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The three of us walked along the river.

For every step that Volkov took, the pebbles on the riverbank would be crushed. The sounds of the pebbles getting crushed rang time after time, while I looked forwards with my vision that swayed now and then because of Volkov's steps, in his arms.

A boundless sandy path was before us, while on our left was a straight, black river. There weren't any streetlights by the river, and I couldn't help but feel as though we were walking in a dark tunnel.

What's in front of us? Where are we going? The darkness in the night seeped into my body, causing myself to gradually become queasy.

After we walked for awhile, the sound of Lilith's humming suddenly rang beside us. The relaxed tune calmed me slightly. If only I was here, I might have cried long ago.

After she finished humming the song.

"Hey, Iris." Lilith walked with her usual stride, turning her head over to look at me, "Can I ask you for a favor?"

"What is it?" I looked at Lilith from Volkov's arms.

"Continue the story."

"...... Hmm?"

"Third-Rate Demon God Visa Darke."

"But we don't have the book right now."

Lilith stayed silent for a moment, then said: "Don't you remember the contents?"


I stared at her in surprise.

"Haven't you read and memorized all of it? I know that you read all of it already."

"E- erm, well......" I started to stutter.

"Is the condition of your eyesight that bad?"

Hearing her questions, I gulped. The rain in front of me stopped for a moment.

Lilith wore a complicated expression on her face, staring at me unblinkingly from the other side of the rain. She worriedly furrowed her brows, though an encouraging smile surfaced at the corner of her lips.

"I know that, we've been together all these times after all. You kept dropping the waste materials recently, and walked unsteadily."

She was right.

Recently, my vision worsened rapidly. I could still see if it's 'drizzling', but my field of vision would be blocked by white vertical lines when it's 'pouring'. Also, the times when it poured dragged on and on as the days go by.

That was why I wanted to finish the book before I lose my eyesight. I don't want the gentle book club meetings to end because of me.

"Sorry for making you worry for me." I apologized. Lilith's long hair swayed as she shook her head.

"You don't need to apologize. ...... You finished the books?"

I nodded.

"Then let me ask you again. I want to know how Darke turned out to be."

Lilith raised her head and looked at me. Her tone was rather polite for Lilith.

"...... Alright, I understand."

I don't think that we're doing leisurely matters in times of urgency. I think that Lilith probably felt uneasy if we don't do anything. It's the same for me. And Volkov might have the same feelings as well.

In the darkness, without a destination, without a safe place to be, and not knowing when they would chase us.

We need this story right now.

The story of the happy and gentle memories of the black shirted demon god that usually goofs off but is actually very understanding, and the serious but careless silver ring.

Thus, I started to read.

The 'late night book club meeting' started.

"Flo Snow's body kept trembling because of shock. That's right, Darke prepared a new ring just for her."

I was at the seventh volume of the series 'The Demon God's Gift'.

As the story unfolded, Lilith kept making noises like 'Ah!' 'Uuu......' and so on beside me. Hugging me, Volkov would sometimes make deep pondering noises as well. They were both passionate readers.

In the sixth volume before this, the magical ring Flo Snow lost her confidence, and 'ran away from home', form the castle of the demon god. After that, Darke created a 'new ring' to replace her— that was the first half of the seventh volume.

In the last part of the seventh volume, the reason that Darke created a new ring was exposed.

The new ring would be the 'new body' of Flo Snow. Flo was originally a 'soul' slumbering in the demon world shrine that revived using the ring as a medium. After years of wear and tear, the ring that was the medium became worn out, and Darke made a new ring to move Flo there after he noticed the fact. The reason that he left the castle for a long time was to collect materials for Flo as well.

"Darke said in a gentle voice: 'My beloved Flo Snow. I want to give you a present today.' After saying so, he took out a white, pristine ring. The ring was a beautiful ring formed from crystals that were shaped like snowflakes. 'Now, you wouldn't have any trouble now. Forever, eternally alright.' The touched Flo did not know what to say. However, at this moment—"

After shifting Flo's soul to the new ring, abnormalities appeared in Darke's body. To create the new ring, he used up all his magic powers.

"Darke's body slowly, gradually turned into light particles, melting into the air. Flo blankly stared at his silhouette, shouting: 'Ahh, Darke, please don't go! Don't leave me alone!' Darke gently held her arm and said: 'Flo, I'm sorry. Also, thank you for all that you've done. I—' Darke turned into a ball of light, showing a last smile, 'liked you all along.' After saying that, Darke's body turned completely into light particles, splattering all around. Then, the light particles rose to the sky and vanished."

After I read that, I stopped. Weeping sounds came beside me.


"Darke......" Lilith pressed her left hand to the corner of her eyes, wiping away tears. After that, she muttered in a rather discontented tone. "I thought that it would be a happy ending too......"

I breathed in after finishing the rest of the seventh volume.

As though we were recollecting the better parts of the story, the three of us walked silently for quite some time.

After about five minutes, I said.

"Then, we've reached the eighth volume. The final volume—"

Lilith raised her hand, "Wait a minute, Iris. Let's hear about the next volume another time. It's really a waste to listen to all of it in one go, and also......"

Probably because she recalled a part of the story, Lilith teared up. I answered: "...... Got it."

"Volkov, is that okay?"

Lilith asked. Volkov nodded lightly.

After the book club meeting ended, the three of us continued to go forward silently. As though we were walking in a pitch dark tunnel, we walked to the depths of the darkness, walking further in. As for what awaits us, none of us knows.

Only the sounds of the flowing water and the sound of the rain silently rang.

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