Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou:Volume 11 Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – Offense and Defense Between Mythologies[edit]

For the Indians, rattlesnake was the most dangerous mystery, a neighbor that ought to be worshiped.

Rattlesnakes didn’t attack because they felt like it. They always wielded that lethal poison only limited for their own defense when danger was approaching. When they were going to bite they would gave out a rattling sound, warning the opponent to run away from their poison. A behavior of the wise could be seen from that.

Flesh bitten by a rattlesnake would rot black, crumbling into pieces, becoming the earth. It was grotesque, but it was not a cursed death. It was a return to nature. Those who committed crime, those who acted aggressive, they returned to nature due to poison, reincarnated into a new life.

In a lot of cases, it was said in legend that they would be reincarnated into a new rattlesnake.

Rattlesnake that was once human guided humans to not commit crime with their poison, and they became the protector that granted the divine protection of mystery(medicine) toward the innocent people in case they faced calamity.

Therefore, rattlesnake was the great agent of the Great Spirit(Mother Nature’s Will).

Consequently it would appear at places where there was sin. Slipping through gaps, slipping out from underground, and it even further came from the sky ― turning into a zigzagging lightning.

The lightning of judgment from the sky was the snake that descended from the sky.

Each time that judgment descended there was no place to run ― if there was no room for repentance, they could only accept death. After all in the first place, it was not something to be feared.

That was why the girl was ― secretly chanting a spell.

“Sleeping in the ridge of soldiers’ creek, agents that were once brethren, from the gaps of things, from the bottom of the earth, from the cracks of the heavens, show your figure, count the sins in the human’s land.”

That spell chanting was undetectable, even for experts of perception like Charlotte Liebenfrau.

“Rattlesnake Coming(Rattlesnake Arrive Here).”

That was a surprise attack.

The dome city Las Vegas was destroyed in a flash.

The asphalt of the ground split. The ceiling of the dome was smashed and rained down. Buildings were torn up from small cracks.

And then the asphalt’s crack, the ceiling’s crack, the cracks everywhere in the city ― from all the cracks, dozens of snakes were creeping out.

It was a small mercy that the general public had already finished evacuating. The ones who were stationed in the city were only a small scale force of North America’s Knight Order ― the majority of the main force was already moved along the Colorado River, waiting for the attack. This was a surprise attack that slipped through that.

The cooperating people that came from Japan, Kazuki and his group and the highest commander Clark and her elites were coming to a halt in Las Vegas. Kazuki, Clark and the others rushed out from Las Vegas in great panic and fell into chaos.

The snakes were choosing from people with weak magic power ― they twined around the mechanized soldiers, forming a clump and bit all at once. The victims writhed and resisted, but before long their defensive magic power were used up. The people who lost their defensive magic power and lost their resistance towards the poison were ― changed into snakes in the blink of an eye and their position changed into new attackers. The snakes were increasing. The knights lost their leadership in the nightmarish scene and ran around.

“Calm down you idiots!!”

Clark Moore yelled. There was no one in this country who didn’t feel fear from this voice.

At the same time a storm of bullets drove off the snakes at Clark’s surrounding. The girl who would stand by beside Clark without fail when Clark was standing on the battlefield ― Jeremy Barret was holding two handguns. Rapid fire that couldn’t be imagined from handguns pierced all the snakes accurately, it also saved the attacked people.

However the snakes were also not something soft that would die from a single shot of magic filled bullets.

Kazuki rushed out from hotel Yggdrasil and observed the situation.

It was a dreadful disastrous scene.

First they had to grasp how many snakes were lurking and where.

“Shouko!” Kazuki chose one from among his group and called out.

“Can’t be helped huh.” That woman took out a piece of scroll that was a Sacred Treasure and unfolded it in front of her eyes.

“See through, <Onmyou Taikyokuzu>! Shingan Kaikon, Tenchi Shizen no Zu!!” (TN: Yin Yang Grand Zenith Map, Divine Eye Soul Release, Heaven and Earth’s Nature Map)

Taikyokuzu was softly floating, it sucked vast magic power from Shouko and began shooting widely at the surrounding area. It was as if a giant net was spreading ― granting all perceived information to Shouko.

“King! From the military boundary line, the South America’s large army is invading all at once!!”

A brave messenger was rushing into the panicked Las Vegas.

“Is this a magic that has never been seen before!?”

While waiting for Shouko’s reply, Kazuki questioned Clark.

“Right.” Clark nodded.

“But the strength of one of this snake is… it’s not a type of magic that summons Demon Beasts. Every single one were originally Magika Stigma. A magic that transforms allies into snakes and sends them to the enemy territory.”

It mercilessly defeated the mechanized soldiers, and it wouldn’t die easily even when they were hit by Jeremy’s bullets. That analysis was surely accurate.

A powerful elite squad was transformed into snakes due to special magic while infiltrating here.

The Indians of South America were retaining a trump card of surprise attack magic.

“This is the work of the Chief that manipulates snake spirit ― Dancing Snake.”

Kazuki drew out Ame no Murakumo and gloomily cleared away the attacking snakes.

“We need to grasp the situation. Shouko, how is it!?”

When Kazuki asked with a loud voice, Clark also directed her sight at Shouko.

Shouko made a bitter face. “It’s better to talk with a small voice you know.”

She was saying that it was better to not give Clark information.

“The priority is to minimize the damage to the city and the people, idiot!”

Kazuki immediately rebuked ― Shouko was making a flabbergasted face.

“Don’t get absentminded, how is it?”

“Ri…right. …-geez, it’s been a few years since I got scolded by other people, it’s stupid to make mistakes. I’m searching for the enemy roughly in the scope of 100 kilos around. There are 70 snakes infiltrating inside Las Vegas dome. The infiltration route is the sky, earth, and from the cracks of buildings, they suddenly warped here into those. It must be a Myth that has that kind of concept. At Colorado river several thousand soldiers are in the middle of a march. As expected I can’t count them.”

