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Hello everyone, this is Yonezawa Honobu. As I'm not capable of greeting everyone while doing 32 tasks at the same time, I'll keep things short.

Compared to the previous volume "Hyouka", in some ways this volume was more relevant to the mystery genre. Parts of this story are based on actual events that I have personally experienced, though the characters are entirely fictional. Just saying this in case any of the staff involved back then end up buying this book.

To lovers of mystery, I'm sure you've realized, this story is written as a tribute to Anthony Berkeley's The Poisoned Chocolates Case. [1] Agatha Christie does not come into this story, though I did contemplate incorporating some elements of her work at one time. The movie-like feel of the case is based on Abiko Takemaru's [2]Tantei Eiga (Detective Movie). Please do read it if you have the chance.

Now then, there are no particular meanings for the chapter titles in this volume, though the title for chapter 5 is in a slightly different style from the rest. Yet I could not think of any title that could instill a feeling of surprise for that chapter. By the way, I think I'll tell you guys about the sushi incident next time.

Until then, thanks for reading.

Yonezawa Honobu

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

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