Horizon:Volume 3 Chapter 02

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Chapter 02: The Pioneers of the Location[edit]

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Being there

Even without being told

What is a good place

Point Allocation (The Right Person in the Right Place)

Dragon Dog: “Milady, I have obtained permission. Before I depart tomorrow it seems I will be able to take possession of the letters. However your friend did require some arrangements being made. Also—”

ANA: “Also, what?”

Dragon Dog: “There was also a letter from milady’s friend’s spouse. They were talking about doing something with the collected fruit, however I only took possession of the flowers.”

ANA: “Jeez… Everyone is being tactful in strange areas.”

Dragon Dog: “No, it was me who made that request. I wanted them to be tactful.”

ANA: “…You are perfect.”

After-school activities began.

The students left the school grounds and headed off into their respective locations, so many went to assist in the repairs of Musashi or headed towards the location of their part time jobs.

This was the time when voices were exchanged, separated and once again assembled at the location where they wanted.

However, a gaze that overlooked all of this was located inside a closed room.

From the bridge, which almost spanned all over Musashi’s central forward vessel Musashino, there was someone who was observing everything.

The person who came hastily up there after they finished class was…

“Suzu-sama… Have this. It is green tea and apple pie purchased in the fair below. Over.”

“T-Thank y-you, ‘Musashino-san.’ ”

It was Suzu.

While being at the center of the bridge, even after the teacup and plate were placed on the side-table next to her chair she did not immediately reach for them.

For she who had just come here, the first thing she laid her hands on was the space surrounding her chair.

…The imitation of Musashi and IZUMO are almost done.

In the space in front of her outstretched hands was the area of ​​Musashi along with the geography and city surroundings, all of it made ​​of light.

As Suzu sat in a chair, the model of the world moved with the movements of her hands; and additions or removals to the three-dimensional model were carried out correctly.

Looking at that spectacle “Musashino” said.

“It appears that the Musashi model has been almost completed. Over.”

“U-umm but s-since it changes e-every day… I am u-unable to k-keep up.”

Particularly in this area, Suzu formed a smile and pointed to an area near the deck of the first port and starboard ship with huge repairing spots.

“W-when something occurs again, w-will this be useful?”

Judge, the automaton nodded her head.

“I can conclude that carrying out orders will be improved if we have a detailed understanding of the deck. Also, if we have a map created with a different approach than our reasonable judgment as automatons, it can be very useful for our support in daily activities. It will also be helpful to the elementary school children and the other people who come here for sightseeing. In addition to that, compared to the geographical understanding automatons have, when Toori-sama causes a problem the map Suzu has created makes his “hiding places” easier to determine. —Over.”

Is that right? Suzu thought as she nodded with a smile, took a breath and adjusted her seating.

After hesitating for a moment, Suzu took the teacup from the side table in both her hands and sat back in her chair.

However Suzu, who went as if to sink into the model of Musashi, then abruptly let out a small laugh.

“What’s the matter? —Over.”

“Judge, e-everyone’s after school a-activities are quite varied… Look at t-them.”

Suzu put the teacup up to her mouth and then, as if to count the models individual locations, she indicated them with her right fingers.

Her fingers, which indicated the places in order from above, finally pointed to one place.

It was a building at the rear of Okutama. The imitation of the Musashi Ariadust Academy.

Even if it was after school, there were still shadows of people inside Musashi Ariadust Academy.

Those remaining were not only the students who were part of the indoor clubs.

“So I came for this examination, but in this school the student council room is absolutely not clean and handled quite irresponsibly. Mitotsudaira… you are a member of the Chancellor’s Office so you don’t use this room, right?”

Masazumi surveyed the place where she was currently standing… She was in the school building third floor frontal side, the Student Council room.

One might even call this the face of the academy; however…

By all rights this room should have had a quite a large floor space. However there were chairs, tables and other goods piled up left and right, creating a corridor from the door to the windows.

This was evidence that successive generations of Student Councils had not been functioning properly.

In front of Masazumi, who was surveying this valley of goods, was Mitotsudaira who opened a window and then turned around with a fed up expression.

“This is more like a storeroom than a Student Council room. Well, it is the same for the Chancellor’s Officers as well.”

“Is that so?”