“Seems like it’s impossible to bring all of their forces here using this magic. And so they only bring 70 elites inside here to spread chaos while marching their main force then.”

Elite ― the snakes that were attacking people were starting to use Summoning Magic too. Magika Stigmas were transformed into snake appearance, and they could use their original Summoning Magic at the same time as retaining the snake ability. Magic shockwaves were occurring here and there.

“Not just the number of the snakes, can you get where they are and how many!?”

Clark immediately grasped the ability that Shouko used and handed down orders to the messenger without waiting for the reply.

“Evacuate the soldiers that are still remaining inside the dome, get everyone to link up with the force at the Colorado river! Intercept the enemy’s main force by you guys! Only the Numbers and I, also the reinforcements from Japan, are going to deal with the snakes that invaded inside the dome!”

And then she turned back to Shouko. “Chinese. You are Shouko if I remember right. So that the soldier that retreated outside the dome doesn’t get attacked by the snakes, give out instruction to your group around you. While grasping the snakes distributed positions, hit them in turn starting from the guys that are in danger right now like whack-a-mole.”

“I’m not your subordinate y’know?”

“Shouko, I’m begging too. Please do that.” Kazuki also interjected.

“Looks like an ally that gets done in by the snakes are turned into a snake and becomes an enemy. If it keeps like this the enemy will multiply. It’s bad saying it like this but, it’s better for the normal soldiers that are not too strong to be gone from here.”

Even while talking like that, Kazuki’s comrades and the Numbers were rushing around in order to help the soldiers in their surroundings, hitting hard at the snakes. But rather than rushing around blindly, it was necessary to detect the location of soldiers that fell into a greater pinch and prioritizing helping them.

It was better to control the chaos even a second faster, making elites clash against elites and other soldiers againsts other soldiers.

“Chih-. Well… That’s a rational decision. You bastards, listen to my orders!”

Shouko briskly gave out instruction “You go there!” “You go over there!” to the comrades attacking the snakes around, and also so that the snakes couldn’t pursue the soldiers that began retreating, she spread out an encirclement like whack-a-mole. In the first place Shouko was also a commander that managed an organization.

“Aah- geez! This snake, is strong you know!?”

Mio raised a scream. The snake was moving around slitheringly and ran around from simple attack magic. When Kanae and Kohaku were chasing the snakes around, the snakes were chanting attack magic and defense magic. The snakes couldn’t be differentiated from each other based on their appearances, but every single one was an elite that had a few openings that could be taken advantage of.

“Funyaa!!!!!!!” Mio who was in high spirits and moved too far forward was bitten by a snake.

That snake was ― chanting a spell while biting, releasing magic power light. …That was bad!

“O lone aloof beast in the mountain, repeating life and death at each turning of season, thy art the personification of Samsara…”

Still biting at Mio, the snake’s body swelled up and it was turning huge.

“Grizzly Coming(Gray Bear Arrive Here)!”

That body expanded, transforming into a giant bear that might have passed over five meters.

Strong fangs that were in a different league than when it was a snake, thick claw, were sinking into Mio’s defensive magic power.

Kazuki poured magic power into the pendant-type Magic Dress on his chest―[Zekorbeni]. The Zekorbeni started up and the power of Phoenix flowed into it.

The small pendant-type Magic Dress changed into flame armor that covered his whole body.

He then directly released magic without incantation.

“O bird of paradise whose body is carrying the light of heaven, answer my accusation and burn to ash the sin of the surface! Israel Judgment!!”

A thick beam blew away the giant bear that was attacking Mio from the side. The bear staggered and released Mio. …It was only staggered receiving a level 6 magic that stressed destructive power.

A spec that surpassed humans overwhelmingly ― even a magic that possessed super offensive ability for a human, was not like that for bear.

Bear ― for every animal, the weaker they were the more they relied on a group, there was no existence as aloof as a mature bear on the earth. Its figure quietly alone inside the mountain came out as mystical.

Lion was commonly called as the king of a hundred beasts, but for the Indians they revered the bear as the supreme being. Bear was [the king of a hundred beasts]. After all lion was forming a pack, but bear didn’t.

Clark yelled a name.

“The Chief that controlled bear spirit ― Standing Bear!”

That guy was also chief…!

“Kazuki, leave that guy to me! …O divine protection of warrior, double the megin whirling in my body! The will of god urging to unlimited fights, in this body! Meginjord!!”

Beatrix covered her whole body with strengthening magic, “FUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA―!” she cut in while laughing hard and firmly grappled with the bear.

“GUGAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” The bear roared trying to squash Beatrix.

“BEAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!” Beatrix roared back.

A competition of strength between Beatrix and a bear… what a terrific picture.

Kazuki also participated in driving away the snakes. “Hayashizaki Kazuki, come that way!” Shouko turned to him and yell. From the building at the side, a snake was slithering out.

This snake… each time it moved it didn’t use magic power so it was hard to sense! It was far faster than a human without even using Enchant Aura!

The snake that was drawing near Kazuki unnoticed released light and grew bigger.

“O friend, o neighbor of the lovable great plain… thy flesh becomes our flesh. Thy blood becomes our wisdom. The once lost blessing, once again to us…”

That snake was transforming into a sublime woman with pure white curly long hair and pure white leather clothes wrapping her body. There were a pair of horns growing manly at her head, but her expression was showing a soft smile. The woman was still sitting in a mysterious stance, while floating in the air.

“White Buffalo Coming(White Wise Ox Arrive Here).”

When the white woman held her hand to the sky ― the dome’s ceiling crumbled even further, then from the exposed sky, countless arrows made from bone poured down to Kazuki like a heavy rain where he couldn’t even open his eyes.

