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Novel Illustrations[edit]


Note: The following dialogue is translated from the Chinese fansubs (my hearing is non-existent, to say the least)

Hikaru: When Hikaru was on the Earth...Special Edition Drama CD

Koremitsu: Koremitsu Akagi’s Day of Suffering ~ Why do I have to go out wooing girls? ~

Koremitsu: It was that summer when I met that guy, the guy called the ‘Harem Prince of the school, who viewed every single girl as a beautiful flower, and that it’s a man’s job for them to compete and bloom to show their most beautiful side. To be honest, he’s just a winner in life, and there should be no way he would ever interact with this hoodlum in me who’s always going around fighting, labeled the ‘delinquent king’. However, he suddenly passed away one day, and continued to be with me as a ghost. Also, there’s still a girl he wouldn’t give up on, and he made this request, “Mr Akagi, can you fulfill some promises for me?”

Hikaru: Hollyhocks are flowers that bloom in midsummer. When there’s enough ventilation and sunlight, the green stems will grow straight and produce creamy pink flowers. They’re cute, but I find that white flowers suit Miss Aoi much better; they were ostensibly brought back from the Holy Land by the Crusaders. A flower that blooms in the Holy Land is perfect for Miss Aoi.

Hikaru: Flowers drenched by the rain really do give an enriching feeling in the body and mind.

Hikaru: I’ll get a girl who can really laugh for you.

Hikaru: You really are my hero, Koremitsu.

Koremitsu: This busybody, annoying harem prince who can’t shed a single tear when sad is my friend, and till today, I’ll recall his profile from time to time. I recall the gleeful expressions of his, dishing out his floral lectures like a chatterbox and yet is completely useless. Oh yes, he spoke up that day too. That summer when I spent that one rare dazzling summer with you, you suddenly proposed that I go out wooing girls...

Chapter 1: Go Forth, Flirting delinquent![edit]

Hikaru: Now then, Koremitsu, let’s do our best and woo some girls.

Koremitsu: Ack, are we really doing this?

Hikaru: Of course! Are you not the one who made such a request tome “Got it. Teach me the ways you pick up girls, (probably a sentai pose) and turn me into a delinquent great at wooing girls.” Koremitsu.

Koremitsu: I didn’t! Anyway, what’s this about a delinquent great at wooing girls?

Hikaru: Koremitsu, you are being too loud.

Girl: Mama! That red haired devil down there is muttering something dangerous over there!

Mom: Mami, don’t look. You’ll get (your head) eaten! Let’s hurry off!

Koremitsu: Who wants to eat you up? Damn it, it’s your fault here.

Hikaru: It is to be expected. You are the only one who can see me here.

Koremitsu: Ugh, I wanna go back.

Hikaru: No can do, Koremitsu. We agreed to go out and woo girls, right? To learn how to deal with girls and maintain an appropriate distance from them, no?

Koremitsu: Kuh...

Hikaru: Try and remember the commotion you caused yesterday at the pool with Shiiko and Miss Shikibu.

Koremitsu: Nargh...I don’t want to think about that.

Hikaru: I can understand how you feel. You have several girls fighting over you in a public place, your swimwear got pulled down, and your buttocks were exposed in public. That certainly was a rather perverted, or I should say, a troublesome matter at that.

Koremitsu: Argh, are women always so disobedient?

Hikaru: But that is what makes them cute. When you continue to serve your feelings towards them, their hearts will never open like a tightly shut flower bud. When they know of your feelings as true love however, their hearts will bloom beautifully like the flowers, embracing you gently within their arms.

Koremitsu: don’t you ever get embarrassed saying such things?

Hikaru: Hm? What?

Koremitsu: it’s nothing. I’m just a big idiot asking you such a thing.

Hikaru: But you are not an idiot, Koremitsu. You are kind and brave, the friend i am so proud of, my hero!

Koremitsu: What’s with this out of a sudden?

Hikaru: These are my true thoughts though. I really hope that you will be able to find your happiness. I do not know how long I can remain on this Earth, so I want to do my best in helping you while I am still beside you. no matter how little it may be.

Koremitsu: Hikaru...you...

Hikaru: (Sparkles) Now then, let us go woo some girls!

Koremitsu: You...! Ugh, seriously. Understood I’m a man, and I can’t take back what I say.

Hikaru: Right, so first, let me demonstrate to you.

Koremitsu: ...Okay?

Hikaru: Love or wooing, they both start from the stare. When you decide on who it is, look right at her, and when your eyes meet, she will most likely lower her stare shyly, or stop in their tracks. That is where you have to smile and talk to her.

Koremitsu: But what do I say?

Hikaru: You simply have to first find any outstanding qualities of that girl, and then lavish a whole lot of praise on her, like for example ‘your hair is really beautiful. I really have powerless to those with such hair. The tender inward curls are as cute as a White Clover. Do you know, the floral language of the White Clover is ‘a promise’? It feels similar to our situation now, for you see, my meeting with you today is definitely not a coincidence, but a destiny promised in the past. Hey, if possible, I want to know more about you. Do you want to have some tea with me?’ If you go about saying something like this, I guess it will be fine just like that.

Koremitsu: What ‘just like that’! Isn’t it dangerous to say something like fated person the moment we meet!?

Hikaru: That is not true though. I do feel that no matter what girl it is, an encounter is a destiny in life.

Koremitsu: So it’s a warehouse clearing of destinies?

Hikaru: How rude. I will not sell an encounter short. I simply chase up to it and grab it tightly.

Koremitsu: Ah, I see.

Hikaru: Now then, since you do understand, Koremitsu, how about we begin this?

Koremitsu: Eh, now?

Hikaru: Of course, come on, look around.

Koremitsu: Looking around, I do find both women and men backing away from me.

Hikaru: Koremitsu, you cannot lose to the hardship of life. It is okay; even if you are called the hoodlum king, lolicon delinquent king in school, you are just a red-haired delinquent with a savage look here. Use your eyes, use your eyes to look.

Koremitsu: Huh? What sort of an encouragement is that? Tch, guess I don’t have a choice. I’ll start with the woman wearing the white dress there.

Hikaru: Start with...it sounds like you want to murder someone here.