"Judge" said Mitotsudaira, trying to avoid touching anything and shrugging her shoulders.

“The members who make up the Chancellor’s Office use the room down below… but it is in the same state as this one. After all, the Far East operated under the premise that there would be no emergency situations under the oppression of the Testament Union. Even after Mikawa, if something happens it is usually settled in the classroom, the cafeteria, or on the top of the bridge. However, why now of all times did you want to use this place, Masazumi?”

I wonder why, Masazumi thought as she looked at the work of art composed by the careless piling up of goods and desks to the point that the ceiling on the left and right was obscured, and she let out a sigh. She folded her arms and once again thinking about what was going on, she talked.

“When I was appointed as the vice president, I came here to look once. That time, I decided that the Far East Student Council was after all a mere skeleton and decided to give up.”


“—The classroom, the cafeteria, on top of the bridge, the courtyard or Blue Thunder… we can hold a strategy meeting anywhere. I came to realize recently that the Far East was that kind of place. However, I also thought that it is necessary for everyone to have a place to share.”

“Then, the place that everyone can share is—”

Yeah, Masazumi shook her head downwards motioning towards the floor with her right hand.

"It’s not that I’m suggesting we have to be here all the time. However when we can’t make contact, when we wish to save someone, when there is a time to be patient… you should come here; what I want is a place like that.”

While saying that, she remembered something that occurred at Mikawa. The shocking feeling of returning home on a certain day and realizing that her mother was gone still remained inside her heart.

To suppress her past fear, she wanted a place where people could believe that someone would be there.

I wonder why.

Masazumi looked at the outside through the seemingly narrow window. The city of Musashi was spread out under the afternoon sky and beyond the edge of the dock, the fields, and shelter belts was the city of IZUMO. Masazumi gazed with sharp eyes further into the inside of the city, the south-eastern sky and the forest and valleys of the mainland which spread out beneath IZUMO.

“—Only one week until the repairs are complete. After that, we will begin moving again in order to gain the cooperation of many countries. However this part of Europe is currently in the middle of the Thirty Years’ War. I cannot deny the possibility of sustaining damage like we did during the Armada Battle. If we hold an official position when that happens, the civilians’ sense of security will probably change a lot.”

“Judge, I also believe that what will occur from now on will be a true battlefield. There is also Neshinbara’s opinion that in the previous Armada Battle, in order to preserve their own fleet the strategy of Tres España was to aim, through the use of a small efficient force, not the sinking of Musashi, but to stop it; so it was not all-out war for them.”

Listening to Mitotsudaira’s words, Masazumi thought that she was correct.

That’s why she nodded and said:

“I want to strengthen the Student Council and Chancellor’s Office. Think of it as secret urgent business.”

After saying that, Masazumi thought that in Mitotsudaira’s expression there was a shadow. That’s why she asked:

“Is there something troubling you?”

“Eh? Ah, no.”

In front of Masazumi’s eyes, Mitotsudaira lightly waved her hand from left to right. Then as if she was arranging her thoughts…

“I have to make sure to be reliable, so I have to take into account my true abilities.”

“I think that you are doing a good job.”

During the crash of the cargo ship she had supervised things like the night watch, the transport of supplies, and the construction inside the ship. If she had not been present then many of Tenzou’s orders would have not worked, and this was something that everyone who was there at the time realized. However…

…I wonder if it was because Mitotsudaira is a member of the Chancellor’s Office.

There is also one’s duty as a Knight, thinking about her role during battle…

…In England she suffered a draw with Walsingham.

And on board Musashi, even with the help of Walsingham she was unable to stop Tres España’s Vice Chancellor Hironaka Takakane. That was what is called difference in strength. However…

“Even though there is always someone stronger I still wish to become stronger, you know?”

“Then, in that path of strengthening it would be good to search for a suitable location. If there is anything let me know. After the Armada Battle the general public has begun to understand somewhat about the necessity of battles. That will make it easier to gain acceptance.”

Judge, Mitotsudaira nodded and a slight silence occurred.

Thinking that it would be bad for the silence to continue, Masazumi purposefully let out a large breath.

“Well then.”

Saying that in a distinct voice to bring Mitotsudaira to her senses, she rolled up her jacket sleeves.

“Well then, shall we do a little examining…?