There was no premonition of magic power, Kazuki couldn’t immediately defend using defensive magic.

“Pierce the far away, <Doutanuki>! Battou Kaikon ― Tenran Kamaitachi!!”

But Kohaku swung her Sacred Treasure <Doutanuki>. The gale from that sword blade averted the arrows.

The white woman held aloft her other hand to the ground. Thereupon, the surrounding snakes grew as big as anacondas, enlarging ― wide range reinforcement magic.

Buffalo ― the livelihood of the prairie Indians were all supported by the buffaloes that inhabited the Great Plains. They tied their life with the flesh and blood of buffalo, they turned skin and bone into clothes and weapons, even into houses. For them nature and buffalo were not mere hunting targets, they considered buffalo as the messenger from Mother Nature. Buffalo tested human race how they would come into contact with Mother Nature, it promised eternal blessing to the Indians if they were always modest.

Therefore when the white people decided to massacre the Indians, they began by first destroying the buffalo.

In legend there was a narration about the honored messenger that enlightened the Indians how to live as Indians, the [White Wise Ox].

Clark yelled a name.

“The strongest Chief that carry the white buffalo ― Sitting Bull!”

“Put that hand out of the way!”

Kazuki sensed that Sitting Bull’s hand which was pointing at the ground was strengthening all the snakes on the battlefield and slashed at it.

Sitting Bull looked defenseless, yet by just holding up her hand that was directed to the sky, this time it was countless bone spears that were produced. She intercepted Kazuki with the tip of the spear right from the front.

This time Kazuki evaded by Foresighting the will that was created even before the magic power. Since he fought Ilyailiya and Ikousai, Kazuki was able to do that if he cleared his mind to the limit.

Sitting Bull flew behind glidingly while still in a sitting position.

“Wait-!” The one who could reliably dodge the attack just now was most likely only himself, then Kohaku and Hikaru-senpai who could manipulate wind. And then the woman who was strengthening the snakes had to be defeated first.

But before Kazuki could try to chase her, more snakes were slithering out without any sign beforehand.

“It has been a while, Hayashizaki Kazuki. I promised you that the next time we meet is the time for our battle.”

The snake talked with a voice he remembered hearing before.

“O friend that remain the last even as foreigner, o war friend! Let’s fly the banner of revolution towards the civilization society together! Now, neigh madly high to the sky!”

That snake swelled up along with light―into a female warrior that was imposingly straddling a large horse.

“Crazy Horse Coming(Crazy Running Horse Arrive Here)…!”

“iIIIIIIIIIIIIN!!” The large horse raised an earth-shaking neigh that didn’t shame its large body. Magic power was ― exaltation of fighting spirit was filling that voice.

No, it was a berserk fighting spirit. The snakes that were enlarged like anacondas were writhing madly. The vigor of their movements were further increased. Their long bodies constricted the knights, or their long tails slapped away the approaching humans. Their released magic were also increasing in strength because of their amplified mental power.

The power of cavalry that rushed at the very front at the battlefield…! The cavalry inspired their comrades with their bravery.

The female warrior on the large horse faced Kazuki and swung her long spear. Kazuki parried that and shouted out the woman’s name. Even Kazuki knew about this woman.

“Crazy Horse!”

Horse ― on the American continent horse had gone extinct in the far away ancient time, they didn’t live in America until the westerners brought them here. The Indians were bewildered and called the horse as medicine dog, but they immediately became close friends with each other. The Indians became even far more skilled at riding horse than the westerners, horse was an indispensable comrade in the war against the white people. The horses chose the Indians rather than the westerners. (TN: Looks like for the Indians, the word medicine has a mystical meaning.)

All the other nature’s animals passed away, but horse existed for the Indians beside them until the very end.

Not just horse. One more snake appeared in front of Kazuki. Its body transformed along with light, turning into a charming woman with a naked body that was wrapped by a snake. As if dancing, the woman swayed her limbs bewitchingly. …There was no mistake, this woman is the snake Chief, Dancing Snake.

The woman chanted. “O sky rumble, become zigzag light, burn and destroy the house built on sand! Rattle Lightning(Lightning Snake Descend)!!”

From the ceiling of the dome city that had been considerably damaged, pitch black lightning streamed inside like an invading thunder cloud. The thunder cloud was sounding rattling sounds like a menacing snake while breaking up, turning into countless snakes of light raining down. But Kazuki had already predicted that. The problem was the large scale of the destruction.

Kazuki exchanged looks with Kamimura-san. Kamimura-san didn’t have Foresight technique, but she properly understood the meaning of Kazuki’s signal and what was expected from her.

“Cloud on top of serpent, we in the sky are the throne of god. The oath of the nation’s tutelary god is taken in the steel of white cloud… the raised sword is, Ame no Murakumo! Shirakumo no Yoroi!!”

An imitation Ame no Murakumo was created in Kamimura-san’s hand, above her head billowing white clouds were whirling. Kazuki was also summoning the same magic phenomenon from his Sacred Treasure.

“The oath of protection right here, <Ame no Murakumo>… Battou Kaikon, Shirakumo no Yoroi!”

The overflowing two layer of white clouds were becoming protective armors on the bodies of his comrades and the retreating North American knights one after another. Even with the two of them they couldn’t reach as far as the Numbers, Kazuki apologized inside his heart.

The lightning produced from the black cloud, and the vapor armor produced from the white cloud opposed each other.

The moisture wrapped in magic power absorbed the electricity in order to guide its flow, scattering them apart and turning it ineffective.

“O metal of sandstorm, become a covering blessing on my cursed body… Desperado!”

On the other hand without even needing Kazuki worrying about her, that Jeremy was giving rise to a sandstorm that acted as a large sheet, flapping above the heads of her comrade Numbers.

That sheet created from iron sand also absorbed electricity and led it to the ground where it was neutralized.