Koremitsu: Are you even on my side?

Hikaru: Oh yes yes, okay, do your best, fight! I am with you.

Koremitsu: Actually, it’s more like you’re haunting me, you bastard. Huh? That woman in the white dress’ gone.

Hikaru: Hm? That girl ran off after you gave her a look. Her skirt fluffed in the wind, cute as the fluttering flowers in the wind.

Koremitsu: Huh? Why did she run away after seeing me? What should I do before we even look?

Hikaru: Koremitsu, whatever goes, failure is the mother of success. Now then, on to the next one.

Koremitsu: Ugh, I guess it’ll be the one with the hair tied behind her head.

Hikaru: Koremitsu, that is called a ponytail. A girl with a ponytail always leaves the back of her neck undefended, and the fluffy hair does have an unadulterated sensual feel as it sways along with the footsteps like a rooster crown. Ah, huh, that crown girl ran off.

Koremitsu: Hey, Hikaru, if I look in the eyes, they’ll feel embarrassed, right? That crown-haired girl I just met in the eyes ran off without a second thought!

Hikaru: It is a common theme to fail once or twice. How about the next girl then?

Koremitsu: Which one?

Hikaru: That one, the short-haired girl standing there. An intellectual looking beauty with a cool expression like a Clemantis.

Koremitsu: Ah, that one? Tch, didn’t she run off?

Hikaru: Now then, try the cute girl with the round, puffy face like a Tulip.

Koremitsu: A Tulip girl. Ah, she got away.

Hikaru: Next one, try the girl with the unkempt hair like a Peony.

Koremitsu: Peony, unkempt. Ah, uhh, she got away.

Hikaru: Eh, next.

Koremitsu: Hey, Hikaru.

Hikaru: It is okay. Ah, yes. Greet the next girl the next time you meet her in the eyes.

Koremitsu: Greet?

Hikaru: Yes, it is still too early to give up now. Even a persimmon tree needs 8 years to bear fruit. You need to spend time to bear such sweet fruit.

Koremitsu: You want me to spend 8 years wooing a girl!? Ack, ouch! Who is it!

Hikaru: How wonderful to be hit on the head by an empty can. This surely hints at an encounter with a certain female later on. (Remember, this story is set in Suetsumuhana)

Koremitsu: How can such a thing be possible here!?

Chapter 2: What am I doing here!?[edit]


Honoka: Hello hello? Michiru? What’s the matter...eh? You’re worried about me? Why? I’m not worried about what happened at the pool at all...I’m not lying, I’m fine...I’m really really fine here! I’m hanging up here!

Honoka: Ahh...seriously, now even Michiru’s worried about me. I should be having the image of a reliable big sister here, right? Why did I end up like this...?

Honoka: Akagi’s still angry, right? Uuu...I’m definitely hated here. What do I do? This is terrible! Ahhh, if only I did hold onto Akagi’s beach pants, he wouldn’t have his butt exposed like that...what am I thinking right now! No no! I can’t touch a boy’s beach pants at all!

Mami: Mama, that big sister seems to be muttering to herself, frustrated about something.

Honoka: Eek!

Mother: Shh, Mami, you’re too loud here. Don’t look at her in the eyes.

Honoka: And now I’m treated as a suspicious person...this is horrible! Argh, seriously, I might as well go home now. Even if I do see Akagi now, I can’t apologize when I’m like this now. Speaking of which, how does Oumi know about the cafe Akagi often frequents!?

Honoka: I’ll just send him a mail when I get back, but how do I apologize to him? Do I go to his house directly? No no no, this is too heavy, my love, it’s too heavy!

Koremitsu: Th-those legs of yours are thick and rough like a Cedrus tree. They’re nice.

Honoka: Eh? That voice is!

Koremitsu: Why did you have to run away...damn it. On to the next one. Hey, the woman over there...I say, stop running away already.

Honoka: It’s Akagi after all. Why’s he here? And what exactly is he doing?

Koremitsu: Hey, Hikaru. I don’t seem to be getting anyone for quite a while.

Hikaru: Koremitsu, wooing girls is not hunting here. It is best not to give off the beastly ‘I will eat you up’ kind of feeling. Carnivorous men are rare, but they are popular. If it is you however, Koremitsu, I would say you are a ‘cannibal’ instead.

Koremitsu: Can that already. Anyway, what do I have to do to woo girls?

Hikaru: How about changing methods here? There is the method of walking around the corners and colliding into people. After that, you gently hold the girl you knock down and not let her fall. Ask her ‘are you alright?’, and say ‘I am fine here. To be able to meet an outstanding, adorable flower in this city and view it from up close like this, this thing known as pain has long vanished. I suppose this is what everyone calls fate.’

Koremitsu: Like I’m able to say such a thing!?

Hikaru: It’s practice.

Koremitsu: A normal conversation is much more decent than this.

Honoka: Akagi...I don’t think it’s possible...but he’s actually wooing girls!? Why!? Ah, he’s talking again. Ah, the girl ran off. Eh? He’s going to continue? She ran away. Ahh, seriously...what’s he trying to do here!? How did I start stalking him discreetly too? I shouldn’t be this kind of person here...ah, huh!? That girl didn’t run away even after Akagi talked to her! You’re kidding!! He succeeded!!?

Poor Suffering Girl: E-er-er-erm, i-i-is there something!?

Koremitsu: Right, good thing she didn’t run off now. First stage, clear!

Hikaru: Koremitsu, that girl seems to be shivering. You have to sweet talk to calm her.

Koremitsu: Sweet talk? What’s that......

Poor Suffering Girl: Hiiii...

Hikaru: Do not feel frustrated, Koremitsu. Your eyes will glare when you do so, and you will frown, making your face more savage than usual. Come on, try flattering her. Are her arms not soft and charming?

Koremitsu: An-an-anyway, your arms are rather thick.

Poor Suffering Girl: Eh?

Koremitsu: You look rather healthy there. Well, very suited for strength work. Your hair’s decent look, wavy like an inchworm.

Hikaru: KOREMITSU!!!

Poor Suffering Girl: Th-that’s horrible~!!!

Koremitsu: Tch, what was that about? I was trying to say something. Why did you run away!?

