Fate/Zero:Act 5 Part 5

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A heavy atmosphere hung over the pews of the church.

Noticing the dense demonic aura in front of him, Father Kotomine Risei could not help but to laugh bitterly.

Around an hour had passed since the summoning signal had been released. None of the Masters came to the Fuyuki Church; in place of them, five familiars gathered in the place. Apart from Kotomine Kirei who had withdrawn from the war on the surface and Caster’s Master, Ryuunosuke, who was not able to see the signal, the other Masters had sent their representatives. Looks like none of the Masters were bothered about their etiquette towards the church.

Tōsaka Tokiomi had also sent his familiar to the meeting. The rest of the familiars should be dispatched by Einzbern, Matō and the two foreign Masters. This had also proven the fact that Lord El-Melloi, whose whereabouts were unknown after the explosion of the Fuyuki Hyatt hotel, is still alive.

“I had actually prepared the usual pleasantries of greeting especially, but it seems no one has come. So I’ll go straight to the point.”

After that simple opening, the old Father faced the human-free congregation - at least there was no human audience present - and continued:

“The War of the Holy Grail, which can achieve all of your wishes, is currently in great crisis. The Holy Grail is supposed to bestow power only to the Master and Servant who seek it, but now there is a betrayer. Ignoring the cardinal obligation of the Holy Grail, he and his Heroic Spirit misused the power granted them to satisfy their frivolous desires.”

Risei did not care about the response from the crowd, possibly due to the fact that he had gotten used to preaching as a Father. Though obviously, the congregation could only listen quietly. After a slight cough, the old Father continued speaking.

“We discovered that Caster’s Master is the man who is behind the serial killing and kidnapping cases which happened lately in Fuyuki city. He used his Servant to carry out his crimes, but he ignored the crime scene right after he was done, not concealing his traces. What this act of severe violation of the rule of secrecy would bring - I guess you would understand without my explanation.”

Although there was no response from the familiars, the Masters who heard his words through their familiars should be wavering right now, at least slightly. Just like how Tokiomi reacted this morning; such is the usual reaction of a magus.

“He and his Servant are no longer your individual enemy, but a general threat to the summoning of the Holy Grail. Therefore, I use authority of supervision I have at such critical times, to change the rules of the Holy Grail War temporarily.”

In a strict voice he declared, whilst pulling up his right sleeve, revealing his right arm.

Although his body was old, the strong and muscular arm he once had during his younger days could still be seen. Tattoo-like images fully covered his elbow to his wrist -

No, those should not be called tattoos. Those Masters participating in the War of the Holy Grail would know what they were at their first sight.

“These, are the things recollected from previous Holy Grail Wars, and entrusted to me as the supervisor this time’s Holy Grail War. The inheritance of the Masters who lost their Servants before the final battle- their leftover Command Seals.”

After this proof, no one would doubt the authority of Father Risei as the supervisor.

All the Command Seals not used in time were taken care of by him, the overseer.

Command Seals are also known as holy marks, the proof that bore on its back the fate of participating in the War of the Holy Grail. Not only does it carry the significance of fate, it is also a device to control Servants.

The phenomenon of Command Seals is already a kind of miracle by itself. But although this crest on the Master’s body possesses enormous power, Command Seals are still a form of exhaustible physical enchantment. Thus, they can be transplanted or transferred through incantations.

“I can transfer these reserve Command Seals to anyone based on my judgment. For all of you who control your Servants, I guess you all know the importance and value of these crests?”

Although he was only facing the familiars whose only duty is to pass what they’re hearing to their owners, Father Risei slowly entered into the state of preaching, and his excitement was aroused.

“All Masters should stop all current hostilities. Everyone needs to destroy Caster with all that he’s got. I will select the Master who manages to annihilate Caster and his Master, and bestow him additional Command Seals due to the special case.”

“If this mission is accomplished alone, only that person will be awarded; if many cooperated then all will be awarded. Once I have made sure that Caster is destroyed, the War of the Holy Grail will resume.”

Father Risei rolled down his sleeve and further added.

“So, if there are any questions, you can ask them now.”

A commotion could be heard in the darkness. Sounds of moving chairs, sounds of getting up, and sounds of leaving mingled together, and then vanished gradually.

Since the supervisor’s announcement has been fully understood, it would be meaningless to linger at that place any longer. Currently the Masters have nothing to ask. Everyone had probably started preparing for the new competition.

The church had finally reverted to its truly human-free state. Father Risei pondered upon future developments whilst grinning.

After instructing these things, all he has got to do now is wait. Those four hungry hounds would surely drive Caster into desperation.

The countenance of the targeted Master and the location of Caster’s workshop were already known. If the other Masters were to be informed efficiency would probably increase. However, if not handled carefully, it might arouse their suspicion. Thus, it was still not the appropriate time to distribute the intelligence gathered by Assassin to the public.

How long can Caster keep up? Risei and Kirei felt that the current situation will not immediately change to a 6 to 1 siege. In his opinion, it would be difficult for the other Masters to naively follow the supervisor’s instructions, focusing on Caster as their main target. This is because they felt that the hunt for Caster was but a mere interlude. Their real goal is still to succeed in the ensuing dogfights.

Everybody craves for more Command Seals. But if the opponents would acquire the same thing, then he would not have any advantage left.

For these Masters, instead of cooperating to obtain the Command Seals together, they would rather destroy Caster on their own to gain sole advantage over the others, although the former was much easier. Furthermore, they might even obstruct each other in competition.

If that is so, it would be troublesome. If each of them obstructed the other, it might be disadvantageous towards Archer’s movements.

All the Masters’ movements would be under the watchful eyes of Assassin, someone they had almost forgotten. Kirei’s duty was executed beautifully. As a magus who learned magecraft at the last minute within a few days, to be able to use such superior means to control his Servant, this should be something even his teacher Tokiomi could not imagine.

For the sake of his belief, for the tenet of the Church, and for the sake of his promise to his deceased friends; brimming with self-confidence, this child exhausted all that he has, deploying his talents. A great achievement indeed, something even his father failed to accomplish.

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