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A few days ago, it was my second time paying my personal taxes— after writing that, I found that this is almost the same thing that I wrote in the afterword of the second book. And that means, all of you readers waited a whole year, I’m very sorry.

A lot happened this year. Moving…… Moving…… Err…… And moving. I thought that I might feel a lot of regret as I had to say farewell to my house that I lived at for eight years, but that kind of feeling did not occur to me after I moved out. Maybe I’m just this kind of cold-blooded person?

In the room that I lived for eight years, the wallpapers on the wall were already badly torn. Being able to dig out a lot of treasures when I was packing made me feel that it was interesting as well. For example, a mummified insect (thrown away), a poem collection that I read before this (thrown away immediately without hesitation). Actually, it’s better not to touch these things that had been hidden for so many years already, the world would be more peaceful like this.

The structure of this story was actually buried in my computer for quite a long time. Probably during summer last year, I suddenly thought about the structure of the story, as for what I did after that…… The people who knows probably knows, throwing ‘Kamimemo’ aside, writing another story. So sorry……

Thus, when my editor said that I should write the third book, I was shocked because of the story structure that I sent there. Because there wasn’t even a solution in the contents. This was written on the email that I sent that time: ‘Just like the first book, I wish to listen to everyone’s thoughts after I finished the whole draft, so only the solution wasn’t written.’ And there was a lot of excuses as well. Hikaru Sugii half a year ago, what are you doing? Why didn’t you finish it! Or perhaps you just didn’t have the inspiration that time? Seeing the title of ‘A interweaving complex past, a nervous exciting school mystery’ that I wrote, it was quite annoying!

But I must explain a bit (Though I’m not sure who I’m explaining to), a proposal is probably something like this, bluffs. If I’m a person that could predict the pain after I write, I don’t need to be a NEET at all.

Because of that, the later half of the January this year was just like hell. And the only consolation was that other fellow novelists are experiencing a more terrible hell at the same workplace.

To sculpt Ayaka’s story again, Yuasa-sama who patiently changed the draft with me, and the illustrator Kishida Mel-sensei who loves Ayaka far more than me and is waiting for her return, I use this chance to express my deepest thanks. Thank you very much.

February 2008. Hikaru Sugii.

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