Horizon:Volume 5B Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: Demander at the Submission Table[edit]

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It is not about your disadvantages

It is about your advantages

And you do not hope for them, you choose them

Point Allocation (Destination)

Katagiri prepared himself.

When Musashi’s Vice President stepped forward to face him, she lightly raised her right hand.

Several sign frames were open around her.

Kuro-Take: “It looks like she was deciding something while you spoke with that dancer.”

Kimee: “Does that mean we let them buy some time?”

□□凸: “I do not think that puts us at a disadvantage.”

After all, he had grown a fair bit as a negotiator and he had made their relationship with Musashi clearer. It had involved statements that greatly surpassed his authority as a simple negotiator, but…

Tsurugi: “That’s right. Katagiri-kun is doing quite well as Hashiba-sama’s replacement.”

Llaf: “About that…”

“Huh?” he said as Fukushima continued.

Llaf: “Katagiri-dono, I feel like thou never received an official request from Hashiba-sama to act on her behalf.”

AnG: “Didn’t a certain shrine maiden say something about this earlier?”

Tsurugi: “W-well, it’s the flow of things that matters!! Yes, the flow!! And if it comes down to it, he can escape by saying, ‘Turns out I’m not an official replacement after all~ Ah ha ha~ Sorry ‘bout that~’!”

Kimee: “You’re quite something yourself.”

Kiyo-Massive: “Oh, Musashi’s Vice President is saying something.”

Katagiri quickly looked back to his opponent.

Musashi’s Vice President was already looking at him.

“We have made our respective stances clear.”

She continued without pausing.

“And I will admit that our preparations for the school trip were stalled by Adele Balfette’s st-st-…test coming back positive for something inhuman.”

Me: “What was that stuttering for?”

Vice President: “Sh-shut up! I hesitated because I don’t usually use that term!”

Scarred: “Hee hee. It reminds me of when Master Tenzou confessed to me.”

Hori-ko: “Discussing stool samples brings to mind a moving confession scene? The world is a strange place indeed.”

Flat Vassal: “By the way, you mentioned me by name just now!”

Mal-Ga: “Don’t worry. You’re shooting to the top of the popularity poll on the divine network.”

Flat Vassal: “They just think I’m a joke character!”

Katagiri looked at the hands of Musashi’s Vice President who was glaring at something. He saw lernen figurs presumably for a divine chat appearing and disappearing.

Is she exchanging information?

He was not sure. But he needed to be cautious and thoughtful.

After taking a breath, she looked his way again.

“Can you tell me something?”

“That will depend on what it is.”

“Judge,” she replied. “Is the Testament Union’s demand that Musashi takes our school trip an absolute demand?”

He had already stated this. So…

“Testament. Musashi has already made the preparations. …If you prepare for your school trip but neglect that trip to wage war instead, we can only conclude that Musashi prioritizes war over its school events.”

“Judge. I agree with you there.”

Musashi’s Vice President nodded. And…

“Adele Balfette must be retested. Is that your conclusion?”

“Testament. I see no other possible conclusion.”

After all…

“I mean, taking a school trip when you are producing something inhuman? Are you trying to contaminate your destination?”

Marube-ya: “Huh? Does that mean the Musashi is being contaminated by Adele right now?”

Flat Vassal: “That occurred to me too, but I decided not to say it!”

Mal-Ga: “So did you take any medicine for it?”

Flat Vassal: “No, um, uh, just because poo-…no, wait. As an analogy, mixing pickled vegetables with your curry on the plate does not mean the vegetables were in the pot of curry!”

Me: “Isn’t a pickled leek a little too clean to have come from there?”

Asama: “Okay! Okay! Let’s try not to bring too much realism into this discussion!!”

Masazumi thought to herself while listening to the others begin a curry discussion behind her.

Please don’t drag me into this.

For some reason, the Aoi Sister placed a hand on her shoulder from behind, but she brushed it off.

She did feel bad for what she was doing to Balfette, but they were both from Class Plum. Looking only at the result, that girl was the key to turning this around. As for how…

“We will retest Adele Balfette,” she said to Katagiri. “And I would like to confirm one last thing with you. When you were negotiating with our Student…yes, our student. Just a student. During that negotiation, you refused to take any extenuating circumstances into account. Isn’t that right?”

Katagiri mentally frowned at the Musashi Vice President’s question.

Is she still trying to ruin people’s view of us?

