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Draft proposal for Fate/Zero format guidelines


Terminology and concepts should be take from and coordinated with the Fuyuki Wiki. Readers may use that wiki as a basis for understanding what goes on in the Nasu universe, and it shall be considered an authoritative source of information.


American English will be used.

E.g.: caliber, armor.



The Revised Hepburn system should be used when Japanese text is converted directly to the English alphabet (aka "romanized"). Under this system, lengthened vowel sounds are written with macrons (overscores): "ou" -> "ō" and "uu" -> "ū". ん is kept as n even before a consonant.

E.g.: "Tōsaka" and "Matō" will be used.

As for names of defined foreign origin, they will use what's closest to that origin. e.g.: "Einsbern".

Names and Titles[edit]

Honorifics (-san etc) should be preserved throughout. Exceptions can be made for less common honorifics, case by case.

Tōsaka Tokiomi calls Kotomine Risei "Kotomine-san".

Kotomine Risei calls Tōsaka Tokiomi "Tokiomi-kun".

Kotomine Risei occasionally calls either members of the Tōsaka family "Tōsaka-shi", which is, exceptionally, directly translated as "Mr. Tōsaka", as it is a direct equivalent and much less known to the intended public.

Tōsaka Aoi calls Matō Kariya "Kariya-kun".

Matō Kariya calls Tōsaka Aoi "Aoi-san".

Matō Kariya calls Tōsaka Aoi's daughters "Rin-chan" and "Sakura-chan".

Page Numbering[edit]

For easier reference, page numbers from the original Japanese text should be inserted into the wiki pages via HTML style comments like so:

<!-- ==== Page XX ==== -->

This makes it a lot easier to locate the original text should translation problems arise.

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