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Chapter 1 – Long Stagnation and Harem’s Everyday[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“Hikaru-senpai’s condition looks odd?”

When Kazuki asked back, Mio nodded repeatedly with a serious face.

“In the first place Hikaru-senpai is a lovely person that is a little strange right?”

If it was within some certain degree, even the odd side of her also felt charming.

“That’s true but, she looks odd even more than usual right now.”

Kazuki puckered his face wondering whether Hikaru-senpai finally did something as odd as running around fully naked.

“You are saying odd, odd how? If you don’t say the specific, my imagination is just freely spreading wild that I get scared here. After all, it’s not strange for her to do something…”

“So…sorry. By the way, what kind of thing are you imagining right now?”

“Sticking dog’s poop on the end of a tree’s branch at a public garden, and then chasing around Kaguya-senpai with it or…”

“Uwah, she might do that… however it’s not something like that! Hikaru-senpai, she looks like she got addicted to shopping in this place see. She spent her whole day in Las Vegas strip.

“Shopping addiction?” Kazuki thought anticlimactically.

“Certainly it’s not something that seems like Hikaru-senpai. However, that’s not something really strange, right?”

Hikaru-senpai became a billionaire in Las Vegas’ casino.

Mio’s expression clouded saying “But…” as if there was some problem with that.

―Kazuki and co. were made to resume their [Las Vegas’ everyday].

When Kazuki and co. visited [the land that was once called USA], there the country was broken up into north and south, and the [South-North War] was happening. In the north there was [American Justice Mythology], in the south there was [Indian Mythology], each side persisted in their own faith and rejected each other.

Kazuki carried his feet to each camp and investigated the situation.

And then he decided to lend a hand to North America that was not tinted with the color of a religious country and was a fellow civilized society with Japan. The North America should be a country that could have a mutual understanding with Japan.

But only the inhuman slavery that North America was carrying out in their adoption of [extreme capitalism] he couldn’t agree with.

American Justice Mythology had a nature where their power grew the more wealth and riches they had by developing the city. For that cause, North America rationally developed a slavery society to an inhuman degree.

While bringing victory to North America, he would also bring down the King of this country.

While secretly harboring that kind of rebellion spirit ― Kazuki once again returned back to Las Vegas where he had arrived the first time. Currently he was staying at the reserved floor of [Hotel Yggdrasil] and waiting for the time where he would meet the King face to face. But even though he had already sounded the King out for a meeting through Ginny and Mary, it was fairly hard to come true and he was forced to spend days in impatience.

When Kazuki was doing muscle training in his room after the lunch was over, Mio came over.

The track-suited Kazuki stopped his push-up and stood up, he once again faced Mio.

“…Today too it seems she went to buy western clothes. She had been doing that all the time these three days.”

“I didn’t know at all that she did something like going out for shopping. Even though it would be fine if she just gave me a call.”

Kazuki felt distant feeling inside his heart and grumbled. No matter where they went at this vast Las Vegas strip, this was a place where everywhere could become a date spot.

“I think she is planning to shop secretly from Kazuki, and when she manages to [transform] satisfactorily, she is going to announce it then.”

Mio’s words made Kazuki’s chest beat a little faster.

“Hee, isn’t that fine? Something like that honestly makes me get thrilled you know.”

“But, she is running wild see.” Mio shook her head repeatedly left and right.

“You see, just now I went to see her room’s condition, but there were only strange clothing scattered all over her room… Somehow… it seems that Hikaru-senpai is shopping in a way that relied heavily on the brand.”

“Brand reliance? So she is choosing not by looking at the content but only by the brand?”

“Yes. Something like that won’t go well. American’s clothing right now is hard to wear stylishly even at the best of time. After all their culture with Japan has been separated in these 15 years.”

Now that she said it, Kazuki too was holding a little curious out of place feeling seeing the appearance of the people on the street when he was walking around America’s city.

Even the familiar casual fashion like shirt and parka looked strange in its collar and hood’s shape with psychedelic coloring. Rather than calling those as fresh style, it looked more like his emotion just didn’t mesh well with it somehow and he saw the style as foreign.

On the other side, the American people might also look strangely at Kazuki and co.’s uniform and plain clothes…

“Now that you mention it, this means that Mio was entering Hikaru-senpai’s room and performing belonging inspection as you please yourself?”

“I saw her by chance going back to the hotel bringing a lot of shopping bag, it completely got on my mind then…”

It was not a story that he could really praise her for, but it was because Mio understood that the clothing of America was hard to understand for Japanese people’s sensitivity that she was bothered like this.

“But is the clothing really that hard to wear?”

“Because, on top of various gaps between our country’s sense, the physique between Japanese and American are different right? Hikaru-senpai had long and slim legs and her body style is great, but compared to American people, her shoulder width or her bone structure are dainty. It’s fine if you have it custom made because you have money, but perhaps because Hikaru-senpai is impatient, the clothes that she bought are all absurdly American sized.”

“On top of the design being a little strange, the size is also mismatched?”

“In addition perhaps because she bought the clothes only looking at the price, there are only items that smacks of old lady. After all, the item in the high price range area is mainly demanded and aimed at those madams.”

According to Mio, design, size, age bracket, Hikaru-senpai had mistaken all of that in her choice of item.

…Kazuki had also become anxious after hearing Mio say that much. Kazuki too was by no means really that knowledgeable in fashion, so he couldn’t just consider the [embarrassment from failure] as other people’s problem unrelated to him.

This story seemed to be a carefree topic in this current situation where there was a South-North War in America, but if something happened to Hikaru-senpai then this was an important matter. After all, he also loved Hikaru-senpai.

“In addition, Hikaru-senpai also bought a lot of cosmetics.”

Mio said that as if giving him a finishing blow.

“Isn’t it fine if it’s cosmetics? …Someone like Mio, you are not wearing a lot of cosmetics huh?”

“It’s unnecessary for me. Though there are also times where I wear it a little.”

An excellent female magician constantly maintained the cleanliness of body using advanced magic power manipulation. Mio produced the ideal environment for skin using magic, making her skin everywhere smooth and silky.

It was not only the surface of the skin. Even for Mio it was impossible to do something like consciously changing her bone structure using magic but… unconscious desire like [I want to look like this] produced feeble magic power that during a long period would gradually turn someone’s looks nearing that imagination, such thing was possible. Magic power was a power that warped the reality and realized the user’s wish.

In reality, in the generation of the adults when they were having a talk, they would say that the level of the looks of the recent youngsters was above compared to the old times. In other words, the height of magic power and outer look were really proportional to each other.

In Japan, Kazuki was surrounded by magician girls of the highest class, but while each one of them had their own characteristics, it was not a coincidence that all of them were a cute person that couldn’t be criticized at all… perhaps.

Kazuki unintentionally stared at Mio fixedly. Big and beautiful enticing eyes that made a person feel her strong will were Mio’s individual characteristic. Her beautifully growing eyelashes strongly emphasized her eyes like a frame. They looked well-ordered with its long growth. …Just as she said, he really didn’t feel that she needed any cosmetics at all.

Mio who was stared fixedly by Kazuki seemed to think of something, she closed her eyes and pushed out her lips to him with “Nn~”. Toward this ideal beautiful girl, Kazuki lightly kissed her lips.

“Something like cosmetics is used after our magic power grows weak.”

Mio said so as the representative of those who stood in the position of present era magician.

“But senpai… she doesn’t have confidence in herself.”

“Perhaps that’s why she got her hand on high class cosmetics. But Hikaru-senpai shouldn’t even have any experience in wearing cosmetics… putting cosmetic on a [beauty’s feature] even further despite already being a beauty herself is only going to add more hackney. It’s just like too much of a good thing is not actually good. Though I haven’t actually seen the end result…”

Mio lowered her voices that made Kazuki tremble, imagining what she said.

“…If this keeps on, Hikaru-senpai might present an unbelievable transformation to Kazuki you know.”

Kazuki vividly imagined it, Hikaru-senpai in unbelievably thick cosmetic, wearing design like an alien or time traveler, with her body dressed in a dress intended for a madam that was sized strangely plump.

And she transformed into that appearance because she wanted to be praised by Kazuki.

It was heartbreaking. He immediately became really bothered how to react when he imagined it. At the very least it was great that he could prepare his heart beforehand like this.

“Even though it would be fine if she just consults with me if it’s about shopping for western clothes…”

Mio pouted her lips. She was purely loving fashion without any disagreeableness. There were also a lot of times where she sewed her own clothes, she had also the point of view that was near that of a creator. Usually, she was sorely tempted to advise her comrades that were ignorant of fashion like Kazuki or Koyuki or Hikaru-senpai.

“Isn’t it fine to point out what we were talking about just now to the person herself?”

“A junior couldn’t possibly say something like that to her senior… It’s a different matter if the person herself is the one that comes to us looking for advice.”

Mio was exactly disgruntled of that aspect. Surely she wanted that there was no such fence of a senior and a junior between them. However, Hikaru-senpai was not trying to rely on Mio and acted alone.

“That’s why Kazuki has to say it to her.”

“I am also a junior here.”

“It’s completely different having something like this said by a younger same sex and having it said by the boy she loved.”

In other words… even Hikaru-senpai secretly had an [inferiority complex and rivalry towards the stylish junior] in her heart.

In a glance that person seemed like a carefree person that didn’t think of anything, but when she was showing her laugh “Ahaha”, various feelings were piling up behind that smiling face. Even while the person herself was not aware of it.

Recently she stopped being a made-up character of [everyone’s prince] and grew into [Kazuki’s woman], she made merry as she pleased without reservation, however deep inside she was still being reserved of something.

Perhaps she strangely liked her anal to be played with because she was still piling up and harboring something inside her.

No, as expected something like that was unrelated with this. Anyway, first lets search for Hikaru-senpai.

“…But before you go to Hikaru-senpai’s place-”

Mio once again closed her eyes and directed her lips to Kazuki adorably.

This time he kissed her even longer than the one before as if tasting her.

After separating their lips, Kazuki pointed out while being half amazed and half embarrassed.

“Even so, can Mio meddle in other people’s fashion despite how your appearance is like this?”

“Ultimately fashion is just one’s own self-satisfaction! What makes Kazu-nii happy in the end is this kind of appearance-. Nyaa―!”

It couldn’t be helped that it was on his mind since quiet a while ago, but Mio’s body was wrapped in the bunny suit that she borrowed from Las Vegas’ hotel.

Furthermore what she wore was not like the bunny suit that she wore before, a [demonic remodeling] was performed on the outfit by Mio’s hands.

“Nyaa―” On the head of Mio that was cunningly tilting while meowing, was not rabbit ears but cat ears shaking on her head. Even her butt had a long tail that was swaying from Pyschokinesis. To use magic for something like that, this elite was truly an idiot.

It was not a bunny suit, it was a cat suit.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.11 021.jpg

“Kazu-nii’s beloved cat is not Kanae-san, it’s me-! Goronyaa―!”

“Eh, you are making something like this from rivalry in that kind of aspect!?”

Just why in the world were his childhood friend and little sister assuming the role of cat characters?

Even while thinking that it was stupid, Kazuki didn’t avert his eyes from Mio’s cat suit. In actuality the suit tickled Kazuki’s male heart. Gulping his saliva, he couldn’t tear his eyes from the sight. As if to answer that gaze, Mio joined her hand behind her back and curved her breasts. It was a plan that presented both breasts to Kazuki.

“Fufufu, it’s okay to touch if you want to touch you know?”

Mio lasciviously giggled and shook her body, toying around with Kazuki’s sight.

As if being sucked, Kazuki’s both palms were enveloping the bulge of the breasts. They were soft and elastic. The cloth of the suit was thin, he could even feel the nipple that began to swell pointedly.

With a ‘hah’ Kazuki came to his senses. The common bunny suit had wire going through it in order to compensate the body shape and support the breasts. Because of that it should feel hard when it was touched. But those wires were taken out from this cat suit. In exchange the cloth of the suit itself shrank strongly in certain spots, stretched flexibly in certain spots, such expansion and contraction were the one that was supporting the body and breasts of the one wearing it. Furthermore this cloth that felt like rubber was extremely thin and faint, it was emitting glossiness like being wet while making the color of the skin seem transparent.

It was a material made from alchemy that was really advanced. Being fastened by this specially made suit, Mio’s body looked long and slender while her flesh was stretched voluptuously.

The suit compressed the breasts, magnifying its tension and resilience. There was a different sensuality when he touched it directly with his raw hand. Kazuki became dazed and kept rubbing the breasts.

While Kazuki became engrossed with his rubbing, Mio raised up Kazuki’s face with her hand. After staring at Kazuki affectionately with a composed expression, she brought her face closer.

This time the kiss came from Mio. ‘Chuu―’ She sucked and split open Kazuki’s lips, a tongue slipperily slid into Kazuki’s mouth.

Kazuki continued rubbing the breasts while answering the deep kiss. As if wanting their bodies and hearts to become one, their tongues entangled with each other stickily. ‘tsuu-‘ When their lips separated with a string of saliva drawn between them, Mio leaked out a hot breath and “Fufu~n” acted triumphant.

Kazuki pinched up Mio’s nipple. It made Mio’s body twitch and tremble.

“Nn-! …Kazu-nii you pervert. Fufu-, I am not an improper girl so I’m satisfied with just a kiss, but if Kazu-nii wants to do something indecent to me, it’s fine for you to do as you please okay♪”

She was saying it in a way that, what happened from here on, everything would be according to Kazuki’s will in the end.

The beautiful girl of orthodox school Amasaki Mio-san wouldn’t ask for lewd things herself.

Kazuki yielded to that obediently.

Finally he separated his hands from the breasts and this time he circled his hands on Mio’s back. Stroking her smooth back, stroking her small waist, and then his hands went to touch her butt.

The high leg that was really tightly dug into Mio’s butt, making her butt feel really plump. Thanks to the suit, the feeling of the flesh didn’t lose even compared to Kaguya-senpai’s butt.

Kazuki bent his hips while enjoying the butt with both his hands and buried his face into the valley of Mio’s breasts.

It was a posture where he enjoyed rubbing both the breasts and butt.

“Ehehe, Kazu-nii looks like a kid♪”

Stroking the head of Kazuki that was buried into her breasts, Mio was looking at him from above satisfyingly.

His posture looked like he was completely doting to a girl, but because the partner was Mio it didn’t bother him at all.

…The palm should be the sharpest sensing organ of the human body. But compared to rubbing the breasts with both his hands, the sensation of burying his head into breasts was far more satisfying, why in the world was that?

When he took a deep breath while burying his head into the breasts, a sweet aroma filled his nose.

“Kazu-nii you pervert…♪” Mio chuckled lowly.

He was not deliberately being perverted, it was because he liked Mio that this sensation and this aroma could charm him until this far, that was the excuse that Kazuki made inside his heart.

By no means would it be fine for him to do this with anyone. Kazuki pushed down Mio on the bed unable to endure himself.

Both of their bodies lied on top of each other while being entangled.

Mio meowed “Nyaa♪” on top of the bed, in a flash she separated from Kazuki trying to escape.

In front of Kazuki who was trying to chase and catch her, Mio’s body twirled and she got on all four with her back turned on Kazuki. Her butt was elevated high in front of Kazuki. The suit dug even further into Mio’s crotch and butt, turning mostly into a T-back shape.

“Here, it’s fine to touch this place more…♡”

It was not me that wanted to get touched, but if Kazuki wanted to touch then.

To the end Mio was trying to incite Kazuki’s will. She repeated the devil’s temptation. With an expression that was full of confidence, she shook her lewd butt at Kazuki’s nose tip repeatedly.

Kazuki yielded against that temptation. Or rather than saying that, he got carried away by the mood.

There was particularly no meaning at all to make any resistance.

First Kazuki turned his sight at the legs of Mio who was on all four.

Leg fetish… there was such a slang word. Kazuki didn’t have any intention to have such fetish but, the delicate legs that bent back and forth on top of the bed were beautifully gorgeous. Due to the fishnet stocking, Mio’s legs looked even tighter and delicate than they originally do. It was by no means an insipid thinness like a pole, the sensuality of a girl was flooding out from between the stitch of the net, it was a thinness that was combined with lascivious softness.

Even while depicting an artistic line, the legs were lewdly voluptuous. They were beautiful legs that combined exactly both angel and devil’s charm. Kazuki was awakened to [Fishnet stocking is really great huh…].

At the gap a little inside the thigh, Kazuki buried his face into that fascinating gap, he rubbed his cheeks up and down as if grappling at it. His face was sandwiched between the expected softness.

He became excited with just that, but Mio’s breathing also became rough. The sound of breathing ‘haa haa’ from both of them resounded inside the quiet room. Kazuki was not touching directly at Mio’s bare skin ―there were still the cat suit and fishnet stocking separating their skin― both of them heightened the other’s respective feelings.

“Haa haa… it’s fine to touch as you please but, you must not take off the suit okay…”

Mio proclaimed with a bewitching voice.

“I cannot touch directly?”

“Because Kazuki, you are going to Hikaru-senpai’s place after this…”

It didn’t become a good reason but somehow the feeling was transmitted to him.

Kazuki raised his face from the thigh that he had tasted amply and then he thrust his nose into the chasm of Mio’s big butt. He enjoyed the voluptuous butt that was shaped T-back with his face.

That valley was a little moist with sweat, a sweet aroma was drifting.

It was the smell of Mio’s body ―Body odor― even if he called it that but there was no [stink] at all. Mio shook off the body’s filth using Extra Sense and Psychokinesis and constantly maintained her sanitary.

But if she perfectly kept her body clean, wouldn’t the aroma of the body itself should be completely vanished then?

Such thing didn’t happen was surely because she had sorted the pheromones that charmed the male from the filth and properly left them behind.

In other words this aroma he smelled was the girl’s pheromone that had been compressed purely, an aroma that was like the sweetness of honey. The slight odor of the sweat was added to that aroma as spice.

The hidden hard work of girl was reaching even as far as this kind of place.

It was only for the sake of tempting man. No, Mio already didn’t have any eye towards other men anymore. This was only for the sake of tempting Kazuki, that she went until this far. It couldn’t be helped that Kazuki became this dazed.

When he poked the tip of his nose repeatedly on the area where the hole of Mio’s butt was located, Mio went “Kazu-nii-“ while raising a voice to restrain him. Different from Hikaru-senpai, as expected Mio was embarrassed of that spot.

His face that was pressed on Mio kept digging into her flesh like that while descending down the valley of her butt.

Something diamond shaped was pushing out on the butt and thigh, the spot that should be called as the center part of a girl was swelling out puffedly. There the suit was digging into it and a vertical line was running on the suit.

That wedged spot was moistly wet. The sweet aroma was carrying sourness that turned stronger. Just like a fruit that had ripened. The wet black cloth made the thin skin color look transparent.

For a while Kazuki pushed his face there and stared hard. Kazuki didn’t move at all but just with that Mio’s breathing turned rough and excited.

That place was shaking up and down from her breathing. No, Mio was the one that viscously moved her whole trembling hips up and down with her own will. It was as if she was going to graze that spot on Kazuki’s face, as if it was coaxing that it wanted to get stimulated quickly. As if to answer that, Kazuki strongly pushed his face there.


Something that was not like a voice leaked out from Mio’s mouth, Mio’s knees that were supporting her raised high and her butt were shaking.

When the tip of the nose strongly grinded against there, Mio’s sensitive spot incessantly became even more drenched. “–!” As if to endure from raising an improper voice, Mio buried her head into the bed sheet. It was not the tempted Kazuki, but instead the tempting Mio that fell into the abyss of pleasure.

It was only Kazuki’s feeling that became highly strung. His flesh desire was left behind. But Kazuki concentrated on only pleasuring Mio. He grazed at there with his whole face and pushed out his nose. He pushed open that spot behind the suit and licked with his tongue up and down at the inside where he could see slight pink from the transparent cloth.

Mio was enduring to not raise a strong voice, but a swarm of small heart marks came flying at him. That minute change of positivity level was the proof of her joy. Even though he was doing this from across the cat suit, it didn’t need a long time.

Finally unable to bear it, Mio was raising her voice.

“…I…it feels good!!♡ No more, the lewd place feels good from Kazu-nii’s face!!♡”

While trembling violently, the pleasure that reached an extreme at Mio’s lower body gushed out with a spurt. A splash hit Kazuki’s face. With that as the last, strength went out from Mio’s both legs, her sweaty lower body was trembling in shivers as if it got numbed while her body sank into the bed.

Kazuki felt a fierce desire of wanting to take off the cat suit, but he held it down.

Mio had already reached climax in both her body and heart and got satisfied, but even though Kazuki’s feeling had surely got satisfied, his flesh was not fulfilled. A vortex of impulse was welling up inside him.

But Kazuki resigned himself and accepted what he already got before lying down beside Mio, he strongly hugged the girl who was breathing roughly.

“…Kazu-nii, you are making that kind of forced face with your all… that’s because you love me♪”

Mio giggled ‘ehehe’. “Yes. I love Mio.” Kazuki surrendered to her obediently.

However, “But…” he added on his words.

“You also love Hikaru-senpai right? Ehehe, I understand that. Have a safe trip.”

“Thank you.”

With their feelings having become one, Kazuki raised his body, he turned his rampaging desire all into love towards Mio. “Goronyaa~♪” he hugged the cat suit Mio tightly that came spoiledly at him and Kazuki kissed her once more.

Part 2[edit]

After a brief period of pillow talk, Kazuki changed his clothes to his uniform in his search of Hikaru-senpai and rushed out from the hotel.

The presence of Hikaru-senpai was faint.

Following his bonds with everyone, Kazuki was able to sense their whereabouts.

But at the time when the side of the girl didn’t wish for that, that presence he could detect became faint.

In other words Hikaru-senpai right now was thinking that she didn’t want her presence to be felt by Kazuki.

Just as Mio deduced, Hikaru-senpai was shopping secretly where she wanted to [transform].

Having said that there was doubt and helplessness inside her chest. She also had the feeling of looking for help.

That was why, he was able to faintly sense the general location of Hikaru-senpai―in the south.

