Iris on Rainy Days: Rebirth- Day 44

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Day Forty-Four[edit]

The point of intersection suddenly appears. That was the forty-forth morning that I arrived here.

After I finished moving the waste materials to the 'intestines', someone starts up a conversation with me on my way back.

"You over there, wait a sec."


I turn my head over, the young girl— identification number 'Thirty-Eight' appears before my eyes. Work clothes with large pockets are worn over her slender body. Her large, graceful eyes stare at me directly.

The girl's white face approaches me from above. I couldn't help but lean my body backwards. It's been a while since I felt this excited.

"What's your identification number?"

"...... Eh?"

I couldn't understand what the young girl meant at that moment. The fact that the young girl that I was observing from afar suddenly struck a conversation with me surprised me quite a lot, and I didn't speak to anyone for a month or so now.

I give her a meaningless response "I- Identification number?", while a troubled expression appears on the girl's face.

"Don't you...... remember your own identification number? See, it's the number that the inspector shouts when calling you."

Right at this moment, the girl places her hands on her hips, tilting her beautiful head slightly. Her hair that is bound with a large bow swings in front of her chest like a swing. Her appearance is very cute, full of life and vigor of a blooming sunflower.

"Erm...... I...... am number Hundred and Eight."

I finally give her an answer. Right until now, I still cannot believe that the inorganic electronic voice belongs to me.

"Number Hundred and Eight huh...... That must mean you came here recently." The young girl walks forward while introducing herself, "I am number Thirty-Eight, my name is Lilith. Nice to meet you."

Lilith. I finally know the girl's name. It sounds a bit similar to mine.

"Ah, don't stop. We'll get scolded if we don't move. ....... And then, I have something to ask you."

After saying that, Lilith stares at me with an interested gaze.

"Why do you keep staring at me recently?"

I was found out.

I don't know what to say, so I could only answer 'So sorry'.

"Ah, it's okay." Lilith waves her hands slightly, "There's no need for you to apologize. I just want to know the reason that you stared at me. ...... Perhaps it's love at first sight?"

Lilith starts to laugh heartily, her large eyes gently narrowed into a line. She looks rather childlike. She might even be younger than myself, being set as fifteen before this.

"Erm...... Well...... I really minded you two."


"Miss Lilith and Mr. Fifteen."

"Number Fifteen...... Ohhh, do you mean Volkov?"

Volkov. I just found out the name of the giant robot, number Fifteen.

Lilith continues to ask: "Why were you interested?"

At that moment, I reached the 'gut', and raised the waste construction materials before answering her. Lilith moved the materials to her shoulders as well. After that, we turned over and walked towards the 'intestines'.

The conversation starts again.

"You two seem like you know each other well."

"Eh, does it look like that?"

Lilith's tone raises slightly. The corner of her mouth raises slightly as well, so it seems like she's rather happy about this.

After fifteen minutes.

"...... Huh? Does that mean you've been stalking us?"

"No, I didn't stalk......"

We carry the waste materials towards the 'intestines' again. Lilith walked with me for three turns.

"Mr. Volkov passed by me a few times before this. But, well...... He ignored me."

"Oh, that!" Lilith shrugged, "That guy's eyesight and hearing isn't that good. So I think he wasn't ignoring you, but just didn't notice you."

Lilith just called Volkov 'that guy'. It sounds like they were a married couple living together for a long time.

"Oh, I see. That's how things are."

"That's why you have to do this when calling that guy."

After saying that, Lilith steps forward and lightly taps Volkov's waist. After that, she asks, as if she wants to walk into a public restroom.

"Is there anyone here? Is there anyone here?"

Volkov suddenly turns his head over, answering 'Oh~ Yes, yes' like he's really in one.

"You see~" Lilith shows me a bright, sunny smile, "You must do that if you want to talk to Volkov. If not, he'll never notice you."

"Oh...... So there's a technique to it."

"This person was created as a military robot before this. That's why...... He has some glitches from the days when he was at war."

"Miss Lilith seems to understand Mr. Volkov quite well."


Lilith uses her hand that isn't holding waste construction material to halt me.

"The Miss that you're calling me with, can you stop that?"


Lilith's brow rises slightly, and she stares at me with her large eyes that are both childish and wise.

"We're already friends, so you don't need to address me unnecessarily. I am Lilith Sunlight."

"Sunlight...... That's a great name."

I frankly express my thoughts. This is a name that suits a sunny person like her.

"Re- Really?" Lilith looks very happy, "...... That's right, this person is called Voulkov Galosh."

"No, it's Volkov Galosh." —the giant immediately turns around and corrects her.

"Eh, you heard that?"

"Lilith- made- mistake."

"Isn't it better if you change your name to 'Voulkov'? This name suits you better."

"Voulkov- wrong. Volkov- is- Volkov."

"Really, I can't joke with you......"

Lilith laughs mischievously, then turns around.

"That's right, you do have a name, right? Seeing as you look used to this, your 'birthplace' should be okay, right?"

I tentatively speak my name.

"I am Iris. ...... Iris Rain Umbrella."

"Iris......? Eh, it seems like a girl's name."

"Erm, well......"

At that moment, angry roars from the inspector flew over.

"Oi, private conversations are prohibited! Numbers Fifteen and Thirty-Eight! And...... Number Hundred and Eight!"

After shouting 'Sorry!' loudly, Lilith sticks out her tongue at me.

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