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"A●●a actually has a mother who's like an upgraded version of her and I'm planning to have her debut in this upcoming Volume 5."

"In that case, it's probably game over for A●●a, I guess?"

—Two novelists talking shop on a certain day in 2014

Hello everyone, it's been a while.

This series has reached its 5th volume and the stage finally expands beyond the borders of Japan.

In addition, new characters have debuted one after another. Although compared to the regulars, most of them are conceived as special guest appearances, if a certain mother became a supporting character candidate, her daughter's position would presumably become more and more precarious—

"Stop saying such inauspicious things as the author!"

Oh my, A●●a-san. You arrived quite early this time.

"That's because the pages allotted to the afterword for this volume are so few. Forget about that. There's absolutely no need to write a mother character, is there!?"

That's because, you know, everyone loves pretty older ladies.

Beautiful witches of indeterminate age and beautiful maidens with disguised appearances are standard-issue weapons in the light novel industry. Isn't that lovely? Stuff like high school teachers who look like middle schoolers despite being in their forties. By the way, I actually know people like that in the real world, but the fine lines at the corners of their eyes will still secretly betray their age...

"You are making dangerous statements that'll get you red-carded, but let's get back to the main topic. I have no objection to middle-aged women characters that stimulate pedophilia, but you don't have to plunk that kind of label on my mother, right?"

However, the fact that you have this kind of mother was already decided back in Volume 1.

"Quit pretending you're very detail-oriented only during times like these. How dare you say that when your memory of the setting is clearly fuzzy and you keep flipping back to check earlier volumes in the process of your writing... Not only that, but you even made casual reference to the amnesia cliche in another author's work. Rein in your unruly behavior please!"

Oh, about that part, I did confirm properly with the one in question himself, so there's no problem. Yeah.

"The one in question himself... Are you referring to Madan's T●gre-san?"

No, I mean Kawaguchi-sensei who's the creator. It was during a chat with him the other day.

"...In other words, about that super tactless dialogue near the beginning, could the other party be..."

It was simply a product of delusion. Fiction.

Whether myself or Kawaguchi-sensei, we're both highly-regarded gentlemen in the industry. We absolutely won't recklessly use female characters as the butt of that kind of joke!

"Look me properly in the eye when you go spouting this type of stupid excuse!"

Now then, this series is gradually approaching a climax.

"Th-That's such a crude way of changing the subject!"

Whether in terms of plot or the cover illustration, next volume will be the time for a certain female character to shine.

I know many readers had been waiting for this volume thinking that "logically speaking, Volume 5 should be Angel-chan's turn in the limelight" so in response to your hopes, I will do everything I can. Please wait patiently—

"...Don't you find that you're putting in extra effort to advertise the upcoming volume this time?"

Actually, that certain character is one that I've spent the most effort on, out of all the characters I've ever written.


In the past, I wrote "a good girl whose personality was like an angel's" but the next thing I knew, I already made her dark side awaken because it'd be more interesting.

"Oh, you're talking about that shrine maiden from a certain series released by a certain publisher, right? Rather than a good girl, it'd be more apt to describe that little sister as having a 'good personality' and being wise in the ways of the world..."

Actually, that would have its own merits, I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

It's just that I still can't change the fact that I failed the challenge of "constructing a benevolent character completely purged of all negativity and evil." So this time, to avoid repeating the same mistakes, I deliberately made a big deal out of her angelic traits before her debut, so as to give myself no way out.

"S-So there's this kind of inside story behind that kind of telegraphed debut!?"

Because of these reasons, I hope to make the next volume a grand culmination of the angel challenge.

Dear readers, if it is not too much to ask, please confirm for yourselves in Volume 6.

"Huh? Speaking of which, what about my round of romantic comedy invincibility after my awakening?"

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