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Chapter 1: Is Culture Festival Edible?[edit]

“Do you know, that King Solomon had a harem of 700 wives and 300 concubines. The Bible records the liberal love of King Solomon and the women, applauding each other's charms.”

It was a Sunday afternoon near the end of September.

Koremitsu was grimacing as he sat cross-legged on the corridor, supporting his chin with his hand and elbow. Hikaru, dressed in ancient Hebrew garb for some reason, began to recite Solomon's Songs of Songs with a rich voice,

"Your lips drop sweetness as the honeycomb, my bride; milk and honey are under your tongue. The fragrance of your garments is like the fragrance of Lebanon."

Hikaru was mesmerized in his own words, closing his eyes gently. Also, the longer eyebrows formed a faint shadow in the eyes, showcasing his angelic face. The faint colored, lofty hair gave a golden glitter when basked under the clear autumn sunlight.

Before he became a ghost and latched onto Koremitsu, Koremitsu's friend, Hikaru, was the harem prince in school, and he was a fine, dashing young man.

However, he was overly jovial and flirtatious, a natural philanderer at heart. As the nickname implied, he was always in the embraces of girls when he was still alive, talking about love matters as he grinned sweetly whenever he talked about love.

At this point, only Koremitsu was able to see him, and his voice would not reach anyone else. Thus, Koremitsu could only act as the extremely bored friend hearing that sickeningly sweet story.

“Hey, do you feel the refreshing fragrance coming from the beautiful garden? I too, want to be embraced by the thousands of fragrances.”

(If I'm to get involved in that crazy mess of flowers, am I not going to suffer? Like if I'm in some girls changing room or a train carriage for girls only, just thinking about that's going to cause my nose to explode!)

Koremitsu's lips got increasingly tense.

(This guy's always so glittery when talking about flowers and girls. If he's still alive, that Solomon's 1000 member harem's going to get overtaken by him easily.)

It was a good thing for Hikaru to randomly ramble as compared to passing the time being all gloomy. If he was too cheerful however, that would cause Koremitsu some unease.

(Is this the time to wear such fluffy clothes and talk about a thousand fragrances and such?)

Koremitsu scowled as he looked towards the garden. The cat Lapis curled her slender body as she basked in the sun. She had her eyes closed, looking aloof as usual as her white fur swayed under the cooling breeze.

There were other cats around the house. One of them was a Siamese cat belonging to Mr. Hyoudo, a Nagauta teacher, and his family living down the street; another was a calico cat belonging to a property company president Mr. Daikan, and the last was a pussy cat with black patches around the mouth, belonging to the 'Right General' of an Izakaya. They were scattered all around the garden, warding each other off as they approached Lapis.

(Looks like...we got a lot more cats now.)

There was a lot of puffing in the garden the previous night, and Koremitsu was grumbling 'shut up' in the futon.

(Has our garden become a cat party?)

Koremitsu raised the tip of his nose as he pondered, and at this moment, Shioriko rushed out of the house, flailing a broom about.

“You guys are flirting with Lapis again! Shoo shoo! Get away from Lapis!”

Shioriko's little palms held onto the broom as she swung it vertically to shoo the cats. Her milky cheeks were dyed red, her long twintails swaying about.

“Ahh, Shiiko. A lady cannot be swinging a broom about. I have no memory of teaching you such things.”

Hikaru lamented, and Koremitsu remained on the corridor, reminding her.

“Hey, after sparrows, you're now hunting cats? It's not good to abuse animals.”

“I'm not abusing them.”

Shioriko huffed and puffed, her tender body wheezing as she turned around, saying,

“I'm protecting Lapis from being ogled. It's too early for her to get a boyfriend.”

“Eh, so those cats are aiming for Lapis?”

Koremitsu turned his stare towards Lapis, and beside him, Hikaru too turned his eyes.

“Lapis' as white as snow, and really is refined. The lapis eyes look mysterious, so it's expected that she's popular. There's definitely news of an unearthly cute pretty cat in our house circulating on the cat internet, and that's why they're gathered here.”

(How strange. Is there really such a network?)