“L-Let us do that. However this is…”

In front of Mitotsudaira’s half opened eyes. What was there was…

“…Ah? Right from the start, what is this mountain of mail orders. …Huh, eroge have been placed and piled up in here!”

Masazumi picked up a brown wrapped package which was lightly covered in dust. Narrowing her eyes and holding it aloft, she noticed that it was indeed exactly what she had thought.

"Good grief." After using that as a preface, Masazumi said:

“That idiot, what does he think this place is…!!”

“…It is amazing that you have no doubts about who that belongs to, Masazumi.”

If there is some other possibility, I would like to know.

However, Mitotsudaira also took one in her hand with a testing air.

“What is this exactly? “Theban Genuine Force vs. Spartan Homo Army Corps - The Remaining 300”; it is written on the receipt resolutely, you know? …Also, it is not only the title; the subheading “There are no women! Regain your sanity!” is excessive. Is his head alright?”

“Like I would know. In any case we have to dispose of any sad games because if that idiot dies, the existence of this country will be in jeopardy. I have to clearly tell him that he should buy the next one only after he has finished clearing the current ones.”

“I feel that the Chancellor spends all the money from his part-time job on this…”

…And on the other hand, I already finished mine with just food and book expenses! A family which provides food is enviable!

While thinking about her real motivations and as a response to the situation in front of her eyes she summoned her anteater Tsukinowa. After getting her positioned on her shoulders, patting her head, and rubbing her cheeks, together they opened the chat.

Vice President: “Asama, I will send you an image of the eroge that are here; if we sold them, how much would that be?”

Asama: “Umm, from the looks of it everything would be worth about 12000 yen… huh, why was I called as the appraiser!?”

She already told me what I wanted to know. Having personnel who did not hold official positions yet were still talented was a good thing to have for the country.

“Anyhow, so selling all this and only getting about 12000 yen. …I really don’t understand males.”

“—Even though in the past you were trying to become one?”

Having that said to her with a bitter smile, Masazumi considered her own circumstances. However she was unable to come up with a good explanation.

“I’ll correct myself, I don’t understand that idiot.”

In contrast to Mitotsudaira’s deepening bitter smile, Masazumi, directed her gaze at the window while feeling uncomfortable. Beneath her eyes was the overhead bridge in front of the school yard where she had done the public debate. Thinking that it was around there that she had debated…

…She also remembered it was there where she had her trousers yanked down…!

“Ah, umm, Masazumi, you seem to be upset about something? Was it what I just said?”

“Eh? Ah no, it has nothing to do with that. It was something else from a while back.”

Masazumi shifted her glance to the front. As she did, on the other side of the descending staircase beneath the bridge was Remorse Way.

…The natural area at the port side is where that park is.

After she had seen Sakai off to Mikawa and returned, that was the park path she used when going through the natural area.

In the center there was a retreat building, a small place where there are always children playing. After that time, she had stopped by several times and spent her reading time there. It was one of the few spots inside Musashi where Masazumi could relax.

Eventually, Masazumi rolled up the sleeves of her jacket, while thinking that it might be nice to have a meal or a conference at the hermitage.

“Well, I’m not planning to do a full-scale job, but shall we see what it’s like deeper inside…”

Once that is complete…

“Shall we descend to IZUMO for a break, Mitotsudaira?”

Mitotsudaira listened to Masazumi’s question.

“Apparently, there is a festival happening down at IZUMO.”

With those words, Mitotsudaira experienced a moment of indecision.

…She was being considerate of my circumstances.

As a matter of fact, Hexagone Française was the homeland of Mitotsudaira. However even after receiving permission to enter IZUMO, she had not descended into IZUMO. Naturally, there was a reason she had not done so.

The promise she had made with her mother.

That’s why even though many people including her friends were descending to take a break, she did not go.

It seemed like Masazumi had realized that fact. Consequently…

…That she didn’t ask why I do not go but instead invited me to go with her was—

That was her way of being considerate with the short friendship they had.

Everyone in her surroundings already knew the reason, so they no longer made this type of invitation. However, this provided a sense of freshness.

That’s why Mitotsudaira with a bitter smile mixed in…

“It is alright, I have yet to do the management of my territory inside Musashi. Shortly Musashi will head to Edo, right? I think that I will descend at my actual territory.”

