Horizon:Volume 3A Afterword

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Okay, I made you wait a while for this one (I think). Here is Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon III.

This one had a recap section, so you should be fine even after the wait (I think). This one starts from IZUMO and you might be wondering what happens next, but a lot starts to move next time.

This was mentioned in the novel, but France had built a lot of momentum in this era. The other nations either hadn’t outgrown the middle ages with their religious issues and mercenaries or their immature economy had fallen into chaos due to the Age of Exploration, but France had formed a solid foundation for their nation with agriculture.

France had no emperor or pope and they had little naval power, but they developed their own nation while the other nations destroyed themselves. England was another winner of this era because being an island nation prevented the others from interfering with them too much, but I think France also managed to grasp that flow of events and gained political and historical independence.

Anyway, time for a random email exchange.

“I’ve finished writing it, but don’t you dare read it.”

“Th-that’s not a very nice opener.”

“I think you can just discuss an unpleasant memory from your school days, but what do you want to do?”

“Well, I didn’t have as tough a school life as all of you.”

“Eh? You don’t have a favorite subject or a story about a class? You really don’t have anything? Eh? Nothing at all!? You poor thing!!”

“Y-you are the worst! Oh, but one time in biology class, we got to look at blood under a microscope. We were supposed to only cut our fingertip a little with a scalpel, but I gave myself a horrible gash and ended up with enough for everyone to use.”

“Why did you cut yourself so badly? Were you checking to see if you were human?”

“No, it’s just that my idea of ‘a little’ was different from everyone else’s. They say no two people think exactly alike and I think it must be true.”

“I get the feeling you just like going for overkill.”

I also get the feeling this is an oddly philosophical afterword.

Anyway, the story has reached parent participation day. There’s still plenty more to go, but I’ll leave it with this:

“Who was pushing themselves too hard the most?”

The BGM while I worked was Juno Reactor’s Guardian Angel. I listened to it during a lot of III’s action scenes.

Now, just wait a little longer for Part B next month.

March 2010. A morning of light pollen.

-Kawakami Minoru