“You showed an opening!”

However Kazuki that was using the Sacred Treasure’s power was ― blown away by a powerful attack.

Crazy Horse concentrated all the charging power of her horse into the tip of her spear, commencing a violent thrust. Kazuki received the fierce large swing completely and was blown away. Of course he had read that movement, but he prioritized protecting everyone. Kazuki caved into a building wall.

“Trample, my friend(Aparosa)!’

Crazy Horse’s beloved horse stood up with its two back legs and stepped on Kazuki who was caved in the wall.


Crazy Horse didn’t miss the chance and also released countless thrusts at Kazuki with the spear she held on top of the horse.

“O accumulated wisdom throughout human history, become layers of armor that armored my body! Heavily, thickly, reject all brutality! Seusenhofer!!”

Kazuki immediately invoked defensive magic, covering his body with silver armor. The silver armor and vapor armor overlapped, shining in sparkles. But the two front legs of the horse that was like an elephant, and then the fierce spear thrusts ― when the three thick metal stakes ran amok on Kazuki’s body, the two layer defense was annihilated in a flash.

They didn’t even give him time to escape…!

“Not hesitating to hurt myself too if it curses thee… shared pain is my joy! Cry and shout at the mirror reflection! Suicide Black!!”

Kazuki barely invoked his next spell.

It was a magic to make the opponent falter from reflected illusionary pain that matched with the opponent’s attack.


He invoked that with the goal of blunting her fierce attack but ― the Indians’ brave warrior didn’t falter at all.

Despite how she should be feeling intense pain as if her whole body was torn into pieces, Crazy Horse’s eyes were bloodshot red just like her name, and immersed all her will into [trampling].

It was not the way a human should be. What made the girl keep like this was ― her trance(immersion) towards her faith. When a believer’s faith reached the extremes, just like what Kamimura-san said before, even inside any kind of pain and fear, they would interpret it as a gift from god.

There was no substantial defensive effect from [Suicide Black]. Kazuki’s defensive magic power was kept being shaven in large chunks.

“O stream of atmosphere, stretch to my hand, become the spear that repulse the hated enemy! What stretch into my hand is the tip of the storm!! Maimuur!!”

Hikaru-senpai whose whole body was shining golden from reinforcement magic was holding the spear that created storms in both her hands, thrusting at Crazy Horse from the side. Even the brave horse and warrior were disoriented “GUH-!”, the bloodshot insane eyes moved at Hikaru-senpai and she swung her spear in return.

“Uwaa-!? Hikaru-senpai barely blocked it, but overmatched by the overwhelming power she was unsteady on her feet and staggered.

But in that moment Kazuki was already helped.

“Shut and seal, <Yasakani no Magatama>! Kaicho Kaikon, Hachimon Shibari!!” (TN: String Open Soul Release, Eight Gate Binding)

One of the three Sacred Treasures ― the power of <Yasakani no Magatama> was liberated.

The string of magatama that was wrapped on his left wrist was instantly spreading out away from his wrist, wrapping around Crazy Horse together with her horse. Crazy Horse was stopped from running wild anymore.

“Sink hundred of ships, o the threat of sea lurking in the deep ocean! Surface, led by my singing voice… show that whole face! …Stab the fang! Ice Buster!!”

From the side, Koyuki was also chanting magic while rushing here. When she thrust both her hands to the tied Crazy Horse, from those two hands countless ice blocks were created one after another.

The few tons of ice that were created blew away Crazy Horse and squashed her.

“I got worried that nobody was going to come helping me you know.”

When Kazuki said that, Hikarus-senpai laughed “Ahaha”. “There is no way we will do that right―”

“For each time I save you, I demand one reward each.” Koyuki’s eyes shined bright.

The ice mountain that even now was continuously crushing Crazy Horse was evaporated into steam.

From inside the rubble of the building, the horse’s fur was covering Crazy Horse’s whole body. A steady flame was spouting out from the fur’s ends. Until just now she didn’t even wear her Magic Dress.

“Kazuki, mission complete…!”

In the meantime Kamimura-san raised her voice as if she was just clearing a game, when her eyes met Kazuki she thrust her thumb up. While Kamimura-san was covering with defensive magic, finally the North American knights completed their retreat to outside the dome.

“Thank you, Jonny.” Kazuki also gave a thumb up.

Shouko that was giving out instructions all over also went “Fuhii―”, even though the battle didn’t go well she released a sigh.

With this they should be able to link up with the main force that was waiting for the enemy’s main force at Colorado river.

Japan, North America, and the Indian’s elites could clash with each other without holding back.

“Hayashizaki Kazuki, I’ll leave the four Chiefs over there to you!” Clark called out to him in a loud voice.

During the time they were supporting their own respective comrades that they knew well, Kazuki and his group, Clark and her group, both groups were naturally beginning to crowd separately.

At the other side there were also three magicians visible who had come back to their original appearance from being a snake, most likely those of Chief level returned to their original appearance after succeeding in infiltration so that they could display their power.

A woman wearing dog fur on her body that seemed likely to be a Chief was heading to his direction, trying to attack at this side.

“No one can escape from the law of the wasteland… Roping & Jitterbug(Dancer of Lasso)!”

But Jeremy caught her with a lasso and pulled her back.

If they went until that far… Kazuki nodded.

There were seven Chiefs. Dancing Snake, Standing Bear, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse. His side was taking charge of four people, while the other side was taking on three people, there was unfairness.

However looking at the number of people, with Clark and the Numbers that totaled eight people, compared to Kazuki and his comrades that were tied by bonds, his group was near double the number of Clark’s group. Furthermore if Clark’s power was consumed it would be hard to recover.

Thinking about how to win against South America, Clark’s proposal was correct.

“Everyone, we are finishing this up quickly!!” Kazuki called out to his comrades.