Hikaru: That was...you fault, Koremitsu.

Koremitsu: Huh?

Honoka: So he failed after all. Thank goodness...not!! Why’s he wooing girls here!? Ah, Akagi’s moving now! What do I do now!? Do I chase after him? B-but, if I’m found to be peeping on him, I’ll definitely be hated here. No no, this is for Akagi’s good. This is proper invigilation to prevent Akagi from straying off the right path. I’m not peeping on him, and I’m not a stalker here—!!!

Chapter 3: The Girls who met.[edit]

Aoi: Ah, so nice. It is better to have red tea with honey after all. It is really wonderful to be able to come here. Even I can come to a tea shop alone to drink some tea and do some shopping alone. Asa and Big Brother Shungo are worrying over me too much; it is too much of them to even come watching me at my workplace. I wanted to be strong enough not to cause Mr Akagi trouble.

(Bells. Door opens)

Waitress: Welcome.

Unfortunate victim 1: Woah, that was scary.

Unfortunate victim 2: Fuu, what’s with that delinquent anyway?

Aoi: Delinquent?

Unfortunate victim 2: I never expected him to suddenly come at me and talk to me. He has that scary look and the red hair. I’m so scared wondering if I’ll end up meeting him on the way home.

Aoi: (Scary look, red hair? Is it Mr Akagi?)

Unfortunate victim 1: Woah, look outside the window! That delinquent’s still wandering around this tea shop.

Unfortunate victim 2: You serious? He’s going to talk with someone again. That guy’s going far away to hunt down a girl!

Aoi: Outside the window...tea shop...its Mr Akagi after all, isn’t it!?

Unfortunate victim 3: Eh, i-is there something?

Koremitsu: Ah, erm, your eyes look pretty, like acorns. Looks like your head will drop if you tilt it a little.

Unfortunate victim 3: E-eek! P-pl-please don’t hit me!!

Hikaru: Koremitsu, try using a gentler tone and praise her with earnest lines.

Koremitsu: Even if you say so, I’m already being very gentle here!!!

Unfortunate victim 3: Please don’t hit me even if that’s the case!!!

Koremitsu: No no no, that wasn’t directed at you.

Aoi: Who exactly is the woman with Mr Akagi? She does not seem to be a classmate from school...Is that Mr Akagi’s girlfriend!!? Eh, erm, but that is...ah.

Unfortunate victim 1: Look, that delinquent looks like he’s about to be arrested. That guy’s does human trading after all!

Aoi: Th-this is bad! I am not sure what is going on, but it looks like Mr Akagi is about to be arrested...!!!

Some ruckus and knocking later.

Aoi: Ah, sorry! Are you okay?

Honoka: Ah, I’m fine here. Just that I’m shocked that the door opened...huh?

Aoi: You are...

Honoka: Your Highness Aoi? Why are you here?...Now’s not the moment for this though. Akagi’s chased by the police...!

Aoi: Yes, Mr Akagi is being chased by the police...

Both: Eh?

Honoka: Your Highness Aoi, did you just?

Aoi: Did you...just mention about Mr Akagi...

Koremitsu: (heavy panting) Finally shook them off.

Hikaru: Koremitsu, I do not think it is a good thing to suddenly run away when being questioned by the police.

Koremitsu: I had no choice. That policeman just looked at me like I’m a criminal here. I’ll definitely be taken away if I remained there.

Hikaru: I never expected you to be watched by the policemen just because you were trying to flirt with girls; that really was quite the turbulent development. I guess the road of love is filled with thorns after all.

Koremitsu: Don’t say that about me like you’re critiquing a movie here. Damn it, like hell I want to continue wooing girls.

Hikaru: Do not say that. Try challenging it again. Think positive. This is a corner; try knocking into a girl around the corner and tie the red string of fate.

Koremitsu: If it’s deliberate, it’s not fated.

Hikaru: But if it is not a coincidence, it has to be fated.

Koremitsu: Who knows.

Hikaru: ‘I’m a man, and I’ll do what I promised’. You are the one who made that statement, Koremitsu.

Koremitsu: You’re despicable.

Hikaru: You are a man of your word. You cannot simply take back what you said, can you?

Koremitsu: Ahh, I get it. I’ll do it, okay? I’ll show you what ‘fate’ is.

Hikaru: To be expected of you, Koremitsu! Do your best here! Listen, is there not someone coming around the corner? The footsteps are getting closer...

Koremitsu: Are you serious? It’s not a guy, is it?

Hikaru: There is no problem. These footsteps seem to be of a girl’s from what I can hear. A young, calm , intellectual lady.

Koremitsu: You can hear that much just from the footsteps? I guess it is to be expected of a harem prince without restraint.

Hikaru: It does not feel like I got praised here though...

Koremitsu: Really? Now then, I’ll try it for now...(footsteps, crashes hard.)...watch out!

Hikaru: Nice, Koremitsu! You got the girl by the arm before she fell. That is a high score.

Koremitsu: Sorry, are you alright?

Hikaru: Yes yes. It is important to pay attention to this part, no?

Koremitsu: Your hair is really beautiful, and I’m powerless against girls with such pretty hair. A cute city flower like you will be hurt by a wild dog like me. The God of Fate really did such a cruel thing here.

Hikaru: Not bad! It does have the right vibe even though it feels like plagiarism of my lines. Now this girl will...

Asai: I suppose. God certainly is cruel and incompetent to let me meet a wild dog at such a place.

Hikaru: Huh?

Koremitsu: Ugh, Asai Saiga!

Asai: Do not yell at my ears; this filthy voice will damage them. More importantly, let go of your hand.

Koremitsu: You, why are you here!?

Asai: It has nothing to do with you. Furthermore, I suppose you are a wild dog with your head boiling under the heat, saying such irrelevant words, no?

Koremitsu: How is it irrelevant?

Asai: How is it not? The moment we met, you blindly rambled about some God of Fate; is this not irrelevant here? Do you still wish to graduate from High School? A wild dog really thinks of the most uncouth things.

Koremitsu: That’s not it, Hikaru...

Hikaru: K-Koremitsu?

