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What is Magical Girl Raising Project?[edit]

☆Easy enough for beginners, and deep enough to satisfy even the most advanced of players!
★Cards with beautiful illustrations drawn by well-known artists!
☆Characters can move around as though it were an action game!
★Five-hundred character types with two thousand items! The possibilities are endless!
☆Free to play for life!

 Welcome to the world of magic and dreams!

 This an RPG where you can become the ultimate Magical Girl, known as Magical Girl Raising Project.

 You come from the "Land of Magic", where you have been assigned the duty of being a "Protector" and have been given magic to crush darkness and defeat evil. You have been assigned the duty of fighting evil as a cute, gaudy, strong, and powerful Magical Girl.

 Not only do you have the power of magic, you may also use mascot characters, costumes, magic items, and catchphrases as well. Defeat enemies to obtain "Magical Candy", and grow into the ultimate Magical Girl.

 The world is always in peril, and with that, Magical Girls are always needed. Gather your courage and take the first step.

 Your dreams will surely come true.

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