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Hello again, everyone. I am Takedzuki Jou.

Although it's been a number of years since I started writing novels for a living, I still haven't been able to fix my habit of playing while I work. Inevitably, I add fun elements and descriptions subconsciously everywhere in my works.

Of course, Leviathan of the Covenant is no exception in this regard. However, I don't know whether it's because some of my references are too obscure or not, it's quite common for no one to discover them (wry smile). It would be my honor if those who find them can smile knowingly to themselves, dear readers.

Thanks to your loving support, dear readers, this fun-filled series has passed the milestone of three volumes. For this, I express my deep gratitude.

Then there is everyone involved in editing, printing, sales and distribution, as well as Nimura-sama who is in charge of illustrations, and everyone at ALcot. Thank you for looking after me every time.

Next up...

Actually, this series is based on the concept where the main characters, with the protagonist first and foremost, are playing an RPG, thereby building the worldview and setting.

In this third volume, they finally enter the game's main route.

...To be honest, when someone asked me whether or not to end the series while it still had few volumes, I even thought up an "And our fight goes on!" kind of ending for the earlier content (wry smile).

Fortunately, the end is not here yet.

Starting next volume, expect various incidents such as searching for weapons, synthesizing items, learning incantations, exploring dungeons, wilderness adventures, numerous battles, various events, etc and new scenarios.

If the previous adventures was the basics arc, then what follows is the expert arc.

My sincere wish is for everyone to keep enjoying the story.

Furthermore, the manga adaptation drawn by Tachitsu Teto-san is also about to start serializing.

Tachitsu-san was able to draw the characters with abundant charm. As the original author, I find Hazumi particularly cute. Please support the manga version, everyone.

As for the rom-com side, main heroine Orihime-san has successfully taken the lead while the real heroine of Princess Yukikaze has entered the fray officially, while Hazumi-san is steadily catching up to the leading pack at her own pace.

If it pleases you, please pay attention to developments on this front—

"Wait a sec! What are you doing there, misdirecting the public!?"

Oh dear oh dear, isn't this Miss Main Heroine (tentative)?

I can't believe you ran out to this kind of place. How may I help you today?

"It's not like this is the kind of show where you randomly have a stopover, why are you going "oh dear oh dear"? Back in Volume 2, you clearly said you'll make me the main heroine, yet this time, I can't believe you nonchalantly pushed someone else instead!"

You've misunderstood, A●●a-san.

In the previous afterword, didn't I put in the word (tentative) for sure?

"Th-That's right, that (tentative) is totally problematic too!"

Hmm—So that's what you're asking about. This seems like it'll be a long story, but it's actually quite short. I heard that the author originally conceived of someone else as the main heroine...

"...W-What did you say?"

Nothing, what I mean is that the initial draft outline had a character similar to Orihime-san, but there was no character corresponding to you.


Next to come into existence was the princess in the dragon faction. Actually, she's the first character to crystallize among all the characters that have appeared. From the very start, I had already decided to make her the demon lord and rival.


Before writing the story, I had already thought in my heart that she was the heroine, or rather, the true heroine. And in fact, it is also gradually becoming the case.

"Th-Then what kind of concept brought about my existence?"

Uh—If memory serves me right, before I wrote Volume 1, you were designed to be the "beautiful maiden who is unapproachable and cool."

"Eh... (blush)? Although I don't like being flattered excessively, this can't be helped, I guess. Speaking of which, I definitely am a cool beauty, even more so, a beautiful maiden with an air of mystery..."

But when I actually wrote the story, it became this kind of character starting from the first page.

"Do you have anything to say about my personality (glare)?"

No, I really like the way you are?

It's just that inside the light novel industry where competition is so intense, is it really okay to be so low in feminine charm? Hence, in the process of writing the first volume, I tried a bit of magical remodeling.

"Magical remodeling?"

I modified your words and behavior so that readers would find you moe all at once.

However, when I continued to write further, your character somehow returned to its initial state by the time I noticed. Making the judgment call that remodeling was impossible, I decided to liberate your original self in the story, thus resulting in the current state of affairs.

"..E-Even the way I am now, I'm still a perfectly moe character full of moe elements, okay!?"

Credit in this area goes to the illustrator, Nimura-san, I guess.

In fact, after looking at Nimura-san's character designs, the editing side agreed to use you as Volume 1's cover. And I was struck by "Oh, so she could be regarded as a proper main," so naturally, it developed into the double heroine situation...

Anyway, since you're an irregular existence after all, I think the (tentative) still needs to be added.

"W-Wait a sec, editorial department people! Now isn't the time to be saying stuff like "what a shame for A●●a-san again this time"! Please demand that the author put more effort in promoting me. Also, Nimura-sensei, please give me more maidenly power—!"

Oops, someone's sudden intrusion totally derailed the topic.

I was just talking about rom-coms, right?

About she who is the main heroine (tentative), I'm hoping to treat this series as a kind of Bildungsroman, to observe her development and personality changes over the long term. However, it feels like a certain female character introduced in Volume 3 won't quietly wait for the day for her to leap to center stage...

So who among the heroines will be the main in the next volume? Is it time for the black ship from America to get serious? Or is the lineup of girls just for show? While pondering questions on this front, I'm making preparations for Volume 4.

Regardless, it would be my honor if all of you could continue to offer your support.

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