Asai: Hikaru? Are you saying that you wish to emulate Hikaru’s actions? Now you have fallen further in my eyes.

Hikaru: Asa...

Koremitsu: You...!

Asai: Hikaru’s philandering is something really troubling, and extremely useless at that; it is exacerbated however now that it is passed on to a wild dog like you.

Koremitsu: Hey, you can say whatever you want about me, but don’t badmouth Hikaru here. He feels the fates of all the girls and treasure them all; that’s all.

Hikaru: Koremitsu...

Asai: What do you know about Hikaru...uu?

Hikaru: Asa...! She was a little wobbly, was she not? Is it a lack of sleep? She does not look good here...

Koremitsu: Wha...? Hey, you aren’t looking too well here. Your legs are wobbly too.

Asai: ...It has nothing to do with you.

Hikaru: Koremitsu, bring Asa over to the park. It will be good to let her rest for a little while.

Koremitsu: Go rest in the park for a little while.

Asai: There is no need.

Koremitsu: Don’t force yourself, Asa.

Asai: ...! I do not remember allowing you to call me that...

Koremitsu: Watch out! Don’t collapse so suddenly like that.

Asai: I said that is not the case...

Hikaru: Koremitsu, lend Asa your shoulder.

Koremitsu: Seriously, looks like I got no choice.

Asai: Leave...me alone.

Koremitsu: I get it, I get it.

Chapter 4: The increasing complications of the girls[edit]

Both: Ah, erm...!

Honoka: Wh-What is it, Your Highness Aoi? You may go first.

Aoi: N-no, you may go first, Miss Shikibu.

Honoka: Eh? But...

Honoka: Eh, how did it end up like this? How did I end up having tea with Her Highness Aoi in the tea shop?

Aoi: I wanted to save Mr Akagi, but I lost sight of him in all that commotion, and I ended up walking into this tea cafe with Miss Shikibu before I knew it. This may be a good opportunity however.

Honoka: I don’t really have many chances to talk with Her Highness Aoi in school. I think I should brace myself and ask about the relationship between her and Her Highness Aoi.

Aoi: Miss Shikibu has been with Mr Akagi quite often. What sort of relationship do they both have?

Both: E-erm...!

Honoka: Sorry, it happened again...

Aoi: No, I should be the one sorry here.

Waitress: May I ask if you have decided on your order?

Aoi: Ah, yes, milk tea with honey, please.

Honoka: I want Espresso, please.

Aoi: Ah, wait, please switch my milk tea to coffee, no sugar and no honey.

Honoka: I-I don’t want Espresso either. Please give me some milk cocoa.

Waitress: Understood. Please wait for a little while.

Aoi: How embarrassing for me to actually order such a childish thing...

Honoka: I completely lost here. Akagi definitely likes Her Highness Aoi’s girlish charms here.

Honoka: Erm! I’ll like to ask! What do you think about Akagi, Your Highness Aoi?

Aoi: Eh...!? Erm...!?

Honoka: You once dumped Akagi before, right? But you had a date with him during the holidays...

Aoi: D-date?

Honoka: Wo-woah...even as a girl, I find Her Highness Aoi cute when her cheeks are flushed red like that! I guess Akagi likes a girl he inadvertently feels like protecting after all, right?

Aoi: Which date is she talking about? The theme park was because it was Hikaru’s request, and I could not go to the art gallery in the end...

Aoi: You too, Miss Shikibu. You are often with Mr Akagi. Are both of you on good terms?

Honoka: Eh? Are you talking about me?

Aoi: Miss Shikibu’s slowly starting to blush too. They are both very close after all, I suppose?

Honoka: It may look like we’re on very good terms. But to me, I never thought of giving Akagi the benefit of the doubt, and even kicked him and got him angry. I confessed, telling him I ‘like’ him, yet I backtracked and said that I don’t.

Honoka: I-I’m just an ordinary classmate of Akagi’s..

Aoi: But you joined the Japanese Dance club, with Mr Akagi?

Honoka: Eh...that’s...to put it...I’ll be worried if I leave him alone as he is! Anyway, what about yourself, Your Highness Aoi? You’ve been on good terms with Akagi recently. Akagi’s been kind to you, and even concerned about you. He did say that he likes you before...

Aoi: But Mr Akagi is definitely concerned about me because he is Hikaru’s friend. It is not that he likes me...

Honoka: Why is Her Highness Aoi so unhappy about this? Akagi likes her like this, and keeps protecting her. I haven’t reached that level of intimacy. That’s too despicable of him.

Honoka: I see, so that’s how it is. I’ve been finding it strange, you don’t really match well with Akagi, Your Highness Aoi. Akagi’s a clumsy guy with a crude mouth, away frowning and scowling, never able to grasp a girl’s heart. There’s so way he should be approaching you...

Aoi: That is not the case! Mr Akagi is a nice man! A wonderful man!

Honoka: Eh?

Aoi: When we were at the theme park, he was extremely gentlemanly, and held my hand to calm me down!

Honoka: Held hands?

Aoi: With a blushing face, he handed me flowers, and put a necklace on me!

Honoka: Put a necklace!?

Aoi: When I was about to break down into tears, he even embraced me gently in his clutches!

Honoka: Embraced n his clutches!!?

Aoi: H-he really is very earnest with me, taking Hikaru’s place.

Honoka: He-he embraced Her Highness Aoi in his clutches!? That Akagi!!?

“This necklace with a diamond is a present for you. I’ll put it on you.”

“Mr Akagi~!”

“It matches very well with the white tender skin of yours.”

“I-it is embarrassing. Uu, I cried out carlessly”


“Mr Akagi?”

“Aoi, I’m the only one who can make you cry. I’m also the only one who can wipe your tears away.”

“Mr Akagi~!”

Honoka: “NOOOO!!! There’s no way that kind of Akagi exists! If it’s this Highness Aoi however, maybe it actually happened like that!! This girlish Highness Aoi is completely different from me who’s always there to give advice!”

Aoi: “Th-that is why I say, Mr Akagi is a very, marvelous person. You are mistaken about Mr Akagi, Miss Shikibu!”

Honoka: I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I—I’m not mistaken about him! I know a lot of good points about Akagi!

