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Cover Flap[edit]

Kawakami Minoru: Born on January 3, 1975. From Tokyo. Putting together ideas for a new project and making a few doujinshis in between writing his novels. The breadth of his creative efforts knows no bounds. Please take a break every once in a while.

Satoyasu: Born in Yamagata and raised in Tochigi. “I got really excited when the croquettes at a place I happened to stop at were surprisingly good.” They’re sometimes more destructive, so it’s a real gamble, isn’t it?



Satomi Yoshiyasu

How should I put this?

Most likely, if you read Horizon and then play some historical games, this will be the #1 character for getting the reactions like “Huh? Satomi Yoshiyasu isn’t in here” or “Huh? Yoshiyasu is really forgettable.”

Anyway, he isn’t the last of the Satomi clan, but this is Yoshiyasu.

The historical Yoshiyasu inherited the Satomi clan at the age of 14 and the Siege of Odawara occurred when he was 17. But at the time, he tried to take back the land that Houjou had taken, that angered Hashiba who had banned personal conflicts, and he was late, so he had land taken away.

Satomi was reduced to 40,000 koku.

Yoshiyasu used the recovery of the Ashikaga clan as a pretext for Satomi’s actions, but due to that, Ashikaga regained their land through a political marriage with Hashiba, so it all ended up the exact opposite of what Satomi was aiming for.

That said, Yoshiyasu received Hashiba’s forgiveness after Matsudaira interceded on his behalf. And since his predecessor Yoshiyori had worked toward Hashiba’s advantage, he eventually recovered all that land.

It’s amusing how it seems like Hashiba and Matsudaira both took good care of Yoshiyasu.

After all, he was given the Hashiba name, he was placed in Nagoya Castle after siding with Ieyasu in the Bunroku Campaign, and he gained even more land during the later Taikou Land Survey.

He sided with the Eastern Army during Sekigahara, but as the guardian of Utsunomiya, a gyoza town. He tried to go with Hidetada’s army and was refused, but if he had gone, he would have been held up at Ueda Castle and not arrived at Sekigahara itself.

You could say he was shown a lot of love and that he was lucky.

And I imagine the superiors who dealt with him knew what he was and was not capable of. I think that was not entirely unrelated to what I said about Yoshiyori’s friendship with Hashiba.

Yoshiyasu died at 30, but by then, Satomi had grown to 120,000 koku, making it the largest territory ruled by a Tozama Daimyo.

I don’t think he could have managed that if he was incompetent.

Based on the incidents mentioned above, I made the Yoshiyasu in Horizon is in a rush to get moving but also someone that the higher ups see a lot of promise in and thus take good care of.

The dog ears hairstyle is based on the Satomi Hakkenden, but it’s also supposed to make her look like a solitary young dog.

(Kawakami Minoru)

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon - Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere - 7A[edit]


Look to me.



Gekoku Jaeger Dos[edit]


Shishido Puppy Scythe

Shishido Growling Flat-Style

Moonlight Choker

My king! Praise me!

Toori: Ohh! Nate’s guild card is finally here! Yeah, I knew she’d choose that hairstyle. But she really likes matching all the equipment, doesn’t she? And isn’t that dialogue pretty incredible?

Nate: There aren’t many good dialogue options at the lower levels. But I’m glad I could show off the equipment I collected! Leave the vanguard to me when we face the rapid-firing Imagawa Eccentrics today!

Kimi: Heh heh heh. I’m glad to see you got all that equipment after all that frantic effort. Now go show it to my foolish brother in game. I’ll follow you in the crouching pose.

Nate: You just want to see the panties and my butt, don’t you!? A-and I was not frantic! Really, I mean it!