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Novel Illustrations[edit]

These are the novel illustrations that were included in Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Volume 1

Chapter 1 - The Swordsman in Magic Division[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Hayashizaki Kanae is a swordswoman with the title of Storm Cat.

While she was a child, she had gone to many dojos and defeated them without a single loss. Her ponytail was like a black cat’s tail, waving in the air.
The strikes from her two-sword-styled kodachis flowed nonstop and were undoubtedly an infinite gale of swords.

Her fighting form was indeed fitting to her title of Storm Cat.

However, her sleeping face was like an angel.

The curtains were fully parted and the morning sunlight shone into the dark room. But even so, she still slept, like a sleeping princess, and showed no signs of waking. Her skin was white to the extent that the light made her cheeks glow. Her long, black hair was tied back and in a mess. Her usual, stern swordsman’s face was also innocent and relaxed.

…It had been a long time since he last saw her, and she had become cute since then. Kazuki looked at her, fascinated.

No, no, wait. This was not the time to look at his imouto in fascination.

“Hey, quickly wake up. Breakfast is already made.”

Hayashizaki Kazuki infused a loving gesture and shook her shoulders. Right at this moment ——

“—— Nii-sama, chance!”

Kanae’s eyes, whom he thought was still asleep, suddenly opened.


Kanae’s hands and feet were like tentacles and suddenly shot out from under the blanket.

Kanae’s soft and small hands and legs wrapped around Kazuki’s body. In just a short period of time, she pulled Kazuki onto her bed and tightly hugged him. Towards him, Kanae revealed a fearless smile.

“Nii-sama, being attracted by his imouto’s cute, sleeping face, had become careless. The bed is a battlefield for men and women. This is Hayashizaki-Ryuu’s Art, <Deathly Plant TemptationStrategy of Flower Attracting Insect>.”

“…Don’t just randomly invent a ridiculous art.”

Kanae, who was rubbing her face on his chest, flirted with Kazuki, who was stunned and sighed.

“The feeling of Nii-sama, the scent of Nii-sama, it has really been a long time. Even though, yesterday, Kanae finally had the opportunity to return home, Nii-sama was not willing to sleep with me. It must have been because you’re embarrassed, so Kanae thought of a scheme. As expected, you’re embarrassed, right?”

“I’m not embarrassed! …Really now. If it were in the past, it would have been fine. Right now, we are both high school students, and it is disgusting for siblings to be clinging together. I've already told you to not hug me!”

“Don’t treat Kanae’s pure, sibling love as something disgusting!”

Hayashizaki Kanae is a swordswoman. —— However, the fact that she is a severe bro-con was really her only drawback.

Although Kazuki wanted to escape and struggled, Kanae’s hands and legs that wrapped around his body firmly did not move. Her arms and legs were releasing a faint, blue light.

The reason the petite her could use such degree of strength was because she was strengthening her body with Magic.

While they were being noisy, the blanket slid off. —— Only then did Kazuki notice a frightening fact.

“…You, what are you wearing? Although it is already spring, what would we do if you catch a cold.”

Kanae was wearing pajamas where you could nearly see the skin underneath.

Her slim waist and round hips were clearly shown through the translucent fabric.

“What do you think, Nii-sama? This is the Kanae that has been upgraded into a female high school student. Since Kanae hadn't seen Nii-sama for so long, it is the anniversary where she wanted to show her female charm to Nii-sama.”

Kanae, whose face was red, stuck her body onto Kazuki and began to rub on him. Her small boobs slowly changed shape.

The bed was a battlefield… Kazuki began to take deep breathes and calmed himself down.

“You are indeed my cute imouto… But, I will not generate any desires towards my imouto. Quickly, get off.”

“Ku. You only said cute, you actually still treat the matured lady, Kanae, as a child?”

“What matured Kanae, idiot. There is already no time left to be in bed, quickly get up.”

“Kanae is still asleep. Fu —— Fu —— ♪”

“…Still, this is my first time seeing such shameless sleepwear.”

“Kanae, who has not returned home for a long time, is a princess. So if you do not use a suitable method for waking up a princess to wake her up, Kanae will not leave the bed.”

“What method for waking up a princess? No matter what, you are still born and educated as a samurai.”

“Speaking of which, the method for waking up a princess is obviously a kiss, Nii-sama. Come.”

“Uwah, don’t come closer! Don’t bring your face closer!”

Kazuki tried again to escape… …However, sure enough, if he was to only use his physical strength, it was impossible to escape from his imouto’s magical clutches.

—— Helplessly, Kazuki could only also cast Physical Enhancement Magic onto his own body.

Drawing out energy from his spirit and allowing it to flow through his entire body. At the same time, heat gushed out from his body as Kazuki made his body awaken. In an instant, he broke away from Kanae’s hands' and legs' bind, and escaped from her bed.

If the conditions were the same, then he would definitely not lose to his imouto in terms of strength.


“What meanie? You were the one that first used Enhancement Magic, right?”

Once those cold words came from Kazuki, Kanae stared at Kazuki with puppy eyes.

“…Don’t make an expression as if you were a small animal that was abandoned. Really, I will forcibly make you get out of bed.”

Kazuki wrapped his arms around Kanae’s waist and gently picked her up from the bed. If this was the case, he should quickly finish the work of serving a princess. Kanae’s expression suddenly brightened up.

“Nii-sama! This is Hayashizaki-Ryuu’s Final Secret Art, Princess Carry!”

“Don’t randomly invent a Secret Art! We, Hayashizaki-Ryuu, do not have such a Final Secret Art!”

This person shouldn’t be looking down upon our school.

“This is nerve-racking, Nii-sama, really nerve-racking… The princess carry is almost like a dream… Even though it was so difficult to get up, Nii-sama had to do such a dream-like thing in the end… Is this situation what they call a heavenly vision…”

Kazuki, using a carrying posture, made Kanae, who had a dreamy expression, spin around.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.01 013.jpg

“Okay, it’s over.”

“So short!? The feeling of floating in the clouds was only a fleeting moment!? It’s too short!!”

“Hey, before you eat breakfast, go change your clothes. That kind of appearance is scandalous.”

Kazuki placed Kanae down. She pursed her lips and threw a fit.

“…Because I am a princess, I cannot change clothes by myself. Nii-sama, please personally help me change.”

“Why did you suddenly say such willful words? Are you still playing at being a princess?”

“Because, didn’t Nii-sama say it yesterday night, since we have not met for so long, so you will do whatever is requested, right? Us swordsmen must keep our promises!”

I am already not a swordsman… Just when this sentence was about to come out from his mouth, Kazuki’s gaze fell upon the back of his left hand. An egg-shaped, elliptical pattern was imprinted there.

Enigma. It is an emblem from another world that changed Kazuki’s fate.

“Although, I said anything is okay, I did not imagine that you would put out requests such as kissing and helping you change your clothes. If we were to do such things as siblings, then it would not be skinship, but perverted acts.”

“Anyways, Nii—sama won’t generate any lust towards Kanae, isn’t there no problem then… Or, is it that Nii-sama wants to escape from Kanae’s arousing charm?”

Kanae revealed provocative eyes and raised both hands. Kazuki was outraged by this phrase.

Due to the challenge issued by his imouto, replying to all of it was his duty as her brother.

Using the mentality trained as a previous swordsman, Kazuki opened up his imouto’s pajamas. Just like peeling off thin skin, the snow-white skin was gradually revealed in front of his eyes. Kanae, *mojimoji*[1], wriggled her body.

“I-It was seen… Kanae’s appearance of only wearing undergarments. I’m currently being seen by Nii-sama… Please carefully look after me…”

“Why are you excited? Are you a pervert? I didn’t see. I didn’t see it one bit. And even if I did see it, I will not generate any thoughts towards my imouto wearing only undergarments… Where is your uniform?”

Kanae pointed to the top of a table, a folded uniform was placed upon it.

National Knight’s Academy Caryatid's Sword Division's female uniform was a narrow-sleeves-kimono-styled blouse with a female hakama-style miniskirt, combining into an outfit that consisted of both Japanese and Western styles.

After helping Kanae put on the stern outfit, Kazuki was finally relieved and sighed.

“Okay. Compared to those kinds of pajamas, you are still more suitable for this type of clothing.”

This was the real swordswoman Storm Cat.

Having said that, all swordsmen like to consider their image; nicknames, sure-kill techniques, etc.

Kazuki also once had a nickname… But, this was already something of the past.

“This kind of Nii-sama, wearing a brand-new uniform, is also very, very suitable!”

Kazuki was wearing a different style of uniform than Kanae. Because, he was entering into a different division than Kanae.

He was wearing a blazer, which had an atmosphere of high quality, made from Alchemical Silk.

A dazzling, Gem System embroidery was embroidered everywhere. The metal parts of the belt and the metal buttons were made by intertwining a precious rainbow-colored metal called Marble Metal.

This was a male uniform that generously infused the true essence of Alchemy.

“A gentle Nii-sama coupled with an intellectual blazer is really a wonderful combination. This is the type that gives me the number one feeling of wanting to hug Nii-sama. Nii-sama, I love you —— Haah, haah.”

“Calm down, Kanae. As a Hayashizaki swordsman, you cannot lose your calm… Do not breathe raggedly in front of your brother.”

“But, although my appearance of wearing the uniform was praised by Nii-sama and made me happy, Kanae further hopes that Nii-sama would be more aware of the sexy undergarments earlier. Although I am your imouto, it is only in name…”

“Exactly, because you are an imouto in name, I have to be more mindful of it.”

Kazuki, who was once an orphan, was in a position where he was accepted as an adopted son by the Prestigious Ancient Sword Skill Family —— the Hayashizaki Family.

In other words, Kanae is the daughter of the family that he owes a great debt to.

“Even if it is only kissing on the cheeks, it is fine. I want Nii-sama’s kiss. So, sad…”

Kanae revealed an expression as if she had lost a duel and whispered. She placed two kodachis on her waist. She was already accustomed to the extremely heavy weight from the real swords. She turned her gaze towards Kazuki at the side.

“Nii-sama… Although you look very cool wearing the uniform… But, as expected, you won’t be bringing your sword?”

“How can I bring it? I am not a student of the Sword Division.”

Listening to the answer that left no room for debate, Kanae angrily glared at Kazuki’s left hand.

“It is all because that damn <Enigma> suddenly emerged on Nii-sama’s left hand!”

“It is already too late to talk about it… I already left behind the feelings of the sword.”

The people with magic qualities that were recognized by Divas will be awarded an Enigma on the back of their left hand at the age of fourteen, when their magic begins to grow.

People who owned an Enigma had to enter the Magic Division to study and were destined to form a contract with a Diva.

Hayashizaki Kanae is a Swordswoman. And Hayashizaki Kazuki from today on, is a Summoning Magic User.

Part 2[edit]

Because the morning temperature had dropped a lot, a Spring mist had appeared outside.

As if it was cutting apart the haze, the Magic Light Train released a blue light and was moving on the street.

This train was the product of high level Magic and Alchemy. The material used for the train’s frame was the newly generated metal Mithril, made by Alchemy, and it had succeeded in substantially reducing the weight.

And by using the driver’s Thought Magic, to act as a support for the performance and operation, even if it was a complex urban route, it was still feasible to run it with a speed no less than on the Shinkansen.[2]

While its speed could be accelerated to 250 KMPH in a short period of time, it could also utilize the blessings of Thought Magic to reduce the weight of the train and swiftly reduce the speed as it approached the station. It would not make any noise as it stopped.

However, the production of Mithril was extremely difficult, so it was still a very valuable product. This kind of train operation was only an experimental project that was limited to within Tokyo.

—— The Magic Light Train had arrived at Knight’s Academy Station.

Kazuki and Kanae both came down from the train and onto the station platform.

Because they had left home when there was still an ample amount of time left, the figures of other freshmen were extremely limited and it was very quiet. The shopping street near the station was also the same. Aside from the convenience store, the other shops’ rolling shutter doors had not been pulled up yet.

“Nii-sama is really planning on entering the Magic Division and not the Sword Division?”

During the way to the academy from the station, Kanae asked unhappily

“…By now, there is nothing to say about it. This isn’t something I should hesitate about on the day of the entrance ceremony.” Kazuki replied.

Since humans have discovered Magic, this brand-new power, it has already been 15 years.

The cause of it was due to Alchemy.

Due to the Rosicrucian Group that sought human evolution, the Golden Dawn led by MacGregor Mathers, and Ahnenerbe Nazi Germany’s research institution; these secret organizations, that had inherited alchemy through lines of succession, finally produced a massive result 15 years ago.

That was the fruit of their research, a great red fruit, the Philosopher’s Stone.

It was produced by a mysterious Alchemist. A man-made, magical stone with an unknown creation method.

By embedding this ruby-like, red-colored stone into the human’s brain, the Magic Power of humans would awaken.

Although it is embedded, it is not directly placed into the brain through surgery. Just by placing this incredible stone on the forehead, the part that touches the skin would slowly be assimilated and gradually enter the body until it reached the brain.

Due to the appearance of the Philosopher’s Stone, the world’s order had completely changed.

Magic could not be explained through scientific theories.

Magic was not restricted by scientific theories.

Magic belonged to a higher dimension than the sciences, causing the rules to be completely ignored.

For example, when a Magic user uses Magic to cover his entire body, this layer of Magic would “Ignore” and repel all physical phenomena. This 'Defending' Magic could only be destroyed by 'Attacking' Magic or objects holding Magic.

Thus, the era had become The Era of Magic and Swords.

Police and self-defense forces had transformed into Knights composed of Swordsmen and Magic Users.

And Japan’s Knight training academy was the National Knights Academy, Caryatid.

——Which is also the school that Kazuki is about to enter to study.

“Nii-sama, who had inspired me to the way of the sword, actually entered the Magic Division… Having to enter a different dormitory than me, who belongs to the Sword Division… The Diva that gave Nii-sama an Enigma is extremely detestable…”

The Knights Academy was divided into the Sword and Magic Divisions, and implemented a complete boarding system.

Kazuki and Kanae were divided into directions of two different careers. Kanae still could not accept this result.

“What kind of purpose did that fellow, known as Diva, have to give a person like me, this kind of thing?”

Kazuki whispered quietly and raised his left hand that had the Enigma imprinted on it.

The Divas were inhabitants of an alternate world that were brought forth through Summoning Magic.

Through the vast and deep, psychological sea inside a person’s heart —— Deep down inside, there was a door that lead to another world.

Until the very end, the scientific community did not completely understand a human’s 'heart' and 'spirit'. It was through this "Door of Heart" that the body contained something that came from an alternative world.

By letting in Magic Power, this supreme feeling to be connected to the body, the current generation of humans were able to feel it.

All humans are connected to each other, through this alternative world.

The non-material, alternative world was named Astrum.

In Astrum, large amounts of Magic Power were swirling.

Inside the swirl of Magic Power lurked many <Consciousness with Personality>. They contracted with humans, and when they slept, they would move from Astrum into their dreams to communicate with them.

To form a contract with humans, there was magic that summons them to this side of the world —— Summoning Magic.

What was surprising, was that, they, who were called out from the depths of the spiritual world, had similar attitudes and names as the Gods and Demons from ancient mythologies.

Thus, they were given the name of Diva.[3]

The numerous countries all over the world all became fanatical, religious countries towards the Divas they encountered.

However, in the originally skeptical Japan, a contract with a Diva was basically controlled as a military asset.

This was because, in comparison with Normal Magics, the Divas' Summoning Magics were too powerful.

A portion of the Divas responded to the Japanese Government’s summons and selected people, who were suitable for the power, from Japanese citizens and granted them an Enigma.

Enigmas were currently under strict regulation by the country. By holding a Contract Ritual, it would become a Stigma and give the host the power of Summoning Magic.

Thus, all the people who have an Enigma have the obligation to enter the Magic Division to study.

This was in order for the precious Enigmas to not be wasted and become military strength.

And it was also in order for Summoning Magic, this dangerous power, to be completely placed under the control of the country and the academy.

—— Right now, Kazuki’s hand also harbored an Enigma, which could be interpreted as an Invitation sent by a Diva.

“I, also, did not want to become a Stigma Magic User. However, if you are granted an Enigma, it is equivalent to losing the freedom to choose your future.”

It was not exaggerated for Summoning Magic to be known as a heroic power that was equivalent to thousands of forces on a battlefield.

Normally, being awarded an Enigma absolutely shouldn’t make one frustrated, even if it made one unhappy.

“…But I, instead of a Stigma Magic User, wanted to become a Swordsman. I wanted to repay my gratitude towards my Keifu-sama, who discovered my talent for the sword while I was an ordinary orphan.”

Even if they were both Knights, the position of a Swordsman was much lower than that of a Stigma Magic User.

Although Swordsmen specialized in swift close-combat, in the end, the role they played was only that of a meat-shield to buy time for the Stigma Magic User to chant Magic.

However, Kazuki still wanted to become a Swordsman, and replace his Keifu-sama, Hayashizaki Jinkai. To let everybody in the world know the power of Hayashizaki-Ryuu Iai Jutsu was his greatest goal in life.

“However, Otou-sama actually said, 'Since you are a person that was selected, don’t continue to hold this kind of offensive dream. Do not let your life be bound by thoughts of gratitude.' So I decided to enter the Magic Division. In order to find a brand new goal.”

"So, you should also accept this reality," Kazuki said as he tapped Kanae’s head.

“It is fine if you do not worry over gratitude. But, by now, you should stop trying to be an outsider.”

Kanae issued out in an unsatisfied voice, after being tapped upon.

“Indeed. The ancient sword skills used for actual combat, that were passed from generation to generation within the Hayashizaki Family, had the goal of letting the world know the true power of the sword. Swordsmanship has always been underestimated compared to Summoning Magic. Our Magic Swords will not lose to Divas. However, for the mission of allowing the world to know the strength of Hayashizaki-Ryuu, I am enough by myself! Nii-sama’s gratitude is completely unnecessary! But!”

Kanae said up to this point, then her cheeks began to pout.

“Although it is like that, Nii-sama becoming a Stigma Magic User, I still cannot agree to it! If there is a need to say why, then it is because the match between me and Nii-sama has not yet determined the winner!!”

“If it is about the outcome… Am I not leading with 139 wins and 118 losses?”

“The match is to continue until I overtake you! Until then, we should always continue to fight!”

When Kazuki was first adopted by the Hayashizaki Family, Kanae did not recognize Kazuki as a family member.

And it was only because Kazuki had continued to hone his own sword skills, allowing his own attitude to slowly conflict with Kanae's during that period of time, that Kanae unconsciously began to call Kazuki 'Nii-sama' and started to flirt with him.

The record of 139 wins, 118 losses was the history between the two of them.

Kazuki used both hands to pinch Kanae’s pouting cheeks. The air *pufu* leaked out from Kanae’s mouth. Kazuki began to play with Kanae’s cheeks by pulling in all directions.

“N-Nii-sama… Please don’t play with your imouto’s cheeks…”

“If you are the strongest Swordsman, then I will become the strongest Stigma Magic User.”

Kanae suddenly widened her eyes. Kazuki stared at those eyes and said to her.

“So, from now on, we are still opponents. Kanae’s Magic Sword must not lose when fighting against my Summoning Magic.”

Although the path for the two had split apart, they would not lose their bond.

“…Nii-sama must become the strongest in Magic Division. The people of Hayashizaki Family cannot be anything else.”

The strongest, huh. Although, I still do not want to have anything do with this kind of thing…

While he whispered softly in his heart, Kazuki stared at the sky shrouded by the Spring mist.

Part 3[edit]

As they walked, the spring mist finally dispersed. The academy appeared under the blue sky.

The school doors made of stone, were standing in front of them. Flower beds decorated both sides of the path as it extended directly forward. In front, you could see a fountain square.

On the left of the fountain square, was a brick built mansion and a sharp tower. The classic brick structure produced a feeling that it was indeed a school for Magic Users.

Comparatively, on the right, wooden built Japanese-styled buildings were lined up closely in rows. That side was undoubtedly the dorm for swordsmen.

A school that was divided into two —— The school divided the Magic Division and the Sword Division to show a completely different perspective.

Kazuki stopped in front of the school doors and swiftly turned to face Kanae.

“So that’s it. From now on, please take care of me … Senpai.”

“Please don’t be like that! Nii-sama is obviously my beloved Nii-sama!”

“But truthfully … Kanae-neesama is older than me and is a 2nd year senpai at school.”

“K … Kanae-neesama!?” Kanae suddenly became speechlessly.

Kanae, who treated and admired Kazuki as an older brother, was in fact older than Kazuki. It was the so-called imouto that was older in age.

The reason behind this strange relationship was because Kazuki was an orphan with an unknown birth.

Kazuki was raised as a child of the same age as Kanae in the Hayashizaki family, his birthday was also celebrated on the same day as Kanae’s birthday. Because his mother from Hayashizaki family had died from a disease, Kazuki took the lead and was responsible for housework. Thus, the relationship between Kanae and Kazuki naturally became <The Caring Brother> and <The Lazy Sister>.

Enigma are something that appeared upon the selected people when they turned 14 years old.

After Kanae’s 14th birthday had approached, in the Hayashizaki Family, they had a grand celebration for the two children not having revealed an Enigma. ——However, the year after that, an Enigma appeared on Kazuki’s left hand.

Speaking of which, this was something that seemed to be impossible.

Kazuki, who always thought he was the same age as Kanae, was extremely surprised because “He was already fourteen years old!”, and the truth that Kanae, who was always “Nii-sama Nii-sama” and desperately flirting with him, was actually older was revealed.

“So that’s why I said, our relationship will not change! If it was during the time when I was stronger, it would be fine, but now since I have been overtaken and even the fact that I am older … I, it makes one angry!”

“Please become more mature, Nee-sama”

“Don’t call me Nee-sama! Kanae is Nii-sama’s imouto!!”

“Then, please show me around the school. This is the reason why we got up early and rushed over here.”

From today on, Kanae was a second year student. So she would usually live in the Sword Division’s student dormitory.

However, Kanae said that she was going to bring Kazuki around the school before the entrance ceremony, so she returned back home. Then they came to school together.

“Please rest assured and leave it to me! Then we will immediately begin by visiting the school from the Sword Division!”

“No, it is still better to bring me to visit the Magic Division. I am going to study over there.”

“How can it be … You don’t plan to go to the Sword Division now, but instead head off to the Magic Division!?”

“Don’t turn the conversation back again!”

Kazuki tapped her head, but Kanae happily revealed an “Ehehe~” expression. Just when they were performing this sibling two person show,

“President! I finally found you, president——!”

From the other side of the school door, a male’s voice came.

A bulky guy made a B line for them.

It was a guy who was cleanly dressed with short hair. He was wearing a Sword Division’s male uniform and an Odachi on his waist.

“Torazou!? Why are you here!”

Kanae revealed an expression as if she noticed a person that could not easily be dealt with.

“President, why did you not reply to the text messages I sent to you, even if I called you, no one answered!”

“This morning I have the very important duty of leading a freshman on his way, so didn’t I say to absolutely not bother me? I had conveyed this to all of you when I submitted the application to return home from school! Of course I will obviously switch off my phone!”

At this time, this person, Torazou-senpai turned his gaze towards Kazuki and revealed an “Ah!” expression.

“Even though he is a male, but he is wearing a Magic Division uniform. Could this person be the legendary…?”

The incident about Kazuki’s body having an Enigma seemed to have already spread throughout the country as top notch gossip.

The reason for that was, that it would not normally happen.

Torazo-senpai continued to stare at Kazuki. It was a slightly uncomfortable feeling.

“Hmmmmh, this person is my Nii-sama. He is super strong! He is a brother whom I am proud of!”

“The president’s older brother? Even though this person should have only entered the school this year…?”

“Although he is a kouhai, but he is still my Nii-sama! Compared to that, what business do you have for seeking me out? I will decide based on your response whether or not to cut you!”

Kanae untied the sheath, placed her hand on the handle and threatened. Torazo-senpai immediately flinched.

“S, Sorry … Inside the school’s garden, there is a person from the Magic Division that found faults with the Sword Division and created a commotion…”

“A dispute? But Torazou, you disregarded the commotion and specifically searched for me in this vast campus where my location was unclear? Could you explain?”

“Iori is waiting at the scene. Although I called your phone number, there was no response, but I recalled hearing that you were going to lead a freshman, so I didn’t bother and took a chance to look at the front of the school doors.”

“Lady Luck is with you.” Torazo-senpai smiled as he spoke, but Kanae reacted with an “Awful …” and held her head.

“… What a useless person. Stop relying on me to this extent. Can you still be considered as the 3rd place of the Student Council of the Sword Division?”

“But if president does not think of a way to solve it, then the dispute with the Magic Division will not be solved. Only the president is capable of directly fighting against the people of the Magic Division. It is not only me, who is unpromising.”

“It is that method of thinking, of taking it for granted that the Magic Division is stronger that is the most unpromising! This guy or that guy, once they come to the Sword Division, their heads are filled with thoughts of defeat!!”

After Kanae severely scolded Torazo-senpai, she turned towards Kazuki and revealed a dejected expression.

“Then, Nii-sama … I am terribly sorry … There is an emergency situation that I must attend to.”

“Although it is regrettable, since it is the Student Council’s work, it can’t be helped. The emergency over there is more important.”

“I actually made Nii-sama feel regret! As compensation, even if I have to exchange my life, I will …!”

“Don’t be too concerned about it. Good luck, senpai!”

“Really now, don’t call me senpai! … Damn, it can’t be helped. Let’s go, Torazou. What on earth is that expression of yours as if you saw something strange. Stop staring over there and make haste to the scene!”

Kanae mercilessly kicked Torazou-senpai’s butt and rushed over to the location of the dispute.

“Everyone trusts you, Kanae.”

Knight Academy’s Student Council President. That was Kanae's other side.

The Knight Academy followed the belief of meritocracy. In other worlds, Kanae was already the strongest person in the Sword Division.

“Since Kanae has already become the Sword Division’s Student Council President, I must also aim for the Magic Division’s Student Council President.”

Having a remarkable sister, the younger brother has to try hard to keep up.

Speaking of which … Kanae, who was originally planning to lead the way, was already gone.

“This side is probably the Magic Division.”

The school uses the fountain square as a dividing point, left and right were respectively split into Magic Division and Sword Division.

Kazuki headed to the Magic Division on the left side and noticed there are many buildings constructed from bricks which were neatly lined up. Although it was still early, you could still see the figures of female students scattered around.

“… Hey, that person is the legendary … It’s the one that was awarded an Enigma even though he is a male….”

“Eh, it’s him … He looks more normal than I expected. I imagined him to have a more wild-like feeling.”

“Is it a mistake? A savage male swordsman actually got mixed into the Magic Division …!”

The female students were all secretly looking at Kazuki and were quietly discussing something.

Enigma. Originally it would only be ushered onto a <Girl>’s body on their fourteenth birthday. That's because a female’s Magic Power is naturally higher than a male's.

However, Kazuki did not have a Magic Power surpassing the average standard of males. Why Kazuki obtained an Enigma was still a complete mystery. Even he himself wondered if there was something wrong.

… And those are the Magic Users that belong to the Knights?

While he walked, Kazuki noticed an abnormal tension. The atmosphere wasn't just as result of the students, but also mixed among them the female Magic Teachers, who were wearing <Magical Dress> (Decorteo Brigieux) and belonged to the Knights, also contributed.

Because it was an entrance ceremony which was responsible for the country’s future Stigma Magic Users, they had specifically sent out the understaffed Knights as a precaution.

Really now, if you carefully think about it, he had really come to an amazing place …

Truthfully, he did not have any confidence in his magic talent. Especially in Magic Power. Acquired growth is extremely rare, the pros and cons have mostly been determined from birth. Could relying on effort make up for the lack of talent?

Why am I here in this place?

In order to avoid the gazes, Kazuki headed to a bench in the shadows in order to relax.

However, after just a short while —— His vision was suddenly blocked.

“Guess —— Who am I?”

A sweet voice entered his ears, was this —— a girl covering his eyes from behind!?

Just like a scene in a romance manga. However, this was too abrupt.

“Who —— Am I? Okay, okay, say it quickly. Do you not recognize me?”

It was undoubtedly a voice he had never heard before. At the same time, he felt a soft pressure from behind. T, This feeling is……!

“Even if you want me to guess, I do not have any idea …!?”

“Quickly answer me! If you do not quickly determine who I am, I will become a yandere! This “Guess —— Who am I?” question includes a weird scene!”

“ “Guess —— Who am I?” Is it something so scary, that there is need for an ethical review!?”

“Quick—ly—— say! If you do not immediately answer, the luxurious prizes will be gone! The prize is actually a two person hot spring trip, if you answer correctly, then I will go together with you!”

“There's a prize!? What has this situation become!?”

The feeling was indeed extremely soft. Although he wanted to vent, but it could become troublesome, so Kazuki was almost confused.

“10, 9, 8, 7 … Really now, because there are no signs of answering my question, all of the middle numbers are omitted, 0! It can’t be helped, it’s time to enter the time to kill. It is fine to answer while looking at me.”

Both hands from the girl moved away from his face, Kazuki immediately turned around and looked behind.

What entered his vision was ——a tall girl with a slim figure. Although it was the slim figure of a model, but her boobs were so massive as if to tease the male heart.

From behind, her long smooth hair was flowing due to the early morning’s breeze.

Coupled with the scenery from the academy, it was as if she was a person from a painting.

The generally huge eyes sparkled like gems and stared through Kazuki.


Kazuki muttered in a daze. As long as he met this person once, he would absolutely never forget it.

“The correct answer is …It’s our first meeting!”

Kazuki, who placed out a stance, suddenly felt all his strength disappear.

“Sorry, it was because I wanted to become your friend, so it couldn't be helped.”

Her face revealed a blooming flower-like, dazzling smile. Once she smiled, the dimples on her face were revealed.

“It’s my first time meeting you. My name is Otonashi Kaguya, the silent, shining night sky[4]—— A mysterious and beautiful girl that was like an aurora and the constellations in the sky. Because my parents wanted to bring me up as such a person, so they have given me such a troubling name. A 16 year old girl who has her face filled with tears due to her small-minded name being teased around. I am your senpai.”

She placed a hand on her huge boobs, and clearly made a self-introduction.

“Uhhhh, my name is …”

“I know! You are the otouto of the Sword Division’s Student Council President, Kanae, who was awarded an Enigma, Hayashizaki Kazuki-kun!”

“Are you familiar with my older sister?”

“Our relationship is very good! And because you are a special existence, I slightly investigated it.”

“… Special, huh. Even I do not understand why I came to such a place.”

“Anyways, can you become my friend? No, please be my friend!”

Otonashi-senpai powerfully gripped Kazuki’s hand, and her face approached closer.

The gem-like eyes emitted an intense light. Due to the power of that gaze, he was pressured—— Kazuki could not help but nod his head.

“Success, I am friend number 1!”

Otonashi-senpai happily shook Kazuki’s arms.

“Then please call me Kaguya. I hope that you will use the method of directly calling your friend’s name.”

“T, that’s a bit … Please allow me to call you Kaguya-senpai.”

“Senpai … Senpai, huh. From this year on, I became a senpai. It feels somewhat embarrassing.”

Senpai’s face was filled with a smile. “By the way, how long do we have to hold hands …?”

“Incidentally why are you in such a remote location? A school adventure?”

Senpai maintained the posture of holding Kazuki’s hand and her face quickly approached as she asked.

Too close Too close, her face is pointlessly approaching too close! Seems like you could smell a certain fragrant scent!

“Until just now, my older sister was showing me around, but because of an emergency, she had to leave first. Thus, I did not know what to do and ended up hanging around here.”

“Ahahah! I know! As a replacement then, I will show you around this school! Ok——ay, speaking of Magic Division, why not first head off to the most famous attraction, the <Witch’s House>!”

Senpai shouted “Let’s go!” and pulled Kazuki’s hand. She was truly a motivated person.

Do we have to walk while holding hands? Should a male and female of this age be doing such a thing? … But Senpai showed no sign of being concerned.

And … I am a human who had devoted his life towards training swordsmanship. Therefore, I must not end up in disarray just because of a beautiful Senpai holding my hands. I will not lose!

In turn, Kazuki gripped the other’s hand, thus Kaguya senpai issued out a “WA” sound.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.01 032.jpg

“WAA! UWAH, it’s my first time experiencing this feeling. A male’s strength is rather strong. It feels like I’m being hugged!”

A calm heart. Right now I must maintain a calm heart that is even calmer than Gandhi…

However, just after they walked for a while, Kazuki sensed a strange feeling. It was rustling within his heart.

Although there was no wind, yet the air was swept away. It was as if there were signs of him being involved in a whirlpool of confusion.

Once as a swordsman, the keen sense he trained before was currently telling him about this abnormal situation.

“…This is” From inside his mind, Gandhi was blown away.

“Ara? You noticed as well? How keen. Are you the type that specializes in Perceptibility Enhancement Magic? … Yes, in a certain location, a great volume of Magic is currently flowing and causing the world to tremble.”

Due to a completely different power ——Magic, the world that was supported by physical laws, was trembling.

Yes, the confusion was not the air, but the space in the vicinity——The world, itself.

Somewhere in the academy, a large-scale magic phenomenon——Summoning Magic was currently occurring.

“Let us go investigate the situation!”

Kaguya-senpai’s expression became tense and she tightly held Kazuki’s hand as she began to run.

Part 4[edit]

Rushing to the location, it was the English-Style Garden on the outskirts of the Magic Division.

The place that was covered with overflowing green lawn, was currently filled with lights from Magic.

Two types of colored lights, red and green ——Two female students, who were wearing the Magic Division’s uniform, were currently chanting Summoning Magic. Although generally, Magic will release blue lights, but Summoning Magic is based on the Diva that was contracted and will emit a different colored light.

With the red and green colored Magic lights as the background, there was a figure that stepped onto the lawn like a dancing shadow. Although you could not see the face from behind, but the figure was holding a slightly short Japanese sword ——a Kodachi, in one hand.

The two Stigma Magic Users were currently battling with a Swordsman.

The red light began to swell. It was the pulse from a Diva that surpassed human wisdom. Right now, the world is being distorted——

“Too slow!”

However, compared to that, the figure of the Swordsman was even faster and swooped over.

At the same time, a voice with a rippling atmosphere and the sharp sound of piercing through the air “Byu!” rang out.

The instant the swordsman slashed, the swelling red light burst open and disappeared.

Even though the Magic User had deployed a blue Magic Barrier, it was blown away by the powerful impact.

The swordsman rolled over and turned to face the other Magic User.

This time, the face of the swordsman was shown. Kazuki gasped in surprise.

It was Kanae!…Although the moment he saw the Kodachi, he wondered if it was her…

“I know thy name. Thy name is Andromalius……”[5]

The female releasing a green light was chanting a spell. Andromalius is the name of the Diva she was contracted with. Her entire body was wrapped in light ——

“You are also too slow!”

With terrifying momentum, Kanae jumped and gave her a blow with her Magic Sword before the Summoning Magic activated.

This female’s blue Magic Barrier that she enacted was also blown away.

The blue colored barrier was not the power of Summoning Magic, but Normal Magic using their own Magic Power. As an emergency defense, she was forced to give up on the Summoning Magic Chant and resort to her own Magic.

The modern humans that awakened as Magic Users, when aware that they are in danger, will reflexively use Magic to cover their body in order to deny the phenomenon that will bring harm to themselves and negate it. Thus, it was rare for them to be injured.

The Magic Barrier that arises from the defensive instinct was known as <Defense Magic>.

However, if it suffered from an attack that contained Magic Power, this Defensive Magic will gradually be reduced.

A battle between Magic Users is all about reducing the opponent’s Magic Power——Which is also their Spiritual Power.

“Ara, although they did not wear the Magical Dress for <Simplified Chant> , but having their chant disrupted so easily is bad. If they wish to face against Kanae-chan, then their training is far from enough."

Kaguya-senpai quietly said beside Kazuki. Could this senpai be a person with great strength?

The two girls stood up and, once again, began to chant.

“Hmph. You want to be cut by me a thousand times until your Magic Power runs out!”

Kanae’s face revealed a smile that was just like the incarnation of a battle maniac, and pulled out her second Kodachi. The two sword style was the sign of Kanae becoming serious. Then she pounced over again like a cat——

“Stop right here!” Kaguya-senpai, who was watching the developments on the side, issued a loud cry.

The Magic Lights were once again interrupted. Kanae also stopped her own actions.

“In other words, it was the two Magic Division students over there …Ogiwara-san and Sato-san, who were refusing to give way to the Sword Division students, that created a dispute. Thus, the Sword Division students intervened to mediate, did they not?”

After the battle stopped, the three Sword Division students that were observing the situation in a sheltered location, appeared one by one.

Revealing a frightened expression, Torazou-senpai and another female student that seemed to be in the Sword Division Student Council explained the situation to Kaguya-senpai.

Kazuki stood beside senpai and carefully listened to the development of the situation.

“It is not something as cute as mediating! That woman suddenly used her sword and chopped over here!”

The Magic Division student that released the red light, roared as she retorted.

“In the first place, was it not you two, who used Summoning Magic on the Sword Division students?"

“That was only a slight warning. Even though it is obviously the territory of the Magic Division, these people continued to resist.”

“Did you only plan it as a warning? Sato-san.”

Kaguya suspiciously asked the female student that was called Sato-san.

“You actually said it was a warning? Don’t joke around. It was probably because you wanted to test the Summoning Magic you’ve just learned and specifically came here to cause trouble. Speaking of which, recently the Magic Division people, like criminals on the street, have used the Sword Division students as experimental subjects and caused trouble. In the earlier period, there were also students that became unconscious!”

Unconscious, in other words, they suffered from a powerful Magic attack.

In the face of threats, Magic Users would instinctively deploy Defense Magic, but there was also a limit.

When Magic Users felt that their own Magic Power could not protect their bodies, they would open the <Heart of Door> and attempt to draw out large Magic Power from Astrum.

Although through this method, they would temporarily have Magic Power that exceeded their body’s limits, but as the cost for it, their consciousness would be dragged into Astrum and they would become unconscious.

This unconscious phenomenon was known as <Magic Drunk>. If the symptoms were severe, their consciousness would be unable to return from Astrum. The Heart of Door would also be damaged and cause their spirit to become unstable.

“People fainted!? I did not hear that such a thing has happened……!?”

“That is because the teachers in Magic Division hid the incidents up. The Sword Division students that suffered from Summoning Magic were requested to swallow their frustrations and were not allowed to make a big commotion. Only recently, I have begun to grasp the situation.”

“…Were you two planning on doing such things as well?”

“We did not think about doing such things! You only listened to what the Sword Division was saying!? Aren’t we the ones that suffered an attack from the criminals on the street!”

The person that released the red light ——Ogiwara-san retorted. Listening to what she was saying, as there was no third party other than the Sword Division, it was impossible to figure out what had happened.

“Just because there is no evidence, it cannot be treated as a case. Based on this side, the only punishment method is to beat them up here until they cannot get at this place. If they were beaten up by the people in Sword Division, then they could learn to endure their disgrace.”

“Kanae-chan, you too, please don’t use this kind of violence as a solution!”

“Don’t call me Kanae-chan! Don’t act like you are familiar with me!”

Towards Kaguya-senpai’s and Kanae’s attitude, Kazuki was somewhat surprised.

Although Kaguya-senpai had said that they were friends…it feels that this atmosphere was very suspicious.

“Even if there are no means that could directly address this situation, I also think that we should not resort to violence in order for the long-term vision of improving relationship between the two Divisions. If we do this, sooner or later…”

Even though Kaguya-senpai delivered a passionate speech, Kanae bit her teeth and denied her opinion.

“Don’t talk about nonsense. You think the Sword Division students that were treated as experimental subjects for Summoning Magic will accept this?”

The one that emitted a green light, Sato-senpai, also shrugged with a mocking expression.

“Sword Division, this inferior species suddenly cutting over here. It is impossible to improve relations.”

Listening to her remarks, Kaguya-senpai sharply gazed at her.

“Speaking of which, your Sword Division is inferior, threatening us to move away, this kind of attitude…!”

However, Sato-senpai only “ Yes, yes, I know” and interrupted senpai’s words.

“You say you want the Magic Division and Sword Division to become friendly? …If it’s me. Although I acknowledge your strength, but this I cannot agree with your perspective. Even though we were obviously the victim here.”

Sato-senpai swiftly turned around. Ogiwara-senpai also followed to do so.

“ Making “Us that obtained a Stigma” and the Sword Division equal, that is what is truly unfair.”

Kazuki, who was watching the situation develop, frowned…Anyways, it feels that these people were too arrogant.

