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Hello everyone, it's been a while.

Following Volume 6 after a bit of a gap, Volume 7 is finally for sale.

"Although 'the insiders' were involved in the production of a drama CD, so the blank period doesn't feel real to me~"

...You showed up at the beginning this time, Asya-san. Matter-of-factly too.

"What's the problem? It's not like we're strangers."

I was thinking, since it's already the seventh volume, perhaps I should ask Luna-san or someone else to appear, to break the mold, so to speak...

"What!? Why ask Luna!?"

Purely an idea on whim. I think it's time to change the format of the afterword.

"Objection! This afterword is basically my sanctuary!"

Last volume, I used your sanctuary as a playground, so what are you getting so hung up about by now?

Well, switching people so suddenly is a bit much, so let's continue like this.

"That's right! Nice thinking!"

Many events have taken place to push the main plot into the climax.

But let's put that aside for now while we're in the afterword and have a chat with Asya-san instead.

"Then let's advertise what is being sold simultaneously with this book."

Yes, right on it. The drama CD "Haruga Haruomi on Holiday with the Witches" that's being bundled together with Volume 7, right? Exclusively sold by Japan's Comic Toranoana—

"Although that's very important too, don't forget the other product. Didn't they start selling a well-received body pillow of me—Asya—not too long ago?"

Eh... Ohhh. That definitely exists.

"What's with the lack of enthusiasm!?"

Oh dear. I can't believe they produced a body pillow for a character who clearly doesn't provide much practicality in that area. I think it's very challenging and admirable. But this also raises a purely academic question on my part, I wonder how much demand is there in the market for this product... (wry smile)

"O-Of course it will be wildly popular! It's an alluring item that allows a super beautiful maiden like me to descend upon your bed, keeping you company at night!"

There you have it, the well-received new product on sale, catching the eye of everyone involved. Interested readers, please consider purchasing it!

"So, it's time to talk about the drama CD!"

This is exclusively sold at Toranoana, but apparently you can also order online from major shopping platforms to have them buy from Toranoana.

The script was written by the original work's author—me.

"Also! They even succeeded in hiring Tange Sakura to voice me—!"

Asya    Tange Sakura-san
Haruga Haruomi    Saiga Mitsuki-san
Orihime    Saitou Yuka-san
Hazumi    Yahagi Sayuri-san
Luna Francois    Niina Ayano-san
Hinokagutsuchi    Hirohashi Ryou-san

The above voice actors form the cast list.

The bonus booklet also includes little anecdotes about casting and recording, presented as short skits—or rather, dialogue form.

"It's that thing that appeared together with President M and me. It also covers the reason why the president didn't appear in the drama CD. And then the all-important plot of the drama CD..."

The content is quite slice-of-life.

The story is about the usual gang visiting a public bath (not a hot spring).

"That's definitely quite slice-of-life, to go to this kind of place that's not very special, instead of a hot spring."

But there are many parts that are worth a listen. Like a certain character whose sweet voice reads out a poem to set your heart pounding, a gourmet who skips class, and the ultimate combo of massages and debauchery.

If interested, dear readers, please do purchase it to check it out.

Due to the plot moving towards the climax, in this volume, there is a trend of decreasing levity. Perhaps pairing with the drama CD would give a pretty good balance.

"Will the next volume finally be the showdown against Princess Yukikaze?"

Not just in combat. My plan is to let this true heroine show off her real power in the romantic comedy arena at last. From there, I'm thinking of charging full steam ahead to the finish line in one breath, so if possible, let us meet again with Volume 8!

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