Aoi: Eh?

Honoka: Akagi’s always working hard, is straightforward, and is someone worth relying on. When he got involved with you, Your Highness Aoi, Akagi had been groveling to me, asking for advice. He also worked very hard when it was about Miss Kanai, and he was desperate for Shiiko’s happiness!! Akagi has a savage face, and is called a delinquent, but he’s a really, really wonderful guy. I say this with certainly as the one who agreed to give him advice.

Aoi: Discuss?...Did Mr Akagi ask you for advice, Miss Shikibu?

Honoka: Eh, isn’t that the case? ‘Be my Heliotrope’, ‘good to have you around’, ‘you’re a good person’, ‘really reliable’, ‘thanks’, he has been saying all these stuff to me every day!

Honoka: “Woah~ why do I feel competitive against Her Highness Aoi? No matter which situation he was, he was only discussing it with me hoping for advice, and said them when he’s working hard for other girls. Isn’t this proof that Akagi doesn’t think of me as a girl?”

Aoi: “I never knew about this. I thought Mr Akagi is firm-willed and capable, and never would ask others for help”

“What’s the matter, Akagi? You look like you’re suffering.”


“A-ah, Akagi, what’s this out of a sudden?”

“Sikibu, let me hug you for a little longer, stay in my arms like this...I feel like I can get an answer doing this.”

“Akagi...erm, okay, please think about it slowly. I’m your partner after all.”

“Thank you, Shikibu. You’re the only woman I can rely on. You’re the only once who can see my everything.”

Aoi: Mature. It feels very mature, and contrasting that, I have been protected by Mr Akagi all this time. I cannot ease Mr Akagi’s worries like Miss Shikibu.”

Waitress: “Sorry to keep you waiting. Here is your coffee, and here is your milk cocoa...(places drinks) Enjoy.”

Aoi: (Espresso. Mature women able to order such drinks so naturally are who Mr Akagi would rely on. For me, ordering normal coffee is the limit for me.)

Honoka: (Honey milk tea. Those cut enough to order this drink so naturally are definitely the ones Akagi would want to protect. It’s too late for me to copy this now.)

Aoi: Too bitter!

Honoka: Too sweet!

Both: (sighs)

Chapter 5: The Sleeping Beauty’s memories.[edit]

Koremitsu: Here now, Asa, the handkerchief’s here...she’s sleeping.

Hikaru: It feels like the tense nerves snapped the moment she sat on the bench. I suppose she really overworked herself...Koremitsu, wipe the sweat off Asa.

Koremitsu: Seriously, you leave me with no choice...this good enough?

Hikaru: Yes, thanks. I suppose Asa feels a lot better now.

Koremitsu: But what do I do with her?

Hikaru: Just let her continue to sleep this this. I am a little worried that that Asa would fall asleep in front of you so defenselessly.

Koremitsu: Well, yeah. I can’t leave a sleeping girl on a park bench...’kay.

Hikaru: How kind of you, to nonchalantly sit by Asa’s side to block the sun.

Koremitsu: You idiot, who would think for the sake of this cold-blooded woman? It’s just that this side’s a little wider.

Hikaru: You are right. I shall assume it to be the case then.

Koremitsu: Tch, more importantly, does this girl here collapse suddenly like this often?

Hikaru: Asa always pushes herself to the limits, and never ever showed her fragile side to others. Back when we were younger, Asa pushed herself too much and fell asleep in the storage room; it caused quite a commotion when the adults could not find her.

Koremitsu: Are you serious?

Hikaru: Yes. There was also once when she fell asleep in the bathroom and nearly drowned. The housemaid was worried that she did not come out after a long time, and when they opened the bathroom, Asa was floating on the surface; it scared the housemaid so much she shrieked.

Koremitsu: That was a horror flick, right?

Hikaru: Asa is easily misunderstood, but she really is someone who works really hard.

Koremitsu: Well, whether Asa’s a hard worker or a klutz, that Hikaru has such a gentle face looking at Hikaru. I see that though she’s a cold-blooded woman to me, she’s a precious cousin and childhood friend to Hikaru.

Hikaru: I wonder how many years has it been since I last saw Asa’s sleeping face. Life is short, and since young, she had a lot of things she wanted to do. Oh yes, her summer vacation plans are filled to the second.

Koremitsu: To the second? She can finish that much?

Hikaru: If it is Asa, it is possible. When she was halfway through however, she was worn out, and she did faint twice during summer vacation.

Koremitsu: Such a troublesome brat. Anyway, what’s that Saiga rushing about, doing all that stuff?

Hikaru: For example, she tried to hatch eggs.

Koremitsu: Eggs?

Hikaru: Hey, Asa, why do you have so many eggs on the table?

Aoi: I am curious about that too. The eggs have words and spells all over them.

Asai: You two, do not touch those eggs. I am now doing an important experiment.

Hikaru: “Experiment? What kind?”

Asai: “About the secrets of life.”

Hikaru: “The secrets of lie?”

Asai: “It is the secrets, of, life. I want to see a new life born.”

Aoi: “How are you going to do it?”

Asai: “Through these eggs. I have been shining a lamp to keep these eggs warm. Eggs that get heated up will hatch, no?”

Hikaru: “Oh, I saw it on television before.”

Asai: “But my experiment will not end here.”

Aoi: “What will you do?”

Asai: “To hatch healthy chicks, I will have to give them a proper amount of emotions. That is why I named these eggs, and every morning and night, I will call them by their names once.”

Aoi: “Are the words written on the eggs their names?”

Asai: “Yes. From left, their names are, ‘Tarou’, ‘Jirou’, ‘Saburou’, ‘Shirou’, ‘Gorou’, ‘Mutsumi’, ‘Nanami’, ‘Yae’, ‘Kokonoha’, ‘Tooko’.”

Hikaru: “Amazing! In that case, this means ‘Tarou’ will be born soon, right? That is amazing, Asa.”

Aoi: “I too want to see ‘Mutsumi’ born soon.”

Asai: “Do you want to call for them along with me?”

Aoi & Hikaru: “Yes!”

Asai: “Then, let us call them out politely ‘Please hurry and be born soon’”

Hikaru: “Understood! Then, now,”

All: “’Please hurry and be born soon!’”