Stigma. Was it really something that special?

“Hmmph, what amazing Stigma Magic User-sama. Even though it was two together, yet they were beaten by a swordsman easily.”

Kanae sneered and provoked. The two of them instantly paled and then turned over.

“That was…because you suddenly slashed over here, okay! That is basically the same as plotting against others!”

“If it was based on the form of a <Duel>, then we would not have had our chant so easily disrupted by you!?”

“So you are saying that the gentlemen-like Magic Users could only fight on a battlefield when they are fully prepared. Speaking of which, you Magic Division fellow, even if I request a duel, you would not even accept it, right?”

“That is because even if a Magic Division student wins against a Swordsman Division student, our ranks will not increase! In other words, what Swordsman Division, they are completely not within our sights!”

While dropping this sentence, the two of them left the garden.

“…I’m really unhappy, I was not able to fight until I fully enjoyed it” and so on, Kanae muttered some dangerous sounding words.

Towards Kanae, who was like this, the male Sword Division student, who was picked upon, bowed his head down.

“President, I’m really sorry. Because I am too weak, I caused trouble for you.”

Torazou-senpai gently held his shoulder.

“President, I’ll send this person over to the teacher’s office. And I’ll submit the report about the incident and the victim.”

“I feel that it is futile. I already am only interested in catching those who caused harm and beat them down onto the ground.”

“I have been sick and tired of it , really.” Torazou-senpai whined and brought the male student away.

It seems that little girl member of the Student Council also chased after him.

——Waiting until they left, Kanae’s head turned swiftly towards Kazuki’s direction.

“Nii-sama~♪ Nii-sama actually took the initiative to find me!”

Kanae seemed like a completely different person and issued out a sweet voice as she pounced over here. Kaguya-senpai’s eyes widened.

“Nii-sama? Isn’t Kazuki-kun Kanae’s otouto?”

“Although physically, he is my otouto, but spiritually, he is my nii-san.”

After Kaguya-senpai scratched her head “I see, although I do not understand”, she turned around and faced Kanae.

“Speaking of which, Kanae. That kind of violence is not allowed! You should think of a more peaceful method instead!”

“What, so you are still here? Don’t casually talk with me.”

“…Aren’t you two friends?”

“Who is friends with this person. I only, as the Student Council President of the Sword Division, had to greet this person…Because this person is the Magic Division Student Council President.”

Kazuki was suddenly dumbfounded. ——In other words, this person is the strongest Stigma Magic User in Magic Division!

“This girl is currently the Magic Division Student Council President, <Nightmare Bringer>, Otonashi Kaguya !”

Kaguya-senpai proudly straightened her chest.

“Why is Nii-sama together with this fellow?”

Towards Kanae’s question, the one that replied was not Kazuki, but Kaguya-senpai.

“Because I noticed this new student was walking very lonely within the school, so I decided to bring him around the school.”

“Nii-sama was lonely!? Sorry, Nii-sama! Kanae will absolutely never abandon Nii-sama again! Come, let’s ignore this fellow and continue our date while visiting the academy.”

Kanae hugged Kazuki’s arm and pulled with force.

“Ah, wait a minute. I’m also bringing him around!”

Within a hairbreadth, Kaguya-senpai also grabbed onto his other arm. Pe~! …What on earth was that Pe~ feeling.

“Nii-sama! Just now in a Unyou-like time, your expression suddenly became indecent and relaxed! What made you so happy!? Could it be that this fellow’s cow-like boobs made you feel happy!?"

The so-called “Unyou” was a speed unit used in Ancient Style Swordsman Skills. The instant the lightning from above flashed in the sky was recorded as “Unyou”. In other words, it was so fast that the eyes could not perceive it. It was the territory of a God.

“I, I did not reveal any indecent expression! This kind of thing never disturbed my heart!”

“Boobs?” After Kaguya-senpai froze for a while, she noticed that her own boobs were currently pressing onto Kazuki’s arm. Then she said “Sorry, you must hate it” and hurriedly pulled away. Although I did not exactly hate it…

Kanae also seemed to confront this and pressed her boobs onto Kazuki’s arm. Flat!

…What was that flat feeling from earlier.

“Why is it when it’s my turn, it is not indecent, but an expression of regret…”


“Boobs will only get in the way. I also want to become slim and cool like Kanae-chan.”

Kanae’s expression had suddenly become like an Asura. It was a face of a swordsman filled with killing intent.

“Go die! DIE FASTER, YOU STUPID MEAT WOMAN! Speaking of which, Nii-sama and I already made an appointment long ago, so don’t just shamelessly get involved! Go away to your side! Your boobs should also fall apart!”

“But I am also currently bringing this child around! And this child is a freshman in our Magic Division! If it is only Kanae-chan, I think it is impossible to bring him around effectively…Ah, right.”

Saying up to here, Kaguya, pon[6], and clapped her hands. Then she, once again, held onto Kazuki’s hand.

“Shouldn’t Kanae-chan, who does not have any intention to peacefully get along with Magic Division, be the one to get away from my Magic Division freshman?”

“What!” *Buchin!*[7] From Kanae’s head, the sound of a blood vessel bursting apart could be heard.

“Magic Division students should be led by the Magic Division Student Council President, what do you say, Kazuki-kun?”

“No, even if you ask me…!”

“Nii-sama… Compared to the Magic Division, Nii-sama is a person more suitable for the Sword Division! Nii-sama and I are not at fault, it is the world that is at fault! Diva, you baka!!”

Kanae’s body began to tremble, while she activated enhancement magic, she fiercely pulled Kazuki’s hand.

Kazuki, who nearly fell down due to the momentum, also activated enhancement magic to resist.

“Don’t use Magic! This is still the morning of the first day of school, isn’t using Magic Power a waste!?”

From the other side, senpai also “EiiEii”[8] and pulled onto Kazuki’s arm.

“This is my Nii-sama! This is my Nii-sama!”

“Right now, we are a trio with very good relationship! Or is this my delusion?”

Kanae cried out. Kaguya-senpai began to enjoy this situation. What on earth was this.

…In the end, it seems like there was no way to let them bring him around the school.

Part 5[edit]

At the Fountain Square, the Magic Division’s entrance ceremony finally began.

Speaking of entrance ceremony, Were it a normal school, the principal should be the first one up for a rather long speech…However, in front of all the neatly arranged freshmen, the one on the platform was the Student Council President, Kaguya-senpai.

Her face had a serious expression that was completely different from before. She was wearing a robe that almost covered her entire body.

“——The world is currently being eroded by myths.”

In front of the microphone, Kaguya-senpai began to speak such words.

As the peak of Magic for a human was when they were 20 years old, it would begin to decay afterwards. Based on this fact, compared to the principal, perhaps Kaguya-senpai was more suitable for the task to deliver an important speech at the entrance ceremony.

Although the adults can teach, but they are not powerful Magic Users.

In this academy, the strongest Magic User was her —— Otonashi Kaguya.

“Because of the Philosopher’s Stone brought by the <Dawn of the Almighty Wisdom>, the world was forced to change. The power that ruled the world passed from Science to Magic. The balance of power between each country in the world had also undergone tremendous changes. Moreover, Magical Beast had also appeared and began to attack humans. Right now, our current world is becoming relatively similar to the fantasies of myths that were once widely spread.”

——The world was currently being eroded by myths.

Science and laws of physics were already not the absolute truth.

From the secret groups, <Rosicrucian Group>, <Golden Dawn> and <Ahnenerbe>, that had inherited the thoughts and technology, they claim to be the legitimate Alchemy organization <Dawn of the Almighty Wisdom>.

The person that acted as the leader was known as <Basileus Basileon>[9]. He was a strange person that published the results of producing a Philosopher’s Stone 15 years ago. In order to protect themselves from the threat of Magic, the Philosopher’s Stone was imported into the countries at an alarming speed.

Because the Dawn of the Almighty Wisdom had sold the Philosopher’s Stone at a high price, they ruled the world.

“Although Japan has luckily been listed as a <Magically Advanced Country>, but facing the aggression from other countries, we cannot think lightly of this and sit back and relax. The Knights are currently seeking for a stronger fighting force than now. This responsibility also falls upon us, who will be responsible as future Knights.”

The Dawn of the Almighty Wisdom had expanded to the extent where it could rule the world. However, an internal power struggle had led to their leader Basileus Basileon's death.

The Dawn of the Almighty Wisdom that expanded over the entire world, suddenly lost its unity and fell apart in an instant. Each country’s government immediately tried to seize this opportunity and absorb the legacy of the Dawn of the Almighty Wisdom.

Then, the 7 countries with most Magic User, meaning that they had purchased the most Philosopher’s Stone, as the <Seven Magically Advanced Country>, had inherited the ruling position of the world.

However, Basileus Basileon’s body had still not yet been found.

“Just as everybody knows, we, Japan, have established a system with the Israel myth’s <Solomon’s 72 Pillars of Demons>. However, the other 6 countries have established relationships with <Very Different Divas>. The combat capability gap between the 7 countries is in a completely evenly matched state. Although currently on the surface, we are at peace. However, we do not know when a Magically Advanced Country will trigger the <Battle of Myths>. It would not be strange if it does happen.”

The 7 Magically Advanced Countries ——Japan, United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, Russia and China. Each country’s Knights had inherited the legacy of the Dawn of the Almighty Wisdom and had earned the help of Divas from completely different Myths.

The other countries were different from Japan. They had gotten the power of Divas through <Faith>.

There was no knowing when the Divas might break the balance and cause the 7 countries to be in danger. This was the truth about the temporary peace.

“Not only abroad, but also within the country, there exist the threat of <Illegal Magic Users> that abuse Magic for crimes. They were tempted by the evil Divas, who have evil intentions, and formed an <Illegal Contract>, allowing that power to rampage uncontrollably. At the same time, the Knights are also a police organization. They are forced to manage these Illegal Magic Users.”

The Divas that harbor evil intentions towards human would contaminate the human’s spirit as the reward for their power.

Because these things were extremely risky, within Japan, all Diva contracts outside of the Solomon’s 72 Pillars of Demons were strictly prohibited.

The past Illegal Magic Users had once made Tokyo become ruins.

“In addition, cracks suddenly appeared in the world and the Magic from Astrum leaked out, producing <Magical Beasts> and <Spirits>. These phenomenon known as <CancerExtraordinary Malignant Spot> had also started to occur. The spaces, where the Magical Beasts are concentrated at, will become contaminated by Magic Power and be known as <Magic Land>. This allows the Magical Beast produced by the Cancer to appear more frequently. Defeating these Cancer is also an important job for the Knights.”

Accompanying the death of Basileus Basileon, the production method of the Philosopher’s Stone had been lost.

However, the amount of Magic Users in the world had increased. As if it had been triggered, naturally awakened Magic Users began to appear.

In the countries known as the Magically Advanced Countries, basically all their citizens had become Magic Users.

Then as the amount of Magic Users increased, the phenomenon known as Cancer had also increased in proportion. When the amount of Magical Beasts increased, the spaces would be contaminated and gradually turn into Magic Land.

Magic will bring forth more Magic. Just like this the world was currently being eroded by Magic.

Humans would sometimes even start to miss the <Era where Science was Everything to the World>.

The fact that they obtained the Philosopher’s Stone. To humans, was it really an evolution that should be welcomed…?

“Aggression from Foreign Countries, Illegal Magic Users, Cancer…Dealing with these three big threats is the mission of the Knights. However, there is nothing for us to fear. Because we, the people here right now, have the power to defeat these threats. Everybody should be proud of themselves ——Everyone here has been selected by the Solomon’s 72 Pillars of Demons. As <Knights> and heroes of this new world, we are cadets with fame!”

Solomon’s 72 Pillars of Demons. In the past, they had obeyed King Solomon and helped established the Country of Israel. The Demons of this kind of Myth were Demons, yet they assisted the humans at the same time.

They were Divas who really had friendly relationships with Japan.

“I hope that everybody will be able to cultivate their abilities and the overly powerful strength known as Summoning Magic in this academy while having a Knight’s spirit and a strong sense of honor. With great power comes great responsibilities…Even if we say these to you, towards everybody, who were still ordinary middle school students yesterday, there should not be any realistic feeling…”

After saying up to here, Kaguya-senpai suddenly stopped and began to chant an incantation.

“I know thy name…Thy name is Asmodeus[10]…Thy power is the omnipotent desires. Comply with the contract, obey my command, and display thy power!”

Kaguya-senpai drew out a spell and allowed her spirit to connect with Astrum. The interior of her robe released a purple light…This is Summoning Magic!

Beside Kaguya-senpai, a large amount of light appeared and the light was shaking and twisting.

——Shortly, it became the unusual outline of a form that could not be distinguished as a human or Magical Beast.

To summarize it in one word, what Kaguya-senpai had summoned was a <Witch>. Her entire body was wearing black clothes. From her head, a crooked horn was grown and on her shoulders, a cow and lamb head was placed. It was an unusual witch.

“Kukuku, Student Council President. You actually called me out to perform this kind of acrobatics, what an amazing fellow, my cute Kaguya. Forget it, based on your honor, I will help you out once.”

One of the Pillars of Solomon’s 72 Pillars of Demons, Asmodeus. At the same time, it was an existence, along with Lucifer, Beelzebub and the others, that ranked as the <Hell’s 7 Great Kings> that manages the <Seven Deadly Sins>.

This was Otonashi Kaguya —— This was the school’s strongest Student Council President’s Contracted Diva?

From afar, *gishigishi*, *gishigishi*[11]…this kind of sound came.

—— What issued the 'gishigishi' sound was a cage car. Just like a huge cage in a zoo placed on wheels. An awe-inspiring female student transported it to the square.

The female students beside Kazuki looked at the thing inside the cage car and immediately “Huh!” and let out a frightened voice.

In the cage, a <Dragon>’s big body was folded unhappily. The golden light lines tied up the dragon’s limbs, stripping its freedom. This was probably Binding Magic.

The so-called dragon was a type of Magical Beast. The Magical Beasts that appeared from Astrum all had fantasy-like appearances that seemed to have come out from myths —— and attacked humans.

This was different from the instinct of a wild beast attacking other animals for food. It was unrelated to whether the Magical Beast was hungry or not. Compared to their other desires, they would place priority on attacking humans.

The Magical Beast was not a part of the ecosystem and was obviously an enemy of mankind.

And they only existed to contaminate spaces and summon new Magical Beasts from Astrum.

It was not something to let live and then use for acrobatics.

The cage car was moved up in front of the freshman. There was probably a distance of ten meters when it stopped.

The female student, who had completed the delivery, walked onto the platform and stood next to Kaguya-senpai.

She was probably one of the members of the Magic Division’s Student Council.

“…The shackles of constellation, let the day’s operation be restarted again…Stars binding the day release”

The microphone slightly captured her chanting a short spell. Then, the golden light lines that bounded the dragon’s body seemed to dissolve into the air and disappeared.

The Binding Magic was released…What was that senpai planning to do!?

“…Even if there is no realistic feeling yet, but if we do not allow you to understand, it will be very troublesome…”

Kaguya-senpai used a calm tone and continued her speech.

The dragon seemed to be confirming what had happened to its body and turned its head around. When its eyes reflected the large amount of humans it should attack, just like it was venting its anger from being tied up, it fiercely smashed the steel bars.

  • Gan*! The door of the cage was smashed open. The locks were not even in place originally!


The fierce roar that caused the air to ,biribiri, and vibrate made all the students tremble.

With a green-colored sheen that only reptiles have on their body, it rushed out from the cage car.

On its back, wings with many sections, similar to bats, expanded greatly. The dragon with its great body that was probably 5 meters in length swooped over like a bullet —— directly at the freshman.

At the same time, noticing a powerful Magic Flow, Kazuki turned his gaze towards Kaguya-senpai who was standing at the platform.

——A great amount of purple light, dazzling enough to burn Kazuki’s retina was shining.

“The thought that burns my chest, portray this world as a living hell……!”

Compared to the time at the garden, an enormous difference in Magic swirled around like a whirlpool, senpai’s long hair and robe was fluttering in the winds and was lifted up.


The dragon opened its huge mouth that had many murderous teeth and it seemed like it was about to pounce over to the closest students!

At this moment, Kaguya-senpai’s spell chant ended.

“Thou art a demon king of wicked desires! The incarnation with an obsession that brings forth tragedy, let thy long-cherished wish…pain this entire world! ——Hell’s Thought Flames! (Guernica)”

“Kukukukuku!” From the cow and lamb heads on Asmodeus’s shoulders that was stretched out, just like vomiting, the two heads ejected a large flame.

The dragon was surrounded by flames and squirmed in the air. In front of the foremost students, in a place not so far in front of them.

Hell’s Flames. they revealed a red black color just like blood. Like tentacles, they continued to entangle and wrap around it. The scales that were hard as iron were gradually melted into liquid like candy.

…What is this. No —— It was a different dimension in terms of high temperature.

The Hell’s Flame caused the dragon’s head and bones to melt into a mess and then to evaporate.

In just a short period of time, the dragon’s body disappeared. Even the remains soon disappeared.

“Kukuku, when you need me next time, feel free to call me, my cute Kaguya…”

Asmodeus once again turned into light particles and disappeared.

“This is Summoning Magic. This is the power that everybody will begin to obtain from now on.”

Looking at the freshmen, Kaguya-senpai continued to speak. This was such an unscientific scene.

Causing the very existence to be denied, covering it and eliminating it, the red black flames.

Transporting the dragon over was just a show to demonstrate the power of Summoning Magic.

Although Summoning Magic is something that everybody could see on television…Should it be because Kaguya-senpai was too amazing, or was it because the breathtaking scene was being shown in front of their own eyes? No matter which one it was, the freshmen all held their breath.

“Please constantly ask yourself, “What is this Power used for”. This power should only be used by a person who could feel honor from their heart of justice. Great honor, responsibility and consciousness…Please allow me to use the words above to give a final gift to all of you.”

The sound of applause suddenly rang out. Because they would be able to obtain such strength, the freshmen became passionate.

However, among this, Kazuki was aware. Aware of ——his own emptiness.

The thought of praying for such strength, he had never had it. Suddenly lodging such ferocious strength inside this kind of person one day ——What a terrible thing.

I only wanted to repay the debt to the family that adopted me, who was alone.

“In other words, you are a person not satisfied with just being a Hayashizaki swordsman. Do not become such a small person. There is no need for you to be bounded by gratitude for your entire life.”

However, I, it was not for the sake of justice or peace, these kinds of vague ideas…

I only wanted to be praised by you and Kanae, only just like that…

As if he was terrified of the foreboding of a huge fate, Kazuki’s gaze fell onto his left hand.

——What on earth gave the insignificant me an Enigma…?

Chapter 2 - The Witch's House[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The number of people that newly obtained an enigma was a constant number of 144 each year.

Although there were a few girls that avoided the obligation to enter the school, basically everyone would be completely gathered here from within the country in order to become a freshman in the Magic Division. This was the obligation of the people who obtained an enigma.

In the Magic Division, these 144 people would be placed in the same school year and divided into three classes with a total of 38 people per class.[12]

After the entrance ceremony, the results of the class placement was revealed. Kazuki was assigned to the 1st year 2nd Class.

The classroom seating arrangement was based according to the gojūon’s[13] sequence attendance number, the eighth row’s <Hayashizaki> Kazuki’s seat was directly in the middle of the classroom.

Just when he sat down onto the seat, Kazuki was overwhelmed by the focused gazes and whispers from all directions.

Gazes of curiosity, vigilance and exclusion——And other various feelings suddenly emerged towards Kazuki.

However, because there was already nowhere for him to escape, there was no better method but to face it indifferently.

“Good morning, you group of trash! Nice to meet you!”

At the same time an arrogant voice sounded out, the classroom door opened with a powerful momentum. A blonde girl appeared.

Kazuki could not believe his own eyes, and everybody in the class was in an uproar.

What entered was a girl, with a height of around 140 cm, in a suit. In comparison to the image of the word <Female Teacher>, she had a small size body like a mini dachshund.

That face. No matter who, they would feel that she was only an elementary student. However, just like a prank, that child swiftly walked up in front of the blackboard, passed it and sat on the special seat of a teacher.

The sharp pupils that looked around the inside of the room were green. Her legs were also extremely slender.

“…WAHH, so cute!”

“Just like a doll!”

Inside the classroom, overexcited voices echoed everywhere.

“Hey, who was the one that just said cute!? Stand up for me!!”

She, *ban,ban,ban*[14], hit the podium. With a clear and sharp voice, she issued out a roar.

“…My name is Liz Liza Westwood. I was born in the birthplace of Magic, England. Listen up! I am here to make you trashes become independent knights. You should be honored!”

Was this person really the class teacher…No, perhaps a person, who is able to serve as a teacher in the Knights Academy, could not be judged from their appearance.

“Although I may look more or less young, but this is due to a certain accident, as a result my growth has been slowed down. Although I have already retired, but I still have the appropriate practical experience. Don’t take on an attitude of looking down on me. Anyways, this class…Che, what a troublesome class”

Liz Liza-sensei violently smacked her lips and her gaze stayed on Kazuki.

“Before things become troublesome, I should properly say it to all of you. That is an existence that is not worthy of your attention. More than so, he is completely an <E-Rank> trash. We, the teaching staff, have no expectations towards that guy. Don’t be mistaken.”

After hearing that the male student, who was the focus of attention, was an E-Rank, the classroom suddenly became even noisier.

That phrase was filled with provocative intent, it made Kazuki feel displeased and he could not help but refute against that tiny teacher.

“I did not misunderstand anything…And, I do not plan on remaining at E-Rank.”

The so-called E-Rank was the results of the exams before entering the school.

The freshmen of Magic Division are asked to test the amount of Magic Power they had as well as an actual test on normal Magic.

The Normal Magic that manipulates your own Magic Power was divided into 5 systems: <Psychokinetic Magic>,<Pyrokinesis Magic>, <Physical Enhancement Magic>, <Perceptibility Enhancement Magic> and <Telepathic Magic>.

However, Kazuki, who was always aiming to be a swordsman, had only trained the Physical Enhancement Magic and Perceptibility Enhancement Magic. On the contrary, he was surrounded by elites, who were born with extensive Magic Power and were aiming to be a Stigma Magic User.

Thus, Kazuki had gotten E-Rank, the worst grade.

“A good answer. It seems that he, himself, understands his own situation clearly. The rest of you should also not cry out in excitement because there is a special person, a male…Although saying that, do not bully him. Because all of you are still not independent enough. There is no spare time to underestimate others. Everyone should focus on their goal of improving themselves!”

Although her tone was poor, it seems like she was a person who did not want Kazuki to be made a fool of.

“…Also, in our class, aside from the only E-Rank in the grade, the only two A-Rank in the grade are also present. Are they throwing the top-level students and the last-place student to this competent teacher? Che, this is really the worst class.”

“Yes! I am the A-Rank Amasaki Mio!”

The student, who was number one in the attendance number, suddenly stood up and with a crashing sound.

Although Kazuki could only see the back from his seat, but he could see the honey-colored twintails fluttering and shaking around.

“As the daughter from the noble magician family, the Amasaki household, I have the goal of becoming the strongest Magic User——That is, the Student Council President! I will not lose to anyone! Everybody, please take care of me!”

“…I did not let you introduce yourself. Sit down, you self-centered trash!”

After Liz Liza-sensei finished saying this in amazement, Mio sat down obediently.

A-Rank. This phrase made the classroom become noisy again.

"There are only two A-Ranks in the grade, yet both of them are actually in this class, how amazing!”

“Who is the other A-Rank?”

“Sensei, which one is the other A-Rank?”

Just when a student, who courageously raised her hand to ask, appeared, a sigh came from behind Kazuki.

“…Nonsense. The results of the rank before forming a contract with a Diva, there is no meaning to it.”

Liz Liza-sensei nodded towards the rear of Kazuki.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.01 055.jpg

“It’s the other A-Rank, Hiakari Koyuki, right? Yes, it is just like what Hiakari said.”

Kazuki turned around and looked. He could only see an otherworldly girl there.

The impression that she gave off was the color white ——or rather, silver white. Her silver-colored hair sparkled. The color of her skin was also white as snow.

Long ears extended from both side of her expressionless face…It was an extremely beautiful <Elf>!

The so-called Elf, it is a human whose state of existence had been distorted due to the effects of the Magic they had within themselves.

That posture was beautiful, just like a fantasy. It gave off an impression that the inhabitants of myths had already been brought here in real time.

Because they hold a far greater Magic Power than average females, it was said that many could communicate with spirits. Although there were still many aspects of the ecology of elves that were not understood compared to the Magical Beast…

Due to this special trait, within these 15 years, elves were the object of prejudice and discrimination.

The gazes that were thrown over to this side earlier, perhaps it included the gazes towards the child behind him.

“Is there something on my body, E-Rank? Am I such a rare thing?”

The monotone voice was scolding Kazuki’s gaze. Looks like he had stared at her for a long period of time…If that’s the case, he could also not blame the surrounding girls that had constantly been looking at him.

“Sorry…Iya, because I felt that you were so beautiful. In the places such as the hair…”

In order to prevent her from misunderstanding that he was treating her as an exotic animal, he accidentally blurted out the embarrassing truth. In fact, the amount of time he watched her fascinated should be fairly long.

“I’m beautiful? …You are treating me as a monster, right?”

Koyuki felt that it was inconceivable and tilted her head. Because of this action, her silver-colored hair brushed against each other and sparkled.

“Saying such insincere words to conceal your attitude, it is really disgusting.”

…Why would you think like that? Is it because you are an elf?

Kazuki generated feelings close to anger and could not help but raise his voice.

“I did not say any insincere words! I really think that you are beautiful!”

Koyuki’s expression changed for the first time. Her eyes widened. She held her breath and whispered.

“…Anyways, it would be better if you turn your head to the front.”

After issuing an idiotic “Eh?” sound, Kazuki finally remembered the time and location.

“Hey, E-Rank trash, trying to flirt with girls when I’m talking. Are you kidding?”

For a while, the eyes of all the people in the classroom was focused on Kazuki. Liz Liza-sensei was angry to the extent that her veins were twitching.

“S, sorry…” Kazuki lowered his shoulders and hurriedly turned his head back to the front.

Kazuki hated discrimination. He could not help but lose his cool. As expected, his training was far from enough.

“…Strange guy.” Muttering sounds from behind clearly came over.

“I seem to have some misunderstanding about your gaze. But I…Towards a person, who could praise others as beautiful face-to-face, I…also don’t know how to respond. So please do not stare at me.”

Liz Liza-sensei adjusted her state and continued to speak.

“Just as Hiakari had said, the current ranks do not have much meaning. Your ranks would constantly change during your school life. And, compared to Summoning Magic, Normal Magic is useless. After your Enigma has turned into a Stigma, your struggle will officially begin.”

Compared to the Summoning Magic that requires a lot of time and concentration, Normal Magic that uses your own Magic Power lacked destructive power.

Thus, the only Normal Magic that could be used in combat were the defensive Magic that reflexively protected your body and the supportive Physical Enhancement Magic.

Typically, the Normal Magic such as Psychokinesis Magic were used for <Alchemy> to reconstruct the items from the <Roots of the Particles>. It was used to make everyday life more convenient.

To us, what was more important was the Summoning Magic that was more suitable for combat. This would depend on the future.

——For me, goals, the use of power, these kind of things did not exist.

However, remaining at the obsolete E-Rank is not acceptable.

A Contract with a Diva. I was slightly looking forward to it.

“Having said that, contracting with a Diva is based on the class order, so while we are waiting, let us have a self-introduction. Then, let’s begin from the seating number #1…Although I want to say that, but since Amasaki has already introduced herself, let’s forget it.”

“P, Please wait! I only said so little content, it is not enough for everybody to understand!”

“Your character features has already been adequately communicated to everybody, Amasaki-san from the noble magician family.”

After hearing Liz Liza-sensei’s sarcasm, the classroom burst into laughter, but Mio ignored all of this and stood up.

Her large eyes sparkled and following her turning movements, her two ponytails drew an arc.

The instant she turned around ——It made everybody have the feeling that the cherry blossoms were in full bloom.

“I am the future Student Council President, Amasaki Mio! My hobbies are drawing, writing poems and also knitting! My specialty is of course, Magic!” The loud voice was active again.

Mio, who looked around the classroom, met eyes with Kazuki’s and those large eyes suddenly widened.

Then, her expression suddenly brightened up and she, *pata,pata*[15] waved. It was as if she was reunited with someone important and her cheeks had also turned as red as an apple.

…Is she waving towards me? Kazuki was at a loss and looked behind to confirm the situation.

It could be that she was waving in response to someone behind me.

However, behind Kazuki, only an expressionless Koyuki was there.

Kazuki was confused and once again turned back to the front. He watched Mio’s symmetrical face turn unsightly and with an unhappy voice, she said “That’s all I have to say!” and, *dosun*[16] ,sat back onto her seat.

…What had just happened? Being mistaken about the person…and the like, this kind of situation should be impossible.

——Afterwards, the self-introduction also smoothly moved forward.

Because Mio had said her hobbies and specialty, the classmates all copied that format and introduced themselves.

Gradually, the atmosphere became relaxed. Conversations were produced towards hobbies, “I also like that! Let us be friendly with each other!” and towards the specialty “Amazing!”.

It was the active atmosphere of a female high school. Then, it was finally Kazuki’s turn.

“I am Hayashizaki Kazuki. Although I am an E-Rank, but I will work hard! My hobbies are training, washing clothes and cooking.”

Sounds of laughter echoed from within the classroom. Having a hobby such as washing clothes and cooking seemed to be very surprising.

His specialty was, what? Because aside from saying his <Specialty was sword skills.>, he could not think of any other words, so he said it just like this.

“Even though he is in Magic Division…yet he said sword skills.”

The instant Kazuki said this phrase out, the classroom had become a cynical atmosphere immediately.

“What is that, just like an idiot.”

The person who said this without hiding it ——was the earlier Amasaki Mio.

“What about sword skills, there is no value in it in the Magic Division. In the traditional Ancient Style Sword Skill Family there was a male, who had the goal of becoming a swordsman, yet obtained an enigma…Although I have heard this kind of news, but haven’t you already entered the Magic Division? Even though you will become a Stigma Magic User, do you still have lingering feelings towards the sword skills? Although you are an E-Rank and the last place, but you know sword skills, how unsightly!”

After hearing the phrase <Lingering Feelings towards Sword Skills>, Kazuki felt that his chest was brutally stabbed.

…No, even so, <Sword Skills have no value> this phrase was also too much!

“Hayashizaki. In the Magic Division, the moment Sword Skills or the like are said, there will be no one that would give you a good look. This is the place where Magic elites gather. Not only do they hold a sense of rivalry, most of the people look down upon Sword Skills. Perhaps you feel that it is impossible to accept, but this is that kind of place. There is no helping it. Tell this to yourself. Sit down.”

When Kazuki wanted to retort, Liz Liza-sensei preemptively put an end to it.

…What is this? While his thoughts were left inside his heart, Kazuki returned to his seat.

Mio stared at Kazuki without looking away. After her eyes met with his, she immediately pulled a long face and turned to the front again.

…Indeed, the Summoning Magic he saw at the entrance ceremony was very amazing.

But, in order to activate that large Magic, the amount of time required to chant was long. If you are on the battlefield, it made one feel that it was fatal.

If that’s the case…Even Sword Skills could have a bout with it, right?

He did not know about the other Sword Skills, but if it was the Hayashizaki-Ryuu that he and Kanae were taught by his adoptive father…

“Compared to the me that has a greater amount of magic power only because I am female, I feel that the Sword Skills that were honed through efforts are more worthy of respect.”

After hearing this sentence that seemed to be encouraging him, Kazuki was surprised and looked behind. He noticed that Koyuki had stood up.

“…Your circumstances do not matter to me. ——I am Hiakari Koyuki. No hobbies and specialty. Finish.”

After hearing the A-Rank’s overly cold self-introduction, the classroom began to become noisy again.

Kazuki stared at her in astonishment. Koyuki, who sat down again, showed a bit of emotions and frowned.

“So I said, please turn your head away. Do not look over here.”

Part 2[edit]

After the self-introduction was over, Liz Liza-sensei brought the students outside of the school building.

Beside the school building, there was a sports ground surrounded by verdure. The signing of the contract ritual with the Solomon’s 72 Pillars of Demons was currently being carried out on the sports ground.

——Right now in Japan, forming a contract with a Diva outside of Solomon’s 72 Pillars of Demons was not accepted.

If they were to form a contract with another Diva, they would be treated as an Illegal Magic User and be pursued by the Knights.

It was a crime. Because among the Divas, there were some that hold malice towards humans. Through giving power to lure humans, they would erode the human’s mind and seize their human body.

15 years ago, when Magic had just appeared in the world, an incident occurred where humans that were controlled by Divas destroyed Tokyo. In front of the Illegal Magic Users where Normal Magic and Weapons were no match for them, the ones to lend a helping hand to Japan, who was forced into a dire situation for the first time, were the Solomon’s 72 Pillars of Demons.

Through the efforts of the <Original Knights> that formed a contract with the Solomon’s 72 Pillars of Demon, the Illegal Magic Users were suppressed.

Because of this story, Solomon’s 72 Pillars of Demons became the only partner that could be trusted.

Within their hearts, the freshmen that were awarded an enigma were filled with expectations about which Demon of the Solomon’s 72 Pillars of Demon they would form a contract with and challenged the contract ritual.

This was the first important matter after the entrance ceremony.

“In the end, what kind of Diva would I form a contract with? Once I thought up to here, my heart is so excited as if I was drawing lots.”

On the road leading to the sports ground, Kazuki attempted to talk with Koyuki.

It seems like she was the only one who would not treat him with any prejudice.

“It does not matter which one for me. No matter which one it is, it is still the same.”

“Still the same? How is that possible!”

The voice that suddenly interrupted from behind Kazuki and Koyuki was——Mio.

“In the 72 Pillars, there are still various different types. There is one that looks like a fish[17] and there is also one that looks like a starfish[18]. Isn’t it a lot better to find one that looks more beautiful than them!”

“Appearances…that is the most useless thing in the world.”

Koyuki probably had her mood destroyed by this topic and quickly sped up and walked away.

“What a cold person”, Mio, who was left behind pursed her lips.

She probably hated the topic of appearances. Even though that person was obviously so beautiful.

“Forget it…The E-Rank classmate, who is still lingering about sword skills, should try hard to find a suitable Diva! For example, a Diva that looks like a cockroach, a Diva that looks like a millipede, or perhaps a Diva that looks like a mushroom,etc."

Mio threw a spiteful gaze towards Kazuki and started to make fun of him.

“…I think that within the Solomon’s 72 Pillars of Demon, there are no such Divas.”

“Speaking of which, it is possible that you could not even turn your enigma into a stigma!”

Mio, who was speaking like this, seemed to be showing a childish angered expression towards Kazuki.

…It feels that this person’s quarreling method wasn’t average.

“Hey, during the self-introduction, you were waving to me, right?”

After hearing Kazuki taking the initiative to ask this topic, Mio’s eyes “!” widened.

“Where have we met?”

“Baka!” After Kazuki asked this question, he immediately received a bitter reply.

Afterwards, Mio seemed to reveal an expression pent up with anger and walked briskly away without turning back.

…Was she mad? As expected, he must have met her some place before.

However, even when he think back to elementary and middle school period, he still had no impression of the name, Amasaki.

The orphanage where he had stayed before ——Inside the children caring organization <Nanohana Institution>, there were basically only children that were smaller than him, so first, that can’t be right…

“But that attitude isn’t an attitude towards a person she does not know…”

However, even if he asked again, he would only pointlessly make her mad, so Kazuki felt troubled again.

“All of the freshmen, we meet again! I am Otonashi Kaguya.”

On the sports ground, Kaguya-senpai was currently waiting for our arrival. She was wearing a robe similar to the one during the entrance ceremony.

“The contract ritual will be performed under the assistance of the Student Council President.”

After lining up the students based on their attendance arrangement, Liz Liza-sensei began explaining the ritual.

“Listen up, Summoning Magic is divided into four steps <AccessConnecting with Astrum>, <OrderInviting the Phenomenon>, <TargetingAppointing the Coordinates> and <CastActivation>. Diving into the deep psychological world, heading towards the destination pass the Heart of Doors and speaking with a Diva. After learning the simplified <Spell> for these four steps of Summoning Magic, the contract is formed…In other words, you will officially become a Stigma Magic User.”

Finally becoming a Stigma Magic User——After hearing Liz Liza-sensei’s words, the students suddenly became excited.

“However, rather than being a ritual, it is more like a trial. Although it is the initial hurdle, connecting with Astrum is not so simple. You will have to let your consciousness dive down to the depths of your heart and within the darkness inside the Astrum, capture the Diva’s figure and voice, it requires a very keen Perceptibility Enhancement Magic. Incidentally, the number of successful people in Class 1 was zero.”

In order to make the students, who became impulsive, tense up, Liz Liza-sensei said this.

Kaguya-senpai was the first to let a slight smile to ease the student’s tension.

“I will be responsible as the instructor to guide your initial path towards Astrum as well as prevent accidents from occurring. Although using Telepathic Magic could help guide you to the path towards Astrum, but aside from that, there is little that could be done. However, there is no need to force yourself to succeed on your first try, so please relax a bit.”

“So then, attendance number 1——Amasaki Mio! Come up to the front!”

“Yes!” After issuing a slightly nervous tone, Mio walked up to the front of the queue.

“First, close your eyes and allow your consciousness and unconsciousness to merge together (Trance).”

After obeying Kaguya-senpai’s instructions, Mio closed her eyes. From her body’s surface, a faint blue light emerged.

The so-called Trance was to allow your mind to enter a highly concentrated state through Perceptibility Enhancement Magic.

“Then I will use Telepathic Magic to synchronize with your mind. Although the actual mind guiding path may seem more abstract than what you imagine, but if two people synchronize their minds, the fluctuations inside my heart would turn into wavelengths and be sent to you. You will also need to match it and allow your consciousness to move.”

Kaguya-senpai’s body also emitted a blue light. The blue light seemed to be a bridge and flowed inside Mio’s body.

The two of them closed their eyes and did not move. Only the blue light that seemed to be the light on the surface of the water was shaking. Although it was not apparent from the side, the two human consciousness have departed towards an alternative world

——After a few minutes, the two of them opened their eyes.

Mio’s pupil inside her gaze seemed to be inside a dream still and was absentminded. However, she slowly opened her mouth as if she was a priestess who received a divine revelation and began to weave a spell.

“I know thy name…Thy name is <Phenex>[19]…A poet and a Magician!”

“Could it be…she succeeded in one attempt!?” Liz Liza-sensei said in a surprised voice.

Sounds of cheers spread across the sports ground, then the girl with the top results——

“The poetic bird that uses sweet words to play with the truth, obey my command and display thy power!”

The chanting of the spell ended remarkably. At the same time, orange color lights that were just like flames were released. Within the light, her school uniform was decomposed. The <Consciousness of the Diva> flowed into the uniform that was made through alchemical silk, reconstructed its root particles, and cleverly dressed the contractor in an appearance <Worthy of being Majestic>.

This was the battle outfit that only people who are selected could obtain from the Divas——Magical Dress.

Behind Mio, a shadow of a large firebird emerged. Wrapped in the curtains of the orange lights, Mio revealed——the appearance after changing into the Magical Dress.

From the place where the skin was exposed, a crimson pattern emerged——Stigma.

Having the same graceful curves as a dress for a party, it was a somewhat mysterious and beautiful posture.

Mio’s fuzzy eyes regained the colors of reality and repeatedly blinked several times.

“…I know! The spell is appearing inside my mind!! Inviting the Phenomenon, Appointing the Coordinates and Activation all…I can immediately activate the Level 1 Summoning Magic!!”

“It’s fine if you do not do up to this point! The person who just dove into Astrum for a long time should not be reckless!!”

After Liz Liza-sensei hurried up to stop it, Mio cut off her mind connection with Astrum.

Phenex’s illusion turned into light particles and disappeared. Her Magical Dress also turned back into the school uniform.

“It is just like after swimming in the pool. Although you may not feel it, you are actually very tired. There is no need to rush. Since the spell has already been taught, then it has already connected into a hotline. You will be able to enter a connected state more easily from now on…Congratulations for your successful contract!”

Kaguya-senpai revealed a smile and applauded. The classmates also began to applaud.

After Mio heard the sounds of the applause sent to her, she happily looked around. Once her eyes met with Kazuki’s, she could not help but reveal an overwhelmingly happy expression and stretched out her hand to make a V gesture.