No, he realized. We have already established our relationship, so that wouldn’t work.

Then this would only earn them an infinitesimal amount of points.

“All students are equal. That is true of the academy rules, of the duty to perform school events, of the various opportunities they face, and of the need to be retested in a situation such as this. …Retesting this student is a way of ensuring equality for your students and it is the duty of any student.”


“If you wish to take the circumstances into consideration, please do so within Musashi and leave the academy rules out of it.”

“Judge.” Musashi’s Vice President nodded. “Equality. Equal opportunities. Musashi Ariadust Academy accepts that that is what the Testament Union seeks and what Musashi lacks.”

She raised her right hand and lowered her shoulders.

“In the name of equality, the entire 3rd year will be retested.”


Katagiri was briefly dumbfounded.

The entire 3rd year!?

“Please wait! What are you plotting!?”

“Huh? …I’m merely saying it would be cruel to retest only Balfette who produced something inhuman.”

Flat Vassal: “You can be cruel if you want! Just please stop showing this weird sort of concern for me!”

Tachibana Wife: “It certainly is weird, so I can hardly argue otherwise, Master Muneshige.”

Tachibana Husband: “Agreed, Gin. Although I fear Miss Adele’s protests will fall on deaf ears.”

Musashi’s Vice President pointed at Katagiri and continued speaking.

“I am sure she would feel sad having to retake the stool test alone. So to take her circumstances into consideration within Musashi, I think the entire 3rd year will share Balfette’s pain. Or what? Is the Testament Union going to intrude on an internal matter and reject our equality and circumstances?”

Katagiri sensed danger in that question.

There was always a hidden meaning to these ridiculous exchanges. That was the danger he sensed.

So he raised his voice in response.

“I sense danger in Musashi’s equality and circumstances!”

“Then you are our enemy, Hashiba. …You may be large, but you are a single force. That was not the statement of a Testament Union representative.”


That was well done, thought Katagiri.

The negotiation with the dancer had seemed like it was to kill time. And he had thought he had gained an advantage by establishing their stance as enemies. But…

Now she’s using that against us!

He sensed the strength in his gaze as he faced her.

But Musashi’s Vice President’s shoulders remained lowered as she spoke.

“As the entire 3rd year will be retested, Musashi will rearrange our events somewhat. Meaning…”


“In lieu of a school trip, the 3rd year will hold…a study camp.”

Masazumi took a deep breath.

We will change the school trip into a study camp.

That change was a meaningful one. A school trip was much larger scale and required at least 4 or 5 nights, but a study camp could be completed in only 3 nights.

Thus, she would reset everything with the retesting and change it to a study camp.

That was her idea. But…

“You can’t do that,” she heard Katagiri say. “Musashi Ariadust Academy’s 3rd year held a study camp last year in the 2nd year. …You can’t change your school trip into a study camp at this point.”

“Yes, we can. After all, we have the Testament Union’s support on this.”

“The Testament Union’s…?”

Katagiri frowned, so she explained.

“The study camp held during the 2nd year in Musashi Ariadust Academy is meant as practice for the 3rd year school trip. By traveling as a group and sleeping over for a short period, we familiarize ourselves with what will be necessary for something longer term.”

“But…what would be the point in redoing that now!?”

“Have you forgotten? Musashi joined with Mikawa at the Battle of Mikawa.” Masazumi swung her arms out horizontally to indicate all of the Musashi’s ships. “The Testament Union has demanded that Musashi provide equality and equal opportunities. So that is what we will do. Mikawa’s students currently attend Musashi Ariadust Academy’s branch school within Musashi. They generally live the same as us, but our main school takes care of their school events for them. But…if they are to work alongside Musashi’s students, they require the opportunity to do so. After all, Mikawa’s students are still not familiar with Musashi’s rules.”


“If Musashi and Mikawa are to go on a joint school trip, the Mikawa students must first be familiarized with Musashi. So to ensure equality, Musashi Ariadust Academy will abandon our planned school trip and give the Mikawa and Musashi 3rd years a chance to hold a study camp where we can learn to work together.”

Mitotsudaira tilted her head at Masazumi’s word.

“What are the Mikawa students doing these days?”

She had heard they were using an underground wide block as a school, but she had never gone to see them.

How are they doing there?

As she wondered that, Futayo turned back and nodded.

“Most of the students from Mikawa have joined the Far Eastern guard unit.”

