Horizon:Volume 5B Preface

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Or rather, Toori.

There isn’t really anything to say, or I’m not sure what I would do if there was, but choosing the crossdresser for the cover was to represent what’s in the book. Yes.

Historically, Far Easterners have done crossdressing jokes since ancient times, which is pretty rare when compared to the legends and history of other nations and regions. It makes me think our ancestors really had a niche industry going there.

Other legends have gods that are both sexes and gods that transform between the sexes, but crossdressing isn’t so common.

This is because the Far Eastern legends include the concept of purification, so “changing your appearance” means to “purify the status quo” in order to “become something else”, “do something else”, or “leave your everyday life”.

When you combine this with the concept of hare and ke, “changing your appearance” is directly linked to festivals and celebrations.

In the Far East, the sun god is a woman and that might have supported the crossdressing idea that a change is making things more “correct”.

And in ancient times, things like makeup, fashion, dancing, and singing were not parts of everyday life, so they too counted as “changing your appearance” and were a sign of shifting from everyday life to another realm.

Toori’s crossdressing has its foundation in that, so you can say he is having a one-man festival.

That would be why it earns him Blessings as a substitution.

His nudist jokes are also a festival, but since it requires more preparation, the crossdressing earns more Blessings.

Y’know, like how in production games something that took more raw materials can be sold for more.

By the way, Hori-ko can punch nudist Toori by saying he will get a chill, but that logic doesn’t work when he’s crossdressing.

Yes, so as a result, that one frustrates Hori-ko a lot more.

I guess you would call that a double-edged sword.

Anyway, that’s how it ended up this time, so Toori has a lot to think about.

Of course, he’ll just go shopping for some things with his sis and the others.

(Kawakami Minoru)

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon - Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere - 5B[edit]

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We need to get our act together.


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Frightening Ariadust News[edit]

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Title: Frightening Ariadust News

Top right: Divine Transmission Edition: July

Above upper picture: Suzu-sama’s Countenance (Provided by: Wise Sister)

Right of upper picture:

It’s summer. The most frightening time of year. But we don’t always have to start off with the frightening stuff, right? Right. Lately, you have been able to see Suzu-sama at Okutama’s primary student-oriented bath, Suzu’s Bath. But if you aren’t careful, you’ll find out what you thought was Suzu-sama was actually a crossdresser. And it’s possible he’ll yell “Small!” which will visibly reduce the victim’s sanity. In fact, that happened to me a bit ago. Noticing it right away is one thing, but if you only realize it after returning home, your death is assured. Truly frightening.

(By: Musashi Bangs Promotion Committee)

Left of bottom picture:

Truly Mysterious Phenomenon

Now for the main topic. Recently, a certain mysterious phenomenon has been making frequent appearances on the Musashi, especially around Tama and Okutama. It is known as the Dark Arm (named by the Secretary) and it appears from late at night to early in the morning. It usually appears as a set of two arms and more and more reports are coming in of people seeing them quickly crawling along the floor and then doing something in the water area.

There are no reports yet of anyone being harmed and witness reports say they were washing dishes, resting on a chair, or performing a kanchou on the Chancellor when he was trying to peep.

If at all possible, we hope this will settle down before anyone is harmed.

(By: Tomorrow’s Fear Research Committee)

Below bottom picture: Mysterious Arm (Artist’s Depiction)