However, that Lapis remained as nonchalant as ever as she got to her feet elegantly, licking her fur with her pink tongue. The black pussy cat of the 'Right General' Izakaya hid behind the tree, peeking at Lapis with much longing, only to depart sadly after Shioriko scared it away. Certainly, it looked pitiful when seen from behind.

Koremitsu tried to placate her.

“Speaking of which, cats age differently from humans. Lapis may look like this, but isn't she already an adult herself?” He said.

In terms of cat age, surely Lapis was a lot older than Shioriko as an elementary schoolgirl. Perhaps she was even older than Koremitsu, a big sister to him.

And Hikaru too mentioned worriedly like a parent,

“Lapis may be left behind if she cannot get a groom soon.”

Shioriko puffed her cheeks, raising her little fists as she said.

“No no no, Lapis' still a kid. She's going to remain chaste before you make me an adult, big brother. I don't want Lapis becoming an adult before I do!”

And such a childish logic developed.

“Hey, did you just say something very problematic here?”

“L-Like I know!”

She glanced aside with her face blushing. One had to wonder if she was acting, or whether she was really embarrassed.

“If Lapis' late because of that, it's all your fault, big brother Koremitsu.”

“It's none of my business here, right?”

“It does! It's pitiful that Lapis' unable to get a boyfriend if you continue being such a carnivore!”

“Koremitsu, even if it is for Lapis sake, I do forbid you from embracing Shiiko in another 7, 8 years. Even if I extend the leash quite a bit you have to hold it in for another 6 years.”

(Hey! How did you get that specific number! Didn't you say that she's a no go until she's 20!?)

And after saying that, Shioriko came scampering over, putting her hands on Koremitsu's knees, and leaned forward, her large, watery eyes scanning him from bottom to top, and she asked with a serious tone,

“Did any oestrus kitty yearn for your love, big brother?”

“Watch your language! Hikaru's going to be sad here!”

“But I'm worried. You have a savage look, big brother, but you're a stupidly good guy. Whenever you see a feeble girl, you'll go running, shouting 'I'll protect you' or something!”

“I guess this is to be expected of you, Shiiko. You really understand Koremitsu well!”

(Shut up! You flirting ghost!)

“I-I thought that you wouldn't be popular, big brother, but it looks like you're very popular...”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

Popular? Surely that was a word Koremitsu could not envisioned himself being associated with.

However, Shioriko leaned towards Koremitsu,

“For example, that Miss Shikibu, that really~ pretty Japanese Dance Club upperclassman, that student council president who's always harassing you at work, and that quick-mouthed newspaper club member with those bouncing breasts.”

“They aren't related to this!”

“And there's Hikaru's fiancee, the princess.”


An adorable, pretty girl appeared in Koremitsu's mind, and he was left speechless as he recalled the flowing black hair resting on those slender shoulders.

(Damn it, what am I being shaken about?)

Koremitsu's palms slowly sizzled, and his heart was pounding loudly, the tender, white hand ostensibly holding his again.

(St-stop thinking about it already! That's...)

Koremitsu suddenly noticed Hikaru's stare beside him. If he could not calm down soon, surely that would arise Hikaru's suspicions again.

“How suspicious.”

But the one who suddenly frowned and mentioned this was Shioriko.

“Why aren't you talking? Did something happen between you and Hikaru's fiancee?”

“It's nothing!”

Shioriko continued to lean her face close to Koremitsu, her entire weight practically pressing on his knees. Koremitsu faced her, sweat dripping as he yelled.

(Yeah, it's really nothing! You know that, Hikaru!)

His mind sizzling, Koremitsu dared not to turn towards Hikaru.

Suddenly, the weight was removed from his knees.

Shioriko puffed her cheeks, moved her body away, and reached her hand out to Koremitsu, saying,

“Big brother, hand me your phone!”

“There's nothing weird inside here.”

“It's fine, just hand it over to me.”

She got into that stubborn child mode, and upon seeing that she was unwilling to back down, Koremitsu fished his phone out of his pocket and handed it over. Shioriko too took her phone out, and proceeded to do something suspicious.

“Okay. Here's a protective charm.”

And saying that, she returned him the phone.

