Fate/Zero:Volume 3 Postface

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– Tanaka Romeo

The third volume of Fate/zero has launched its attack.

Is everyone prepared?

Reading is an act of invading the book, and we would normally finish our manipulation of it with the conclusion of our read.

Like so, we recall the story in our memories as we discuss it logically. This is the way adults read.

But sometimes this rule also shatters.

Originally planning to read the book, but got read by the book for no apparent reason. Although planning to manipulate, I was already being manipulated when I realised it.

Something like this had happened while reading Fate/zero volume 3.

Without needing further explanation, this book is a spin-off of the monstrous visual novel Fate/stay night. This is a volume that incorporated the situation that had appeared and continuously proceeded and became more tortuous in the previous volumes, and also included signs of an even more tremendous and eventful future. The volume of ‘change’ in the entire flow of ‘beginning, continuation, changes and conclusion’.

The author is the superstar of the PC gaming world, famous for his subtle way of writing – Urobuchi Gen.

Through reading this book, you must have strongly felt the style of the creator of the Fate world, Nasu Kinoko-san, with those poignant and powerful words.

At the same time, for those who are very familiar with Urobuchi Gen, you should have also smelt the very thick ‘Urobuchi’ scent between the passages that he had so delicately recreated in the style of the original work.

Exquisite. Overwhelmingly exquisite. Had it been his own literary work, his own topic, on his own grounds, such exquisiteness would have been understandable. However, for Urobuchi to be able to achieve such exquisiteness on someone else’s home ground is simply extraordinary.

This is especially so for the work of Fate; one must have extraordinary powers in order to dexterously use its world view.

I’ve been attentive to Urobuchi from his first work till doujin activities, therefore I have been familiar with him for a long time.

However, his performance in Fate/zero still made me stunned.

The more I read, the more I felt envious of him.

It was evidently interesting, but there was also a bitter taste. I fell into a state of intertwined bitterness and joy.

Words as neat as artworks and those boiling, igniting souls showed to be perfection of a higher class.

I sighed with feeling when I finished reading the entire book.

You readers who can simply enjoy its fun are truly blessed.

Alright, here ends the envy of a fellow author, and I’ll talk a little about my personal thoughts.

Actually, it wasn’t just one or two kinds of sentiments that boils up after the reading.

If I want to avoid clumsily laying out pretty words, then I can only judge it coldly and impartially, while also being able to randomly write out what I thought of in my heart.

Let’s touch upon it briefly in the range allowed without spoiling it for you.

The third volume is the volume of change in the story, and portrayed all sorts of happenings.

Thinking of those things, and these things.

And even such things?

Bullying Saber is progressing extremely well.

Again, Rider, you…!!


A rebound attack? No, no, that… that’s right, a waste of efforts! It’s really too much!

Ahhhh, Lancer…


Gil-ga-me-sh (accepted the invitation)

That’s how it is. (Not understanding it at all)

No, it must be under the condition of not having spoilers…

After all, after I read all that, I couldn’t control myself.

I went out.

Although I felt like a Farrari, unfortunately a Farrari only exists in my imagination, and I could only walk with the feet my parents gave me.

There were no destinations. Just casually strolling.

Once in a while casting a vigilant look at pedestrians who hurry past me.

My eyes beamed as I looked at the building roofs.

Checking if I was being followed.

Why do all that?


Because maybe the participants of the Holy Grail War were hidden amongst them.


I planned to conduct the Holy Grail War within my brain. That was really tiresome.

But that’s alright. Today happened to be of good weather.

… Therefore, in a moment of carelessness, my Noble Phantasm “Personal Delusions” was accelerated.

Fate/zero is truly fearsome.

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