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These programs can be used to extract files from *.xp3 archives:

  • CRASS (for complete extraction and conversion into standard formats)
  • Susie (along with spi_xp3_002 plug-in)
  • xp3tool (for extracting and repacking)
  • ExtractData


CRASS is able to completely extract and decode all necessary resources, including nasty TLG graphics.

To extract and completely decode resources:

  • Launch CrageGUI_eng.exe (CrageGUI.exe in 0.4.13.x versions)
  • Set source file to your_archive.xp3
  • Click "Show Adv." button
  • Set "Special Param" field to: "game=FSN" (Set "Param" field in 0.4.13.x versions)
  • Click "Execute"

Crass website : Newest v0.4.14.0


Susie has no built-in support for extracting files from xp3-archives; one has to install third-party plug-in to enable support of xp3 archives. To do this:

  • Unpack ax_xp3.spi to the folder Susie is installed in.
  • Launch Susie and open "Setting" menu:

Setting susie.jpg

  1. Go to Plug-in page and click left to ax_xp3.spi button until letter "A" appears.
  2. Exit Susie and relaunch it via Microsoft Applocale, then open xp3 archive and drag needed file(-s) to any folder.


Please note that xp3tool is a command-line (console) utility, and you'll have to type commands for it to work. Or, alternatively, you can create batch file with these commands and run it like any other program (i.e. by clicking its shortcut). To prepare batch file:

  • Create text file (Notepad will do) containing single line:
xp3-extract.exe archive.xp3 directory fate_full

(substitute "archive.xp3" with name of archive you're going to unpack, and "directory" with full path of folder where you want unpacked files to be placed)

  • Save this file with .bat extension (double-check you have "*.* (all files)" selected, or you'll end up having "*.bat.txt" file!) and move it to the folder where xp3tool and xp3-archive(-s) are.
  • Launch batch file you've just created using Microsoft Applocale.