Horizon:Volume 6B Preface

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Mogami Yoshiaki

It’s Yoshiaki, not Yoshimitsu.

That’s a pretty easy name to misread.

He is a daimyo with a lot of secret fans.

For my generation, it’s easy to see him as a villain due to the influence of the Taiga Drama “Date Masamune”, but he was someone who always had a weakness in the gap between “clan” and “family” and who found a turning point there.

He cared a lot about his family.

Also, his clan already held Ushuu, but things were looking iffier for the next generation, so Yoshiaki worked to regain control of Ushuu during his generation.

That involved crushing and winning over the people in Ushuu. He ultimately gained stability and ruled over them, but he must have only been able to trust his family.

Similar to the Komahime incident, when his heir was assassinated by a traitor, he could not allow that traitor to get away with it and had them brought back when they fled. (The traitor was killed in an “attack” during the process.)

Yoshiaki was decisive, but the contemporary records often speak of him as a hero. It was because he was such a great man that his schemes worked. People followed him because he was so capable.

He was also quite a poet, left behind a lot of renga, and even wrote a research book. He sounds a little too capable if you ask me…

But even Yoshiaki was powerless in the face of his younger sister Yoshihime’s selfishness. She even had him call a truce in a battle against Date he could have won.

His familial love really was a weakness and feels like almost too strong a characterization.

As for Komahime, when Yoshiaki later had a large temple built, he had her room moved there as-is as a memorial to her.

Using Komahime’s daily life as a memorial to her feels to me like the best picture we have of who Yoshiaki really was.

For the design, I used the Fox of Ushuu title to make her a fox mom.

Oh, and there wasn’t a Ya-san rough for her, so I built the character straight off of my own rough.

He was also known as a tiger, but since we already have Kagetora, I went with the fox.

I had her fan double as a gun because Yoshiaki was the one who prepared guns more than anyone else in eastern Japan and because of the renga.

(Kawakami Minoru)

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon - Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere - 6B[edit]

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Now, let us make a decision


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Festival Ad[edit]

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Top: M.H.R.R. Sponsored

Title: Heart Pounding Festival!!

In blue: Location: Special Facility Outside Paris

Orange circle: Confirmed to Appear?!

Left Box: Katou Kiyomasa

Right box: Fukushima Masanori

Bottom box:

Planned Stands

“Aki-Style Far Eastern Pizza” “Ero Ero” “English Sauce Yakisoba” “Seeking Ero Ero” “Chocolaté Banahna” “Curving Ero Ero” “Cotton Wool Candy” “Surprise Ero Ero” “Candied Tropical Pineapple” “Guided Ero Ero” and more.

There will be lots to eat!