“Oh, is that so?”

The Far Eastern guard unit was a unit originally from Mikawa that was the sole Far Eastern unit officially permitted to bear weaponry. Mikawa had been neutral land and the guard unit had existed to protect the Far Eastern leader in the Matsudaira headquarters, but they had joined with Musashi at the Battle of Mikawa. During times of peace, they worked with the guard stations. During times of war, they worked with the Chancellor’s Officers.

Futayo was their leader, so they were treated a lot like her private warriors. However…

“The Mikawa people feel like freeloaders on Musashi and feel indebted to you. So when they tried to find something they could do to repay you, they decided to protect Musashi by joining the guard unit, the Far East’s only official independent combat organization. Thanks to that, the guard unit has tripled in number since they came to Musashi.”

I see, thought Mitotsudaira.

That would explain why our front lines grew so much thicker.

The students working for the Chancellor’s Officers were not very experienced. In comparison, the guard unit had held joint practice sessions with other nations, so they were much better trained.

During battles, the guard unit generally set up a front line, the students working for the Chancellor’s Officers filled the space behind that, and the two groups worked together. But…

“Is it that sense of being indebted freeloaders that causes the guard unit to fulfill their duties on the front line without complaint?” asked Mitotsudaira.

“Judge,” confirmed Futayo. “They are technically under my command, but I tend to take part in duels or protect VIPs, so it is the second-in-command on down that works with the various Chancellor’s Officers units.”

I see, thought Mitotsudaira again as she turned toward a certain individual.

It was the 1st Special Duty Officer. After all…

“…1st Special Duty Officer? You act as an intermediary and leader for that cooperation, don’t you? So why didn’t you know about their background or situation?”

“W-well, if I did know, it would probably only lead to me showing unwanted concern for them…”

Mary smiled a little next to him.

“Did the guard unit tell you that?”

“No, no, no. Th-that isn’t it at all.”

His reply was frantic, but the 1st Special Duty Officer could not state this plainly.

That was what this was.

Futayo smiled bitterly at the exchange. She then nodded and spoke.

“If the members of the guard unit could spend time with us as students for the school events, the teamwork between them and the Chancellor’s Officers would likely be much easier.”

“That’s true. Instead of just having the 1st Special Duty Officer, and probably the Secretary, leading them, they could establish teamwork with us and the other Committee Heads too.”

But, thought Mitotsudaira as she looked to the back of the person on her thoughts.

Honda Masazumi.

Their Vice President was from Mikawa. And if anything, she had left Mikawa. If she was advocating equality between Mikawa and Musashi…

Silver Wolf: “Masazumi really is becoming a Musashi resident.”

Vice President: “What is that supposed to mean? It sounds like some kind of point of no return.”

Asama: “That’s right, Mito. You make it sound like Masazumi only went crazy recently. She’s always been a Musashi resident.”

Almost Everyone: “That’s even worse!!”

Anyway, thought Mitotsudaira as she spoke to Masazumi.

“You intend to hold the study camp before summer break, don’t you?”

“Judge,” replied Masazumi.

Katagiri stood within the sign frame in front of her.

That enemy frowned and gave her a sharp look.

She spoke to him.

“As the Testament Union requested, we will prioritize equality here. …No complaints there, I assume.”

“How many days are you planning for?”

“3 days and 2 nights.”

“It would have to be 4 days and 3 nights.”

“That does not take Musashi’s travel time into account. We will spend 3 days and 2 nights at the site. Look at it that way.”

“Is that so?” Katagiri nodded. “This will not become a local training camp in a nearby land such as Mito or Shirakawa, will it?”

“That is not our plan.”

“Then,” said Katagiri. “4 days and 3 nights including travel time.”


“That begins upon arrival. And you cannot travel at night and count it as a full day.”

I see, thought Masazumi. He was accepting 3 days and 2 nights for the study camp, but afterwards, they would either have to spend a night traveling to Houjou or use up the full 4 days and 3 nights at the study camp.

I had hoped we could travel to Houjou right after the study camp.

If they were going to Houjou, they would have to make a number of preparations. So…

I should look at that day of travel as having a safe day on which the other nations can’t do anything to us.

“Judge. We will agree to that.”

Katagiri nodded. He produced a sign frame saying “acknowledgement” and stamped it “approved”. That was a quick decision, but he was not letting Musashi escape and he knew his role here.