Las Vegas was an artificial city that was covered with a gigantic dome. Though even calling it a dome, the ceiling was absurdly high, every single building here were all American-sized huge.

Due to the perfect environmental control, refreshing wind was blowing around and there was almost no change between outdoor and indoor.

The surrounding of [Hotel Yggdrasil] where Kazuki was staying, a townscape in the style of Northern Europe was spreading out. Colorful buildings that expressed the culture of Sweden and Denmark were lining up, a stupidly huge building that imitated a Viking ship was stretching out.

Las Vegas was divided into several districts where each one was centered on a hotel that adopted a specific theme, the appearance of the landscape in that district was matched with the theme.

For example the landscape around the hotel in pyramid shape was built in Egypt-style, and then the surrounding of the Oosaka castle hotel had ninja and samurai strutting around.

It was as if a lot of amusement parks without any sense of unity among them were crammed full into the dome forming the city. The American people that passed by him were all having a dazzling smile that he couldn’t see in Japan ― the Las Vegas smile was floating on their faces.

Hikaru-senpai’s presence was in the south ― he felt it from the zone that was united in Italian style. The center of the zone was the [Venetian Resort Hotel] that had continued from the old era, a prominent well-established hotel.

The instant he entered the Italia zone, the artificial sunlight became stronger. The change of district even went as far as the season. The people walking down the road were wearing Italian fashion that was dandy looking. For example refreshing blue shirt with beige slacks ― Marrone e Azzurro.[1]

The city of water [Venetia] was reproduced here and a water canal was stretched around.

The water canal was operating fully automatic gondola but Kazuki was running with his own feet.

He advanced through the undulating stone paving road toward the general direction of Hikaru-senpai.

The street had raising and descending stairs, joined complicatedly like a labyrinth. Reacting towards the presence of the running Kazuki, here and there at the roadside there were mechanical puppets standing up and performed sailor song while Kazuki passed through. There were a lot of gimmicks like this set up at the street corners of Las Vegas.

There was no doubt that it would be fun if he went around together with Hikaru-senpai just the two of them here.

Kazuki rushed out to the main street. Shops of fashion brands and sweets were lining up, many people were happily shopping there.

Inside that hustle and bustle ― Hikaru-senpai was standing out.

The moment her figure entered his eyes, Kazuki thought ‘uwaa-‘ and stood stock still.

Senpai who was in the middle of shopping was also in her academy uniform. Behind her, the figures of five hotel men in black suit were following her holding mountains of paper bags.

It was as if a noble was taking along his attendants around. However in any case Hikaru-senpai had earned several dozen hundred million from the casino, and because she was [the first and probably the last unprecedented guest of honor] that had to try to use up all that money during her stay in America, it was perhaps only natural that those hotel men gathered around her on their own will.

The Las Vegas’s hotel men were talking a lot in passionate servicing spirit, but they didn’t give even a single intruding word. They didn’t even interfere on Hikaru-senpai’s strange shopping and only seemed to carry her luggage with wide friendly grins.

Hikaru-senpai also noticed Kazuki and raised her voice “Kazuki-!?”

And then as if she was getting caught doing a mischief, her gaze wandered around with an awkward face,

At first Kazuki was lost on what he should say and he stayed quiet.

“Fufufu…” Hikaru-senpai laughed daringly.

“Fu-fu-fu! I was thinking of getting reborn as a stylish girl in American Style in secret from Kazuki, but I never thought that it would be Kazuki himself that would search and come looking for me!”

Hikaru-senpai’s atmosphere became somewhat desperate before taking the transforming pose of a famous hero.

“Then… even though I still have no confidence and I think it’s still too premature but… right here, right now, I’m going to transform!! Yosh, just wait a second-“

Hikaru-senpai grasped the paper bags from the hotel men and she quickly turned to reverse direction rushing into the dressing room that was beside her. In Las Vegas’ shopping mall, dressing rooms for the sake of enabling people to change into the bought clothing immediately could be found scattered here and there.

With the feeling of getting beaten to the punch, Kazuki could only stay quiet looking at the closed door.

Damn it, senpai was going to completely transform. He couldn’t stop her.

No, no matter what he was going to say, he had to say it only after ascertaining Hikaru-senpai’s transformation with his own eyes. The fashion advanced practitioner Mio was saying things like that, but perhaps it wouldn’t be that bad in reality.

Kazuki gulped his saliva audibly and watched over the dressing room that was producing rustling sounds, as if watching a chrysalis just before its hatching.

Even the hotel men that were carrying the luggage for some reason were also watching over the situation while gulping their saliva audibly.

‘Why the hell are you guys also getting nervous’, Kazuki’s anxiety was increasing. Those people were the people that had been watching over Hikaru-senpai’s shopping wordlessly. For them to be feeling nervous meant…

The sounds behind the door were ceased. It seemed the clothe changing was over. However the door was still not opened. Most likely she was also putting up cosmetics. If he believed of what Mio said, then this was a dangerous flag.

Finally the door opened while making a creaking sound.

“Ja, jaa~nn-☆” along with a forced cheerful voice while being a little nervous, the evolved Hikaru-senpai leaped out outside.

Kazuki involuntarily got taken aback.

Hikaru-senpai had her eyes shining sparklingly with the expectation of getting praised by Kazuki. But, the only thing that could be called as the usual Hikaru-senpai was only those eyes. The eyelashes that surrounded those eyes were hanging down lengthily as if they were carnivorous plants due to wearing alchemic mascara. Her skin was pure white from being besmeared heavily with face powder, only her eyelids’ eyeshadow and her cheeks’ cheek rouge were red like homely woman. Her lips were like a cod roe. For her to so skillfully destruct her raw material as a beautiful girl until this far….

Even if he understated himself, he could only say that the garments were like an alien.

To interpret that appearance as a fashion, was something that Kazuki’s brain refused to do.

First he couldn’t comprehend it at the point of having her whole body wrapped in [silver clothes]. Wire went through that silver tunic like a princess’s skirt, taking the form of a perfect circle silhouette. From there a silver hakama-like trouser that went beyond wide was stretching out. There was no other clothing coordination that could ruin Hikaru-senpai’s great style as much as this.

At her feet were boots that were wrapped in belt that was attached with rivets, it gave off the impression of heavy rock but made the sense of unity of the outfits to become astray. Moreover she was putting on a hat that looked like poop.

‘How could this kind of thing happen’…Kazuki felt dizzy

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.11 033.jpg

But on the other hand there was also part that could be understood. Hikaru-senpai was a person that took impact relatively seriously.

Perhaps they were making a misunderstanding that it was some kind of show, the passing American peoples around were clapping and cheering.

“How is it!?”

“There is nothing good about it!” Kazuki answered with a feeling as if he wanted to do a table flip.[2]

Hikaru-senpai raised her voice “Ee―” with her only single remaining cute point that was her eyes turning round.

“Can I speak, senpai? Please calm down and listen.”

Kazuki grasped her both hands that were covered with queer yellow mittens lined up with suction pads.

‘Uuu… these mittens feel slimy…’

“Senpai is a beautiful girl. Yet if you wear a jumbled outfit like this, it will only ruin the great points of your precious raw material.”

“Bu, but isn’t this good clothes? It’s interesting see.”

“Rather than calling it interesting, that hat that looks like soft cream, it actually looks like poop.”

“Of course I too bought this hat thinking it looks like poop. I’m thinking of putting this on and chasing around Kaguya with it.”

The sad thing was that Kazuki’s imagination was spot-on.

“It’s not the point of fashion to aim for something interesting. There is also no sense of unity in the coordination…”

Kazuki also loved Hikaru-senpai’s playfulness but, it was no one else but Hikaru-senpai herself who thought that it was not enough with only that. He mustn’t let her throw away the path towards the orthodox school beautiful girl.

“But but, these clothes are from an amazing brand you know? Moreover I heard that it was actually used in a fashion show or something… they said it originally wasn’t for sale!”

Kazuki admonished senpai using his second-hand knowledge taught from Mio.

That was nothing more than a dependence toward the authority.

“Senpai, clothes that are worn in fashion show is not made with intention for everyday life. It’s clothes worn for a show. The idea and theme of the design is for entertainment that expressed humor impressively, possibly artistically. If I have to say it, it’s similar with a clown costume, it’s not something to wear in everyday life that can show Hikaru-senpai’s charm.”

However, what in the world the designer who made that poop-like hat wanted to express…

“…I, is that so. Even though I planned to become cutting-edge because in the first place Mio-chan too is an amateur…”

Having realized that she had magnificently lost face due to ignorance, light disappeared from Hikaru-senpai’s eyes.

“No but, I myself plan to choose clothes that I thought looked good thinking that something like brand is irrelevant, yet… I thought that clothes like this show individuality or something…”

Trying to varnish over her mistake, Hikaru-senpai mumblingly continued her words.

No way, no one was supposed to become like this because she herself wanted it.

When senpai came to the store she didn’t understand what would be good to choose in the store of foreign culture, she felt lost, then in the end she escaped by aiming for laughs putting importance on brand’s influence and impact, there was no mistake that that was what happened.

“Senpai completely become ungirly like this you know.”

When Kazuki said that, Hikaru-senpai’s face tone became completely white like paper in a flash, as if to run away she rushed inside the dressing room. Kazuki immediately caught her back.

When he embraced her closely in the bulging clothes that looked like a clown, it felt like he could feel the anxiety that was hidden inside Hikaru-senpai behind her brightness and humor from her thin back.

“Please don’t think that senpai will lose face or anything.”

Carefully as if treating a fragile article, Kazuki got closer to Hikaru-senpai’s white nape that peeked out from the weird clothing and whispered.

“Let’s do it over one more time, in a shopping date together with me.”

When Hikaru-senpai nodded, one of the hotel men that was standing by on the side quickly presented a cleansing oil from inside the shopping bag.

Part 3[edit]

Kazuki remembered his conversation with Mio after he flirted with her in the cat suit and right before he went out to search for Hikaru-senpai―.

“First avoid clothes that have English word or patterns printed gaudily on it. Patterns need to be limited to only one or two on the whole body. Color too, it’s more comfortable to have less than three colors. It’s so that the clothes are not jumbled unskillfully.”

In the so called [pillow talk] scene, Mio squandered that chance for the sake of giving advice for Hikaru-senpai.

But Mio’s way of speaking was cheerful.

“Choose a size that’s just right for the body. Experienced practitioners wear various sizes on purpose to produce a sense of volume, but Hikaru-senpai had a great style so it’s fine to not do any awkward scheme. Surely Hikaru-senpai will say that its unsatisfactory, but rather than using impact from things separately, give more stress to the size impression and the whole body’s atmosphere.”

If he did that then he wouldn’t fail even if he was choosing from American clothes, was what Mio said.

“Males tends to shift their focus on the detail of items separately but…”

“Hikaru-senpai is also a girl but, senpai is that kind of type huh.”

“Clothes that are only fully fixated to individuality are hard to coordinate skillfully. First maintain the image of the whole clothing coordination, and then buy the clothes as parts of the components. Even if there is item that seems really attractive, buying items that don’t match the image is only pointlessly spending money.”

This is an act that was the exact opposite of blindly lining up for high class items.

“What is important is the sense of unity, in other words from understanding every single items [symbolic nuance], combining them skillfully will produce the complete form.”

“Combining the symbolic nuance?”

“For example ordinary clothes like denim that is casual and don’t put on airs, while collared shirts are clothes that is more formal compared to T-shirts and close to a dress, something like that. Understand that every single piece of clothing has a different role.”

“Aah, if it’s that then even I can somehow understand. Those are clothes that even menswear have.”

“The fundamental is that silky smooth material is elegant, while rough and gritty material is casual. For example if the knit is finely knitted then it’s dress-like, while something roughly knitted become casual. The variety is not limited to only two types of elegant and casual, there are more detailed [elements], like intentionally making an elegant impression of drape by putting a lot of space, or romantic impression from a sense of translucence showing the impression of chiffon that is fluffy…”

“Wait a second, you are talking in gibberish Japanese so please slow down.”

“If I have to make an example using anime, when you line up parts like [blond hair] or [twin tails] or [upturned eyes] then it you’ll give the feeling that [this girl is absolutely a tsundere!], like that. Such calculation is necessary.”

“If you said it like that it’s really easy to understand!”

“…Recently, aren’t we getting too poisoned by Lotte and Itsuki-chan I wonder…”

“But what you said just now feels completely like Mio herself isn’t it?”

“I’m not a tsundere at all! I have loved Kazu-nii since a long time ago!!”

As an experiment Kazuki tried to poke *tsun tsun* Mio’s oppai. “Ehehe~, it’s fine to touch more.” Saying that Mio came snuggling closer to him. Certainly she was being dere derelovestruck to him.[3]

“When talking about [The Noble of Wavy Fluffy Hair of Pink Color][4] it will remind you of a certain famous character that gives you the sense of what a tsundere is, but for people who don’t know about that famous character perhaps they won’t think that it’s tsundere. …With this kind of feeling each items’ nuance will be influenced by the watching person’s knowledge, there is also this kind of thing.”

“So history and convention will give birth to meaning for a symbol then.”

“When you know about the style of someone who is wearing button down shirt where its collar has button that comes with it, where the person buttoned up the collar’s button even though he is not wearing a necktie for the sake of dressing up stylishly, you will understand that it’s a shirt that has casual tendency, but for people that don’t know anything about it they will normally take it in as a dress shirt. Even that kind of trivial detail will heighten the degree of perfection when you pay attention to it.”

“It feels like that kind of symbolic thing, it’s not really essential isn’t it? Seems like just playing around with knowledge between fellow knowledgeable people…”

“That’s not true at all. Even though the people in our surrounding all have different standards but their attire are still following that rule, since our birth we have been surrounded all along by such rules and raised up according to it. The image that has been piled up since the distant ancient age has been imprinted into our sense. Isn’t that what we call a culture?”

Certainly a stylish person would look stylish even if the one who was seeing it was someone like Kazuki who didn’t really know about many details. But it was just that he was unable to expertly explain and mimic such thing. His sensitivity about such thing was shared with society through the same culture.

“It’s not an instinctual sense. But, by no means it’s just an appearance without any substance. Don’t you think this is the same like how Mythology manifest their strength?”

“But that’s, as I thought, doesn’t that mean that those who don’t have firm fashion knowledge won’t be able to produce a fashionable sense of unity?”

Because the person didn’t understand in detail that they couldn’t create a sense of unity.

That was why such a person would always be tormented by anxiety if maybe what they were wearing was mistaken and looked ugly.

Kazuki had gotten various things explained to him, but as expected he only got the conclusion that it was impossible for him, like re-tempering a dull sword. [5]

“I guess… that’s why while you’re not well informed don’t choose gaudy design as much as possible and also restrain the number of the colors like I said. If it’s Hikaru-senpai then I think she will be lovely enough with something simple.”

In the end he couldn’t reach any other conclusion except such a half-assed one like that.

Before this he had also done a shopping date with Hikaru-senpai once where they chose clothes using Hikaru-senpai as a dress-up doll. That time too they tried to make an ideal Hikaru-senpai based on their own special way, and they manage to become satisfied in that place, but there was a feeling remaining that it was still incomplete in some aspects somewhere. There was room for growth.

But he couldn’t even guess the tangible way of what should be done to resolve that incompleteness.

From Mio’s explanation just now, he could understand the reason why it seemed like something was insufficient. But in regards to that, piling up knowledge and experience was necessary, they were unable to transform into a stylish figure right now.

Even so, was there no image that could only be constructed by the current him and Hikaru-senpai at all…

The hotel men said that they would bring back the shopping bags to the Hotel Yggdrasil and removed themselves.

When he became alone just with Hikaru-senpai that had returned to her uniform appearance, they began the fresh start of the shopping. While going around the shops at the main street, Kazuki imparted the things he learned from Mio to Hikaru-senpai as it was.

“Kazuki, as I thought you came to me hearing the story from Mio-chan…?”

Kazuki didn’t tell Hikaru-senpai until that detail.

Hikaru-senpai who had sharp instinct immediately guessed and became completely disheartened dejectedly.

“Even though all will be fine if I rely on Mio-chan from the beginning… but I feel strangely mortified to do that… this feeling, it’s a bad emotion isn’t it… Like that in the end I troubled Kazuki instead… I, am a troublesome girl right…”

Hikaru-senpai who usually had a straightforward personality looked hesitant with completely dull eyes.

Rivalry, and an inferiority complex towards Mio ― perhaps those emotions ought to be called as negative emotions.

But against such Hikaru-senpai, there was not even a little bit of any unpleasant feeling that welled up inside Kazuki.

“I like that social disposition of senpai itself, so I don’t feel that it’s troublesome or anything at all.”

Before, Kaya had once said to Kazuki that [Ultimately people cannot understand each other] [That’s why it’s better to be alone] [Humans become strong from magic. That’s why they become able to live in that kind of way]. Kazuki denied her. Those ideas were completely the opposite of Kazuki’s thinking.

“If there are aspects where humans can sympathize with another human then there also places where humans are different from one another, doesn’t that moderate roughness between us feel good? It’s the end if we start talking like that conversation is troublesome.”

Rough differences would create friction.

But, by personally experiencing each other’s differences and coming into close contact against each other, it would make one feel a sense of unity instead.

Surely, a relationship between a man and a woman was that kind of thing.

For Kazuki who became fond of many girls at the same time, each of their differences was lovely no matter which one it was. If he started talking that it was troublesome, then the troublesomeness of the masochist attention seeker Koyuki or Kazuha-senpai who couldn’t be honest were incomparable to Hikaru-senpai.

While talking about such conversation, Kazuki took a piece of clothing from the store counter. ‘Let’s go with this.’

Hikaru-senpai seeing it leaked out a surprised voice “Eh, that’s…”

―When Kazuki and Hikaru-senpai finished shopping, they returned once again to the dressing room in order to immediately change. Hikaru-senpai wouldn’t change by herself, she led Kazuki inside the changing room.

The dressing room was far spacious compared to the ones in Japan.

“Well then, with this I’m Kazuki’s dress-up doll.”

Hikaru-senpai proclaimed such and presented her body to Kazuki.

First Kazuki took off her uniform’s jacket. Hikaru-senpai’s blouse that was strained from her unexpectedly large breasts appeared, after he undressed that blouse and her skirt, next was her tidy white underwear that appeared. Hikaru-senpai was also skillful in close range combat, but she was really not that muscular, a body style that was long, slender, and well-proportioned.

“Kazuki, I also bought underwear you know…”

Hikaru-senpai pointed out while being bashful. In other words… Kazuki began to undress Hikaru-senpai from her underwear too.

After grasping around, he unfastened the bra’s hook. Before his eyes, Hikaru-senpai’s breasts gently entered his sight.

“Ahaha, Kazuki’s eyes are locked on my nipples.”

Hikaru-senpai laughed shyly. Kazuki took a deep breath and pulled himself together, and this time he pulled down Hikaru-senpai’s panty. It felt awkward to stare fixedly at that spot.

“Ahaha, the current me really feels like Kazuki’s doll…”

Hikaru-senpai turned stark naked, but she waved her hands up and down and murmured embarrassedly.

That truly beautiful figure was in Kazuki’s hands. He wanted to do whatever he pleased with that naked body ― suppressing down such intense desire, Kazuki set his hand on the shopping bag.

Under a single concept, they had bought a lot of clothes.

First he held out yellow underwear to Hikaru-senpai. As if to say [put it on] Hikaru-senpai opened out both her legs and then raised up one of her legs. Kazuki crouched down in order to put on the panty on her. Even though he didn’t intend to look, he unconsciously kept stealing a glance above. That spot of Hikaru-senpai was looking slippery.

Then after putting on a bra of the same color with the panty, looking at the set of the top and bottom underwear Kazuki felt a mysterious sense of accomplishment.

“I have the feeling that senpai’s theme color is yellow.”

There was no deep thought in regards to this underwear. “It’s like the curry member isn’t it?” Hikaru-senpai made a bright grin.[6]

More and more they chose and took out clothes from the bag. Putting her arm through the shirt’s sleeve, putting on the bottom, fastening the belt. “This is…” Hikaru-senpai leaked out a voice of wonderment once again. Kazuki further took out a thin jacket made from summer material, made Hikaru-senpai put her arm through the sleeve, and fastened a necktie tightly on the neck.

This time, everything that Kazuki chose and bought was all [boyish] thing, possibly even [mannish]. The clothes that were worn just now were all mannish things, but it could be also coordinated into boyish, there shouldn’t be anything out of place even if both styles were mixed.

What was called boyish was the cuteness of naughty boy that was incorporated into girl fashion. As for mannish it was the incorporation of the sex appeal and the coolness of adult man into girl fashion.

Both of them characterized the nuance of manliness. In other words Kazuki and also Hikaru-senpai once dressed herself up as a man in her casual clothes, both styles were coordination that was easy to comprehend.

If it was this then there shouldn’t be any blunder that might happen. It was the only perfect solution.

To guess what kind of nuance the other women’s clothing possessed was something hard to understand for Kazuki and Hikaru-senpai, but if it was only about boyish or mannish than they could understand with a single glance.

However what made Hikaru-senpai baffled was the thinking that if doing that meant [Aren’t I just going back to before].

Kazuki gave the finishing touch by putting on pumps on Hikaru-senpai. Although it could be said that there was a feeling of unity in the clothing coordination, just in one point there was what Mio said that it would be fine if they added [the left out item].

“Like this isn’t there no difference at all with me in the past when I dressed like a man…”

Hikaru-senpai anxiously murmured like that before looking at the mirror. And then, she opened her eyes.

Wrong. This was decisively different from dressing up like a man.

Cheap men’s clothing was merely fabric that was sewed together to form cylinder silhouette. Compared to that, expensive lady’s outfit matched their shape with the body line like the woman’s breast or waist constriction or bottom and the likes, making three dimensional shape. When looking at the bottom, that three dimensional shape sewing technique could be easily witnessed. The line of the bottom was so beautiful it would make the watcher wanted to rub their cheek on it, while the cuff around the ankle tightly squeezed the foot making one really understood that it was not merely a simple cylinder shape.

The shirts and jacket were similar, even without exposing skin it would make one feel the eroticness.

