Leviathan:Volume 4 Prologue

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After concluding a long period of wandering and fighting, he returned to earth once more.

Using units of time from the residents of the earth's surface, it was a long journey stretching over centuries. Not only that, but the process even transcended paranormal conflicts impossible for the human mind and body to overcome, as well as supernatural threats too numerous to count.

Among his race, few could match him in valor and magical power.

Nevertheless, it had been a most dangerous journey for him. The price he paid was a plethora of horrific wounds all over his body, leaving him on the verge of death like a candle in the wind.

Especially the most important organ—his heartmetal—had suffered extremely severe damage.

What propelled him was no longer the power of the physical body.

Instead, it was the resilient mental strength and competitiveness residing inside him, the pride and soul of a strong veteran warrior.

However, the world he lived in was not so easygoing as to be one where all problems could be resolved through mental vigor. It was imperative for him to find a place to recuperate in peace despite his heavily damaged body and mind—An enchanted realm filled with high-quality and dense magical power.

Fortunately, he found a suitable location at last.

It was a sanctuary formerly claimed as a stronghold by a powerful fighter who used to be renowned as his equal.

That land was not only rich in magical power but also ruled by no one at the moment. There was no need to for a battle of annexation. Having found a place to rest peacefully, he decided to enter hibernation for the time being.

In order to wait for a new war to unfold, he conserved what little power remained inside his body.

Then as years and months passed by—He heard faint summons that shook his soul awake from deep slumber.

This was precisely the trigger to awaken the gray warrior as well as the beginning of a new upheaval on the earth where humans and dragons coexisted.

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