Hikaru: Of course, the eggs were never hatched. It would have been bad if the eggs bought in the supermarket were to hatch.

Koremitsu: Isn’t that common sense? Why did Saiga do such a stupid thing?

Hikaru: That is because she really is interested. The emotions of her desire to see the chicks hatch seemed real.

Koremitsu: That girl should be rather smart, right?

Hikaru: Very. Asa is very curious about the unknown.

Koremitsu: Unknown? You’re talking about the eggs sold at 98 Yen special price>

Hikaru: Do you not think that it is strange how a soft chick would be hatched from a sturdy egg?

Koremitsu: ...Well, I guess those kinds of people would think that way.

Hikaru: Asa’s interests are not just limited to eggs alone.

Koremitsu: There’s more!?

Hikaru: “Asa, do you not have too much for your summer plans?”

Asai: “This is after I excluded quite a bit. Life is tragically short; there are many things to do.”

Hikaru: “But it looks it will be tiring to carry out tomorrow’s plan. Look for Tsuchinokos at 9am, find kappas at the nearest river at 9.30am, continue moving while eating lunch at noon, make contact with UFOs on Mount Takao.”

Asai: “But even so, I did reduce a lot of my plans. I intended to excavate an ancient grave to look for a Snowman, but if I am to collapse due to over-exhaustion, I will lose my ability to learn.”

Koremitsu: Tsuchinokos and kappas...was she serious?

Hikaru: Yes, Asa was very serious. She is a girl who is very naive and interested in the unknown.

Koremitsu: Naive, you say.

Hikaru: In regards to Santa Claus too. Even in 3rd grade, she believed in him and wrote letters to him every year.

Koremitsu: 3rd grade? Isn’t that about the same age is Shiiko? She never had any doubts about that?

Hikaru: Yes. I just felt that Asa stubbornly believed in them. Miss Aoi and I could not bring ourselves to say it to her.

Koremitsu: So you and Aoi already knew about it?

Hikaru: Yes. The one who gave me presents on Christmas Eve was not Santa Claus, but female relatives and the pretty big sister neighbors.

Koremitsu: Ah, I see...what about Aoi?

Hikaru: It seemed Miss Aoi already knew about it since kindergarten. According to her, she could see her father cosplay as Santa Claus every Christmas Eve, laughing ‘hohoho, this is Santa Claus, little Aoi. Merry Christmas’, and give her a present.

Koremitsu: That stupid father. But Saiga actually firmly believed in that. Looking at her current cold-blooded self, it’s hard to believe such foolishness happened before.

Hikaru: Asa really is a girl who admires the unknown, and is very free-spirited. She can observe everything with coolness, intelligence and wisdom, and has the enthusiasm to move even the stars in the sky.

Koremitsu: ...Some stars they are. That’s amazing.

Hikaru: At that time, Asa dreamed of becoming an archaeologist when she grew up, but she gave up on that dream.

Koremitsu: She realized it’s impossible?

Hikaru: No. The term ‘impossible’ does not exist for Asa. Asa has the ability to do anything, but she decided to focus it on something else.

Koremitsu: Something else?

Hikaru: Yes. For Asa is gentle.

Koremitsu: What do you mean?

Asai: Uu...unn...

Koremitsu: Ugh...

Hikaru: So cute! Asa actually placed her head on you, Koremitsu.

Koremitsu: You idiot, how can this be cute? Just troubling, right?

Hikaru: Why? Asa is light even if she leans over, right? It is nothing much for you to lend Asa your shoulder, no? Koremitsu?”

Koremitsu: Though you say that...

Hikaru: There are not many chances where you see see Asa’s sleeping face from up close. Do the long, pretty eyebrows curling up not resemble the cuteness of the Fringed Orchid?

Koremitsu: How can I possibly see that? It’ll be too perverted to peek from up close.

Hikaru: Eh? Too bad. It is a rare chance. Try having a look.

Koremitsu: Shut up, you perverted ghost...but it is the first time I have been with Saiga for this long. I thought she’s just a cold-blooded woman, but I do find her a little cuter after hearing Hikaru’s words

Asai: Unn...this is?

Hikaru: The sleeping princess has awakened.

Koremitsu: Yo! You awake?

Asai: Huh...? Wha...!

Koremitsu! Ow! What the? There’s no need to push me off immediately, right?

Asai: Why are you here?

Koremitsu: Isn’t it because you fell asleep?

Asai: Why did you not wake me up immediately? Such a useless man.

Koremitsu: There’s no need to be so harsh, right? You really aren’t a cure woman.

Asai: What would a mere dog like you know?

Koremitsu: ...I heard that you still believed in Santa Claus when you were in 3rd grade?

Asai: Wha...!

Hikaru: Koremitsu? Are you going to talk about that now?

Koremitsu: And you wrote to Santa Claus every year on Christmas Eve. How did you write your address?

Asai: I do not remember what happened when I was young.

Koremitsu: Really? You did not write anything about looking for kappas in your summer plans?

Asai: I do not remember what happened when I was young.

Koremitsu: And what about giving names to the chicken eggs to hatch?

Asai: I do not remember what happened when I was young.

Koremitsu: Don’t just forget about everything here. Even you have your own cute points.

Asai: What....!!!!


Koremitsu: What was that for!?

Hikaru: Wow~! You got a perfect handprint on you face, Koremitsu!

Asai: Humph!

Policeman: What happened?

Koremitsu: A cop...

Asai: This dog is a pervert.

Koremitsu: What!?

Policeman: Come along with me for a while.

Koremitsu: N-no! I’m not a pervert!

Policeman: All perverts say that. Enough yapping and come along now.

Hikaru: Mr Policeman, Koremitsu is not a pervert! I can testify!

Koremitsu: He can’t hear even if a ghost tries to testify here! It’s useless!!

Policeman: What are you yelling? Say your excuses when you are there. Now then, come along with me.

Koremitsu: Hey!

Asai: Go cool that head of yours. Of yes, you may cover yourself in ice from head to toe.

Koremitsu: Damn it!! You’re my enemy after all——–!!!