The Hikaru-senpai that once dressed up as a man had all her feminine figure covered up by the wide silhouette of the man’s clothing. But the mannish clothing that Kazuki put on Hikaru-senpai right now, while it gave off the vibe of manliness, till the end the clothes polished off that feminine silhouette.

Be that as it may, this much beautiful silhouette couldn’t be let out except by high class brand. Mass produced item were made for the sake of letting anyone no matter whom able to wear it. In contrast with that, high class brand was intended for extremely limited class, only producing few clothing that perfectly fitted the wearer.

Yet it was easy to move in regardless of how it perfectly fit the wearer, surely because the clothes were hand-tailored. By loosely sewing the parts that would tighten when the body moved, the clothes would be able to naturally stretch and contract.

As expected high class items were different, just as what Mio passionately talked about.

“Hikaru-senpai also has aspects where you seem boyish, however I think it doesn’t mean that those aspects will be a hindrance for your feminine charm. In the anime that we watch together with Lotte and Kamimura-san too, there are a lot of boyish girls that make their entrance.”

Of course it didn’t mean that cute fashion didn’t suit Hikaru-senpai, yet it was not necessary to purposefully reject her boyishness.

There was no need for her to hold any complex in the first place.

There were also cases where a girl that had a boyish atmosphere made her femininity become more distinct instead. Even if she wore cool and stylish outfits, that body figure of hers was delicate. It was calculated so that silhouette would appeal on that aspect. And then Hikaru-senpai’s face, whether her skin, her lips, her cheeks, and her face line too, all of those were sweetly feminine. It couldn’t be hidden.

It accented her coolness and her cuteness.

“Does senpai, hate this kind of appearance?”

“Well… certainly it’s different than the man getup I did in the past, I know that…”

Kazuki embraced from behind Hikaru-senpai who was standing in front of the mirror. She was so cute that it made him unintentionally want to do that.

“Is that so… I can see how it looks cool when I stay silent but, there is also a lot of cuteness too.”

Inside Kazuki’s arm, Hikaru-senpai’s white cheeks turned bright red.

When both of them exited the dressing room, there were the usual hotel men outside standing in a row waiting for them, making Kazuki and Hikaru-senpai become startled. When they saw Hikaru-senpai’s figure, they unanimously cheered “Bravo―!” and “So cute!” repeatedly, and for some reason they took out crackers and blew them merrily.

And then they took the new shopping bag of Kazuki and Hikaru-senpai and once again they said that they would bring it back to Hotel Yggdrasil before rushing away. Looking at the perfect service soul, Kazuki and Hikaru-senpai were stunned in mute amazement.

Part 4[edit]

The sun was setting in the artificial Venetia.

Although it was called a setting sun, it was just a made-up setting sun that was projected in the dome, but although it was just something made-up, the townscape was set to perfectly shine from that light source.

The canal throughout the downtown glistened in orange color. A more beautiful time visited the city of water.

Kazuki and Hikaru-senpai boarded an automatic gondola and were on their way back. Both of them had their bodies pressed against each other closely aboard the slightly big gondola and left their body to the tumble of the orange stream.

In place of the rower’s nonexistence the gondola was operated by mechanical control and a recorded shanty was played.

Kazuki stared at the side face of Hikaru-senpai that was glowing from afterglow, he was once again pondering how could a person this beautiful still not have confidence in herself.

While he was by her side. …In other words he should think that the cause was in him.

He thought back upon his contact with Hikaru-senpai. …All this time since Hikaru-senpai became making merry as she pleases, perhaps he had relied too much on Hikaru-senpai’s proactive approach.

All those times when both of them were ascertaining their relationship, he was always in the position as the receiver.

He couldn’t keep on just going along with senpai. He must not just only retort on senpai’s merry making act, he must get on fully on it too.

That was why senpai, wasn’t she feeling anxious that her feeling to him was only one way traffic?

“The setting sun is beautiful isn’t it?” Hikaru-senpai leaned on Kazuki teasingly.

“Hikaru-senpai is even more beautiful.”

“Ahaha, Kazuki, you are saying something like from a manga.”

So as not to be treated like joking, Kazuki embraced Hikaru-senpai close and forcefully stole her lips.

Hikaru-senpai showed a surprised look, but she immediately responded to Kazuki’s kiss by entangling her tongue to his.

A flame burned inside Kazuki’s chest. It was the yet untamed flame that was fueled half-bakedly by Mio.

Kazuki pushed down Hikaru-senpai to the wooden floor of the gondola. In order to make the automatic driving gondola safe there was a high fence built, that was why the floor of the gondola was the world of only the both of them. From the view point of the people coming and going through the road slightly separated from the canal, they couldn’t peek at what Kazuki and Hikaru-senpai were doing.

Despite of that from the sounds of the hustle and bustle and the water stream nearby that reached their ear, until the very end they were still outdoors, that fact incited the feeling of liberation and immorality.

“This is because senpai is beautiful. Though recently, perhaps I didn’t convey it to senpai properly.”

Kazuki laid bare the jacket that he chose and put on Hikaru-senpai himself.

Hikaru-senpai blinked her eyes in surprise against Kazuki’s unusual proactive action.

Hikaru-senpai’s shirt clung to her body line closely, while her necktie sank into her breast valley as if to emphasize it. Desire burn continuously inside Kazuki, but he didn’t surrender himself to it.

“I, love senpai. Senpai has always be the proactive one that’s why I ended up relying on that but… even I’m thinking that I want senpai. That’s why, please have confidence.”

“…I don’t have anything like self-confidence you know.”

Hikaru-senpai suddenly averted her sight from Kazuki and leaked out a dejected voice.

“Why is that?”

By any chance had he said a wrong guess, now he became uneasy.


Hikaru-senpai had her words cut off there, after holding back her heart―she said it.

“Because Kazuki, no matter how long I wait you never showed your penis for me-!!”

Kazuki was petrified. After a full dozens of seconds passed he finally managed to wring out his voice “…Eh?”

His thought came to a halt from the too unexpected remark.

“Since that time we said our love to each other, even though I have been continuously asking you to show me your penis all along, you have never show me your penis no matter how many times I asked! That’s why… I thought that I’m not a woman worthy to be entrusted with penis…”

Entrusted with penis? What the hell is that.

Certainly at every opportunity Hikaru-senpai kept asking penis penis repeatedly.

“No, that’s… it’s going to be troubling if I just said ‘aah geez I’ll show it okay, I’ll show it’ or… it feels like presenting my body to a hungry beast or… there is not the right mood or something…”

The man Kazuki completely said something like mood.

“Isn’t the reason you are unable to show your penis to me because you don’t like me!?”

“It’s the opposite! It’s because I like senpai, that if I present something like my raging penis to senpai I won’t be able to hold back anymore, that’s why I keep enduring!”

“Kazuki’s penis is raging you said!?” Hikaru-senpai’s eyes shined.

“It’s really raging crazily here! I’m at my limit already!”

“It’s fine you know! I know that we can’t make something like a kid…yet.”

‘Yet’, when that word was said there was a painful ring to it.

Someday, if the day came when he was going to make this delicate body of Hikaru-senpai pregnant with his own child…

“If I heard something like Kazuki’s penis is raging then I cannot hold myself back anymore here! My testicle sack is snapped!”

“The right word is patience isn’t it!?”[7]


From Kazuki’s posture that was pushing down Hikaru-senpai to the floor, Hikaru-senpai sprang up in order to reverse their position.

This time it was Kazuki who was the one that got pushed down ― then his trousers and underpants got pulled down altogether smoothly.

“Waa…! This is a penis…! It’s raging!!”

With sparkling eyes Hikaru-senpai raised her voice. The cool outdoor air and the texture of the gondola’s wood could be directly felt by his exposed lower body. When his lower body got completely exposed, he felt it for real.

Hikaru-senpai was staring at that fixedly without moving with rapt attention and a deep sigh. That deep sigh made Kazuki’s tip feel ticklish.

With a rotation Hikaru-senpai exchanged the position of up and down where her feet and head alternated position with each other, now beside Kazuki’s face there were knees straddling his head. And then Hikaru-senpai too stripped off her bottom altogether with her panty and threw it away.

“Kazuki… look, at my girly place…”

Between Hikaru-senpai’s pure white thighs ― at her plump and swelling crotch, there was a light pink incision running there. That part which looked like lips which he was given free rein to had already looked moist and glossy.

“Kazuki’s thing here got even more raging when you saw mine! …You’re getting excited, I’m happy…”

Kazuki’s lower body stiffened rigidly. Hikaru-senpai raised a happy voice while, without any reserve or shyness, innocently, she rubbed her cheek on that.

At the same time at Kazuki’s face, the wet crotch came pressing down. Kazuki’s face got wet.

“Kazuki’s here, looks like ice candy♪ Is it okay for me to lick it?”

Without waiting for the reply, *lick*, there was a velvety sensation that crawled through the surface of Kazuki’s sensitive spot.

“I’ll feel good too if something like this is done to me… it’s fine isn’t it…”

Hikaru-senpai lightly kissed there *chuu chuu* repeatedly, pushing with the tip of her tongue, licking, and finally she stuffed it inside her mouth, *chuuu―* sucking it. Hikaru-senpai narrowed her cheeks while making sucking sound. Her tongue and the inside part of her cheeks wrapped that from all directions. Keeping it like that she shook her neck and rubbed slipperily.

It was a stimulus that made his whole body numb.

Kazuki made his resistance and licked back at that spot of Hikaru-senpai in front of his eyes.


Now that they were attacking each other, Kazuki was the one more skilled. Kazuki could grasp the detailed change of Hikaru-senpai’s positivity level through the heart marks that came flying. From the change of the positivity level, where, how strong he needed to touch and in what kind of way to make it feel good, Kazuki soon grasped all the key points.


Hikaru-senpai that was straddling on top of Kazuki’s face immediately trembled with her waist losing strength and shivering.

Even so Hikaru-senpai didn’t stop stuffing her cheek. Rather she undauntedly kept sucking fiercely while shaking her head. Hikaru-senpai piled up saliva inside her mouth and made watery sounds.

It was a skill that couldn’t be expected from someone’s first time. Hikaru-senpai’s instinct was sharp at anything, she was fast in improving herself.

Kazuki undauntedly inserted his index finger into the wet inside of Hikaru-senpai. At the same time he crawled his tongue on the puffed up swelling that was exposed on the external outer part. Based from Kazuki’s experience, he knew that this spot was sensitive. Then with his left hand that was empty, he further stroked the butt hole that Hikaru-senpai loved.

Hikaru-senpai’s waist twitched *bikun bikun* showing the sign of reaching her limit, her hips undulated in a big way.

Even so Hikaru-senpai was not stopping in her movement that was trying to grant pleasure on Kazuki.

Outdoor ― they were outdoor, but the bottom of the gondola where nobody’s eyes could cacth them had completely turned into an all-out war between male and female. Even while Kazuki and Hikaru-senpai sensed the city’s presence nearby, they were getting absorbed in the animalistic pleasure.

“Kazuki’s twitching looks like it’s going to erupt. …It really looks like Mirage!”

There was a hotel in Las Vegas that had a famous show named The Mirage that showed the eruption of a volcano.

“Hikaru-senpai too, it looks completely like The Grand Canyon!”

On the other hand Kazuki felt something like Mother Nature.

The next instant, a cataclysm occurred. Kazuki’s volcano finally arrived on its endurance limit and erupted, Hikaru-senpai’s canyon too, an earthquake that she didn’t even know how many times it had come occurred like a tsunami that happened on the river at the bottom of the valley. Both of them lost their strength limply. Hikaru-senpai’s throat was, *gulp* made a sound.

“Haa haa… strange taste♪”

Hikaru-senpai half-turned her body in a roll and matched her body at Kazuki’s direction.

“Hehehe, I satisfied a boy as a girl… Though I was also made to feel really good a lot of times that I cannot count♡”

Hikaru-senpai laughed happily.

“I have seen Kazuki’s penis to my heart’s content, so it’s fine already to not dress myself stylishly anymore.”


What was all he had done this whole day for then!?

“Ahaha, I’m joking. I’m going to do my best to become a girl that Kazuki can love earnestly. Ne, kiss me using a lot of tongue♪”

Kazuki hugged back Hikaru-senpai that lay on top of him, kissed her, and as she demanded he inserted his tongue into her lips. Hikaru-senpai’s tongue was viscously twining around his.

It was contact between tongues that had lovingly caressed each others’ important place just before this. While hugging each other, their naked lower bodies were glued to each other. Even now they were enduring the welling up urge and strength filled their hugging arms.

“I love you, senpai.”

“Ahaha, me too.”

Hikaru-senpai ― 150. The avatar of positivity level up flew at him, Hikaru-senpai’s positivity level had reached the Favored PrincessChouki level.

At that time the gondola shook strongly while a buzzer sound rang informing them that they had reached the destination.

“Ah, we arrived.”

Hikaru-senpai reflexively raised her waist. Kazuki stopped her in panic.

“Senpai, please stand up after putting on your panty!!”

“Thank you for today, Kazuki.”

At the occasion where they separated to go to their respective rooms, Hikaru-senpai went “Ah, that’s right”, and added more.

“Kaguya too seemed like her condition is a little strange, so take care of her.”

―About that, even without being told, Kazuki too had noticed it.

Part 5[edit]

Las Vegas was said to be the holy ground of [buffet], an all-you-can-eat restaurant. Inside famous hotels there would undoubtedly be a famous buffet anywhere. They had become a centerpiece comparable to the casinos and shows in Las Vegas.

Talking about all-you-can-eat, in Japan there were a lot of restaurants there where the ingredient’s quality was not really good, but Las Vegas’ buffet piled up high quality items drastically like a mountain. The Americans also ate unreservedly, like swallowing a mountain.

The portion was so hearty that looking at it would make one doubtful as to whether the restaurant was actually calculating the profit and loss.

The price was also fair. Most likely it had a strong publicity implication for the hotel to call out to the customer. Similar to how the hotel charges were also cheap, they had the objective of making the customer to drop all their money in the casino.

Of course the restaurants that were said to be top class didn’t take only a buffet-style but also a course-style, but Kazuki and the others naturally only brought their feet towards the buffet.

With a group this large would mean that their favorite food would differ from each other, that was why a buffet that included all kinds of genres was convenient and it was also easy to converse lively.

“Recently this kind of luxury has become ordinary, I have the feeling that our feelings have been paralyzed…”

“This one too… however this one’s reasoning is ringing out the warning bell that this is not normal that this one cannot compose oneself… Is this what people call something as dreamlike?”

The swordsman combi of Kazuha-senpai and Kohaku spoke in light tone while taking food on their plate.

“To say impudently it’s like we become particularly unloving towards the food of Japan, it feels terrifying like this isn’t it-… I wonder if it’s the pure difference of quality with the things that we usually eat…”

“The food in the Sword Division’s dormitory is like that after all… so this is what one means when they talk about dreamlike.”

“…Both of you, your movements will become bad if you grow fat you know.”

When Kazuki quietly approached them and gave a warning, both of them twitched and their spines shivered.

Although both of them were swordsman, in their root they were high school girls that were weak to temptation.

“As for Kanae, Kanae wants to eat Nii-sama’s cooking once in a while.” Kanae expressed.

“It seems that we can borrow the kitchen if we ask, should I cook sometimes?”

As for Kazuki in his own way it was a research being treated to delicious foreign cooking like this every day, sometimes he also conversed with the chef, he had the feeling of wanting to test out various things.

“In Japan this is called as viking[8], but that word is a completely Japanese made-up word from an English term and is not used at all in other countries, just so you know.”

Liz Liza-sensei said that with one of her hand holding a jug that was filled plenty with milk.

The little teacher was always industriously wishing to properly grow more.

“Buffet comes from the French language, but even Englishman that hated France will call a buffet as buffet.” Arthur also interjected and participated in the conversation.

“Why is it called viking in Japan? Vikings were the pirates of northern Europe right?”

“Isn’t that because there is that kind of person that is the cause?”

Kazuki pointed at that person who was in a slightly separated spot from them.


Beatrix was laughing while piling up everything that could be called meat on her plate.

That girl was always laughing whether it was in a fight or when eating huh… Was she also laughing when she was sleeping? Was everyone in the Norse Mythology like that?

“Beatrix, mind your manners okay.”

Kazuki only said that towards the woman… girl?… that seemed like she had somehow mistaken her own existence.

“Fuhahahaha, I know! I am a lady while also a warrior!”

[Roast beef is served―!], when the waitress raised her voice saying that in English, Beatrix went “Prey-!” and jumped towards the dish.

Beatrix lined up on the line in front of the waitress that was serving the roast beef and immediately hit it off with the American people that were lining up together with her “FUHAHAHAHA!” “HAHAHAHA!!” all of them laughed uproariously. That was a German person whose rhythm was of Las Vegas itself.

Kazuki finished taking food and returned to the table.

Kazuki and co.’s table was casually separated from the other guests taking the space of a half private room.

For them to always get guided to this kind of place no matter which restaurant they went to, surely it was because of the North American Knight Order’s command that had been given out. While it was to make them feel welcomed politely, it must be also to make it easier to observe them.

Kaguya-senpai who had already returned to the table smiled softly greeting him with “Welcome back”.

Kaguya-senpai… she was acting as if there was nothing wrong on the surface.

On her plate there was only salad in a moderate amount served, despite how Kaguya-senpai should originally be a splendid meat eater. Meat was indispensable for senpai’s nice body.

Of course the cause was not something like a diet… she didn’t have appetite for food from being dispirited.

He knew the reason. The incident with Stella created a shadow in her heart.

For Kazuki too the sense of loss from the girl who adored him as papa, and of course for everyone else too, Stella’s disappearance reverberated inside their hearts. However, Kaguya-senpai received a damage bigger than anyone else.

Looking at a person that was feeling despondent far longer than even he himself, his feelings changed telling him that he couldn’t feel despondent forever. From such mentality everyone else stood back on their feet, however, only Kaguya-senpai alone kept dragging behind the discouragement without letting it go.

When Kaguya-senpai was gloomy, everyone of the Magic Division became awkward.

Everyone indirectly attempted to cheer her up however―.

“Kaguyann―, look at this Great Senpai Kanon―☆”

Kanon-senpai who had finished taking food suddenly pulled Akane-senpai’s hand and raised her voice.

Akane-senpai went “Wa, wait what are you doing, so suddenly” yet Kanon-senpai ignored her baffled voice and jumped to a position where she could look at everyone around the table.

Kanon-senpai was a third year Magic Division student that went out from the academy for internship and also the previous generation Magic Division student council president. She had a small stature, her spongy hair was like a puppy, a senpai who gave off the impression of always being energetically in state of continuous motion.

In contrast, Akane-senpai, who was the previous student council vice president, was an adult-like and intellectual person, she was always supporting the student council president who overflowed with energy.

Now, too, Kanon-senpai was swinging around Akane-senpai while facing her juniors before raising her voice.

“Entry number one, the most dangerous combi! From now on as the most senior here for the sake of stirring up this place, we will be doing manzai act-☆”[9]

“Wa-… what are you saying with an idea you haven’t prepared anything for beforehand!? Isn’t it too dangerous!?”

“It’s fine, I too don’t prepare anything at all but what’s important in this is your spirit! Akane just needs to give tsukkomi like usual-☆”

Akane-senpai who was weak in unexpected situations was about to blow her fuse, but Kanon-senpai declared with her big eyes shining strongly like stars. Those big eyes, although she said that she was going to enliven the place ― it was looking straight at just Kaguya-senpai.

Kanon-senpai cast aside her seat for the sake of cheering up Kaguya-senpai.

But this was quite a drastic challenge. For an amateur to do a manzai act without even satisfactory preparation, Kazuki could see nothing except big disaster in the near future. Could Kanon-senpai really say anything interesting…?

“Actually, I still hadn’t actually entered the casino, so some time ago I came to the casino floor just by myself!”

While everyone was making a stir with baffled feelings, Kanon-senpai began to talk brightly.

“Now that you mentioned it, when everyone went to the casino on the first day, you were shutting yourself in the room because your stomach was ruined didn’t you?”

“That time something like beef stew burst out ‘BUFFEE―!’ unstoppably from my ass.”

“What the hell are you saying inside a buffet restaurant!”

  • BASHIN* Akane-senpai struck Kanon-senpai’s cheek.

Kazuha-senpai who was eating beef stew even unhappily choked over where she almost spouted out the food.

“Today this Kanon-chan was going to make the casino get diarrhea and make them spit out coins like ‘BUFFEE―!’ for sure yeah… thinking like that exultantly, first I aimed for the poker table.”

“If it’s poker then you know the rules so that’s not a bad choice isn’t it.”

Akane-senpai recovered her calm and made an appropriate response.

“When I walked around the floor there was this awfully beautiful woman in a sexy bunny suit that played as dealer see, Kanon-chan then thought [UHO-] and went to that table. To make it easier to imagine let’s reproduce that scene☆ Akane, you act as the dealer.”

“Eh? E…even if you said that so suddenly what should I do here?”

“For the time being you need to have the same exposure rate as the bunny, please change into your Magic Dress and take a sexy pose☆ Come on quickly! If you don’t hurry the mood is going to get spoiled!”

“Eh, eeee… I, I get it… like this?”

It seemed that the firm person Akane-senpai thought that she couldn’t let the mood of the place get spoiled.

“Shem ha Meforash” like that, Akane-senpai put on the Magic Dress of Amon on her body from the Access.

Amon was originally an Egypt god Amen that was lowered as the demon of Solomon as a god of evil teaching. That Magic Dress of Amon had a different quality compared to the other 72 Pillar, forming an outfit that made one think of Egypt’s sheets dress. The Magic Dress suited Akane-senpai’s skin that had a somewhat dark color.

The fabric that only had uneasy surface area hid only Akane-senpai’s important parts loosely, on top of that when she further took a sexy pose Akane-senpai showed some fidgeting from her embarrassment.

“Anybody that see this kind of bunny-san would be unable to help themselves from going ‘UOOO-‘ right?” While Kanon-senpai was speaking, she continued the story. “Then I started playing poker, but to one’s regret while I understand the rules, I don’t really understand English you know. Like I couldn’t remember the word that I wanted to say, or my pronunciation is too awkward, no matter what I couldn’t express anything well.”

