Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou:Volume 11 Afterword

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This is not really a volume number that is especially special but, hooray! It’s the 11th volume! Every single volume until now are always in danger at the edge of the cliff, this is Mihara Mitsuki. This volume’s page became slightly thick again…

In the middle of writing this volume, something odd happened to my body. Even though there was no big external wound on me, but a symptom come out, the tip of my tongue was always tingling. When it was examined, it was something like a tongue sickness that comes from stress and disordered living. This was bad, I strongly thought that I gotta get away from my stress, the moment I finished my manuscript, I bought a lot of sake and food with the speed of light, for three days and three nights, I held a debauched feast together with 2D beautiful girls across the monitor, and so I easily got cured. However I thought that I still cannot conclude my stress is over yet, so I further ordered porn book from Amazon-san and just when I did it I was told by the editor K-nyan “Write the afterword”, this is the happening of just now. To tell me to work in this kind of time, if you are really the editor in charge of me then I want you to worry more about my health! (Drunkard)

…The point is, as long as the writing pace was moving well just as planned and there is no cause for panic when the deadline got closer then everything is fine. The difference of the time to relax and the time of bloody battle is extreme, not able to write in a fairly uniform pace is worrying. This series is also entering the climax, there was quite a big pressure when I started writing. It made me want to go back at the me in November who was saying “Even though I spend a day but there is not even half a page that is finished eh―” and hit him while yelling “This is for the Christmas overtime! This is for the New Year’s Eve overtime! And then this is for the New Year overtime!”.

That’s already every time’s occurrence, but in the middle of writing I’m going to wonder “Can I really finish writing this volume?” while becoming unable to picture my future self that had finished writing the manuscript. Then when I reached the endgame I’m going to wonder “Can I cross this difficult part?” feeling as if I’m in the end of my rope that it felt like masochism just to barely finish writing the fighting scene. Speaking of the feeling of liberation that I got the instant I finished writing the last battle, it felt like most of my body and soul ascended to heaven. Just as fierce as the fighting of Kazuki and co, the author – Mihara Mitsuki’s battle (no one was watching except editor K-nyan) was also completely roused. When I thought that the editor K-nyan too surely had his hand clenched hard in cold sweat…I really feel regretful of that…. Even though I had already understand from the start that I was going to suffer, just like every time I constructed a plot for a thick volume, as I thought I might really be a masochist.

To go along with this back and forth masochist writing, toward all the persons concerned I said my thanks…rather than that I give my apology. The illustrator CHuN-san, because of the manuscript’s lateness the ordering of the illustration also got really late, still I thank you very much for the amazing illustrations even amidst such severe schedule. Monrin-san that kindly do the manga serialization, your work also truly have amazing quality that I looked forward every month. I guess there are also a lot of reader that enjoyed the manga, and like that move to pick the original work. Recently the fifth volume of the manga was published last month (advertisement). When the editor K-nyan said to me “If the sale got postponed or anything then I’m going to sock your face”, my chest reflexively got really tight thinking “You really need me that much…♡”. And then of course all of you honored reader! Thanks to everyone’s support, Magika can lively and carefreely, rapidly growing into a blessed series. Heading toward even higher excitement, I will writhe in pain while doing my best for the next volume too! This is Mihara Mitsuki!

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