Fate/stay night:Image manipulation

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All the images in Fate/stay night have 32-bit color depth (24 bit per image + 8 bit per alpha-channel). Simply put, these are plain bitmap files with alpha-channel, just they're compressed.

Image export[edit]

tlg-files are encrypted, and one will need Susie with tlg-plugin to decrypt them. Having opened needed image, right-click it, select 'File' and 'Save as' will let you save it as 24-bit *.bmp. To get 32-bit color depth, open your bmp-file with graphic editor capable of working with alpha-channels (i.e. Adobe Photoshop) and create a new channel. In Photoshop, white areas of new layer mean visible parts of image, while black areas mean transparent ones.

Image import[edit]

To import image, one will want to use krkr package, v.219b19. Go to kirikiri2 -> tools -> krkrtpc.exe. Mark 3rd row in both first and second columns and drop your image onto program's window.