Horizon:Volume 6A Preface

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Mouri Terumoto

Calling him Mouri Motonari’s grandson might not really tell you much.

He is often presented as someone who can’t make a decision, but looking at more recent research, he did a surprising amount in the big picture.

Part of that was his retainers reading too much into things.

I guess you could say he was sensible, but he had a bad grasp of the situation. Or maybe that his experiences, the age, and his surrounding environment did not play to his strengths. That’s how I see it anyway.

A lot of people moved between different positions in that age and he ended up protecting them even when they became the enemy supreme commander and there was no guarantee of what would happen later. Without those points, things might have turned out differently for him. All of that is really just the view I personally support, though.

In the novels, she has a rough speech pattern and is a troublesome person who can lay out vainglory on top of an already tough core.

She is more popular among the locals than the Roi-Soleil, but that is because she seems more like she’ll actually listen to them and think carefully about things.

Her general position is the leader of the automatons while the human warriors stay in the back.

She and the automatons are the ones who form the front line.

I gave her a delinquent design.

Her hair decoration is quite large and based on the image of a bow and three arrows.

That is based on the Three Arrows story involving her father (inherited name, not biological).

(Kawakami Minoru)

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon - Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere - 6A[edit]

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What would be the best thing to do?


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Frightening Ariadust News[edit]

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Top: Musashi Ariadust Academy Class 3-Plum

Title: Study Camp Guidebook

Bottom of picture: *Background edited in.

Adele: Okay, here’s the study camp guidebook! And try not to point out it’s a little late for this!

Suzu: A-Adele, the laundry. We need to…finish the laundry.

Adele: C’mon, Suzu-san, we can do that later! Besides, whose uniform is that!? It’s kind of filthy…it’s mine, isn’t it!?

Suzu: Yes, Adele, your uniform was…really worn out. Was it because…you were hit so much this time?

Masazumi: It probably wasn’t the damage. I’m betting it was the lack of money. Yeah, I’m kind of going through the same thing right now…

Adele: Our study camp was supposed to be fun, but this is getting a little too real!