Hikaru ga Chikyuu ni Itakoro:Volume9 Prologue

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Do you mind hearing a story of me when I was a child, Hikaru?

There was a party, and I got seperated from my mother because there were too many people, winding up in the garden.

I was never a child of outstanding looks and talents, and no matter how troubled I might had been, the adults would not be bothered with me. What they found interesting about me is the thing behind me, my heritage. Tragically, I knew from young that I was not someone worth talking to without this name bestowed on me.

As I wandered around the garden under the moonlight, I found a shrine of stone amidst the lush, green shrubs.

It glittered silver under the faint moonlight, and a stretch of crimson flowers bloomed alluringly, beautifully in anonymity, swaying in the damp breeze caressing the skin. The petals were like quality silk, fleeting and thin, glistening as it absorbed the moonlight.

Through the tender skin, I could see the blood vessels. It was terrifying, yet at the same time, a captivating color.

There was a tinge of malice, lust engulfing the black iris amidst the petals.

—Snap me.

—Take me away.

I faintly heard a rich, sweet voice, and turned over to find a woman dressed in red there.

The crimson flowers swayed alluringly, and the long black hair danced in furor as the woman continued to speak with the sweet voice that lingered in my ears.

—I bestow the power of the spider upon you, the power of the one that obtains the one you love, the one that kills, and the one that possesses.

And then, Hikaru,

I became one with 'her' at that moment.

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