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I did it, finally I reached the tenth volume! Now that I mentioned it, in the previous afterword when I wrote [turning point], I got tsukkomi-ed by the editor K-nyan and my contemporary Iwanami Ryou-sensei that “Normally the turning point is not in the ninth volume but in the tenth volume you know”… But that ninth volume was a stopping point speaking from the author’s point of view, the tenth volume that reach double digit gives off the feel of a brilliant new development, so it’s just as I thought that the end of the ninth volume is a moment that feels like a turning point. I think just barely not saying anything is strange.

And with that reason this is the tenth volume of the new development! I was completely packed with various plots because I want to write this and I also want to write that, and when the time to write had come, I write and I write and yet I couldn’t advance at all, it was a great trouble. “What’s with this plot! Are you going to give trouble to your future self!?” While half crying like that I finally finished settling the epilogue just now, it was a point where I could put down my pen.

What is called plot is something like the blueprint of the work, so typically creating light novel first start from making a simple settled plot from the story outline and the points that are worthy of note, then it would get checked by the editor and from there the author begins writing, but that’s only typically. It seems that this procedure is different for each person, but in the case of Mihara Mitsuki, I am a maid author that swore absolute obedience to the editor K-nyan and so I took the challenge with all my power like Shakariki. (TN: A bicycle manga) Anyway it was scary to get rejection from K-nyan, so I entered my idea into the plot. I don’t have the courage to have the match with simple thing.

Thereupon when I compared the plot that turned out with ramen, it became something like [the peak of Everest with a mountain of fat pig added with a mountain of vegetables added with a mountain of garlic]. Is this really ramen? Like that K-nyan’s reply wafted off signs of being fed up with the content and with a feeling as if saying “This is pig’s feed (free translation… please summarize it more simply)” it became rejected.

After that, the exchanges of I rewriting the plot and getting rejected continued for a while, but in the very end “Well, if you say you can go through with this then it’s fine” like that somehow a GO sign came out with feeling as if giving up, a rice bowl was given in front of me… there was the progress of beginning the foundation writing, but when the time came for me to begin eating “This is impossible for my eating ability(writing ability) you know! Who the hell is the guy that ordered this kind of ramen!?” I cried every time but I already had gotten done in.

The writing and writing of this volume where it feels like the main character cannot reach America feels similar with the feeling of despair of eating a mountain of ramen where you keep eating and eating but you never reach the noodle.

Actually I repeatedly wrote and erased, using all that I had to keep consistency from this plot that I made without thinking of the consequences, so does the completed product really feel like a mountain heap of ramen?

Personally I feel like that this is my best work so far! But authors always feel like that each time they finished writing so it cannot really be trusted. If you, the reader, enjoy it then I’m happy!

Also when I saw the frontispiece, “I’m glad that I bring the main character to America!” I earnestly thought that. Bunny-san Banzai! CHun-san, thank you very much for your amazing illustrations in this volume! Ilyailiya in the front cover too make me feel like calling her as [Butt King]. Receiving a lot of support from many people, the series of Magika can continue until the tenth volume. Especially everyone of you honored reader, please take care of me from now on too!

Mihara Mitsuki

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