Kazuki, who was clapping his hands, did not know how to respond. Thus, Mio was suddenly filled with unhappiness and returned back to the queue.

“Attendance Number 14, Hayashizaki Kazuki, come up to the front!”

——Then it was finally Kazuki’s turn. None of the people after Mio had succeeded.

“We meet again, Kanae-chan’s otouto-kun!”

After Kazuki step up from the queue, Kaguya-senpai let out a delightful laugh.

“…I’m extremely sorry for this morning, I made you see the embarrassing places within the school all of a sudden.”

Kaguya-senpai seems to think that it was her own responsibility and lowered her shoulders in sorrow.

“I think that the person who was most correct at the scene was you, senpai.”

“If you are able to say this, it really makes me feel pleased. Although I had once appealed for the Magic Division and the Sword Division to become more friendly and get along together, everybody did not listen to my words…In the end, without knowing it, my support rate has gradually decreased. The trust in Otonashi, the Student Council President, is already in a major crisis…But I believe that if I do not work hard to let the Sword and Magic make up for each others' shortcomings, it is impossible for them to draw out their true power!”

Kaguya-senpai clenched her fists and passionately made a speech.

“…I believe that senpai’s thinking is correct.”

“You agree with my views, otouto-kun? You will help me, who is alone!?”

“Because I was also once a swordsman before! If there is anything I can help, anything is fine!”


Kaguya-senpai’s eyes became moist and held onto Kazuki’s hands tightly.

“Thank you, comrade comrade! Although Kanae-chan’s dillydally type is very cute, but a straight-forward type like otouto-kun is also very cute. WAHHH, can I rub your head? I rub, I rub, your hair is very soft. Lovely, so lovely——. Otouto-kun, do you want to eat candy?”

“Are you an Oba-chan from Osaka!”

Kazuki unleashed a hand blade attack on Kaguya-senpai’s head, who had pulled out candies from the pockets of her robe, and complained.

“I was complained to”, Kaguya-senpai happily stuck out her tongue.

“…Hey, you two, quickly begin!”

Liz Liza-sensei’s roar rushed over and only then Kaguya-senpai began giving instructions to Kazuki.

“Then from now on, otouto-kun also needs to allow the ceremony where your consciousness and mine intimately synchronize with each other.”

Listening to her words, it felt like there was a subtle resistance. Kazuki also followed Kaguya-senpai’s instructions and closed his eyes. Using Magic to unify the minds and diving into the spiritual world——

What spread within his inner heart was an overwhelming and vast darkness. It was a place that gave off a feeling where a person would lose themselves.

However, on the surface of this darkness, slight ripples were spreading out. These were the ripples that were triggered by Kaguya-senpai’s consciousness.

“Follow me”, Kaguya-senpai’s voice rang out. As if he was drawing ripples, Kazuki followed along.

Continuously heading towards a deeper place within the darkness.

It was an image of the deep sea. The pitch-black color of the darkness slowly became more and more dark.

However, it was just like the seabed of the deep sea. It was a world where light cannot reach. If you used Perceptibility Enhancement Magic, then you would understand that the <Distant Past> and <Past Feelings> that you could not recall were currently sleeping here, just like it was accumulating layers. The so-called unconscious mind was this kind of world.

Just like how the deep sea’s water pressure was very high, inside the spiritual world, the color of the darkness would become darker as you dive further down to the depths, and your ego would become more blurred. If you maintained Perceptibility Enhancement Magic for a long time, you would even lose consciousness.

The feeling of resistance from the darkness was just like that of rushing forward against the wind.

Finally, after crossing a line——The world’s phase changed.

Kaguya-senpai’s consciousness that was leading, stopped. They had passed through the Heart of Door and arrived at Astrum.

Within the darkness in which was still very easy to lose consciousness, Kazuki searched for the presence of the Diva.

“…Ara, it feels like the atmosphere is very strange.”

Using Telepathic Magic to synchronize with Kazuki’s consciousness, Kaguya-senpai’s voice rang out in Astrum.

“——Hayashizaki Kazuki.”

A different voice than Kaguya-senpai rang out——It was a female voice. Is this the voice of a Diva…?

The darkness in front of him increased in viscosity and condensed. It seems that something lodging there exists.

“Do you have the resolve of being burdened by a power that can change the world?”

Kazuki could not identify its gesture. He did not have the power to identify it.

However, the voice that came over was clear. If that was the case, they should be able to converse and should be able to make a contract.

A power that can change the world——Was this something that could be obtained through a contract with this Diva, was it really such an enormous power?

To tell the truth, I am clueless about how I would use such tremendous power.

However, if I was the person that was <Chosen>, then I should respond to it.

Perhaps I am only a tiny human, but I will still stake my life and give it my all.

“…If it’s resolve, then I have it!”

After Kazuki replied like this, a powerful light flashed up in front of him.

——When he recovered, Kazuki’s consciousness had already returned back to the sports ground.

It felt strange. Inside his muddled mind, he was gradually confused.

Was the contract over? No, it did not tell him the spell.

And the appearance of the Diva was unclear till the end. In the end, what on earth was that?

Was it even possible to form a contract under the situation where he did not know who the other was?

At this moment, a white light suddenly illuminated in front of Kazuki.

At the same time, he felt his Magic was being sucked out from his spirit and was entering the light in front of him. Something…Something from another world was currently materializing!?

The next moment, a light that made everybody close their eyes burst out——

“A girl!?” Kaguya-senpai could not help but cry out.

The light turned into a young girl’s appearance.

A naked girl with brown skin was currently floating in front of Kazuki.

And, this was a <Complete Summon>. This girl was not an <Illusion> made fixed by Magic, but was a body with mass.

The girl that appeared within the air was gently floating and stared at Kazuki.

“Through a kiss, form a contract with Leme.”

The girl pulled Kazuki’s head with both hands and brought him in front of her.

Ignoring the confused Kazuki, *Chuuu*, she kissed him.

An intense heat moved from his mouth towards his left hand.

Hot! W,What is this…It changed!? The Enigma…became a Stigma!?

“Fufu, with this, the contract is complete.”

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.01 072.jpg

She smiled and the heat stopped. Kazuki timidly looked at his left hand to confirm it. What was there was not an Engima, but a star-shaped <Hexagram> Stigma.

The contract——was completed? But who was this person? Why was the summon casually activated?

Looking at the developments that was different from normal Divas, the sports arena suddenly began to stir.


After she fell down onto the ground, she incredulously looked at her own body.


She used her two hands to cover her body while crying out “Clothes——! Clothes!?”

With a subtly panicked mode, Kaguya-senpai took off her own robe and handed it to her.

The little girl expressed her thanks, “Oh,oh, thank you!” , and put it on nervously.

Kazuki casually stared at Kaguya-senpai and was suddenly shocked. After Kaguya-senpai removed her robe, what was beneath it was a highly revealing outfit. Although her entire body was covered with something similar to a black armor, but the surface area was extremely small. The contrast together with her white skin made it extremely stimulating.

“If you stare like this, I will become very embarrassed…!”

“S,Sorry. My gaze naturally just…That is, is that Asmodeus’s Magical Dress?”

The black colored outfit was releasing a faint purple light. That means Magic Power was flowing.

“In order to immediately deal with any unexpected issues during the contract ritual, I could not help but wear my Magical Dress! But, Asmodeus’s Magical Dress is loaded with an irritating design…Even though I was thinking of using a robe to hide it!”

A Magical Dress is created by revealing the Stigma’s form. For Asmodeus’s Stigma, there were many tiny parts that needed to be revealed on the body, thus, the exposure degree was that high.

Kazuki once again looked at his own body. Speaking of which, he did not get a Magical Dress.

Everything was in a mess.

“Liz Liza-sensei, what on earth just happened……!?”

It seems that Kaguya-senpai did not understand the situation and turned her head towards Liz Liza-sensei.

A Diva that obtained a physical body could use the powerful power of their own myths without any restrictions.

A legitimately unknown Diva materializing in front of their eyes was an extremely dangerous situation.

Originally, a Diva’s materialization should not be achieved without consuming a certain degree of Magic Power…

“…You are a different Diva than Solomon’s 72 Pillars. Who are you?”

Liz Liza-sensei used a completely different tone and carefully asked this Diva, who was out of the specifications.

“Leme is Leme. Aside from that…That, I don’t know. Ara? I can’t remember it.”

“A memory loss Diva? Then the next question, what kind of power do you hold? A Diva should normally hold 10 types of Inherent Magic.”

The symbol of a Diva is their 10 types of Inherent Magic. Through the contract, this becomes Summoning Magic.

“About that, the contract was indeed completely…Inherent Magic? Inherent Magic…There is no such thing. What is this power you are speaking of? Inside Leme’s body…There is no such power?”

“A,a powerless Diva!? How is that possible!?”

“…Wawaahh. Although I do not understand, but I am sleepy. Leme is going to sleep. Good night.”

Leme just lied down at that place, shortly after, snoring sounds began. She was really too free.

“…What on earth is with this fellow? This is plainly unbelievable…”

“About that, Liz Liza-sensei…Could it be that a contract was formed outside of the 72 Pillars of Diva?”

Kaguya-senpai revealed a terrified expression and asked Liz Liza-sensei.

“…We will discuss this matter at the staff meeting. First, let us send this fellow to the infirmary.”

Looking at the young girl who was sent to the infirmary, even Kazuki would lose his cool.

“P, Please wait a minute…It was you who changed my life!? At least explain to me why you gave me the Enigma! You are too irresponsible, aren’t you!?”

“I know thy name…Thy name is called <Vepar>[20] …The mermaid singer conveying icy cold thoughts, causing the entire world to be planted with tears of sadness.”

Releasing a light blue radiance, a fantasy-like illusion of a mermaid appeared above Koyuki, who was chanting the spell.

At the same time, her uniform became a tight white colored Magical Dress.

“With this, this is the 3rd person. The amount of people that succeeded in this class…”

Liz Liza-sensei let out an extremely surprised voice. Amasaki Mio, Hayashizaki Kazuki, then Hiakari Koyuki.

However for Kazuki, could he still be counted as one of the successful ones ——

Part 3[edit]

Following that, after eating lunch at the school cafeteria, a briefing session was held regarding the school’s living standards and education program. However, all of this did not enter Kazuki’s ears…The schedule for the first day of school was completely over.

The bell rang, signaling that the school day is over.

The students were all brought to the student dormitory——All of them were filled with expectations for their future days.

However, Kazuki was not permitted to join the ranks of fickle people.

“Regarding your improper contract with the Diva, a staff meeting is currently being held. Until the meeting is over, please wait at the infirmary.”, He received a notice from Liz Liza-sensei like this.

At the infirmary, under the Knight’s surveillance, Leme revealed an appearance consistent of a young girl, who was sleeping carefree.

The Magical Dress and the ten Summoning Magic were not given, it was a completely unknown Diva.

If this Leme was seen as a threat, then what would happen to him, who formed a contract with her. Maybe he would have his qualifications as a Magic Division Student cancelled.

…What a joke. I was already determined to fight at the Magic Division.

If there were any possibility sleeping within his body that was undiscovered, he wanted to find out about it at the Magic Division.

“Let’s start from the conclusion. You and Leme will temporarily be placed at the Magic Division to observe the situation.”

——The orange colored sun was beginning to shine in from the infirmary’s windows, Liz Liza-sensei and Kaguya-senpai, who seemed to be the witness of the ritual and participated in the meeting, entered the infirmary.

“Just because you are originally a swordsman, so they hate you, there is also an opinion of immediately removing the contract seal and rushing you to the Sword Division. However, the final conclusion was to be put under surveillance, so as expected it should be placed in the hands of the Magic Division.”

“Because there are many opposing opinions, Liz Liza-sensei said a lot for otouto-kun!”

“I only gave an objective opinion. The one who wanted to protect this trash was you.”

“It was not like that. Sensei also desperately protected him! How untruthful!”

“No, no, no, it was only you. Hayashizaki Kazuki, you should be thankful of this person.”

In other words, these two people protected me.

“…Thank you, you two, to do so much for a person like me.”

Because a relieved feeling surged through his entire body, Kazuki relaxed and bowed towards the two of them.

“You actually wanted to remain at the Magic Division so much, this is really surprising. However, not all the teachers believe in Leme. So you and that Diva will temporarily be placed as a surveillance target.

Being monitored and placed on probation at school. But even so, this was a very lenient treatment.

If it wasn’t done well, being treated as an Illegal Magic User——A criminal treatment would not be strange.

“In the end, the things that Leme had said were extremely suspicious. A so-called Diva should originally have huge magic power that is able to distort the world. It is impossible for a Diva with self-consciousness to have no abilities.”

Liz Liza-sensei moved her eyes to the side and coldly glared at Leme, who was currently sleeping on the bed.

…In other words, Leme was lying?

If Leme really had some kind of power, since she had already materialized, then she should be able to freely control that power…Even though Kazuki, who was the contractor, was not given any power.

“However, that fellow knew about the rule between the Solomon 72 Pillars of Demons and the Japanese government about <Giving and Receiving an Enigma>. And she followed that rule. So it is very difficult to imagine her being completely unrelated to the Solomon 72 Pillars of Demon. If this matter was not dealt with well, it may cause the relationship between this country and the Solomon 72 Pillars of Demon to worsen, then it will be a big trouble.”

The Solomon 72 Pillars of Demon follow a secret doctrine and will not speak much towards humans.

Although they lent their power to the Japanese government, it still seems like they are sitting at one side and observing this country.

If they feel that the country does not deserve this power, the possibility of them immediately stopping to assist this country existed.

…Although Leme was not a member of Solomon’s 72 Pillar of Demons, but she is not completely unrelated, is it?

“This is a very delicate judgment. If anything special occurs from your side, please immediately report to me. Remember this…The next question is regarding to where you should stay. You should remember that the school originally arranged for you to live at a room outside by yourself?”

The Magic Division’s student dormitory, it did not consider the possibility of a male living there. In other words, it was entirely a women’s dormitory.

“However, for a person who contracted a Diva with an unknown identity, it is not possible to let him live outside of the school. But, we cannot allow you to live in the Magic Division’s girl’s dormitory. Although there were also people who proposed the idea of shoving you into the Sword Division’s dormitory, but letting the swordsman to supervise you is a bit unsettling. Thus…”

“Otouto-kun, you are arranged to be admitted into the Magic Division Student Council’s private dormitory <Witch’s House>!”

Kaguya-senpai, *Pan Paka Paaan*[21], explained it in this fashion while extending her hands.

“Student Council’s, private dormitory…?”

“The Magic Division’s Student Council is different than the other students, they live in a special dormitory. The Student Council, which gathers the strongest students, allowing them to live together and form the strongest organization…Although these people are also female, but another point is that these people are most suitable to act as the supervisor.”

Liz Liza-sensei pointed at Kaguya-senpai and spoke.

“Be thankful of this person. Because of this person strongly proposed that if anything occurs, the Magic Division Student Council have the ability to respond to it, so that in the end, it came to the conclusion of surveillance. Even the director said these distasteful words like, 'is this something that a spoiled little girl like you can do?'”

“…I, I am not a spoiled little girl.” ——Kaguya-senpai’s expression inadvertently became gloomy.

But she immediately smiled again, her face revealed dimples.

“So that’s how it is, otouto-kun! We will be together! You must be very happy!”

“…Could it be that you harbor a wish of nurturing a boy who is younger than you?”

Liz Liza-sensei looked at Kaguya-senpai, who was extremely happy, with suspicious eyes.

“W, What are you saying, sensei!? Please do not speak this kind of gibberish, okay!? Really now…I did not feel that a boy younger than me was cute. I only wanted…to personally train a <Magic Swordsman> who could use both sword techniques and Summoning Magic!”

“Magic Swordsman…?”

“From today onwards, you are my first disciple! I will definitely train you into the strongest Magic Swordsman!”

Kaguya-senpai tightly held onto Kazuki’s hands, who was trembling after listening to her unexpected words.

“This here is the Witch’s House!”

While carrying Leme, who was sleeping, on his back, Kazuki was brought to this place.

It was a renaissance, western-styled mansion made with black wood surrounding the white-colored walls.

And its name did not match the fairytale-like atmosphere that makes one happy.

Opening the iron gates with a watermark pattern, and then opening the front——A completely different world appeared.

A dazzling mahogany and rouge-colored world appeared.

Although it was not glamorous, but the interiors were extremely refined. Also, there were varieties of furniture that were the same as a high-class hotel.

On the ceiling were a few majestic chandeliers…Can I really live in this place?

“The area is very big, right? It was created based on the form of renting the rooms, there are many rooms on the second floor, the first floor is a common living room, kitchen and bathroom. Although the first year Student Council trainees are primarily responsible for the household chores…”

Kaguya-senpai’s words suddenly became quite vague, but instead, Kazuki felt quite welcomed by this kind of arrangement.

“No problem, I am already accustomed to doing housework. In fact, I rather like doing them.”

“Really? That’s great! Then let us immediately arrange a room for you…”

“…Kazuki.” The originally asleep Leme suddenly opened her eyes and jumped off Kazuki’s back.

“…Where’s the bathroom? Leme is, currently, extremely urgent!”

Leme’s body was trembling. This Diva, it was extremely hard to make her wake up, but the result was this kind of thing…!

Kaguya-senpai hurriedly held onto Leme’s tiny hands.

“I will bring this child to the bathroom, go and pick a room that you like on the second floor, otouto-kun!”

“Can I randomly pick!?”

“You cannot enter the rooms with a sign! Those are our rooms!”

After finishing that sentence to Kazuki, who was in a daze and standing at the spot, Kaguya-senpai brought Leme to the bathroom.

Although a follow-up was not possible, but waiting here felt quite embarrassing.

At the center of the entrance hall, there was a spiral staircase. Kazuki could not help but stroke the smooth, metal handrail and moved up to the second floor.

The second floor occupied very little space. There was a small lounge with a sofa. From that point on, a corridor that extends to the left and right with rooms organized in a row.

Kazuki opened the room nearest to him without a sign.

“…Eh? E-Rank?”

What entered his eyes was ——a currently changing Amasaki Mio, who was only wearing her underwear.

A beautifully shaped body, it caused one to have an illusion of a display of a goddess sculpture.

However, the difference between the sculpture was obvious, you could notice the smooth and soft skin texture in a single glance.


“Sorry! It was not on purpose!!”

Kazuki immediately rushed out of the room and closed the door with his hands clasped behind his back.

Why!? Kazuki’s head was filled with question marks as he stood at the corridor…

“…I thought I heard a strange voic……Why is the E-Rank here?”

From behind, a cold voice came. Looking back, he could only see Hiakari Koyuki standing there.

“…W, What are you wearing!?”

“This is casual wear for indoors, is there any problem?”

She was dressed in an outfit where a baggy shirt was placed over her underwear. His gaze could not be helped but be captivated by the smooth and pure-white legs that extended from the hem of the shirt.

“…Didn’t I say it before, please do not look at me like this.”

Kazuki hurriedly moved his gaze away from Koyuki, who muttered as if she did not care.

Stimulating scenes appearing one by one had caused his mind to panic.

“…Wait! Why is that sword idiot E-Rank here!”

After putting on a t-shirt and a skirt, Mio shouted as she rushed out of her room.

“If I have to say why, then although I cannot explain it in detail, but I was brought over here…Amasaki, why are you here?”

“You ask me why, of course it is because I am A-Rank. Hmmph, I am A-Rank!”

“So that’s how it is, I don’t understand.”

“Understand it thoroughly! A first-year student with outstanding grades becomes a Student Council trainee, entering the Witch’s House and learning from the senpais is part of the tradition here.”

“I see, since you explained so precisely, I also understand.”

Speaking of which, what senpai had just said also represents that there are other first year Student Council trainees here.

“In other words, the ones here are the elite of the elite, only ones with A-Rank!…But why would the E-Rank break into here? This place is not a place where a sword idiot like you should stay! A, And you just saw me naked, right!?”

“That was unavoidable! I was also called here by Kaguya-senpai…”

“Are you guys arguing? What happened?”

Issuing *patapata* footstep sounds, Kaguya came up the stairs.

“Ah, could it be that the other first year students also came? So that’s what it is! Because the staff meeting took too long, so the senseis showed the way! Could it be that you ran into each other?”

In other words, Kaguya-senpai thought that the other first year students have not arrived yet, so she immediately said casual words such as opening any room as long as it is not someone’s room.

“Student Council President, what on earth is with the E-Rank!?”

“This child is my disciple number one. This Magic Swordsman will be trained by me!”

“S, Student Council President’s first disciple!? Magic Swordsman, what is this! Why…Compared to me, who is an A-Rank, why would a peeping man from the Hayashizaki Family, who is only skilled in sword skill, enjoy such a special treatment!?”

“Eh eh, otouto-kun peeked? This is a crime! Yellow card, suspended from school!”

“…You peeked? That…E-Rank, I was wrong about you.”

Kazuki was surrounded by three girls. Just when an interrogative atmosphere was about to begin.

“Hey hey. Where is the place to wash my hands? The person who said would guide me, guide me until the very end!”

From the bottom of the stairs, Leme’s voice suddenly came.

“That voice…Could it be the strange Diva that you contracted with? Why is it here?”

Seeing that Mio muttered suspiciously, Kaguya-senpai revealed a slight smile.

“Although a boy might be a little…Hayashizaki Kazuki-kun and his contracted Diva, Leme-chan, the two of them will be companions, who are going to live here! You should be friendly with each other.”

Part 4[edit]

In order to let everybody meet each other, the residents of Witch’s House gathered together at the living room on the first floor.

Kazuki, Mio, Koyuki, Kaguya-senpai and Leme, the five of them sat on the chairs around the table.

“The vice president is currently out performing a quest, so let’s wait for her for a while. It has already been shown on the television, the matter about Illegal Magic Users’ <Stigma Hunting> has already occurred. Recently, it is not peaceful.”

“…What is a quest?”

After Kazuki revealed a surprised expression, Mio showed a look of disbelief.

“Hey, E-Rank. You are obviously at the lowest, yet you do not listen to the explanations?”

…At that time, his head was filled with thoughts of what will happen next, so he basically did not listen.

“Magic Division students could go to the place called <Guild> and help the Knight’s works. The students would form groups between themselves and eliminate Magical Beasts, go outside and investigate Magic Lands, capture Illegal Magic Users, etc.…They are able to select difficult quests to increase their own evaluation. And, our ranks from now on will also consistently change due to the results of the quests.”

“Also, there is the <Duel>, a competition between students, which will also cause the ranks to change.”

“…Using the current ranks as an excuse to make trouble is a very stupid thing.”

Koyuki quietly whispered. She was still wearing the casual indoor wears, which was the shirt + underwear appearance.

“Hiakari-san, it feels like you are very familiar to this place…Is this your first time coming here?”

“No, I was already here since last year.”

“Because her inborn Magic Power was unusually enormous, it was recognized that Koyuki-chan would obtain an Enigma without any doubt, so during her middle school period, she began living at this academy. The Student Council received an order from the senseis there to take care of her.”

Mio threw a gaze filled with confrontation to Koyuki.

“…How boring.” Towards this reaction, Koyuki turned to one side.

“Kaguya-senpai is a second year student, right? Are there no third year students?”

“Were you really not listening at the briefing? Once you reach the third year, because of <Internships>, they would follow the Knights around the entire country. Therefore, they are basically not at the dormitory.”

“…It can’t be helped. At the briefing, I was anxious about my own future.”

However, him being distracted to the point where he was trembling made him feel embarrassed.

Kazuki glanced at Leme who was sitting next to him. After Leme noticed his gaze——

“It’s okay.” She said quietly and held onto Kazuki’s hand underneath the table.

This sudden action made Kazuki confused. Is this fellow trying to encourage me?

“I’m back.” Another voice came from the front entrance.

“Ah, Hikaru seems to have come back now. She is the Student Council’s vice president. Hikaru, come to the living room for a bit!”

“Ara, the first years already came? I’ve made you wait for a long time, new students!”

What opened the door and valiantly appeared was——an elegant <Noble>.

With a neutral hairstyle and a gallant face that would almost make everybody recognize it incorrectly as a beautiful boy.

This elegant senpai looked at Kazuki and had her eyes immediately turn round.

“…! There is actually someone that looks more like a boy than me!?”

She lowered the luggage in her hands and rushed in front of Kazuki.

“A, Amazing! The face is a little bit cool, her body is extremely sturdy, perhaps it may be a bit rude, but it is basically just like a boy!…Just like a…boy…ara?”

“I am a boy…senpai.”

Kazuki panicked as the senpai, who he was meeting for the first time, suddenly touched him everywhere.

Senpai tightly held onto Kazuki’s jacket and that beautiful boy-like face immediately turned red.

“S, Ssssooorrryyyy! A real boy!? Why is a boy here!?”

With amazing momentum, she escaped from Kazuki’s side and hid behind Kaguya-senpai.

“Sorry, this child is not used to dealing with boys.”

“Not used to?…Even though she is so dignified and incredibly handsome?”

“B, Because I was always at a girl school since kindergarten, so I don’t have immunity towards boys…”

This senpai stuck out her head from behind Kaguya-senpai’s back. Sweat constantly dripped down from her forehead.

“But I do not know why I am always treated as a prince by the surrounding people. In order to respond to such expression, so I would often try hard and behave like a prince…But, this way, it also produced a somewhat strange life…UWAHH, a real boy is here…M, My heart is jumping so fast…What should I do, so scary.”

“Hey, you have to stand up in front and properly introduce yourself.”

“I did not expect a first year Student Council trainee to actually be a boy…M, My name is Hoshikaze Hikaru. C, Currently serving as the Student Council vice president. P, Please to meet you.”

These people are the roommates of my new life? It feels that they are all strange people…

“I see…Fufufu, interesting. A group worthy of contracting…”

Leme whispered suspicious sounding words beside him…Contracting?

“However, it’s fine! I will absolutely not reject my cute kouhai because he is a boy! I will treat you as the same sex, and use a more casual attitude than anyone else to be friendly with each other!”

Hoshikaze-senpai delivered a prideful declaration. However, after her eyes matched up with Kazuki’s, she immediately used her two hands to cover her face.

“Uuuuuu…P, Please do not look at me like this…”

Perhaps she is a somewhat cute person, Kazuki thought.

“Right, right, Kaguya. After I finished the quest, I brought a lot of snacks back.”

“Great! Then next off, let us hold everybody’s welcome party!”

Evening 8 PM —— It was the time to eat dinner, yet on the table——

“It was completely filled with snacks.”

Towards the snack-filled mountain, Kazuki could not help but feel fear.

And these are not all mass produced products, but high-priced products applied with <Alchemy Conditioning>.

“Fufufu, being able to eat this many snacks, am I currently dreaming?”

Kaguya-senpai leaned towards the side and straightened her chest.

“No, this is food that is seriously imbalanced in nutrition and will make one gain weight…”

“A girl’s party is basically like this! Really, since you are already in the Magic Division, otouto-kun must become more familiar to the girl’s feelings. Okay, A——hhhhh”

Kaguya-senpai suddenly picked up a small, sweet biscuit and tried to feed him.

“…We still did not have a toast yet.”

Kazuki, who did not know how to react, pushed away senpai’s hand.

“A——hhhhhh was rejected by a boy!? This is against etiquette!”

“Then following this, everybody, did you fill your drinks?”

Hoshikaze-senpai poured the carbonated drinks into the cups and personally gave it to everybody.

The carbonated bubbles had an incredulous power of making the party’s atmosphere become active again.

With their hands holding a cup, everyone called out, “Cheers!”

——The welcome party continued until the moment the date changed.

Chapter 3 - Amasaki Mio[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Kaguya-senpai brought cards over, the atmosphere of the welcome party became more lively than before.

Mio and Hoshikaze-senpai are the type that immediately reflects what they think to their faces, so they were extremely weak. On the contrary, Kaguya-senpai and Koyuki were so strong that it was scary.

Kaguya-senpai uses lies and bluffs with ease while Koyuki would have an impregnable fortress-like poker face.

However, because Kazuki had said “So senpai is the type whose expression is inconsistent with her personality” to Kaguya-senpai, after she “Fufufu” and smiled, she suddenly became extremely weak. After that, the final winner was Koyuki. She muttered “Well, it doesn’t matter.” And pulled the curtains down for the welcome party.

Because of Mio’s strong proposition, Kazuki’s room was arranged to be the furthest room on the second floor.

It was a location where there was an appropriate distance between the other girls’ rooms and it was separated by empty rooms. Although Kaguya-senpai had initially said that anywhere was fine, it can’t be helped.

Late at night after the welcome party, Kazuki opened the door of his own room.

“A new life huh…Although it seems like they are all hard to deal with, but it seems like it would work out.”

Just muttering like this, he lifted the soft blanket on top of the bed that was similar to a hotel.

“A new life. Right? Then, aim for a harem!”

——After lifting up the blanket, he do not know why Leme appeared from within.

“Leme!? Why are you hiding in such a place? Your room is at another location, right?”

“Yes. But, because there are some words that I do not want others to hear, so I came over to your room.”

“Words? Anything is fine…but didn’t you lose your memories?”

“Yes. But actually, despite the memory loss, Leme still vaguely remember what she is and what her mission is. Divas all have a meaning of existence that was decided based on the myth. It isn’t something that could be simply forgotten.”

A meaning of existence decided by the myth? Leme’s mission is…?

“Then in other words…Could it be the reason why you chose to grant me an Enigma!?”

“Yes. And Leme…Although I had said it in that place, but she is actually not a powerless Diva.”

Hearing these words, Kazuki widened his eyes. While facing Kazuki, Leme proudly answered.

“Leme’s mission is…to make you become a harem king!!”

…Haah? Kazuki’s eyes widened and froze there.

“I will only tell you, the contractor, my true identity. ——Leme’s true name is <The Lesser Key of Solomon> Lemegeton! The Demon King ruling over the 72 Pillars of Demons!!”

Wait a minute…Did you just say Lemegeton?

“ <The Lesser Key of Solomon> should be a Magic Book, isn’t it…?”

Lemegeton ——That name had indeed appeared in the myth related to Solomon’s 72 Pillars of Demons.

However, Lemegeton is not listed as a name for the 72 Pillars of Demon.

King Solomon, who governs the 72 Pillars of Demon, placed the contents of his summoning techniques inside a Magic Book <The Lesser Key of Solomon> ——It was passed on like this.

King Solomon was a human that was alive around 1000 B.C. But this Magic Book was discovered at the 17th century and had sparked the medieval people’s madness towards Black Magic and Alchemy. That the leader of the <Golden Dawn>, McGregor Mathers, treated it as a research object was also widely known.

“Wrong! That is completely wrong!” Leme angrily shook her head.

“It was passed on incorrectly. The majority of the people that seek for the method to summon Demons felt that it was easier to consider Leme as a Magic Book. This thought was too simple.”

“In other words, it is a convenient delusion that people before had fabricated?”

“That’s right. King Solomon did not use a Magic Book to use summoning techniques. It is because he had a contract with Lemegeton, who governs the 72 Pillars’ strength, to summon them!”

Governing 72 Pillars’ strength ——Is this the true power of Lemegeton?

“Right now I will tell you Leme’s power…Leme’s inherent Magic <Goetia> is all the ten magic owned by the 72 Pillars, who grant this academy strength. A total of 720 kinds of magic and they are all given to you!”

The words that Leme uttered gave an enormous impact to Kazuki.

All. In other words, according to the actual situation, he could use a total of 720 kinds of Magic.

It overthrew all his thoughts and two giant words floated within Kazuki’s mind <The Strongest>. The Diva that he, an E-Rank, contracted was…the strongest Diva.

“——However, there is a condition. This power is only allowed to be used by a <King>. Just like how Leme lets the 72 Pillars of Demon to be subordinates of hers, if you do not let the other people to become a subordinate of yours, your power as a King cannot be used. Errr, subordinate is not the word used in modern times…If we have to use the modern way of speaking…Then it is to make them fall in love with you!”

Make them…Fall in love…with me? I suddenly felt that…some idiotic words were spouted out.

“Through the mentality of the Magic User that you made into a subordinate, the Magic User’s contracted Diva’s power could be used by you. For example, if you let that Amasaki Mio fall in love with you, then you will form a path with that person. Leme will be able to draw power from Phenex. However, if you are still in an unpopular state…Although it is unfortunate, but Leme is only a powerless Diva…”

“…Unpopular and powerless Diva!? That is too weird.”

“It is not weird. The Divas have their own purpose of existing based on the myth. Solomon Divas’ missions were to grant wisdom to humans and let this country prosper. And once the Stigma Magic Users that are able to use the 72 Pillars grow up, it is necessary to govern them. Because a female’s Magic Power is relatively stronger, so all the Stigma Magic Users are females. If that’s the case, the King that caused them to submit ——is a harem king!”

“…What to do, it seems like it does make sense.”

“I am saying this first, if the situation of a harem king was not born, then the Solomon’s 72 Pillars would lose their motivations and give up on supporting this country. Because cultivating a King is the meaning of existence for the Solomon Divas. Just like when they obeyed Israel’s King Solomon, they are all Divas of the assistants, who were willing to do their best, for the King.”

“Wait a minute, isn’t this extremely important to this country!?”

The true meaning of the Solomon’s 72 Pillars supporting the Japanese government is actually still not clear. Even so, the Japanese government desires the power of Magic. For the military forces, they cannot help but rely on the 72 Pillars.

If they were to lose the support of the Solomon’s 72 Pillars, Japan would be dropped from their position as a Magically Advanced Country.

“A King’s power is to be able to gather the fragmented things, <Convergence Power>. If he does not have this Convergence Power, then in the future, humans would not be able to deal with the giant wave that would come to this world. By recognizing that a single individual is weak, so it is necessary to cultivate a king. This is the mission of Leme and Solomon’s 72 Pillars…”

“…A giant wave that would come to this world?”

Just now Leme had said that she vaguely remembers her mission.

“The numerous mysterious fragments inside the world of myths are all quietly gathering underwater. Not only in Japan, but in all of the 7 countries. At a certain stage, it would overturn the world.”

7 countries ——There is no doubt that it refers to the 7 Magically Advanced Countries.

“…So, in order to reach this goal, a harem is required?”

“There is no helping that you would feel troubled since you are suddenly being told that you would need to make a harem. But please rest assured! Leme will grant you a Magical Dress that would play a role in your creation of a harem!”

After hearing the phrase, Magical Dress, Kazuki, who was shocked, had white light shining on the middle finger of his left hand. The light had a bit of miss ——Suddenly, it became a ring that was made with materials similar to copper. As a Magical Dress, it was indeed too small.

“Because currently Leme had lost her memory, so she could only give you a small ring. However, this ring is the famous and legendary <Solomon’s Ring>! This ring can capture the sound of the girls’ hearts, measure their feelings and convert it to values.”

“…The effects are completely different than the ones that I know.”

In the legend, it was recorded that the Solomon’s Ring was to allow a person to understand the words of animals and plants.

“It has been rewritten in accordance with the modern style. Inject your Magic Power and test it out.”

Following what she said, he inserted Magic Power to the ring. Afterwards, a white light flashed in front of Kazuki’s eyes.

The light gradually depicted images and became a three-dimensional image information.

“These information is the measurement results of the girls’ feelings that you should conquer. In other words, it represents the positivity levels of the girls.”

The image that emerged in front recorded the names of girls that Kazuki was familiar with. Next to the name, a graph appeared one after another. The graph even had number values showing out.

Amasaki Mio —— 55, Otonashi Kaguya ——48, Hiakari Koyuki ——38, Hoshikaze Hikaru ——30.

“…T, This is the positivity levels of everybody towards me!?”

“This ring also has the ability to chase after and capture the mental changes of the girls. This is already in order for you to see it carefully and visually. If the girl’s positivity levels increase, a red heart will appear. If the positivity level decreases, then a black skull will appear. Then, it will be absorbed into the ring. Just like this, the graph will be changed. The images cannot be seen by others. If you are able to monitor the changes of positivity levels in real time, then you will become sensitive towards the other person’s true feelings and know what you have to do to make them happy. This way, no matter what kind of girl they are, you will be able to make them attracted to you!”

“…A human’s heart cannot be easily realizable like a game.”

Right, just when I thought about it ——isn’t this similar to a game?

And it is the simulation game that becomes intimate with girls ——In other words, a <Galge>!”

As a swordsman, I will not be captivated by that kind of thing, so far I have never had any concerns about it. However, it is not something I was completely uninterested in. But that actually falls onto my own pace…?

Amasaki Mio —— 55, Otonashi Kaguya ——48, Hiakari Koyuki ——38, Hoshikaze Hikaru ——30.

“…There must be a mistake. Why is Amasaki ranked number 1? That person seems to hate sword techniques and despise me.”

“I know, I know. Tsundere, Tsundere. There is no doubt that she is a tsundere.”

“Tsundere!? What is that…That kind of thing is also too strange.”

If Amasaki was 55, then wouldn’t Kanae’s positivity levels probably reach 300 million?

“Because there is no benchmark, I do not understand it well. Is it unable to measure Kanae’s positivity levels?”

“Although I do not know who you are talking about, but the only thing that is certain is that it only works with people who formed a contract with a Diva.”

“…Then, I can only consider these four people’s positivity levels? No matter how I look at it, I cannot believe that Amasaki is 55 when she does not hold any good intentions to me…Compared to Kaguya-senpai, which is lower, at first glance, she appears to be very friendly, but it is only on the surface. Hiakari is taking an indifferent attitude towards me, so that value doesn’t really matter. However, what is frustrating is…Hoshikaze-senpai’s 30. That is already treating me as if I was the same rank as a bug…”

“Wait, if you treat tsundere’s tsun as the truth, then using that as the basis, it will make others distrustful.”

Indeed, Mio would occasionally exhibit the unbelievable attitude when they had their first meeting.

Then that stingy attitude, compared to hating me ——It is more like joking awkwardly with me?

“A positivity level of around 30 means a position which is more than acquaintances, but less than friends. If the positivity level is over 65, you will obtain the key to their hearts. As a result, you will be able to use Level 1 Summoning Magic of the Diva that she contracted with. So, you must approach Amasaki Mio first!”

The 10 kinds of Inherent Magic that the Divas own are divided into 10 Levels. A Stigma Magic User could use a High Level Summoning Magic that matches the wavelength of the Diva.

In contrast, Kazuki is still in a powerless state right now. Although he is still at a state of being observed, but if this continues, he would also doubt the meaning of him staying at the Magic Division. In other words to get rid of his title as being the lowest-ranked, a Level 1 is good, anything is good, he must be able to use Summoning Magic.

However…why does he have to make Amasaki fall in love with him?

In other words, he would have to make someone fall in love with him for power? Isn’t this exactly…like a game!?

“…The so-called positivity levels, isn’t it fine if it is not feelings of love, but feelings of friendship?”

“Ehhh? You are speaking of friendship between men and women?”

“Because the so-called positivity levels shouldn’t just be all about feelings of love, right?”

“Friendship between men and women is not that easily achieved, right? Forming a friendship with all the 72 people feels even harder than forming a harem. It seems like you do not have much experience forming a friendship with females.”

“I was looked down by a young girl!?”

“Don’t use the phrase young girl! Leme is only in a young girl state because my strength and a portion of my memories are lost! If you slowly gather strength, Leme will also recover an appearance that matches her strength!”

“In the end, I am not interested in love.”

Remembering back, from the beginning of junior high, his male friends were all talking about girl-related topics. However, compared to that kind of thing, he only wanted to improve his sword techniques a bit more and earn recognition from his adopted father and Kanae.

“Not interested in love? Really?”

Towards Leme’s skeptical tone, Kazuki was a bit angry.

“Really. So I…will not use feelings of love, but positivity values from friendship to reach the pinnacle of Summoning Magic!”

Becoming friends with everybody here and getting rid of the incompetent evaluation of an E-Rank.

If that’s the case…I would be able to accept it and become motivated.

“…Forget it, since Our King (Basileus) says so, then Leme will not forcibly request it.”

“What is the meaning of <Our King>?”

“Fufufu, from now on, you will become a harem king. In Greek, Basileus Goetia means <The King that rules the 72 Pillars>”

Once they talked about Basileus, the leader of the secret organization would instead appear inside their mind.

The leader of <Dawn of the Almighty Wisdom>, Basileus Basileon…

Leaving the phrase <The world is being eroded by myths>, a man that was considered to be dead…

“I do not intend to become a harem king.”

“Forget it, Leme right now does not have any memories. She will temporarily look at the developments. Leme can materialize into such a physical body and could also let her materialized form to disappear into Astrum to observe your mental state.”

Once she said up to this point, Leme’s body completely disappeared.