Koremitsu lowered his head, and found that the wallpaper was changed to Shioriko in a swimsuit; not the frilly miniskirt swimsuit she bought for the pool trip in summer vacation, but the school swimsuit! It seemed the photo was taken in the bathroom at home, and Shioriko was sitting in the empty bathtub, cupping her knees, grinning away! The innocent smile of a child, the bathtub, and the school swimsuit felt so awry, so gaudy!

“Wow, that is quite the show.”

From sidelong, Hikaru marveled in amazement.

“What's with this photo, Shiiko! Are you planning to post this on the internet and sell this to those lolicon old men!?”

Shioriko was delighted to see Koremitsu worried about her.

“Relax. This is for your personal use, big brother. You love school swimsuits, don't you? That's why I took this personally for you. Hey, isn't Shiiko's school swimsuit cute? You have to think of Shiiko when you see this during class. If you're hooked by another other woman, use this as a talisman. This will definitely scare them away.”

“Well. This definitely will cause any girl in a 2m radius to run away.”

“ARRRRRGGGGGGHHH! You're going to make me a lolicon delinquent again!? And I don't like school swimsuits!”

“You don't have to hide your fetishes from Shiiko, big brother Koremitsu.:”


“Yes. Shiiko should learn the etiquette of being a fine lady. That will allow her to fetch boys.”

(Stop giving her suggestions with such a cheerful look!)

Koremitsu retorted furiously, but after seeing him look leisurely as he floated in front of Shioriko, he too felt relaxed.

♢ ♢ ♢

Yes, Hikaru did not change too much from usual.

He was always so effervescent, always loving flowers and women.

He was always smiling, no different from behind.

However, Koremitsu would feel unease whenever he saw Hikaru lower his gaze and remain silent. Surely that was because of what the latter said.

—After 10 years, who will be standing by your side? No matter who stands beside you. No matter who stands beside Miss Aoi. I shall love both of you from the skies above.

Hikaru whispered this to Koremitsu, showing a transparent, tender, forlorn smile, his serene eyes staring at Koremitsu.

“You idiot! What are you misunderstanding now!? How can I be together with Aoi? The reason why Aoi held my hand is because...she just wanted to comfort me when I met that mother of mine who left home!”

Koremitsu scowled as he retorted harshly. Hikaru's smile remained so serene.

“Yes, perhaps I have been thinking too much. I have to forewarn you. No matter what path you choose, I shall continue to bless you forever, so that I can proceed to vanish from this world.”

Hikaru seemed to be stating his will explicitly, his tone wise yet at ease. Koremitsu kept a bitter face, unable to say anything.

♢ ♢ ♢

(But seriously...I never had any thoughts about snatching Aoi.)

The day after Shioriko forcefully changed the wallpaper.

Koremitsu was walking down the riverbank, joining the other students headed towards school as he continued on his meaningless thoughts as per the day before.

(Also, Aoi and I don't match at all. I'm a shunned guy called a delinquent king, and she's a princess. At most, Aoi simply knows me as Hikaru's friend.)

And Hikaru's cheery voice came from the side.

“Hurry and look, Koremitsu. There is a lot of Cosmos blooming by the river! The floral language of Cosmos is the true heart of a maiden! Look at the patch of Cosmos swaying with the wind. Do they not look like girls whispering about love?”

“It's scary seeing girls gathered in packs at the riverside.”

Koremitsu retorted dejected.

(Speaking of which, this guy hasn't mentioned his own troubles at all. Are there no more girls he's worried about?)

Due to the issue about Sora's pregnancy, details about Hikaru's 'beloved' Fujino became vague. Hikaru himself did not seem prepared to break up with Fujino. Perhaps Hikaru had a load off his mind after confessing to Koremitsu that he loved his stepmother.

If that was the case, it was not strange for Hikaru, an ethereal being, to ascend to the afterlife.

That might be the reason why he said 'my will given the condition that I may disappear at any given time'.

Surely Hikaru too realized that there was a change happening within him.

(This woman-lover ghost's always so troublesome. I did have some thoughts of wanting him to ascend to the afterlife sooner...)

