Leviathan:Volume 2 Afterword

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It's been a while, I am Takedzuki Jou. The second volume is finally released.

This is all thanks to your loving support, dear readers, for which I hereby express my solemn gratitude.

'A human-sized pseudo-Ul●●●man, aided by girls who control monsters, fighting against the authentic Ul●●● Space Garrison that's trying to take over the Earth.'

That's the kind of concept where this story originated.

After various amendments, the result was the current form.

"One volume can't fit in that much, so would it be possible to sell a duology of volumes together, or make it as thick as a dictionary?" Although something so unreasonable crossed my mind in the early stages of writing, I still finished Volume 1 then started writing Volume 2 to achieve my goal.

Although I totally haven't decided how many volumes to write, if possible, please accompany me for the rest of the ride.

...That being said, there is the possibility of the third volume ending with a "And our fight goes on!" (sweat drop)

Speaking of the problematic next volume, the main heroine (tentative) is apparently warming up in anticipation while saying "It's about time for me to shine!" However, it feels like the new heroine will clash with Orihime-san and the others with a violent shower of sparks. What will be the outcome?

Following Volume 1, Volume 2 has enjoyed many people's help as well.

First, allow me to express my gratitude to everyone involved in the whole process including editing, proofreading, graphic design, bookbinding, printing, sales, etc.

Despite their busy schedules, illustrator Nimura-sama and everyone at ALcot have added a lot of exquisite color to the visuals and character designs, so let me express my undying appreciation for them.

This time's Princess Yukikaze and the slightly wild oyaji-style Hannibal are very much to my liking.

Also, Pavel Galad looks truly awesome in the design sketches.

Finally, a private message from me. Kimura Kou-sensei, I will definitely offer you the book this time, so please don't buy it before I deliver it over to you (wry smile).

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