“I see.”

At that point Masazumi put an end to that topic. As both parties took a short pause, the conversion did not restart.


With a slight doubt, Mitotsudaira thought about the present situation. It was almost as if whether to continue implied to mention a bad topic.


From Masazumi’s current silence she could feel an atmosphere of apology. Masazumi had also already realized it as well, however if she immediately brought out a new topic it was certain that it could be felt that she was avoiding the previous one.

It was now Masazumi’s turn to wait, and for her to bring out a new topic as a way of saying not to worry about it.

Mitotsudaira thought that she had to say something.

…H-however, umm.

Frankly, she was not good with this kind of situation. Wiping away an uncomfortable sweat, Mitotsudaira continued.

“U-umm, that is…”

Right when she finished panicking, a voice unexpectedly came from behind her. It was…

“Oi oi oi oi you girls! What are you doing with my treasure library!?”

Turning around, there in the corridor was an idiot carrying an eroge package.

Masazumi, who had completely half-closed eyes, turned around to look at the culprit responsible for the state of this room. On her shoulder…


There, there Tsukinowa. You were not mistaken in deploying attack spells. However, those were the anti-ghost spells that Asama gave us during the battle against Hatton. You need anti-object or anti-personal spells. Also, it is fine if you do not do that against other people, okay?

However, while their side was conducting something like a strategy meeting through eye-contact, that idiot said.

“Ah! These girls. Even though I went to great trouble to arrange the titles in several orders, you went and ruined that! Seijun! Do you understand how much the “The Changelings – Throbbing Labyrinth Version” that you are currently holding is worth!?”

“It comes to about 300 yen out of the 12000 yen, doesn’t it?”

Saying that, the idiot pulled a textbook from his breast pocket, said dammit!!, and threw it against the floor. Following that, the naked guy who was still wearing clothes pointed in their direction.

“You don’t understand! Don’t understand at all, Seijun! The values of goods are not determined by their price alone!”

“Ah! So it is whether they are useless or not.”

The idiot again threw the textbook against the ground. Following that he looked at Mitotsudaira.

“Oi oi Nate! Say something to her. By the way Nate, won’t you come down to IZUMO and hang out with everyone? The fresh meat there from Hexagone Française is delicious. At the moment it’s lamb! Lamb! How about having a bite of one only salted and spit roasted?”

“Uh… Um, that is, well.”

In contrast with Mitotsudaira who was unable to follow the flow of the conversation, the idiot said while scratching his head.

“It’s fine Nate.”

Hmm, there the idiot tilted his neck.

“It’s not like your mother told you not to come back ever again. And it’s not the mainland but IZUMO, once in a while let’s all go down and grab a meal together, yeah? Everyone wants to have a meal with you, you know!? An expensive one!”

“…Is that because you want it to be my treat?”

That is what I was thinking, Masazumi muttered to herself. However, she was also pondering about…


That was the first time she had heard that story.

Masazumi did not know very much about Mitotsudaira.

All she had heard was that she was originally from the lesser nobility, and that her family was consisted for her mother, a Loup-Garou and her father, a human.

There was also that, for some reason or another, she had inherited the name of the Mito-Matsudaira clan and was dispatched alone to Musashi which had led to her current situation.

…Mitotsudaira’s last name was also originally a different name.

Masazumi did not know the specific details of the circumstances around her name inheritance.

This was because recently in Hexagone Française, not only the important roles but also the noble lineage had been frequently interchanging due to the historical recreation of the Thirty Years’ War and the Catholic and Protestant civil war.

Both their Treasurer and Vice Chancellor had just been changed. Everything was all part of the flow to welcome the era of the monarchy of Louis XIV.

Louis Exiv was the King who, after going through the civil war and the chaos of the Thirty Years’ War, would implement an absolute monarchy.

In the Testament it was recorded that Hexagone Française would experience unprecedented prosperity at the behest of that King.

Consequently, the other countries attempted to delay the name inheritance of Louis Exiv with Hexagone Française having to accept many disadvantaging conditions to escape from these oppressions.

The year before last, the name of Louis Exiv was inherited by someone at the first year of high school, however…

…Mitotsudaira being dispatched to Musashi from such a young age was also part of a deal in order to speed up that flow.

