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Volume 1 Cover

The light novel series Kusoge Online (BETA) (クソゲー・オンライン(仮); Kusogee Onrain (Kari)) is written by Tsuchise Yasohachi and illustrated by Niro and Shinonome Tarou.

Story Synopsis[edit]

“Sword & Magic Online,” a VRMMO consisting of 255 floors to clear, harbors a horrible secret: Everything from floor two onwards hasn’t been implemented yet. And all the devs ran away. “What are you gonna do about this?!” “We’re gonna make them now!” “People are already close to beating the first floor, you know?!” “No problem, I’ll let everyone die at the boss!” Also, there is no magic in this world of swords and magic, the gold value has inflated indefinitely due to a dupe glitch, this kusoge (fixed term for a shitty game) is going down the toilet. And yet, there are friends enjoying this kind of game. For that reason and to avoid this world’s destruction (end of service), a youth named “Sasaraki” continues developing this kusoge world together with the mysterious girl Alice who dwells in the debugging room, and…? A VR kusoge development rom-com!

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  • October 23th, 2016 - Prologue/Chapter 1 posted
  • December 24th, 2016 - Volume 1 completed
  • April 27th, 2017 - Volume 2 completed
  • December 26th, 2017 - Volume 3 completed



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The "Kusoge Online (BETA)" series by Tsuchise Yasohachi[edit]

Volume 1 (PDF)[edit]

Volume 1

Volume 2 (PDF)[edit]

Volume 2

Volume 3 (PDF)[edit]

Volume 3

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