Hyouka:Volume 2 Chapter 0

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0 - Avant Title[edit]

Log No. 100205[edit]

Anonymous: are you sure you're alright?
Mayuko: i'm sorry
Anonymous: everyone would blame you, are you sure you're alright with that?
Mayuko: i'll apologize to them
Mayuko: i have no other choice
Anonymous: apologizing is not the problem here
Anonymous: you'll still be blamed
Anonymous: they'll say that the problem still hasn't been resolved
Mayuko: i know
Mayuko: but I'm out of ideas already
Mayuko: i
Mayuko: i'm sorry
Anonymous: ok, I understand
Anonymous: it's indeed true that there was no suitable material to begin with
Anonymous: so good job for lasting till now
Mayuko: sorry
Anonymous: there's no need to apologize
Anonymous: i'll take care of the rest
Mayuko: you're doing this?
Anonymous: i'd start from scratch if it were me
Anonymous: i can't do this, but I'll think of something
Mayuko: ?
Anonymous: but it'll probably not be as good
Anonymous: as you would expect

Log No. 100209[edit]

A.ta.shi♪: sorry~
Anonymous: don't be
Anonymous: we had no choice since things turned out this way
A.ta.shi♪: since a cute lower classman has asked me to help, I've gotta do something
A.ta.shi♪: you went through all this trouble after all...
A.ta.shi♪: but as I'm so far away, I probably won't make it in time
Anonymous: umm
Anonymous: then is there anyone else you could suggest?
Anonymous: anyone that could do this
A.ta.shi♪: suggest huh?
A.ta.shi♪: hmm
A.ta.shi♪: ...
Anonymous: senpai?
A.ta.shi♪: ZZZ...
Anonymous: senpai
A.ta.shi♪: kidding
A.ta.shi♪: i wouldn't say he could do this, but you could make him do errands for you
A.ta.shi♪: you could even make him dance

Log No. 100214[edit]

Anonymous: how about it?
L: Yes, I'll definitely come!
L: No question about it.
Anonymous: glad to hear that
Anonymous: i'll let you know the time and location afterwards
L: Lookinf forward to it
L: Looling
L: Looking
Anonymous: you might not know this
Anonymous: but if you just type the first few letters and wait for a bit
Anonymous: it'll suggest the correct word for you
L: Reallu?
L: Really?
L: Ah, I see.
Anonymous: anyway, I'm counting on you
Anonymous: btw
L: Yes?
Anonymous: you can invite your friends. Those 3 would do
L: Is that okay with you?
Anonymous: they're with the Classics Club, right?
Anonymous: i'd be glad if you could bring your club members along

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