Thinking that she had left just like this, she casually materialized again in the end.

“…Even though you did not steal a human’s body, yet you, as a Diva, are able to materialize in this world, it is originally something that is incredible.”

“There is a reason. First, Leme and your connection is much stronger than ordinary circumstances. Probably because we had kissed during our contract…Oiii, why are you blushing!”

“I did not blush!”

“Through the act of connecting the symbol of spiritual level, it strengthened the contract. Thanks to that, Leme cannot form another contract with a person besides you. In exchange, it greatly enhances the efficiency of Magic Power. There is another point…Although due to memory loss, so it is extremely vague, but apparently Leme seemed to be a Diva that has longing to humanity. So compared to the other Divas, there is a big change for the method of existing.”

“Has longing, to humanity…?”

“Probably, but I do not really remember about this matter. To the current Leme, it does not matter.”

“Won’t you feel uneasy if I do not make a harem, so you would not recover your memories?”

“For the queue, when Leme was summoned, she pretended to have no powers. It is because if the surrounding people knew about Leme’s ability of becoming stronger after collecting positivity levels, I believe the surrounding people would be defensive about it. Thus, in the future, it is best to keep Leme’s ability a secret from other people.”

Kazuki also did not want others to know about this ability.

…However, Liz Liza-sensei wanted me to report to her no matter what happened…

“Let us stop here. Leme is going to sleep. Our king, it is almost time to sleep, right?”

“Eh? You have your own room now. There are also empty rooms here.”

“I don’t want it. Leme will sleep together with Our King, who is her contractor.

Leme rolled her eyes, stared emotionlessly at Kazuki and rejected it.

“This is also because, although Leme’s body requires very little energy, but it is originally constructed by your Magic Power. Staying by your side would make her existence more stable.”

Leme tightly grabbed onto Kazuki’s hand and pulled him to the bed.

As close as possible, Leme treated Kazuki as a charger as she hugged him. Then, she used the remote control to turn off the lights inside the room. Inside the darkness, her brown skin was just as soft as a female human, and exuded an incredulous smell.

Having said that, with such a small child, it feels just like sleeping together with a younger sister.

“Good night! Our Stoic King.”

“…Who is stoic, naturally, the words about completely being uninterested in girls is a lie.”

He did not hate girls, of course he was interested.

But if he became active towards girls just for the sake of power…

It will be extremely rude to the other side.

After all, he did not have much confidence in becoming someone else’s partner in love.

Because, I——

The phone inside his pocket suddenly vibrated. It seems like he received a message.

“Nii-sama, it is a night with a beautiful moon. Kanae is about to go to sleep while dressing in extremely sexy pajamas. (Please feel free to imagine it and become excited). It will be great if I am able to see Nii-sama inside my dreams. Nii-sama, too, please see Kanae inside your dreams. Then, good night——Your loving Kanae.”

Kazuki typed back the phrase “Quickly brush your teeth and sleep” and replied.

Part 2[edit]

The next morning. Due to his usual habits, Kazuki had already woke up before the sun even rose.

Although it was like this, under the current circumstances, there was already no need to practice swinging his sword…Speaking of which, Kaguya-senpai had said that the first-year students would be responsible for the household chores here.

Then if he was to work hard starting from this morning, it might surprise the senpais.

When Kazuki changed his clothes in the dim room, Leme also got up abruptly.

“You immediately thought of earning positivity levels from the girls? Our King!”

“…When you are saying it like that, it feels a bit uncomfortable.”

If the senpais were happy, then he would be satisfied. It was only that.

Inside the lounge, the wrappings and leftover snacks eaten at last night’s party was thrown everywhere.

Kazuki cleaned it all up and began to prepare breakfast.

“…Since it is a rare opportunity, let’s make some bento as well.”

After making breakfast, Kazuki took advantage of his interest and further proceeded to make bento. There was still plenty of time and the fridge had plenty of ingredients.

“Rather, I seem to have become a maid[22].”

“…What are you saying, Our King. Wait, your eyes seems to be dead.”

“When I am able to make others happy, it allows me to feel that I am alive…”

Just when he was rhythmically cutting the ingredients, he heard somebody’s footsteps going down the stairs.

“…Although I was thinking that if there was the need to clean up, I can still do it…but it seems like someone did it first.”

Issuing ,*patapata*, footsteps sound, she was still wearing her underwear + shirt appearance.

“Good morning, Hiakari-san. Because there is a male student here, please do not wear that kind of appearance again. Please wear a maid outfit and come make breakfast with me.”

“…I can’t cook. Because I am a human who does not know anything but Magic.”

“Even though Hiakari-san was living here in the past, could it be that you have never done household chores?”

“…Once, I attempted to cook, as a result, the 3rd year senpai’s mouth emitted blue lights.”

“Food that makes one instinctively activate defensive magic!? It could judge that there were toxic substances!?”

“I was thinking that I could do work such as cleaning up, so I came…”

Perhaps it was from a psychological effect, her shoulders drooped. Then, with a speed that did not give time for others to retain her, she left the kitchen.

The one that appeared next in the kitchen was Mio, who was actually said to have the highest positivity levels here.

“Good morning, Amasaki. You should also work hard on the household chores.

Mio ignored Kazuki’s greeting, until she was next to Kazuki and looked at his hands.

“…It’s karaage. It’s karaage!”

“Yes, before when I was still at the orphanage, it is the dish that I am best at, which I learned from the facility’s chef.”

Mio’s response was to only look at Kazuki’s hand, which was in the middle of cooking, with sparkling eyes.

A red heart floated out from Mio’s chest and was absorbed into the ring on Kazuki’s left hand.

This is the power of the Magical Dress that Leme had mentioned before!?

But, why at this time? Does she really like karaage that much?

“Hey, it will be very boring if you just watch, come over here and let’s do it together.”

“Why must I do household chores?”

“Because here, the lower class students have to do household chores, right? Aren’t you also a first-year student?”

“Yes, we are both first years. However, just like there is a hierarchy relationship like third and first year students, there is also a hierarchy relationship between a first year’s A-Rank and E-Rank.”

Mio, who was watching at Kazuki’s hand, finally lifted her eyes and stared at Kazuki.

“If I am a person who would do odd jobs for the third year senpais…Then, you, who is an E-Rank, are my slave!”

“Is that so!? But indeed…the academy pursues a meritocracy style.”

So the household chores had become solely done by a person?

…Although it would make him a bit excited, but it feels like it would be more fun if everybody was to do it together.

“…You should feel grateful for being allowed to cook my meals.”

After that, Mio continued to stare at Kazuki’s cooking appearance.

The breakfast menu was grilled fish, spinach as a cold salad, white rice and miso soup. It was an extremely common Japanese breakfast.

“Delicious! It is really tasty, otouto-kun! The freshness from this grilled fish…Could it be that it was recently caught!? From the garden’s pond over there?”

“…No, I only grilled the fish fillets inside the fridge.”

“Amazing…Even though he is a boy, but he is able to cook so well…Hayashizaki-kun is not a crude boy. If it is a boy like that, then perhaps I won’t feel afraid.”

The two senpais had a deeply moved expression and were extremely happy.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.01 104.jpg

Images of red hearts emerged from the bodies of these two and were absorbed into Kazuki’s ring. When Kazuki realized about the positivity levels of these two, a graph appeared in his eyes.

“Fufufu, this way, you have captured the stomach of these girls!”

Leme, who was sitting next to him at the table, smiled silently. With a voice only audible to Kazuki, she teased him.

Anyways, he could not calm down. Even though he did not carry these intentions to do household chores.

From that day on, the Magic Division’s course quickly began.

At the Magic Division, there were separate courses such as <Mythology>, <Tactical Theory> and <Magic Practice>.

Mythology was just like its name suggests. It is a course to learn knowledge about myths.

In this class, a semi-fat scholar came to teach the students.

“——The Israel King Solomon was loved by the Gods. He summoned 72 Demons, granted him the Magic Book <Lesser Key of Solomon> and brought the Kingdom of Isreal to its golden age.

It was just like the myth, the 72 Pillars of Solomon that appeared in modern times became the supporter of humans.

Solomon’s 72 Pillars were once called demons. But as they appeared in modern Japan, magic and religious beliefs should be considered separately. Thus, they would combine God and Demon together and call them Diva. [23]

For example, Baal [24]. In the ancient times, he was the highest God that was worshiped by the Phoenicians, but in the Christian doctrine, he was known as Baal-Zebub, or Beelzebub and was treated as a demon. However, Magic Users, who are simply seeking for power, should not go along with this kind of prejudice regarding about religion. Whether it is a God or a Demon, there was basically no difference.

Diva. Although it was derived from Demons, but it does not mean evil. It simply has a meaning that it is <A thing that goes beyond human wisdom>——”

The Tactical Theory was related to the tactics that the Knights use. It was taught by the female teachers, who had already retired, but were originally Stigma Magic Users. Because Magic Power would gradually reduce from the peak amount in the twenties, so they would retire early.

“——The so-called basic tactic of the Knights is the <Heaven and Earth Formation>. This is formed by having the Swordsman (Vanguard Attackers) initiating close-combat and the Stigma Magic Users (Rearguard Finisher), who would be protected by the Swordsman as they chant Summoning Magic.

The Magic Sword’s power of the Swordsman is not worth mentioning compared to Summoning Magic. If we gathered all the Magic Power from you guys, who are in the school, then no matter how many times they cut, we could still bear it with just Defense Magic.

However, if you are continuously attacked by swords, it would hinder your concentration and the Summoning Magic Chant will be interrupted. Thus, the swordsmen, who are assigned at the frontlines, have become extremely important.

What usually decides the battlefield’s fate is the high-level Summoning Magic that was activated after a long chant. Thus, the Swordsman would act as shields and sacrifice themselves in the formation is this Heaven and Earth Formation.

It is a tactic to throw away the swordsman after the battle, in order for the chosen people——”

Magic Practice is the actual use of Magic in the sports ground.

Having said that, among the first years, only Mio and Hiakari had successfully formed a contract in the correct way. The two of them had honestly used the Level 1 Magic and increase the precision of their Spell Chant in order to train for the Higher Level Summoning Magic.

Aside from these two students, the others were doing training in order for them to successfully form a contract with the Divas.

Contracting with a Diva’s consciousness was regularly held by the Magic Division’s Student Council after school.

In order for them to actually succeed next time, the students would all continuously train and hone their Perceptibility Enhancement Magic and train to dive into the depths of the Spiritual World.

However, Kazuki is placed in a very delicate position. Although he had succeeded with the contract, but he does not have any Summoning Magic he could use.

Thus, whether it was the successful group, or the failure group, he could not be placed in either of these groups.

“Spin~~nn, spin, spin, Spin~~nn, spin, spin, spin around for me~”

Kazuki was squatting in front of a bucket and muttered while he stirred the water inside.

This was Normal Magic training based on Kazuki’s ability that Liz Liza-sensei had assigned to him.

Fluid Control —— Fluids like gas or liquid are easier to manipulate using Telepathy Magic. If you are accustomed to controlling water or fire, it will definitely be useful in the battlefield…This is what Liz Liza-sensei had said,

“…UWAHHH, he is really playing around with a bucket.”

“His contracted Diva is really useless.”

The classmates all threw a mocking gaze towards Kazuki.

It was common sense that Normal Magic would not have much use in battle. Although he was similar to the people who cannot use Summoning Magic, but Kazuki’s training would not have any developments and had no future.

As a prominent male student in the class, and also an E-Rank. Even though he had succeeded a contract, but he actually had no ability, so he could only do this kind of training ——It was natural that others would look down upon him.

However, no matter what training it is, since he had already started, he must concentrate and do it.

“What are you doing!? Is playing around with a bucket a specialty Magic of an E-Rank?”

Mio, who was wearing the Magical Dress, peeked from behind Kazuki and talked to him.

“This is very difficult. If you reduce a bit of strength, the water would cause ripples and overflow. It will not work unless you maintain your concentration for a long period of time.”

“This kind of thing is simple.”

She said dissatisfiedly…Towards her, who was an A-Rank, perhaps it was simple.

“But what kind of help would this training have for a battle? Isn’t your Magic Power for fighting and not for cooking? Isn’t it fine if you use your prideful swords to stir it around instead of Magic?”

“What do you treat swords as! They will rust!”

“It should be you, what are you treating Magic as! Forget it, since you already have Hayashizaki’s swords, the Summoning Magic shouldn’t matter to you at all. Then why are you staying at the Magic Division?”

Under the circumstances of other girls staying away, only Mio would come over and say these scornful words.

“I can already use Level 2 Magic. It was a thing that happened in a blink of an eye!”

…Already Level 2? At this pace, then would she immediately reach Level 10?

The Summoning Magic is divided into 10 stages. When you reach the highest difficulty of Level 10, you would able to use <Complete Summon> and let the Diva <Materialize> into the world.

Aside from that, Summoning Magic, although it was called Summoning, but it does not materialize the Diva into this world. It can only bring forth a <Magical Phenomenon that the Diva caused> and letting them activate it.

For example, if two students with the same contracted Diva were to use Summoning Magic at the same time, as long as it is not Level 10, there will be no problems. It will provide power to both individuals and both their Magic would activate.

Although Leme is an exception, but letting a Diva materialize is originally extremely difficult.

“Hmmmm, when you are still stirring the bucket of water, I must use this Phenex and show my talents. I will let you see the great hero of this country, who would defeat all the Illegal Magic Users that causes terror and do dondokudo-n in this world! I’ll let you know what is a true elite ♪”

“Oi, wait, elite. What is dondokudo-n?”

“…You actually being this weak compared to me. It feels a bit complicated.”

Mio quietly muttered…Just now, what did she say?

“Sensei! Yamanaka-san fell down!”

Hearing the students’ cries, Liz Liza-sensei hurriedly rushed to the side of the fallen student.

“…<Magic Drunk> huh. She must have wanted to hurry and let the contract succeed, so she was reckless, huh…The other trashes should also be careful, do not overuse your Magic!”

Magic Drunk. If you were to forcibly use Magic when your Magic was extremely low, your spirit will be pulled into Astrum and collapsed there.

What was particularly needed to be aware of is being attacked when you have very little Magic Power remaining.

If you reflexively and forcibly draw out Magic that surpasses your limits from Astrum in order to protect your own body. Even if your body is spared, you would also fall into a deep coma.

Naturally, the situation of drawing over the limits and not being able to protect from the strong attack was also possible. It was known as overkill. Thus, you must always be aware of your remaining Magic Power.

Kazuki once again turned towards the bucket. Although it was a training that others look down upon, but Liz Liza-sensei was a teacher, who protected him during the staff meeting.

If this kind of teacher said that it will not be in vain, then it must not be a wasted effort.

…From today on, not only the morning chores after waking up, he should also add in Normal Magic training.

Part 3[edit]

“Is this karaage? Although I know about the related knowledge…Delicious! It is a joy that makes one truly feel alive!”

Leme, who disappeared during class, had materialized at lunch time to eat food.

“Karaage…I have not eaten such a plebeian food for so long. At the Amasaki’s house, this kind of thing will never be put on the table. It is the fault of this E-Rank slave, there is nothing more shabby than this.”

Next to Leme, Mio placed the table together and was eating the same bento.

…Why did this person specially come over to eat together?

Behind his seat, Koyuki was eating the bento alone. At first, Kazuki had invited her over to eat, but he was coldly rejected. If that’s the case, then why did Mio come over?

“It does not matter if I have to do all the household chores…But please do not call me a slave.”

“…But I do not recognize you as a member of the Witch’s House. Forget it, since the food that was made have no sin, then I can only reluctantly eat it.”

Placing mouthfuls of karaage into her mouth, Mio said with a pretentious tone.

Saying that she was reluctant had made Kazuki frustrated. The karaage was a dish from his memories of the Nanohana Institute.

“It shouldn’t be awful…”

“It is awful. This kind of thing is extremely disgusting.”

When she places the karaage in her mouth, which was opposite of what she was saying, Mio’s cheeks would soften.

“…It was made extremely well. Thank you.”

“Hiakari-san…Thank you. But since you have already said such words, as expected, you should come over and eat! Don’t just whisper your thanks from behind!”

Kazuki turned his head around. She only said “Don’t look over here” and turned to one side.

A black skull flew into the ring. It was not from Koyuki, but from Mio. After turning his head back to the front, he did not know why, but he could only see Mio glaring at him unhappily.

“Oi, even though I am eating with you, don’t turn to the back and desperately request for another woman.”

“That’s right. Amasaki-san, do you have some time now?”

Suddenly being talked to by someone, Mio “Eh?” and looked back.

When she noticed, everybody’s gaze were concentrated at this side.

“Amasaki-san, do you have a good relationship with that E-Rank…Hayashizaki-kun?”

“W, What good relationship, how is that possible. This person is a slave! Because I am a Student Council trainee…I had obtained a slave from the Student Council President! Don’t be mistaken!”

Kaguya-senpai did not say anything related to a slave trade.

“That’s true! You only treated him as a useful slave, that’s great!”

With this as a beginning, the other students of the class began to speak one by one.

“How is it possible that the A-Rank Amasaki-san would enter the Student Council with the E-Rank male student! We were all thinking what was going on, but now we are reassured!”

“That person, who cannot even use Summoning Magic, was actually mixed into this class, how disgusting.”

The temperature surrounding him had rapidly dropped.

No,no,no. It was maybe not all of a sudden, it was possible that everybody was gearing up and waited for an opportunity to throw such gazes.

As a Stigma Magic User candidate, they have extreme pride. They wanted to exclude the abnormality (Kazuki), but because they did not know why Mio, whose rank was higher than theirs, was together with him, so they hesitated.

…It was probably like that.

“Hey, Amasaki-san. Do you also think this way?”

They were trying to confirm secretly from Mio <That it was alright to treat this guy as a target for bullying.> And Mio, who did not understand the situation, could only look around confused.

What on earth was happening? Kazuki thought while remaining calm.

He was aware that he was an abnormality. He was already resolved about this situation.

“…Forget it! We, the Magic Division, do not require swords! You are already an E-Rank, and you were saying that your specialty was swords…Hayashizaki-Ryuu is completely useless!”

In the end, Mio still followed the atmosphere of this classroom.

“Compared to my Phenex, the Hayashizaki-Ryuu is simply trash! What Ancient Sword Techniques, there is no difference compared to the primitives swinging sticks around!”

“Hayashizaki-Ryuu?” The surrounding people were confused about the target that she pointed out at.

Kazuki was also angered by this phrase.

…It was the same when I first introduced myself. Why does this person always target the Hayashizaki-Ryuu? Because it was on the news, so knowing about the Hayashizaki-Ryuu was not something strange…But what do you know about the Hayashizaki-Ryuu? I do not mind if I was looked down upon…But if it is the people, who are important to me, that are being looked down upon, then it is not fine.

“Since you actually said it like this…Do you think I will remain silent forever?”

Mio faced Kazuki and revealed a provocative expression.

The anger within Kazuki’s belly was rushing upwards.

However, if he were to move using his emotions ——He would lose his place in the classroom.

“Our King, compared to the foolish Stigma Magic User, you are much stronger.”

Beside the silent Kazuki, a surprising sound rang out. It was Leme.

“What are you people, who still have not changed the Enigma into Stigma, or you, who can only use Low Level Summoning Magic saying? If you let Leme, who is a Diva, to speak, it is really funny. Our King’s Sword techniques are stronger than you a hundred times. And the karaage that Our King made is very delicious.”

Because the surrounding people were all silent, that voice completely infiltrated their bodies.

“…W, What, you useless Diva.”

“There is no need for Our King to use Leme’s power to deal with people such as you. If you doubt it, you can try it. Isn’t there a system called <Duel> in this academy?”

“Hey, Leme, what are you saying? You have lost your memories, you shouldn’t know anything about my sword techniques. Don’t just careless say words out.”

Kazuki hurriedly tried to stop her, but Leme only stared directly at Kazuki.

“Indeed, Leme doesn’t know anything, but I can still understand. Although I do not know why I selected you, but because you are a person that this Leme has chosen —— You cannot be weak. And although I had only been with you for a short day, I still fully understand your character. You said that you have spent your life so far honing your sword techniques. Then if that’s the case ——You are not weak. Even if I do not know anything, I can still understand it.”

Leme even leaned over closer and whispered into his ear.

“…And, that girl, Amasaki Mio, truthfully, she wants to lose to you.”

“…What’s that.”

“It is more accurate to say that…she hopes that you are a strong person. So that’s why she argues with you. This is also for positivity levels, so show off to her.”

“…In the end, it was still for that. That isn’t good, fighting in order to obtain positivity values.”

“Most importantly, it is unrelated to positivity values…Weren’t you also thinking that you <Want to Fight>? Leme and your heart are connected, so I had seen through it a long time ago.”

Leme smiled and knocked Kazuki’s chest.

…She is saying that I wanted to fight? I actually…?

Holding a sword in my hands, as a swordsman, fight ——against the Stigma Magic User, who had provoked this side.

Inside Kazuki’s calm mind, a sweet heat began to erode it.

As a member of the Magic Division, he must leave behind his longing for sword techniques. But ——

“…That is true. Indeed, it is time to let these people change their thinking about sword techniques.”

The people that were most important to him were looked down upon, yet he could still remain indifferent. As expected, it wasn’t his way of living.

“Oi, you two, what are you guys secretly talking about?”

Mio said to the two people. Leme immediately turned to Mio and revealed a detestable expression.

“Actually, you are very weak! Desperately saying Leme’s King is an E-Rank slave, you must be afraid of Our King!?”

“…-How is it possible that I’m afraid of that guy!?”

Mio could not help but stand up. In response, Kazuki also stood up.

“Amasaki Mio. I request a duel with you.”

Hearing these words, everybody in the room, including Mio, widened their eyes in shock.

This was the natural reaction. Compared to Summoning Magic, Swords were looked down upon.

Heaven and Earth Formation. Swordsman were only to buy time for the Stigma Magic User’s Chants. A Meat Shield. This was common knowledge.

Kazuki coldly looked around his surroundings. That common knowledge ——made him extremely angry inside his heart.

“You say a duel…But you can’t use Summoning Magic, right?”

“I will only fight with a sword. If I win, I hope that you can take back the insults you said towards the Hayashizaki Family.”

Hearing this phrase, Mio’s expression changed.

“As expected, you still have longing towards the Hayashizaki’s Sword Techniques! Even though you are already a person like me in the Magic Division…Okay, I’ll accompany you! I’ll let you fully experience it!!”

The originally frozen classroom began to quarrel again.

“…Although I do not understand, that person is saying that he would <Use Sword Techniques to fight against an A-Rank>?”

“Amasaki-san can already use Level 2 Magic, right!? Then it is impossible.”

“You… are still the same as before…”

When it was already impossible to stop, Mio muttered in a low voice.

“What did you say?”

Just like this ——A red heart appeared from Mio’s chest and was absorbed into Kazuki’s ring.

A red heart? At this time, it should be a black skull. As expected, this ring is abnormal.

“Nothing, you E-Rank! Stupid Idiot! I’m looking forward to the time after school end!”

She rushed back to her own seat. What is a Stupid Idiot? Oi, you forgot about the half-finished bento. Finish it! The karaage I made!!

“You’ve said it well…Hayashizaki Kazuki.”

When Kazuki sat down, Koyuki’s voice came from behind.

It looks like he was not completely alone.

After the application that was submitted to the Student Council in the Knights Academy was approved, then you can begin a duel.

It was a competition of strength between students that under safety rules of stopping the attack before the Defense Magic was completely reduced to zero, where the Student Council was present.

“A duel request? Otouto-kun and Mio-chan?”

After Kaguya-senpai, who was currently organizing information in the Student Council office, heard her kouhais’ words, her eyes widened.

“Really, even Otouto-kun is reckless. The duel that has strict rules is different than the reckless scuffles that Kanae-chan participates in. If it is in a duel format, the Stigma Magic User will only escape as they continuously use Level 1 Magic and it will completely eliminate your Defensive Magic. This is not a joke.”

“Has Kanae, till this date, fought against the Magic Division students?”

“…Formally no. Although Kanae-chan wanted to do so, but even if the Magic Division students were to win against the Sword Division students, their rank evaluation will not increase. Thus, everybody avoids it.”

“If that’s the case, then senpai should not know what kind of battle it will become between the Hayashizaki-Ryuu and Summoning Magic.”

“There is no need to duel and you would still know it, idiot.”

Mio inserted hateful words. At the same time, senpai finally realized that the two of them were both serious.

“W, Why did it become such a tense relationship? Fighting isn’t good!”

“No, I cannot give in. As long as my foster father’s sword is being looked down upon, I cannot tolerate it.”

“Why…are you so serious about the Hayashizaki-Ryuu. Even though you are someone from the Magic Division…Just like an idiot!”

At this time, someone broke the Student Council’s door and stormed in.

“It’s the time to completely defeat someone, Nii-sama! I have heard of the matter, As expected from Nii-sama!?”

“Ah, Kanae-chan? Why did you come to the Magic Division?”

Kanae completely ignored Kaguya-senpai and rushed directly in front of Kazuki.

“…So it was like this. Nii-sama wanted to rampage inside the Magic Division in order to prove the strength of Hayashizaki-Ryuu…In other words, a spy inside the Magic Divison! Such foresight, even Kanae did not think about it. Because Kanae’s duels were always rejected! However, after you taught everybody a lesson in the Magic Division, please transfer back to the Sword Division.”

“How is that possible, idiot.”

Kazuki use his two hands and firmly pulled Kanae’s cheeks that was as soft as rice cakes.

Kanae issued out a “Funyaaaaaaaa!” cry.

“President! As expected, you are here. Please do not suddenly rush out when we are having a meeting.”

The person who appeared after Kanae was the Sword Division’s Torazou-senpai.

“Oi, Kanae, don’t skip work and come over here to do your bro-con acts.”

“It’s not like that! Indeed, Kanae wanted to see Nii-sama to the extent that she is trembling…But it is not because of this purpose that I came. Nii-sama, this is for you.”

Kanae handed over a one-edged Japanese Sword to Kazuki.

“…This is!”

Kazuki had already left his beloved sword at the Hayashizaki Family. Therefore, for the matter related to the duel, he wanted to ask Kanae or the Sword Division to borrow a sword…

“Yes, this is Nii-sama’s <Doufuu>. Because she felt that it will be needed, so Kanae had secretly brought it over. This is such an amazing foresight. Please praise me. Then, please fall in love with me.”

Kazuki’s beloved sword, Doufuu. It was an iron-cutting sword that was created through the hands of alchemists.

Among the history of Japanese swords, the ancient sword during Kamakura era ——The Kamakura ancient swords was the strongest. However, this kind of technique had already been lost and had become a lost art.

Through Alchemy, it had let this Kamakura Ancient Sword, Doufuu, appear once again.

The past Japanese Swords were made using a soft steel core, with hard steel on the outside, <Heart of Steel Structure>, in order to obtain a balance of toughness and hardness. The soft core absorbs the impact to prevent it from breaking, while the hard surface prevents it from becoming crooked.

With this kind of structure, it was easily broken due to the difference of hardness at the location where the two steel stuck together.

Compared to this, Doufuu was created with a single steel material.

The steel’s hardness was decided by the carbon content. Doufuu, through the Fluid Control Magic to control the amount of carbon content dissolved into the steel, so that the inner core was soft, then as it extended outwards, it had become hard…Because it was made with a single material for the structure, it was a thing that was extremely ideal as it maintained the balance of hard and soft. This is Micro-Level Alchemy.

Because there was no extreme difference of hardness in the structure, it had stuck together extremely tough. Once it was swung, it was like a whip that was bent.

Its toughness and sharpness could even cut iron.

As proof of Kazuki’s independence, his foster father awarded it to him

The moment he held it in his hands, the feeling of the heavy sword seemed to have become familiar with him just like a part of his body.

…Although he had made a resolve after becoming a Stigma Magic User, as expected, he was still a swordsman.

No, in order to change into a new self, there was no need to abandon his past.

“Nii-sama, Nii-sama, please praise me. Then as a reward, please kiss me.”

“Don’t get carried away in front of everybody in the Student Council, idiot.”

Looking at Kazuki and Kanae’s interactions, Hoshikaze-senpai and Koyuki revealed surprised gazes.

“…The Sword Division’s President is older than Hayashizaki-kun, she should be an older sister, right? What is going on?”

“It can’t be some kind of perverted type of play, right…?”

Even though the fact that Kazuki was a male, yet he obtained an Engima was spread around by the news, but the problem regarding about their true age, which had caused the relationship regarding about the siblings age to be reversed, was still pretty much unknown.

“Hmph, whether you use a sword to fight or a Kiritanpo [25] to fight, it is the same! Let’s us begin…Bring it on!”

“Bringing it on is a rather old way of speaking. But…Fine.”

“W, Wait a minute, I have not accepted the request yet!”

The duel must have the permission of either side’s Student Council. But ——

“If you do not accept it, then I will accept it! Nii-sama, Nii-sama, good luck!!”

——With the Sword Division Student Council accepting it, a special duel began.

At the sports ground, Kazuki and Mio were confronting each other.

There was already a crowd of students coming over to observe after hearing the news.

A Sword and Magic Clash conducted between freshmen, it had gathered a lot of concern disregarding the Division restriction.

“Although they do not need to specifically gather here, this duel will end in a short time period!”

She chanted a spell and allowed her spirit to connect with the Diva at Astrum.

“I know thy name…Thy name is <Phenex>…A poet and a Magician! The poetic bird that uses sweet words to play with the truth, obey my command and display thy power!”

Her Stigma glowed an orange color like the flames shadow. At the same time it glowed, the uniform was disintegrated and reconstructed into the Magical Dress. The faintly glowing clothes and her twintails swayed due to the wind.

…Looking again, this person was an extremely beautiful girl.

Kazuki’s Magical Dress was only a small ring. However, on his waist, his beloved sword Doufuu released an explicit sense of presence. The combination of a Magic Division’s uniform with a Sword, seemed to give off a powerful contrast.

The beautiful Stigma Magic User and the Magic Swordsman that was dressed up uniquely were confronting each other here.

He did not know why…but it feels like he was looking forward to this duel since entering this school.

“Then under the supervision of Hiakari Koyuki, the duel between Amasaki Mio and Hayashizaki Kazuki will begin.”

The referee was Koyuki. The so-called referee was the role which stops the battle when it was dangerous. She, who had been at the Student Council since junior high, had already accumulated sufficient experience.

The duel was carried out in a situation where they were separated by a distance of 50 meters. Although Kazuki could cross this distance in 5 seconds through Magic Enhancement, but Mio could also dodge while she chants spells.

This distance is a rule that gives the Stigma Magic Users the upper hand. Because even in a battle, it was not easy for a swordsman to approach the Stigma Magic Users, thus it had become a rule that was taken for granted.

If the two of them were separated by a distance of 50 meters, Mio’s figure would become as small as a bean.

Anxiousness made the time become irritable. Kazuki displayed an Iai posture and imagined the scene of heat coming up from the depths of his belly ——This is what was known in ancient times as Kikou or life energy from his abdomen.

Aside from ancient martial techniques, a clear impression can allow the Physical Enhancement Magic become something extremely efficient.


Seeing that the preparations for battle were complete ——Koyuki announced that the duel started.

Kazuki released heat inside his belly and kicked off fiercely from the ground.

"Fast!?" The surrounding students screamed.

In comparison, Mio retreated while she began to chant spells.

No matter how fast Kazuki was, the distance was enough for her to complete her chants.

Mio allowed her Magical Dress light up and communicated with her Diva, and chanted as if she was singing ——

“…The sparks scattered from the dancing wings. Launch a spiral of wind, a bullet piercing through life! Flap now, let it penetrate! ——Barrett!!”

Behind Mio, Phenex’s wings spread apart.

Phenex’s Level 1 Magic, Barrett ——Phenex flaps its wings and shots out feathers. It carries a dual attribute of fire and wind, and flew over like a spiral.

With a bullet’s speed and piercing through its target, it causes the inside of the enemy to burn. Normally, a human’s physical ability should not be able to evade this fire bullet ——But Kazuki dodged it by jumping to the side.

“!?” Mio, who was confident that it would hit, revealed a surprised expression.

As if her body was not listening, Mio continued to chant while she avoided. She then chanted the spell again and released a second shot of Barrett.

However, Kazuki had already grasp the flow of Magic Power ——Just like a Swordmaster reading the opponent’s breathing.

The instant the Magic Power expanded, the disturbance in the air depicted an outline as if it was announcing in advance the phenomenon that was about to happen. Just like what I imagined…If it is this kind of Summoning Magic, I can avoid it!

The second Barrett was also avoided. Just like the dancing wind, Kazuki plunged into the arms of Mio.

His hand had already grasped the hilt of the sword.

Mio’s face was distorted ——As if it was a Stigma Magic User’s terrified expression when they were invaded by a swordsman.

Rend, Doufuu ——With a white flash, the horizontal Iai slash was unleashed.

To Kazuki, his beloved sword was the same as <A part of his body>. His entire body’s strength was extended to the body of his sword that he was holding to, granting it the destructive power that was able to smash through Magic ——This is the attacking method of swordsman, Magic Sword.

The slash had violently collided with Mio’s defensive Magic. Blue light scattered onto the ground, her Magic was cut apart.

Because her Magic was cut apart and the impact that was caused, Mio staggered a few steps backwards.

Kazuki used both his hands to hold his beloved sword, which he was holding with his right hand earlier, and instantly turned the blade.

An Iai slash was not a one hit one kill technique.

The first blade was only for containment. The one that truly determines the victory was the second blade that was swung downwards after gripping it with two hands.


Along with the cry, he slashed downwards and crushed Mio’s Defense Magic again.

Mio was hit away severely.

“He dodged Summoning Magic?”

In face of something that was impossible, Kaguya issued a noise…This kind of swordsman was never seen before.

The speed of Barrett was equivalent to the speed of a rifle bullet. Just by a human’s nervous system, it was impossible to avoid.

“ <Magic-Eye Demon>…This was the nickname of Nii-sama, who was once a swordsman. An Iai swordsman could completely read the opponent’s breathing and muscle tension, then attack first while starting later. In Hayashizaki-Ryuu, he had completely refined his <Vision>.”

Next to Kaguya, Kanae smiled as if she was proud of her favorite brother.

“<Vision> ——How is it… Impossible. Are you saying that you are using Perceptibility Enhancement Magic!?”

“If it is a normal Iai swordsman, at the best, he could only read the breathing and muscle movement. But the Hayashizaki-Ryuu is more advanced, it will even read the flow of Magic Power completely. If you are able to read the flow of Magic Power, predicting the change from being idle and movement, the attack speed is not a problem. The instant an Iai master placed the sword facing it, he would have completely avoided it. Hayashizaki’s Iai has already surpassed Unyou [26]

“…A swordsman attached with Perceptibility Enhancement Magic that allows him to read the flow of Magic Power, this is impossible.”

Kaguya did not look down on swordsman. But objectively considering it, it should be impossible.

Through training the physical body, it allowed the Physical Enhancement Magic to be attached to his body, in theory, it exists.

Magic is developed based on imagination. Wanting a more powerful body…This kind of thought will allow Physical Enhancement Magic to be activated.

However, no matter how you train Iai, the Perceptibility Enhancement Magic which even lets Magic Power to be felt was unbelievable, there was no reason to get to this kind of high-level achievement.

“No matter what, a swordsman cannot beat Summoning Magic…The people who hold these kind of thoughts while training would definitely not be able to do it. Because they had already given up from the very beginning. However, we had treated the Summoning Magic as an imaginary enemy since the very beginning and performed training. We believe that our possibilities were endless. You say that it is impossible? But the Magic Power responded to our wishes.”

In the current world where Magic, which disregards the laws of physics, dictates, there was no such thing as impossible.

——If it is me, how would I deal with this kind of sword techniques, how would I obtain victory.

“…If it is me, I would chant a large-scale Magic that is impossible to avoid even after reading it.”

“Do you believe that Nii-sama and I would give you that much chanting time?”

If they were successfully able to close the gap, the swordsman’s close-range attacks would continuously attack.

Every time, Magic will be cut apart, the body will be exposed to the impact of Magic shattering.

Inside the storm of slashes, there was no task more difficult than keeping up the concentration and finishing the chant.

Although in the Academy, the Sword Division and Magic Division were confronting each other, but the proper fighting method of Magic Users was to chant while being guarded by swordsman.

“However, if it is Kanae-chan’s sword, it is unable to stop my chanting.”

Hearing Kaguya’s whisper, Kanae threw to her a glare that she did not believe that she would lose.

Even after being knocked by a slash, the A-Rank Amasaki Mio still calmly chanted a spell.

I don’t want to lose…! I can’t lose to this kind of Sword Techniques!!

Although she felt that it was impossible…But there was no doubt that this person used his eyes to avoid Barrett’s speed. Mio had made this kind of judgment. Thus, she began to chant something different than Barrett, Phenex’s Level 2 Magic.

That person pursued further on. He has already caught up.

“The Call from the Master of Flame, liberate the rage beneath the earth! Open up my fortress’s walls…Towering between heaven and earth, isolate all impurity! Flame Emperor Creation!!”

The so-called spell was a command to the Diva at Astrum to request for a Magic Phenomenon.

The Diva responded to this call and brought the Magic Phenomenon to this world ——Causing the World to be distorted.

A Magic Circle extended from Mio’s feet and radiate in all directions.

It let out a flash and became a big crack. Flames were sprayed out from there.

The flame wall that suddenly emerged from his feet —— It was impossible to dodge with his eyes.

That person, who pursued further on, had become a bug that rushed into fire.

Or so it should be ——But, Hayashizaki Kazuki seemed to have predicted the future. In front of the flames, he stepped on the brakes. Mio’s expression twisted again. It was really baffling.

“What method is he using to dodge it!?”

After the crack and the flames vanished, Kazuki rushed into her arms calmly.

Mio could not do anything but be sent flying by the silver flash…It was simply too fast.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.01 127.jpg

“W, Why!?” Then Mio was submerged in a storm of slashes ——

“Stop right here!”

Looking at Mio, whose Defense Magic was about to be exhausted, the referee, Koyuki, announced that it was over.

Mio sat powerlessly on the ground, her Magical Dress disintegrated and changed back to the school uniform.

“It’s my win…Please take back the insults you said to my foster father.”

The Sword Division students that were watching on the side issued loud applauses.

“…I see, so this is the true Ancient Style Sword Techniques.”

Kaguya whispered out in amazement, but it was denied by Kanae.

“It is not the problem of Styles. The Sword Division swordsman did not train with the goal of being able to defeat Summoning Magic. Even though Magic Power will respond to your thoughts. So, the Sword Division must change! This person or that person, all of them are deluded by the Divas and forgot the original power of humans!”

The Sword Division students cheers were boiling. The two Student Council Presidents surveyed the scene.

“Amazing…Being able to do this kind of exaggerated actions, there is actually someone else beside the President…”

As if he had lost his soul, the one who muttered was ranked 3rd of the students in the Student Council, Torazou Yamada, who had an inferiority complex towards the Magic Division. Looking at his expression, Kanae secretly snickered.

…No matter how strong she was, the surrounding people only treated her as an existence known as the <Storm Cat> that was outside the Magic Lands. There was basically no followers who truly think that <I can also become strong>.

Kanae was always alone. Kaguya was finally aware of this fact.

“…Fufufu, I’m looking forward to the <Division Competition>! Next time, it will be me and you who are on the stage!”

Hearing Kanae’s declaration, Kaguya also smiled…Indeed, it was something to look forward to.

Whether it was to fight against Kanae-chan…or the future growth of Otouto-kun…

It was a sense of anticipation that had been gone for a long time since she had defeated her former rival, Hoshikaze Hikaru, and had become invincible inside the Magic Division. After she found a strong enemy, Kaguya was thrilled.

To Kazuki, who wanted her to take back the words she said——Mio awkwardly muttered.

“No…I did not lose.”

“You just won’t give up! Hayashizaki-Ryuu is not weak, admit this to me!”

“No, no, no! Hayashizaki’s Sword or whatever is weaker than Summoning Magic by a lot! It is trash!”

“Even though we have dueled, why do you still treat it as trash up to this point!?”

This person, what kind of <Prejudice towards Hayashizaki-Ryuu> did she have?

Inside Mio’s eyes, little by little, tears began to drip out, causing Kazuki to be frightened. Crying is too despicable…!

“Speaking of which…Why can’t you remember who I am! Remember that for me! I…I’m Mio!? The Mio who had once lived with you at <Nanohana>!?”

Nanohana!? ——Could it be, Kazuki was suddenly speechless.