Correct, quickly. If Clark’s group defeated the Chiefs faster than this side, would they then reinforce this side so honestly? They wouldn’t. Surely… they would aim at Kazuki’s back.

In reverse if this side finished up earlier, they could obtain the chance to aim at Clark’s back. This might be Clark implicitly proposing a race.

…This was a really strange battle. Measuring the time to betray the other party, in order to betray better, they need to fight the enemy in front of their eyes in a hurry…

The Chiefs were only four people, but several dozens of enlarged and berserk snakes that couldn’t be differentiated from each other were powerful with their mob-like tendency. The mechanized soldier of the North American Knight Order was also strong, but because these snakes originally were also Magika Stigma they were really strong. What made Kazuki anxious that none of his comrades would come to help was also because he sensed that his comrades were in hard battles.

Nonetheless, Arthur with [Carnwennan] in hand sped-up himself and took on almost ten snakes by himself. He would be happier if Arthur helped in dealing with the Chiefs instead, but surely Arthur was thinking to not make himself stand out too.

“First we are dispelling the snakes’ reinforcement magic!”

Dancing Snake turned the snakes, Sitting Bull enlarged them, Crazy Horse enraged them, if any of those three was not defeated then the situation wouldn’t change for the better.



Standing Bear that was unrelated to the reinforcement magic was fought by Beatrix that seemed to be having fun wrestling one-on-one earnestly against the bear, so he would leave that to her… ‘…That girl, doesn’t she seem to be awfully having fun fighting against someone other than me? What is this, this jealousy.’

“Eeei, it’s troublesome getting slow in this kind of fight! Akane, let’s go with the usual thing-☆”

“Right, Kanon.”

Kanon-senpai and Akane-senpai earnestly ran around from the snakes, and then they hid behind Kohaku’s back. Kohaku’s figure that protected the two while carrying innumerable Sacred Treasures was completely like Musashibo Benkei. At a glance the two great senpai looked pathetic, but Kazuki also knew about their powerful and peerless combination. Even their chanting speed was fast.

In fact the time to release it had come.

“Here we go-☆ O the wounded angel waving the flag of rebellion… under the [worthless] name release the looked down silent fury! Emission Flare!!”

Besides Kanon-senpai, an avatar of a beautiful angel with blue flames swaying all over her body was floating. Kanon-senpai’s contracted Diva, <Belial>.

That magic ― [Emission Flare], except special magic like level 10 or Original One, was the most destructive magic Kazuki knew.

From the sky several streaks of blue flame was raining down. Light was overflowing from the place where they impacted one after another, spreading wide. The blue flame rivaled the stars in space.

That explosive heat ignored Kanon-senpai’s control and tried to burn everything.

Akane-senpai invoked her magic simultaneously. Besides her was an eerie Diva with an owl face, <Amon>.

“All phenomenon of sky, that wing ride the rising wind… o god of wind, wash away the world foundation and rule in accordance of your thought! Rizomata Mastery!!”

Terrific winds rose inside the dome. When Akane-senpai moved her hand as if wielding a command baton, that wind was controlled following her thought, swallowing the enlarged blue flame. That wind put all five base elements under her rule, the wind of god. The wind drew a spiral and compressed the flame, forming a dot of light like a small star. That dot became a beam that was controlled by Akane-senpai’s will.

It was the leyline of death that thoroughly stole the touched thing’s defensive magic power.

“Crazy Horse Coming…!”

But at that time Crazy Horse reinvoked the magic that she had chanted earlier.

“Damn it!?”

In an instant, Kazuki guessed her intention just before it happened, but different with defending against normal attack magic with defense magic, he didn’t have any way of defending against that with the magic that he possessed.

The agitating wave was ― washing over Akane-senpai.

“Eh…?” Akane-senpai made a face that was taken by surprise. That expression cracked and distorted.

“KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-!!” A scream that tore the throat.

Akane-senpai’s mind fell under the madness for only a moment.

But at that time the divine wind lost its control, making the vast energy overflow.

“Akane, what are you doing so irresponsibly! Even I cannot control that flame you know-☆”

Kanon-senpai yelled, though just who was it that was the most irresponsible.

Akane-senpai pressed her head while she just barely recovered her sanity, however,

“I’m sorry, everyone, use defensive magic…!!”

The blue light exploding out from the spiral of wind was enveloping everything―.

“Kazuki-!” Just before that happened, Kamimura-san was looking at Kazuki.

Amaterasu who excelled in the power of protection. She was telling him to use that power together. Kazuki nodded.

“ “What floated in the air is the star of ruin that eclipse the sky, until the dawn breaks, please confine us at that motherly wall… Mikuni Shugo Kekkai・Ama no Iwato!” “ (TN: Country Protection Barrier・Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave)

In front of Kazuki and his comrades, countless lines of light ran, pure white wall was materialized in that uneven outline. Amaterasu’s shut-in space that Kazuki had also seen at Astrum, [Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave]’s defensive power was just like that reproduced as a barrier.

“I thought that something like this might happen.”

Kaguya-senpai too didn’t trust the third year seniors for even a little bit.

“Otouto-kun, I’m using it…!”

Kaguya-senpai stopped being unwilling to use the new power ― that figure of hers changed into Chouki Magician, she invoked a new magic.

“Tear off the world and shut it in nothingness! Swallow all light, inside my womb… Vanta Black Hole(Perfect Light Absorbing Space)!!”

Black magic power spouted out from Kaguya-senpai’s whole body.

The black magic power with visible ray absorption rate that physically couldn’t exist was whirling and rotating, absorbing the blue light ― it was a defensive magic that was particularly effective against an attack of light.