Chapter 6: Under the Gentle sunset.[edit]

Koremitsu: Seriously. Why did I have to be mistaken for a pervert?

Hikaru: It is great that you could resolve the misunderstanding however.

Koremitsu: What misunderstanding? That was just condescending, okay? Ah, seriously, I’m so unlucky today. I’m never going to woo girls again.

Hikaru: Eh? Do not say that. Try challenging it again next time.

Koremitsu: No, absolutely not. If you say that, I’m migrating to a place without women.

Hikaru: Please do not say that now. Huh?

Koremitsu: What?

Hikaru: I say, are those walking in front Miss Aoi and Miss Shikibu?

Koremitsu: Huh?

Honoka: Akagi doesn’t view me as a woman after all.

Aoi: Why am I so useless here? If this keeps up, Mr Akagi’s view of me will...

Girls: (Sigh)

Koremitsu: Yo, Shikibu, Aoi.

Girls: Eh?

Koremitsu: What’s the matter? Both of you are together.

Honoka: A-A-A-A-Akagi!

Aoi: You too. Mr Akagi, why are you here?

Koremitsu: Ah, erm...

Hikaru: Did something happen between Miss Aoi and Miss Shikibu? They look very depressed.

Koremitsu: Are you two alright? You look depressed.

Honoka: Eh? Erm...What do I do now? We actually met here. Is it better for me to apologize for what happened yesterday? But I’m with Her Highness Aoi here. Never mind then.

Aoi: I made Mr Akagi worry again. Why am I always like this?

Honoka: It’s nothing, nothing at all.

Aoi: Y-yes, just as she said.

Koremitsu: Really?

Hikaru: It is better not to force matters here. Gloomy faces do not suit girls. Look, the Hibiscus facing the sun in the flower bed there are so pretty. Are the large, soft petals not like a radiant smile. If such pretty flowers are to decorate the hair, any girl will be able to show a great smile.

Koremitsu: What...!? How do you expect me to say that?

Hikaru: Koremitsu, do not look at me like that. Do you not wish to learn how to deal with girls? You cannot woo them, but it is better for you to learn how to cheer up depressed girls.

Koremitsu: Seriously...you two, listen up, look at the Hibiscus over there.

Aoi: Eh? Hibiscus?

Honoka: Such a brilliant red! I never thought they would grow at such a place.

Koremitsu: You’ll be laughed at by them if you continue to be depressed. Anyway, how about you put one on your heads and smile?

Honoka: What’s Akagi saying out of a sudden? Is he trying to encourage us

Aoi: Mr Akagi is really kind after all!

Koremitsu: I don’t know what exactly happened, but this isn’t as bad as mine.

Honoka: Did you get into something today, Akagi?

Koremitsu: B-before I begin, I’ll say that it’s all a misunderstanding.

Aoi: A misunderstanding?

Koremitsu: I was mistaken for a pervert and brought to the police station.

Honoka: Wha...!

Aoi: A pervert?

Koremitsu: I didn’t do anything, but they wouldn’t listen to my explanation. I say that they judge me on my appearance...

Honoka: Akagi!

Aoi: Mr Akagi!

Honoka: I’m your ally!

Aoi: I know that!

Honoka: I’m your ally even if all the people in the world don’t trust you! Don’t forget that!

Aoi: I know that you are a kind, passionate person who’ll work very hard for others, Mr Akagi. You are really a wonderful person!

Koremitsu: Wow...what’s with you two?

Honoka: I-it’s nothing. Just giving you a special service after seeing you a little dejected. As for the reason...there’s none at all.

Aoi: E-erm, Mr Akagi. Can we go back home together? At least halfway back.

Koremitsu: Oh, sure.

Honoka: Ah, I’m going there too. Right. I’m on my way there too. I’ll accompany you two.

Koremitsu: Okay...then, let’s go back together.

Honoka: Okay!

Aoi: Yes!


Note: Story is narrated in Koremitsu’s first-person perspective.

That day, when I was flanked by Aoi and Shikibu, Hikaru floated around in the air, telling me while I was looking embarrassed and tense,

“I really envy you, to be flanked on both left and right. Is this not a happy end instead of bad luck?”

And so I glanced aside at him, telling him, “You’re annoying.”

There were a lot of weird things happening when Hikaru was with me. Every single time, he just started a lot of incidents, and I really can’t take it. It’s really enjoyable though.

When he was still on the Earth, I really had a happy time.

It’s really great to be able to meet Hikaru.

Now that Hikaru’s no longer around, I keep recalling the happiness I had back then.

He taught me a lot of things, and left a lot of things.

And he kept repeating the words when he departed,

“Thank you. You are my hero.”

“Thank you I will always love all of you.”

I will never forget that my close friend once existed on this Earth.

“Thank you. Farewell.”

Special Track: Heroines Interviews[edit]

Koremitsu: Now then, for the special track.

Hikaru: We shall tell everyone about Miss Shikibu, Miss Aoi and Asa’s secrets!


Koremitsu: Hey Hikaru. Looks like Oumi from the news club sent something to my phone.

Hikaru: What is it, exactly? Erm, ‘Miss Shikibu and Her Highness Aoi and Matriach Asa special Interview’. Ohh~? Hurry up and look at it, Koremitsu!

Koremitsu: Stop yelling at my ears. Argh, I’ll start (beep)

Aoi: Normally, I’ll refuse this interview for any man, but when I think about how it’s a present for Mr Akagi...

Hikaru: Miss Aoi really is cute when she is tense like this...anyway, the first question is ‘Which princess did you most admire when you were young’?

Aoi: It is Snow White! The happy end after the prince’s kiss to wake her up was really wonderful!

Koremitsu: Why ask about princesses?

Hikaru: Girls always wish to be princesses.

Koremitsu: is it because they want to be wooed?

Hikaru: Ah, next up is Miss Shikibu!

Honoka: Cinderella, I guess? Even after being abused by her stepmother, the way she entered the ballroom through her own willpower, kicked the glass slipper onto the prince, and climbed up the branches to be a phoenix’s really the best here!

Koremitsu: Is that the story of Cinderella..?

Hikaru: I-I wonder...? Now then, last up, Asa!