Hikaru had been floating beside him all this while, cheerfully chatting about flowers; if he were to disappear...upon thinking about that, Koremitsu's heart chilled.

(Tch, I'm being really sissy here.)

This meaningless brooding really was not befitting of him.

And he tensed his face, trying to disperse the fog in his heart as he proceeded forth.

Once he entered the classroom and sat at his seat, Honoka, fiddling with her phone, jolted her shoulders.


Koremitsu tried greeting in an awkward manner.


Honoka replied with an aloof face and a vague tone, and went back to typing messages again.

Her neatly trimmed eyebrows gathered softly, and her lips were sealed. It seemed she was furious, yet enduring something, as she flailed her fingers stiffly.

(This girl's acting strange too.)

It was not the first time Honoka had been aloof and unhappy with Koremitsu. However, it seemed she was fearful of meeting Koremitsu in the eyes, rather than being peeved with him.

Whenever she did not talk to Koremitsu, Honoka would put on a cold front, looking unmoved. One had to wonder why she was so intimidated by him.

(Is Shikibu still mad about me flipping her cookies?)

When Koremitsu apologized for that, Honoka merely smiled at him, saying 'it...it's fine'.

However, that smile looked so forlorn, so unlike her usual self. That was the beginning of her attempts to shun him.

In that case, the reason was...

“I suppose the reason is not because she is still thinking about the cookies.”

The voice that came from behind the ears caused Koremitsu's heart to jump.

He turned around, and saw Hikaru gave a meaningless gaze.

(Is this guy able to read my heart? Am I showing what I'm thinking on my face? If the cookies aren't the reason, what is it?)

Koremitsu frowned, and asked with his eyes,

“Girls do have their own major issues.”

That was such a contentious, ambiguous attitude.

(How am I supposed to understand!? You're making the important parts vague here, and that's really vexing me here!)

But even so, it would be infuriating for Koremitsu to keep asking Hikaru, and even if he did, surely the latter would just let it pass ambiguously.

(Damn it, now my heart's all ruffled.)

Koremitsu gritted his teeth as he watch the sidelong face of Honoka while the latter continued to tap at her messages.

“Go-goo-goo-good morning, Mr. Akagi.”

The class representative, Michiru Hanasato, scampered towards Koremitsu like a little animal, and this caused Honoka's shoulders to jerk again.

“Oh, yo.”

Koremitsu greeted back. Michiru again flailed her limbs hastily.

“E-erm, we'll be deciding on the committee members for the culture festival in the homeroom meeting later. Eh, erm, I'm wondering, if you like culture festivals.”

“...Not at all.”

Koremitsu frowned, curtly replying.

How could he, shunned by others, possibly be joining in class activities all merry and such? A culture festival? What is that? Can it be eaten? That was probably how it felt to him.


Michiru leaned back, looking perturbed.

“Ho-how is that possible...b-but, the culture festival at Heian Academy is held in conjunction with the elementary and middle schools branches. It's really big, and there's a lot of authentic, fancy stuff. You'll definitely like it, Mr. Akagi...I think. I-I'll do my best here, so you have to do your best too!”

Michiru's face was flushed red, stammering a few times as she finished her words. Before Koremitsu could reply, she hastily got back to her seat.

(What's she saying?)

Koremitsu tilted his head, wondering, and Hikaru looked on with an understanding look, saying,

“Well, you see, is the culture festival not where couples are formed?”

(Ah, yeah, speaking of which, I did see a few popular guys in middle school making out and walking around the culture festival. They're in the way, so I really had the urge to just kick them.)

Either way, like couples, culture festivals were not a thing for Koremitsu. The correct method to spend a culture festival was to find an empty classroom and stay there until the closing ceremony.

(But—I'm with Hikaru this here. Am I going to hear him ramble about flowers for the entire day?)

Upon thinking about how annoying it would be, Koremitsu had the urge to wish for Hikaru to ascend to the afterlife sooner.

Honoka remained still as she continued to tap her the messages. Perhaps she was updating the blog of the love expert 'Purple Princess'.

Soon after, the homeroom meeting begun, and in the teacher's place, Michiru got to the podium.

“I-I'll be deciding on the committee members for the culture festival.”