“O motherly nature… the now approaching calamity is also nature… we are also nature… if so then please harmonize everything and protect us… Kulispel Tipi(Mystical Leather Hut)!” (TN: Kulispel is an Indian tribe in North America and Tipi is a traditional Inidan conical hut made by animal skin upon wooden pole, the katakana is クリスペルティピー)

The strongest chief Sitting Bull raised up both her hands. Then as if a thick curtain was falling down, thin, soft, undulating white leather was falling down. The white leather that was sewed with beautiful and mystical embroidery blocked that blue aurora.

The light saturated. All solid bodies were liquefied, all gas’ Prima Materia had their electrons collapse, turning into super high temperature plasma. The blue light that destroyed every material was overflowing, the vibration that sounded like death’s agony from the air that was made into plasma made a terrific roar reverberating around the area.

Even so, Akane-senpai that was barely coming back from her agitation tried to suppress the damage somehow, she re-wrapped the light with the wind of [Rizomata Mastery] to force out the destruction outside the area of the main street where they were fighting, setting free the power to the sky.

The magic phenomenon met its demise. Cave, black hole, mystical leather, all were crumbling down, not a little damage was distributed to everyone.

“Kanon-senpai you idiot-!” Hikaru-senpai blamed with a half joking and half serious face.

“Just now can’t be helped right~…is everyone safe-☆”

With [Rizomata Mastery] the damage to Las Vegas was suppressed to some degree, but around them displaying a sight as if they were in an alternate world. The asphalt of the road and the building were gouged, the surface was melting into mud. Ten-odd Indians were collapsed inside the craters that were made here and there. Their transformation was undone due to the damage felling them into magic intoxication, they had returned into their original form. It seemed that if he was asked whether the result was a plus or a minus, the plus was a lot more.

“The wrestling… was just reaching the climax though.”

Beatrix and Standing Bear that grappled in contest of strength were also blown away from the shockwave, where now they were getting poised to start again.


“Otouto-kun, let’s finish this immediately.”

Kaguya-senpai’s appearance was changing. Chouki Magician ― the Magic Dress that covered Kaguya-senpai’s body was further reduced into mere patterns that hid her parts, the ornaments on her back was transfigured into wings that made one think of a succubus or an incubus.

“Kaguya-senpai… and then everyone too! Then please do it!”

With how he didn’t understand what kind of countermeasure Clark had prepared, he didn’t want to expose his power of Basileus more than this in this place where Clark was also present.

However they needed to win for even a second faster. There was a need to make full use of everyone’s power.

“Yosh, a short decisive battle!”

Hikaru-senpai also agreed, her body was wrapped in light. Golden light that made one think of star and lightning was scattered… Hikaru-senpai’s figure was also changed into Chouki Magician. As if expressing senpai’s refreshing disposition, her Magic Dress was a linear lines that formed V-shape digging into her body. Something like robe of feathers were growing out from her shoulders and back, showers of light and sparks were constantly scattered from there.

“E…even me is Chouki here!” “Puu.”

Both Mio and Koyuki also changed their appearance into the evolved form he had seen before.

The four people that were the first for Kazuki in the Witch’s Mansion, magnificently stepped forward together.

“Those four are the elites of your Mythology huh.”

Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Dancing Snake, Standing Bear… the glint in their eyes sharpened, they betted the pride of their own Mythology.

Kazuki distributed magic power to the four people. Kazuki’s newly obtained power ― Japanese Mythology’s [Power of Harmony].

Harmony ― Kazuki embraced a sensation as if he had become a single cluster of existence with his comrades. He perceived everyone’s magic power ― where he was able to freely control them all.

Kazuki poured magic power into the four Chouki Magicians, concentrating them. He made them cable of more powerful magic and even faster invocation, in order to decide the battle.

“This is a match, Indian Mythology! Compared to the other country’s Mythology… I’ll prove that this me is a rank A even in international standards!!”

Mio shouted that vigorously ― and invoked Phoenix’s level 9 magic.

“Repeating life and death o the undying bird of eternity… life born from ash(zero) the infinite fire seed right here! Super Nova(Origin Sun)!!”

A small fire spark was fired from Mio’s palm. Inside that really small fire spark, Phoenix’s everything that carried infinite life was compressed.

That fire spark flew aiming at Crazy Horse that was fighting Kazuki.

“…My true name is Ordo Lady Force. That power, I’ll show you how I meet it.”

The woman who introduced herself as Crazy Horse whispered that and demonstrated her magic power.

“O the great sun, please descend unto this body! We will continue to run until this body turns into ash! Until we arrive at the vision we see in the boundary of eternity, endlessly! Winwanyanku Wachipi(Utmost Limit Sun Festival)!!” (Winwang Wachipi refers to Indian Sundance while yanku itself means blow, signifying strong, here is the katakana ウインワンヤンク・ワチピ)

Crazy Horse yelled crazily “URARARARAAAAAAAA!”, flame was spouting out from her whole body, making her body into the very sun itself. The immortal bird’s flame of life that was compressed into a small fire spark, and the Indian soul that had been changed into the sun itself collided into each other.

“I’ll give you the eternal hibernation. O law(Boltzmann Distribution), roll over. Absorb unlimited energy, surpass the absolute and please shut the bitter enemy into negative. Negative Over Zero(Transcendental Cold Boundary)!”

Koyuki and the mermaid Vepar were breathing out breath of atom gas that possessed minus Kelvin temperature. That breath took away the heat from the space even until surpassing the absolute zero.

The true meaning of [minus temperature] was not the temperature falling until below zero. Snatching away temperature unlimitedly ― opening the door to the world of unknown low temperature surpassing absolute zero ― the [negative].

Koyuki brought about that world of absolute cold at the straight line space that was connected to Standing Bear.

“My name is Dick Fool!” Standing Bear released her transformation into bear, her appearance returned into a large woman around two meter tall and faced the attack.

