Horizon:Volume 2A Afterword

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Here it is at last. Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon 2-A has arrived.

Anyway, this begins Volume 2 of this series that can’t quite be called SF or fantasy. This is the beloved England volume. England hasn’t been the stage since Aerial City, so it feels like it has been a very long time.

During this age, England is prospering under Elizabeth’s rule, but I feel like that prosperity was achieved by dashing across a tightrope. There are movies based on this, so if you are interested, it might be fun to hunt them down in the name of studying world history. A lot of material about England from the middle ages to present time has been translated into Japanese, so it could help you study for making fantasy or steampunk stories. (There should be a British history corner in the bookstore.)

Anyway, time for the chat. Or rather, email.

“You can say whatever you want for about seven lines. A painful story from your student days would be most welcome.”

“After transferring schools during elementary school, I gained the nickname Heart-sama.”

“Don’t try to tell a story about running into the Morning Blue Dragon on the first random encounter of the 10th basement. Remember how much space I’m giving you.”

“Anyway, I did karate in elementary school.”

“Were the kids at your school surprised to find you were the Fat Dragon rather than Heart-sama?”

“Well, it turned out there was another kid with the nickname Heart-sama before me.”

“You had a clone?”

“No, the first one was short. I named him Junior Heart-sama and we exterminated the North Star Army together.”

“That’s an amusing scene to imagine, but doesn’t it completely ignore the original story?”

“The trend was set when Kenshirou was locked in the girls’ bathroom. And there was definitely a parallel world where Heart-sama ruled the world.”

“You don’t get to talk in my afterword anymore.”

“During class, I would suddenly point at the person in front of me and shout ‘you’re Rin today!’ which would make them shriek. Thinking back, that counts as disrupting class, doesn’t it?”

Don’t ask me. Anyway, this novel was spent on the arrival.

“Who is the greediest?”

I’ll leave you with that. My background music while working was Nakamori Akina’s Aibu. (It’s a cool song, especially with the singer’s personality.)

The second half should come next month. Please wait just a bit longer.

April 2009. A morning of wondering if the pollen is gone.

-Kawakami Minoru