“You, you were playing hooky when we studied English on the ship, weren’t you?”

Akane-senpai was back-talking firmly.

“All of a sudden, my hand was hopeless guys, you know. In poker isn’t there a rule that you can change your cards just once? But how to say that in English, I didn’t understand at all.”

“At that kind of time you got to say [draw] you know.”

“Because I didn’t understand that I immediately said [change]. When I did that, the dealer-san was somewhat dejectedly left from the table. In her place an even sexier lady was coming out.”

“Eh, the dealer-san was changed?”

“Then while I hit the card, [Wrong, it’s not that, I want to change my hand] I wanted to say that and I repeatedly shouted ‘Change!’, but each time I shouted that the dealer-san would withdraw and a new dealer would replace the previous one. Like that in the end there was a dreadfully too sexy dealer-san that came out. She was a lady that looked like a lump of eros.”

“Eh, what kind of person came out…?”

“Then let’s reproduce that scene one more time☆ Akane you do that dealer role, because that dealer’s exposure rate was even more extreme, vanish your Magic Dress in part. And then make a sensual pose that goes ‘puff puff’.”

“Eh, eeee… is, is it fine like this?”

Akane-senpai who was at her wits end followed what she was told while flustered, by cutting off magic power she simplified her Magic Dress. The ornaments disappeared, the majority of the loose dress was stripped, and her appearance turned into something like only underwear that protected just the important parts. She raised both her hands and emphasized her breast, “Pu, puff puff” voice like that was leaked out in small volume. Precisely because that breast had only a moderate size, that it made one feel a taboo in some respect.

Kazuki reflexively looked around, but the gaze of the other restaurant guests was blocked by a wall.

“Drop your hips next, yes, then open both your legs, shake your hips provocatively.”

Akane-senpai obeyed Kanon-senpai’s order perfectly in a state where her thoughts had stopped completely. The slender thighs that possessed a sense of cleanliness spread out vulgarly. For Akane-senpai to do something like this… the gap made Kazuki’s heart feel like it was pricked with a sweet needle from the shock.

Kazuki and Akane-senpai’s eyes met. Akane-senpai’s face changed as if she had come back to her senses before she looked down.

“Thi, this, where in the world this kind of dealer…”

“Correct, after I had come that far I harbored an uncomfortable feeling and when I looked carefully… there was a writing at the pink card on the table. Each time the dealer-san lost she would take off one piece of her clothes, that was what was written.”

“Isn’t that sex service! What are you using me for here!?”

Akane-senpai got back on her feet with a jump and hit Kanon-senpai *SUPAA―NN* with a pleasant sound.

“But I had already boarded the ship completely, the dealer-san too kept that pose while saying [Come on come on―nn], so I resolved myself ‘there is nothing else but to strip her’ you know.”

“You think I’m going to go further than this!?”

“And then it looked like [change] was not for changing hand but it had the meaning that you are dissatisfied with the girl, that was why I directly said which card I wanted to change. I thought if it was like that then it would get conveyed for sure. Like that first I ‘PASHIN!’ hit 6 on the table you see, then I wondered how do I say 6 in English again… after worrying for a little like that I said this then. ‘SEX!’”

“A forced elementary pronunciation miss!?”

“Next ‘PASHIN-‘ I hit 11, ‘isn’t there a special way of calling 11 in trump’, and then after worrying about it I said this. ‘FUCK!!’”

“You should call that Jack right-!?”

“But in the Spain language the pronunciation of ‘J’ need to use ‘F’ ain’t it?”

“Why do you knowing about something like that only instead!?”

“For the last I was going to proclaim that if you exchanged all these for me then it’s the end of the turn for me, so I wondered what is the saying to proclaim the end of a turn in poker again, if I remember right it should be ra-… something like that isn’t it… so after worrying about it I said this. ‘RAPE!’”

Kanon-senpai pointed at Akane-senpai with a snap saying that.

“And so with the feeling of 6, 11, and then next it’s your turn …[SEX, FUCK, RAPE・YOU!] I shouted like that repeatedly. Towards the provocative ero dealer.”

“It’s not rape but raise! If you do that then all conceivable ways of thinking regarding you is going to be mistaken as the worst!”

“After I did that there were these uncles in black uniform coming in a group, talking to me in English [That’s troubling you know, dear customer] [This place is not providing a service until that far] [Even I can only go as far as stripping] they said things like that and chased me out, in the end, today too I couldn’t go to the casino, dahaha!!”

As if to say that she had become completely amazed Akane-senpai hit Kanon-senpai’s head one more time, while Kanon-senpai went “This is my leave―☆” and gave a bow. Should they clap or not… the atmosphere had turned complicated.

“What do you think, Kaguyan!?”

“There is excessive dirty joke that ran wild too much, even if you ask me how it was… it’s troubling how to react to it…”

Kaguya-senpai answered while looking down.

“To thoroughly talk about nothing but dirty jokes until that far, on the contrary, is amazing.”

Hikaru-senpai continued with an expression of a wry smile.

“Rather than an adlib it was just Kanon-senpai talking whatever she pleased, it feels like I’m only enjoying the reaction of the bullied Akane-senpai.”

“Akane-oneesan was extremely cute desu! It was a sight for sore eyes desu!!”

“It was normally repulsive.”

Continuing after Koyuki and Lotte, Mio said that with scornful eyes. Mio-san had something like this.

  • KA―N!* Liz Liza-sensei chimed a sound with her tableware and scored [Bell one].[10]


With a motion as if being beaten up blue by unseen punches, Kanon-senpai writhed by herself.

“Th, the flower of cactus blooming…” Kanon-senpai whispered while hanging her head down crestfallen.[11]

“Don’t make a distraction saying something incomprehensible. The one who wants to writhe here is me.”

Seeming like an excuse Kanon-senpai tilted her head saying “How strange-“.

“Even though this kind of adult humor was extremely well received in the Knight Order’s female dormitory.”

“It’s no good to group together that kind of dirty people with students you know. …Besides the reason that the senior knights were receiving well that kind of gag was because a shorty like you was overreaching yourself to talk about perverted material that they were smirking at you, it was just that.”

“………eh, it’s like that?”

“That’s right. Besides, a place like the Magic Division where there is a restriction on outings, the students there are the same as with an all-girls school, you’re forcing yourself to act like an adult by repeatedly saying perverted material despite having zero experience with a male, all of that had been completely exposed to everyone around.”

“Eh… th, that…” Kanon-senpai was trembling all over, her big eyes that were like bright shining star were full of tears in the blink of an eye.

“HONGEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-!! Suddenly I got embarrassed!!”

“Well, the juniors that are here don’t have zero experience though…”

Akane-senpai said that while taking a glance at Kazuki’s direction.

The face of the always cool senpai was still red from the aftereffect of before.

“Akane-senpai, thanks for your hard work.”

When Kazuki gave words of appreciation, Akane-senpai averted her eyes in embarrassment.

“It’s not like I’m thinking that I suffered something embarrassing. After all there is no other male’s eyes here except Kazuki’s. That’s why it’s all right whatever got seen.”[12]

After saying that Akane-senpai made a ‘hah’ face and added in panic.

“…What I said just now, that [if it’s you, even if I get seen] doesn’t have any weird meaning, it just means that [if it’s you, then surely you have gotten used to seeing something like a girl’s bare skin, so even if someone like me undresses], that’s all.”

“That’s not true at all senpai. After all Akane-senpai is a beautiful person.”

It felt weird to say that kind of thing in front of other girls but everyone else was also nodding.

Akane-senpai’s cheeks turned redder from the surrounding’s reaction and she restlessly returned to her meal.

“Hmph, what experience with a man.”

With a rough face, Liz Liza-sensei tilted her milk jug and guzzled it down.

“Uuuu… even though I wanted to make Kaguyan to cheer up… I who cannot talk of anything except something like dirty jokes am a useless senior…☆”

“Umm, I’m particularly cheerful here so… Kanon-senpai too, please be cheerful yourself.”

Toward the thoroughly dispirited Kanon-senpai, Kaguya-senpai who was supposed to be putting on a brave face was now the one that tried to cheer up the other in an odd development. Looking at that situation, Kazuki pondered.

After he finished his bath and it was a time where he should be sleeping, Kazuki crossed over the hotel’s gorgeous corridor and visited Kaguya-senpai’s room.

After lightly knocking there was a voice “Come in~”, a reply that seemed like usual yet felt powerless somehow came.

“Pardon me.” Kazuki entered inside the room.

The moment the door opened, he felt fresh wind blowing in.

The design of Kaguya-senpai’s room had changed compared to when he came here before. As a consideration so that Kazuki and the others who were staying in this hotel for a long period didn’t get bored, the hotel often changed the room designs.

Just in the short interval when they went for outing, not to mention the furniture and the lighting equipment, even things like wallpaper and door had been thoroughly changed with different things. It was practically like an illusionary alchemy. This country really liked detailed surprises like this.

Kaguya-senpai’s room was turned into a style of bright and open resort hotel.

The room was colored with a lot of decorative plants, a clear atmosphere could be felt.

…Perhaps the hotel side also sensed Kaguya-senpai’s atmosphere and tried to cheer her up.

The room was widely open, but Kaguya-senpai was like a patient that was uneasily waiting in the waiting room, she was quietly sitting on the sofa. Looking at Kazuki who was coming,

“Even Otouto-kun is fussing about me… even though there are a lot of girls who want to spend their night with Otouto-kun.”

She murmured so. Usually it was from the girls that were intruding into Kazuki’s room in rotation, so it was rare for Kazuki to be the one who was choosing someone and went to them.

“I’m just thinking that I want to be together with senpai.” Kazuki sat down beside her.

It seemed that senpai was also just out of the bath, she was putting out a silk night gown. There was sweet aroma tickling the nose from that loose chest. It was completely like a large ring of flowers with flower pollen clinging on it. Even in the case that the person herself was not cheerful, she was someone with alluring color and scent that charmed the other sex from herself.

Kaguya-senpai heaved a deep sigh gloomily.

“Not only Kanon-senpai but I even made Otouto-kun worried about me, I really hate myself… Even though Otouto-kun yourself is in a far more dire situation compared to someone like me.”

“I’m not in any trouble at all senpai. Everyday I’m having fun.”

In reality Kazuki didn’t feel any stress at all.

There was no strong pressure on his position as Basileus ― when the time to fight came there was no need to think of anything except for holding respect and defeating the opponent in front of his eyes.

Rather than that, Kazuki became concerned with Kaguya-senpai’s way of talking.

“Senpai, you yourself, haven’t you been taking upon various things by yourself alone again?”

Kaguya-senpai had her breath a little hitched, then she turned to Kazuki’s direction.

Exactly because Kazuki had become a Basileus, because the girls in his surrounding had increased.

“Before senpai said to me that I’m [similar with your big brother] and senpai also depended on me, but recently it feels like senpai has returned to how you were in the past isn’t it?”

At the fight with Nyarlathotep, that time when he liberated Kaguya-senpai from her father’s spell, Kazuki became aware of how Kaguya-senpai was secretly harboring a desire of [how she actually wanted to act spoiled to someone].

Kaguya-senpai was a person who had various faces. She was a hard-worker that seriously chased her ideal, she was also the big sister of her juniors, she was also something like the mother at the Witch’s Mansion. Precisely because she tried her best and was conscious of herself that was like that, when she was alone with Kazuki she wanted an equal relationship between male and female. The time when she called him not as [Otouto-kun] but [Kazuki-kun] was the signal of that. And deeper inside her, she was also wishing for the shadow of her father when he was kind and her dead brother, she wanted to act spoiled like a little sister.

Because she was that kind of person it was not good for her to hold everything inside and wallowed alone.

In this recent period the only time when Kaguya-senpai was looking for Kazuki was only that night where Stella’s incident happened.

“Stella… was something that couldn’t be helped at all. That time when she met us she was already… Stella looked for us, what we could do, was only showing her a temporary dream.”

There was nothing to lament. The very least they could do was to face forward, they had to change America into a happy country. For that sake, Kazuki denied North America’s slavery and South America that changed death into power.

“Against lonely feelings, rely on someone, depend on them, comforting each other, burdening yourself alone won’t change anything, isn’t that right?”

Kaguya-senpai’s expression that feigned a calmness broke down in pieces as if a crust was peeled off. What appeared was a face that even now was looking as if it was going to cry saying [Lonely! Lonely!]

“Senpai, I also feel lonely but… I cannot become Stella’s replacement but… at the very least I will be by Kaguya-senpai’s side forever. So please rely on me thinking of me as your big brother.”

Kazuki hugged Kaguya-senpai tightly. Kaguya-senpai stared fixedly at Kazuki while, as if testing, she murmured a single word “Onii-chan…”, then tears spilled out as if a dam had broken.

“Fueeeeeee~nn!! Onii-chaa~n!! I’m lonely~, it’s lonely with Stella goneeeee~!! I don’t wannaaaaa!!”

And then she buried her face on Kazuki’s chest, crying with a desperate loud voice.

For a while Kaguya-senpai continued crying, venting out everything that she had been holding back.

“What kind of person was senpai’s big brother?”

Against Kaguya-senpai who was still sobbing, Kazuki asked as if to make her let out even more things that she was still holding back.

“He was kind, firm, a really reliable person.”

Why did that kind of person die he wondered.

“But papa was… because onii-chan was a man, because he couldn’t become an excellent knight he didn’t even look at him. For papa, onii-chan was a failed work. When papa decided that, then mama too.”

The former headmaster of knight academy… that person was only absorbed in making the Knight Order strong. There, he was taken advantage of by Nyarlathotep, made so that he couldn’t see nothing else except for that, turning insane where he couldn’t see, in the end, his ego was completely broken.

“In a place where papa and mama didn’t look at, by an accident…”

Even though from Kaguya-senpai’s point of view he was a reliable big brother, in reality he was still a young child that couldn’t protect himself. Kaguya-senpai’s family background, he guessed everything was completely destroyed at that time. And then, there was only the distorted father’s despotism that remained.

“Right now, I myself too only noticed for the first time. I, yearn for family…”

Kazuki knew what she meant.

Kaguya-senpai came into contact with all the surrounding people as if they were family. Even at their first meeting with Lotte, she was also like that. And then, she would absolutely not tolerate any discord.

She acted like a big sister, acted like a mother, hiding her desire that sometimes wanted to act spoiled to a big brother ― she tried to play every kind of family role towards other people. Surely all the things that she couldn’t obtain in her time as a child, she tried to take them all back after she grew.

That was why, for Kaguya-senpai, Stella was not a mere make-believe daughter.

Surely Kaguya-senpai wished that she wanted to become Stella’s mother from the bottom of her heart.

To be made to lose that, was a despair for her. There was no doubt that Kaguya-senpai completely felt that she was [a human who couldn’t obtain the warmth of family as expected].

‘Clearing away that doubt should be my role’, Kazuki thought. That time when he enrolled into the Magic Division, he was saved by Kaguya-senpai’s kindness that treated him as if he was family.

“I am an [Otouto-kun], yet I also want to become Kaguya-senpai’s big brother… if Kaguya-senpai is the Magic Division’s mother, then I too want to be the father.”


The strength of Kaguya-senpai’s hugging arms became stronger. From her expression, her feeling that was wanting to act spoiled towards a big brother was fading. Her role was changing.

Kaguya called Kazuki’s name regarding him as a male.

And then with an intense vigor she put her lips on Kazuki’s as if devouring his lips greedily. As if wrenching open something, Kaguya’s lips entered inside Kazuki’s mouth, her tongue entangled onto his.

It was a boiling hot kiss of passion, after even forgetting to breathe for a while, when their lips separated Kaguya’s eyes had changed color into violet. Her gown was taken off and fell gently down. That naked body, was faintly wrapped in light of magic power that sharpened her sensitivity.

These few days, Kaguya didn’t use Asmodeus’ magic at all. Nevertheless the aforementioned magically excited condition she had was now called forth by her own will.

“Kazuki-kun… right now I, intensely, want Kazuki-kun’s baby…”

Chokingly and sincerely, she whispered such a thing.

Kazuki too took off and threw away his upper pajama. As if to say that it was not enough, Kaguya tried to take off Kazuki’s lower pajama altogether with his underwear. Both of them matched their hands and took them off, Kazuki hugged Kaguya hard.

With their posture hugging each other, Kaguya pushed Kazuki down on the sofa. Although it was an American-sized sofa that was spacious like a bed, when both of their bodies laid down, if they didn’t embrace each other they were going to roll and fall down. Kaguya wouldn’t let his body go for even a moment, while taking painful breathing, she rubbed her breast on Kazuki’s chest, she rubbed her groin on Kazuki’s thigh, her whole body undulated.

Kaguya’s body was more voluptuous than anyone, soft and elastic. Embracing close small-statured girls as if wrapping them up was also great, but embracing with Kaguya felt exactly like a [nearly drowning] sensation.

Kazuki too didn’t use his hand but responded using his whole body. They were rubbing their naked bodies at each other.

“Otouto-kun, you became hard…”

Kaguya whispered into his ear. The heat of that whisper made Kazuki feel even more heated.

“Nn…” The lump of Kazuki’s urge was wrapped into the triangle of Kaguya’s wetly drenched groin and both her thighs. That area was Kaguya’s most voluptuous body part. As if trying to squeeze it out just like that, she wriggled her waist back and forth. The soft and elastic wet flesh wriggled―against the pleasure he had never experienced before, Kazuki couldn’t endure and he almost leaked out his voice.

Stubbornly, Kazuki also fiercely knocked his waist on the pseudo-hole of the groin and thighs plumply tightening on him.

Kaguya’s sensitive spot was also scooped out by the sensation of Kazuki’s hard thing, Kaguya too gradually turned wet throughout her body, sweet voices incessantly continued to be whispered into his ear.

“Kazuki-kun…I want it, I want a baby-!”

Kaguya drew in her waist as if to invite Kazuki even deeper.

…That was no good. So as not to get swallowed inside, until the end he contained himself of only rubbing that entrance. In exchange, he made upward movements that fiercely scooped up the spot.

“Aa…♡ aa…♡”

  • Nuchun! Nuchun!* The sounds rapidly turned wetter.

Kaguya’s whole body shivered in twitches. But unsatisfied with a single climax, her body continued bending back and forth.

“That’s no good, Kaguya.” Kazuki whispered back. Then with an ecstatically drunk red-faced Kaguya,

“…Onii-chan! Then, then make me feel even better!”

Saying that, she fawned on him. Her allure that tempted Kazuki viscously changed into a bewitching sweetness like a little sister. Without using any hand at all, with only body and body, the both of them climbed onto the height.

The movement of the two stopped, both of their convulsions aligned with each other. Something slimy was released between the gap of Kaguya’s soft flesh. But from Kazuki’s experience, he knew that Kaguya wouldn’t be satisfied with just two or three times. Kazuki’s body also couldn’t possibly cool down yet right now. Even he himself felt a mysterious bottomless something. While being wrapped by the released slimy texture, both of their breathing and sweat turned endlessly intense, even now the two of them were rubbing their bodies at each other.

Part 6[edit]

The sword-school Arthur used was sharp.

When he thought that the small one-handed sword was swung compactly, the point of the sword sharply leaped up and the trajectory changed into a thrust. Due to its double edge, compared to a Japanese katana, it had extensive variation. The free alteration that could also change into a feint was hard to deal with even when it had been Foresighted.

The sword master named Arthur used precise movements that didn’t have any erratic emotion, having said that it didn’t mean that he repeated a mechanical pattern, while observing his opponent with a fearful concentration power he wielded a precise high speed sword.

Compared to Kazuki who used his whole body to swing Ame no Murakumo, that elegant one-handed sword looked like a conductor stick swung by a conductor. It was not a swing filled with that great of a strength, but the Enchant Aura that covered the whole body was so thick it made fear run through his spine. Even though the movement was light, that one blow was by no means light.

Kazuki was not unprepared against even a single blow, but when Kazuki determined his aim during one of those attacks Kazuki started <Instant Positioning> in order to entangle the sword with his. Following the starting movement of his opponent’s swing, Kazuki parried so that the trajectory of the sword would shift to miss him by a hairbreadth, and then as the finishing touch he would repel the sword. Like that the opponent’s posture would break where Kazuki would turn it into a counterattack instantly, that was Kazuki’s sure-win pattern however…

“Mu-!” Arthur quickly detected the danger and leaped back.

Due to Arthur’s elegant one-handed sword skill that swung without putting body weight on it, even when his swordsmanship was disarrayed his posture didn’t break. Kazuki’s counterattack that should be landing without fail missed its chance, both sides were even without either having their stance broken and they took a distance from each other. To break Arthur using that pattern he needed a stronger repelling power in the end… reinforcement magic would be necessary.

“Waa―! Applause applause!”

Watching that breath-taking offense and defense of the two, the sitting and observing Hikaru-senpai clapped and cheered.

This was his first time seeing someone who actually said applause from her mouth.

Besides Hikaru-senpai, Beatrix too was watching over the offense and defense with an unusually serious look. It was just that her attire was cutepajamas that had the feel of just waking up. Her long hair was towering up vertically like a tower as one long straight object, …what an impossible bed hair.

It was the custom practice time every morning. Hikaru-senpai who got carried away by shopping fever since they arrived at Las Vegas and skipped the practice was also making her return, the rare guest came along with the two, and an unusual excitement was displayed on the still dim courtyard of Hotel Yggdrasil.


Arthur sheathed his sword while smiling refreshingly. In contrast with Kazuki who was wearing gym uniform, he was wearing a fit suit since the morning.

The one-handed sword Arthur held was a broadsword that was said to be common in Britain’s Knight Order.

“You really skillfully use the katana ― the two-handed sword. You swing the two-handed sword powerfully, but the point of the sword moves delicately as if it’s a one-handed sword to brush off my attack. Two-handed sword, one-handed sword, spear, shield… you skillfully handle all those roles with a single piece of katana.”

