Horizon:Kimitoasamade 1B Afterword

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At any rate, that was Kimitoasamade I-B.

As a story, II will continue directly after this, but I decided to bring I to an close now that everyone had confirmed what they intend to do. Otherwise, it would be hard to say this counts as a conclusion to the I story. Yes.

Anyway, it’s thanks to all of you that I can bring you this story set a year beforehand. Thank you very much.

Even if this “one year ago” story is set just before spring, it has a lot focused in on it. A lot of new things begin in spring both business-wise and academy-wise. My first goal is to gather together as much of that as I can while bringing the story to those three girls’ debut.

But when I think back to what I was doing at that time in my life, I find what I’m doing hasn’t really changed that much. The level and scale might be different, but the intensity inside me and time spent on it hasn’t really changed. Every day, I draw pictures, write, and create game systems until I get tired. In that way, these girls have stepped out onto the stage far more than me, so I can really feel a difference there.

Anyway, the chat.

“Did you see the anime? We just got the moving Episodes 9 and 10 with Nee-chan’s boobs, Asama-san’s boobs and thighs, and Zwei Fräulein’s kiss scene, so you just can’t wait for more, can you?”

“If you keep getting so carried away, I’m gonna kick your ass.”

“What’s with that intensity that makes me think you have two exclamation points over your head? Are you okay?”

“Besides, it’s not like you actually made that, right?”

“Yeah, the staff is amazing! Allow me to smoothly say that again: the staff is amazing! Oh, and the volume with this book has Episodes 4 and 5 in it.”

“Which ones are those?”

“Watch them!!”

“Yeah, but I’d have to start watching from the beginning. …I haven’t read the novel, you see.”

“Damn you!!”

Anyway, my background music while working was Acceleration on the Rooftop. That’s the song when Adele does her triple spin attack in Episode 1. I never thought I would be working to the soundtrack for an adaption of my own novel.

Anyway, Parts A and B asked the question “Who is attempting to enjoy themselves?” Please wait for II-A which is coming next.

December 2011. A morning of sporadic snow.

-Kawakami Minoru