From the fact that Mitotsudaira was placing importance on her livelihood as a dispatched Knight from Hexagone Française even while aboard Musashi, it was likely she had not totally cut herself off from Hexagone Française. That she would not even descend to IZUMO was…

Her mother, huh.

She did not know the finer details but when it came to family bonds, that was different. If you became involved with that known as “family”, even prying at it there is always a part which could not be dealt with through emotion.

“Mitotsudaira, you want to eat something afterwards?”

“Eh? …It is not like I don’t want to go to IZUMO…”

“Nah, Tama is fine as well. Since Tama is also a foreign exchange ship, we can eat meat from Hexagone Française and and have good views. The guys who descended below will probably bring us something as well. —Mitotsudaira, it’s fine if you bring green soybeans and ah, natto, right?”

“No, that is, it is not that my main business is natto… Chancellor! Where are you planning to sneak away to while carrying the goods that we are trying to clean up!?”

“Ah, don’t you get it? To a different safe house, safe house.”

“Where is that?”

“Ah! Beneath the veranda at Asama’s Shrine and inside the attic of Shiro’s shop; I spent a lot of effort remodeling them.”

Vice President: “Did you hear? Can you go and have a quick look?”

Asama: “They are really there. When did he!”

Me: “Ah! Idiot, that is where the ones with priestesses are; wait till I arrive!”

Asama: “I understand. Well, once you have arrived I’ll burn them in front of your eyes okay?”

Me: “You idiot. Think about the feelings of the people who created them. Do you get it!?”

Novice: “If you burn them, they won’t become a part of the second hand market; I, as an author, see that as a viable choice.”

Me: “D-Dammit, the net is full of enemies! It’s fine since I’m living in reality. In this reality space my power is threefold! However your powers have fallen to one-third! Get it!?”

Worshipper: “That’s from ‘Space Magistrate Echizen’ which started the other day. The one who equips their combat gear in 180000 milliseconds.”

Silver Wolf: “How about a thirty minute program that ends with just the transformation? In a certain way it is realistic.”

Asama: “How should I put it, with those calculations if the original level of power was a tenth of the enemy’s, even with corrections you would still lose by a narrow margin.”

“Da-dammit! You guys reality assessment is zero sugar! Did you see that just now!?”

However, the idiot, perhaps realizing something slowly turned around. There…

“Huh? Horizon, what are you doing pretending to smoke a cigarette and blowing smoke out of your nose? Are you going to help me?”

The following moment the students of the exercise based club who were practicing in the courtyard saw the window of the Student Council room smash and a human shaped thing flying through the sky.

However, after confirming that it fell on top of the bridge everyone returned their gazes and continued their respective defense and attack training.

Jeez…, said Mitotsudaira, who saw Horizon stretching out the fingers of her right hand, then looked at the broken window and began experiencing an uncomfortable sweat.

“H-hey, Horizon?”

“Judge, today I have plans to go with Kimi-sama to IZUMO. However on the way I thought about bringing Toori-sama along, and have been chasing after him.”

“Yeah, now that you mention it, you did mention something about that during class…”

“Judge. It is the store master’s family. The store master’s parent, Toori-sama’s grandmother, is there.”

The reason for going there was…

“It appears that grandmother knows about the past of Horizon, therefore I wanted to meet her at least once.”

Hearing the contents of the spoken words, Mitotsudaira lightly held her breath.

There were a lot of things to consider.

There was the fact that Horizon had begun to hold interest regarding her past self, and that she was going to face her past head-on. There…

…Kimi had probably proposed the idea; however the Chancellor was not eager to go.

Horizon wished to know about her past self.

I wonder if the fact that he was trying as much as possible to not interfere was because there’s still a part which he was drawing back from Horizon.

That’s why…

“…Catch the Chancellor—”

She tried suggesting that for a reaction.

“Shall I accompany you? As an escort.”

Hey, Masazumi called out to her from behind. However, Horizon said:


She was rejected.

Nevertheless, before the shock of being told she was unnecessary came, Horizon continued speaking.

“Yes, —I have already asked Futayo-sama to accompany me.”

“I-Is that so?”

Mitotsudaira asked that question, as if trying to fill the void which had opened up inside her.

In front of Mitotsudaira’s eyes, Horizon nodded in response. It was correct.

