Horizon:Volume 6B Afterword

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That was Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon 6-B.

A lot of people have arrived between last time and this time, but before starting a war, you need to think about why you are going to fight that war.

War brings a lot of losses, so you need to gain enough from it to remain in the black once it’s over. So both sides need to look past the war and think about what their profits and guarantees are.

And after looking ahead like that, you have to have a justification for the war, so war is a lot more of a pain than it looks. You can’t just do it on a whim and all sorts of preparations are needed before taking action, so you need to have the public opinion on your side. It’s entirely a part of politics, isn’t it?

In that way, the international statements about the justifications for war and invasions are often about whoever says it first. If an international statement is not rejected, it becomes an “international fact”, so powerful nations will start to think they can get away with saying some ridiculous things.

Diplomacy between nations developed during this era, but it was also an era where powerful nations could get away with insisting on whatever they wanted, so it’s a tricky thing to look at.

Anyway, time for a quick chat.

“Got any good memories of your school days?”

“In elementary school, I fished for koi in the schoolyard pond during lunch.”

“What kind of elementary schooler does that?”

“Well, there’s a time when you want to goof off like that. …And y’know what? When I got back to the classroom, it was empty. I assumed everyone had gone home, so I went home too. Thinking back, they were probably getting their Japanese encephalitis vaccines. Glad I survived without immunity.”

“The immunity only lasts so long, right? Still, I’m calling you Enceph from now on.”

“Ohh, that sounds kind of Scandinavian.”

He’ll probably survive a while. Now, this time it was Glad You Came by The Wanted. Am I the only one that thinks it sounds like an Asian festival song?

Anyway, looking ahead to next time, I’m thinking:

“Who had the best position?”

Wait just a while longer for Part C which will focus on the Siege of Odawara.

May 2013. A morning forecasted to be sweltering.

-Kawakami Minoru