He gave her a quiet look.

“We also agree. …But I do have one reminder as the Testament Union: What Musashi is about to do is part of your school events.”

“That is our intention.”

“Then…you are restricted from all diplomacy, trade, and support.”

All at once, he sealed off everything they might want to do.

But Masazumi calmly nodded.

“That is indeed how a study camp works.”

Vice President: “Aoi Sister! This guy has gotten a lot sharper than before!”

Wise Sister: “Oh, dear. I would prefer you didn’t blame me for your own mistakes. Heh heh heh.”

Hori-ko: “If we cannot engage in diplomacy or anything else, then the Musashi is only a giant obstacle, making it nothing but a nuisance.”

Musashi: “I look magnificent when viewed from below. That is a point in my favor. Over.”

Me: “You talking about your boobs or your panties? …Oh, stay. All of you stay. Put away your weapons! Oh, and a fist counts as a weapon! A knee!?”

The Testament Union’s emphasis on school events prevented them from engaging in trade or diplomacy during their study camp.

We don’t really have a choice when we’re only holding the study camp at the behest of the Testament Union.

It should be fine, thought Masazumi. My father’s group and our Dark Treasurer should be able to handle trade and diplomacy. The bigger problem was something else.

We’re restricted from using nearby areas.

It would honestly be safer to use an allied area like Oushuu, but…

Vice President: “If I’m being greedy, I would want to go somewhere other than Oushuu for the study camp.”

Novice: “Yes, if we went to Oushuu, we wouldn’t be able to respond immediately if Houjou or P.A. Oda did something.”

“Judge,” she agreed just before Yoshiyasu made a suggestion.

Righteousness: “Then how about actually going to Houjou?”

It was not a bad idea.

No, it’s close to being the best idea.

After all…

Righteousness: “The history recreation that Matsudaira must complete after the Battle of Kanagawa is the Tensho Jingo Conflict fought against Houjou for control of Kantou. You’re being forced to hold a study camp, but if you do it at Houjou, you should be able to shift right into the Tensho Jingo Conflict once the time allotted for the school event is over.”

Vice President: “That would be best and I also want to head straight to Houjou after the study camp is over.”

“But,” said Masazumi.

Vice President: “We can’t choose to go to Houjou for the study camp itself.”

Probably so, agreed Yoshiyasu.

It isn’t possible to hold the study camp in Houjou.

She had already found the reason in her own mind. And that reason was…

Me: “Because there are tentacles in Houjou?”

Musashi’s princess and the Asama shrine maiden beckoned the idiot over and took him behind the others. Lecturing voices could be heard in the background as the Vice President continued without them.

Vice President: “Houjou only just now chose to oppose P.A. Oda. But what would happen if Musashi went there for our study camp?”

Novice: “Good question. The Tottori Castle is still in Edo and the forces that couldn’t join the attack on Mouri are still in P.A. Oda. The Kantou and Oushuu clans are leaning towards Musashi at the moment, so P.A. Oda will likely work to suppress Houjou as an example and a warning. In the worst case, they might complete the Siege of Odawara before we do the Tensho Jingo Conflict.”

Mal-Ga: “That just means Houjou’s destruction, so does that really matter to us? And the Siege of Odawara will fulfill a history recreation from after Nobunaga’s assassination.”

Novice: “Meanwhile, Musashi will be holding its study camp and won’t be able to take part in the fighting.”

That was exactly right. And what would happen in that case?

Vice President: “Due to the school events, Musashi can’t defend against the threat of P.A. Oda. …That will be what the other nations see. And…”


Vice President: “In the worst case, Houjou will be lost before the study camp ends and we will find ourselves isolated and surrounded by P.A. Oda. They will begin the Battle of Komaki Nagakute right then and there. …Matsudaira defeats Hashiba in that battle, but they will likely use the momentum of defeating Houjou to strike us.”

Yoshiyasu breathed an invisible sigh in her heart when she heard that.


This was so very different from a year ago.

Last year at this time, she had been defying Yoshiyori while preparing for battle against Houjou.

She had been hoping that Yoshiyori would tell her everything about her sister once they eventually settled things with Houjou.

But what about now?


What did Ujinao think about the current situation?

Even if she had an automaton body, she did not focus on the “best” answer as much as Musashi’s Princess. And could those even be called “best”? Yoshiyasu had a feeling that was something else.