“Judge, lately Futayo-sama has been extremely busy, and due to her effectiveness at her job, slicing the remains of armor plating, she has been called “Lady Ueno”; I thought she should take a break. Just now when I could not find Mitotsudaira-sama, I called out to Futayo-sama and there she was saying that she had interest in French confectionery.”

“…It seems that over there Futayo has been unable to acquire any free time, and her tension seems like it is falling.”

However, well…

“To reduce Futayo’s tension, if she says it as we are talking about sweets I could prepare them, you know?"

“Is it possible for Mitotsudaira-sama to produce confectionery?”

Mitotsudaira nodded her head slightly.

She was confident that she could cook.

Her cooking had a tendency towards that of a wolf, though she could make sweets (as long as citrus fruits were not used). Particularly those Western confections which used dairy products such as butter and cream were among her favorites. That was, in other words…

“Confectionery that uses the fat of animals. —That suits the tastes of a wolf, you know?”

“Judge. Well, eventually I would like you to teach me how to make those. If I can say it, a lot of what Blue Thunder does are meals; so the master had also said that she has wished for that kind of repertoire.”

Really? The one who raised their voice was Masazumi.

“Well, while I’m a supporter of Eastern sweets, I do still have interest in Western confectionery. My father likes them, and it would be good if I could serve them before and after meetings. —Would you be willing to teach me, Mitotsudaira?”

Judge, Mitotsudaira went to reply, however she thought about it for a moment.

If I had to say, recently the main trend of French confectionery were small goods. Taking into account the fact that Horizon was working in a bakery…

“If it is something you plan to sell in the store, I believe that there is a more suitable person than me.”

“Who would that be?”

“Judge, Mary Stuart.”

Mary, who was provisionally seeking asylum from England was, together with the Tachibana couple, currently a member of their class.

However, Mitotsudaira had hardly exchanged words with Mary. The reason was simple.

…It was because she was English.

During the Middle Ages Hexagone Française had invaded England. However, those invaders became indigenous and created the southern part of England. Consequently, England repeatedly attempted to be involved with the Royal succession of France; and there was also what happened to the famous Joan of Arc who brought the end to the Anglo-French Hundred Years’ War.

Even now, Hexagone Française still considers England as a vassal state or outright territory of the Française and is treating it as a rebel nation. Mitotsudaira also grew up listening to her mother’s stories about Joan of Arc from a young age. A mere two hundred years ago France almost came under the control of England, with its lands and people being ravished; and the girl who had led the salvation of France was burnt at the stake by the English.

It was a long time ago, that was what her mother would always tell her while laughing. That all of it now is the world of “stories.”

That is why it was not like she held any resentment towards England, however…

Her feelings were telling her she had to find some good points. They interfered with her country and plundered many things, however England had probably gone ahead and returned something.

But that was a negative way of thinking.

She believed that she should not bring historical problems into her personal relationship with Mary.

Therefore she was keeping her distance from Mary to make sure that part did not come out during an occasional comment.

However, while she was thinking about why she had made the assertion that Mary would be a suitable substitute concerning the production of confectionery…



In contrast to her, who was falling into a spiral of deep thought, Horizon called out to Mitotsudaira who seemed as if she was taken aback.

“Why Mary-sama?”

“Ah, umm, well…”

While feeling a one directional sense of disappointment about how if she did not explain they would not understand, Mitotsudaira spoke.

“In contrast to the confectionery of Hexagone Française, England has more goods which would be considered evolutions of bread. If I had to say Hexagone Française’s confection has a lot of small goods—“

“That is the type that I wish for, Mitotsudaira-sama. If it is an evolution of bread then it would be somewhat difficult to distinguish from the goods on the shelves.”

“…Is that right?”

“Judge. —The store master is originally from IZUMO. However, it seems that she is a magnificent real samurai and that baking confectionery and the like are only a one shot in her way of living. If I had to say, it seems like that she learned to make bread in England.”

Well, she nodded and behind her Masazumi softly laughed.

“Argent Loup confection classroom, huh. I wonder if this would be held regularly.”


Turning around, outside of the window a pair of black wings appeared holding a package.

“Eh!? What? Service submission classroom…!? What is that material? I’ll use it!? —Ah, this is that idiot’s goods.”