She hosted the meeting, seemingly unable to calm down.

“Eh, you can recommend yourself or others to be the committee members. If anyone wants someone to do so, please raise your hands.”

There was an overwhelming silence from everyone. Surely, anyone involved would be bogged down by the duties of a committee member, and they wouldn't be able to go dating with their lovers.

“Eh, erm...”

After fidgeting for quite a while, Michiru said,

“If nobody has any suggestions, I-I-I do have someone I like to recommend.”

“Eh? Isn't that a good thing?”

“You can do so, rep.”

“I agree.”

The voices this time were lacking in enthusiasm, or certainly, they found it to be a hassle.

Just when Koremitsu was about to feel sympathy for Michiru.

Michiru gave the look of a puppy abandoned in a cardboard box on a rainy day as she stared over at Koremitsu.

“I-In that case...I recommend, Mr. Koremitsu Akagi as an executive member of the culture festival.”

♢ ♢ ♢

“What were you thinking!? Didn't I say that I have no interest in culture festivals, and I don't like that!”

“Th-that's why, it's my responsibility as the class rep to make you like the culture festival, Mr. Akagi!”

Once first period ended.

Koremitsu finally managed to hunt down Michiru, the latter scampering everywhere in fear of his wrath, only to be stuck in a corner of the corridor, and interrogated her. Shivering, Michiru answered Koremitsu.

“A-an-an-and, didn't you readily accept the task in front of everyone?”

“Yes, you did say 'please take good care of me here', Koremitsu.”

Hikaru beamed as he chimed.

(This guy's~~ so enjoying things now that I'm an executive committee member of the culture festival.)

He did give the salutations, but that was because of Michiru's sudden nomination. His mind was blank, and for some reason, it was decided he would be the one doing it. He naturally gave the salutations...and even became shrill due to tension.

“Pl-please take care of me.”

And there was silence in the classroom after Koremitsu whispered these words, the only thing the latter remembered vividly was that nobody applauded him. It was a nightmare for him, and he was practically in hot water.

“It-it-it's fine for you! You'll be able to overcome all difficulties with your powers as the delinquent king, Mr. Akagi!”



Michiru crouched down, cupping her head.

“Anyway, I never became a class rep, and I have zero participation experience in the culture festival. It's impossible for me to do this.”

“Ho-how can that be, Mr. Akagi...!”

With her eyes looking like an abandoned puppy again.

“What are you doing to Michiru.”

A stiff voice caused Koremitsu to turn around, and he immediately spotted Honoka holding a cellphone with one hand, looking heinous as she stood there.

Perhaps Honoka assumed Koremitsu was grudgeful against Michiru regarding the culture festival, and that Koremitsu was about to exact vengeance.

“I didn't...”

While Koremitsu tried to explain, Michiru got herself in his way.

“We-we're just discussing about the culture festival...there's nothing that'll make you worry, Hono.”

This was a rare show of insistence from Michiru.

Honoka frowned, her eyes sharpened.

“Is that so...I guess it doesn't matter then.”

Honoka replied curtly, and tapped at the keypad as she left.

And Michiru seemed to be thinking about something as she watched Honoka leave with a forlorn look.

(What's going on? It feels like there's something different between Shikibu and Hanasato...did they get into an argument or something?)

Speaking of which, he did not see them walking together recently. Before then, Michiru would follow Honoka from behind, calling “Hono, Hono'.

“Did you quarrel with Shikibu? Both of you look really gloomy.”

Michiru looked over at Koremitsu timidly,

“If possible, I can help you two out.”

If Honoka and Michiru really were on bad terms, Koremitsu would not be able to let the matter rest.

“...No, this is between Hono and me.”

Michiru however showed a perturbed look, averting her eyes sadly as she whispered softly,

“I do feel that it doesn't matter what Hono does to me. Bu-but I don't want to give up without doing anything...”

Koremitsu could not understand.

Just when he frowned, Michiru turned towards Koremitsu, and gave him a deep bow.


The wavy curls swayed on her petite shoulders like a puppy's tail.

“P-please continue with the culture festival committee work. I-I'll assist you too.”