At any rate, Ujinao was the only person from back then that Yoshiyasu had any connection left with. And yet…

Righteousness: “I never thought Kantou would be in a situation where we had to discuss the ‘worst case’.”

Her words on the divine transmission were no more than grumbling.

But Musashi’s 3rd Special Duty Officer picked up on them and raised her right hand.

Gold Mar: “Yoshy, what do you think Musashi should do in that case?”

“Judge,” Yoshiyasu sent to everyone.

Righteousness: “You should extend the study camp beyond the destruction of Houjou.”

It was simple. The school event would protect them. In other words…

Righteousness: “The Battle of Komaki Nagakute cannot begin during your study camp. And if Houjou is destroyed while you hold the study camp in Houjou, you would have to redo the study camp. …You could probably use that excuse to ensure your safety. …Of course, while that would protect Musashi, it would destroy any influence you have.”

“Wait,” said an actual voice.

It belonged to Musashi’s princess who was lecturing the idiot along with the shrine maiden. At some point, the idiot sister had ended up alongside the idiot while pretending to cry, so the knight joined the shrine maiden in lecturing them both. What was all that?

At any rate, Musashi’s princess began to speak.

Hori-ko: “Either way, isn’t Houjou in the most danger at the moment? Now that they have made an enemy of Hashiba-sama, I have determined Houjou is doomed no matter what they do. So why doesn’t Houjou allow Hashiba-sama to invade them right away?”

“That’s a good point,” said Musashi’s Vice President with a sigh.

Vice President: “But currently, I doubt Houjou will be attacked by Hashiba as long as Musashi does not hold our study camp there.”

“What do you make of this negotiation, aunt?”

In the sky further north than the Ariake, a long god of war aircraft carrier floated above a black forest. Masamune spoke from its deck.

Her question was answered via sign frame by Yoshiaki, the Fox of Ushuu.

Nine Tail Girl: “I’ll be drinking some sake so the night breeze doesn’t give me a chill.”

“Go ahead.”

A few seconds after she spoke to the voice-input sign frame, she heard a post-sake sigh followed by Yoshiaki’s voice.

Nine Tail Girl: “The Musashi Vice President’s decision was likely made after seeing the Azuchi Castle’s movements. …If Hashiba intended to make an example out of Houjou, they would have immediately sent the Azuchi Castle back and brought the flames of war to Houjou. But the Azuchi Castle is still on its way to Mouri. Do you know why?”

“Because Hashiba sees the attack on Mouri as more important.”

“Probably so,” agreed the fox.

On the sign frame, Yoshiaki took a sip from her sake cup and narrowed her eyes.

Nine Tail Girl: “Hashiba is awfully calm about this. Houjou may have turned on them, but they are not panicking and they already had something in place to deal with it.”

“You mean leaving the Tottori Castle in Edo?”

Nine Tail Girl: “I mean leaving any military force in Edo at all.”

Masamune responded to that small correction with a small smile.

“True. …Having a military force at Edo is a history recreation of the Bunroku Campaign. Of the forces not participating in the attack on Mouri, Hashiba can send in those participating in the Bunroku Campaign to instantly deal with Houjou if the need arises. …Thus, the threat of Hashiba has not left Kantou even with the Azuchi gone. In fact, Houjou’s actions bring tension to Kantou and force them to consider the threat of Hashiba. Because if something happens here, Hashiba might just take action.”

Nine Tail Girl: “Yes. …Hashiba has driven a wedge into things by not taking immediate action against Houjou’s rebellion.”

Shakenobe poured sake into her raised cup.

More than just a little, a round bump of clear liquid rose a bit above the top of the cup.

Nine Tail Girl: “Houjou’s rebellion is part of the history recreation. Hashiba sent the Azuchi away as if to say they were overlooking it for that reason. But Hashiba will not allow anyone else to take action here in Kantou. …Hashiba makes their Great Return from Mouri. And instead of taking revenge for Nobunaga’s assassination, they might just be coming to punish Kantou.”

“Now, then,” said Yoshiaki.

Nine Tail Girl: “Musashi, those school events are a pain, but a study camp is sure to be fun. Where will you be going? Anywhere neighboring Kantou is off limits and Houjou is also off the table. …Will you come to Oushuu? You will be unable to respond immediately to Hashiba or Houjou’s actions, but I will prepare lots of treats for you.”

