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Hello again, everyone, I am Takedzuki Jou.

This series has already reached its fourth volume, a tale that could be called the starting point of the second arc.

Although there is a slight mismatch between the release date and the actual season, this fourth volume was inspired by lighthearted plot along the likes of "The beach! Swimsuits!"

However, sigh, as is always the case, this volume's theme goes beyond that (wry smile).

Tokyo New Town and Old Tokyo's wasteland can be thought of as a type of dungeon, but different from the "miniature garden"-like plot progression in the first three volumes, Volume 4's developments take place outside of New Town.

Using the map called the sea as the stage, I've also added elements of wilderness adventure.

As for the swimsuit part, it would be great if everyone had fun with it.

Next up, let's talk about something else.

I am not someone who frequently browses the publisher's website.

That being said, I still have occasional whims of "let's take a look once in a while" for webpages about my works.

As a result, I discovered unexpected news when browsing through various sites.


(2013 MF Bunko J Summer School Festival's student council president character...)

(This is clearly an event that's supposed to elect a character by popular vote to become the president...)

(Why is this person ranked fifth?)

(That's so weird. I'm catching a whiff of a biased election...)

These troubled thoughts stirred in my mind.

To think that a character had appeared when they shouldn't, this stimulated my little gray cells, causing me to associate that person with the possibility of committing a crime—

"What kind of rude thoughts are you entertaining!?"

Hi A●●a-san. It's been a while since we last met in Volume 3.

"I can't stand this... To have characters from the story appear in the afterwords, could you please rein in such behavior since it's not like this is a nineties-era novel."

Oh my oh my, don't say it like that. How should I put it? Although I've written dozens of characters so far, you are particularly special, A●●a-san.


I suppose I should say that not only do I want to write you in my stories, but I even want to converse with you directly.

"Well... (blush) My heart already belongs to someone else... Well, but it's not like I can't accept it if it doesn't extend beyond feelings of affection, if that's the case—"

After all, it's President M's job to make critical remarks about you.

But occasionally, I'd like to make witty comments myself without relying on characters' voices.

"...So the result is this kind of messy mix of personal affairs with official business? (glare)"

Apart from that, you can also say it's because I'm in a dilemma, not knowing what to write for the afterword.

"Did you just reveal your true thoughts accidentally...? Sigh, whatever. Let's just put that aside and get on with the main point. Due to receiving votes from fans, I was ranked fifth in the student council election, what's so strange about that!?"

It's definitely very strange, A●●a-san.

Because this isn't a "general election to decide our fireteam leader in the marines."

The main point was to nominate twenty characters from among MF Bunko J's series to then select a candidate suitable for serving as a student council president.

"I obtained the excellent result of fifth ranked because the readers recognize my outstanding leadership and charisma. Teehee."

On the other hand, I think given your character traits, you're suited to being a fireteam leader in the army or the marines than serving as a student council president.

So, could it be that you obtained votes through illegal means...?

"As if I'd do something like that!"

No use of bribery or threats to manipulate the number of votes?

In that case, I'm sure it's the power of Nimura-san's illustration on the voting poster.

"Why can't you honestly admit that it's because of my personal charm...? Then forgive me for asking this, who among the nominated characters do you think is suitable to be the president?"


"Considering various areas including moral character, experience, ideology, special skills, personal relationships, etc, the right candidate for the job is obvious. That's right, indeed, only I—"

Oh, I think Kawaguchi-sensei's Elen-san would be quite suitable.

"I-I can't believe I have a traitor in our midst!"

Back to the main point...

What's mentioned above is the 2013 MF Bunko J Summer Student Council President voting event.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all the readers for supporting her to obtain quite good results as the representative of this series.

Also, within this Volume 4, I used the title of Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne in a little shout-out.

Many thanks to Suzuki Daisuke-sensei who had given permission readily.

Of course, I still have to express my deep gratitude to everyone laboring diligently on various jobs from editing to sales, etc, as well as Nimura-sama for providing beautiful illustrations as always.

Next is about developments from here on.

That character who had made a brief appearance might enter the stage again.

The young man, the beautiful maiden and the somber characters in the enemy roster have shown up one after another. It's time for the "daring and uninhibited older man" character to enter the fray, right?

In addition, who is going to become the featured heroine?

Luna Francois has officially joined the competition. What effects will this bring to the love comedy?

The gradually maturing protagonist has obtained additional combat strength and the new skill of sage time. In what directions would these assets guide his adventures and the conflicts between characters?

If possible, it would be my honor if all of you could confirm the answers to these questions in Volume 5.

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