance shooting, the bullet does not travel in a straight line, but in a shallow parabola. That is, when the target is closer than the shooting distance, the bullet’s actual landing point is a bit off from the aim, a bit lower.

Lancer’s Master was less than 300 meters away; therefore Kiritsugu carefully adjusted the aim.

" – Four."

Lancer was forced to attack Saber due to his Master’s Command Seal. After his Master is shot dead, his reactions may be unpredictable, but he shouldn’t keep attacking Saber. Then the only direct threat would be the lone Berserker. Kiritsugu should come up with an idea that can get Saber and Irisviel out of danger.

The last question was Kiritsugu’s own safety. Under such a situation, he had no other choice apart from employing bold actions like firing right next to Assassin.

" – Three."

To reduce the risk, Kiritsugu is timing his shots with Maiya's. Her AUG fires a 5.56mm Remington high-velocity catridge. This power will not damage the Servant Assassin. However, if Assassin comes under sudden fire he might ignore the other sniper in front of him – it goes without saying that the preparations are severely deficient.

"- Two."

Assassin might mistakenly take Maiya, who was only pretending to attack, as his enemy. However, Maiya’s position was far enough from Assassin for her to escape. Perhaps, due to the fear of showing himself in front of other Masters, Assassin would have left before that point.

However, in this already unexpected situation , Assassin might immediately assault Kiritsugu, who was right beside him. At that time, they can only fight on and hope for the best. In the first place, this has nothing to do with winning. That is the only way.

" – One."

Kiritsugu breathed quietly and slowly pulled the trigger. The Walther's muzzle was completely still; the hollow barrel was like a killing glare that locked its gaze on the target.

At this time, a deafening rumble reverberated around.

That loud sound was not Maiya’s AUG firing full-auto and was obviously not Kiritsugu’s shots, either.

That sound is not something a rifle would make when it fires, but an impact enough to shake the earth.

It was a thunderbolt that suddenly visited the battlefield. It had the dizzying flash of lightning that contrived to make night into day, and a roar that boomed greater than any thunder.


The lightning didn’t descend from the sky, but traversed across the ground. No – that thing that looked like lightning was the galloping chariot entangled by escaping electricity.

Lancer quickly flipped backwards and avoided the chariot in time. But for Berserker, who kept all his attention of Saber, he didn’t even have time to turn around and register what was going on.

Accompanying Rider’s war cry, the two divine bulls first kicked the black knight to the ground with their four front hooves, and then trampled the black knight mercilessly with their four hind hooves. Each hoof was enveloped with rolling purple lightning; just one kick would have been a very heavy hit. The divine bulls trampled upon Berserker eight times overall and his wounds must have been fatal. After Rider’s chariot roared past, Berserker didn’t even have the strength to stand. The figure with the black armour lied face up on the ground.

Rider sat on the stopped chariot and gazed down at his utterly defeated enemy. His spirited face was covered with smiles.

" – Oh? What happened to you, one with such a backbone?"

Berserker wasn’t dead yet. His body twitched feebly, and he slowly rose up from the ground. The black knight, who was stomped upon by the divine bulls, finally managed to bend his body around and crawl away from the chariot’s path. He had noticed Rider, and luckily avoided the decisive maximum impact of the chariot wheels.

Rider’s Noble Phantasm sped across in front of Saber. Upon seeing the Noble Phantasm’s overwhelming power of destruction, Saber was speechless.

Gordius Wheel... Its power obviously does not lie in fighting with individuals, but with armies. Even the gallop just then was carefully calibrated by Rider. Had Rider wanted to, even Saber, much less Lancer, would have fallen prey to those hooves and wheels.

The recumbent Berserker stretched out his leg weakly in an attempt to stand, but he had suffered a heavy impact and it seems he had realised he can’t possibly keep on fighting. Just when he has carefully stopped moving, his outline was already getting fuzzy and dissipating away like thin mist. He removed his physical form and resumed his spiritual form, and ran away in that fashion.

"Under such conditions, I can only ask Blacky to remove himself –"

Standing on his chariot, Rider appeared as if nothing has happened. He called out with his face towards the sky and his robust neck bent.

"Master of Lancer. Although I do not know where you are hiding to overlook us, but you disgraced a battle between knights with despicable means... not fitting for a magus’s opponent."

At this point, the stalwart Servant smiled savagely, threatening the invisible enemy.

"Have Lancer retreat. If you still insist in humiliating him further, then I will join Saber and the two of us will defeat your Servant, how is that?"


The anger of the hidden magus enveloped the entire battlefield. But he did not hesitate.

" – Retreat, Lancer. That is enough for tonight."

After he heard the command Lancer heaved a sigh of relief and lowered the spear in his hand.

"Many thanks, King of Conquerors."

When he heard the whispered thanks of the handsome spearman, Rider gave a satisfied smile.

"That's nothing. The beauty of the battlefield is the show of affection."