“I too feel how frightening you are. The current you has one of your hands empty. When talking about the famous weapon that King Arthur possessed in the legend then it was not only the one-handed sword Excalibur. Two-handed sword, spear, short sword, and shield too…you should be able to skillfully use all kinds of weapons.”

The western knight that mastered every martial art… that should be the real image of King Arthur. Kazuki imagined someone that could skillfully used all kinds of arms with a similar standard to what he had just seen.

“Good insight.” After Arthur laughed, now he was the one that observed Kazuki in return.

“The way you grip is different with western sword art. By putting a space between the grips of the two hands, it becomes possible to handle the sword blade delicately… and you put the center of gravity not in your dominant hand but in the opposite left hand isn’t it?”

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.11 077.jpg

Kazuki admired Arthur’s observing eye.

“A Japanese katana is curved because it stresses sharpness, so it will easily warp if a force is applied from the side. That’s why the blade needs to be handled accurately. Putting the center of gravity in the left hand…”

The human body took the balance at the focal point of the left foot and with that the right foot could step forward to start moving. Therefore the stance was the right hand and right foot directed forward.

Making the right hand as the fulcrum, power was put into the left hand to wield the sword ― in order to perform that effectively, using the principle of leverage, the wielder needed to open as much space as possible between the grips of the two hands.

When Kazuki mixed his gesture and explained, Arhur nodded in satisfaction saying “I see, I see.”

“Although Ame no Murakumo is not a Japanese katana, but it has the shape of an ancient sword.”

Kazuki also sheathed back Ame no Murakumo. The still new sheath was a straight thing for Ame no Murakumo’s personal use.

A Japanese katana was a curved single-edged blade, but an ancient sword like Ame no Murakumo was a straight sword that had a double-edge.

However when he swung this Ame no Murakumo it bent fiercely, drawing the same arc like a curved Japanese katana exhibiting its sharpness. Thanks to that Kazuki could handle it with the same sense like the Japanese katana he was used to. If he became familiar with it then he should be able to make use of how the sword was double-edged.

…It was a common theory in the modern sword art to take some space between the grips of both hands, but in the case of ancient sword art it was devised even further. In order to aim for victory, it goes to the one who makes the first move from a long distance, there was also a method with the right hand holding the end of the handle and then swinging the sword as hard as you could with one hand, then when in a close-quarter combat inside a small room the user needed both hands sticking at each other at the head of the handle not leaving any space between the two hands in order to swing the katana.

Beatrix had her eyes turn round from the outfield.

“What a complex thinking.”

“Yes, it’s a concept that one won’t think of if they only mainly plan to strike with a sword using power.”

Arthur nodded sharing the same opinion with Beatrix.

“Although in the case where the opponent is wrapped in magic power or wearing armor, I think rather than a sharp slash stressing cutting ability, its more effective to attack with all of one’s strength.”

“Judging from appearances, it seems that Japanese Mythology and Solomon Mythology has few in armor-type Magic Dress and armor equipping magic. I wonder if there is also that kind of influence?”

“Arthur is the type which uses a lot of magic that creates Sacred Treasure with armor Magic Dress then? Also you can skillfully use all Sacred Treasures with such high level just like now.”

“Fu-fu-fu, now I wonder about that?”

It was absolutely like what he thought, thinking that Kazuki made a wry smile.

―They respectively exposed a little of each other’s power scope.

Due to that they could affirm their friendly relationship, it was one kind of jest between each other.

For some reason Hikaru-senpai was looking alternately at Kazuki and Arthur with sparkling eyes.

“Somehow both of you, look like high school boys that showed each other’s dick as proof of friendship!”

“Normal high school boys don’t do that kind of thing senpai… what in the world are you saying…”

“Eh, they don’t do that!? Then let’s do it!”

Hikaru-senpai in the past had mistakenly thought that the BL manga she had read with pleasure(there was no mistake) as a manga that depicted what males actively participated in a lot of the time. Sometimes she exposed a peculiar world outlook.

“Ah, but in the first place Arthur-san is not a man, but a girl isn’t it-“

Hikaru-senpai grinned at Arthur teasingly.

“…You are still saying that? Geez there is no basis at all of that, how ridiculous.”

Arthur raised his voice just a little and showed an exaggerated shoulder shrug.

However even though Hikaru-senpai had said that far, yet Arthur didn’t reject it and showed the proof that she was wrong. He was just pushing back the topic saying it was absurd without giving Hikaru-senpai a chance to explain.

…If Arthur was actually falsifying his gender, perhaps it was a secret that was related to his contracted Diva and his power as Basileus.

Until now most of the time it was just Arthur that one-sidedly observed Kazuki’s battle. Then, even if his side was also extracting a little more information out from him then surely he couldn’t be blamed.

“Then if you are really a man, you will be fine even if you have your chest touched by me right?”

When Kazuki approached Arthur straightforwardly, Arthur went “…He-!?” and raised an upset voice.

“Wh, what are you saying I wonder. To…touching my chest? …Please think sensibly. For a gentleman, even if it’s against the same gender but touching someone’s chest without any reason at all is something that is just not right. I really misjudged you.”

“There is also no reason at all for you to be troubled being touched right? We are fellow males after all. You are accused by Hikaru-senpai that you are a girl so don’t you want to prove yourself? Fu-fu-fu.”

Arthur took several staggered steps back. Immediately Kazuki also filled the distance only as much as Arthur’s movement.

It was as if the two were dancing, both of them kept facing each other with Arthur that ran backward and Kazuki who chased him readily.

“Tha, that… it’s, you… anyway please stop.”

“What anyway, why are you running?”

With both his hands groping around, Kazuki chased Arthur who was running while saying unclear words.

It was fun seeing Arthur who had become King earlier than him and always constantly acted composed turned flustered like this. He could win, he could really win against the Britain King!

“Wa, wa wa wa wa, wait!” Arthur was cornered until the wall.

Kazuki took a powerful [wall bang] posture. It was the sure-kill technique that he had learned from his interaction with Koyuki.

“Fufufu, you can’t escape anymore Arthur.”

Putting his left hand right beside Arthur’s face, he brought his face near him in a sudden movement.

“Me too-, I’m touching too-♪” Hikaru-senpai was also making a groping motion with both her hands and came clinging.

“Please stop, you pervert duo!”

“Fufufu, please resign yourself for the sake of Japan and Britain’s alliance…!”

“Are you a brute-“

Still it was enough to just ascertaining Arthur’s reaction. Looking from his state, even without touching…

Kazuki was thinking of stopping just barely before touching.

“Wa, wait wait wait! …Kyaa-!!”

At that time when Arthur raised a scream, just before he was thinking of stopping, Kazuki’s right wrist was caught by someone and with a strong power he was pulled right to the side.

Being pulled to the side including his body in a half-hug, his palm landed on an ambiguous softness *pofu-*. Kazuki reflexively tried to ascertain what he touched and groped two, three times repeatedly.

Then “Nn-…” a tickled voice was leaked out―

“Be…Beatrix!? What are you doing!?”

Kazuki groped Beatrix’s breast through the pajama. Kazuki’s palm was covering over the slight bulge on Beatrix’s firm body.

Compared to the palm of Kazuki who was just exercising until just now, it was a chilly sensation.

Even when he asked what she was planning, Beatrix didn’t let go and continued to push out her breasts.

“For some reason it feels like I was made as an outcast.” She answered.

“I too still haven’t gotten used to the Japanese language. I get left behind if all of you talk too fast. I was desperately listening but… I get the feeling that you guys were saying something about ascertaining each other’s warrior’s chest muscle.”

“For you to catch words strangely like that, isn’t that just your brain addition!?”

“Rather than ascertaining the chest muscle of someone who dislikes doing it, it’s better for you to ascertain mine as much as you want!”

“Chest muscle you say… but doesn’t it feel squishy instead?”

It was fairly small, but it didn’t mean that she was completely flat. Touching that spot which had a texture that if he was a man there was no way he would not be happy, touching it like this from a misunderstanding made Kazuki feel guilt. But there was no sign at all from Beatrix that she was going to release Kazuki’s wrist that she was holding tightly.

“Squishy is it, so my training is still not sufficient. But… being rubbed like this feels good for some reason Kazuki! It’s a warrior’s happiness!!”

“That’s not a warrior’s happiness at all!”

A heart mark that marked a positivity level up flew at him from Beatrix.

To get her positivity level increased from something like this!

“…Geez, really. Looking from your flustered state, you were planning to stop just before touching weren’t you?”

Looking at Kazuki who was flustered from Beatrix’s breast, Arthur saw through how Kazuki was not really seriously going to touch him and heaved a deep sigh.

“Though I got the feeling that someone let out a really cute voice [kyaa-] just now.”

Still getting caught by Beatrix, Kazuki turned just his head to say that.

“No one was making a noise like that. Surely it’s just your imagination. …Please just leave it at that.”

With a chop, Arthur hit down Kazuki’s hand that was covering Beatrix’s chest.

Perhaps Beatrix had been satisfied already, she easily released her hand.

“Rather than something like that, let’s talk about something a little more serious.”

Arthur bluntly changed the topic.

“…This situation, how long do you think it’s going to continue?”

Arthur lowered her voice. What she meant by this situation was how regardless of Kazuki’s declaration that they would become North America’s ally, they still hadn’t been granted a meeting with America’s King.

They would continuously be in a limbo as long as they didn’t meet the other party’s boss.

“That the meeting doesn’t happen is because they are doubting us right, perhaps.”

Kazuki thrusts his right hand that was groping a breast just now into his pocket while saying his own guess.

Before Kazuki had discovered North America’s slave factory that was boldly hidden inside South America’s territory, liberated the slaves, and destroyed the factory. Furthermore he defeated the Slave Director Red Metallica ― and as a result, killed him.

Of course the King would surely know about the facility destruction and the disappearance of his close subordinate immediately. The timing also matched with just when Kazuki and the others who just returned to Las Vegas.

In order to feign that it was the Indian’s deed, Kazuki and co. thoroughly destroyed the factory leaving no evidence behind before withdrawing but ― it was only natural to be doubted.

“There is still no sign that the South Americans will come attacking, so aren’t they in the middle of leisurely investigating the ruined building in case there is something that can be proof right now?”

Looking from the view point of the other party, Kazuki and co. were suspicious. However, if Kazuki and his group joined South America’s side then North America wouldn’t have any chance to win… exactly because they were thinking like that that they couldn’t even treat Kazuki imprudently.

Based from that standing point, Kazuki and co. were the ones who stood in the superior position.

“How tedious.”

Arthur grimaced and scratched his head. From these few days associating with him Kazuki understood a few things, but this Basileus didn’t seem to like sneaky plans.

Arthur too was by no means someone who moved without planning. For his objective he formed alliance with Japan, giving out information in small amounts trying to skillfully move the situation to be convenient for him. However he didn’t try to lie or deceive. He was likable with his consistency and honesty.

At that point, they had already plunged into the middle of vortex of suspicion and chaos in their relation with North America.

“What concerns me is the silence of the Germans.”

“Mu?” Beatrix reacted. Without needing it being said, Germany was Beatrix’s mother country.

“Regarding the reply for the cooperation system from now on, and regarding how we are bringing around Beatrix as we pleased, it will be strange if there is no reply soon.”

In the East-West war of Japan and Yamato, Beatrix ignored the cooperative relation with Japan and suddenly attacked their side in a betrayal act. It was because of the misinformation that Loki spread that Beatrix became instigated, but still…

Kazuki was thinking of not pursuing about that betrayal and wanted to continue their cooperative relation from now on too. After all, for the Norse Mythology too Loki should be a bitter enemy. Damian and Eleonora returned to their country in order to explain the situation, but Kazuki ordered Beatrix to pay her debt and one-sidedly took Beatrix around.

Damian and Eleonora should have already arrived at their homeland a long time ago. Then what were they planning from now on, would they make Beatrix go home, it was strange that no reaction came from the other side.

“Certainly it’s troubling if Germany won’t become our ally. Our defense is too thin on hand. I don’t think that the worst scenario will happen, but…”

If in the worst scenario, Germany moved not according to their prediction… if for some playful reason they became Loki’s ally like Russia… in that case, for Arthur and Kazuki it wouldn’t be the time to even think of America. They would abandon everything that they were doing right now and hurry to return to their own country.

Already, Kazuki and Arthur were walking on a tightrope where it would be dangerous if their absence in their country was exposed. They were making use of Italia’s Regina keeping her eye on Loki, but just depending on that felt uneasy.

They were doing this with the assumption that Germany would fulfill the role of keeping the balance.

That was why everyday Akane-senpai returned to Queen Kaguya that was anchored at San Francisco several times to confirm whether there was any contact that came through the INMARSAT communication.

“There is no need to worry.”

Hearing the talk, Beatrix who was ruminating with her head down raised her face.

“Our Basileus… Hrotsvit-sama will not join hands with the likes of the Chaos Side. Also she shouldn’t be leaving alone the matter about me like this forever.”

[Hrotsvit], was that the name of the German Basilleus, for the first time Kazuki became aware of that name.

In any case there was no news that came whether from the North America’s King or German’s Basilleus, South America was also not attacking so the situation was stagnating.

“We have to make use of this given free time effectively.”

“For instance perhaps we could become stronger by piling up training like this.”

Arthur floated a smile in his reply. It looked like that Arthur too liked training.

Certainly it was just like he said, but in Kazuki’s case he was not limited to just that.

Perhaps Arthur and Beatrix were already slightly aware, but Kazuki became stronger from the power of bonds with everyone. For the sake to become strong, was not the reason but… he had to use this time for the sake of everyone.

After the intensive training, Kazuki took a shower.

Of course he could also clear away all the sweat and filth with only the power of magic, but rinsing it all away with a shower and changing his clothes was overwhelmingly comfortable and it also cleared his feelings.

The hotel Yggdrasil’s one floor also included a large public bath that was reserved for them.

If clothes were left inside the dressing room’s basket, the hotelman would launder them without being asked and deliver it afterwards. Rather, this temporary residence left nothing to be done to the degree that he wanted to say to give some chore to him too.

Kazuki felt refreshed from the shower, changed into his plain clothes and exited the large bathroom.

And then he returned to his own room… and realized that he kept his cell phone inside the pocket of his taken off clothes and forgot to take it out. Reluctantly he turned back to return to the dressing room.

In the middle of the corridor he unexpectedly encountered Koyuki where she was saying “puu” and pulled his sleeve, so for a while Kazuki flirted and caressed Koyuki.

Parting with Koyuki and finally arrived until in front of the dressing room, he put his hand on the door.

Kazuki noticed something strange.

There was a faint sound inside. The user of this male bath was supposedly only Kazuki.

Was it the hotelman that came to collect the dirty clothes he wondered, but it was still too early for that.

Thinking it suspicious he sharpened his senses and sensed a weak magic power from the room inside.

Kazuki carefully opened the door a little and peeked inside.

“Kazuki… Kazu-kun…”

An ardent voice leaked out from the door gap.

‘Eh?’ Kazuki thought. Someone that called Kazuki as Kazu-kun, and then that ardent tone of voice was…

The one who was in the male section of the dressing room was Kazuha-senpai. Moreover she was picking up Kazuki’s gym uniform and underwear that were drenched with sweat from the dirty clothes basket, and pressed her face on them.

  • suu―, haa―*, matching with such deep breathing sound there was a faint light of magic power leaking out ― she was sharpening her sense of smell with magic power and sniffed the smell of Kazuki’s clothes with all she had.
  • kuchu kuchu* There was also a faint watery sound. Raising the clothes with one hand, her other hand was reaching onto her lower body. Kazuha-senpai was in her uniform, but from her skirt her underwear was lowered until her knees. Her other hand was quietly moving inside that skirt. There was also magic light power emitted out from inside the skirt.

“Kazu-kun… Kazu-kun-“

The voice and the act little by little increased in intensity.

…That Kazuha-senpai was, doing this kind of thing.

Kazuki received a shock. Certainly Koyuki too had once made a slight confession that she did that kind of thing. But it was hard to imagine her appearance practically doing it.

Kazuha-senpai’s appearance was awfully graphic that it shook Kazuki. It was different from desiring a skinship and affection because there was the loved person in front of his eyes. It was an appearance where by herself, with only her own hand and delusion she was purely indulging in pleasure.

Furthermore, that Kazuha-senpai was burying her face into Kazuki’s taken off underpants.

  • GACHA!*

At that time Kazuki’s hand slid off from the rotated door knob. The knob returned to its original angle with a half rotation, raising an out of place large sound.

“ueAa-!?” Kazuha-senpai raised a strange voice and raised her face from the underwear, then she turned to his direction.

“……aa- …….Kazu, kun…”

Her face that was bright red from the excitement of her act until now froze dumbfounded.

In a flash Kazuha-senpai hid Kazuki’s clothes behind her back. And then “Wr…wrong, that, this is” Her mouth opened trying to say something looking for excuse. But no matter how there was no way she could think of an excuse for this kind of situation, Kazuha-senpai’s lips was trembling in shivers, tears slowly gathered in her eyes.

Unable to bear it Kazuha-senpai tried to escape from that place.

However her pantsu that was lowered until her knees got her legs entangled making her fall down cruelly.

In panic Kazuki jumped and embraced Kazuha-senpai who almost fell down without even taking ukemi.[13]

He supported her, but ― not trying to get up from that position, he pushed her down in reverse.

“What were you doing, senpai?”

So that she wouldn’t be able to resist Kazuki pinned both of Kazuha-senpai’s hands, held them down, and whispered into her ear.

Kazuha-senpai went “that, that” with her eyes turning round and round everywhere.

“To reinforce your sense of smell while sniffing the smell of the underwear with your all, as expected that’s really embarrassing.”

“Yo, you’re wrong-! This is a special training for my newly inspired general magic…!”

She said out something incoherent.

“To aim for the freshly taken off clothes right after the morning training, this skillful planning, that being the case this is not your first offense is it?“

“…Y, yess-“

Kazuha-senpai murmured in resignation.

“So…sorry… So…something like this is revolting isn’t it…?”

Feeling upset, the drops of tear that floated in her eyes became even bigger, and she looked at him with upward glances.

Feeling pitiful for a little, Kazuki lightly kissed Kazuha-senpai, and said.

“I’m not angry, I’m not thinking that you are revolting at all senpai.”

Light entered Kazuha-senpai’s expression in a flash.

“But it’s unfair.”

“Eh?“ He swiftly moved onto the lower body of Kazuha-senpai who was asking back, then Kazuki lifted both of senpai’s legs as if flipping over a tea table.

With a slide the underwear that got entangled in her legs got taken off.

“!?” While Kazuha-senpai was petrified, Kazuki forcefully pushed open both of senpai’s legs.

It was the quickness of a single breath unique to fast-draw swordsman.

“Eh, eeeeeeeeee-!?”

Opening Kazuha-senpai’s both legs into a shape like the letter M, her thighs was pressed down by Kazuki, her skirt was rolled up so it couldn’t achieve its role, in the end her groin was exposed in an unbecoming posture.

The flower petal opened and closed each time Kazuha-senpai was breathing. From the center honey was spilling down stickily. The pink color of the mucous membrane that seemed to gradation from the skin color felt really sticking to the outside from the body inside, that place was exactly [the spot that a girl must hide].

“Aa… aa…” Kazuha-senpai became stupefied.

“It’s unfair, so I’m also going to sniff Kazuha-senpai’s smell now.”

“Sm, smell…? Eh, you lie…”

Kazuki brought his face near that spot until there was only a distance of a few millimeters, then he took a deep breath with his all.

“N-, no no no! That’s embarrassing, that’s just too embarrassing!!”

It was different from Mio or Hikaru-senpai. Each of them had their own different scent.

It was as if Kazuki was planning to talk with her mucous membrane, he tasted the difference in scent.

“It doesn’t smell like the bitterness of alkali, first there is the faint sour aroma that comes, after that the swelling that looks like a blue apple has the sweet flavor that softly spreads, the aftertaste mysteriously has a sharp freshness…”

“You, you are going to talk absorbedly like a sommelier like that!? I feel like that you say…?”

“Senpai, since you were alone until now, your body has been faintly shining blue all along. This is the sense strengthening to make you feel good right?”

Pointed out by Kazuki, her expression that was a mix of shock and shame totally turned into a single color of shame.

Kazuki stayed quiet in order to wait for the reply, he was only sniffing the smell, not giving out any sign of touching at all.

Thereupon as if to coax him, Kazuha-senpai’s magic power light gradually turned stronger.

“…Be, because in the snow mountain, being touched by Kazuki with this felt really good so… experiencing something like that will make it a habit…”

“And then senpai touched yourself alone. Even though senpai is a genius of general magic yet you use magic for something like this, furthermore it was while sniffing the smell of someone’s underwear.”

“Uuuu… why are you saying something that mean-“

Kazuha-senpai, who in the past had verbally abused Kazuki that he was a harem pervert, was now raising a pitiable voice.

“Because if I don’t bully Kazuha-senpai, you won’t be honest to me, would you? Even though if senpai honestly pleaded to me then I too will be happy, I’ll answer senpai’s demand with my all.”

Kazuha-senpai’s eyes that Kazuki was staring at was wrapped with bewitching light.

Kazuki released his hands from Kazuha-senpai’s legs. However Kazuha-senpai kept her legs open with her own will and didn’t seem like she would close it. Instead she pushed open that soaked place with both her hands and directed it to Kazuki.

While shutting her eyes tightly to bear her shame, she raised her voice.

“Ka…Kazu-kun, touch this place again! That time before felt far better compared to touching myself so… touch my inside with Kazu-kun’s hand!!”

With a slide Kazuki’s finger entered the inside of Kazuha-senpai.

The tip of his finger immediately prodded at the weak spot of Kazuha-senpai that he found out from before. That small stimulation was amplified by Kazuha-senpai’s magic skill that could be called genius and “nHii-!” Kazuha-senpai gasped in convulsion. Kazuha-senpai immediately pressed her mouth with both her hands.

“Senpai, don’t hold back your voice, please show me your cute side more honestly.”

Kazuki whispered into her ear. To expose herself honestly, there was still a step lacking for Kazuha-senpai to reach that mental state. Kazuha-senpai was trembling in shudders.

