Horizon:Volume 2A Character Introduction

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  • Aoi Kimi: Toori’s older sister and worshipper of the god of eroticism and dancing. Fundamentally high-tension and selfish in practice.
  • Aoi Toori: Protagonist. Musashi Ariadust Academy’s chancellor and student council president. Mr. Impossible.
  • Asama Tomo: Daughter of the Asama Shrine, Musashi’s main shrine. Childhood friend and overall victim of Toori and Kimi.
  • Azuma: Child of the emperor and a half-god. All his abilities have been sealed and he lives on the Musashi.
  • Adele Balfette: From a vassal family that arrived from France. Glasses girl.
  • Itou Kenji: Cheerful incubus. Nude, bald, and muscular. Known as Itoken.
  • Ohiroshiki Ginji: Gourmet otaku with a Heart-sama style build.
  • Kiyonari Urquiaga: 2nd special duty officer. Flying half-dragon. Hopes to be an inquisitor. Known as Uqui.
  • Shirojiro Bertoni: Treasurer. Young leading member of Musashi’s commerce and industry guild.
  • Tenzou Crossunite: 1st special duty officer. Ninja and errand-runner who always covers his face with his hat.
  • Toussaint Neshinbara: Secretary. Loves history, wants to be an author, and writes doujins.
  • Naomasa: 6th special duty officer. Older sister type who works in the engine division. Smokes and laughs loudly.
  • Nate Mitotsudaira: 5th special duty officer. Member of a knight family and inheritor of the Mito Matsudaira name. Half werewolf.
  • Nenji: Slime with about 3 HP. Manly.
  • Noriki: Laborer boy who supports his family. Clumsy martial artist. Silent and unsociable.
  • Heidi Augesvarer: Treasurer’s aide. Shirojiro’s partner. Has a white fox named Erimaki.
  • Hassan Furubushi: Calpis logo-style Indian. Lives while eating and drinking only curry.
  • Persona-kun: Super macho man with a bucket helmet. Silent, strong, and kindhearted.
  • Horizon Ariadust: Toori’s childhood friend and current ruler of Mikawa. Currently an automaton. Her emotions were taken as parts for the Logismoi Oplo.
  • Honda Futayo: Former Mikawa student. Honda Tadakatsu’s daughter. Uses a strongly old-fashioned speech pattern.
  • Honda Masazumi: Vice president of the student council. Diligent exchange student who arrived from Mikawa the previous year. Has various issues with her family.
  • Malga Naruze: 4th special duty officer. Black-haired six-winged Weiss Hexen. Member of the manga club.
  • Margot Naito: 3rd special duty officer. Blonde-haired six-winged Schwarz Hexen. Always smiling.
  • Miriam Poqou: Girl who stays in her room because she lives in a wheelchair.
  • Mukai Suzu: Blind but always gives it her all. Acts as everyone’s stopper.

Academy Affiliates

  • Oriotorai Makiko: High-speed battling teacher. Always wears a track suit.
  • Sakai Tadatsugu: Musashi Ariadust Academy’s president. Used to be a very able person but was demoted.
  • “Musashi”: Automaton that supervises the Musashi and overall commander. Her sharp comments are hard to put up with.
  • Yoshinao: King of Musashi who was sent from Hexagone Française. Has a veto right toward the academy and has the authority to manage Musashi.
  • Sanyou Mitsuki: Class 3-Bamboo’s homeroom teacher. Looks up to Oriotorai. Somewhat sensitive and unlucky.

Tres España

  • Felipe Segundo: Chancellor and student council president. Hard-working middle-aged man.
  • Juana: Vice president of the student council. Female teacher type. Logismoi Oplo user.
  • Velázquez: Secretary. Long-lived. Painter and Testamenta Arma user. Middle-aged.
  • Hironaka Takakane: Vice chancellor. Ghost. Baseball team captain. Testamenta Arma user.
  • Tachibana Muneshige: Peerless in the West. Logismoi Oplo “Lype Katathlipse” user. Tres España’s 1st special duty officer. A fairly nice person and adopted into his family by marriage.
  • Era Fusae: 2nd special duty officer. Long-lived. Ghost. Takakane’s wife. Track team captain.
  • Tachibana Gin: 3rd special duty officer. Tachibaan Muneshige’s wife and false arms girl.
  • Valdés Siblings: 4th and 5th special duty officers. Baseball team members.


  • Elizabeth: Chancellor and student council president. Fairy Queen. Ex. Caliburn user.
  • Mary: Elizabeth’s elder half sister. Scheduled to be executed for attempting to assassinate the queen.
  • William Cecil: Vice president of the student council. Competitive eater and weight user.
  • Robert Dudley: Vice chancellor. Thin woman. Testamenta Arma user.
  • Ben Jonson: Secretary. Black athlete poet. President of the literature club.
  • Nicholas Bacon: Hammer user and trickster. Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of England.
  • Charles Howard: Naval admiral. Wealthy common sense man. No combat ability.
  • Thomas Shakespeare: Logismoi Oplo user. Half-lived race. Vice president of the literature club.
  • Francis Drake: Hard Wolf and naval vice admiral. Testamenta Arma user.
  • John Hawkins: Drake’s companion. Swimsuit man.
  • Thomas Cavendish: Drake and the others’ underclassman. Mermaid woman.
  • Grace O’Malley: Female pirate of Scotland. Elizabeth’s friend.
  • Christopher Hatton: Lord Chancellor and Living Bones.
  • F. Walsingham: Automaton leader of the public morals committee. Spymaster.
  • Walter Raleigh: Far Easterner. Elizabeth’s wartime advisor.


  • Innocentius: Pope-Chancellor. Leader of the Catholics and representative of K.P.A. Italia.
  • Oda Nobunaga: A name-inheritor appeared recently, but that inheritor has not appeared out of fear of Testament Union assassins.