Horizon:Volume 6C Afterword

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That was Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere 6-C. Just like last time, there was a festival in Odawara and a carnival in Paris and I think that was only possible due to everything I had built up to so far. It is thanks to all of you that I could do this. Thank you very much.

Both of those involved flooding, but actual flooding strategies are long-term battles that fail if the breakwaters are not built properly, so it takes a lot of national strength and technology to pull them off. Unlike modern times, they did not have the technical research and machines for such things, so people with the appropriate knowledge and leadership were greatly prized even if they could not actually fight.

After all, they did not have many construction materials back then, so if you were surrounding dirt with boards to create a breakwater, you could not drive the boards in too deep and the water would soak into the dirt and get in below the breakwater.

And just like castles and cities were not built like they are nowadays, roads and bridges were not as nice either. I feel like they were always struggling in the gap between using their people to their fullest and completing the construction work as much as possible.

Now, during the historical Siege of Odawara, Ishida Mitsunari tried to flood Oshi Castle, but the construction was poor and it failed. It makes you feel sorry for Mitsunari, but since he really liked Hideyoshi, I wonder if he was copying that flooding technique hoping Hideyoshi would praise him. Look at it that way and his character suddenly comes to life.

Anyway, the chat.

“Did you know water makes an effective weapon?”

“Against female prisoners?”

“No. Well, yes, I suppose, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Y’know, like during the Warring States period.”

“Warring States period female prisoners?”

“That’s a pretty narrow genre. But if you insist on talking about using water against prisoners, they did have water-filled cells during the Warring States period.”

“There’s a lot of that sort of genre from that period, isn’t there?”

“Oh, whoops. We were supposed to talk about our school days in this segment.”

“Our school days with female prisoners?”

That didn’t happen. My work background music this time was World Ends Girlfriend by Soulkids. I wish I had that level of “I was here”.

Anyway, the question this time is “Who was it that crossed over?” The Kantou Liberation is next, so please wait a little longer.

July 2013. The morning of a typhoon.

-Kawakami Minoru