“I’ll kill you if you are killable person! I am the aloof beast that go through circle of life and death endlessly! I’ll make even the god of death submit!! Lone Way(Endless Tear’s Journey)!!”

While being full to the brim with unlimited regenerative power in her whole body, Standing Bear rushed into the world of cold that surpassed the absolute.

“Snake-san, my bad but I have emotional attachment to lightning element. Kazuki said that yellow suited me! Thunder god in the right hand, wind god in the left hand! Lightning storm is not destruction, but blessing(Karis) and power(Baal)! Karis Yagrush(Wind Lightning Double Crushing)!!”

The hammer Yagrush was created in Hikaru-senpai’s right hand, and in her left hand was the spear Maimuur. When she met both her hands, the two weapons shone while turning into a single light. Inside the light, roar of thunder and storm was circulating as if it was the rage of god itself, rumbling inside senpai’s hand. Hikaru-senpai held it aloft in her right hand while rushing to Dancing Snake.

“My name is Masaesuva! The lightning will descend to the deeply sinful civilization and the poison fang will gouge its heart! The lightning is acting as agent of nature’s principle! Waunshirapsuni(Heaven Snake Mortality)!”

Dancing Snake’s right hand was bending back and forth in zigzag, becoming the lightning itself. That lightning met Hikaru-senpai in order to pierce her heart.

“Containing Samsara’s perpetuity inside o the darkness of mind! O the seven stars shining inside that! Expose the micro-cosmos of heaven, earth and creation and show the whereabouts of human!! Galaxy!”

Kaguya-senpai, with even faster chanting and more powerful magic power that could be felt, fired her own Original One to the strongest Chief Sitting Bull.

Sitting Bull who was sitting on the air and floating was thrown into the pure black void of space. Shining meteor and cosmic ray was attacking Sitting Bull.

“My name is Satanku. …O holy buffalo melting into Kaiowa’s blood… give rise to that calm micro-cosmos of wisdom. Tokupera Tsuwakaki(Infinite Harmony Cosmos)!”

White cosmos spread from the calm Sitting Bull. It swallowed even meteor and cosmic ray, painting the jet black world into white. Kaguya-senpai’s black that conceived the blinking of stars, and the white nothingness of the quiet White Buffalo fought each other.

Four magic and four magic clashed, turning into four flashes. The snakes that even now were continuing to rampage, Kazuki and co., all of them had their movements paralyzed from the magic power wave that made them doubt their eyes.

Kazuki continued to pour magic power into the four people with the Power of Harmony while holding his breath watching the four lights. The lights didn’t cease to exist no matter how long.

“…In the first place, we are just disposable pawns…”

From inside the light, Crazy Horse was uttering out a philosophical voice.

Disposable pawn… what did she mean? Kazuki sharpened his ears.

“But… this is the best day to die. Today too, compared to any kind of day.”

“Right, the day we became Indian we had already died.”

“Wishing for the harmony of all, we throw away ourselves.”

“Then this fate too, has no difference with anything and everything else.”

The lights ceased.

“They did it…? No, the Indians are… not here?”

There was nothing. If their side had won after this tough contest then the four people who should be collapsing in magic intoxication, were not here.

From that space where there was nothing, voices and magic power welled up without any previous sign.

“ “ “ “From the beginning we are one body that become everything! We return to nature a step ahead!!” “ “ “

Blue magic power was ― distorted, wriggled, materializing into complicated shapes like the moment where Demon Beasts were born and dropped from Cancer(Evil Nature World Alternate). That thing was manifested with great size like Las Vegas’ mega hotel, to the degree that they needed to look up to see it.

What appeared was possessing four heads of horse, bear, ox, and snake, its body was also an irregular fusion of each animal, a complicated and bizarre chimera.

What flashed inside Kazuki’s head immediately was the transformation of the Takasugi brothers into Yamata no Orochi.

“They threw their selves…!? They are integrating into Mythology!”

The four heads of the beast opened their mouths, four scream were mixing together making a dissonant sound resound.

The magicians of the Indians that collapsed around the area were pulled by unseen hands, they were dragged into the chimera in trail.

The one who immediately had an unpleasant premonition rushing into their head was not just Kazuki. Indian Mythology converted death into power. But, he couldn’t believe that humans who were still alive were forcefully…?

“Wait, isn’t that too gross don’t you think!?”

Mio was unable to just watch and rushed at one of the dragged Indians.

There was not even time to stop her because it was dangerous. Without even time to chant one of the chimera’s head ― from the mouth of the horse, a fireball that gave off the impression of a powerful Summoning Magic was spat out. Being fired at with that while she was defenseless from just finishing a grand magic, Mio was blown away while raising a scream “KYAA-!”

With that as the beginning, all the other heads also ― from the mouth of the snake was poison, then countless bone bullets from the ox’s mouth, scattering to the surroundings. Further two bear arms from its body were stretching out, destroying the surroundings all over.

“Burn to ash everything of the touching person… the scorching heat of denial without any place to go! Self Burning!!”

“O rejection of absolute zero, become the armor of isolation that protects my body! Freeze Barrier!!”

“O stream of atmosphere, converge on this body, become the storm that rejects the bitter enemy! The eye of the typhoon is my throne! Storm Fort!”

In panic Kazuki and the others invoked defensive magic. The chimera’s tyrannical and peerless attack didn’t question whether one was ally or enemy, even the snakes that were still fighting were dragged into it, those snakes were going to be swallowed.

Whether it was flame, electricity, or bone bullet, the chimera didn’t know to stop, as if it wouldn’t end until it vomited out all of its energy. It made Kazuki recall the time against a materialized Diva ― like Hel that didn’t chant to repeatedly invoke magic phenomenon, Kazuki and group were forced into a one-sided defensive battle.

They didn’t have any leeway to attack back.