The instant his eyes met with Mio’s crying eyes, a figure of a small girl appeared inside Kazuki’s mind. The shadow of the face was consistent just like Magic. It was the sister-like girl, who had always followed behind him.

That person’s name is…Mio[27]. Give me a second, could it be that, Mio is Mio?

“Amasaki, you…could it be you’re Mio!?”

“Didn’t I just say it! Why didn’t you notice it, idiot!”

The surrounding audience felt confused “What is it, what is it” about the two people’s conversation.

“But Mio…should be a more honest and smaller child. Speaking of which, she should be smaller than me by two years!?”

“I am not small! I grew up since then!!”

Here, Kazuki suddenly remembered. The children at that place were mainly orphans whose birth was unknown. Aside from the obvious, newly born child, they basically used their body physiques to predict their age.

If Kazuki had dropped a grade and she rose a grade…Due to the Enigma, it was not impossible for her, who was originally smaller than her by two years, to suddenly become his classmate.

“Even though you left us and disappeared by yourself, why did you forget about me…Unbelievable, even though I remember clearly about the Hayashizaki Family that took you away…Uuuuuu…”

Mio finally cried. Kazuki’s mind was filled with guilt.

“How can I forget! Even now, the experience at Nanohana is still part of my important memories!! But I do not know the surname Amasaki, and Mio isn’t that uncommon of a name…”

Kazuki spluttered as he tried to find excuses. Speaking of which, Mio was an honest child. Right now, she was like another person. And he did not expect that she had become this beautiful…!

“…What are those two people talking about?”

“In the end, their relationship is very good?”

“Speaking of which, Hayashizaki Kazuki is overwhelmingly strong…What is this…”

With puzzled eyes, their classmates compared the private conversation between the two of them, which was unrelated to swords and Magic. This duel already had a completely different meaning.

“Just like your talent in swords was seen through, and you left us, my talent in Magic was also seen through and I was adopted by the Amasaki Family! Although I had gone up a grade, but it is also because of my efforts that I still became an A-Rank! My Summoning Magic is stronger than the likes of Hayashizaki-Ryuu!!”

So that was the reason why that person had strongly provoked Hayashizaki-Ryuu!

But, what kind of fate is this. Their talents in sword and Magic were both spotted and they finally met up again in this school of Sword and Magic!

“I…absolutely will not recognize Hayashizaki’s sword who snatched away my Kazu-nii!!”

Mio used her sleeve to wipe her tears, stood up and ran away.


Koyuki blew the final whistle.

“The winner is Hayashizaki Kazuki.” Koyuki said with a feeble voice.

Part 4[edit]

Mio ran back to her own room. After almost ripping her uniform, she threw it aside and only wore her underwear as she jumped onto the bed. She buried her face into the pillow and impulsively shed tears.

——After a short period of time, voice from the other Student Council members returned rang out.

But it was too shameless, she was too useless. Right now, she did not want to meet with them.

Lost, Lost, Lost, Lost Lost Lost Lost Lost Lost Lost! I Lost!!

…5 years ago, because Kazu-nii was strong, he disappeared from Nanohana.

So lonely. But after that, her own magic talent was spotted and she found herself an adoptive family.

When she thought that she was also a strong person, she felt that she was able to conquer her loneliness.

So, she thought, her own Magic…was stronger than the Hayashizaki’s sword by a lot…

However, she still lost…Too strong. And that person still did not change compared to the past…

…That person was like that since the beginning. No matter how much someone looks down upon himself, he would be indifferent. However, if the companions of Nanohana were looked down upon, it would seem as if he had completely turned into someone else and rage. He would often pick fights with the mean people.

Although the adults thought that Kazuki’s side of easily getting into fights were bad…But to us, who were still children, Kazu-nii was a reliable older brother.

Kazu-nii did not change. It seems like she, herself, who was arguing, was the idiot.

But that person, when I did my flashy self-introduction, and even waved to him, he did not recognize me.

Even though it was rare for the both of us to enter the Magic Division, he was still thinking about Hayashizaki’s sword techniques.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.01 133.jpg

Being able to meet him once again, actually she was very happy ——but she was so angry that she could not forgive him

She actually wanted to get closer to him and wanted to talk about the stories from the past…

——How long has it been since she had laid down on the bed depressed.

“Hey, Amasaki…Dinner is ready.”

A voice passed through the room’s door. It was an extremely awkward voice. However, from the voice, you could feel a different feeling than anger existed.

It was Kazu-nii’s gentle voice. But because of that…she wanted to behave in a more wilful manner.

“…The meals you made, I don’t want them!”

——But that person, who loves to be nosy, would definitely not allow this kind of unhealthy behavior of not eating dinner.

Just like the past. If he was to care about her, then perhaps he would not put her aside no matter what.

Even though she knew that this was not allowed, but she still embraced this kind of expectation.

I can’t leave her like this. If that person is Mio, then it is even more so.

Hearing her response, Kazuki thought. Being impulsive and missing a meal, how could I, who is the maid here, permit it. Thus, after taking a deep breath, he suddenly barged into the room.

“Not eating dinner is definitely not allowed! Quickly go eat!”

Opening the door with a violent momentum ——What appeared in front of his eyes was Mio, who was only wearing her underwear.

“Eh, you really camee!? Wait a minute…I did not say that I was still wearing this…!!”

The instant she panicked and got up from the bed, the two valleys in front of her chest bounced.

“…UWAHH!? Sorry!”

Although he was saying this, but his gaze was still attracted to it and he thought that he would be yelled at. However, Mio immediately wrapped a towel around her body and used the towel to cover her mouth. I do not know what she was muttering about.

“…Right now, do you still care about me…”

“…What are you saying? Who could hear what you are muttering across the towel.”

Just when Kazuki planned to leave the room, but because a red heart appeared from Mio’s body and flew over, he stayed there. Mio was like an arguing child, and she issued a weak voice.

“N, Nothing! I won’t eat dinner. I don’t want to eat the meals that you made.”

“I can’t just leave you alone, the senpais are all worried about you…Is it because you hate me and you don’t want to see me, so you do not want to go down?”

“Uuuuu. That’s right…I…am still angry at you…”

Mio used a mosquito-like sound and spoke to Kazuki through the towel.

…After being reunited, I had constantly hurt her and even dueled with her.

“I’m sorry…but please eat the dinner, I beg you. If you still feel that I’m an eyesore and will trouble you, then I will go outside today.”

“Eh!? I, I don’t want that!!”

Kazuki’s eyes widened. Mio revealed a “Shoot” expression and quickly corrected it.

“…I don’t hate that! That <Then, I don’t hate that> means that I don’t really hate that!” [28]

“A, Ahhh…What, so it is this meaning, it is really easy for it to be misunderstood.”

What, the unnatural separation between <hate> and <not>.

“But please don’t be mistaken. I do not…plan on treating you like the past! Don’t keep on treating me as your younger sister!!”

“The past is the past, now is now, huh. It feels a little bit lonely like this.”

“…You, even if it is the me right now, do you still care and worry about me?”

“Of course. I will definitely not permit you not eating dinner.”

Mio’s eyes widened. A red heart floated over from her chest. It was evidence that her positivity values increased. Is that so, although she was still angry, but he was not hated by her.

If that’s the case, then this person is definitely——just arguing and playing around.

“I…Is that so? You will still worry about me…But my stomach is really not hungry.”

“Then let’s do this. I will still be your slave like before.”

“Eh? E, Even though I had lost in the duel…?”

“…So, master, because your slave had made dinner, please go and eat it.”

After she froze for a while ——she understood Kazuki’s intentions and proudly straightened her chest.

“…I understand. There is no other way…Only because there is no other way! My stomach is completely not hungry. Because I am the master! I must reward my slave’s loyalty.”

“Ohhh, you must do that.”

He could only maintain this kind of relationship with her, who could not be straightforward until now.

However, if the positivity levels increase ——It should be possible to have a relationship like in the past.

The past is the past, now is now, even if they say it like this, it doesn’t mean that it is something that is lonely.

“Right, you are only a slave! Only a slave…So you must remain by my side from now on! Don’t make any strange misunderstandings and try to leave here!?”

“I know, being able to stay at Witch’s House is nice.”

Mio constantly nodded her head in agreement. Another red heart flew out.

Come down early, saying this, Kazuki left the room.

“…Right, tomorrow’s bento, you don’t have to make it.”

“Eh? Are we going to the canteen?”

“I’ll make it for you…Although you are my slave, but I am the one who lost.”

The next day’s lunch. Just like yesterday, Leme and Mio gathered around Kazuki’s seat.

The thing that Mio prepared was karaage.

“…Right, how did they make the taste in Nanohana? About that, I had constantly wanted to make the same thing and practiced in Amasaki Family, but I could not do it well.”

…What, as expected it is a taste from your memories as well.

“About that, the seasoning placed in advance is the key. Okay, next time we make it, you should also wear a maid outfit!”

“What, what’s with that happy expression. Are you that happy cooking together with your master? I will absolutely not wear it, that idiotic outfit.”

Kazuki could not help but let his emotions rise, Mio seemed to sulk and said some hateful words.

“About that, Amasaki-san…Can I ask, in the end, your relationship is indeed very good?”

The surrounding people incredulously looked at the bento that Kazuki was eating, which was made by Mio.

“So I said don’t be mistaken! This guy is only a slave!!…Only <My Slave>. Although this guy is an E-Rank sword idiot…if anybody weaker than me dares to look down upon him, I will absolutely not forgive them!”

Mio issued out a roar to all the people in the classroom.

If she made this kind of declaration, only Koyuki, who was the same A-Rank, could talk back.

…This person, is she protecting me?

“W, What are you looking at? Quickly eat!”

She used her chopsticks, picked up a karaage and said “Eat quickly!” and placed it in front of him.

“…Don’t suddenly do things like <Ah ——n>”, Kazuki felt troubled.

“I, I did not plan on doing it! This is only a feeling similar to feeding a dog!”

“Isn’t their relationship extremely good…They have completely entered their own world…”

“Forget it, if it is us, no matter at this time, we would not win against either of them.”

“…Speaking of which, he was really cool, Hayashizaki-kun’s Iai slash.”

“Right! I remembered, I remembered it!! Running while pulling it out!!”

The atmosphere surrounding Kazuki had changed. And Mio, who he had not been able to understand, now, he finally understood the nature of her attitude.

“What are you laughing at secretly over there?”

“No, I just feel happy. From now on, please take care of me.”

“Yes. Why are you happy? I did not do anything that would make you happy…Forget it, since there is no helping it, I will also be with you from now on.”

Although she was still talking back, Mio’s face still revealed a slight smile. It seems like her honest feelings were involuntarily revealed ——

At this moment, somewhere near Mio's chest issued out a light. Looking at the surprised Kazuki, even the person involved, Mio, revealed <What is it?> an incredulous expression. The light finally turned into a key —— and directly entered Kazuki’s ring.

This was what Leme had said, a key to their hearts…

——From that moment on, Kazuki was no longer a useless Stigma Magic User.

Chapter 4 - Love Simulation[edit]

“Right, let’s make curry tonight. I suddenly want to eat a curry that has lots of sweet cheese inside. The one that was made previously in Nanohana Institution. It’s decided!”

“Curry, is it…I have often made it before. However, it wouldn’t work well with tomorrow’s bento.”

“Isn’t it fine if you make a curry bento? Just use Magic to heat it up. This is the master’s command! Potatoes~, Carrots~, Onions~♪”

Mio hummed a short song as she placed the vegetables into the shopping basket.

When Kazuki went to buy ingredients for dinner, Mio happily followed.

After the lunch break, her arguing attitude reappeared and she was also in a good mood.

Inside the Knights Academy’s huge campus , there were shops that sell ingredients for the students that wanted to make their own food.

“Moss[29] ♪, If it’s meat, then it’s definitely chicken, right!?” She held a box and laughed.

“I’ll comply with your orders, master.”

After bringing the selected goods to the cashier, Kazuki used the Student Council President’s <Food Budget> to pay the bill.

“I’ll give this to you, this is you, who is a slave, should be responsible for!”

Mio deftly placed the goods into the plastic bag, then she shoved it into Kazuki’s hand.

The two bulging plastic bags filled up both of Kazuki’s hand.

“What~, do you have any opinions?”

“I did not say that it was bad. And from the beginning, I did not plan on letting a girl carry the items.”

“Is it heavy? Because a lot of vegetables has been put in, so it must be very heavy, right~?”

“This level of heaviness is nothing, I have always been training, so it is not a problem.”

“You are overexerting yourself! It can’t be helped~! As your master, I should still help you.”

Mio held onto a handle of the plastic bag in Kazuki’s left hand, so it became a situation where two people were lifting up one bag…Just like they were walking while holding hands.

Conveying the fact that she did not truly treat Kazuki as a slave to him.

However, to her, who was still displaying a stubborn position of <Not forgiving Kazuki>, maintaining the master and slave relationship is the most natural way to get along.

Through the graph——Mio’s positivity levels was displaying 67.

On their way back to the Witch’s House, they coincidently met with their classmates.

“Amasaki-san and him…As expected, their relationship is really good. Just like a couple or perhaps just like a married couple.”

“W, Wait a minute! It is all your fault because you revealed a comfortable expression when you are together with me, which led to me being misunderstood! You should at least wave your tail towards your master!”

Mio hurriedly argued with Kazuki.

“Wait, from the beginning, weren’t you the one that displayed a happy expression?”

“W, When did I? This is a very normal expression! I am always this calm and beautiful!”

“You were singing a song earlier. If that isn’t being happy, then what should I call it?”

“That is different! That is…only a normal vegetable song! Because I like vegetables so that’s why I sang, it is only like this! Being happy because I am with you, how is it possible!”

Mio forcibly grabbed the plastic bag from Kazuki’s hand and hugged the vegetables inside tightly.

“I love vegetables! When I grow up, I will marry an onion on a white horse!!”

This person just said something incredible.

“When we get back, we would need to slowly cook the vegetables using a pot.”

“Why do you have to do such a cruel thing!? Bastard!”

“Ahaha…How should I put it, I wish you two happiness.”

The classmates gave a bitter smile and left.

“This is all your fault, causing them to misunderstand and leave! Idiot!!”

However, Mio was not truly angry. And a Black Skull did not fly out either.

“Listen to me, Hikaru. The two of them seemed to be like a newlywed couple. Otouto-kun cuts the vegetables and Mio-chan will place the cut vegetables into the bowl…The first time the two of them worked together is here!”

“Ah, when they are working together and their hands touch each other, the two of them will be shocked…How nice, I also long for such a sweet scene.”

“The two of them are very happy.”

When Kazuki and Mio were making food in the kitchen, three gazes were secretly watching them.

“…Hey, you, think of a plan. The misunderstanding has deepened.”

“How can I think of a plan, they are our senpais.”

Kazuki quickly looked behind. The ones secretly watching were the two senpais and Koyuki.

…If it was Kazuki, he actually would want to let Koyuki join in.

“Amasaki, try this taste.”

“Um…Great! As expected from the thing that I made! This curry will be deemed Golden Mio-sama curry! If cheese was placed as a topping…Then it is the best!”

“Don’t just casually choose a name, master.”

But because Mio wanted a sweet taste, so in the end, it became a curry that had enormous amounts of sweet miso, onions, bananas, apples and honey. Although this person really likes it…

“To others, it may be slightly too sweet. Oi——Eh, Hiakari-san!”

“…What is it, Kazuki”. Koyuki, who was still wearing the stimulating shirt like before, walked over.”

“Try tasting this curry as well.”

“If everybody thinks the taste is fine, then there is no need to specially tailor the taste for me.”

“Please don’t say this kind of nonsense. I also hope that you are one of the ones that are happy as well.”

Kazuki forcibly moved the spoon over. Although she had a confused expression, but she still ate it.

“…It is slightly too sweet. But in general, it is still very delicious.”

“Hiakari-san enjoys eating spicy right? Then if we were to add a bit of red pepper, would the taste be enough?”

“Hey you, aren’t your taste too weird!? You actually picked faults with this Mio-chan’s professionalcreamytopchilisaucecurry-sama!”

“Hey, the name is completely different…Then I’ll move only mine and Amasaki’s portion to a small pot and make it a little spicier for the others.”

“Ah, you also enjoy eating sweet.”

Another red heart flew out.

This person’s positively level is currently rising exponentially. It seems to be because of food.

“Ah, speaking of which, there is something that I would like to discuss with Mio-chan and Koyuki-chan.”

Kaguya-senpai let out a sound as if she had just remembered something and walked into the kitchen.

“It is related to Inter-Division Competition on next week’s Saturday. A first-year must also participate. Since the two of you have successfully made a contract, Mio-chan and Koyuki-chan, which one should we send out? Since Mio-chan had fought before, then is it okay if it’s Koyuki-chan debut this time?”

The so-called Inter-Division Competition was an event that the senpais were recently preparing.

It seems to be the case…that it is a large-scaled exhibition event hosted by the Magic and Sword Division Student Council with ordinary civilians and freshmen spectating.

“I will obey to senpai’s arrangements…”

Although she said that she would obey, but Mio frowned. Actually, she wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to be redeemed for her previous failure.

——Just at this moment, a large roar came from the outside.

“Nii-sama Nii-sama——! Why is Nii-sama! Nii-sama at this kind of place——!!”

Then, *PATA*! The door was opened.

Everybody hurried to the entrance and could only see a breathless Kanae standing there.

“Nii-sama! Why are you living at this kind of place!? When I asked the teachers before, they said that they have arranged a residence outside of the campus, so I was assured!”

“How aggressive, causing me to think what happened. So it was about that. Because of various things, I cannot use the residence outside. Thus, senpai sheltered the homeless me.”

“How is that fine! Nii-sama, who has already reached that kind of age, is actually living with another woman besides me…About that, too dirty…As expected, Nii-sama should immediately transfer to the Sword Division!”

“Give me a minute, Kanae-chan! By now, who would agree with the transfer to the Sword Division! I have also participated in on this matter, this was the result of the Magic Division Staff Meeting!”

“That’s not the case. The Magic Division Staff Members’ thinking changed again…Because of the duel before.”

Kanae seemed to be boasting of her victory and revealed a smile. That smile seemed to give off a bad feeling to others.

“What does that mean about their thinking changed?”

“In fact, the amount of teachers that recognized Nii-sama’s strength as a swordsman has increased, it seems that the opinion of transferring to the Sword Division is the majority now. I, as the Sword Division Student Council President, have already begun collecting signatures…And have obtained signatures from more than half of the staff room, including the Director. So long as he wants to, he can always change profession!”

“Signatures!? It has already been put into action!?”

The tension at the Witch’s House suddenly rose. Kanae’s actions were not simply her bro-con acts, but it was an action that also accompanied her role as the Sword Division Student Council President.

Kanae fiercely grabbed onto Kazuki’s hand.

“Come, Nii-sama, let us head to the Sword Division, let us head together to our love nest!”

However, Kazuki coldly shook off Kanae’s hand.

“Kanae, I will remain in the Magic Division. I do not want to end this as the identity of the worst one and this place has already become an important place to me…Just like the Hayashizaki Family.”

“W…What are you saying? Nii-sama actually rejected me…”

“Don’t think that you can continue to be so willful. We are both high school students now.”

“Nii-sama won’t listen to your Onee-chan words!?”[30]

“Don’t just become the Onee-chan when it is convenient for you!”

Kanae seriously became stubborn. Kazuki used a severe attitude and confronted Kanae.

“Nii-sama? Onee-chan?…Their relationship is impossible to understand.

“…As expected, it should be some kind of perverted play…”

Hoshikaze-senpai and Koyuki were confused. Next time, he must clearly explain it to them…

“However, no matter what Nii-sama says, this has already obtained the consent of the staff room!”

“You…did not even ask me for my opinion, why do you casually do such a thing!”

“This is the action that I have done as the Student Council President, so it is unrelated to Nii-sama!”

“Wait a minute. You, although I do not know whether you are Onee-chan or Imouto, but from the very beginning, what willful things are you saying to my Kazu-nii…No, my slave!? This person is mine!”

Mio and Kanae confronted each other. Kanae turned her gaze towards Mio, changed her expression and stared at her.

The past imouto from his adopted family who is also the current onee-chan from his adopted family and the past imouto, who is also the current master, were opposing each other.

“…What, do you have a problem, first year. If we have to resort to you Magic Division’s favorite meritocracy to solve this, then that is also fine. I will let you experience a shameful result that is even more powerful than the one with Nii-sama’s duel…!”

Kanae placed her hand onto the handle of her sword and released a murderous atmosphere through her Physical Enhancement.

Mio felt afraid and retreated, but in order to protect her, Kaguya-senpai inserted herself between the two of them.

“But, since otouto-kun’s level in sword techniques is already superb, it is pointless for him to go to the Sword Division. If he is to remain in the Magic Division, the things he will be able to obtain is much more.”

“Even if Nii-sama, himself, will not learn anything, but the influence he gives to the others is unparalleled. Nii-sama’s existence will give the students, who felt inferior to the Magic Division, courage! Nii-sama is just like the sun!”

“…That is the same for the Magic Division! If the Magic Division has someone like Otouto-kun, then they will further recognize sword techniques and the Sword Division! I plan on training this child to become a Magic Swordsman that would connect the Magic Division and the Sword Division!”

The Magic Division and Sword Division Student Council President engaged in a fierce battle around Kazuki.

“Your way of thinking may indeed have some truth. But that premise can only be established if Nii-sama can use Summoning Magic. But Nii-sama can’t use Summoning Magic.”

Kazuki felt a slight chill within his heart. He did not mention Leme’s ability to anyone. Everybody still thought that he was powerless…But in the earlier lunch break, he had obtained a <Key> from Mio.

Although he had not tested it yet… Whether or not he is able to use Summoning Magic.

“Ultimately, this place is not where Nii-sama, who cannot use Summoning Magic, should stay.”

“The Witch’s House is a very good place to stay for Otouto-kun. This kind of thing should not be denied by an outsider like you!”

“You actually said that I, as Nii-sama’s Onee-chan and Imouto, am an outsider!?…Hmm, since we said up to this point, then please prove Nii-sama’s Magic to me.”

Kanae seemed to speak as if she had prepared it in advance.

“…Prove? How should we prove it?”

“The 3 Rounds of the Division Competition held next week, please let Nii-sama participate. Let Nii-sama duel with the assassin that I, the Student Council President, have prepared and prove his Magic talent!”

Assassin…!? Just at this moment, a strange sound came from the outside.

“Kanae~, please wait~”

Then, *patapata*, the footstep sounds stopped at the entrance.

“Uwah…Entering the Witch’s House seems to be scary…I want to escape. But if I escape, I will make Kanae mad.”

“Fufufu, she really came at the right time. This person is the Student Council Vice-President, who will become Nii-sama’s opponent in the competition. She is my best friend, close confidant and number one disciple, Kamiizumi Iori!”

“As expected, it’s scary~. I’m going back. I’m running away.”

“Wait a minute! I-chan, you did not even come in, isn’t that too much!?”

“UWAHH!? I already came in! I came in that much!”

Using a timid way of opening the door, a girl, with a doll’s hair, stuck her face inside.

She quickly looked at the situation around the entrance and her entire body began to tremble.

“The instant I entered, everybody’s gaze seems to be especially piercing!?”

“…Forget it. Although this person’s personality is just like a newly born deer, but her skill in swords is real. If Nii-sama does not use a sword and only uses Summoning Magic to defeat this person, then I will admit the fact about Nii-sama’s Magic talent.”

“Because I defeated Summoning Magic before with only a sword, now this time, I have to defeat the sword with Summoning Magic!?”

“Ehhhhhhh!? What is this about! Kanae, I did not hear about such a thing!?”

“If you heard about it, then you would not come over here.”

“Yes, I absolutely would not! About this, I am certain about it!! Why would I come!!”

“…Since you said the word disciple. Kanae, did you teach this Iori-senpai the Hayashizaki-Ryuu?”

“Within a period of one year, I have taught her Hayashizaki-Ryuu’s <Reading Intent, Seeing Magic and Instant God>.”

In other words, she is able to detect intents, perceive the flow of Magic Power and move as swift as the wind.

Kazuki secretly glanced at Iori-senpai’s legs that extended from her skirt. The two legs are the same as Kanae’s, it was as tough as an antelope. Just through that, he understood.

If it was a straightforward one on one duel, a simple attacking Magic like Barrett would basically never hit.

“How one-sided…”

“Don’t say it is one-sided, this side has already obtained over half of the staff room’s support. This is already giving a compromise. Why should Nii-sama, who cannot use Summoning Magic, stay at this kind of place?”

Can I really use Summoning Magic? Did I really forge a connection with Amasaki…?

Just then unease flashed through Kazuki’s brain. But even so, his own attitude was firm.

I…want to remain here! Kazuki was filled with a powerful emotion and stared at Iori-senpai.

“I, I am not that great of a swordsman~. T, The comments coming from the world is terrifying~”

“Let us go back, I-chan. If we do not head back soon, Torazou will begin to make irresponsible remarks.”

“Let’s go back, let’s go back! Ehehe, then we will leave first~”

“Otonashi Kaguya. This year’s Inter-Division Competition, I will use the victory from this person and I to obtain the final victory…”

Kanae fearlessly laughed and left together with Iori-senpai. Kaguya-senpai was dumbfounded.

“…We really were put up. We are dragged into a battle that we cannot lose, even the Inter-Division Competition has become favorable to the Sword Division. Although Kanae-chan seems to be very simple, but she actually has this side, it is really impossible to measure.”

“…Right, there is something I would like to tell everyone.”

Hoshikaze-senpai said with a solemn tone. Her expression was very serious.

“…From the kitchen…A burning smell is coming out…”

——This time, Kazuki remembered that he placed the pot on top of the fire to heat it up and hurried to the kitchen.

Because only the small pot with sweet curry was being heated up on top of the fire, the only victim was Mio, who cried.

× × ×


After the Spell’s Chant, the Stigma on his left hand issued an orange light. At the same time, an illusion of wings wrapped in flames appeared behind Kazuki and released a flame bullet.

The small stone that was placed as the target was crushed. Mio pursed her lips.

“Actually using the same Magic as me, how arrogant…”

——After trying it out for a bit, he was successfully able to use Mio’s Summoning Magic.

“It’s true. Leme-chan’s ability is to <Copy Other Diva’s Ability>!”

Kaguya-senpai seemed to have become happy as if it was about herself.

Kazuki confessed the truth to everyone that Leme is not powerless.

However, the detail about <The amount of Magic that he is able to use increases when he forms a better relationship with girls> was kept secret from them.

This was also Liz Liza-sensei’s instruction.

“The condition is utterly preposterous…What an outrageous Diva.”

Kazuki believed that he is unable to keep that secret anymore and headed to Liz Liza-sensei to explain everything.

If he was able to use numerous Diva’s Summoning Magic in the future, it will become impossible to conceal Leme’s special nature.

“The reason that I was able to obtain the Heart’s Key from Amasaki…Although I said that it is positivity levels, but I believe it is not limited to the feelings of love. Friendship and Family Love is also included. Because I am old acquaintances with that person, so I will not fight to become the Harem King that Leme mentioned, but rather aim to become a Friendship King!”

“Friendship between male and females, huh…I think that although friendship and love are different things, but it is also not completely separate…After the relationship becomes more intimate, even if you were initially planning to be just friends, but it will naturally become that. I, Isn’t that type of relationship like that?”

After Liz Liza-sensei slightly blushed, she let out a dry cough.

“B, But my own perspective in love should not matter. Only that we have to think of a plan to hide Leme’s special nature away from others. Among the teachers, there are many people who do not trust Leme as they do not know her true identity. Right now, it is still the best to make them think that she is not that powerful of a Diva. Right…You should just say that <She is able to copy Lower Level Summoning Magic>.”

“…But why is it only Phenex, why can’t you use my Asmodeus?”

“About that, perhaps it’s a problem with compatibility.”

Kazuki immediately hid the truth, but Kaguya-senpai suddenly became depressed.

“…Is my compatibility with Otouto-kun bad? That’s a severe blow…”

“B, But if I practice, then it will certainly become possible to be used!”

On the other side, Mio issued a protest to Kazuki. But compared to the thoughts that was said out from her mouth, a tiny red heart flew out from her chest. The value displayed on the graph also slightly increased to 70.

“But Otouto-kun’s chanting speed is too slow. The time that you spent was probably twice as much as Mio-chan. You must work hard on this aspect!”

The four steps for Summoning Magic, if it had to be said, each of them respectively points to Telepathic Magic towards the Diva. Because it was an area he was not good at, the difference in skill was suddenly revealed.

And, the Magical Dress was not just a simple decoration. It also has the power to assist the connection between the Diva.

Kazuki did not have the original Magical Dress, so that might become an unfavorable condition as well.

“Forget it…Since we use the same Magic, then I will accompany you for your practice!”

Mio used her palm to pat Kazuki’s back in order to encourage him.

But…if it was only Barrett, it is unlikely for him to win against that opponent.

If you practice more, then the amount of Magic you can use increases. This argument may not be true.

——I currently am lying to everyone. And using the excuse of practicing with me, I must increase everybody’s positivity levels…

After launching consecutive Barretts, because of the stress and Magic Power depletion, Kazuki was tired and nearly fell down.

“…But, you cannot just rest during the resting period. Quickly go conquer that girl, go ask her out! GO GO!”

Inside the mind of Kazuki, who was resting, Leme’s used the method of telepathy to send her voice over. The thing that Leme was concerned about was that <This time, he must become serious!> and she was overjoyed.

“Tomorrow is Sunday, go invite her to a date and increase the positivity levels in one go!” Today is Saturday, the Inter-Division Competition was next week’s Saturday. If he really wanted to let himself be able to use higher level Summoning Magic within this week, then indeed, tomorrow was the best opportunity.

A so-called date…It should be fine if he moved based on the feelings of playing together with friends.

But if he was to re-invite her to play, how should he do it?

Kazuki sat down on a bench. Speaking of which, his current Spiritual Power was completely drained.

“…Oh, because your positivity levels are already high enough, so the other side is coming over.”

Lifting his head——Mio was currently standing in front of Kazuki who was lying on the bench, tired.

“This is for you, you must be thirsty after chanting spells for so long? Drink some orange juice.”

She handed over a cold plastic bottle.

Kazuki could not help but stare intently at Mio’s face. Her face had delicate features. The mouth that keeps talking wildly, even without lipstick, it was still a rose-color. It slightly trembled——As expected, she was really cute.

Strange, an abnormal feeling was produced.

“W, What. Managing the slave’s health is also the master’s job. Be grateful to this gentle master! Really, what are you looking at! Hey!!”

After being stared by Kazuki like that, Mio was slightly dumbfounded.

“…Anyways, Summoning Magic is unexpectedly hard to use. I originally thought that I was handing it over to the Diva only, in the end, I had practiced consecutively for a few hours. It feels that my Spiritual Power is completely consumed…”

“If you fully exhaust your Magic Power today, it will enter the recovery period tomorrow. So please work harder now.”

Once Magic Power was used to the limits, it must spend some time before it fully recovers.

“Then let’s go play normally during the weekend.”

“…Speaking of which, this is the first weekend since school started.”

Mio took the initiative to change the topic.

“We used to always play together. Kazu-nii would always refuse to let me go and bring me around…I was always thinking what a hopeless brother.”

“Hey, wait a moment. It isn’t like that. It was you, who was always following behind me and running around recklessly. Like when I want to go outside to play, you would begin to cry and yell out “No No”. Then you would always pester me to draw or sing, I remember it clearly. I will not play that kind of game with you.”

“T, That’s not how it happened! Kazu-nii, you idiot!! L, Leaving that aside…Speaking of which, I am free this weekend.”

Mio drank her own orange juice while looking at Kazuki.

“You seemed to be very free as well. Leme told me. “Even though Leme doesn’t have time, but the contractor seems to want to play with Leme, how troublesome. You should just substitute Leme and accompany him to play”.”

Kazuki was surprised and issued out a “Haah!?” sound.

Inviting a tiny child to play, doesn’t it make him seem like a very severe Lolicon!?”

“You, since you are bored to the extent that you will play with little children, you should at least tell me.”

“I did not say such words! Even if it’s me, I still have something to do!”

“Idiot! Even though Leme arranged it for you, what are you saying!”

“HAAH!? About how you’re not busy, in other words…you really wanted to play together with that young girl!?”

“W, Who would! I am not a lolicon nor a siscon!”

“Right now we are not discussing about the sister topic!”

Speaking of which…Why is that person so angry? Logically speaking, there is no reason for her to be angry.

“That person is saying, she wants you to invite her out to play.”

…Is that so? Mio sipped her orange juice and from time to time observed Kazuki’s expression. Seeing Kazuki fall silent, “Uuuu~!”she pursed her lips.

Looks like he must take initiative and invite her out. But what should he say?

“Still thinking what you should do…Just invite her out on a date! The romantic type!”

“Hey, hey, Glutton Amasaki. Tomorrow is Sunday, should we eat a meal together?”

“Who would use this method as an invitation, idiot! The romantic portion is hopelessly inadequate!”

“What, you actually said that I am a glutton!? Why do I have to be treated as a glutton by you!?”

“Because whenever it comes to food, you would become very happy.”

Although he thought that this path was correct, but Mio had a dull expression and let out a black skull.

“Hmph, speaking of which, why should I go out to play with a person like you!”

“…Didn’t you just say you were free during the weekend?”

“I am free, but there is no reason that I must go out with you to play!”

Mio suddenly turned around. It feels like she had said a lot of incomprehensible words.

“…However, if you have any suitable reason…Then it is not impossible for me to accompany you.”

“Kazuki! She is testing you! If this is inside a Galge, then it is the result of your selection!”

…What is she testing me on? I did not play a Galge before.

“Then, I want to give my gratitude to you for making a bento for me before. It was really delicious.”

“What gratitude. I said that I made the bento because I lost. Don’t keep mentioning about the past.”

“And…There is something from before I would like to apologize for.”

Before, he was unable to recognize that Mio was Mio.

“If it was to apologize about that time…If it is only such an extent, I would not forgive you.”

Mio pursed her lips and turned to the side.

“About that time, I am really sorry! So I will wholeheartedly serve you as a slave tomorrow! Just for tomorrow, no matter what, master…No, princess-sama, I will listen~”

Princess-sama, this word seems to have caused Mio to tremble.

But Mio still retreated a bit, as if she had seen through Kazuki’s intentions and asked.

“Why are you trying so hard?…Do you really want to go on a date with me?”

Damn, I was too persistent and it caused her to become suspicious?

“No, this must be tsundere. Because she felt unease, so she wanted you to attack more proactively.”

“Why?…Why must you put so much effort? Do you really want to go on a date with me?”

As if she felt unease, Mio asked again. Then indeed… “Okay let me try again” ,“Work Harder”, “Just go and do it!”, these phrases were often seen in the movies.

In front of Kazuki, the positivity level graph that only Kazuki could see appeared. The positivity levels increased from 70 to 75. If that’s the case——He should be able to do it, right?

“I want to become even more intimate than before with Mio!”

He already did not use reason for his excuse. Kazuki only said the truth out.

“!? J, Just now y…you called me Mio!”

Damn, I could not help but call her name directly.

“I, Is that so? Just like before…So y,you would invite…Hmph. Is it like that?”

He originally thought that he would be scolded by her, but in the end, Mio only “Ehehe” and relaxed her expression.

“It can’t be helped…If you are so willing to treat me as a princess-sama and accompany me, then I will go out and play together with you! But, this is not a date, don’t be mistaken!!”

Floating out was the red hearts again.

Amasaki Mio ——78 Otonashi Kaguya —— 59 Hiakari Koyuki —— 41 Hoshikaze Hikaru——34

“The numbers are slowly increasing. Then tomorrow is the date! Well done, Our King!”

After returning to his room, Leme comforted Kazuki. No, she already said it wasn’t a date…

“…Speaking of which, what on earth happened with your appearance. And, didn’t your size increase a bit?”

Leme, who materialized in front of Kazuki, was wearing a never-seen-before ethnic style dress. But the clothes were quite shabby. Her height had also become around the same age as a primary student.

“The positivity levels that was obtained from Mio let Leme grow up slightly! Being summoned completely naked was also due to the lack of strength. With the growth, Leme will also retrieve an appropriate appearance. In other words, this is Lemegeton Level 2! Okay, you will need to prepare how to deal with tomorrow’s event, so today, let’s go to sleep!”

Leme happily dragged Kazuki to the bed.

Is that so, this person was also growing slightly.

…Eh? Even though that she is obviously growing, but she still needs to hug him while sleeping?

× × ×

“I hate being watched by the senpais as we leave.”

Because Mio said this, so they specifically looked for a place to meet.

The two of them would leave at different times and meet up in front of the Square’s fountain. Kazuki arrived first and after feeling a bit embarrassed, Mio happily trotted over.

Once she arrived, Mio used a finger and pointed at Kazuki.

“Listen carefully, I have said this from the start, this is not a date!”

It should be like that. After all, we’re not in such a relationship. Kazuki expressed his agreement.

“Although it is not a date, if you are going to serve me to apologize for the past and for the usual gratitude, then I will accept it. Just for today, you will have to treat me like a princess-sama and serve me well!…I’m looking forward to it!”

Mio was wearing a casual, spring-styled dress and cardigan, which was gently floating around. However, on her feet, she was wearing slightly heavy boots. The sweet and spicy balance, it was very appropriate for her personality. She was also wearing a necklace that glowed around her neck.

“…That is feather-shaped.”

Shining in front of her chest, it was an Indian accessory that was like a feather.

“Your eyes are not bad. This is very similar to Phenex!…You’re appearance is too plain! Tooo plain!!…But your body is firmly built, perhaps it is better for you to dress more simple. Yes…In total, I should still praise you.”

“For boy clothing, as long as it is easy to move in, then it does not matter.”

“If you were to use the fashion magazine’s ad phrase for the street “…Only a warrior’s body can be permitted to wear as simple as concise spaghetti”. It is that kind of feeling.”

Her eyes sparkled. Kazuki did not know how to respond.

“…You, don’t just occasionally use food to make a weird metaphor.”

“Okay, let’s go! The quality of the shop that you bring a female to will decide your quality as a male!”

Mio happily said. Okay, let’s go. Kazuki took a step forward——

“Speaking of which, this is wrong!?”

Suddenly, criticisms and black skull flew from behind. Did he suddenly make a mistake?

“Wait, why are you walking in front like in a march! Didn’t you say that you will treat me like a princess-sama for a day? What are you thinking!? Now quickly escort me!”

“E, Escort!? Escort is…What should I do!?”

Treating her to a meal, listening to whatever she says, isn’t that enough!?

“You scatterbrain…First of all, let me hold onto your arm and walk~”

Mio quickly moved next to Kazuki’s side. Although it did not matter, but when she rushed over, her appearance when her dress and cardigan was flapping like in a dance was really cute.

Thus, she held onto Kazuki’s arm.

Their arms were linked with each other. Mio’s body tightly leaned over and a soft feeling came.

“…Wait, you, did you just twitch? And your face is slightly red?”

“I, It is not red. I, who have trained as a swordsman, would not be thrown in disarray because of being held in the arm!”

“Hmph, what swordsman…As expected, if it is only holding arms, it cannot be called as an escort. We are not children anymore, if you wish to escort me, then naturally we have to do up to this extent.”

Mio temporarily released their linked up arms and let Kazuki’s left hand hold onto her waist.

Thus, it became a form where Kazuki was hugging a girl’s waist. In order to cope with this, Mio also pressed her body closer.

“W…We have to walk like this!?”

Doesn’t it become two people embracing each other as they walk!?

…Is this really not a date!?

“Fufu~ah, your face, is becoming more red! What training as a swordsman, the Hayashizaki-Ryuu isn’t that good!!”

“Aren’t you also blushing!? Your cheeks are as red as apples!”

“Hehehe, this is the <Escort> for Princess-sama! Okay, let’s go!!”

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.01 162.jpg

As if she was feeling extremely pleased, Mio swung her hand and took the first step.

While Tokyo was the foundation for politics, at the same time, it is a <Workshop> for Alchemy.

Inside the workshop, various products that did not exist previously were produced through alchemy.

Alchemy——The Alchemy that was passed down traditionally through the ancient times were irregular occurrences that could not be explained through science. It was a product that was repeatedly tested thousands or millions of times throughout the years or decades.

In the current generation, through Normal Magic, the efficiency for Alchemy’s operations has increased.

Perceptibility Enhancement Magic could feel the particles of the matter and by using Psychokinetic Magic or Pyrokinesis Magic, it could move, change, and restructure —— Just like lead becoming into gold——and transform it into a completely different matter.