Koremitsu was puzzled, wondering why Michiru would mention this again. Was the awkward situation between Honoka and Michiru related to this culture festival? Personally, he was not the type to manage as a committee member, and surely the other classmates were unwilling to face such a situation.

However, Michiru continued to lower her head and remain still. With a skeptical look, Hikaru placed his hand on a grumbling Koremitsu's shoulder (?).

“It looks like you have to do it, Koremitsu.”

“Uu...l-looks like I got no choice.”

And thanks to that, Koremitsu stood in front of all his classmates for the first time in his life of 16 years and few months.

“Hey, we're going to decide what we're going to do during the homeroom meeting tomorrow! You guys better come up with something at least!”

Koremitsu notified in the class during the class meeting after lessons ended, and it caused the atmosphere to freeze over. The students seated in the middle of the third row, whom Koremitsu was glaring at, and they were frantically lowering their heads, not wanting to meet him in the eyes.

Koremitsu himself was feeling nervous, and this caused his face to be more tense than usual. His eyebrows were raised, and his voice sounded like a coercion that intimidated his already faint-hearted classmates.

“Do your best, Koremitsu.”

Hikaru beside him was wearing a chouran uniform and a bandana, encouraging Koremitsu and cheering him on; however, this caused Koremitsu to feel dejected.

(Is our class really able to participate in the culture festival?)

No matter how he tried to recall the culture festival in his middle school, Koremitsu ended up with miserable memories.

He, hailed as a delinquent king, was definitely unable to either be cast as an acting role or be a frontline staff member in an eatery. He was the only one not notified of any work to be done after school, and was alone on the day of the culture festival. He wanted to stroll about at his own whim, only to scare away the ghosts acting in the ghost house. When he went to listen to the brass band club perform in the gym, there was an empty circle around him.

Once it ended, he met other delinquent gangs who snuck into the culture festival. After fighting a few waves, he finally chased the enemy away, only for rumors that the delinquent king went berserk to run rampant, dyeing the back of the gym bloody. This added on to Koremitsu's already infamous reputation.

(Arrggh, I really don't want to think about it.)

And the black history Koremitsu had with regards to the culture festival caused him much heartbroken, his expression increasingly menacing as a result. This too caused his classmates to start making prayer chants

In the meantime,


Honoka continued to type messages under the table.

The class meeting finally ended, and Koremitsu dragged his lethargic body to the Japanese Dance Club Room.

“I heard that you are appointed a culture festival committee member, Mr. Akagi?”

The club president Tsuyako grinned radiantly as she said that.

The fiery red hair was tied into a knot draped on a shoulder, and she, dressed in a faint blue kimono, was looking elegant like a spirit of the red weeping cherry blossom, the radiant, pretty lips exemplifying her remarkable looks.

“This culture festival surely feels exciting. I really wish I can be retained for a year so that I can be your classmate, Mr. Akagi.”

Tsuyako deliberately riled the atmosphere, perhaps having noticed the awkward situation between a scowling Koremitsu, a shivering Michiru and Honoka turning her head again.

“Ahh, too bad however. It was a rarity that I wanted to act in 'Momotaro' or 'The Crab and the Monkey'.”

“Why 'Momotaro'? Or 'The Crab and the Monkey'?”

Koremitsu retorted. And Hikaru too pondered seriously,

“If 'Momotaro', Koremitsu will be the demon, and Tsuyako will...if it is the 'Crab and the Monkey'...hm, is Koremitsu going to be the monkey? Then Tsuyako will...”

Honoka and Michiru probably thought of the casting, and both gave gaudy looks.

Tsuayko in turn giggled in a bubbly manner,

“In that case, since that dream cannot be fulfilled, the Japanese Dance Club will be taking part in the culture festival.”


“Tsuyako-senpai, you're going to dance? 'Momotaro'?”

“I-I-I don't have any on stage dancing experience, let alone being your partner, Tsuyako-senpai!”

Tsuyako in turn chuckled,

“I suppose. Ability is something to be accumulated through practice, so we shall perform next year instead. How about we open a shop this year?”

“A shop?”

“Oh? What kind of shop?”

(Something like takoyaki or shaved ice?)

