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Epilogue: Once You Are no Longer Around[edit]

It was the last day of the first semester, and Koremitsu submitted to Tsuyako his request form to join the Japanese Dance Club.

To be precise, he was forced to submit.

"Please take care of us, Upperclassman Tsuyako."

Honoka was at his side, greeting cheerfully.

Her eyes were normally raised, scowling, but at this point, her face was beaming, her cheeks and mouth gentle.

She was grinning away during the end-of-semester ceremony.

"Hey Akagi, greet her properly. You're going to be an official member under upperclassman Tsuyako's care!"

Honoka said this as she pressed Koremitsu's head down from behind, causing him to bow.

"Why do I have to join too?"

"Goodness, stop coming now. Michiru and I have already submitted our request forms, so you come along too."

"I-I-I still have work as the class and student committee representative, so I can't really come by, but Hono said that she's joining too...erm, well...if you're to join in on the club activity, Mr. Akagi, your School Points will increase."

The class representative with braids said timidly.

"There's no other amazing club who will accept you as a delinquent, Mr. Akagi...this is the last chance for you to turn your life around."


Koremitsu hollered, and Michiru immediately hid behind Honoka in shock.

"Seriously, don't scare Michiru. Isn't it good either way, Akagi? You're bored, and this clubroom does feel comfy. You said it yourself that it's good to gather here and chit-chat after school, right?"

After hearing Honoka's words, Koremitsu's face sizzled.

He did say it.

After that incident was settled, he was feeling tardy.

He was furious whenever he thought about Hikaru's brother Kazuaki, and it was worrying that Aoi was still in a funk.

However, he managed to settle one of Hikaru's wishes.

And after school, while spacing out at his own desk,

"You're not going to the clubroom today?"

Honoka asked him.

"Well, I joined the club temporarily until senpai's problems are settled...but it doesn't feel that bad over there. Speaking of which, I do feel a little lonely if I don't have anything to do."

He really should not have muttered those words so carelessly.

"In that case, why don't you become an official member? I’m thinking of submitting my request form here; I'll get your copy too!"

Honoka said this, suddenly enthused.

"I don't need it. Just take yours!"

He panicked.

"Nope. I-it's meaningless if you don't come by...Akagi."

Honoka curled her lips and looked down at Koremitsu, her face completely red, causing the him to feel giddy and unable to say anything. In the end, Koremitsu could only fill in the club entrance request form with proper handwriting.

(Am I really going to improve my image by writing 'belonging to the Japanese Dance Club' on this form when I'm a guy? I just feel like I'm going to ruin the scenery...)

He murmured as he curled his lips into a frown. Beside him, Hikaru chimed in cheerfully,

"It sure looks like a harem now that there are three women and one Koremitsu."

"Tch! Who's having a harem!!!?"

Koremitsu inadvertently exclaimed.

Honoka raised her eyebrows, her face blushing.

"A-a harem!? Are you still thinking of such a thing, Akagi!? Idiot! Pervert!"

She yapped while kicking his butt. Michiru too was affected,

"I-I-I-I-I-I-I'm a no go too! I like the prince charming type; the beast, monster type is..."

"Wait! That's–"

Koremitsu hurriedly tried to refute, but at this moment a cheerful voice rang.

"Is it not good to be in Mr. Akagi's harem?"

Tsuyako was showing a relaxed smile, staring upon their conversation as she said such bold, unbelievable words.

While Honoka was staring at her, she winked back, and said another problematic line,

"There needs to be competition in love to make things more exciting. I want to join in too."

"No, wait! You with A-A-A-A-Akagi, upperclassman?"

"Yeah, what are you saying now, senpai?"

"Wow, isn't Mr. Akagi being rather popular now?"

Tsuyako watched her anxious underclassmen with delight, and threw in another bomb.

"Oh my, Mr. Akagi will become a very good man in the future. I think it is a win if you can take the initiative now."

She was completely enjoying things here.

"I too agree with Tsuyako, but Koremitsu, I think that you are a fine man now, a hero."

Hikaru too joined the conversation with a smile.

He had said before that both Tsuyako and Koremitsu were similar in certain ways, but this was clearly not the case!

(Senpai's similar to you instead, Hikaru!)

Having joined this club with such an upperclassman as the chairperson, Koremitsu was starting to feel uneasy. Honoka dragged his arm forcefully, closed in on his ear, and whispered,

"A-a harem is impossible for you, Akagi...this is an advice from your Heliotrope–"

Honoka warned him with a serious look. After seeing such a scene, Koremitsu felt some respect for her...