Kazuki tickled while tracing a round shape inside of Kazuha-senpai.

“Kazu-kunn-♡ It feels good-♡ I love you Kazu-kun-♡”

“Does senpai love me only because it feels good?”

“Yo…you are wrong, I’ll be honest so, don’t say anything mean-!”

Kazuha-senpai writhed while hiding her face with both her hands. The liquid that overflowed from her lovely place increased the stickiness, it was foaming whitely. While Kazuki attacked her weak spot with one hand, his other hand wrenched open Kazuha-senpai’s hand while he said “please don’t hide your face”. The cute Kazuha-senpai who was melting from pleasure was exposed. Thanks to her disarrayed breathing, a single line of droll dripped down from her mouth.

At the same time, he moved his right hand even stronger and dug up around.


Kazuha-senpai trembled *GAKU GAKU!* while shrieking, tightening hard around Kazuki’s finger. For the moment Kazuki stopped his stimulation and let her rest, then her stiffened body relaxed in resignation from the backlash.

“Aa, aaaa…”

  • chorororororo*…From Kazuha-senpai’s there where Kazuki’s finger was still inside, golden liquid made a splash, stain was spreading on the carpet of the dressing room.

“Ah…AAA!” Kazuha-senpai recovered her reasoning and yelled.

“So…sorry! I, I, pe…pee…uaaaaa, no way, no, it’s not stopping…”

“It’s fine senpai, it can be cleaned up later using magic. …Rather than that, please show more of your cute appearance with honesty. Please, let out all the part of the person that is inside Kazuha-senpai.”

At the same time when Kazuha-senpai's peeing was stopping, Kazuki once again restarted his stimulation with his right hand.

“This, this kind of appearance…, ah…aaaaaa…♡”

The shell that was hiding Kazuha-senpai melted like a candle and vanished.

“N-, no, feeling this happy and this good will turn me strange…! Like this I, will become, a pervert…!”

“Kazuha-senpai, I love you.”

“I, I too love Kazu-kunnnnnnnnnn♡”

Once again Kazuha-senpai convulsed fiercely while screaming.

For a while Kazuha-senpai’s breathing turned feeble.

When Kazuki began to clean up the stain in the carpet, Kazuha-senpai returned to her senses and leaped up.

“Tha…that’s, I’ll do that myself-!!”

When Kazuha-senpai held her hand at her own careless stain, along with light the stain disappeared. It didn’t disappear by being moved to a different place.

“Eh… disintegration!?”

Kazuha-senpai’s innate talent was sublimed until a miraculous height from losing herself in her concentration in her wish to vanish the embarrassing stain. The disintegration of material ― surely if she got used to it, it would also be possible for a phenomenon disintegration to be done with it. It was the same technique as how Regina made low level magic invalid by disintegrating everything.

The disposal was over in an instant, Kazuha-senpai then yelled “I don’t know what kind of face I have to show myself with anymore―” before escaping with a whoosh.

Witnessing the awakening moment of the world’s highest level of magic skill from the world’s highest level of ‘whatever, I don’t care’, really what a person whose limits couldn’t be seen… thinking that, Kazuki shuddered.

Part 7[edit]

Finally the time where the group members had begun to wake up had come, this time it was heading to the kitchen to prepare the breakfast. He had already made an agreement with the hotel management to borrow the kitchen.

In the middle of the corridor he unexpectedly came across Koyuki again where she pulled his sleeve saying “puu puu”, so for a while Kazuki flirted and caressed her.

After that he entered the inside of the restaurant’s kitchen.

“I have been waiting, Nii-sama!” A black cat jumped out from inside the kitchen.

“Kanae! Why are you here?”

Even though she was a girl that had never done any household chore at all since the past.

“Fufufu, rather than asking why, doesn’t Nii-sama have something else to say to me?”

Kanae who leaped at him like a cat was ― wearing naked apron.

…No, when he looked carefully she was wearing a pantsu. The pantsu could be seen peeking out secretly from the side of the apron. It seemed that she didn’t have the courage to wear a true naked apron.

…Even though as a step sisterlittle sister she was acting with too much boldness, now when their relationship had become that of a male and female Kanae was entering a guarded stance instead. This girl couldn’t become bold except in a gag atmosphere.

“The newly-wed wife Kanae in naked apron has come to help with the breakfast cooking~! Now, please cook me with the flame of love!! Your order is me isn’t it-“

“Having someone this erotically cute clinging to me will make me unable to concentrate on the cooking.”

Kazuki took out the ingredients from the refrigerator and lined them up in the kitchen, then he stroked Kanae’s head.

“Eh? Just when I thought that a tsukkomi will come I got let free while getting honestly praised? Ehehe~, if Nii-sama is stroking me like that I’m going to feel it~. Nhooooooooooo!”

Kanae opened her eyes wide and licked with her tongue. ‘Don’t make funny faces.’

Right now she was like this but… when he imagined the time passing from now on and [Kanae with a love relationship] developing, Kazuki secretly felt his heart beating fast.

  • BAN!* The kitchen door was opened vigorously.

“Fufufu, Kanae-san, for you to call that as naked apron, as usual you are really completely lacking aren’t you!”

“Funya!?” “That voice!”

The ones who appeared were the Ryuutaki sisters ― and both of them were also in a naked apron.

When Miyabi-senpai made a turn with a twirl to display her appearance, her raw bottom shook like jelly.

Looking at that authentic naked apron, Kazuki and Kanae trembled with fear.

“You guys are exhibitionist pervert sisters! Return back to your mirror world!!” Kanae yelled.

“W…we are not perverted here! Appealing like this, is because we want to obtain affection from Kazuki!”

Miyabi-senpai pressed the fringe of her apron while taking a glance at Kazuki. The fringe of the apron was short like a miniskirt, it looked like everything would be seen just by having it move away a little.

…To do something that extreme even though in reality she was actually embarrassed with it. This person was not an exhibitionist, she only had the bad habit to self-explode.

Shinobu-senpai on the other hand, she once possessed the sensible side to remonstrate Miyabi-senpai who was once wearing a perverted swimsuit, but since her heart was opened as a result of worrying about what kind of distance would be fine for her to come in contact with Kazuki, she had turned to a direction of not caring about anything.

“Gau” Shinobu-senpai calmly entered into the kitchen, then she began to munchingly eat the bacon and sausage from among the lined up ingredients.

“Shinobu-senpai, please don’t snatch food right from the beginning!!”

“It’s troubling if you misunderstand my coming here is to help or anything. I’m the sampling expert beast.”

Recently this girl was flexible like a beast, she lived without thinking of anything.

“If, if it’s like this, I will take off my pantsu too!!”

Opposing the too free sisters, Kanae speedily took off her pantsu.

“Here, Nii-sama, a little sister’s freshly taken off and steamy pantsu, this is Japan’s specially selected ingredient you know!!”

While Kanae made a clamor to hide her embarrassment, she pushed the pantsu to Kazuki. It was a simple white pantsu that had no seductiveness in it, yet that made it all the cuter instead. Perhaps because Kanae’s temperature had risen from her shyness, but the pantsu was steamy.

“No, I don’t know what to do even if you hand me over your pantsu. It’s troubling thinking from a sanitary aspect so just keep it somewhere else.”

“The fresh pantsu of the cute little sister is coldly judged as garbage!? It is okay even if Nii-sama put it in your mouth you know! In a sexual meaning!”

He didn’t have any fetish to see a pantsu with that kind of eye, so Kazuki washed his hands and began the cooking preparations.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.11 099.jpg

“It can’t be helped nyaa―” saying that Kanae wore back her panty and helped Kazuki.

The separation of cultures for ten-odd years made splendid developments even in the field of food.

In Japan there was a fixation on the ingredient’s freshness, drawing out the simple charm of that ingredient thoroughly was demanded, developing the chef’s skill in alchemic food preparation. In contrast to that, in North America processed food like ham, or bacon, fermented meat, cheese, from all those completely new seasonings and sauces for flavoring were developed. Then what would happen if America’s ingredients were to be cooked by Japan’s alchemist chef… such thinking was only a natural idea.

Egg dishes were a standard in America’s breakfast. There Kazuki took the challenge to learn the recipes of [Benedict's Egg] and [egg slate] that were the standard among celebrities.

Benedict's Egg was placing ingredients like ham or bacon or vegetables and the like added with poached egg on top of a muffin, then hollandaise sauce was poured on it. Hollandaise sauce was a sauce made from butter, lemon, egg yolk, and condiments, but in the present time America there were a lot of new varieties of alchemic sauce that could be added. The factor that showed the skill of the chef was the adjustment in boiling the poached egg. Making an eddy inside the pot with Psychokinesis, then dropping the egg there. In order to not have the white of the egg end up scattering, the chef needed to continuously control Psychokinesis while ascertaining the state of the egg using Extra Sense, also performing the optimum application of heat using Pyrokinesis… considering the egg white and the egg yolk had different optimum heat flow condition. Among the many egg dishes, there were also chefs that claimed that poached egg was the most completed, based on theory, but a perfect poached egg couldn’t be cooked without using magic. Especially in the case where poached egg was going to be placed on top of Benedict's Egg, in order to enjoy the egg yolk mixing with the hollandaise sauce, the egg yolk had to be cooked leniently near raw.

Egg slate was putting raw egg on top of mass potato that was put in a container and applying heat on it, adding herbs to it, and then the eater could enjoy the contrast of food texture between the syrupy soft boiled egg and the smooth and spongy mash potato, it was that kind of food. Mash potato was made by boiling the potato whole in order to not let the taste and nutrition of the potato escape, even while boiling the chef had to use Pyrokinesis to apply equal heat on the outside and inside of the potato. Then after applying the heat and the time to mash the potato came, to prevent useless stickiness like glue came out from the destruction of the cell, magical finesse to mash the potato without destructing the cells was demanded.

The chefs of America were in a state of not noticing that these two cooking could be obsessed over in detail until this far by means of magic.

…Although Kazuki too, he was not yet as good in cooking as he had in his sword skill.

If he was able to make it successfully he was going to introduce this way to the chefs of this hotel. It was his way of returning the favor of being taught America’s food culture and recipes.

Miyabi-senpai peeked at Kazuki’s cooking work with deep interest. While holding down her apron’s fringe.

“Although the recipe and ingredients stay American as it is, but the thorough fixation toward the detail in the process is the inherent flavor of Japanese culture isn’t it?”

Shinobu-senpai was making a face as if droll could drip down at anytime.

“If Kazuki marries me or Nee-sama then I can eat this everyday… This is, love…”

“Don’t see the food but look at the person itself.”

Kazuki answered while baking the pancake as desert at the same time.

“I really like Kazuki.”

Shinobu-senpai brought her shoulder close to the cooking Kazuki.

“Hmph, there is no way I can share Nii-sama’s time with just liking at the degree of [really]. I like Nii-sama in the level of ultra-dynamite-gigaton-siscon.”

Kanae tried to cut in between Kazuki and Shinobu-senpai. Shinobu-senpai braced herself “gau” and resisted Kanae, both of them began a pushing game. As someone that was in the middle of cooking at their side, he wanted them to stop.

“Fufu, it’s because Shinobu was acting crabby at Kazuki before this, she’s concerned with that so she cannot honestly say that she loves him.” Miyabi-senpai pointed out from the side.

Kazuki halted his cooking and faced Shinobu-senpai.

Shinobu-senpai spoke “gau” and hugged tightly *mukyuu* at Kazuki.

It was as if she was a wild beast that expressed through action what she couldn’t say through her mouth.

Kazuki hugged back tightly. Shinobu-senpai’s body that was a little stiff released its strength and leaned on Kazuki. It was a melting reaction characteristic of girls that liked him.

Kazuki gently lifted up Shinobu-senpai’s face, and kissed her lips.

It was just a kiss like a light stamp. When their faces separated, Shinobu-senpai’s face was of someone that had been conscious of a male for the first time since she was born, an enraptured and intoxicated blushing face. A large heart mark flew at Kazuki.

”Kazuki… it’s not just a mere like but I really love you♡”

Hearing that response of a girl who only just knew love, it made Kazuki’s chest feel tightened.

“Fufu-, Kazuki, I too…”

The good-for-nothing Miyabi-senpai who did bold things even though at heart she was embarrassed, took advantage of Shinobu-senpai’s good atmosphere and attached her body to him tightly.

Kazuki also kissed Miyabi-senpai. Miyabi-senpai too was murmuring “Fufu, fufufufufufufu…happiness♡ I wonder if this is okay, for something this happy to happen to someone like me…”

Ryuutaki Miyabi―82 Ryuutaki Shinobu―82

Kanae who was trying to obstruct Shinobu-senpai was sandwiched between the twin sisters and got pushed back instead.

“Nii-sama, mumumuu―!! Even though I cannot kiss anymore since the first time―! If someday when Nii-sama can kiss me again and you don’t do it in an amazingly dramatic way then I won’t forgive Nii-sama forever―! Forever―!!” Kanae complained while hopping up and down *pyon pyon*.

The fusion of Japan-America cooking received great popularity from everyone.

Because of that Kazuki held confidence and introduced that cooking method to the chefs of the hotel. The chefs showed an exaggerated reaction unique to Las Vegas and kept saying thanks to Kazuki a lot.

After finishing a meaningful cooking discussion with the chefs, Kazuki got out into the corridor.

Thereupon he once again unexpectedly encountered Koyuki, “puu puu puu” where she came at him pulling at his clothes’ fringe, so Kazuki flirted and caressed Koyuki for a while.

After that Kazuki went until the room of Kamimura-san and Amaterasu.

It was a faulty expression to count Amaterasu as [one person], but rather than calling the room as Kamimura-san’s room alone it felt more like a [two person room].

He knocked on the door, but there was no reply.

But the magic power reaction through the bond showed that the girl was here. From the strength of the reaction that he could sense, it was not like Kamimura-san would be troubled if she was seen by Kazuki. Perhaps making this kind of judgment was too ahead of himself, still he pushed open the door.

The door felt heavier compared to the door of the other rooms.

All of a sudden a roar so loud that felt like it would blow his head off rushed into both his ears. It was a rhythmical BGM that sounded thrilling. In panic Kazuki entered inside and closed the door. This door, it was amazingly sound proof.

The inside of the room was dark, inside the darkness rainbow light was rotating round and round. On the ceiling there was a mirror ball that was cryptically rotating.

‘What’s with this room’, feeling perplexed without a shred of composure in him, Kazuki confronted even more confusion.

One surface of the wall had become a cyber screen, images that seemed like an anime’s opening was flowing. The moment he focused on the screen, he felt a feeling of immersion as if he was sucked into the image. It was an advanced alchemic image.

In the image was a character dancing matching an English song. And then under the mirror ball, Kamimura-san wearing sunglasses and also Amaterasu were singing a song that was mixed with strange sounds like “WEIIIIIIIII!” or “HYAHHAAAAA!” and the like, while dancing *ZUNDOKODOKODOKO*.

They were what were called otagei.[14] A race that Kazuki only knew existed in his knowledge.

Kamimura-san’s dancing and singing was complicatedly unskillful but pleasant to see, yet Amaterasu’s move was frighteningly hip hop. What’s with this god-sama.[15]

Kamimura-san didn’t really notice him, so Kazuki also watched her and learned the dance before participating in the moves *ZUNDOKODOKODOKO*.

When the opening image was over, the mirror ball stopped moving at the ceiling and Kamimura-san and Amaterasu stopped dancing, finally they noticed that Kazuki was just participating in the dance.

“KAZUKI!?” For some reason his name was said in English pronunciation.

“Kamimura-san is as always amazingly high-spirited huh.”

After Kamimura-san temporarily stopped the image, she curled herself up in embarrassment.

“He…here I cannot see Japan’s internet or anime so I watched America’s anime…”

“Just now, that was America’s anime?”

“Due to the relation break-off with Japan the moe-otaku of America were cut off from the moe culture of Japan, so they independently developed the New American Moe-anime Culture… the painting style is a little funky but its cute enough, it also absorbed America’s characteristic dance culture so it cannot be made light of… These few days I got completely absorbed in it degozaru.”[16]

Kamimura-san hid her embarrassment by adding [degozaru] at the end of her sentence.

“What about this room? For some reason it has been turned into a terrific home theater here…”

Everyone’s rooms were also periodically remodeled by the direction of the hotelmen matching with their long stay, but this room was just too awesome by a large margin compared to the others. It was not in the realm of remodeling anymore.

It was not only the image projection, the sound too was using an audio with realness on a level that didn’t exist in Japan’s alchemic technology. It was not only things like the nonexistence of the noise, the scale of the sound field and even the sense of distance felt like he was in a live music performance.

“Hikaru said to me that money is no problem, then when I said that I like something like this the hotelman also said that it’s fine for me to remodel whatever I like and they steadily arranged vendors… I hesitated but, everyone was too pushy… when I noticed it had become like this.”

“That’s because the people here are displaying servicing mentality on the level of [I’ll show you that I can make you happy without fail] huh.”

“But amazing… it’s amazing you know, America’s culture is seriously amazing! Capitalism banzai!!”

Suddenly Kamimura-san’s tension was accelerating.

Some kind of window popped up on the wall screen. A message in English with a face shot icon of a foreigner accompanying it was floating. Kamimura-san cut off Kazuki with words “Ah, sorry”, then without any physical interface as intermediary at all she typed an English reply with thought input. It seemed that she was doing some kind of conversation.

“Who was it just now?”

“That’s a chat friend that I created in America’s internet… the otakus of America seems like they respect Japanese people a lot as the ancestor of the moe culture, I, just from being able to speak in Japanese became greatly popular… fuhi.”

So it was something like how people who could speak old Latin in Middle Age Europe would be recognized as a person with highly refined culture. Seems like it had become a great thing for her.

{Heeey, check it out yo Kazuki! Enjoy whatcha do!?}

The Diva in the appearance of a little girl, Amaterasu’s avatar was, while doing gestures of unknown meaning she called out to him with hip hop English.

Her appearance was wearing leather jacket that was funky in America, but she was an avatar so she had no real body.

“What in the world are you saying…” His speech towards this respectable god unintentionally turned into a casual language.[17]

{Oou, soorryy… I forget Japanese language yeah, maann.}

“As the highest god of Japanese Mythology, is that really fine for you…”

Leme also materialized and said that in amaze.

{Soorry, fuckin’ Lemegeton… this feeling son of a bitch. Noo fun.}

Amaterasu shrugged her shoulders exaggeratedly. “What fuckin’ Lemegeton-! You have turned into something that can only be tsukkomi-ed!” Leme lost her temper.

Leme, she was unexpectedly fixated on gods’ social standing huh.

When the mirror ball went off the room was dark so Kazuki turned on the light, after that Kamimura-san attached silver accessory on her loose clothes and put her cap facing backwards, doing the so called hip hop fashion. Kamimura-san was the one fully enjoying the American lifestyle more than anyone.

“It looks like you are fully enjoying this, however enjoying America only inside your room is somewhat wasting it, how about we go outside for a date?”

“Da…date!?” Kamimura-san shrank herself twitchingly.

There was a fact that couldn’t be forgotten.

If Kamimura-san didn’t strengthen the power of the bond with Kazuki… her existence would completely vanish.

Leading Kamimura-san who instantly turned quiet the moment she left her roomterritory, they exited the hotel.

Kazuki was wearing tailored jacket and jeans, while Kamimura-san was wearing her usual goth-loli dress. This was the original appearance of Kamimura-san that was not Americanized.

“I…is my appearance not strange?” Kamimura-san was looking for Kazuki’s reaction.

…Mio-sensei had said this to him.

Although it’s important to have a clear direction of coordination since the beginning, however if you are too consistent with it then it will look completely like cosplay so pay attention to it.

{Our stylishness in the end is something for during daily life so make allowance for that, balanced sense and the technique for taking off the clothes are important. When on a date, it’s disappointing when your partner comes wearing a too normal outfit but, just because of that it’s also troubling if they come wearing tuxedo or suits right? It’s charming in its own way, however, but it’s just too out of place in the middle of a city. That’s why it’s fine just wearing a jacket… something like that. Don’t follow your coordination completely, but step out of it a little.}

Kazuki took that advice for his current appearance, when he remembered back even at the time Mio was wearing cute fashion there were many instances where she was incorporating cool items in one aspect. That was why that time he coordinated Hikaru-senpai in mannish style he nonchalantly put cute pumps at her.

Based from that theory, Kamimura-san’s goth-loli was too complete and thorough that she overdid it.

It was not stylish in the daily life. Without doubt it was out of place in the middle of Japan’s city.

But because the person herself had the atmosphere that was removed from the society, she had the feeling of accepting her current situation. She had no out of place feeling towards her out of place outfit. Although the elf Koyuki and Miyabi-senpai also had that kind of atmosphere.

“You look like a doll somehow, it’s cute Kamimura-san.”

When Kazuki said that, Kamimura-san smiled shyly.

“I want to become Kazuki’s doll… and then I want to get provided for my whole life and live playing around…”

“It feels like you said something cute for a moment there, but listening till the end makes me think how refreshingly a no good kid you are.”

However after saying that when he tried to think calmly, what was his own plan for the future.

He had the determination to be together with everyone forever but… how would he marry with Japan’s legislative system? Also, if he built a family together with everyone, ‘Can I earn an income that can support everyone… what’s going to happen with the children number…?’

{No, you guys are all the elite of the Knight Order so you are completely covered in that right? You are a high income earner you know.}

Leme came with telepathic communication to him amazedly from his thought of poverty.

‘…Is that so, even when we come back to Japan we won’t have to worry about the money for the future huh.’

{Rather, even though you had become the officially acknowledged King, yet you still have to worry about the future, a world too tough like that is just unpleasant… You are shouldering a great responsibility, you are fighting with your life on the line right?}

Even if he was told that, even if he didn’t receive any recompense or anything, but he was only fighting for what was important for him, that was what Kazuki thought. His mother also fought without even anybody knowing about it, doing such thing.

“All right―, I’m going to get a lot of money from the government and then support Kamimura-san for sure―”

When Kazuki said that frivolously with a careless feeling, Kamimura-san went “UEEE―II!” and raised both her hands happily.