Now, then, thought Masazumi to prepare the words in her heart.

Where will we go for the study camp?

It could not be anywhere too distant. Somewhere with a land port built for Musashi would be best, but she doubted they could be that picky.

I’m worried about the repairs to the Ariake, but the Ariake will have to manage that on its own.

Upon thinking that, Masazumi realized something.

She was already fully intending on doing this study camp.

She had decided on this in the previous discussions and there were other things that worried her, but she had no problem with doing this.

That just left one question: where?

“There is one candidate.”

It was near Kantou and it would allow them to have some influence on Hashiba.

Just as she prepared to say what it was, she heard a voice from the stairs leading up to the bridge where the meeting was being held.

“Masazumi-kun. When you announce a study camp out of the blue, I believe I get a say.”

That question came from a certain man. And he had “Musashi” walking up behind him.

“Principal Sakai…!”

Mitotsudaira looked back as Sakai raised his hand in greeting.

In front of her, the idiot was seated politely, hanging his head, and repeating “yes, ma’am” to Asama’s lecture, but she ignored that for the time being.

“Principal Sakai… Do you have a good connection we can use for the study camp destination?”

She turned toward Sakai who tilted his head and spoke.

“Hmm… It’s not so much a connection as, well, an old acquaintance.”

With that, he looked in a different direction.

Two people lay in one corner of the bridge.

After being left alone for so long, Sanada Nobuyuki was lying on his side with his back to them and the other man was similarly lying on the bridge and playing a sign frame game.

“Umm, Masayuki-san.”


Sanada Masayuki sat up and saw Sakai.


His eyes immediately widened and he quickly hopped up.

After prostrating himself, he grabbed his son’s back and forced the younger man up with a single hand. It was a precise action, and…


Mitotsudaira glanced over to see Naomasa uttering an impressed “oh?” of her own. This must have been the man’s true power. And as the Sanada Chancellor got up on his knees.

“Sakai-sama! I-…”

“I have heard. Thank you.”

Sakai smiled and sat down, but Masayuki bowed his head as if in competition. But Mitotsudaira could not help but comment.

“Principal Sakai can be polite to people?”

“What kind of person do all of you think I am?” asked the man.

“Judge,” said “Musashi” as she glared at him. “They find it hard to believe you can accomplish such a feat or that you would ever think to do so. Over.”

“You’re being kind of harsh, ‘Musashi’-san. This is…y’know? Someone who helped me out a long time ago.”

Masayuki bowed even further and used his right hand to hold confused Nobuyuki’s head down as well. He pressed the unworthy son’s forehead to the floor.

“Ow, ow, ow, ow. That hurts, papa! What is going on!?”

“…A lot happened in the past!”

“That it did.” Sakai sighed. “Well, you all get the picture. Now, Masayuki-san, could you rent out a place for my students?”

When Sakai asked that, Mitotsudaira noticed 3 different reactions.

The first was Sanada’s Chancellor raising his bowed head in speechless shock.

The second was…


She saw Katagiri’s eyebrows rise on the sign frame. And the third…


…was in the sky. Something rapidly circled from north to west high in the night sky overhead.

“I have determined that is a dragon. And…”

Just as “Musashi” tried to give a report, a sudden tremor assaulted the Ariake and the Musashi contained inside.

Something in the sky had rapidly landed on the starboard edge of the Ariake.

What was it?

Mitotsudaira saw the giant form attempting to move to eye level with them from the Ariake’s rear starboard edge.

Its shape was clear. It was giant, it was not humanoid, and it had wings.

“A dragon…!”


Masazumi heard a voice from the giant form bending the Ariake’s opened upper armor.

It was a dragon. The great dragon was pure white and measured more than 120m long. It had 6 wings and it was not one of the beast dragons known as Terrestrial Dragons. It was one of the Celestial Dragons with high-level intelligence.

The white dragon spoke calmly.

“I am from Sanada Academy. My inherited name is…‘Former’ Sarutobi Sasuke.”

The loud and deep voice seemed to be produced by multiple windpipes.

The tremor of that voice was definitely directed at them.

“If you enter Sanada land, mankind, know that you may find yourself facing the 2 Celestial Dragons who are all that remain of the former Ten Braves. I bring that warning on behalf of our leader, Sanada Nobushige-sama. We…”


“We will protect Sanada land in order to send Sanada Nobushige-sama to Hashiba.”