(This girl's always worried about me, even helping me.)

It would be a no go for him to think that it was to be expected.

And so,

"I haven't forgotten, Shikibu."

Koremitsu whispered.


"About you saying you like me."

Koremitsu was still perplexed about Honoka's feelings for him.

However, he felt that to avoid turning what she said clumsily on the roof that day to waste, he had to reply to her sincerely in his own way.

Honoka was unable to say anything, her face as red as a beetroot as she took large steps away from him.


She cupped her head and squatted down, almost bursting into tears.

"Oh my, you made a girl's face so red, Mr. Akagi. What kind of delicate sweet words did you say to her?"

"I did not!"

"Koremitsu, you really have improved in your skills. I really am worried for the future."

Tsuyako and Hikaru teased him, Michiru watched on with her eyes wide, and Honoka was flailing her limbs about, telling herself, "Idiot idiot idiot, seriously, I'm never going to believe you again" Koremitsu was very intrigued that he was in the middle of this noisy commotion; his chest was prickly, but it was not a bad feeling.

Could he continue with such times with them in this place after school? Just when he was wondering about this, he saw Hikaru show a gentle smile, and suddenly had a chill in his heart.

–Were you lonely when Hikaru died?

At that time, he could not answer that question.

If Hikaru were to vanish in front of his sights.

As he wondered, Koremitsu's body began to descend upon a lull of silence.

Ah, if that moment is to arrive, I'll be really lonely.

My heart will be in anguish, to a point of nondescript, like a part of my body was taken away completely.

But even so, there definitely will be something to make up for my encounter with him.

Right now, he shall continue to be with this guy.

To enjoy, to chit-chat, and play together.

While this harem prince who brought lots of encounters and emotions to Koremitsu, the prince who brought lots of trouble to him, was still on the Earth–

♢ ♢ ♢

"I heard Mr. Akagi was very proactive this time."


Asai ignored Hiina, who had come to disturb her, as she walked silently down the empty corridor.

"Isn't it about time for you to recognize Mr. Akagi's existence, president?"


Yes, it was impossible.

It seemed to be the same thing regarding the matter of him officially joining the Japanese Dance Club Tsuyako had randomly created...

No matter what the reason was, Asai had no intention of showing pity to Tsuyako, who obeyed Kazuaki and forced Aoi into despair.

Even till this point, whenever Aoi thought about what happened back then, she would shudder from time to time. It seemed she was majorly affected by how feeble she was. She was frustrated.

For some reason, Tōjō, who really doted on Aoi, found out about this incident, and was furious at Kazuaki.

And then, he said to Asai.

–I already felt that Kazuaki does not have what it takes to be the leader; he is not only his mother's puppet, but also a monster with a much more hideous nature. The Tōjōs are going to follow the 'Wisteria' and not the 'Rose'.

–Are you not going to ally with me, Asai? There probably is not too much of a difference between your objective and my objective.

Asai pondered as she dealt with Hiina.

Her expression gradually stiffening as a result.

To Asai, an alliance with the Tōjōs would have its advantages.

Kazuaki might take action against Aoi again, and there was a need to crush him completely.


Kazuaki was mistaken about one thing.

And it was a cruel truth to Aoi.

The truth was that Aoi was not Hikaru's 'most beloved’–

♢ ♢ ♢

"Such a barbaric man, Third Princess."

Kazuaki spoke to the chameleon in the cage with a rich, sweet voice.

The reptile had a stoic look and green scales, feasting on the fly Kazuaki fed it with its long tongue. Kazuaki himself was in ecstasy as he watched this scene, his eyes narrowed.

"He actually hit my face. This is unforgivable."

There was still a bruise below his eyes and around his nose. The innerside of his upper lip was cracked, and whenever he tried to eat or drink anything, he felt a pain.

Whenever that happened, the hatred for the red-haired sharp-eyed youth intensified.

"I shall make him kneel at my feet one of these days."

Kazuaki left the cage, and lit the fragrance stove.

"I am really looking forward to that day."

White smoke came out, and a faint aroma floated in the room.

It was the beginning of the ritual to summon 'Rokujō'.

He stood in front of the full length mirror, swapped his shirt and pants for a red summer dress, put on the black glossy hair, added some concealer and cosmetic foundation on his bruise, scattered some powder, drew his eyebrows, curled his eyelashes, and put on some lipsticks, gradually becoming a 'woman'.

Shown in the mirror was a black-haired slender figure, the embodiment of the spider.

With a mystifying smile, Kazuaki muttered,

"Hey, Hikaru, I want to be prettier than any of the flowers in your garden."

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