The alchemy technique that breaks down the matters’ particles is called <Alcahest>.

The Alchemists did not join any companies but rather construct their own workshop. After Tokyo was destroyed by the Illegal Magic Users, this city was revived through the Alchemy gathered by the Workshop.

At the workshop, clothes and accessories that had alchemy used on them, were on sale. There are also restaurants that use Magic that causes the ingredients’ quality to change through the process called <Alchemy Cooking>——It has also become a dating site for the youths.

When Kazuki and Mio were walking in the streets, they were aware of some kind of gaze…What was it?

“What, why are you looking around? Please escort me properly.”

“Ah, no…nothing.”

The streets in the vicinity still remained as ruins and have not been rebuilt. If they slightly walk into an alley, the public security would worsen.

At this kind of place, there were often cases where Illegal Magic Users did sneak attacks on the Knights or the Magic Division Students——In other words, the people that carry Stigma. It is often referred to as a case called <Stigma Hunting>.

In the recent years, the amount of Stigma Hunting has increased. It was said to be terrorist attacks targeting the Knights for being exclusive to Summoning Magic.

…Because of that, while walking in the streets, it is still best to hide the Stigma. However, the difference with an Enigma is that a Stigma would expand throughout the skin. Thus, many people are unable to hide it.

Mio also seemed to be leaving a mistake uncorrected and making the best out of it. From the dress that revealed the back, you could see the Stigma. It feels like Mio treated the Stigma as part of a decoration to match her clothing.

…Because they were heading out to play, so he did not bring his sword. This may be a blunder.

“Ah, a cat! There’s a cat!” The moment Mio issued out a sound, the white cat crossed in front of their eyes.

Directly in front of their gaze was also that cat.


Mio suddenly let her head lean upon Kazuki’s shoulder and issued a strange sound.

"…I, It’s a joke. I only wanted to try how that feels…"

“Do you often visit this store? Although this place should be very far from Hayashizaki’s Family.”

After finishing eating the Italian cuisine, Mio wiped her mouth with the napkin and asked.

“Because I wanted my family to eat delicious meals, I would visit many shops on my rest days with the little amount of pocket money I have in order to hone my cooking techniques. Alchemy Cooking feels like it is a life.”

“…You, aside from Sword Techniques, you also maintain a high degree of self-control. Although it is really delicious.”

Towards the Italian restaurant that exuded a playful atmosphere, Mio seemed to be very satisfied.

“Our shop is currently hosting a couple-limited event, I was wondering what you think about it?”

The waitress that was already recovering the clean dishes said to them.

“Wait…We are not a couple…”

“Our shop’s special cream cheesecake would be provided for free!”

“If we can eat this, then why not pretend to be one?”

Mio probably was embarrassed as they were treated as a couple and lowered her head.

The waitress also brought the cake over shortly.

Although it was not as big as a birthday cake, but it was still a round cake that has not been cut apart.

Beside it was a piping bag with a red sauce.

“This is…strawberry sauce or what is in it? And there is also one fork…”

“If the girlfriend use this strawberry sauce to write words on the cake, then with an “Ah——n” way and feed the boyfriend, this cream cheesecake is free! This is the event!”

“…What a flashy event.”

“Okay, girlfriend-san. Write down all the feelings that you cannot deliver normally here!”

The waitress onee-san’s eyes sparkled. It was obvious that this person was currently enjoying herself.

Looking at the pipebag that was handed over, Mio was overwhelmed.

“W, What do the other guests generally write during this time?”

“Most of them would write <I love you> or <Love> these kind of words.”

Mio wanted to write some words, but she hesitated with a “Uuuuu——“ sound.

Then, Mio, as if out of desperation, wrote a big <Idiot> on the cheesecake.

“Forget it, this is also an expression of love.” The waitress-san gave a wry smile.

“Okay, open your mouth! Hmmph, this is just like feeding a dog!”

Then she picked up a piece of the cake and brought it over to Kazuki’s mouth in order to feed him.

After Kazuki took a bite, he began to counterattack by saying <This time, it is the Princess-sama’s turn>.

“I, I want to eat by myself!”

“That is not allowed. The waitress-san is watching by the side, so you must abide by the rules.”

“Why are you so stubborn at this kind of place?”

“Okay, Amasaki. Open wide.”

“…You, I wanted to say it for a while, but can you not call me Amasaki.”

Towards Kazuki’s calm greeting, Mio used a terrifying gaze to look at him.

“When you were inviting me before, didn’t you call me Mio…Why did it suddenly change back?”

“Eh, Ahhh, sorry…Mio, come, open wide.”

After Kazuki directly called her name, Mio honestly opened her mouth and accepted the <Ahh——n>.

“Delicious…” From the blushing Mio’s chest, a red heart gently floated out.

——The two of them took turns to feed each other the cheesecake. After they finished eating, Kazuki planned to pay the bill.

“…By the way, in the first place, I, did not truly treat you as a slave. I will still pay…?”

Mio suddenly become honest as if she borrowed it from a cat, and pulled out her own wallet.

Kazuki stopped her with a wry smile. Because it was already planned that this side would treat her.

Mio revealed an uneasy expression. As a result, Kazuki also started to feel a bit tensed again.

So when they left the restaurant, this time, Kazuki took the initiative to hug her waist and did the <Escort>.

After Mio issued an <Ah>, she also actively cooperated and leaned over with her body.

She blushed and the red hearts that represents the positivity levels flew out once again.

After leaving the restaurant, they began to browse the items in the workshop.

Just like what he imagined, Mio, who loves beautiful products, would say “This is cute” “You should try this out” in the shops. After this was said, Kazuki also gradually developed an interest and did not have any conflicted feelings as he tried them out in front of the mirror.

——But “……”, Mio suddenly became depressed.

“It is already…quite late.”

As if she was reluctant to part, Mio lifted her head towards the sky. The surroundings has already began to fall into the evening.

Just when Kazuki was just about to say to her, 'let’s go out and play together again', he suddenly swallowed the words that had already reached his mouth.

He noticed. ——Even if he was to invite her next time to play as a friend, they would not be able to pass through the time like today.

The things that they did today had already gone beyond the scope of <Playing with Friends>.

Because she was also aware of this, so she was feeling reluctant and did not say anything.

As if time had stopped, the two of them were relatively silent. The sun slowly descended bit by bit.

“Right! …Wait for me for a while. Listen carefully, absolutely do not move!”

Mio suddenly ran into an alley that was lined up with the Workshop streets.

Under the circumstances where he was completely puzzled, Kazuki remained there by himself.

Suddenly acting alone——He was very curious about the gaze that he had felt since morning.

When he had noticed, this place was the outer edge of the city. The dimness was not just due to the time.


Just when he felt unease, someone talked to him from behind. Kazuki was shocked and turned towards the back.

While maintaining alertness, he turned around——Inside the silent street stood a girl that was probably in junior high.

Although her ears were not sharp, but her hair was silver just like an elf. It was a girl who exuded an abnormal atmosphere. She was wearing clothes that were broken in a couple of places as she exposed an innocent smile towards Kazuki.

…Who was it? Although he felt that he had saw her face before, but——

“Finally, I am able to talk with you. I had to pluck up a lot of my courage. Because the two of you were always together, so I felt that I should not bother you. Are the two of you going out? If that’s the case, then it would be too sad.”

Gazing at the alley that Mio ran to, she whispered lonely.

“…You are?”

“Ah, did you forget who I am? That’s too much. Then please don’t forget today’s encounter, Nii-san♪”

I have seen her before. Because of the previous case, Mio, he immediately noticed it.

Inside the memories of Nanohana Institute, an image of a person was successfully depicted within his mind.

But it feels that the person who was similar to her from his memories did not have this hair color.

And this was quite far away from Nanohana Institute.

So he felt that something was wrong and could not help but ask this question, “Who are you?”

The girl suddenly “Uuuu” and clenched her face.

“So it still won’t work…After seeing Nii-san, it feels that it is impossible to resist…”

“Resist…? Hey, are you alright!? It seems like it is very painful!”

“I’m fine…Even though it was a reunion just now, if I would suddenly do “That kind of thing”, then I would not stand it…? Please don’t hate me, Nii-san…Fu, Fufufu…♪”

The girl issued out a twitching-like, strange laughter.

The girl that exuded a strange atmosphere, turned and face the alley and issued an “Ah!” sound.

“Seems like she’s coming back…If you talk with another girl during a date, Mio-chan would definitely be angry. Although, I am reluctant to do so…Although I wanted to do that kind of thing, yet I am unable to, it is indeed a pity…”

“Please wait a minute, your name is…”Kaya” right!”

“Correct! Thank you, Nii-san! Our encounter today…Please don’t forget about it, Nii-san! Fufufu, Fufu…!”

Kaya turned her back to this side and ran away. ——Towards the dark alley.

Although it was a little like this…but it was as if he had met a ghost.

“Kazuki! You actually listened to my words and waited for me without moving around! Not bad!”

Just like what Kaya predicted, Mio came running back from another alley.

Mio, who was revealing an extremely happy smile, was holding a small package.

“I’ll tell you about this later! Please be patient for a little longer. Fufufu♪”

“…By the way, Mio, do you know what happened to the Nanohana Institute?”

“Nanohana Institute? I did not go there since I was adopted by the Amasaki family…It is very far away.”

“Is that so…It is not a place where we could casually go and look up the situation.

Speaking of which, during this year, there had been no telephone or SMS that came.

“Why did you suddenly ask this kind of question?”

“Just now, I met Kaya. Kaya, whose hair had turned into a silver color.”

“Eh? …Kaya? Kaya…That one, wait a minute! You are saying that <Kaya>!? But why is she at this kind of place? And that kid’s hair should be black, isn’t it?”

Mio incredulously tilted her head. Yes, from the distance and special characteristics, Kaya appearing here is indeed unnatural…It was as if he had seen a pipe dream.

However, Mio, who did not actually see her, immediately recovered her mood.

“Ah, then let’s head over to that workshop and see! Let’s hurry, the shop is about to close!”

She grabbed onto the hand of Kazuki, who was still confused about that incredulous girl, and turned around.

“…The stars are also out. It is almost the end for today.”

The stores in the Workshop had all closed. The two of them began to embark on the trip back to the academy.

Mio handed the small package she had been holding to Kazuki.

“This…I’ll give this to you. You can open and see what it is.”

After opening the package and taking a glance, he could see a necklace that imitated a shape of a glowing bird’s feather inside.

“…It is the same thing as mine! Because you can also use Phenex’s Magic! It is created by an Alchemist, whose shop I often go to, using the top trendy item, ruby silver! Okay, wear it, wear it.”

She was concerned about the fact that I treated her to a meal at the restaurant, huh.

Ruby silver——Just as its name implies, it changes a part of a silver accessory into aluminum oxide, namely ruby, and mixing it together with marble patterns. It is an advanced Alchemy.

The deep crimson and the shining silver would be stacked in several layers, just like a frozen flame.

“In the past, my unremarkable eyes may have been wrong…Ah, isn’t this cool!? …It is fine if you wish to present a gift back in return. Of course, you will pay me back, right? Pay back, Pay back.”

Mio continued to say pay back, pay back unnaturally. At that time, Kazuki suddenly understood.

“Then, please let me express my gratitude next time. Please let me once again act as your escort next time, just like today.”

Is this it…She wanted to find an excuse. Both of us are like this.

Using a Galge as an analogy——It was the feeling as if he had selected the correct option.

Mio’s expression suddenly lit up. A massive amount of red hearts flew out from her chest.

“…It can’t be helped! Since it is a gift, then Mio can’t help it! It’s fine, next time, I will accompany you just like today!”

The graph that appeared in front of Kazuki’s eyes, unknowingly, the positivity levels had already past 100.

…In the end, what extent of the feeling does this number 100 represent.

Throwing away the excuse to the side, under the circumstance of this number, and from her words…

Mio suddenly grabbed onto Kazuki’s left hand and held onto his chest.

“This is the gratitude expressed to the man, who had completed the escort of a woman.”

Mio gently bent down and kissed Kazuki’s left hand.

The warmth of her lips was completely sent over, Mio immediately became embarrassed and turned her back towards Kazuki.

Looking at the back of this girl who had grown up, Kazuki thought it was not the same as before.

The feelings he had for Mio currently may not be the same as the feelings he had for Mio before…

——But this warm feeling immediately cooled down.

Kazuki noticed. Magic Power was being generated ——This is the feeling of Magic being activated.

Fast. It had already activated. The flow of Magic Power is coming from behind —— and heading over to this side!

Kazuki suddenly carried Mio from behind.

“Eh!? W, Wait a minute, what are you suddenly doing!?”

“…It’s dangerous!!”

Kazuki carried Mio just like this and ran.

  • Dondon*! A huge rubble flew over and crushed the location where Mio was at earlier.

“M, Magic!?" Mio, who was being carried by Kazuki, issued out a cry.

While Kazuki dodged, he turned back and looked. A man, who was wearing dirty clothes, was chasing after them.

The clothes he wore were tattered. He has mentally unstable eyes and angrily glared at Kazuki and Mio.

He was probably a man who was of similar age as Kazuki. But the Magic he used was clearly not ——Normal Magic!

“Illegal Magic User…Stigma Hunter!?”

The man’s body emitted a light. Kazuki widened his eyes. This person, he did not chant a spell!

<Rubble Bullet (Block Shoot)>

At the same time the inorganic voice sounded out, The asphalt was ripped piece by piece from the road and floated up.

Then, the rubble flew over just like that. Kazuki continued to carry while running nonstop and he performed a dodge using a curve route.

“W, Wait a minute, Kazuki!? T, This is…Princess Carry…”

“…Rubble Bullet.”

Although it was a straight-line and easy to evade Attack Magic…but because there was no Spell Chant, so it would continuously fire over!

“Mio, like this, I will be responsible for evasion, quickly use your Summoning Magic!”

“I, Idiot! How can I concentrate in this kind of posture!?”

“I feel that it is an excellent strategy…Right now, I can’t use either Sword or Summoning Magic.”

Kazuki’s Magic Power was almost completely used up during the special training before. He did not even have excess Magic Power to even use Physical Enhancement Magic. Only by reading ahead was he able to just barely dodge the enemy’s attack.

“…This is bad, my hands are becoming numb…”

“Hey, are you saying that I am heavy!?”

“Heavier than my sword.”

“Are you saying that your sword is cuter than me!? If it’s this extent, I can deal with it with my own strength!”

Just watch and see, Mio said. She pushed open Kazuki’s hand and gently landed on the ground. Then——

“Everything that touches it will be burned…The scorch that denies approach! Inflammation Armor (Self-Burning)”

Mio raised one hand into the air. The surrounding swirl of flames became an armor that protected the body.

The rubble that flew towards Mio was burned down one by one by the flame armor and turned into ashes that floated in the sky.

“A New Summoning Magic…Phenex’s Level 3!?”

Phenex’s Level 3 Magic seems to be a defensive Magic.

Because the Defensive Magic’s activation target is its own body, so there is no need to specify the coordinates, thus the spell chant time is short.

And compared to Defensive Magic, it is able to use less Magic Power to protect the body more efficiently. Although there are both favorable and unfavorable aspects based on the different attributes of attacks, but it is still a Basic Summoning Magic that is used for combat.

“…Barrett!!” Mio immediately activated an Attack Magic to counterattack.

“Earth God’s Screen (Titan Wall)

The man that makes others feel unhappy did not reveal any change in emotions and only stomped on the ground.

Then, a thick barrier of earth was constructed there. The flame feather was defended against as if a stone had sank into the ocean

“…Rubble Bullet” “Barrett!” “Rubble Bullet…”

The exchange of Attack Magic by Mio and the man was completely offset by the other person’s Defensive Magic.

But…A long term battle would put this side at a disadvantage. The other side’s Magic was continuously fired over.

On the other hand, Mio, who did not have the time to even load the Magical Dress and was chanting Summoning Magic, had her Magic Power efficiency greatly decreased. If they were to continue to force it, then this side’s Magic Power will run out first.

Even though I should help think of a plan to buy time for her, but right now, I do not have a Sword or Magic Power!”

The instant that Kazuki felt anxious——He felt an explosive Magic Power appearing behind him.

Turning around, Kaguya-senpai, who was sparkling with purple Magic Power, was there.

The amount of Magic Power swirled together was on a completely different level——It is a High Level Summoning Magic that Kazuki and the others were far behind.

“The Intangible and Silent Shadow, Become a fish born in darkness that is cruising in delusion! The origin of nightmare, the cycle of materializing, respond to the terror and expectation and devour it…! Darkness in Shadow’s Depth (Twilight Spectre)”

Kukuku…A creepy laughter sound resounded out in all directions.

In the inside of the wall of earth, the <Shadow> that extended from the man’s back suddenly swelled, it became like a huge monster with only a black face. The man was shocked and the moment he turned back, the monster opened its mouth and swallowed the man completely starting from the head——Just like a shark that showed its head from the surface of a water.

An intense blue light flashed. The Defensive Magic that appeared instantly protect the man’s body and he flew out from the Monster’s mouth.

Although he avoided falling into the state of Magic Drunk, but it was clear that his Magic Power was almost completely gone.

“Earth Release – Earth Animal! (Land Escape)”

In order to use the little Magic Power, the man cried out.

The man became a huge snake. His mouth suddenly extended forward, his noise and lips assimilated together. The white eyeball disappeared from the pupils and all the hair fell out. His two hands and legs integrated into the body. In the end, the bizarre change turned him into the huge snake itself. Then, his head began to drill into the asphalt of the hard ground and assimilated with the ground as if he buried his body inside.

“I let him get away again!” Kaguya-senpai said with a regretful voice.

“Senpai…Why are you here?”

At the same time, Hoshikaze-senpai and Koyuki, who were also wearing Magical Dress, ran over from behind Kaguya-senpai.

Senpai and the others were planning on challenging a mission during this rest day and came to chase after the Stigma Hunter.

“Hikaru was chasing after the Illegal Magic User called <Earth Snake> here…The contracted Diva is unknown…Because he uses that escape Magic, he is able to immediately escape, so she was not able to capture him.”

“So that’s an Illegal Magic User…That person’s Magic Chanting time is basically zero…”

“The Illegal Magic Users are basically all like that. They practically used a contract <Possession Summon (Drive)> to summon the Diva into their own body. We, Stigma Magic Users, must request for a Magic Phenomenon through chanting a spell to the Diva at Astrum. But, they do not need to convey the meaning over, so they could swiftly and efficiently activate the Diva’s Power with little amount of Magic.”

“In other words, compared to our Summoning Magic, the Illegal Magic Users are stronger?”

“To put it plainly, that’s it. So that is why we must use a strategy that coordinates with the swordsman.”

“But, it is not entirely a good thing.”

Hoshikaze-senpai’s expression became clouded and continued to speak after Kaguya-senpai.

“If you use Possession Summon, the more you use Magic, the faster your mentality will be corroded by the Diva, becoming berserk and in the end, your body will be taken by the Diva. However, before the Diva is able to obtain a physical body, they would often have their mentality driven to insanity and become berserk. The ones that the Knights captured are often in this kind of situation.”

“But that <Earth Snake> could have already directly obtained the physical body. There is no doubt about that. I thought that last attack would be able to completely deprive him of Magic Power, but in the end, I still let him get away…”

The man in front of their eyes did not have any emotions at all. A man who had his mentality corroded by a Diva…

“I should not have had the goal of capturing him alive…And should have use Hell’s Imagine Flame to directly kill him.”

Kaguya-senpai whispered in a dark tone. Kazuki could not help but shudder.

“Just like what the senseis say, perhaps I am still too naïve…”

Viewing her from the side, it was not the gentle and playful senpai that Kazuki had seen. There is a somewhat deeper darkness——

“Senpai…Did you kill someone before?”

If they eventually become a Knight, then there is no doubt that they must have that resolve.

“That kind of experience…How is it possible?”

But, the next instant, Kaguya-senpai’s serious expression disappeared.

“S, Speaking of which, Otouto-kun, y, you guys are heading back after a d, date!? The stars are so beautiful, it is really a beautiful night!”

In order to disperse this gloomy atmosphere, Hoshikaze-senpai used an excited voice to ask.

“It is not a date!” Mio hurried and denied.

The tense atmosphere slowly relaxed. Suddenly, Kazuki saw the appearance of the senpais again.

Because it was an actual battle, so Kaguya-senpai did not wear a robe. It was still the same, highly revealing Magical Dress from before.

Hoshikaze-senpai’s Magical Dress is sleeveless, and the Stigma revealed itself starting from the shoulders down the entire arm. There is more or less a righteous atmosphere of a <Knight>, but the degree of exposure was still very high.

Koyuki’s Magical Dress was like a white school swimsuit-like tights. The Stigma was exposed on the shoulders and the thighs. This side’s exposure was also quite high.

The mysterious light that emitted in the dark of the night…It was still a bit stimulating to look at with calm eyes.

“Oii, y, you can’t be looking at senpai and the others with those strange eyes right!?”

“Really now, Otouto-kun. Using strange eyes to look at others is not allowed! This is the appearance for the purpose of fighting.”

Kaguya-senpai changed back to the usual senpai and generously smiled at Kazuki while scolding him.

“…I’m a bit tired after using Summoning Magic. Everybody, let’s head back.”

× × ×

The original purpose has already been achieved. Mio’s positivity levels have increased significantly.

After Kazuki turned off the lights in his room, he lay down on the bed exhausted.

However ——No Spell came into his mind. What on earth happened?

When he first wanted to learn how to use Barrett, a spell naturally appeared in his mind. But even though he was searching for more of the other Magic in his mind, new spells did not appear.

“Strange, if the positivity levels is 100, then it should not be impossible to use…”

Leme, who was sleeping next to Kazuki, whispered.

“…In the worst scenario, there is still a cheat you can use.”

“…A Cheat? If there is this kind of thing, why did you not tell me earlier?”

“The Magic Power path that is established through positivity levels can be temporarily expanded through a magically-like contact.”

“Magically-like contact? …I feel that there is only a bad premonition.”

“Thinking back at the scene where you contracted with Leme is fine. Oii, don’t blush! In other words, it is a kiss. KISS. As long as you kiss, then the path would temporarily expand and during that short time, you will be able to use all Level of Summoning Magic. You could probably easily win the competition.”

“…N, No. Kissing in order to obtain the victory, how can I do that.”

“However, a path that expanded through a kiss would develop immunity after just one time. You will not be able to use this cheat on the target a second time. If you can choose not to use it, it is best not to use it. This is the ultimate trump card.”

“This hypocritical trump card, who would use…”

But…If it can use all the Levels, then it is also possible to use <Complete Summon>?


At this moment, the door issued out a rattling sound and opened. From the other side of the door came Kaguya-senpai’s voice.

In order to avoid them being seen as sleeping together, Leme eliminated her figure and returned back to Astrum.

“!?” In order to hold back the sound of his almost yelled out cry, Kazuki held his breath. This is because the senpai, who appeared on the other side of the door, was still wearing that Magical Dress.

“Otouto-kun…” It was a sweet voice as if it was a fruit that was soaked in sugar syrup.

Kaguya-senpai suddenly jumped onto Kazuki’s bed and tightly hugged onto Kazuki.

“Otouto-kun is really cute.”

A suspicious whispering sound rustled in his ears.

Although he was almost charmed by it involuntarily, but this is indeed not the usual senpai!

“Senpai, sorry! Please return to your original appearance!”

Kazuki apologized and with a method of pinching senpai’s cheek with two hands, he slapped both side of the face.

After being slapped on the face, senpai issued out an “Ah!” sound.

Senpai’s pupils reveal a bewitching purple color ——Then it slowly turned back to its original color.

“…Please” Senpai quietly whispered.

Kazuki “Eh?” and asked back. At this moment, tears began to trickle down from senpai’s eyes.

Suddenly being attacked by senpai, then making her cry. It was really strange.

“No, no! This is because Asmodeus is a Demon who managed ecchi desires…So every time after summoning, as a side effect, occasionally my state of mind will become very changed…But, I did not intend…”

“Senpai, please calm down!”

Kazuki sat down on the bed facing her and gently pressed onto senpai’s shoulder.

“No, I wanted to become more intimate with Otouto-kun is also completely different than the fact that Otouto-kun is a man! So, please don’t look down on me…!”

…Senpai was actually concerned about this kind of thing.

The moment he understood this point, he hoped that she would not misjudge the situation.

“Senpai” he continued to call like this and once again, Kazuki use both hands to pinch Kaguya-senpai’s cheeks.

It’s not a problem. His body involuntarily moving like this is because this is the same approach when he deals with Kanae crying.

“By now, it is impossible to misunderstand. You helped me when I could not integrate into the school, you called me, who is a swordsman, a comrade, and you’re looking forward to when I become the bridge that connects the Magic Division and Sword Division…Up to this point, it is impossible for me to believe that senpai’s gentleness is all affected by Asmodeus.”


Kazuki stared at her without looking away and used a persuasive form to convey his feelings to her.

“When we first met, senpai said I was special. It is not because I am the only male, but because I am a swordsman. After knowing the latter fact, I, was really happy. Please don’t think of me as a person who would doubt senpai’s gentleness.”

Kaguya-senpai finally calmed down. Although tears were still in her eyes, but she already revealed a calm smile.

“The fact that Otouto-kun speaks things clearly ——I really like.”

At this moment, what floated out from senpai’s chest is ——a key.

It was absorbed into Kazuki’s ring. Just like the time with Mio.

The next instant, senpai hugged onto Kazuki’s chest again.

“Sorry, please let me stay a little longer…Because right now I already do not have any ecchi desires, so let me stay like this for a while…I am really anxious. Casually saying that I arbitrarily looked forward to Otouto-kun becoming the bridge that connects the Magic Division and Sword Division……Arbitrarily treating you as a pillar of support for my mind. I willfully imposed this onto you.”

“But, I felt happy about it.”

Although afterwards, Liz Liza-sensei and Mio was also gentle to him, but in the beginning, the <One that Needed me> was senpai. If it was Mio who did it first, he feels that he may have become even more lost.

“I, Even though I am your senpai, may also continue to behave in a spoiled manner with you. It feels that even though Otouto-kun is younger than me, yet he seems more like an older brother. Probably because my older brother is also a swordsman…Although he is already dead.”

Kaguya-senpai probably recalled something and her nose twitched.

“Okay…Charging complete! Kaguya-senpai is already fine! …From tomorrow onwards, you have to work hard on the special training, otouto-kun! But, But, misunderstanding my meaning is not good. I will treat otouto-kun specially, not because you are a man, but because you are my disciple!! …Good night!”

With a slightly modest and rising expectation, Kaguya-senpai, *patapata*, left.

“…Just now, Otonashi Kaguya’s positivity levels passed 65. The Magic Power Path is connected.”

In exchange, Leme materialized. At the same time, his heart pounded rapidly.

No, wait a minute. Senpai’s positivity levels may not be something related to love.

Kazuki dug into his blanket and closed his eyes. It feels that he would have a strange dream.

“Even though you were so amazing earlier, but why are you so timid in such a strange place?”

Leme said, stunned.

“Why is it, in the end, you, even though you wish that the other side would believe you, yet you do not believe in the other side…Oi, how, could you already be asleep? Listen to me!”

× × ×

“Akira…Hunting those two is not allowed. Even though it is to make those two return back to the same place as me and perform Stigma Hunting, if you were to hunt those two, it is as if the order is reversed.”

In the dim ruins, a young girl’s voice resounded.

The girl that Kazuki called Kaya and the Illegal Magic User <Earth Snake> was there.

The two of them were living inside a ruin that was not restored yet and was lying there casually.

The ruin that was originally a hotel has fulfilling equipment. There is large number of items that are ownerless, but it was driven out half a year ago by this Kaya and Earth Snake.

“Because those two people are very important people, you cannot attack them. Because they are people that are very important to me ——So I will kill them.”

Kaya’s head felt pain in burst…What did I just say?

It feels that she had said words that did not make sense. Important people ——Kill?

“In short, do not attack those two. Just like this, the reason we started Stigma Hunting is because if we crush the Knights, those two would be released from the Stigma and return to our side. It is for this goal. Right, the order is reversed…”

Even said that, Nanohana Institute was already gone.

Kaya threw a disgusted glare at the silent man. The Earth Snake, Akira, who was sitting on the bed absently, seemed to be staring at the graffiti on the wall left by the former residents.

Why am I together with such a creepy person?

…Because everybody that I love from the Nanohana Institute had completely been killed some time ago.

No, no, or did I run away…? My memories are vague…

No matter what, everybody is gone. So that is why I would find Nii-san and Mio-chan.

So ——Those two must also be killed. This time, she will not let them run away.

Kaya’s head began to hurt in burst of pain. The concept of because they are important people, so I must kill them is strange.

I, am thinking of unethical things. The moment I met Nii-san on the streets, I was also desperately suppressing this impulse. This impulse is definitely weird.

The outburst of everybody in the orphanage being killed is also…Even though I regretted till my hair lost its color. Even though I do not wish to do the same thing to Nii-san and Mio-chan.

Even though I could only recall the warm shelter like the past Nanohana Insitute.

After Nii-san and Mio-chan were gone, she could only cry alone every day and meet with a never seen before Diva in her dreams. At that time, it was probably the beginning of everything.

“If you form a contract with me, I will give you the same power as those two.” This is what the Diva said.

Using the power of Magic as bait, the existence of Diva wanting to corrode into one’s body. Kaya also knew about it.

However, that Diva…seems like she was purely sympathizing Kaya’s bitter encounter. Lending her power in order for her to meet those two again. So the young Kaya listened to those sweet whispers. And believed it.

However, since exchanging a contract with that Diva, her body has always felt a bit strange.

If she views that person as someone important, it would become that she would want to kill that person.

…Knowing that she would meet up with those two if she heads to Tokyo. Whether it is Nii-san, who would become a swordsman, or Mio-Chan, who would become a Magic User, both of them will eventually enter the Knights Academy.

So while she engages in Stigma Hunting, she will wait for the moment she reunites with those two.

The remaining people that are important to her. Even though she should only feel pure happiness ——What is the impulse!?

“…As expected, it is strange…What did you do to me? Hand over my mind back to me! Oi…answer me, Loki, Loki!”

Kaya grabbed onto her head that was in pain and questioned the Diva that was corroding her mind.

But no matter how long, there was no response. She was deceived. Perhaps she was deceived…

She wanted to see Nii-san again…However, if she sees him, she would definitely not be able to resist…

She recalled that next weekend, the Knights Academy will hold an Inter-Division Competition.

It was a good opportunity to sneak into the Academy that is usually prohibited to the average person.

Even if she did not run around on the streets, she will certainly be able to see Nii-san on that day.

She really wanted to see him, really wanted to see Nii-san again…Really wanted to kill him!

Kaya grabbed chaotically onto the hair that had lost its color and grabbed onto her head.

Beside her, Akira did not look at her berserk act even once and only continued to stare at the graffiti wall.

Chapter 5 - The Corrosion of God[edit]

Part 1[edit]

In the sports ground of the Knights Academy, the same kind of audience stand that surrounded a soccer field was there. About this, Hoshikaze-senpai gave an explanation.

“During the sports festival, the students who are not participating and family members will all come here to watch the competition.”

“So there is also a sports festival in this kind of school.”

“Y, Yes. D, During early summer… Specially making an audience stand is really a luxurious facility.”

Whenever she spoke with Kazuki, Hoshikaze-senpai would tremble if their eyes met.

“However, the Inter-Division Competition is also held at the sports ground. By using this audience stand, we invite the people from the city over.”

“Inviting the audience to come in?”

Regarding Kazuki’s question, Kaguya made a response.

“The Inter-Division Competition was not originally such a large event. It is only a traditional event where the Sword Division and Magic Division Student Council President would duel. And because the teachers produced a way of thinking that “Isn’t it just right to show off to the general public that Summoning Magic is stronger than Swords”, it has slowly turned into a form where we allow spectators to watch the battle.”

Kaguya-senpai revealed a troubled expression. It was probably because she did not understand the attitude of the teachers.

“The so-called Division Confrontation is hosted in order to allow the Magic Division to obtain overwhelming victory while the Sword Division is publicly sentenced. What bad taste…”

“Although I was holding a skeptical attitude, the Magic Division teachers are giving an education where they make their students more arrogant and teach them look down upon the swordsman.”

Although this atmosphere was not felt from Liz Liza-sensei, you could feel the awareness strongly from the Tactical Theory course. ——Even refusing to help the swordsman when they face death, they must continue to chant the spells.

“The teachers are also trying to maintain a position of <The Heroic Teachers>. And after the <Original Knights> suppressed the Illegal Magic Users that destroyed Tokyo, the Japanese Government calmed down the citizens of the country through their heroic propaganda. So up to now, the idea that the better treatment of Stigma Magic Users can’t be stopped also exists… This kind of thinking is completely unrelated to the strength in an actual battle.”

Kaguya-senpai was in favor of raising the status of the swordsman and it was not only for moral reasons. It is because of the consideration that the battle tactics would be able to expand more if the swordsmen and Stigma Magic Users were able to mutually recognize each other.

“Mmm, leaving aside Kaguya’s considerations. In short, it is not a major event. Although the venue needs to be set up, it does not require large-scale preparations. After all, it is only an informal competition.”

Hoshikaze-senpai concluded. It was already Saturday morning——The day of the competition.

“But if the audience is watching the competition, wouldn't a stray bullet like Barrett be dangerous to the audience? It wouldn’t be funny if the people with very weak magic power had their Defensive Magic destroyed.”

“If it is about this, there is no problem since there is a Summoning Magic that has been used to construct a barrier around the surroundings of the venue. Actually, this kind of wide-range powerful defensive barrier cannot be made, it is only a barrier made by the students responsible for it by using all their Magic Power to prevent the audience from getting hit by a stray bullet. So, the people who are responsible for the barrier work the hardest, ahaha.”

Hoshikaze-senpai let out a hearty laugh. She smiled and smiled, then suddenly her smiling face twitched.

“I, Incidentally, I right now, am trying hard to treat you as a girl while I talk with you.”

“It is fine to not tell me this kind of fact, senpai.”

Beside Kazuki and Hoshikaze-senpai, who were interacting with each other, Kaguya-senpai frowned again.

“…If it is not a formal activity of the academy, all the preparation work is completely done by the students. But to use Summoning Magic as propaganda, inviting ordinary citizens to watch…Things like that, the teachers’ wishful thinking is probably going overboard. I feel that if we are allowing ordinary citizens to come, it should be like the entrance ceremony. It should be best to invite people from the Knights to be tasked with security. What should we do if Stigma Hunters or the like enter our academy? They lack a sense of crisis.”

“Kaguya is thinking too much. All Illegal Magic Users are people who have an unstable mentality. Targeting this event and entering by pretending to be an ordinary citizen…They will not do such a troubling thing. Because their mentality is unstable, there is no way for them to gather together. If only one enters, then we can cope with it.”

“That’s because Hikaru is too simple, always saying these positive words.”

“Ahaha, because Kaguya’s personality is negative, or overly positive, you will easily feel unease. If you were to sigh and groan, your happiness will slip away.”

“And if we were to talk about unease…It is still Otouto-kun.”

Kaguya-senpai seemed to be dejected as if it is her own responsibility.

“Please don’t reveal this expression as if you were wrong.”

“But I am still considered as Otouto-kun’s mentor…”

“No problem. If I can only chant Barrett, there must be a way to cope with it.”

“Is it really not a problem? Because if you were to lose, then Otouto-kun will have to leave this division…”

“Compared to this dejected look, I feel that using a smile to cheer for me will make me more happy.”

“Hayashizaki is also saying that Kaguya is too negative.” Hoshikaze-senpai also made fun of her on the side.

“…Really! I know. I will at least use all my strength to cheer for you!”

Although the positivity level is already high enough, he still cannot use magic aside from Barrett.

However, Kazuki did not let his unease appear outside and tried hard to put out an optimistic expression.

Afterwards, at the square, ignoring the Student Council that was leading this, Liz Liza-sensei came to observe the situation. The Sword Division Student Council, the second year students who were responsible for the barrier as well as the audience were coming in one after another.

The ordinary citizens were distributed tickets in advance. It is a precious item that is difficult to obtain. There were not many chances to see Summoning Magic with one's own eyes.

Kazuki was waiting in the Magic Division’s rest tent and waiting for the competition to start. At this moment, a male student came to talk with him.

“Hey, you’re our president’s otouto-kun right…Can I call you my kouhai?”

“Yes, and you are…one of the people that take care of Kanae’s Sword Division Student Council.”

Remembering that he is a senpai named Torazou, it is indeed a name suitable for a burly young swordsman.

“My name is Yamada Torazou. As the one who is fighting first for the Sword Division, I will be fighting against your vice-president…Forget it, since I am going to lose anyways, I wanted to talk with you before the match.”

Torazou-senpai, who said these words, seemed to be a little bit embarrassed and scratched his face:

“You used a sword to defeat a Stigma Magic User…I also watched that duel. How should I put it…I feel that you are amazing. I have always treated your sister as an exception, but when I saw that you too have the same level of strength, I changed my opinion. I have always thought that it is impossible to win against Summoning Magic. Maybe if I put more effort into it, I will have a chance of victory.”

Torazou’s eyes twinkled as he stared at Kazuki. Kazuki also felt a bit embarrassed. The two men were looking at each other, forming a sparkling space.

“I heard that you can only use Summoning Magic to fight in this battle. What an interesting fellow! Although it might be a problem for me, who is in the Sword Division to say this, please do your best! I also half believe that I cannot win, but just for today, I bowed down to become your sister’s disciple. I will go all out. Although it may be wrong to say this suddenly, please watch my fight!”

Torazou-senpai firmly gripped Kazuki’s hands and passionately shook hands with him.

“——Next, the annual Knight’s Academy’s Inter-Division Competition officially begins.”

Koyuki, who was acting as the MC and the referee for the competition, declared that the event had begun.

The ordinary audience members issued out a large cheer. Then, Hoshikaze-senpai from the Magic Division and Torazou-senpai from the Sword Division, who had a nervous expression, appeared in the center of the arena.

Based on the rules of a duel, the two of them were separated by 50 meters and confronted each other.

“I know thy name…Thy name is Baal-Zebub. All the evil born into the word. The plagued harvest God, obey my command and retrieve thy glory!”

Hoshikaze-senpai chanted a spell, then with a golden light, she switched to her Magical Dress.

“The harvest God is a powerful Diva, Baal, who uses magic related to the stars and weather. Although his alias, Lord of the Flies, Beelzebub, is more famous…By the way, although the Divas will not say excessive words to humans, but if you call Baal as Beelzebub in Astrum, he will be so insanely mad that you will not be able to laugh.”

Kaguya-senpai, who was beside Kazuki, whispered into his ear.

“Will there actually be an idiot who would say these words? Of course he will be mad.”

“…Once, Hikaru could not resist and tried it out. That Ouji-sama. [31] will occasionally become innocent and pure…Then, she was reprimanded for 30 minutes in Astrum.”

Just staying at Astrum is already difficult, but she was actually scolded for 30 minutes…

“Then, let it begin!”


Torazou-senpai rushed over immediately as soon as the match began. However, because he was probably concentrating on observing Hoshikaze-senpai’s actions, his pace was considerably cautious.

In contrast to him, Hoshikaze-senpai swiftly completed her chant—her actions were quick.

“The God’s Will that Swirls the air! Gather in my hand and grant me the right of judgment! The divine light granted by the King’s right, become a dazzling bow! Lightning Line!”

An ornate golden bow appeared in her right hand. Lightning sparks were currently hosting themselves in her left.

“Baal’s Level 1 Summoning Magic. Compared to Barrett, Lightning Line’s power is relatively weaker, but before the sparks arrows are completely exhausted, it can continue to fire. It is a convenient and enviable attack Magic.”

Just as Kaguya-senpai had said, Hoshikaze-senpai’s left hand pulled the bowstring, the sparks turned into lightning and fired out.


However, Torazou-senpai timed it correctly and jumped to the side to avoid the lightning.

“!” Hoshikaze-senpai seemed to show a shocked expression.

“He also learned the Hayashizaki Ryuu?” Kaguya-senpai issued out a surprised sound and asked Kazuki.

“No, it is impossible to learn the Hayashizaki Ryuu in a few short days. However, this is different than Barrett. Because pulling the bowstring is an obvious preliminary action, it may be easier to avoid for a swordsman.”

Torazou-senpai is number 3 in the Sword Division. His strength cannot be ignored.

Suddenly, there was a strange feeling. Torazou used the Knight’s sword techniques and not the Iai techniques. Even so, he did not pull out his blade and kept his blade in its sheath while fighting.

