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Inside Story[edit]

In the Room of Fault Finding

There was one thing Mitotsudaira always looked forward to when visiting Asama’s room: the food.

There was no emphasis on snacks, meals, or drinks; it was all high quality.

She had assumed it was made from the finest ingredients, but Asama would buy the same things as everyone else.

My king is skilled with Western food, but Tomo is skilled with Far Eastern food…

She felt like she could have a wonderfully fulfilling culinary life if she simply alternated between the Main Blue Thunder and the Asama Shrine. She could only visit the Main Blue Thunder occasionally and she could not stay at the Asama Shrine all the time, so she could not set up a perfect rotation. Then again, she felt like the rarity might have been what made it so good.

The breakfast she ate after bathing in the purification spring was made to warm her chilled body.

Chawanmushi, white rice, mackerel with ginger, and fish paste grilled with cheese.

“Oh, the fried eggs are for Mito. We didn’t have any thick cuts of meat, you see. We already have sake, but be sure to eat them with soy sauce while they’re hot.”

“Thank you. This is more than enough.”

Mitotsudaira cooked too, but since she tended to make things the way she liked them, it all tended to be a bit strong.

In fact, French cooking as a whole is fairly strong…

It had originally been the food of the Gaul region. That meant roasting mountain birds whole and cooking dried meat in wine, so it was usually strong.

“Tomo…you really will make a good wife someday…”

“Oh, stop with that,” deflected Asama, but Kimi slapped her own chest with both hands in a “bring it on!” gesture. Mitotsudaira chose to ignore her.

However, after getting some tea and starting to eat, Mitotsudaira was grateful for the flavoring that did not rely on spices.

“See?” said Kimi. “If you marry Asama, you can live a happy culinary life.”

“Um, Kimi? I primarily eat meat.”

“Then.” Kimi narrowed her eyes and licked her lips. “Why not come to our place where my foolish brother can feed you meat? Wouldn’t that balance things out nicely?”

“…Uh, Kimi? Wouldn’t both Mito and I need to go to your place for that balance to work?”

Hearing that, Kimi set down her chopsticks and brought her hands together as if begging them.


She blatantly groped their breasts, so the two of them slapped her.

Title Page[edit]

Horizon Kimi3B 001.png

Welcome to a place of thought

Where the current is faster than you expected

And you must decide how to row the ferry even after making your decision


Chapter 5: Evictors in a Place of Accumulation – P5

Chapter 6: Visitor on the Open Surface – P39

Chapter 7: Reporter in an Official Place – P61

Chapter 8: Winged Ones Standing Up – P79

Chapter 9: Player at the Shrine – P109

Chapter 10: Thinking Girl Standing Up Once More – P149

Chapter 11: Visitor at an Inspection Point – P185

Chapter 12: Responders of the Twin Walls – P207

Final Chapter: Those who Look Up at the Normal World – P255



Kawakami Minoru

Illustrations: Satoyasu (TENKY)

Design: Watanabe Kouichi (2725 Inc)