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We fell into the waterways. Lilith and I created a huge wave, and were flushed into a torrent.


I floated back after sinking for a moment, and was helplessly flushed along with the current. I frantically rowed with my arms, but my destroyed body couldn't do anything.


Lilith poked her face out of the surface of the water, then caught hold of my arm. After that, she carried me to the concrete bank.

We were flushed about a hundred meters away. Carrying me, Lilith climbed out of the water.

".......cough, cough!"

She spitted out a large amount of water while maintaining the posture of supporting her left leg. The ladders were all built beside the water flow in these passages.

"...... Seriously, what do he think he's doing!"

Lilith scolded. 'Ka, ka ka......." After making those odd noises, I finally spoke.

"Li- LIlith...... ka ka......"

It seemed that my circuits short-circuited after being soaked by water.

"Are you okay? You're drenched."

Lilith raised my body as if she was holding a baby, forcefully shaking me up and down. Large droplets of water flowed out of my body, wetting her foot.

"Isn't this bad luck!"

Lilith shouted in frustration. She frowned, showing an angry expression.

However, I know that she's just trying to be brave. The proof is that she kept staring at the 'upstream' direction of the waterways.

That was the place where Volkov parted ways with us.

I silently stared at the same direction. The water flowed very quickly downstream, and the passage does not connect with the upstream direction, so it's impossible to swim back.

After sinking into deep thought for awhile, she raised her head again.

"Let's go, Iris."

"...... Alright."

I answered lightly. After that, Lilith carried me on her back.

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