What is he waiting for?—— Kazuki thought. Hoshikaze-senpai did not care and continued to fire off the second round, and then the third. Torazou-senpai used unsmooth actions to desperately avoid it and slowly approached Hoshikaze-senpai.

When Torazou-senpai finally rushed to the side of Hoshikaze-senpai, cheers were issued beside the arena.

“However, one of the greatest strength of Lightning Line is that you can continue to chant other spells while shooting continuously!”

Just as what Kaguya-senpai had said, Hoshikaze-senpai had already completed other spells.

“The atmospheric flow, converge into this body and become a fierce gale that rejects the enemies! The eye of the typhoon is thy throne! Storm Fort!”

Hoshikaze-senpai’s Defensive Magic. Violent winds will blow around Hoshikaze-senpai’s surroundings. “WOAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Torazou-senpai seemed to be like a garbage bag blown high into the sky.

The wind endlessly howled, Torazou-senpai could only be compared to sandbag in the air.

“…If it is in the air, there is no way to avoid it, checkmate!”

Hoshikaze-senpai aimed at Torazou-senpai in the sky and prepared to shoot.

“…It’s over. Hikaru plans on using the remaining three rounds of arrows together. The impossibility of avoiding an attack with three times the amount of power will probably cut down the majority of his magic power.”

“…No! Torazou-senpai’s eyes do not seem to have given up!”

“Hey, hey, which side is Otouto-kun cheering for?”

Torazou-senpai, who was blown into the air, definitely did not have the eyes of a defeated man.

They were more like——the eyes of a tiger before it pounces on its prey.

The evidence…Even when he was floating in the air, his hand was still placed firmly on the hilt at his waist.

The lightning arrow was shot——In front of it, Torazou-senpai took advantage of this, pulled out his blade and threw it towards Hoshikaze-senpai.

“——A lightning rod?” Kazuki, who noticed the intention of this behavior, could not help but cry out.

<The Sharp Blade> and the <Point of Discharge> were connected together. The large charge of lightning flowed into the point of discharge and depicted a path. The <Lightning> headed in a direction where Hoshikaze-senpai did not expect.

The lightning changed its path. It did not turn Torazou-senpai, but rather his blade into chars.

Torazou-senpai, who was unhurt, landed beautifully and clenched his sheath and sprinted forward.


He rushed over, while swinging his sheath——It was all according to his plan.

The powerful violent attack sent Hoshikaze-senpai flying. Torazou-senpai did not miss this opportunity to launch continuous attacks, he continued to use his sheath to attack Hoshikaze-senpai. The blue light from her Defense Magic flashed over and over again.

“If that’s the case…Didn’t he win already?”

“No, The greatest strength of Hikaru is her ability to concentrate for a chant…Although she is seriously wounded…”

“Let the lightning descend towards my body and grant me the lightning speed…Awaken the sleeping lion! Ride Lightning!”

Among the continuous blows——The Magic Division Student Council Vice-President completed her chant.

“It is enough! This is unbearableeeee!”

Lightning flowed through Hoshikaze-senpai’s limbs. Then just like fast-forwarding a movie, Hoshikaze-senpai’s actions accelerated. With abnormal reflexes, Hoshikaze-senpai dodged the sheath and counterattacked.

“You actually pushed me to this degreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”


The girl’s fist fell like rain onto Torazou’s body. Torazou-senpai, whose stance was broken, could only step back. However, Hoshikaze-senpai immediately chased after as if it was a squabble between kids and continuously punched him with her fist.

“Sending a specific current signal to the muscles and nerves, it is a powerful Enhancement Magic that uses brute force when it is a critical moment.”

Kaguya-senpai continued to explain. Kazuki recalled that at the entrance ceremony, Hoshikaze-senpai had brought over the large caged vehicle, in which the dragon was kept.

The scene of the Stigma Magic User beating up the swordsman caused the audience to let out grand cheers.

“The all-embracing fate within the great hemisphere…The binds of the constellation, allowing the operation of the day to stop! Horoscope Stasis!”

While frantically beating up the opponent, Hoshikaze-senpai continued to chant a spell. Numerous points of lights appeared around Torazou-senpai. Light flowed between each of the points. Torazou-senpai was binded by numerous strings of light and completely stopped moving——This is the Binding Magic that was chanted against the dragon from the entrance ceremony.

“W, What is this?”

Torazou-senpai was tied up by the ropes of light and issued out a cry. Fists continued to rain down on his body mercilessly.

Torazou-senpai, who could not even be sent flying away, had turned into a punching bag.

“The Roar from the God’s Flame informs the God’s Fury! The heavenly roars all gather into thy hand, descend down a hammer that can crush the world! Crush the World! Yagrush!”

“This is…Baal’s Level 8! But it is a technique that should not be used against a human…”

Kaguya-senpai hurried to enter the venue, but it was already too late.

With a flashing amount of Magic Light, a large hammer appeared in Hoshikaze-senpai’s right hand.

“Try and dodge thisssssssssssss!”

“How can he dodge it! It’s over!’

Hoshikaze-senpai fell down due to the interference of Koyuki who was beside her. The huge hammer swung down in the air and disappeared. It was impossible to tell what would have happened if it had actually hit.


“…Senpai, what are you doing? Using that kind of Summoning Magic towards an opponent who is nearly completely depleted of Magic Power will normally kill them. Are you an idiot?”

After the Defense Magic is completely destroyed, it will be a confrontation of a flesh body against a Myth’s Magic.

“…Sorry…I lost myself for a bit…”

Hoshikaze-senpai finally recovered and suddenly became dejected.

“As, as expected it’s impossible was it?...Even though, I thought I could win...”

“Winner, Magic Division Student Council first player, Hoshikaze Hikaru!”

On the grounds, rather than blessing the winner, the applause praising the effort of the loser reverberated. From the center of the ring, Hikaru-senpai trudged with drooped shoulder towards Kazuki and the others.

“Next is your turn.”

With nervous expression on her face, Mio called out to Kazuki. That’s is my turn.

Kazuki faced the ring. Because this is a fight using Summoning Magic, there is no sword on his hips, it was a bit lonely.

“Which reminds me, Kazuki doesn’t need to Access the Astrum beforehand, right?”

The referee Koyuki enquired.

“My Magical Dress in the form of ring is always fixed on my finger. It looks like I’m constantly connected with Leme.”

“Is that so. Somehow, it’s indecent. Then, let’s start soon.”

“Ah, please wait a little! My heart is still preparing! Hauu!”

Kamiizumi-senpai took a breath, and then after releasing it, she calmed down to reveal an expression that made her look like an entierly different person.

First class swordman’s mental concentration switching is fast. Then, instantly her head hung down.

“Kazuki-dono, previously your renown has been told by Kana-shishou[32]. Kamiizumi’s house first daughter Iori, respectfully I state my wish for a match!”

“Then, the preparation is okay already. ...Begin!”

At the same time that Koyuki blew the whistle, *Jakin*![33] Kamiizumi-senpai draw her sword.

“Here I come!”

The outcome will decide if I can stay in the Magic Division.

“... <BarrettRasen Hana>!”[34], Kazuki anticipated with chanting the Summoning Magic.

But the advancing Kamiizumi-senpai flickered like a heat haze, and the fire bullets were avoided. She is not decelerating at all. Kazuki seeing that movement’s quality, gave up hitting from the front with Barrett. The second Barrett is also evaded, Kamiizumi-senpai is allowed to draw near.

“Prepare yourself!” The short sword is sharply swung.

Kazuki reading the breathing and timing of the opponent, bent his back causing the sword to intersect with paper-thin difference.

“As expected, Kana-shishou’s big brother!”

Kazuki while bending backward released a front kick. Toward an attack outside her expectation, Kamiizumi-senpai showed a surprised expression. Of course before the defensive magical power, a front kick released while in an off-balance posture doesn’t produce any damage.

Kazuki’s kicking foot is repelled by the blue backlash of defensive magical power.

By using that reaction, Kazuki jumped a large distance backward.

“With my defensive magical power’s recoil, the distance...!?”

By avoiding the pursuit with the jump, Kazuki used physique strengthening and earned some distance.

“...Well done!” Kamiizumi-senpai exclaimed in admiration and again facing towards Kazuki, she started running.

Kazuki fired Barrett but, Kamiizumi-senpai again avoided that and came swinging the short sword.

But a close-quarter combat is not only about sword skill! He can still can escape!

Kazuki desperately struggling through Iori’s slash, did the flying kick again while continuing to escape.

To earn the distance for running from place to place, Barrett is released. But it missed...!

With the tension of the evasion battle, the stands were excited. With a glance, it can be seen that it is an even match.

“How could Summoning Magic get evaded like that!”

If this becomes a protracted battle, this side's magic power will only get used up!

“...Otouto-kun! Use my Summoning Magic! If it's like that I think you can win!! ...My compatibility with Otouto-kun, is aaabsolutely not bad is what I believe!!”

Kaguya shouts from the ringside.

Unintentionally Kazuki got distracted from his opponent. He looked up at Kaguya-senpai. Senpai even now has that upset and worried expression. Just like a mother in class visiting an event. Even though I don’t have any memory of my mother.

The girl’s positivity level is [68] in the graph that's floating up in front of my eyes. Even so, that's surely the emotion of deep affection toward her junior. That is what the person herself said, so it must be so.

Even so as expected——I want to think that I am liked by this senpai. I want to believe that.

I want to be liked more by Senpai.

The moment that thought floated in his mind, Asmodeus’ incantation flowed into Kazuki’s mind.

It can be recited!? Senpai’s Summoning Magic!

Kamiizumi-senpai came approaching to attack. Kazuki, in order to recite Senpai’s magic, desperately earned some distance.

“Desire that lurked in the sea of mind, passing through sinful flesh stretching that hand! Embodiment of violation, coiling around desire as it is! <Desire TentacleKuro Shokushu>[35]!”

Kazuki’s Stigmata is shining in violet color, kukuku...Asmodeus’ laughing voice is resounding, passing over from <AstrumDistorted World>. At the same time, at Kamiizumi-senpai’s underfoot, a fissure is running. From there an ocean of living things of enormous tentacles squirming around and reaching out one after another. Asmodeus’ level 1 Summoning Magic, Tentacle Magic.

Kamiizumi-senpai is avoiding the tentacles using Foreseeing. But, the tentacle persistently pursues Kamiizumi-senpai. One of the tentacles twined around her foot, towards the eerie touch sensation, Kamiizumi-senpai's [hii] voice got leaked.

The short sword flashed and the tentacle is torn to pieces but, unknown numbers of tentacles continue to sweep down on Kamiizumi-senpai.

This is maybe, for a swordsman using agility as her foundation, the worst natural enemy.

“...My Diva’s Summoning Magic, there is nothing other than disgusting things, I’m really sorry.”

Outside the ring, Kaguya-senpai is falling into self-disgust.

Is that so, if my own self doesn’t believe the Positivity Level it’s no good.

The fondness from this person toward myself, if I don’t believe it proudly puffing up my chest, it’s no good.

This cycle of Positivity Value, its a mutual thing.

Kazuki looked over his shoulder glancing at Mio. [What?] looking like wanting to say that, the girl is glaring back.

Even that twisted attitude, recently it seems to become cute in Kazuki’s opinion.

That girl, towards someone like me, giving some good will ——!

Along with that thought, inside his mind, Phoenix’s incantation is overflowing.

That spell, chant it. In the ringside, Kanae from the beginning sensed that unusual phenomenon.

“Ii-chan, don’t get distracted with those tentacles! The time for chanting has been earned!”

While escaping from the tentacles, Kamiizumi-senpai is doing [hah][36] face and finally paid attention to Kazuki.

Kanae perceiving the scale of magical power, is shouting.

Kamiizumi-san’s face warped into impatience, broke into a run. The timing is going to be very close. Toward Kazuki who is reciting the spell, Kamiizumi-senpai raised her sword overhead ——At that time, the tentacles from the rear entangled Kamiizumi-senpai’s legs. [...Oh no!] at that, the girl was too late. Kazuki’s stigmata is glowing with more intensity, that was never seen until now ——Magical powers are erupting.

“From dusk to dawn oh soaring immortal bird, grant that wing of hope on my back! Destruction for the sake of rebirth, here...! <Blazing WingsKaijin Kaesu Hiiro no Tsubasa>[37]!”

Greatest usable Summoning Magic with Positivity Value 100——Level 5.

Intense heat, in one breath blew up from the back on Kazuki’s upper body, curving like a bow. That body looked like a rocket launching to the sky. Kamiizumi-senpai’s slashed in vain at the empty space. Kazuki is looking down from the sky at that scene.

Kamiizumi-senpai apart from her own sword as a method of attack understood that she already became powerless. And just like that, she looked upward in blank amazement.

This is...magic for borrowing Phoenix’s wing on the back.

The way to use it, if it’s the swordsman me, like this!!

“Go!” Kazuki, by fluttering the wing, like a bird of prey seizing the prey on the ground swooped down. With all one’s strength, the right wing is enfolded in the left——Just like the image of storing a katana inside the sheath.

The wings, are [sword]. Even while I’m a <Magika StigmaSeikon Mahou Tsukai>[38], I’m also a swordsman.

And then the enfolded wing were——unleashed in one breath!


That is, with the length reaching 10 meter making use of the wing of flames——[Iainuki][39]

“Th, this kind of attack even with Foreseeing there is no way...!”

That [Iainuki]’s wind slicing noise, cannot be compared to katana with length less than 1 meter——*Gou*![40] along with that violent sound, Kamiizumi-senpai is mowed down.

The trajectory of the flame painted an enormous half circle not permitting any evasive action at all for Kamiizumi-senpai. The blue glow of defensive magical power is smashed up like sheets of spray inside a giant tsunami.

“It’s over!”

Magic intoxication, feeling anxiety with the possibility of overkill, Koyuki in panic raised a restraining voice.


Because of the impossibility in escaping the wave of flames, Kamiizumi-senpai’s magical power were grinded down thoroughly. Screams are raised, Kazuki too become flustered...The extent of the strength is unexpected!?

In a panic, the wing of flames were negated, Kazuki fell down toward the ground. Only at the end did Koyuki became a little dumbfounded but, he finally *Piririririri*[41] whistle is blown. Clapping hands and cheering reverberated like falling thunder.

——Victory. Even though before the fight I thought there was no chance of victory.

This victory...It's all thanks to the connection of bonds with everyone.

"Are you okay Kamiizumi-senpai?"

"Fuee..., the uniform is all burned up. I almost became a well-done girl you know——"

Kazuki extended a helping hand to Kamiizumi-senpai. The moment Kamiizumi-senpai took that hand and stood up, the girl's uniform and underwear fell suddenly, all of it crumbling down from the burning.


Kamiizumi-senpai crouched down completely while raising a crying voice. Kazuki in panic hands out his blazer.

"...Wh, what a gentleman...No way. Kana-chan's big brother is so cool..."

The referee Koyuki poured down a cold gaze.

" what extent can that skill of yours reach? Why does this magic only burn down the clothes...Original magic..."

"There is no way I can do something that skillful you know!? I just don't understand the degree of the power at all!"

After Kamiizumi-senpai bowed her head down politely, she took flight and disappeared from the ring.

"Congratulations, Kazuki. ...It's going well isn't it. Though I think the winning method is somehow strange."

Mio came and, meeting halfway, faced Kazuki with a rare honest smile.

From the chest, feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction boiled up. From now on, with everyone I can——


With an expression of dissatisfaction Kanae approached sullenly.

"Nii-sama with wing of flames spread out, The impression of [Nii-sama Angel] was really cool..."

"That expression is gross"

"I cannot consent but...if Summoning Magic are shown to that extent then, it's impossible not to accept it."

Even while bulging her cheek, Kanae was giving her acceptance.

"Kanae, I'll remain in Magic Division."

Someone like me, is it good to be happy like this?

Somehow, I have a feeling that everything will disappear when I wake up from this dream.

"The student council of Magic Division too, for me it has become an important place."

"Onii-chan that has abandoned me, obtained something like [Important place], I'll destroy it."

——A strange voice, is raised. It's not the word of Kanae in front of me.

When he turned around to the direction of the voice, at the audience seating in the ringside——a girl with silver hair, it's Kaya.

"How cruel, even though I tried very hard to endure like this. Even though I want to go back to that time...Why is Onii-chan tied together with this kind of people and magical power?"

This girl——Kaya, she can see Leme's energy!?

With those adorable lips, Kaya moved and talked coldly like a machine.

"That's why, I'll just stop enduring. ...Onii-chan abandoned me and obtained an [Important place], I'll destroy everything. ...<Dragon InviteJaryuu Shinshoku>[42]!"

She invoked magic without incantation. A sound of the world being teared apart rang out.

Part 2[edit]

"BIKIBIKIBIKI!"[43] Strange high pitched sounds are raised, a giant rift ran on the blue sky. A black, muddled parallel world spread out at the other side of the rift.

From the rift, two black drops spilled out. The black drops wriggled and squirmed in the air and became two dragons, flapping gigantic wings that looked like it could completely cover the sky.

"<NiddhoggShiryuu>[44]! <FafnirDokuryuu>[45]! Destroy this hindrance of barrier! And then after that all that nuisance other than Onii-chan! REMOVE THEMMM!"

The face of the screaming Kaya is wrapped by light. The old rag clothing that the girl wore is tinged by light——completely transforming it like a Magical dress. From her forehead's left side a typical horn grew out just like a magic beast's.

The dragons should have been attacking humans as their maximum priority——but they don't even pay any attention to the audiences and instead, in accordance with Kaya's words, swooped down to the barrier.

The barrier is thin because it's assumed that there won't be any direct attack; however, a crack appeared because of the ramming attack.

The student in charge of the barrier attempted to repair the barrier in panic.

"...This is not a play! Everyone in the audience please evacuate immediately!"

Liz Liza shouted loudly. Because of that, each person looking at the situation in front of their eyes——finally realized that the attack of illegal magic users are a reality and rushed to the school gate.

With the barrier destroyed, the student who was in charge of the barrier fainted by magic intoxication as a result of the attack.

"Student Council, intercept it! ——Combine together the strength of both departments!"

In this place the swordsmen and Magica Stigma that can fight are only—— the Student Council members.

While Liz Liza roared angrily, she ran to the fountain located in the garden near the ground and plunged both hands inside the basin.

She vibrated the <Prima Materiabase particle> with sophisticated Psychokinesis Magic and transformed the water into pure white mist. The mist was manipulated according to Liz Liza's thought and streamed into the dragon heads.

With the sudden obstruction of their field of vision, the approaching nose-diving dragons were misdirected into the wrong direction and crashed.

"I don't understand the circumstances but...there is no need for cooperation if just for the likes of a dragon!"

The Sword Division's Hayashizaki Kanae threw a challenge towards the crashing Niddhogg.

"It can't be helped, we will take on the green dragon!"

The Magic Division's Hoshikaze Hikaru exclaimed and started to <Accessconnect> to Baal!

"Wai, you idiots..." Liz Liza cursed toward the two divided Student Councils.

Very suddenly——the Inter-division competition changed into a real combat mobilization.

"Kaya!? You, why are you using something like that kind of illegal magic...!"

"Onii-chan! For my name to be called by Onii-chan, I'm so happy that I want to kill!"

Kaya that transformed into atypical appearance screamed while her crying and laughing expression distorted.

"<Weapon InviteJingi Shinshoku>[46]!"

Around her hand with *BIKIBIKIBIKI!* sound, a dimension rift materialized and from there a drip spilled over again, this time it changed into a large magical sword with blue translucence. The girl raised the large sword overhead.

"I also obtained it you know! ...The same power like Onii-chan and Mio-chan!"

Kaya swung the large sword that was as large as herself towards Kazuki.

"!?" Kazuki doubted his own eyes even as he tried to use Foresight.

What in the world is this...The girl's breathing and muscle shows no signs or intention at all!

Kaya didn't think about anything! It's as though the sword has a will of it's own and move completely by itself!!

Kazuki desperately evaded by falling over. His way of evasion is reminiscent of an amateur.

"Nii-sama!" Kanae immediately shouted and she threw one of her two short swords to Kazuki. Kazuki received it and drew the short sword from it's scabbard.

Without a moment's delay, the second downward swing and the third strike of the large blue sword came, but both were warded off by the short sword.

"Look, Onii-chan! Because I also wanted to become strong! The me that was abandoned became like Onii-chan and Mio-chan!!"

"Because of agreed to an illegal contract!?"

Kaya no longer had any hesitation...her body was being possessed by someone!

"After all, only this Diva...the only one that gave me any kind words!"

Kaya shouldn't have had any training in any sword skills; however, the sword moved just like there was a swordsman's soul that dwelt inside the sword. Even to Kazuki, the swordsmanship was so sharp that it left his body trembling with fear.

"Kazuki! Why are you in a pinch when the opponent is also using a sword!"

Mio chanted a spell while at the same time spouting a rebuking voice——

"...<BarrettRasen Hana>!"

However Kaya rotated her arm with terrific force and bisected the high speed bullet of Barrett into two.

"This sword will reject all [Shot]!"[47]

It's obvious that it's not a human technique and reaction speed.

"Is that, <Sacred Treasure>!?"

An animal warped by magic turns into an evil beast, a human transformed by magic into an Elf, normal spaces warped by magic into haunted grounds, and the same case where a weapon or tool were transformed by magic also exist. An item that had its foundation warped into a Sacred Treasure, to a degree where it's impossible to be imitated by alchemy, were legendary magic items that were rarely discovered in haunted grounds where evil beasts gathered.

Kaya chanted magic that pulled the evil beasts and Sacred Treasure from somewhere.

What kind of Diva is she contracted with!?

"This is the power of <Tricksterthe guide of chaos> that I have obtained! If Mio-chan is also coming here...I'll kill you altogether! <Muspelheim InviteEngoku Shinsoku>![48]"

With Kaya as the center, *BIKIBIKIBIKI!* countless rifts formed with terrific force in scope that swallowed up Kazuki and Mio.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.01 208.jpg

Kazuki sensed the flow of magic——and realized that evasion is impossible.

Even Defensive Magic won't make it in time with his current chanting speed.

Large-scale Destruction Magic. Summoning of hell. This magic changed the very space itself!

The world was smashed up beginning from the rift. The very space itself where Kazuki and the others stood was converted into a pitch-black dimension. The surrounding darkness suddenly became red-hot hell.

The created space became the world of fire from Norse mythology. Like being imprisoned in a microwave oven, there was already nothing left to be done except accepting the fate of death. However——

"Oh mermaid's singing voice, manifest the frozen thought. Regret become flower of ice, loneliness become light snowfall, cover the world with cold nothingness...<White AlbumShizukanaru Seppaku>![49]

Along with an awe-inspiring singing voice, countless snow and water crystal scattered and danced in the red-hot space.

Flame and cold collided, offsetting each other, the world once again broke and scattered.

The other dimension was extinguished and the scenery was restored back to normal.

The one that crashed Large-scale Destruction Magic into Large-scale Destruction Magic was Koyuki.

Vepar, the mermaid of 72 Pillar was releasing near transparent light blue radiance besides the girl.

"Koyuki! ...Even though you are also a first year, for a high level magic that work into space itself...!"

"...Please show some spirit to fight and survive! You'll die you know!!"

Because of Koyuki's reprimand, Kazuki and Mio quickly started to chant their spells.

"Dragon Invite!"

The space beside Kaya split, this time two small flying dragons came out.


Toward the flying dragons that leaped closely with their fangs bared, two flame bullets shot them down.

Kazuki ran and drew his Iai towards Kaya——this time he has the resolution to fight.

Scrape off all of the girl's magic power and make her powerless!

"How cruel! Why is Onii-chan pointing that sword to me...I'll kill you!!"

Kaya's large blue sword automatically moved and blocked Kazuki's slash, *GIN!*[50] sound was echoing.

Kanae, who already handed out one of her swords to Kazuki, confronted the dragon without her usual two-sword style and with only her one remaining sword.

Nidhogg the death dragon. In the Norse mythology, that name was handed down to the black dragon that gnawed at the root of the <YggdrasilWorld Tree> in the depth of the world. A dragon that left its name in mythology.

"Interesting! If its just ordinary dragon slaying then nobody will be amazed!"

Kanae challenged the death dragon Nidhogg. [<Storm CatFujin Koneko>][51] doesn't utilize Iai. With a good command of her agile body, Kanae's way of fighting was with an overwhelming number of attacks driving the opponent into a corner.

The dragon waved its claws at random because its face was covered by mist. After all it should just be an animal so Kanae easily evaded the rough attack and with her short sword, one layer, two layers were hacked into pieces.

However toward the hard skin "GIN! GIN!" the consecutive attacks only lightly bounced.

Nidhogg keep waving both of his arm's claws not even feeling the attack. The attack doesn't even compare to a mosquito's bite.

While Kanae evades with paper-thin margin——this time she aimed at the inside of the joint and swung her katana.

However even that attack while filled with biological knowledge, "GIN!" was repelled from the hardness feedback.

Kanae "Chih" clicked her tongue.

...The powerlessness that cannot even be compensated with strengthening magic, unable in admitting that it was her own shortcoming.

The mist that was covering the dragon's face cleared. In the corner of Kanae's field of vision, "You idiots...Fight using cooperation..." the figure of Liz Liza-sensei who collapsed while speaking bitterly due to magic intoxication entered into her sight.

This <MagicaMagic Division> teacher produced mist using common magic with poor magic consumption and saved the spectators.

Looking at that figure, Kanae felt a brief remorse because she challenged the dragon alone.

If it already became like this, even if its only by willpower, I have to bring down this black dragon by my own hand!

The death dragon that had its vision free looked down and glared at the girl.

Starting from that moment, it doesn't attack randomly anymore, instead it accurately and fiercely swing its claws.

Swinging both arms one after another and brandishing it's tail roughly, Kanae concentrated her mind and using Foresight avoided all of those. This time Nidhogg opened its huge mouth and tried to swallow Kanae.

"I've waited for that!"

Nidhogg's big mouth facing toward Kanae *GABUM!* closed down, but she back stepped and avoided it.

And then she made a big jump to Nidhogg's nose tip. From there she leaped further.

"First the eyeball!"

With her whole strength, she stabbed the dragon's eyeball. Compared to the skin, the soft eyeball *DOSU!* was pierced by the sword blade.

When she sensed the sword pierced until the bone in the bottom of the eye socket, she released her katana.

Nidhogg that has the katana left in its eye socket struggled violently. Kanae landed in Nidhogg's nose, and hopped gracefully like a dancer.

"——And then the brain!"

With her whole body motion like a spring, Kanae kicked the handle of the katana stuck inside Nidhogg's eyeball and drove it deeper inside. With acrobatic movement the force was amplified many times over, driving in the sword like a hammer.

"BAGIN!" A certain bone deep inside the eye socket <Sphenoid bone>[52] 's cracked response was felt. Even unknown creatures, if they have eyeballs then the eyesocket's construction must be consistently similar. No matter what kind of living things they are, this bone structure that has the role of connecting eyeball to brain, was not a sturdy thing. Smoothly the blade reached the brain.

"——And then DIE!"

Kanae kicked up the handle of the katana diagonally with one leg. The sword blade that reached the brain vibrated violently in Nidhogg's cranium. Its brain tissues shook and it's whole body spasmed convulsively.

Nidhogg *DOOON!* laid down its body, while Kanae landed agilely like a cat.

"How's that, you see that! ...Damn, how dull. I got too worked up. ...What about Nii-sama!?"

While cleaning the short sword soiled from blood and grey matter with Psychokinesis, Kanae turned toward Kazuki's direction.

At that time Kanae witnessed the girl shouting "Onii-chan!" while swinging the large sword.

The body's performance was amateur but only the slash was strangely sharp.

"Nii-sama is...I'm the only sister of Nii-sama!"

Kanae assaulted the girl from the back.

But the attack that should have been completely unforeseen by the girl was automatically intercepted by the large blue sword.

"Wh...what is this fellow!? Is this really a human movement!?"

"KANAE!?" Kazuki turns his eye to Kanae with surprise and delight.

"Nii-sama Nii-sama, I killed the dragon even faster than <MagicaMagic Division> and came to help, you know!"

"Idiot, don't be careless!"

Just like what Kazuki said——soon Kanae's face lost its color.

The illegal magician girl showed that she can compete against Kazuki and Kanae at the same time with one large sword. Furthermore with the high-speed activation of Possession Magic, she was also matching the back-up Summoning Magic of two people from the Magic Division's Student Council.

"Is this girl a monster!?"

Illegal magician——this girl is beyond <Magica StigmaStigmata Magician>!

Certainly this girl's power cannot be compared with a Stigmata Magician, she might be an existence we have no chance to stand against.

"Kaichou[53], dangerous! That dragon is still not dead!!"

Looking toward the voice from the back——Nidhogg that should be dead, has its eyeball *BUKUBUKU!* bubbling while standing up and raising its claw overhead toward Kanae. That kind of absurdity...


But immediately, somebody forced their way through and with all their strength perform a full swing with their long sword.

The claw and long sword clashed, that voice——Torazou was blown off but the claw attack was also repelled.

"Torazou!? ...To be saved by you...somehow it's infuriating."

"Kaichou, stop being so obstinate and lets cooperate with the Magic Division! I'll hold back this black dragon so Kaichou, go and help Magic Division's student council!"

"What!? Don't joke around...This me...with what kind of face can I cooperate with them!"

"Other than somehow using their <Chorus Magic> in this place and catching all of them in one attack, there is no other way! ...However we are all equal you know. For those guys to be able to finish their chant, we must be the one's holding back these dragons! Isn't that right, Kaichou!?"

"!? Even though you are just Torazou, impertinently giving sound argument...!"

Is it Nii-sama's influence... Damn, rather than the current me, Torazou's way was right!

"...Torazou, I leave that guy to you! Absolutely don't die!!"

"Ou! I'll be troubled if you forever keep thinking I'm a pathetic guy you know, watch this Kaichou, you too Hayashizaki Kazuki! UOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Toward the other side of the battlefield——Kanae started running to where the green dragon was fighting with the Magic Division's student council.

The poison dragon Fafnir. A dragon with the power of poison residing in its body that appeared in Norse mythology. It has six misshapen arms, making an unsightly figure. On each of its six arms poison claws are attached.

"......<Ride LightningRaijin Shunshin>!"

Hikaru who has her whole body accelerating attracted Fafnir with the attack from <Lightning LineRaijin Yu>[54] held in one hand. During that time Kaguya was chanting high level magic. That was the tactic. <GernicaJigoku Souhi>[55]——It will be settled with instant death!

However Hikaru cannot keep up with the exchange with speed alone when there were six arms that keep on striking, her posture was off-balance. Danger! Damn...already useless!

Immediately Kaguya discarded the high level magic that she currently chanted and switched into level 2 magic.

"My wicked mind filled with curse, I beseech thy agony... Unashamed of ominous thought! <Fill PainZouo no Mudabana>[56]!"

The bullet of curse hit Fafnir and it writhed in hallucinatory pain.

But this magic only gives pain and stops the target on its track——with no actual damage to the body.

Using that opportunity, Hikaru recovered her posture. ...This battle of endurance has continued for quite long.

"For Asmodeus' high level attack magic I need to concentrate, so I'm troubled that the almighty Hikaru cannot earn more time you know! Idiot Hikaru!!"

"No matter how almighty I am there is no way I can exchange blows with something this tough! Idiot Kaguya!!"

While insulting each other, Kaguya's expression warped haggardly.

"The Knight Order should already be notified but...if it keeps like this sooner or later one of the fights in this divided battlefield won't hold out..."

  • BARIRI* At last the spark dispersed, Hikaru's Ride Lightning's effect was finished.

"I, I wonder if it's no good if I don't chant again? Today, this is already my fourth time you know..."

"Please don't say some spoiled things, you good-for-nothing princess!"

Hikaru's magical power was already exhausted from the previous battle. Toward the girl that was in the middle of thinking that she can't chant Summoning Magic anymore, the claw of Fafnir swooped down.

However at that point, someone interrupted with speed like a rolling gale.

...<Storm CatFujin Koneko>.

"You two withdraw! I will serve as vanguard!"

"Kana-chan!? ...You came to help us!?"

Kanae looked back with a fleeting glance and "Fun" her nose snorted.

"...It's only a temporary alliance. I'll stop this guy so get rid of them all in one go with Chorus Magic. That dragon over there is small fish, but it can't be killed with a sword."

Fafnir looked down as if to assess the human that came to interfere.

Kanae informed the two people behind while thrusting her short sword to the dragon.

Chorus Magic——If its impossible to hold out until the Knight Order come, then certainly there was no way other than that.

Chorus Magic is a chanting method done by linking several Stigmata Magicians with Telepathy and matching together their magic power wavelengths, producing colossal magic power and materializing level 10 Summoning Magic.

The amount of magic power required for level 10 Summoning Magic was too large, one person alone using it was difficult.

But Chorus Magic demands considerable concentration and multiple Stigmata Magicians also became defenseless at the same time. It's a tactic that risked inviting total annihilation easily if the vanguard cannot protect their charge.

"Can't you depend on me?"

"...No, if the two Student Councils combined their power then we are invincible you know. I have wished for that for a long time! Hikaru, the number is not sufficient so call Koyuki-chan here!"

Until last year Koyuki has already learned the basic of matching magic power's wavelengths.

This year after completing the contract with a Diva, the number of people for Chorus Magic will be enough if Koyuki is included.

Protected by the Student Council of Sword Division——Magic Division's Student Council's trump card was usable!

Fafnir's claws attacked Kanae. The six arms waving about cannot even come near Kanae who took pride on her godlike agility.

Kanae is very poor at a battle of endurance. Even with only a few hits from the enemy, Kanae's meagre defensive magic power will be smashed up immediately, furthermore the poison will steal her movement.

But...Otonashi Kaguya was looking from behind. Kanae can't show a shameful fight.

Probably I am the one that know best Kaguya's strength.

For the sake of winning against her, for a long time Kanae searched for her weak points and kept polishing countermeasures.

Otonashi Kaguya is strong. To a degree that there was no way to win if Kanae challenge her directly face to face.

For this reason, it's vexing but...she can be relied on.

"I'm counting on you, <Magica StigmaStigmata Magician>! ...And then watch from there, Hayashizaki's swordmanship!!"

Kazuki looking at Kaya's magic power, noticed that its gradually declining.

When thinking at the beginning how she first summoned the dragon, the scale of the magic Kaya chanted slowly kept getting smaller. However in addition to the frequent magic, it seems that even merely swinging the large blue sword was also wearing down her magic power. Kazuki can already see Kaya's limit.

It's a hard blow when Koyuki was called back by the senpais but the condition on this side is starting to get better.

"Please no..." Kaya's whispering voice was leaked.

"This kind of me stop it already...even though I love him, even though it's precious memory... Why do I want to kill them...? If its like this, I will continue being alone...this kind of me, stop it already..."

Even so the girl raised her sword and slashed at Kazuki.

”That's why this kind of thing, stop it already!"

"I can't stop! Onii-chan, somehow please help me!"

Even if you said somehow...there was no other way other than shaving her magic power until she became powerless.

In the edge of his field of vision "DOWAA!" The figure of Torazou-san sent flying by Nidhogg was reflected.

Even if Kaya was stopped, the dragons that were already summoned cannot be expected to disappear.

There was no more room for taking it easy. Right now the senpais already——?

"""Thy name is Asmodeus! Thy strength become almighty desire, oh pure black contract, in accordance with my life display that strength!!"""

The three person's magic power altogether <Accessconnect> the <AstrumDistorted World>——The Diva was pulled into the present world and materialized.

Along with a flash of violet, the witch finally materialized together with clear real form.

After that Kaguya-senpai passed her order to Asmodeus...! Probably that power can manage to defeat the two dragons altogether, those senpais have that power.

All the magic power were absorbed toward Asmodeus until nothing is left, and Hoshikaze-senpai and Koyuki crumbled down.

Kazuki's sword and Mio's Barrett attacked Kaya incessantly.

"Please help...Onii-chan..."

...Kaya, was it because I was not in Nanohana Institute that it became like this? The feelings of guilt stroked Kazuki's spine.

I, if I don't save her...

"Thy are I, I am thee! ...Become my thought as it is, Curse, Malice, keep beseeching, drag in all my bitter enemy and open the hell's gate!"

Kaguya-senpai keeps continuing chanting the spell with strong magic power.

"Kukukukuku! This air has been a while hasn't it, Kaguya! I'm in good mood so I'll be faithful to you! Kaguya, with your desire now what in the world is it that you wished for?"

"My desire is the manifestation of hell! Send all those people to hell! To inescapable nightmare!"

"Very well! Thy wish is my wish!"

The ultimate magic of Asmodeus was started by Kaguya.

"<Seventh InfernoDainana Jigoku Genkai>!!"[57]

The surrounding surface dimmed ominously.

Is something happening?——Kazuki spontaneously looked back to Kaguya-senpai.

In accordance with Kaguya-senpai's command, Asmodeus raised her right arm overhead, grandly. From Asmodeus' back, gigantic ominous violet [Gate] rose gradually from the ground. Along with Asmodeus' loud laughter, that gate opened, like a damn bursting open with violet miasma flooding out.

The miasma avoided Kazuki and the others, nothing but the enemy that Kaguya-senpai hated were swallowed up.

The instant the fingertips of Asmodeus' raised right arm *PACHIN!*[58] echoed, the violet miasma transformed into a reddish-black flame of hell.

Kaya and the two dragons were buried inside a cluster of flame without even leaving a strand of hair uncovered.

This flame, its the same type of flame seen before in the school entrance ceremony, Gernica.

Namely, this Seventh Inferno manifestation are——[Enemy and Allies Discernment - Large Scale Instant Death Magic].

This flame of hell was not heat attack or the like, this spell slowly applied the concept of death.


Kaguya's flame of hell that swallowed all the object of her hostility has even attacked Kaya that already exhausted all her strength. On the other side of the reddish black flame, Kaya's blue defensive magical power let out a frail shine.

"Kaya, stop it!"

Kazuki shouted pleadingly toward Kaguya-senpai.

Kaguya-senpai who doesn't even imagine the connection between Kazuki and Kaya was confused of the reaction Kazuki showed.

"That summoning magic, that magic will kill her!"

"Otouto-kun...Sorry, right after requesting this flame, even myself cannot control it. Even if it's only a tiny hate, everything of the opponent won't be able to escape and will be killed. But compared to bringing down the other two evil beast, I cannot give preference to the life of that illegal magician. Everyone else is already worn-out you see!"

Looking around the surrounding, Torazou-san already exhausted all his strength and fell down. Kanae too received poison claw and crouched down. Hoshikaze-senpai and Koyuki too because of the Chorus Magic, their magic power was sucked dry to the bone and they collapsed because of magic intoxication.

The only ones that were safe and could stand up were Kazuki and Mio, also Kaguya-senpai, just three people.

"But, that's..."

If Kaguya-senpai's magic was interrupted, the surviving dragons——the wounded Fafnir can be handled somehow or other, but the method to defeat Nidhogg that can regenerate its injury will be lost.

But if the invoked magic keep continuing like this, Kaya will be burned out before the dragons.

"He, help me, Onii-chan!"

Inside the reddish black flame, while her defensive magic power was being eroded, Kaya pleaded for help.

"Otouto-kun...besides if that child escapes it will become a grave crisis. I won't hesitate anymore like that time with Earth Snake. I cannot hesitate. Because I'm this academy's strongest magician!"

With eyes burning grimly with a sense of responsibility, Kaguya-senpai shouted. While shouting she supplied magic power to Asmodeus. Asmodeus "KUKUKUKUKU!" while laughing madly continued to burn the enemies with the flame of hell.

Kaguya-senpai's regret with dark expression saying "I have to kill him.", about Earth Snake, came to mind in Kazuki's head. But at that time Senpai was in pain. She is a reliable senpai but, I know that she tried desperately doing unreasonable things. Senpai's touch soaked with tears, I still remember it in my heart.

...I understand that Senpai's word is correct. But is this kind of thing really fine...!?

If Senpai kills Kaya...Not regretting anything, not hurting, can that really happen!?

This kind of situation, there was no way I can consent...!

"Sto, stopp! I don't want to die! I don't want to die alone! Stop, stopp!! Help me——Loki! Power...Give me more power!!"

—— The moment [Loki] was yelled, blue defensive magic power from the girl was coming back around.

All thoughts were blown off from his head, Kazuki doubted even his own eyes.

...That recovery was not at the level of just 'coming back around'. Enormous blue light that can't even compare to the girl's original condition covered the girl's whole body, and started to push back the flame of hell.