“By…by the way, where are we going?” Kamimura-san asked timidly.

Kazuki pondered. Surely it would be better for Kamimura-san to avoid places that was jammed with people…

Kazuki was in a deteriorated wasteland.

There was no one around in the surroundings that it made him feel helpless. Suddenly out of nowhere the dry wind carried the smell of gunpowder smoke and oil, and then the smell of blood.

Kazuki was shouldering a sack filled with a little rice and water, he was running madly. From behind him an engine sound could be heard that made Kazuki’s spine freeze. …Those guys are coming!

When he turned back, from the other side of the horizon where there was nothing except abandoned buildings and sandstorm, there were several shadows of large specks that came in pursuit. They approached near in a blink of an eye.

Those shadows were armored vehicles and bikes that were equipped with machine guns, rocket launchers and flame throwers.

For Kazuki to be able to see them with his eyes meant that they too could confirm Kazuki by sight.

Countless sounds of firearms deafened his ear.

In order to shake off the enemy’s aim Kazuki ran with all his strength while avoiding left and right. Yet his feet got entangled from fatigue. Kazuki’s body that was trained using Enchant Aura shouldn’t have gotten tired already just by this much, but the stamina value from the setting was feedbacked into his senses. Exactly because he originally had confidence in his stamina that he felt terror and uneasiness welling up from how his body didn’t move following his thought.

A bullet grazed Kazuki’s shoulder. There was no protection from the defensive magic power, blood spurted out from Kazuki’s shoulder. There was no pain, but vivid sense of danger that paralyzed his brain making his mind go blank welled up. The sensation of how one should feel in this situation had been directly filled into him.

A rocket launcher impacted in a distance just slightly near him, fierce sound and blast struck his side.

Those guys were gradually shortening the distance. The bullets and launchers aim gradually became more accurate.

It was a mission to steal food and water from an evil organization, but his luck had run out from his failure of acquiring a car. Kazuki was carrying a handgun, but its accuracy was remarkably low.

…Even if he tried to Foresight those guys movement but their conduct was strangely digital so it couldn’t be Foresighted.

Of course, he also couldn’t use magic.

Kazuki was thankful that the sandstorm of the wasteland gave obstruction to their shooting. There was only one path of survival ― before those guys’ bullets could accurately capture him, he could only rendezvous with his [buddy].

{HYAHHAA―! The little piggy is running away!!} {Kill! Burn!! Tonight we are going to eat meat after a long time!!!} {Don’t aim for the head okay! That’s the sweetest part after all-!} {Wait a sec, I’m going to fuck the dead body before we eat after all!!}

He could hear rough and vulgar voices mixed with the bullet sounds. His whole face was colored pure white, it was the voices of the mad clowns who dyed the area around their eyes and nose crimson with the blood of women and children. Furthermore regardless of the food shortage all the members of the outlaw were burly. Weak people were just a target to be plundered, and while they were the same human like him but he was only seen as a body to be eaten. This setting was also scary.

It was a puzzle why the enemy was using clown make-up but this aspect was also super scary.

“Are you safe, Kazuki-!?”

The voice of his buddy came from the front. Kazuki reflexively shouted.


“The current me ain’t Kamimura… it’s Jonny the Nightmare you got that!!”

The one who came from the front was a muscular black person straddling a remodeled bike. Jonny the Nightmare ― his body was so big like a giant that the bike looked as if it was only a three-wheeled bicycle.

Kazuki had failed in usurping an escape method, but Kamimura-san… no, Jonny the Nightmare who was acting separately had succeeded in acquiring a bike.

Jonny rushed with terrific explosive speed and swiftly lifted Kazuki with one hand “Hold on tight to me!” before putting him on the backseat. When he followed what he had been told and clung to that sturdy back, Jonny looked back at him and grinned widely while winking. How reliable. The stupidly big face with deep chisel looked like the moai statues. The long beard that grew from the jaw was braided and tied with a red ribbon for some reason. The outward appearance was just too amazing.

Jonny made a U-turn with one hand driving while his other hand that was holding a large handgun [Elephant] was shooting the mad clowns that were approaching. Along with explosive sound that was like a bazooka, each shot accurately went straight through the armored cars and destroyed them. On the other hand the mad clowns shooting didn’t even graze Jonny’s erratic driving.

“Kazuki, you use the guy that is fastened in the sheet!”

Kazuki took a rifle that had excellent aiming compared to his handgun and shot. His shot missed amazingly wide. “Are you doing that on purpose!?” Jonny was disgusted watching that.

‘Shit, if only I can use a katana’, Kazuki thought. He put strength to his hand that was clinging at Jonny.

Kazuki usually struggled hard in order to protect everyone, but right now he was in the completely reversed position. ‘Why in the world did I become like this in a virtual game’, he got seriously worried inside his heart.

“Shit, how uncool.”

Usually he never put any pretense but being in a position of burdening someone else made his heart unexpectedly heavy.

“…Kazuki is, usually you are always reliable and really cool you know.”

Jonny said in a deep voice.

“Somehow, the sensation of Kazuki hugging tightly from behind makes my heart beat fast…”

“Jonny, suddenly talking with Kamimura-san’s original tone is seriously creepy. Your appearance and voice is really too Jonny-like so just stick through being Jonny.”

No, he was feeling really happy about what she said to him though.

“So…sorry.” Jonny was flustered and fixed his character.

[Jonny the Nightmare] was the avatar that Kamimura-san created as the player character of this game. When this game first started the player had to make the avatar of the player character.

Kazuki used the picture-taking technology and created an avatar that was exactly like himself.

And then when he dived into the virtual reality space, all of a sudden there was a macho black person standing beside him saying “My name is Jonny the Nightmare. The black shadow that traverse together with scoundrel… Come on, for the sake of everyone of the village, let’s go take back the food from those guys immediately yeah.” Kazuki got his back hit and he felt astonishment from the bottom of his heart. He immediately understood that it was Kamimura-san but even her voice had been reproduced into a different person so his feeling was somewhat complicated.

Rather, with how Kamimura-san was, what happened with this character setting he wonder.

Thinking from the view of this world, this Jonny’s physique… was he eating human meat?

The bullets of the Elephant that was shot accurately by the powerful Jonny finally massacred all the mad clowns. But even so the blood spray or the scattered viscera were so real it felt like it would leave a trauma in him, but Kamimura-san… no, Jonny was “HYAHHAA―!” laughing enthusiastically.

He once played virtual reality bodily experience game together with Lotte at Akihabara, but Las Vegas’s alchemic game was on a different level compared to Japan’s.

Kazuki brought Kamimura-san to the largest entertainment arcade in Las Vegas. In Las Vegas, game centers seemed to be treated as intended for children, but despite how this place was intended for children, this realness and guro[18] was just as expected from America.

“Will the game get cleared if we keep running like this since there are no pursuers anymore?”

Kamimura-san had completely annihilated the enemies that were coming from behind in an instant.

“No, those guys are a decoy. Look, the front!” Jonny yelled. “Last boss that is the obstacle to conclude this lovely day… The massacre symphony [Mad Orchestra]!”

From the other side of the horizon as far as the eye could see ― outlaws appeared lining up in a row waiting for Kazuki and Jonny. It was clowns with scary faces with a different atmosphere than the outlaws until now.

The gentleman in a tuxedo that stood in the center… the boss of this outlaw group, Ken Kakizaki of Japanese descent swiftly raised the conductor baton that he held in one hand, seeing that the clowns all at once directed weapons that were obviously powerful from a glance and took their stance. Against just a single bike as an opponent no matter how one thought, it was a group of overspecced weapons, but when the conductor baton was swung down they all spouted out fire simultaneously.

As if to say that flashiness is virtue, it was a dreadful first wave.

Bullets that looked like it could kill instantly in one shot were spreading out fully in front of their eyes.


Kazuki spontaneously screamed. The sight was really scary.

“Hold tight!” Jonny yelled while rushing into the middle of the storm of the massacre.


Jonny and the countless enemies yelled American swearing at each other and opened a firefight. ‘Let’s stop bringing up mother please’, Kazuki thought.[19]

Elephant shot to death the enemy group one after another, the shooting and explosion that flew their way gradually decreased in number. Kazuki was also recklessly shooting but everything was mostly his buddy’s achievement.

Their game skill was just in a too wide of a difference…!

But the moment Kazuki released a relieved sigh, under the feet of the enemy boss Kakizaki a crack was running, from there something huge was rising up.

“Th, the true last boss!” As expected, even Jonny was trembling.

What an unexpected twist, what finally stood in front of the two who thought they finally could go back to the village, was a steel giant they had to look up to to see completely ― a giant robot.

“Crush them underfoot… Hell Wasteland Robo!!”

Kakizaki who rode on top of the Robo’s head was yelling. With a terrific sound of an earthquake, Kazuki instinctively despaired. With the firepower at hand, they couldn’t destroy that armor.

“Don’t give up, Kazuki! If we directly snipe Kakizaki atop the head, the Robo will also stop!!”

Jonny yelled.

“We ain’t need firepower, if it’s about accurate sniping from long distance then rather than my Elephant your rifle is better suited! I’ll clean up and evade the remaining small fry so Kazuki, you aim at that guy!”

“But… I…!”

“If you calm down and aim it will absolutely hit! In this wasteland where there is no trained technique or magic, guts and concentration is everything! Have courage, Hayashizaki Kazuki!!”

Encouraged by Jonny, Kazuki lifted his face.

When he left everything else to Jonny, it felt like everything inside this virtual reality world disappeared except for himself and the last boss. What a reliable buddy. Thank you, Jonny the Nightmare. I, will show you that I’ll answer your expectation without fail…! Kazuki stopped breathing and concentrated, he matched his aim at the demonic visage of Kakizaki who was looking down from the far height ― he pulled the trigger.

“Fuuh―, good game, that was fun.”

Sitting down on the bench at the rest area as if melting down, Jonny… no, Kamimura-san was heartily gulping down a carbonated juice.

“Fuuh―, the authentic cola! It penetrated the whole body!”

“Uh, so tired…”

Kazuki also took a seat with a ‘flump’ beside her and slurped a hot lemonade. A gentle taste soaked into him.

“However Kamimura-san really has absurd guts. Jonny was seriously cool… I fell in love…”

“I…it’s just inside the game…”

Kamimura-san completely returned to her usual personality and fidgeted around.

But even so, although it was a bodily experience game, for him to get that frightened in a virtual battlefield was really unexpected even if he said so himself. Perhaps he had relied too much on the defensive magic power until now.

“That’s because, I reasonably like thrilling or horror attractions. Only if it’s attraction though.”

Kamimura-san smiled widely saying that.

…If she was like that then there was a spot that he could recommend. It was a place that he was taught of by the hotel men, though it was not a place that Kazuki wanted to go to willingly by himself.

{What is the highest architectural structure in the world?}

In the current time more than ten years since countries had cut off diplomatic relations from other countries, the answer to a such question was not clearly known.

But under their faith towards Mythology many countries had their civilization retrogressed or possibly stagnated, taking such thing into account he could make a conjecture that the answer could possible be this place.

Hotel Yggdrasil that supported the ceiling at the center of Las Vegas city. Part of the building that was used as a hotel was 170 floor that reached the height of 1000 meters, but actually the height of this building still went much higher. Its official name was Neo Stratosphere Tower. Its height was actually 3000 meters.

Still a 3000 meter building was nothing more than a checkpoint with America’s current technology. It seemed currently there were several construction projects in progress building 4000, 5000 meter mega towers. Rather than calling Neo Stratosphere Tower aiming for height, it was only built because of the pressing need for a dome city pillar.

But what was crazy from this Neo Stratosphere Tower was not its height.

It was the thrill ride that existed on its highest floor.

“A, amazing… Kazuki, let’s go there!” Kamimura-san’s eyes shined madly.

Kazuki and Kamimura-san temporarily returned to the familiar hotel Yggdrasil and boarded the special elevator that went to the highest floor that they had never went to until now.

They could see outside from the elevator because the whole surface was fixed with transparent panel. It was as if they were sucked to the ceiling, both of them passed through the clouds and kept rising.

“…The cloud is not a vision projected at the ceiling but a real one inside the dome huh. Is it an artificial cloud?”

When Kazuki said that in amazement, Kamimura-san also said “Certainly” and got absorbed in looking at the outside scenery. What an amazing technology. He heard before that the change in the sky from the morning until the night was an artificial projected vision, so he thought that the cloud too was just a projected image.

At the highest floor they finally arrived at, there was a prop in the center that supported the dome. Other than that, they could see a rooftop without walls in a glance. But when they looked carefully, it was just that the walls in all four directions were made from transparent panels. If it was really a rooftop than there should be strong wind blowing.

At the far corner of the open floor, four types of thrill rides were really installed. Several guests were making queue. Although it seemed for the local citizen of Las Vegas it was not a fresh attraction so the number of people couldn’t be said as a big crowd.

The construction was arranged so that after entering each entrance to the thrill machine they would be rushed out outside the transparent panel. Jet coaster, free fall, trapeze, and ferris wheel, those were the four.

“First is the jet coaster…” Kamimura-san said with a small voice but filled with passion inside.

“Isn’t it better to start with something like the ferris wheel first I wonder?”

“Choosing that one from the options feels like running away!”

Is it like that…? While Kazuki lost his nerve somewhat, he linked hands with Kamimura-san and lined up at the queue.

When looking from nearby he confirmed a dreadful fact. All parts of the jet coaster were made using transparent acrylic material including the train and the rail. He guessed that the transparency and intensity of the material was increased by alchemy, looking at a glance the visitor that was riding the coaster looked like they were floating in the air.

Imagining the sensation of floating 3000 meter in the sky, Kazuki felt like his groin shrank.

Of course he possessed defensive magic power so even if he fell from this height he thought there would be no problem and he could endure it, if something happened he could also use Summoning Magic to fly in the sky but… that was that and this was this, fearing height was something instinctual. However Kamimura-san was leaking out “oooo―” a voice of admiration.

It seemed rather than getting scared she was directing her interest at the technology and conception.

“Kamimura-san, before weren’t you scared of heights…”

There was that time when Kazuki brought back Kamimura-san and Kazuha-senpai from Ise Imperial Shrine using Blazing Wings to fly in the sky.

“That time, that was because Kazuki hurled me away from the sky to the ground… If it’s this kind of attraction then it’s fine. After all I know that it’s safe no matter how scary it is.”

“…I wonder, maybe I don’t have the feeling that it’s safe just because it’s an attraction.”

Kazuki remembered the wasteland just now where he was seriously scared and murmured.

“Fufu-“ Some kind of laugh spilled out from Kamimura-san. “Even though Kazuki isn’t even afraid of confronting reality, you are scared of virtual reality and attractions. Both of us, are polar opposites aren’t we?”

“Why is that? Of course there are also times that I enjoy thrill though.”

“I think that‘s because Kazuki has the force of will to look straight at the truth inside yourself. But at virtual reality and attraction, there is nothing but fiction even if you look right from the front.”

Kamimura-san unusually conversed talkatively about her own thinking outside of her otaku knowledge.

“I’m the opposite. All this time I’m scared of reality and run away, into the world of fiction. Internet information and game guides, even without I myself doing anything I can obtain a feeling of omnipotence. …Something like this is the same like religion isn’t it?”


What came to mind was Arthur and Beatrix… the people of the Mythology countries.

“Perhaps someone like Arthur is also not scared of the game world and the attraction machines. After all perhaps he can also discover the will of god even inside a game machine. Also something else. I always thought this all this time but… I hate people that have faith in Mythology.”

Kamimura-san asserted her disgust so clearly it made him a little surprised.

“[The god that I believe in says this, so this is the world’s truth], someone that can say something like that and then attack other people, they are on the same level with the shut-in that swallows whole the internet information and then starts a flame war in the board. …That time when the old era ended, religious terrorism occurred frequently with poverty as the cause, but I have the feeling that the current world is the expansion of that…”

‘What is flame war?’

Fiction. Kamimura-san boldly declared that Mythology was fiction.

“Kazuki who properly looks straight at reality is cool… that’s what I thought all this time. Though it makes me feel that I’m pathetic and want to die.”

Kamimura-san looked down and lowered her voice frailly while continuing her words in a mumble.

“I… like Kazuki. I too want to become strong and positive together with Kazuki… and fight the people that do whatever they are told by the Mythology.”

“I think you are already someone that can become strong and positive enough Kamimura-san.”

Recognizing one’s own weakness was not something a weak human could do.

“That’s because Kazuki supported me.”

“Of course I’ll keep doing that from now on too.”

An avatar of a key floated up from Kamimura-san and it was absorbed into Kazuki’s stigmata.

Kamimura Itsuki ― 65

At that point the queue moved… finally their turn had come.

With the transparent rail and coaster entering his eyes more and more, Kazuki gulped his saliva audibly *gokuri*.

The scenery from 3000 meters above the ground could be seen from beyond the transparent panel. There was the sky right under them. The horizon formed a curve, it was a sight that was almost like looking down at earth from space.

He could faintly see a super miniature size Las Vegas from inside a blue crystal ball.

The American worker gave them the signal to enter. However Kazuki couldn’t think of the contraption in front of him as anything other than a large scale jumping suicide. While he was hesitating, Kamimura-san jumped into the transparent machine with “Eii-“. He couldn’t see anything other than Kamimura-san doing an air-chair in the sky.

Looking at Kazuki who was turning blue from fear, Kamimura-san chuckled and offered her hand while saying “Here-“.

Kazuki took that hand and timidly stepped his foot, then he sat.

‘Ooh, I’m sitting in the air!’ The transparent coaster began to slide above the rail without any sound.

“…By the way right now Kamimura-san is supporting me… thanks Jonny.”

“Fufufu, anytime. Come hell or high water I’m gonna hold you tight.”

Kamimura-san talked in Jonny’s tone still with her cute natural voice. Kazuki held tightly on that small hand. He was seriously scared.

  • kata-* A slight sound could be heard ― the coaster lurched down sharply.

The coaster slid down with terrific acceleration through height 3000 meters.


Kazuki yelled. When he thought that the coaster took a nose dive, without decelerating at all the coaster was curving violently at a spot where he could see nothing except empty air. Kazuki further noticed a new terrifying fact. In this transparent jet coaster he couldn’t see the rail well so he wouldn’t be able to guess what was going to happen next.


Voice that had never came out until now overflowed from his throat.

“AHAHAHAHAHA!!” Kamimura-san laughed foolishly. “Amazing amazing, the city can be seen now!”

Hearing Kamimura-san’s word Kazuki recovered his composure to look around his surroundings. Perhaps they had descended down until the 1000 meter height, the transparent coaster was gliding as if sewing through Las Vegas’s high-rise hotels and buildings that were standing close together. There the coaster dropped in speed as if to make the passenger enjoy the scenery.

The sky drive of super huge city Las Vegas ― it was a moving view.

…And so during such unpreparedness the coaster took a nose dive again. Kazuki once again screamed “ANGYAAAAAAAAAAAAA”.

After doing a heavy rotation of coaster, free fall, and trapeze, before long the time where the sun was setting had come. Of course it was nothing more than the sky of the dome emitting orange light, but the beauty was not losing to the original natural phenomenon.

The two of them boarded the ferris wheel for the last to bring an end for the date.

The gondola of the ferris wheel was not transparent. It was only this attraction that was not meant to enjoy thrill.

There were two seats that faced each other inside the gondola, but Kamimura-san was sitting beside Kazuki. Because in the first place the seat was American-sized and Kamimura-san had a small stature, there was still extra space left with the two of them sitting sticking at each other.

The orange light that shone in painted Kamimura-san’s side face. She was a transient beautiful girl when she was quiet. However “Hah-!? This situation!” she opened her mouth for some reason.

“Ferris wheel in the twilight as the end of the date… there is no mistake this is the premonition for an erotic scene! In eroge terms!”

“I’m not going to do anything Kamimura-san dislikes you know.” Kazuki smiled wryly while embracing her shoulder closer.

In other words if Kamimura-san didn’t dislike it he would do it. After all Kamimura-san was cute.

Kamimura-san languidly leaned on Kazuki’s shoulder while talking in a small voice.

“It’s a little scary but… I want to try it a bit. I want to be desired by Kazuki…”

Kazuki raised Kamimura-san’s face that was leaning on his shoulder, and touched his lips on her cheek. With a puff Kamimura-san’s face reddened and “Auu…” she fidgeted while leaking out a really small voice.

“Kamimura-san is a far cuter girl than you yourself imagine so don’t be scared.”

Kazuki whispered so right from his heart, and then he wanted Kamimura-san.

But ― he was lost on how to take off the goth-loli dress. There was a lot of frill, a lot of ribbon, fabric overlapping, he couldn’t find the button. He didn’t understand what he should do, but Kamimura-san was “Kazuki…”, she was anticipating Kazuki’s next action with her heart beating fast.

With a hand movement as if opening a lock of a cute jewel box, Kazuki first untied the black ribbon on her neck. When her neck lay exposed, at her blouse where many frills were overlapping he discovered small buttons hidden in the structure of the inner part of those frills. He unfastened those buttons one by one, and when he laid bare the blouse, a lustrous white skin and breasts that undulated gently were exposed.

“Ah-…” Kamimura-san twisted her body shyly.

The blouse was obstructed by the pinafore dress that she wore when he reached her stomach and he couldn’t undress her till the end. But on the contrary with only her breast exposed she became a lascivious figure.

“You, don’t wear a bra.”

“It…it’s not too big after all…”

Certainly that bulge was meager. However that gentle sloping had a loveliness that made him want to rub his cheek on it. When he caressed her breasts rather than rubbing them, Kamimura-san was trembling in shivers until that much. When he poked, that pink flower bud swelled out. When he pinched and tickled them, the girl reacted excessively with a large voice “Ahn-!”

When he tickled and strengthened his stimulation “Ah…yaa-…!” her body twisted over-sensitively.

Heart marks flew at him. She was not feeling pain.

“The breast is really sensitive isn’t it?” Kazuki was thoroughly fascinated by the small breast.

