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Lugal Gigam (ルガルギガム), is a light novel series written by Yoshiaki Inaba and illustrated by toi8.

Story Synopsis[edit]

Ordinary highschool boy Amagi Souya was suddenly transported into another world, a fairytale world with filled with Gods, magic, magical beasts and monsters! In order to search for the mythical <Star Gate> which would bring him back home, Souya had to team up with three other <Outsiders> like himself, a samurai from the Warring Periods, a member of the NYPD with a guardian angel, a Crusader with many secrets, and explore the miasma filled ruins of the Capital City. Souya only wanted to go home, but his encounter with the Goddess Raquell, a girl self-proclaimed to be his fated lover, propelled him into a journey FULL of unforeseeable dangers!

Series Information[edit]

  • Genre: Tenshoku+Fantasy
  • Original Title: ルガルギガム
  • Translated Title: The Heroic Legend of "Lugal"
  • Author: Yoshiaki Inaba
  • Illustrator: toi8
  • Publisher: Famitsu Bunko (Enterbrain)
  • Published Volumes: 2
  • Site: Enterbrain

Character Introductions[edit]


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The Lugal Gigam series by Yoshiaki Inaba[edit]

Volume 1[edit]

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Volume 2[edit]

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