“Malga, would you please stop mishearing such strange things… If that package is a priestess work, then please forward it over to Asama’s place.”

Ah, Naruze looked at the name and address, then kicked the broken windowsill and did a backwards somersault.

It looked like she was correct.

Lately every night she had been flying around together with Naito testing the functionality of Schwarz Fräulein and Weiss Fräulein.

“As expected, you don’t use them during the day? I understand that the noise is dreadful after all.”

“They have bad fuel consumption. During the day since people and ships are flying we have to make quick stops and circumvent a lot of them, which makes the fuel costs nothing to sneeze at. That’s why at night, when it is only people we know, is the real deal. —For the time being, we have also been setting a Geheimnis Sabbat during the night, will you come watch?”

Judge, Horizon was the one who replied. She nodded and…

“I will bring the sweet that Mitotsudaira-sama has created with me.”

Hmm, Naruze showed a meaningful smile and flew above the windowsill.

“That sounds nice. —It has been a while, I’m looking forward to it.”

Mitotsudaira thought about protesting, however before she could voices echoed up from below.

“He ran away!” “He’s crawling! …He’s fast” “Eh, no stop!”

There among the screams of the students was the sound of footsteps mixed in…

“…It’s the Chancellor.”

“…Horizon will ignore this and go ahead with Kimi.”

"There’s nothing to be done," Masazumi’s voice was heard to say; however it suddenly stopped because Tsukinowa was opening a sign frame.

Masazumi who was looking at the sign frame slightly furrowed her brow, however when she noticed people watching her, she said:

“Ah, —please go on ahead. A message has come in from Neshinbara, so I just have to deal with that.”

“If something happens, make sure to immediately let me know, okay?”

Judge; after hearing that answer, Mitotsudaira went out into the corridor with Horizon. Everyone else, Mary for example, was at this point living while embracing a variety of thoughts.


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IZUMO Corporation

Toori: “Sis! Sis! I descended down into IZUMO but there were a variety of goods from different brands so I did not know what I should buy! Give me any advice, please!”

Kimi: “Let’s see, having a basic look, there should be no problem if you buy from the IZUMO brand. It’s a composite syndicate so you can go from a castle or ship to even a grain of rice. The representative brands of IZUMO are these below.”

  • Izumo Industries: IZUMO’s parent organization. Actually, IZUMO is also a brand of the Izumo Industries, however since Izumo Industries has Shinto and aviation technologies as its primary concerns their positions are now reversed.
  • IZUMO: IZUMO’s main brand. Having Shinto, aviation technology and commodities as its primary concerns, it has developed at many levels by using the transportation capacity of the Shinto network that connects the entirety of the Far East. It is the largest enterprise of the Far East. Since the Shirasago Enterprises started dealing with serious goods, they have started developing into a variety of areas, including gag articles.
  • Shirasago Enterprise: In contrast to IZUMO which liked to develop a variety of new products, with serious staple goods and Shinto-related as the core of the brand, they have actually changed into a different shrine. The headquarters are located below IZUMO on the land of the old IZUMO. They often get caught up in the messes of IZUMO and ends up in the role of facing those troubles.
  • Bizen: A brand which handles ironworking related activities. It is located upon the southern provisional country border of M.H.H.R. and Hexagone Française and conducts the provision of Orei Metallo to both countries. Its expansion into other countries is called BIZEN.
  • INARIFOX: An Inari-related development section that was merged during the Harmonic Unification War. Specialises in Mouse development.
  • Izumo Divine Transmission: The provider responsible for the Shinto divine transmission network since ancient times. The foundation of the entire Far East’s Shinto divine transmission network, after the Harmonic Unification War they also took charge of the heavenly god divine transmission network system of the Capital and the Ise force.

Kimi: “There are also the Gods of War of MINO and the fast food stalwart Burger, however these should describe those relating to life on Musashi and those located nearby. Musashi has the majority of Shinto goods and divine transmissions being of the Shirasago brand as a result of the Asama shrine being connected to Shirasago, however in other cities of the Far East, the names of IZUMO and Izumo Divine Transmission are more common. Each brand has goods that are considered their speciality, so it might be good to keep that in mind.”

Toori: “Well, with all these being available I have to make sure to decide by genre.”

Kimi: “No, you’re talking about eroge again.”