Vast defensive magic power was distorting [The concept of destined death of the ruler of hell]. [59]

"!? ...Such thing, impossible. This kind of magic's inhuman!"

The whisper that Kaguya-senpai unintentionally leaked made us tremble with fear.

Currently the two dragons vanished without even their ash remained, however even now Kaya was still leaking blue light——

"...U, aaa...don't want...Stop it Loki, my head! In my head I'm not me any...aaaa...Iyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

——Kaya who should be escaping already from harm, raised a screaming voice that can break her throat, from the other side of the blue light.

I don't understand at all what in the world is going on.

{...Kazuki, that girl, is being taken over right now.}

After the uneasy silence, Leme's voice resounded inside Kazuki's head.

"...Taken over, what kind of thing is that..."

Why did it become like this, it's completely like being in a nightmare.

No, it could be that——all that happiness until this point, maybe everything was just a dream.

The blue light of defensive magic power and the flame of hell is struggling against each other, Kazuki watched all that in a daze.

{Each time a Diva possessed a human, that human's substance was being distorted into that Diva's form. That distortion keep being repeated little by little and each time, the human's form was rearranged. The result was that girl's madness}

Leme answered. The flame was being extinguished little by little. Kaguya-senpai kept getting closer to the limit.

Asmodeus' figure was "Oioii, is it already over?" faintly starting to disappear.

On the other side of the weakening flame and the light, a human silhouette appeared——that shadow was not a girl's shape. If Kaya was taken over...then who in the world was that...?

{The contractor's mind was tampered around and her ego became ambiguous, and then in one go the Diva plundered the flesh's leadership. At that time the flesh was distorted into that Diva's original form——that Diva became this world's resident}

Long time ago, there were news that because of a malicious Diva's materialization Tokyo was destroyed. There were great numbers of orphans, that were born because of that incident, in Nanohana institute.

Because of the establishment of the Knight Order everybody forgot that dreadful affair.

Finally the flame and light ceased.

The one that stood there did not resemble Kaya at all. A man with long hair and tall stature.

The color of the long hair was blue with transparency similar to a crystal. A handsome feature with slightly slender face, a sinister smile was pasted on that face. In the right hand, it was still clutching the large blue sword.

"Fufufu...hahaha..." The man made an abnormal face and distorted smirk.

"HAHAHAHAHA! At last, about time I obtained flesh and body in this world! Even with all that hindrances from the Knight Order, I'm the first one that achieved this brilliant achievement isn't it? ...Hahahahaha, how awesome of me! Hahahahahaa!"

"...You are, who are you?"

In front of the man who guffawed wildly, Kazuki questioned while gripping his katana.

"Hahaha! ...What is it brat? Why should I give my name, didn't you listen about this happy occasion? If that's the case then let me give this whole world a greeting!"

The man shouted with faked high tension where you could feel the anger just by looking.

"My name is Loki! The Loki-sama of Norse mythology! Hahaha, human's history will soon end! Starting from now the age of gods begins! This Loki-sama will bring even more chaos to this world for sure...When the curtain for the age of gods are opened once more, no one but me will be the one that causes...the Ragnarok! That's surely my role!!"

What the hell is this man... Did Kaya get caught up with this frivolous man!?

Besides Kazuki who was glaring at Loki, Mio and Kaguya-senpai fell to their knees, watching with gazes filled with despair. Only Kazuki was still standing, gripping his katana while facing each other.

"Hm? ...You are not just a normal human, are you? The one inside you is...Solomon Mythology's Lemegeton isn't it? I see, I see, I see...This time too Solomon's 72 Pillar are helping the humans isn't it? Then this brat is the one named new [King] is it? And then you are going to obstruct me, won't you?"

"Bastard, what have you done to Kaya!?"

"What have I done was it? It's just as you see. I broke her, and then I ate her. Thanks for the food. I finished my brilliant achievement you know! There is no doubt that this great me was the one that broke this girl efficiently don't you see!? If I broke her right away then she will just get violent and get arrested by the Knight Order so, I adjusted her condition, and then tampered around with her brain tissue. While breaking her piece by piece, I guided her into wanting to abandon her ego on her own many times, that's the point. And there I got a great idea, [changed her into wanting to kill a person she likes], I remodeled her into that. From here the best outcome came out, just great. Great idea that deserved the Noble prize in human abuse isn't it! Please stop, I don't want it like this~~ she cried and shouted like that, this girl surrendered her ego to me!! ...Hahaha, just awesome!! From a long time ago, manipulating people's feelings skillfully is my specialty! Man, I just want to do it over again~"

"...You, you asshole."

"Whaaat, you bastard is going to punish this Loki-sama, is it? Maa, you're just a low-life."

"Otouto-kun...Its impossible you know!"

Kazuki ignored Kaguya-senpai's restraint and started running.

"...Interesting! You want to challenge the legendary sword style!? Brat!!"

Loki received Kazuki's Iainuki casually with his large blue sword, but,

"U, oo...?" Loki was pressured by the weight of the slash.

Toward Loki who shook violently and braced himself futilely, Kazuki swung his second downward slash.

"Wha, what the hell is your swordstyle!? I don't know something like this!?"

Loki blocked that slash with his large sword, however he backstepped while reeling.


Kazuki gave up using Foresight, he just swung his katana recklessly, attacking furiously.


Loki swung to counterattack while cursing; however, Kazuki parried the heavy large sword and entered one blow from the resulting gap. *BACHIN!* Loki's defensive magical power protected him from Kazuki's katana.

...What in the world, that [thickness] just now.

——With that one attack, unintentionally Kazuki calmed down from his rage and sensed the magic power.

...Few hundreds, no, with few thousands slash, would it be enough to destroy this barrier?

If all the opponent's defensive magic power until now were a curtain, without a doubt this guy's defensive magic power was a wall.

"Uoo...wait a little you bastard, wait! What the hell are you! How could you human's sword style have advanced to this point!? You're fucking kidding me! You weakling!!"

Loki's shout was tinged with anger while he staggered backward.

But this guy was not seriously flustered for real. Kazuki understood that.

"Fucking bullshit, don't get cocky brat! This time I'm using magic for real!!"

Along with his rage Loki's magic swelled up. The [large blue sword] gripped in his hand rapidly sucked the magic power——the dense magic power condensed violently inside the thick blade.

Right now I'm not inside his sword's range.

Even so——something's happening! Kazuki used Foresight to see the magic power——and instinctively felt despair.

"...Show the divine sword's essence!! Lævateinn!!"

——Ignoring how far the distance was separated, in that place Loki swung his large blue sword downward.

It's not a mere practice swing.

"ZUBAAAAAAAAA!" Along with wind-slicing sound like the world itself tore apart, the condensed magic power gushed out and became a sharp shockwave rushing to Kazuki.

Kazuki evaded using Foresight. Nevertheless, the released sword pressure from the large blue sword sensed that movement and change its trajectory like having its own will. Unparalled accurate pursuit. It's impossible to evade.

It's clear that he won't be able to defend with the amount of his magic power.

Magic intoxication. No, with this destructive power——<Overkillone-hit kill>

Standing in front of certain death——it feels that time become extremely slow.

At that moment, a shadow throws itself in front of Kazuki while chanting a spell.

"...<Self BurningEnsei Yoroi>![60]"

Mio clad in flame armor jumped in front of Kazuki.

However the flame armor was easily erased by the shockwave, and then the penetrating shockwave *GARIGARIGARI!* eroded the defensive magical power even further——Mio's own blood scattered around.

Fresh blood, so red that it looked like an illusion.

Mio who covered for Kazuki collapsed feebly into Kazuki's chest.

The girl's body, from her chest to her stomach, from the lung to the intestines, a vertical line was ripped apart.

Even with a glance it's obvious that it's a fatal wound. The body grew pale because instinctively it knows that death is near.

"Mio!? You...why!?

"If you received that attack with your current magic power you would surely die won't you...Protecting a Rank E, is the duty of a Rank A, right...?"

Because of her ripped lung "hyuu--hyuu" Mio leaked a weak breath.

"Eh, damn it? Shit, I got the other kid killed. Shit."

Loki spat out in frustation. But when he noticed Kazuki's expression he laughed complacently.

"Hm? Why is your face like that brat? I get it, through Kaya I somehow know about you guys but...Mio-chan is your lover huh? Hehhehhe"

We are not lovers. But... BUT...!

His head became pure white. The world seemed to blur white because of the highly strung emotion.

Lies...lies lies lies! How could it become like this!?

I don't know for what kind of reason. But that guy, he trampled my precious person...!

"HAHAHAHAHA! That's a good face you make there brat! ...How precious, then for today's moment to be forever unforgotten I'll especially let you survive alone brat. Forever live your whole life to regret this moment! Commit today's encounter in your memory forever, Onii-chan♪ HAHAHAHAHH!"

"Bastaard...I'll kill you!"

"With your magic power it's impossible you know, brat! Rather let me teach you how it is to kill! It's impossible to calm down huuh!?"

...I...I don't care what happened to my body. This lowlife, I'll freaking kill him!

Kazuki was filled with killing intent for the first time since he was born, embracing that rage he chanted the spell.

"Burning up everthing that was touched...scorching heat of rejection without destination! <Self BurningEnsei Yoroi>!"

With his little remaining magic power, Kazuki covered his whole body with flame armor and prepared the form of Iai.

"Thaatt's whhyyy, I said I'm gonna teach you how it is to kill isn't it? Your katana won't be able to pierce my magic power, you get it don't you!?"

Kazuki kicked the ground. Anyhow for this guy, there won't be any mercy.

That's why with my whole strength!

"Besides, why when you are really that angry, rather than attack, you chanted flame defense magic, your life is too valuable huhh!? What a laughable brat!"

"... I don't need something like life! I'll kill you no matter what even if it means stabbing each other to death!!"

Kazuki slashed with Iai while shouting. Right at that moment——By using psychokinesis [Liquid Manipulation], was applied to the whole body of flame and condensed into the sword's blade.


"What!?" Toward the wide-eyed Loki, a flash of flaming battoujutsu[61] reached his chest.

Thick defensive magic power blocked that attack.

However the blade clad in flame inflicted a strand of scratch on the thick defensive magical power.

Kazuki fixed his grip in the katana with two hand——Iai's real form are two attacks.

Kazuki thought there was no other way except this technique. If that guy said that he'd teach me, I'll teach him technique polished by a human.

Since magic was born in this world, father polished his sword principle with the assumption of fighting against Summoning Magicians.

Inside Hayashizaki style polished by father, exists an ultimate Iai that pursued a dream.

Hayashizaki-style Dream Sword——[Pile UpKasane].

Why was it called dream sword, it was because father himself cannot realize this technique. It means that it's an unrealistic swordsmanship.

The first swing of the sword gouge out a scratch in the defensive magic power. That scratch, before new magic power plugged up that hollow space the size of a strand of hair, a second swing returned swiftly and piled up the scratch in the identical place. That swing will pierce and kill the defensive magic power.

It doesn't matter how much the enemy's magical power was left, a certain sure-kill consecutive Iai's.

But the time span before the produced scratch got filled up with new magic power was only a blink of an eye. In that one instance, piling up a second sword slash perfectly tracing the first sword slash trajectory, makes it evident why it's called dream sword.

However, for Kazuki at this moment, everything looked like they moved in slow motion.

Using <Extra SensePerception Reinforcement Magic> to clear and sharpen his perception, Kazuki sensed the defensive magic power's scratch.

Kazuki stirred up his body with his will. Raising a yell of kiai[62] and activating <Enchant AuraBody Power Reinforcement Magic> below the navel, Kazuki accelerated his muscle structure. The whole body's muscle raised a snapping shriek because of the will's unrelenting demand for speed beyond the limit. Even so, whatever the consequence it doesn't matter!

The body surpassed the limit due to magic...Just this guy I'll kill him no matter what!

Everything that Kazuki has cultivated himself——Summoning magic and common magic, and then sword skill——Using everything of those to pile up this two slash. All the scattered pieces are converged in this one swing of a sword.

The blade slid into the scratch where the defensive magic power was thin and gouged and ripped it apart.

——Kazuki arrived at the truth of the sword. The sensation of ripping flesh was clearly felt. Before his eyes, "BAT!"[63] crimson spurt of blood opened like a flower blooming.

"...Thi, this is the sword of human..."

Even so Loki was not dead. ...He received a severe wound but, a fatal wound was not delivered.

Kazuki understood from the slash's feedback. The depth was not sufficient, if only its one sun[64] deeper.

Kazuki's fingertips lost its strength, the short sword fell to the ground.

...If it's not a short sword, then he'd be dead already!

"Don't fuck with me!"

Loki who sports a wound in his chest let fly a kick towards Kazuki who lost his strength and fell to the ground already.

Kazuki's powerless body that was already like a doll was thrown backward.

"But...thank goodness", suddenly Kazuki who already calmed down thought. If I really killed that guy's body for real——Kaya will also die. If Kaya is not saved...

Strength, my strength is lacking...For a long time I thought I didn't need it, a strong power...

"Damnnit, too stupid...the body that I got with great trouble is...!"

"Stay away from Otouto-kun! I will kill you!"

Loki raised his head in fluster. Kaguya-senpai mustered her last strength, she squeezed out word by word slowly for a spell, containing the disappearing Asmodeus in the present world.

"Thi, this female magician, from that kind of condition how can she keep the Diva's complete summoning alone!?"

"Oioi, do your besttt, Kaguyaaa...Yosh, this guy is pretty bad news, so let's kill him yeahh!"

Asmodeus was "Kukuku" chuckling, even now Senpai desperately kept her receding conciousness.

"Seventh Hell, come out...!" That voice wringed out the magic.

" hell with this! That one is seriously terrible! Hold it I said!!"

The same time Loki started screaming, a fissure ran below him.

From there a huge snake fiercely burst out. Only, the snake head was *gunyagunya* transformed into a human's face——it faced Loki and grinned.

The illegal magician called Earth Snake. Because of the surprise, Kaguya-senpai's concentration is thrown into disarray.

"You are...<MidgardsormrWorld Snake>. I see, you too have materialized huh?"

Loki grinned broadly and laughed, and clung to the snake's body.

"It's amusing playing with you bastards, too bad I don't have time for this, getting hurt for real will suck...Get out of here, my child!"

"...<Land EscapeDochikusou Tongyou>![65]"

"Dammnit, I'll remember this day, you human, Solomon's King! I'm acknowledging you! I'm gonna make you dance in my <Ragnarokwar of gods> too!"

Before Kaguya-senpai could invoke her magic, both of them sank into the ground. After waiting and seeing that Kaguya-senpai finally passed out, Kazuki watched the scene while still on his back.

——The world is being encroached by the myth.

<CatastropheDestruction> that didn't make sense was spreading out right in front of my eyes.

In the end of the battle where sword, magic, and Diva mixed together——the ground's surface was gouged, cloud of sand floated, and the spectator stand destroyed, just like a ruin in a desolate land.

Everything was dyed in decadent red by the setting sun. Kazuki stood up in a daze.

This should be a fight for the sake of protecting an important place where I belong.

This kind of conclusion.

Kazuki's underfoot was wet with crimson liquid. Mio lay there, her uniform covered in blood.

The bleeding amount was outrageous. It's not only because of the setting sun that made just about everything dark red.

The siren of the approaching knight group entered his ear.

Kazuki kneeled beside the girl and held the limp upper half of her body in his arms.

Nothing was reflected on the the half-closed eyes of Mio. Her "hyuu-hyuu" breath was becoming intermittent.

The [Red] flowing out of her chest announced the end of Amasaki Mio.

"Why for something[66] like me... Even though you always say you are the master, I am the slave. ...Even so, why..."

Kazuki whispered not expecting any reply but, inside Mio's hazy eyes strength are returning, the girl laughed faintly.

"...tha, that's because you see"

Even with agonizing breath, her colorless lip quavered.

"Honestly...I'm so happy I could meet you"

Toward those words, an intense lump of guilt swelled up deep inside his stomach, becoming a strangled yell. It's painful in the heart. His eyes are hot. His head became pure white.

That kind of thing——I knew!

"...The karaage, was delicious"

I know, just from your expression that was obvious!

"...You came when I was sulking alone in my room, I'm glad...getting teased by classmates, I was happy...when we were told we look like married couple, going on date...I was happy. Saying we were going to eat together the same sweet curry..."

I know...I understand all of your feelings, and yet, I didn't have any courage to believe it.

"I, I was always a person that was only saying unpleasant things wasn't I, sorry..."

There was no need to apologize. Her honest feeling was plain to see even without Leme's magic.

"'d be nice if I wrote [Love] properly..."

Mio's eyes closed, she inhaled her last breath softly, and then her pulse stopped.

"...I kiss you on the lips..."

That was her last word.

The color left Mio's expression leaving behind an empty shell. Inside Kazuki the dam broke and tears overflowed.

Everything of those...even words that was not said at this moment, I knew all of them already...!!


Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.01 235.jpg

I couldn't protect her. ...I don't even have any power that can protect her.

For a girl who felt love for me, I'm powerless to protect her.

Because of my cowardice, beacuse I keep demeaning myself, I don't even have strength to believe...!

In the middle of wailing, the shaking view blurred with tears reflecting the light of fireshadow——attached to Mio, the matching necklace with me shined reflecting the setting sun. The feather necklace——Phoenix.

The symbol of destruction and rebirth, the divine bird leaping over the world's logic. Its complete summoning...

Leme once said [underhanded trick].

Kazuki bet on the vague hope. He cradled up Mio's body——

He put their lips together without hesitation.

It tasted of blood. At the same time the stigma in the left had radiated heat.

The heat changed into a powerful bond with Mio's spells flowing into his mind.

Phoenix ultimate magic——transcending the fate, the power to take back what is lost.

"...Oh sweet-talking divine bird. ...Oh beautiful artist shaking fate. ...Namely the poet, transform into magician. Everything of me, for thy poem..."

{...In your condition now, the magic power is not enough.}

The surrounding shined with orange light. Orange is, the color of Mio.

Behind Kazuki, Phoenix spread its wing and materialized.

The divine bird warned with low voice. Just like the legend of Phoenix, that magic will burn oneself entirely till only ashes are left behind, from the ashes one will be reborn and resurrected once more. The caster's magic power will be consumed entirely.

The caster's existence and fate will be distorted, invoking a grand restoration magic. Right now it was still barely in time.

If Kazuki used that kind of grand magic in his current condition, he will fall into a grave magic intoxication. His mind will be dragged into <AstrumDistorted World>, the boundary between Astrum with the thinning self-ego and mental world will be lost, blending them together, making it impossible to return from Astrum to the real world. Completely forfeiting his mind.

"My mind——I don't mind about that kind of thing. I don't care whatever happens to me."

"If that's so, then fine...Oh King of Solomon. Recite my poem."

"Disintegrate my body into a thousand words, remake the world by that illusion...<ReviveMesshi Tensei>[67]!!"

As soon as the chant ended, magic power, mind, soul, the feeling of everything being absorbed was felt.

The world distorted. However what happened after that, Kazuki couldn't recognize anything anymore.

——And then Mio opened her eyes.

Epilogue - The Shore between Dreams and Myth[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The <magic light projectorphantasmagoria> placed in the middle of the conference room projected the miracle that occurred at the end of the incident.

The phantasmagoria was the result between advanced magic and alchemy. Using the application of spirit photography magic, it was possible to project the image inside the human mind as a three dimensional image.

Right now this phantasmagoria was projecting the rushing Knight Order member witnessing [the scene where Hayashizaki Kazuki summoned Phoenix completely].

While the eyes of the Magic Division's teachers were focused on the projection——Liz Liza stood up and announced.

"...A circuit formed from the bond tied with other contractors, from there it pulled out the magic of another Diva and able to use them completely, [the power of King]. At this occasion it established [Lemegeton's true power]."

Having an eye witness of Kazuki's complete summoning of Phoenix, the deception of [Lemegeton's ability was no more than copy magic] couldn't stand up anymore.

"I have a request...let him get accepted into Magica officially, and then form the bonds with other students. The whole school should offer the support in this matter of him becoming King!"

The teachers were making a commotion——they are in panic because of Loki's awakening.

Five days had passed since the incident of Loki's awakening in the inter-division match.

The Knight Order's preparation for Loki's subjugation had began but before that happened——Loki gathered the illegal magicians from various places in Japan and took command of them. They introduced themselves as Loki's Einherjar and began to attack the Knight Order. Until now, it was an impossible event for illegal magician that had their minds in derangement to take action in a group. That was a terrible situation.

Loki, who was wounded on his chest, in this five days kept repeating an attack where he counter-attacked and retreated quickly. Such attacks were done many times over, causing the Knight Order's preparation of Loki's subjugation, to lag behind and couldn't progress.

It was possible that the academy would be targeted again, by Loki's attack, if the Knight Order continues like this to where they couldn't defeat Loki.

In the middle of that anxiety, the existence of [Solomon's King] became known.

The [Myth] of a King that controls a collaboration of Divas for the sake of the people. As far as the teachers are concerned, they saw a sliver of hope.

"However...will Hayashizaki Kazuki be able to wake up if his unconscious state continues?"

There was no treatment regarding magic intoxication. Kazuki was currently bedridden in the Witch's Mansion.

"He will come back for sure. ...Because even I was able to return back."

Liz Liza's own body had experienced the matter of magic intoxication. What happened to the mind that was dragged into Astrum——she understood that but still, that youth would be able to come back for sure.

"...Objection! A suspicious Diva like that should not be accepted so easily."

The academy's board chairman raised an objection. An old man with a stern face that looked like a raptor bird.

In the staff meeting, he consistently kept insisting to seal Lemegeton.

"The facts that can be used to validate that the Diva named Lemegeton is worthy of trust is zero. It's possible that she is only pretending as [Solomon's King] and giving that kind of explanation of her ability to deceive us. ...You know that evil Diva tricked humans and then possessed them. The Diva who was handing out illegal contract will conveniently whisper sweet words to humans."

"One case gives you an idea of what always happens in the issue of a Diva. Even in that attack incident, it was possible that suspicious Diva Lemegeton was the one that guided Loki, wasn't it? My [step daughter] was also dragged into that incident you know! Maybe it's overly careful but, what kind of teacher are we if we don't take all precaution for the sake of the children!"

"Please calm down, Board Chairman Amasaki..."

The flustered teacher next to the old man that hit the desk in rage tried to pacify him.

"I already thought about this thoroughly you know! Everyone of us must have the self-awareness, the 72 Pillar is an exception, but the thing known as Diva and Myth, in all cases, are the enemy of humanity! The Divas in the six countries overseas that gathered faith, we don't know what they are currently scheming!"

"But Board Chairman Amasaki...Right now the academy and the Knight Order need every bit of powerful strength available. All the more if someday the <<War of MythRagnarok> will really occur."

The headmaster announced to cool the atmosphere. All present became silent toward the word of the academy's most influential person.

Ragnarok. The ominous prediction that Loki left behind before he went away.

"If we need power then we shouldn't rely on a suspicious Diva, instead we have to reorganize the Magic Division to become stronger, shouldn't we? ...Headmaster Otonashi."

Board Chairman Amasaki glared at the calm headmaster in discontent. Both of their opinions were in opposition.

The headmaster was young compared to the board chairman, grizzled hair in dark suits and appearance that was arranged methodically leaving no gap. Even when facing the bluntly aggressive manner, he didn't show any wavering emotion.

"...Board Chairman Amasaki's word is also reasonable. But it is still too early to make a simple decision. Let's watch the situation some more shall we? And if he shows even a little suspicious behavior then——"

Headmaster Otonashi made the declaration after a short pause.

"The Quest for Lemegeton's subjugation will be handed down to the academy's strongest <Summoning MagicianMagica Stigma>, Otonashi Kaguya."

Part 2[edit]

...Before I noticed I was already asleep.

Inside the dream I saw in the pitch black world, I sank deeper and deeper——that place was already neither dream nor unconscious mind anymore.

<Distorted WorldAstrum>. The alternate dimension connected from the depth of a human's mind. Humans that searched for magic power that could distort the world, that exceed their own strength of existence, their mind was dispersed and then restored in this world.

The parts of Kazuki's mind that were disconnected were being dismantled and lie scattered in Astrum.

Those pieces scattered everywhere contained countless accumulation of memory of his life so far.

The date with Mio. The duel with Mio. The meeting with Leme. The kindness of Kaguya-senpai. Kanae who was at first very thorny but gradually behaved like a spoiled child. The disciplining of step-father. Everyone of Nanohana Institute.

And then the even further past——the event that was already impossible to recall, the distant scar.

Inside the darkness of Astrum, Kazuki saw the forgotten <himselfscene>.

The days of cold winter that froze the body. A woman held Kazuki that was still a baby in her arms.

Kazuki remembered this woman, instinctively.

Mother... On that cold day, mother...abandoned me in front of the gate of the orphanage [Nanohana Institute].

The past that could not be recalled, however Kazuki's mind that had turned to the depth of his unconscious mind could be controlled.

I see——that's why I couldn't believe on that kind of thing. Myself that was not even loved by my blood-related mother, there was no way somebody who loved me exist. Much less becoming Harem King...

"Hee, demeaning oneself, cannot depend on yourself. Even so when you are hugged by Otonashi Kaguya, you became pretty excited, wasn't ittt."

A voice resounded inside the world of darkness.

A violet witch was 'kukuku' laughing while her figure appeared.

"You are not really believing that seriously. You had on one occasion believed hadn't you, the bond with my master."

'Bat[68]' like a flower blooming brilliantly, a bird of fire spread its wing besides Kazuki.

In the world of total darkness, the two Diva became ambiguous and called out to Kazuki's heart.

"Quickly go back okaay. My cute Kaguya is feeling down you knoow."

"If it's you right now, you should be able to sense the connection shouldn't you? Remember it..."

Connection——the contract with Leme connected it, the magic power circuit formed from the positivity.

Certainly even now that connection was linked with my soul.

"Kukuku...Don't make a woman wait you knoow."

"Because you are not a human who fight for yourself, but someone that can demonstrate his strength for the sake of others, that was why we chose you as King. We didn't choose a coward and a menial human...Don't betray my master."

The voice——certainly it could be heard.

{...Kazuki. Kazuki!}

That's right. I am Hayashizaki Kazuki. The voice was becoming vague. Kazuki's ego was being reformed.

From the depth of the darkness, his consciousness was softly surfacing to the real world.

The direction of the calling voice was the direction of the ties of bond.

"Yareyare[69]...A troublesome King-sama isn't iit. Fifteen years where human and Diva's contact was reestablished. Even though the <gamesituation> will begin to move soon. Not only that insolent Lokii, all those shitty Mythology that support other countries and storing power too. The age of myth that mankind forgot completely is coming again..."

"Regarding our action of invading their <Japanturf>, Japan's Mythology's movement is also worrying...I believe they chose not to become a <playerparticipant> and remained a spectator though."

"We can't keep teetering like thaat. Our cute Leme-chan already forfeited her power and became a cute little girl you knooow."

While seeing off Kazuki's consciousness, the witch and the fire bird exchanged private words.

""King is needed after all...for human to fight against gods.""

Part 3[edit]

Like a drifting wood from a far-off sea finally arriving at the shore——Kazuki's consciousness woke up.

The organized consciousness dyed the inside of his pure-white mind. It seems that he had slept for a long period.

This place is——my own room in the Witch's Mansion. My clothes had been changed with clean clothes.

I had a feeling that someone called me but——there was no one around.

I stretched my weakening body and then went out to the corridor but there was no human presence in the second floor.

What about Mio? That's right, what happened to Mio...!?

After descending the stairs, there was a human presence in the kitchen.

Opening the door——A scene that was so distant from reality entered Kazuki's eyes.

There was a maid. The back figure with dancing frills for some reason was cooking food.

"...Kazuki, you woke up!"

The girl turning around was Mio but——'Impossible' Kazuki was in too much of a shock.

"Don't stand up, sleep and don't force yourself, come on."

Mio, who was in maid clothing, pushed Kazuki who came to the kitchen back to his room.

It's overbearing but her attitude and hand manner was gentle. ——Exactly like a maid.

Kazuki who was pushed back to his room obediently lowered his back on the bed. I don't understand what's going on.

Mio came to the room holding an earthenware pot.

"I have a feeling that you'll wake up around today so...I had a feeling that I heard a reply, so I made porridge!"

...Reply? But certainly, inside the dream-like world, I had a feeling that Mio's voice resounded.

Mio brought the desk's chair to Kazuki's bedside and she sat down.

"...Why maid?"

"You see, you are, you like maid right? When you woke up I thought I will do something that you like...fuufuu"

Mio scooped a mouthful of porridge into the china spoon, blew the porridge herself and 'aan' held the spoon.

"I, I can eat it myself! I am the slave and you are the master isn't it!?"

"Today I am a maid okay! Besides...I'm not really seriously thinking of Kazu-nii as a slave. Realize that properly already..."

Mio pouted her lips in displeasure. No, I understood already but...!

"Come on, you like maids right? It's okay to admire it as much as you like. Here, aan"

It was not that I liked to be served by a maid, I just like to work like a maid but, Kazuki 'aan' opened his mouth. Warmth spread inside his weakened body.

"You, are you alright?"

"What are you talking about, 'alright'? That's what I should be asking you know! How long do you think you were asleep, you know! Five days!?"

Mio was...did she not remember about how close she was to death? Or else, was everything a dream?

"I should say this; however, these five days unthinkable things keep happening in the world you know."

In only a few days, Loki had already gathered the illegal magicians and put them together with enigmatic leadership. Next, he introduced Loki's Einherjar and declared war to the government. Loki already began guerrilla attacks to the Knight Order in the whole country——hearing Mio's story, I finally fully realized that as expected, it was not a dream.

"The Knight Order judged that for a while Loki won't be making any big moves. It seems Loki is waiting until the other illegal magicians transform into Divas. That's why to stop that right now, the Knight Order is searching for Loki's whereabouts while they are also preparing large scale operations. It's certainly pretty busy right now."

Mio demonstrated the current situation of flurry of activities by waving and wriggling her hands and feet around.

So far the Knight Order kept stopping the illegal magician's Divas that were on the verge of awakening. But if Loki became the leader of the illegal magicians, even for the Knight Order, it would be difficult to stop them——it might be that the Divas that are like Loki who obtained flesh and body would make their appearances one after another.

"Even at the academy, the Quests for assisting the Knight Order are increasing, even now the senpais are out there helping with the Quest. The senpais right now are forming the strongest combination with the Sword Division's student council you see. ...I and Hiakari are first year so we cannot participate though."

"The senpais with Kanae and the others are...!?"

"...From now on it might be that the friction between <Magic DivisionMagica> and Sword Division will lessen little by little huh."

The senpais were even now going through Quest and participating in the fight with Loki.

Even now the grieving scream of Kaya was still ringing inside my ear. And then Loki's sneer too...

"...I wonder if I too can also fight against Loki."

"A dangerous quest concerning a Diva doesn't have any relation with a Rank E like you doesn't it? At best you will get a quest for Haunted Ground elimination or Demon Beast suppression you know."

"I, I see...that's right isn't it...I forgot but, I'm just a Rank E..."

"That's why it will be good if you form a party with me who is ranked A you know!"

Mio was 'fufuun' saying that while puffing up her chest.

"If we formed a party and steadily cleared the quest, even first-years like us can become involved with quests regarding Loki you see!"

A party and Mio...?

"Wha...what is are not satisfied? you are not satisfied aren't you?"

"There is no way I'm dissatisfied. Those words of honor are completely wasted on me, Master."

"...I said stop it already with calling me Master! Hehehe, alright then, from now on we are not slave and master anymore, we are partner that fight together in a party!! Beating Demon Beast, traveling Haunted Ground on foot, adventures of collecting sacred treasures...Even Kaguya-senpai and the others are no big deals!"

Mio came and grasped Kazuki's hand. Living fingers that radiated warmth.

"...Kazu-nii and I, because we will be together for a long time..."

At that moment——Kazuki thought 'I'm really glad that Mio is still alive.'

I want to protect this girl. Such feeling was seething inside. I want power for that purpose...

{If you want power, then it's harem for sure. Harem. The next target is surely Hiakari Koyuki okay!}

Kazuki was shocked because suddenly Leme's voice echoed inside his mind.

Because of Kazuki's silence, Mio started to fidget restlessly with Kazuki's hand that was in her grasp.

"...By the way, did Hiakari-san not enter a party?"

"Why, it's no good to enter that girl into our party and become comrades you know, isn't it good enough with only the two of us?"

"No, why do you leave her out like that? That girl is absolutely strong right? ...Ouch ouch!"

Mio suddenly pinched Kazuki's hand, Kazuki whose defensive magic power was currently running dry raised his voice.

"...It's fine if you don't invite me to something like a party. I have chosen the path of a solo player."

The door of Kazuki's room was opened and Koyuki appeared in her <Magic DressDécolleté Oblique>.

"Hiakari-san? What is that, solo player?"

"Good morning, Kazuki. You are really a person who doesn't know the rule of this academy don't you? A Solo player is someone that challenges a quest alone. Even now I just came from finishing a quest."

"...Isn't that dangerous? You should join our party you know."

"I don't like it. That kind of thing like disturbing between the two of you... Even though I'm alone, leaving that aside I've shown that I'm strong. I am a special magician. Because I'm an elf whose only worth is her magic power..."

"There are some voices talking! Did Otouto-kun already wake up!?"

'DOTABATADOTABATA' While raising loud footsteps, the two senpais spiritedly leaped into the room.

"Otouto-kunn! You woke up, I'm really glad!"

The moment their figures appeared, Kaguya-senpai and Hoshikaze-senpai leaped straight toward Kazuki's bed.

Wait a minute, though Kaguya-senpai who always did an extreme skinship was expected, why did Hoshikaze-senpai that was poor with men also come and hugged me!? And with their <Magic DressDécolleté Oblique> forms that had high exposure rates too!

"So, sorry! Even though it's unpleasant with someone like me, who resemble both genders, but...!"

With a timid tone of voice, Hoshikaze-senpai clung to Kazuki on top of the bed.

"Not fair..." Koyuki muttered in subdued tone. Looking closely, the cheek of the girl was also flushed.

"...I, even though I...tried to endure for a while already...!"

This kind of thing, even Koyuki——with unsteady gait like a sleepwalking person came and clung to Kazuki.

"...This kind of thing, it's some kind of chest is so hot that I arbitrarily..."

"What kind of misunderstanding? It's strange that Hoshikaze-senpai and Hiakari-san does this kind of thing!"

"...The truth is because the three of us chanted Asmodeus, the effect is...all three of us are turned on and want to do skinship. Sorryyy."

Kaguya-senpai laughed and then hugged me even tighter.

"Wa, wait wait! This guy is my Kazu-nii you know! Get away from him!"

The maid Mio came and wedged herself between in a fluster.

{For the sake of obtaining power, it's harem for sure, harem.}

Leme who once again grew a little, gently materialized besides Kazuki.

At the same time, the tangled four people's positivity level appeared in his field of vision.

Amasaki Mio——120 Otonashi Kaguya——73 Hiakari Koyuki——45 Hoshikaze Hikaru——39

Kaguya-senpai and Mio were holding Kazuki between them and quarreled jokingly.

"Mio-chan, this magic swordsman is my cute disciple you know! That's why, please!!"

"No way! This guy is the partner in the party of only he and I!"

...If Kanae saw this situation, surely 'As I thought, Nii-sama should be in the Sword Division!' she would shout like that. The current Kazuki had a lot of important people he wanted to protect.

Sensing the omen of troubles in the future, Kazuki secretly embraced his determination.

No matter what happens from now on, I will protect everything important——I will become <BasileusKing>.


Good afternoon long time reader and first time reader! Finally I delivered a new series, this is Mihara Mitsuki. Thank you very much for buying this!

This book is a battle school light novel combining sword and magic. I was writing this while enjoying myself, thinking how to handle the two romance factor of sword and magic.

The stage of the story is not the so-called alternate world, it's the same world that we lived in, but because of an abnormal event humanity awakened to the power of magic. The result are the police and the army was changed to the Knight Order, machine and culture that used magic was introduced, monster of myth attacked human......various differences are produced, CHuN-san also draws wonderful illustrations, the author is also trembling with excitement to spin the tale of this world from now on. The book after this will be the crucial moment, somehow please treat me well.

I stuffed a lot of the secret romance that was hidden in my heart in this book. Above all the biggest romance is the heroines wrapped in costume called <Magic DressDécolleté Oblique>.

The editor-in-charge Kodama-san and the illustrator CHuN-san too were giving their understanding, without compromise and with obsession the character design was performed. Like that the book was finished and the front cover was started, the large number of the to say it, it was very amazing. Sexy and moe, it become too cool and great thing. Thank you very much.......

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I am trembling in happiness that I can become light novel author, this is Mihara Mitsuki.

Of course the text is very important, I received a lot of advice from the editor-in-charge Kodama-san, he controlled me from running wildly, at times being abused verbally, something like three-legged race or SM play, he had became a very great help. Thank you very much for not abandoning me.

Though I trembled because I was awoken a little as M, this is Mihara Mitsuki.

Thus, thanks to Sales-san and Distribution-san and Bookstore-san of a lot of things here and there, the finished book can be delivered to everyone of the reader, I'm really full of the feelings of gratitude. And then, its fun that all of you reader read this book, but it's also anxious because of reader's anticipation, I'm trembling and the content of my stomach also almost come out because of the pressure, this is Mihara Mitsuki.

If the vibration of my trembling right now can be used to generate power......if only it can protect the earth......!

For the last one more time, everyone of the reader, for buying this book thank you very much.

I write this exhausting my whole body and soul, so if you enjoyed reading this I'm happy.

Mihara Mitsuki

Translator's Notes & References[edit]

  1. Mojimoji is the sound effect of fidgeting.
  2. Shinkansen is a network of high-speed railway lines in Japan.
  3. God = 神, Demon = 魔, combining the two of them gets Diva = 神魔.
  4. Otonashi Kaguya = 音無輝夜, if you split it apart into 音無 and 輝夜. 音無 = silent, 輝夜 = shining night.
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  10. Asmodeus is the 32nd Demon among the 72 Pillars of Solomon.
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  21. Explosive Sounds Effects
  22. He actually said maid here. Just so you know, he is not female.
  23. 神魔 = Diva. Diva is formed by using the characters of God + Demon.
  24. Baal is the Principal King of Hell. He is depicted as a man or a bull and is the 1st Demon of the 72 Pillars of Solomon.
  25. A Japanese dish.
  26. A speed unit. Mentioned in Vol 1, Chapter 1.
  27. The words used for Mio are different. Mio’s name is originally 美桜, but the current spot usesミオ.
  28. It is a bit confusing here but the first half of the phrase (Earlier sentence) means that she is unwilling to let Kazuki leave the room, but the last half (Current Sentence) means that she does not care if Kazuki leaves.
  29. Apparently, in some curry, moss is an ingredient. (I never knew that).
  30. In case you do not understand, Kanae usually plays the role of the little sister, but here she tried to be the elder sister.
  31. Ouji-sama = Prince-sama. It is referring to Hikaru as she gives off a princely aura.
  32. Master or teacher
  33. SFX of sword withdrawn from sheath
  34. Spiral Flower
  35. Black Tentacle
  36. Surprised face when finally realization sets in
  37. Ash Ember Return Crimson Wing
  38. Stigmata Magician
  39. Art of drawing sword, cutting down one’s opponent and sheathing the sword afterwards
  40. SFX of roaring sound
  41. Whistle sound
  42. Evil Dragon's Encroachment
  43. SFX of something being teared apart
  44. Death Dragon
  45. Poison Dragon
  46. Sacred Treasure Encroachment
  47. It means any kind of projectile attack
  48. Hellfire Encroachment
  49. Silent Snow White
  50. SFX of sword clanging
  51. Wind God Kitten
  53. President
  54. Thunder God Bow
  55. Hell Conception Fire
  56. Hatred of Infertile Flower
  57. Seventh Hell Manifestation
  58. sound of clicking finger
  59. Not really sure about this sentence, I think it refers to the fact that the black fire should be the embodiment of the concept of death itself, and it should be an absolute concept that can't be changed. Thus the fire should be a sure-kill magic, but this vast defensive magic power that suddenly appear distort that fact and did the impossible. If anyone can express it better please edit this sentence
  60. Flame Impulse Armor
  61. Art of sword drawing
  62. Fighting spirit
  63. like opening a curtain
  64. Measure unit. Approx. 3.03 cm
  65. Earth Beast Escape
  66. Don't correct this. This word will have some significance later
  67. Selfless Rebirth
  68. SFX of fire lit
  69. exclamation of relief or disappointment

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