Koremitsu racked his brain for common items he would see in a typical culture festival shop.

“We shall all decide on this. Which do you prefer? I do want to try all kinds of clothing.”

Tsuyako laid out several copies of pictures on the tatami, giving off the vibe of a fan being waved elegantly with all its fragrance.

And upon seeing that.




Such exclaims could be heard.

“Wow.” Hikaru too widened his eyes as he watched on.

Printed on the copies were Cheongsams with slits on them, fluffy maid outfits, witch outfits, nurse uniforms, armor, and all kinds of cosplay outfits, 12 of them in total!

Tsuyako chimed in excitedly.

“This is my first time partaking in a Japanese Cultures Festival. I had been studying overseas all this while, and I was alone with Hikaru in the clubroom last year, so i did not see anything. Of course, that sort of pastime had its own benefits, but Hikaru is no longer here this year.”

(What were you two doing alone during the culture festival!!)

Koremitsu glared furiously at Hikaru, floating in the air.

“Surely, Tsuyako decided to participate in this culture festival to bury the pain of losing me. Right now, she certainly is swallowing her tears and forcing a smile.”

(No no no, she's just so into this no matter how I look at things.)

“I suppose a Cheongsam is the appropriate choice here, definitely suited for Miss Shikibu with her nice long legs. However, please do try out the witch outfit. The maid uniform here is cute too. There is a mini skirt version, and also the formal long skirt version. Ah, I do admire the maid outfit too.”

“Certainly it will be so lewd and dazzling seeing Tsuyako wearing such a nurse uniform. This Cheongsam will emphasize her elegance. I do want to see Tsuyako and everyone else wear the witch outfit though. Ahh, it really is difficult for me to make a choice between all the clothing here.”

Hikaru excitedly prattled on as he quickly switched into different clothing, from a butler, to a priest garb, and finally, a Cheongsam.

And in the meantime, Koremitsu glared back coldly, having come to the conclusion,

(So, senpai's so into cosplay because of this guy's influence...)

“Hey, Mr. Akagi, which do you prefer?”

“Koremitsu, which do you prefer?”

Tsuyako and Hikaru both looked bubbly as they glanced at Koremitsu.

Michiru's shoulders jerked slightly, and Honoka continued to lower her head and look down, her lips sealed tightly.

“Even if you ask...”

And while Koremitsu was looking perturbed, Tsuyako added,

“How about you decide, Mr. Akagi?”

What the!?

“M-M-M-Mr. Akagi, if you wish for me to wear something...I'll summon my courage and open the unknown door...!”


“You see, Koremitsu, everyone is so expectant here. You have to choose for them.”

Hikaru remained effervescent,

Tsuyako, Michiru and Hikaru were staring intently at him, and Honoka too seemed to be pricking her ears.


Don't I look like a pervert no matter which once I choose? Koremitsu grumbled.

And there was an announcement chime from the speakers above them, followed by a cold, stoic voice echoing,

“Mr. Koremitsu Akagi, please head to the student council office immediately.”


“Ack, Saiga!?”

She suddenly summoned him through the school's public announcement system. What happened!

“Sorry, I'll go take a look.”

“Ah, Mr. Akagi!”

“That is an abuse of authority, Miss Asai.”

Tsuyako and the rest could be heard from behind. To be honest, this broadcast really saved him there.

(Nice timing! I gotta thank you here, Asa!)

“Koremitsu, you seem really happy...”

Koremitsu quickly got down the corridor, down the stairs, and soon arrived at the student council office.

“Yo, I'm here.”

“Now that was fast.”

Asai was alone in the room, as usual. Koremitsu himself wondered, Isn't it better to change the nameplate of the room from the 'student council office' to the 'student council president office?

“Aren't you the one who asked me to hurry over? What's the problem? I can do anything for you right now.”




Asai frowned hard, pondering about something, and answered,

“I suppose not. I am still not that deplorable to a point where I need you for assistance.”

“You really aren't being cute here. What do you want?”

He asked, feeling a little vexed. Asai slowly folded her arms, and said haughtily,

“Mr. Akagi, I hereby command you to be part of the culture festival special security group.”

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