Asai: Princess Kaguya, I suppose. The cold way she toyed the hearts of foolish men that swarmed her and ruined them is truly worth learning from.

Koremitsu: Even if you don’t learn from her, you’re pretty cold-hearted and sinister yourself.

Hikaru: Asa is actually a kind-hearted person.

Koremitsu: How exactly!?

Hikaru: Ah, anyway, the next question is ‘which nursery tune is your favorite’?

Aoi: I like the ‘lost little kitty’. The way the lost kitty interacted with the police dog is really cut! Eh? The actual name of the song is ‘police dog’? Well, I did not know about that!

Honoka: I like the ‘Ah, Lovely Meadows’. The loud singing really makes one energetic, especially that ‘heyo’ part!

Asai: Donna Donna, I suppose. Hearing the psychotic melody and the abyssal lyrics is soothing to my heart.

Hikaru: Speaking of which, it seems like Asa has a ‘Donna Donna’ ringtone.

Koremitsu: Ack, listening to ‘Donna Donna’ in the morning?

Hikaru: Now then, the next question is ‘which is your favorite animal’?

Aoi: Cats of course. My ‘Ciel Bieu’ is fluffy with sharp whiskers, really very cute. I give it (Cow) milk every night, and it gives a little humming after I give it milk every time. It sleeps on a sleep every night.

Honoka: Hm, let me thin. A panda? I had a panda lunchbox and a panda school bag when I was in kindergarten, so I guess these are derived from that. Ahh, on a side note, I only have that one panties with panda prints on it!! And it’s not like my entire drawer is filled with panda panties! I only wear it 2, 3 times every year!!! I’m really serious here!!! Argh, hurry up and forget about that panda thing already!!!

Koremitsu: Aren’t you the one reminding me about it?

Hikaru: Eh? She wears it only 2, 3 times a year? You really saw a rare thing there, Koremitsu.

Koremitsu: You don’t have to say that with that cheerful look. And that was just an accident...

Honoka: Uu...everyone, you should normally wear the sexy, mature kind of panties. This is an advice from the Purple Princess.

Koremitsu: Stop crying already, hey.

Hikaru: Ah, let us hear Asa’s answer.

Asai: Any animal...other than dogs.

Koremitsu: Ack...

Asai: Dogs alone, are a no go. Especially a savage looking dog with a foul barking and dirty red fur.

Koremitsu: Thi-this girl...

Hikaru: Koremitsu, your veins are popping out of your face...your eyes are silted now! Calm down!

Asai: I do like most animals, except for dogs. Oh, pigs are a thousand times better than dogs, better than dogs.

Koremitsu: You want a fight, Asa!?

Hikaru: Do not crush your phone, Koremitsu! Look down! Erm...’please imitate the animal you like!’

Aoi: Eh? It’s embarrassing. But, if it’s just a little...nya, nya~nya? Nyanya~meow~murumuru~I think a real cat will be much cuter...meow~

Hikaru: Miss Aoi is very cute, right, Koremitsu? Miss Aoi is really cute~she is no inferior to a kitty, nya~

Koremitsu: Yeah, but don’t add that strange tic at the end.

Hikaru: I really do look forward to Miss Shikibu’s performance too, nya~

Honoka: Eh...how does a panda cry? Lemme think, grrrrrr....eh, this feels more like a wolf here, doesn’t it? Gnaw gnaaaw~...doesn’t feel right. Prprr prrr prrrrrrr~that’s an elephant! Que~quu~now it’s a dog...

Hikaru: Koremitsu, bring Miss Shikibu out to the zoo to hear what sounds a panda makes. A growing panda has a sweet voice. Meep meep~ Just like that.

Koremitsu: Don’t tell me you’re that particular about pandas. Anyway, like hell I want to go.

Hikaru: I think Miss Shikibu will be delighted about that though. Last up is Asa. Erm, a pig, right...?

Asai: What...!

Hikaru: Woah, Asa looks like she hates it.

Koremitsu: Humph, serves her right.

Asai: Eh...ugh...buu...buu...

Koremitsu: Huh? I can’t hear you.

Asai: Ugh...boo...buubuubuu...buuhi...buu, bu...buubuu..buuhi!!

Hikaru: Asa, that is enough already.

Koremitsu: Yeah. I’ll spare you for today.

Asai: Buuuu...

Hikaru: Now for the last question, ‘Please say the one memory you had with Mr Akagi!’.

Koremitsu: What?

Aoi: Th-there are a lot of them, but the one most recent is...

Koremitsu: “I won’t cheat on anyone! I’m devoted!”

Aoi: “B-But...you called Miss Tsuyako as senpai...you must be on good terms with her...”

Koremitsu: “You want me to call you that too? I’ll call you that then, Aoi-senpai.”

Aoi: “Eh, well, that is...I-I think it is better to just...call me Aoi. “

Honoka: I-I too have lots of memories...but...

Koremitsu: “I haven’t forgotten, Shikibu.”

Honoka: “Eh?”

Koremitsu: “About you saying you like me.”


Hikaru: You really do not have any right to call me a harem prince without restraint...you do have potential yourself.

Koremitsu: Shut up! Let’s look at the next one. Ah, it’s the last one.

Asai: “It’s impossible for you to express Hikaru’s feelings.”

Koremitsu: “Hikaru’s a real friend of mine! I don’t care if you’re God or the president, I won’t allow anyone to deny this! I can lift my chest and proclaim boldly to the entire world that Hikaru’s an important friend of mine!”

Asai: I feel awful whenever I think about it. I shall never accept that a mere uncouth dog actually proclaimed himself to be Hikaru’s friend. Can he ever stop with calling me ‘Asa’ so unabashedly? I do not remember allowing a dog call me then, and no way in the life I am to continue living that I will allow it.

Koremitsu: I too don’t want to meet you again in my life, Asa!

Hikaru: Please do not spit all over the phone, Koremitsu...erm, oh yes, the volume ‘Asagao, When Hikaru is on the Earth...’, centered around Asa, will be released at the end of 2012. You shall see the innocent, cute Asa here!

Koremitsu: Does a creature like a cute Asa actually exist? Well, anyway, coming soon, daze!

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