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Eternal Innocence

The experience that has never been experienced before, now it has been released… Things won’t be the same again; the dazzling sun is finally here- This spring, the highly anticipated classical school romance ADV is finally here!!

[TL note: from right to left]
“Yeah. Today I was really gonna waking him up…”

The main character’s not very matured little sister. First year student of Hachisujo School. She has a pretty serious brother complex. Even at her age she would still ask her brother to take bath together. Every morning as her habit she would use the excuse ‘calling to wake my brother up’ to sneak onto his bed.

“Here, Ma Kun. It’s time for breakfast. If you want more just say so, okay?”

The main character’s older sister. Third year student of Hachisujo School. She treasured the main hero very much. She has a strange hobby of showing her fondness for the main hero everywhere. Other than that she is serious at her task, yet never too stern to others; this contrast makes her very popular among her peers.

“Takashi chan, wake up or you are going to be late!...”

Rie Akihara
The main character’s childhood friend. As a second year student of Hachisujo School, she is in the same grade as the main hero. She has secretly like the main hero since little, but he never noticed it. Even though she is not as popular as Kagura, but her friendliness still won a lot of support.

“School life is short, you know. If you don’t go through it interestingly, I think it’s a waste.”

Saki Kagura
A second year student of Hachisujo School and in the same class as the main character. She is a straight A student who is good at both academic and athletic topics. Because she treats everyone cheerfully and empathically, she is labelled as an idol in school and furthermore has an unofficial fan club.

“If you become too involved with me…you will regret it…”

Aoi Akashi
A mystery transfer student who somehow transferred into the main character’s class. She doesn’t speak much, nor does she interact with other people. She never quite talks about herself either. Her hobby is kendo. Even though she always has a wood katana with her, she doesn’t join the Kendo club.

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“There is nothing to see here, so gross.”

Aiko Takahashi
Takenori’s classmate. The leader of the girl gang in the class. She is very stubborn at wanting to win, and is not afraid of anything. However she is a bit adolescent on the topic of love.

Syoya Sato

Takenori’s buddy. A boy who is very into galgames.

Takenori Tsuduki

The main character of this story. A senior high second year student who is into the world of galgames.

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