Lancer once again expressed gratitude towards Rider with his gaze, then he nodded towards Saber.

There was no need for words. They have confirmed the oath between them. Saber also nodded towards Lancer.

The duel would continue at another time –

After Lancer confirmed this, he turned into spiritual form and disappeared.

After the destructive storm blown cross the battlefield, silence has arrived.

Soon after, as thought suddenly remembered, the sound of the waves smashing against the cliff and the bustle of faraway streets crept back into the night sky. Lancer’s Master must have released the barrier cast in the neighboring area.

Saber gazed at the last person standing on the battlefield, Rider, with complicated feelings.

"... So, why did you come here, King of Conquerors?"

"Ah, I’ve never considered that properly."

Faced with Saber’s inquiry, the stalwart Servant appeared as if it didn’t concern him and shrugged nonchalantly.

"All those things like reasons and plans, those bothersome stuff, should be left for future historians to find a reason to give me. Heroes like us only need to obey our hearts’ desire, and gallop along the battlefield with our boiling blood."

"... That’s something only kings can say."

Saber’s disappointed reply was adamant. She believed in the chaste way of knights, a world away from Rider’s barbaric principles used justify his actions.

"Oh? Are you saying my way of kingship is alien to you? Hmph, that’s just natural."

Rider snorted, and ignored Saber’s defiant glare.

"All ways of kingship are unique. For I, who am a king, is as incompatible to you, who are also a king, as fire is to water... You are trying to split this world into two clear bands of black and white."

"That is what I desire. Today, at this place, I’m also going to – "

"Enough, enough, don’t be so vigorous."

Rider gave a small smile and pointed at Saber’s left hand.

"As Alexander, I won’t take advantage over your weakness like others would. Saber, fulfil your promise with Lancer first. Then I would duel with Lancer or you, whoever might be the victor in the battle between the two of you."


Saber was about to rebuke, but her left thumb is too much of a handicap before Rider. It wouldn’t do to underestimate the battle prowess of this Heroic Spirit, who defeated Berserker in one blow.

"Then, King of Knights, we’re going to part ways for now. The next time we meet, I’ll incite all of my hot blood to fight you... little master, have you got anything else to command?"

However, the youth that lied on the steering platform beside Rider’s feet did not respond. Rider grabbed his collar and heaved him up, but this short little Master’s eyes were rolled back and he had already fainted. Looks like Rider’s power was too strong when he surprise attacked Berserker.

"... This one needs to learn how to be unwavering."

Rider sighed and placed his Master into his own arms, then tightened the reins of his two divine bulls. The bulls brayed, emitted thunder, and beamed rays of lightning from their hooves as they soared into the sky.


Accompanied by the roaring thunder, Rider’s chariot galloped into the southern sky.

Irisviel finally disentangled herself from the tension and released the breath she was holding. When she looked about her, it was a scene of total devastation. That was to be expected. Five Servants were gathered at one place, with some of them unreservedly releasing their Noble Phantasms, destroying at will.

"The first battle was already conducted with such intensity. Had there ever been a Holy Grail War like this before?"

Irisviel was not worried about the traces of destruction. The Holy Church supervisor is responsible for the secrecy of the war. This place looks like it’s been through an earthquake. The supervisor must organize those employed by the Church and carefully mend the area.

Saber was still silent, staring at the sky that Rider flew past. Her delicate silhouette had no signs of excitement and exhaustion left from the savage battle, but just stood sternly and soundlessly on the battlefield. That figure of the girl clad in armour was like a painting, an image of beauty that allows no violation.

But Irisviel was different from Saber’s calm demeanor, because she knew Saber took a heavy wound.

"Saber, your left arm –"

"Yes. The hand hurts too much, what a disgrace. Like what Rider said, if I do not end my duel with Lancer and remove the curse of this wound, it will interfere with my battles with other Servants."

Irisviel couldn’t detect any sign of unease in the indifferent tone of the King of Knights. Instead, Saber’s resolution consoled Irisviel.

"... Thank you, Saber. My life was saved because of you."

Irisviel said with her head lowered. Saber replied with a smile.

"I fight in the frontline only to protect you behind my back, Irisviel."

Irisviel once again felt it with a pang; Saber’s strength, courage, and gentleness.

More than a dozen years younger than herself, the stature of a girl who is yet to be a woman – Such a delicate figure, such slender wrists, but she is a true knight, a hero.

"The war had only begun, Irisviel. Tonight’s battle was only the first night of the beginning of war."


"They’re all strong enemies with equal might. Heroes invited from different eras... none of them can be easily disposed of."

There was no anxiety or fear in Saber’s voice. Before the coming of the storm, the heart of a warrior is both excited and calm. The soaring spirit and boiling blood would not change in any era, in any world. That is the true testimony of a hero’s soul.

The girl stared at the southern sky and proclaimed calmly.

"This is... the war of the Holy Grail."

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