“I, I always touch them myself so… its development has been finished…”

Kazuki was slightly surprised. He recalled the figure of Kazuha-senpai this morning, but Kamimura-san’s body was far more immature and ephemeral than Kazuha-senpai so there was a big gap of her and that kind of conduct.

“Because, I thought that a person who will fall in love with me won’t appear for eternity so… I thought that I have no choice but to master things that feels good with my own hand… gro…gross isn’t it?”

“No, your reaction is so sensitive that it’s really lovely Kamimura-san.”

Kazuki suddenly sucked the flower bud. It was a degenerate act as if seeking motherhood at the unripe breast.

“AAAAAAAAAAAA-!” Yelling with a high-pitched voice like a strained bowstring being plucked, Kamimura-san was fiercely trembling. When he licked with his tongue and flicked “Nnnn-…♡” she was further trembling further with long reverberation.

“Just now, only from your breast?”

Kamimura-san nodded up and down with a rough breathing.

‘What a lovely small breast’ Kazuki thought. It was pure even though it had finished development ― worthy of a [gothic Lolita], there was the young girlishness and decadence contrasting each other there. Even though it was a breast that looked flat like a chopping board, the buds that had been regularly played around by herself were gradually swelling out bigger.

Kazuki sucked at it as if looking for mother’s milk. Kamimura-san writhed from the pleasure that came only from her breast. Her knees were squirming. Kazuki’s empty right groped at her skirt. The skirt that airily expanded was supported by the inner skirt inside. When he groped at the inner skirt that was made up of light chiffon-like fabrics overlapping, he found the ephemerally thin thigh. Her crotch was wrapped in drawers in trousers shape of thin cloth, but the center part was drenched wet.

When he thought about Kamimura-san’s frailness and timid personality, he couldn’t treat her roughly. With a hand movement like caressing the surface of a jewel, Kazuki crawled his palm on her drawers.

“Haa, haa, it’s gentle… Kazuki’s hand manner is just too gentlemanly…♡”

An ecstatic and drunk voice. The important place that was strictly hidden by a lot of frills was like an elegant jewel box, but Kazuki immediately found a girl’s most sensitive seed across the drawers and he pressed with his fingertip.


Kamimura-san’s immature body jumped violently again. Wet stain spread out through her drawers gradually. Her reaction was too sensitive, for some reason it felt like he was making a performance with a musical instrument.

She was a girl that received all 100% and returned a reaction of 120%.

“Haa, haa… getting attacked by riajuu[20] handsome guy, feeling good, it feels like a dream that my head turns strange…

Kamimura-san talked even with her gasping.

“I don’t think that I’m a riajuu handsome guy, but even if Kamimura-san’s charm is exposed to other lady killer I absolutely don’t want Kamimura-san to be stolen from me. I want to make Kamimura-san belong only to me.”

Being driven by desires to monopolize and conquer, Kazuki stimulated Kamimura-san’s body gently yet persistently. *kuchu kuchu kuchu*…sounds echoed with a uniform pace. Kamimura-san’s body that was immature yet developed was constantly convulsing *gaku gaku* unstoppably, the focus of her eyes couldn’t settle down. She breathed heavily, “aah―♡, aah―♡”Moaning like that, a line of saliva drooped down from her mouth.

The ferris wheel that turned in a circle at the height of 3000 meter was absurdly large. There was still some way to go before the gondola finished moving a full revolution. Until that time, this priceless doll dressed in a dress that was like a jewel box that could be taken off, how far could he make her reach the height of carnality, he wondered.

When the time came to descend down from the gondola at last, Kamimura-san was in a state of half-fainting.

Kazuki carried the girl in a princess carry and got off the gondola. Even her weight that was limp on his hands was lovely, making him feel like doing something serious to her.

However even if he said so himself, his desire was not an inexhaustible thing. His feeling of love towards everyone absolutely wouldn’t wither, but for him to be approached by everyone boldly everyday in this way, if he continued to respond to them, he had the hunch that it would be strange if his desire toward this girl didn’t wither.

However when Kazuki calmly thought back, even he himself was mysteriously responding in high spirits.

If he descended down from the Neo Stratosphere Tower using elevator to the lower level it directly connected to the hotel Yggdrasil, but he felt awkward to bring back Kamimura-san with her condition still like this.

Kazuki descended to the first floor, went out through the back door and exited to the courtyard.

Finding a convenient bench he laid down Kamimura-san and sat down himself to give her a lap pillow. The sky gradually turned dark and the light of the stars was starting to twinkle. For a moment Kazuki‘s eyes were stolen by that real light.

He once again thought that he quite liked this city.

He absolutely couldn’t tolerate the slave capitalism that ran rampant in the hidden side of this country. But not the ultimate artificial city Las Vegas and its citizen devoted their whole power using every ability available to make people happy on an absurd scale. Of course the wealth that supported this great merry-making was produced by means of the slaves’ effort but… as he thought the way of this city itself was really an [utopia].

Indian. There was an enemy that tried to destroy this…

The nature was also precious, but the artificial civilization was also precious. If the preciousness of nature was to love the earth, then the preciousness of artificial was to love other people.

{Excuse me, is there something wrong with your companion?}

Kazuki suddenly heard someone talking to him in English and when he lifted his head, there was a female wearing a blue cap in uniform standing in front of him. One of her hand was carrying a large machine that seemed like a vacuum cleaner.

However her polite tone as if treating a precious stone, she was not a cleaner but a hotel-keeper.

{No, she was just too hyped up a little but she is fine. She had too much fun.}

When Kazuki replied in English, the female hotel-keeper leaked out a refined chuckle “fufu-“ that sounded like a broad leaf rubbing against wind.

{Las Vegas is our pride, so by any means please bring home the greatest memory from here back to Japan, honored guest.}

Even leaving out her status as a hotel-keeper, she was a good person.

She was wearing unfashionable clothes and her hair was roughly bundled, but looking at her carefully her looks were beautiful and her hair was also dazzlingly blond. However when he looked up she was fairly tall and when her refined smile was cleared away she might be a female with quite an intensity.

{However, for you honored guest to come to the rear garden right now is a little embarrassing. The truth is all the conspicuous place has been finished tidied up, but there is still a place like this side where we haven’t reached yet.}

When he looked around, here and there in this courtyard there was still mark of the flood damage. Kazuki’s heart felt slightly painful looking at the expression of the female hotel-keeper who looked apologetic from the bottom of her heart.

{Is it the damage from the heavy rain before this?} He asked in English.

The culprit that made the rain come was Kazuki himself.

{Correct. Such heavy rain had never happened in history, a really strange occurrence, but nevertheless it was really inexcusable for such a thing to happen in the middle of honored guest’s stay… how did honored customer spend your time at that time?}

Suddenly the female hotel-keeper’s eyes felt like it was shining. Perhaps it was just his feeling.

But his good impression toward the hotel-keeper was turned inside out in his mind instinctively.

It was a conversation with a natural flow, but some kind of strange chill ran through him.

He had to be cautious in his reply. The thing he could say, the thing he couldn’t say, thing he should lie about, lie that would certainly be exposed if he uttered, it would be bad if he didn’t affirm all of those.

{Actually I went together with the people that evacuated at that time and went outside the dome. I also looked forward to trying to see the outside of Las Vegas.}

For an instant, he hesitated whether to state that he headed to the slum city. That was a fact that implied the possibility of Kazuki harboring disgust at the slave trade.

But, Mary had likely informed the fact that Kazuki explored the slum city to the government. Mary at that time was still not Kazuki’s ally yet.

{Aah, I see. After looking around outside the dome, for the sake of knowing about the Indians, honored customer crossed over to South America I heard.}

Was that story circulated even until the normal hotel-keeper?

{And then you kindly decided to ally yourself with us rather than the Indians and returned back to this hotel didn’t you?}

{Right, of course.} Kazuki returned a friendly smile. It was the only reasonable answer.

The hotel-keeper chuckled.

{However was it not difficult, to go to the place of the Indians once and then sneaking away back to this side?}

{That was easy. After all they also respected our will about which side we plan to ally ourselves with.}

{Will. Will, that’s something important. After all we are fighting each other with our ideology confronting the other. However the South America… we too hadn’t crossed to the other side of the Colorado river for many years already all this time. How nostalgic… going there and returning here, what kind of path was it that honored guest followed?}

‘We didn’t go out of our way at all you know’, Kazuki was having cold sweat inside his heart.

If he mistaken his reply, Kazuki and the others’ destruction of the soul battery factory of the slaves would be exposed.

In order to not reveal their deed he needed to instantly recall to his mind the map of America. The tall female hotel-keeper was looking down straight at Kazuki’s eyes fixedly.

{From Colorado river we went far to the east perhaps, when we arrived at the place where the ravine turned steep we turned to the north, then we were guided to the community around Grand Canyon. Our path back was also the same.}

{My, then did honored guest take a look at the beautiful Lake Mead at your way back? My origin is from around there.}

Kazuki who was imagining the map almost said that he saw the lake, no, he noticed that he couldn’t reply that there was no lake when he imagined the map in his mind. Why was that…

{Lake? We walked along Colorado river but, is there something like lake there?}

{Aah, I see, Colorado river is big so just walking alongside it, you won’t be able to make the distinction between the river and the lake won’t you honored guest?}

Just now wasn’t she obviously trying to trap him in a nasty way? Was he thinking too much?

“Uu~nn” At that time Kamimura-san’s body stirred. Kazuki called out to her “Kamimura-san, are you okay?” with a feeling as if he found Buddha inside hell.

“No problemo…” Kamimura-san opened her eyes while mumbling incomprehensibly.

{Looks like she has woken up. She said that she is fine.}

{My, what a curious Japanese.}

{It’s already this time, we are going back to our room.}

{Oh my, I’m sorry to keep you for long. Still it’s a honor to meet with our important guest. Well then, enjoy America.}

After elegantly nodding and bowing, the female house-keeper left. Kazuki felt relieved from the bottom of his heart.

“Kamimura-san, let’s go back to our room.” Saying that, he urged Kamimura-san to go back.

Part 8[edit]

“Kazuki-oniisan! Even with little girl heroine getting praised extravagantly, whether now or in the past the deredere sexy but cute breast heroine is monopolizing the popularity of the business world, but even Lolita can be loved! Yes for Lolita! After all, as long as there is love it’s not a crime desu!”

The night of that day, while Kazuki was sitting on the bed of his own room, the door opened vigorously and Lotte jumped inside like a playful doggy. Kazuki didn’t make any resistance when Lotte pushed him down and both of them lied on top of each other on the bed.

She was not wearing her usual cartoon character pajama, but a silk baby doll. It was a little sexy from its see-through quality.

“What is it Lotte, so suddenly. Even if there is love, but a crime is still a crime I think.”

“Like how abundant tannin slowly formed in fermented wine, like how leather with no unnecessary craftsmanship performed to it is naturally dyed through human life, rather than breast that has already been completed, isn’t enjoying the changeaging of the tiny breast that is made to grow by your own hands the pleasure of being an adult desu? In other words, a man who is not a lolicon is a boring man…”

While Lotte was saying something unreasonable with a tone of voice that had a bitterness in it, she got on top of Kazuki with both her legs kicking around.

“I understand what you want to say but it’s not like Lotte is a loli right? Your age only has a year difference from me.”

“Bad! I have poor growth desu!”

“No, even if you say that while puffing your chest…”

“If Kazuki-oniisan doesn’t get affectionate with me, my female hormones will stay as a bud and it won’t bloom desu! In other words, please do perverted things to me!”

A Lotte that was coming, demanding for perverted things was also cute, isn’t she.

When Kazuki rubbed Lotte’s head, Lotte went “Please don’t rub my head desu~” and shook her neck left and right. In that case, Kazuki rubbed Lotte’s breasts.

It was a gently-sloping bulge, like a rustling desert slightly piling up sand due to the wind.

Lotte was startled from the surprise stimulation. Even that Lotte would tremble from a perverted sensation like this. His heart was also made to beat fast from the fact that he himself would be the one to habitually develop Lotte’s immature body that was similar to Kamimura-san, but for Lotte who was more purely innocent like an angel to be developed by his own hands, making her tremble in pleasure, it made him feel the gap and a feeling of immorality even more.

“Lotte! When doing something perverted to a loli, the gap and the immorality are priceless!!”

“So you understand, Kazuki-oniisan! That’s the taste of an adult desu!!”

Is that right?

He thought that she was only talking in a mostly nonsensical mood.

“Incidentally Kazuki-oniisan, recently, did you feel any change in your own body desu?”

Change? For a moment Kazuki pondered what was Lotte talking about, but something immediately came to mind and he went ‘hah’ in realization. Looking at his expression, Lotte considered it as a yes and continued her story.

“Even how I become a personification of eros and approach Kazuki-oniisan, there is a reason for that desu.”

Rather than calling her a personification of eros, more like she had become a real idiot kid.

There was no denying it even if he said that she had reached the same level as Kanae who varnished over things with tension and momentum.

Lotte liked anime and manga, but she avoided those that had extreme scenes in them thinking that “I’ll get this done to me adultly from Kazuki-oniisan”. She was a serious child.

That was why even when she approached him boldly she didn’t actually understand the real thing and the mood turned like a gag manga.

“And the reason of this perverted approach?”

“I can feel a change in Kazuki-oniisan’s mind desu. It’s just a vague thing, but when oniisan flirted with a girl and got satisfied, the libido that should have been worn out looked as if it was recovered in super speed.”

“Super speed of libido recovery? …You mean I’m turning into a monster of sexual desire?”

But these few days, certainly had actually felt something like that.

“The upper limit of the libido itself is not increasing, so Kazuki-oniisan is not turning into a beast that keeps hungering for girls desu. It’s just the recovery strength that is high, so no matter how much you do it you won’t become tired of a girl. In short it’s like onii-san’s [sage time[21] is becoming zero] desu.”

No matter how much one eats but the stomach wouldn’t get full, so one could eat tasty things forever, perhaps it was something like that. That was something that was absurdly luxurious but… how did he turn up like this?

“It’s just a guess but Kazuki-oniisan is surrounded by magic power possessors of the greatest class in Japan and is loved by them. If the strong wish of those female magicians is constantly exposed to Kazuki-oniisan as unconscious magic… even if such a change resulted from that it might not be strange at all, isn’t it desu.”

Kazuki was shared among ten-odd girls. All of those girls wanted to stay together with Kazuki for even a little longer, wishing for a lot of the share, it was not his hubris but a fact. And then if the wish of those girls became a magic…

Having his mind remodeled one-sidedly was not a grotesque story. Rather if Kazuki had a mentality that rejected that, surely that subtle magic would be repelled by his defensive magic power. But Kazuki himself accepted that, he was thinking that he wanted to become like that in his deep psyche and because of that a result like this was produced.

It didn’t hurt anyone. The truth was, his feeling of happiness recently was not something superficial. He turned into someone that could love everyone infinitely.

…And that was Lotte’s reason for approaching him.

“That’s why please flirt with me more too-!”

Lotte who was too capable in detecting everyone’s feeling was being reserved until now.

But right now she thought that such reservations were already unnecessary.

“Right… it’s a situation that even Leme didn’t foresee, but Leme thinks that Lotte’s hypothesis is spot on.”

Beside Kazuki and Lotte who were lying on top of each other on the bed, Leme also materialized and clung at Kazuki. Leme had turned into the same stature and breast size similar to Lotte as if they were twin sisters.

“Being surrounded by the best female magicians of the present generation and being awakened towards matchless sexual stamina, that’s exactly just like the saying that [a good woman will polish a man]!”

“Don’t say something like matchless, it sounds bad hearing that…”

“That’s a happy thing for a woman you know! Then Leme too won’t act reserved against the other conquering target women. It’s no problem for Leme to participate in the intimate act!”

Leme also snuggled up to Kazuki. …The white and brown tiny breasts were sandwiching and rubbing against him.

Certainly, in this day Kazuki had repeated this experience who knows how many times, but even in this moment he was conscious of how fired up he was.

“Leme-oneesan, let’s give Kazuki-oniisan an idea of loli’s charm desu!”

“No, the age of Leme’s external appearance can be changed freely though.”

Leme’s body was wrapped in magic power…*BOIN!* her body grew. Her limbs turned longer all of a sudden, her figure turned voluptuous, and her breast *purun!* sprang up growing bigger.

Being betrayed, *gaa―nn!* Lotte’s body was trembling.

“Kazuki-oniisan, that’s a fake desu! You mustn’t get deceived by that kind of imitation breast!!”

“Fufufu, Lotte’s spoiled attitude is still too childish. Leme will show you an example… like this!”

Leme’s middle-eastern clothing quietly melted into the air, turning stark naked. And then she brought her face near in a straight line and suddenly kissed Kazuki. Leme’s bewitching long tongue licked and invaded into the mouth of Kazuki, violating the inside, caressing the gums of Kazuki’s mouth, and then entangled her tongue with Kazuki’s.

Kazuki was trembling in shivers. At the same time Leme’s thin fingers stroked Kazuki’s nape of the neck, *tsuu―* tracing toward Kazuki’s chest. Even a man would shudder when his body was caressed lovingly.

Ooo… Lotte was honestly admiring the sight while observing that woman’s wiles.

Leme was tasting the inside of Kazuki’s mouth slurpingly to her heart content and then in the end as if to suck Kazuki’s saliva *chuu―* she vacuumed with her mouth, *chupa!* then she separated their mouth with a light sound.

“Fufufu, how’s that, Leme’s technique? Leme is not existing for so long just for show. …Well, at most Leme just learned them as knowledge but this is the first time Leme practiced them for real though. These many months and years possessing my own ego, Hibiki was also the same sex with me, someone who I thought of doing this kind of thing with is only my master… just Kazuki after all♡ Leme is not going to hold herself back anymore♡”

Looking at the smiling Leme with her naked dark brown body bending back and forth like a snake and her cheek slightly colored red, made Kazuki’s heart beat hard. Throughout her long life she was thinking of only one person with whom she would do something like this… that was quite an excellent pick-up line.

“A great persuasive power that cannot be said by anybody except someone with lolibaba[22] attribute…!” Lotte too was filled with admiration on the side.

“Who are you saying an old woman-!” Leme reluctantly talked back hearing that.

“But me too… I don’t know of any other man than Kazuki-oniisan, but anyway I absolutely, absolutely like Kazuki-oniisan the most in the world desu-!!”

Lotte too took off the baby doll that she wore and exposed her springy white naked body that made one feel a taboo.

And then as if to steal him from Leme, she hugged Kazuki and kissed him.

Lotte’s somewhat short tongue was clumsily being loving inside Kazuki’s mouth.

In order to answer that courage Kazuki also reached out his tongue and entangled Lotte’s tongue with his.

  • kuchu kuchu* Both of them were frolicking with each other wholeheartedly leaking out watery sounds.

At the same time Kazuki caressed Lotte’s breast. Just like how Leme lovingly caressed Kazuki just now, Kazuki caressed Lotte lovingly. Lotte’s gently-sloping bulge was trembling in shudders, her flower buds were sharpening.

At that moment the trousers of Kazuki’s pajama was slid down. And then Leme chuckled “Fuufufu~!♡” while poking at Kazuki’s hot thing that felt like it was boiling.

Kazuki didn’t mind that and concentrated on loving Lotte.

“Kazuki-oniisan… please make me feel even better…” Lotte blushed with an ecstatic face pleading to him. When Kazuki inserted his hand between Lotte’s slender thighs, the pure angel had already been sticky there from sexual excitement. Kazuki was dyeing Lotte’s pure white with his own color.

At the same time the seething passion of Kazuki’s lower body was held fast deep inside Leme’s mouth. Her long tongue enveloped with saliva was mercilessly sliding over rubbing him, sucking over and over *chuu chuu*, fervently tormenting him in great persistence. It was as if his core of pleasure was directly constricted.

It felt somewhat vexing to be made felt good one-sidedly by Leme, while thinking of things like that, he threw all of that feeling to make Lotte who was in front of his eyes feel good. Lotte raised a lovely voice like an angel and trembled from the pleasure that Kazuki brought about.

While a strange position of power was formed, the three people entangled their naked flesh with each other until late at night.

Passion overflowed endlessly from Kazuki’s heart, he continued using up all his strength satisfying the two girls.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Italia’s Earth and Blue Sky
  2. i.e. : (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻)
  3. There is a play of the word tsundere here. *tsun tsun* is the sound effect of poking at something, but the word ‘tsun’ could also be used to describe being cold to someone, combined with ‘dere dere’ which means warming up or being lovestruck to someone, certainly Mio in the imagination above is being a tsundere in a different meaning.
  4. Most Likely referring to Louis from Zero no Tsukaima here…
  5. A Japanese proverb, making a dull sword look sharp even though it’s actually unusable.
  6. The curry might be a reference to yellow ranger
  7. Don’t know how to translate the joke here. In Japanese there is the proverb of ‘the string of the patience bag/sack is snapped’ which means out of patience. Hikaru exchanged the patience bag with testicle sack, the Japanese words for these two sound a little similar.
  8. That’s how you call all-you-can-eat buffet in Japan
  9. Manzai is a two person comedy act
  10. Don’t know what is this bell one. Might be some show in Japan.
  11. This is a reference from Saki the MC Miyana Saki is known to Kan into Rishan Kaihou in Mahjong.
  12. I guess even she doesn’t believe Arthur is a man
  13. Ukemi, the art of falling down safely.
  14. Type of fan that yells and dances at concerts.
  15. To imagine how Amaterasu dance, try this video, or search dance video with this wordキレッキレ. The katakana just now means sharp-sharp
  16. An extremely polite expression, usually only used by people of low status.
  17. Usually Kazuki used polite language to converse with Amaterasu
  18. Grotesque
  19. Well said
  20. Riajuu (short for “riaru juujitsu”) Typically used in fandom circles as the opposite of an otaku, or simply meaning “everybody else”. The underlying notion is “someone who is interested in real things and has a successful social life” It is commonly used to label people that have a real girlfriend.
  21. Sage time, the period after orgasm when a man is free from sexual desire and can think clearly.
  22. Lolibaba, loli=young girl, baba=old woman, which mean a girl who was really really old yet had the appearance of a young girl.

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