Kino no Tabi:Volume10 Prologue

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“A Certain Man’s Journey · b” —Life is a Journey, and Vice Versa. · b—[edit]

Kino no Tabi v10 012-013.jpg

At the end of the short recess—

The man mounted the horse again.

He thanked the old woman and the young girl courteously—

And then looked ahead—

Slowly advancing on the straight road into the forest.

He returned to his journey.

Under the blue sky, as the man’s figure became smaller and smaller,

“Will there be a time when his journey ends?”

The girl asked the old lady.

“Of course.”

She replied right away.

The girl raised her face and looked at the old lady standing beside her.

She lowered her face to meet the girl’s gaze.

“There’s no such thing as a journey that doesn’t end.”