“Kazuki!” Kamimura-san who was desperately chanting defensive magic abandoned what she was doing and dashed to Kazuki. Even while getting struck by flying flames from the side and staggered, she tightly held at Kazuki’s arm.

“I… hate that! That’s unpleasant, I want to defeat it!!” She said in appeal desperately.

Just like what she said in the ferris wheel, that was the most [disagreeable human way of living] for Kamimura-san.

“…That’s right isn’t it, let’s defeat it quickly.”

The people who got swallowed forcefully shouldn’t have been integrated into it completely yet. By any chance the four Chiefs were also the same. If they defeat it in a hurry, perhaps they could be released.

As if protecting Kazuki and Kamimura-san’s conversation, Kohaku cut between the two of them and the chimera. “Block and endure, <Taroudachi>! Battou Kaikon ― Taiju no Shinogi!” (TN: Big Tree’s Ridge)

When Kohaku poured magic power into the oodachi Sacred Treasure she held in her hand, the oodachi was enlarged ten-odd times bigger before she stabbed it into the ground with a loud voice *DON*, making a shield for herself, Kazuki and Kamimura-san.

Kazuki guessed Kamimura-san’s intention, he hugged that small statured body close.

“Ri…right now, it’s not just because for wanting power, that… all this time… I wanted to kiss so… be…because I love you so… that………please kiss me.”

Averting her eyes from Kazuki, fidgeting around, Kamimura-san’s voice gradually became smaller.

Kazuki softly raised her thin jaw, and kissed that small lovely lips that looked like sakura petals. Kamimura-san too, now that their lips touched she suddenly sucked at him proactively. The circuit of magic power between the two was expanded widely and strongly, through there magic power that possessed will ― the power of the chief god of Japanese Mythology Amaterasu was flowing into him. Information body that should be called the blueprint to cause the magic phenomenon to materialize a Diva filled Kazuki’s head.

Besides them, Amaterasu was materializing. With large pongee as her outer garment and an ancient skirt widening from her waist, she was a little girl that possessed the majesty of the ancient times ― it was by no means her jersey figure or her American leather jacket figure.

“Yoosh, then let’s do this seriously in my work mode ’kay, Kazuki.”

Amaterasu unusually raised a tense voice.

But, Kamimura-san didn’t seem as if she was going to release Kazuki and became even more immersed in the kiss.

…Eh, it’s a little…?

“Nn-…nn-” While leaking out the breathing of someone doing her all, Kamimura-san slid her slippery tongue inside Kazuki’s mouth.

Kazuki also responded to that and entangled his tongue stickily to hers. No, this was not the time to do this so passionately though…

“Hei hei hee―ii, what are you two doing? How long you are going to do this? Amaterasu-san here is already materialized you know―?” *BUNBUN* Amaterasu was pretending she was swinging a bat like a practice-swinging.

“Ka…Kazuki, feels like you are taking a little long there… uwaa-” Kohaku who was supporting her giant oodachi and desperately enduring the attack was looking back at his way before her face reddened with a puff from witnessing the passionate kiss.

“Nn~♡ nn~♡”

Finally Kohaku’s Taroudachi couldn’t endure the shockwave and returned to its original size, Kohaku was then completely hit by a fireball and raised a scream “UGYAA―!”

Kazuki and also Kamimura-san were intoxicated and drunk in the kiss, but they released their lips in panic with a wet sound.

“Jonny, this place is a battlefield.”

“Ah… so, sosososo sorry!”

Kazuki stroked Kamimura-san’s head while facing the chaotic chimera.

Kamimura-san couldn’t accept something like this. And he completely agreed.

“…Once Minakanushi(world) was tallow that looked like jellyfish, having no form and doing nothing but keep swaying. What is manifested in my hand is the power of Musubi. The three gods of beginning exposed the yin and yang of Izanagi and Izanami in the capacity of the power of <decomposing> and <stirring>… once more I(Amaterasu) act as the agent of that power.”

“Yoossh King Solomon, let’s ascend to the sky together.”

Amaterasu circled behind Kazuki and embraced Kazuki’s waist up tightly while *pyon* jumping. Each time Amaterasu jumped, rainbow was spanned under her feet, with that as foothold Amaterasu *pyon pyon* keep jumping high to the sky like a rabbit that was ascending to the moon.

Reaching the height where the chimera looked like a mere speck, Amaterasu stopped her jump and braced her legs firmly. Kazuki also got down there. A bridge of rainbow ― that was Japanese Mythology’s first stage.

Countless rainbows were gathering at Kazuki’s both hands, turning into a single pillar.

“Now Kazuki, stab that thing to that chaos and make it koorokoro!”

Amaterasu urged him like that. Kazuki followed what he was told and―

“Recapitulate the world creation principle right here… pierce the chaos of the surface from Ame no Ukihashi(Heaven Floating Bridge)! Ame no Nuboko(Heaven Swamp Spear)!!”

Kazuki directed the pillar of light to the earth and thrust. That action transcended the concept of aiming or evading ― the light pierced the person who was not recognized by Japanese Mythology’s chief god and Basileus.

The chimera who was wielding atrocity at the surface was turned into a skewer ― looking down from this height, the chimera looked like an insect specimen in lab. The beast’s insane roar could even be heard from where he was.

Kazuki stirred. When he shook the pillar of light [Ame no Nuboko], along with a strange response at his hand *koorokoro*, the chimera’s Prima Materia was decomposing. What he did quietly, mercilessly, ruined its existence.

“What’s with the koorokoro you said?”

“Don’t know.” Amaterasu nonchalantly laughed. “Even I don’t get Yasomaro’s language sense.” (TN: Don’t know about this Yasomaro thing. It’s a person’s name, but there is multiple one when I google it and I don’t know which one was referenced. It likely refers to Ō no Yasumaro who compiled Kojiki, the oldest extant Japanese history with the help of Hieda no Are.)

When he further *koorokoro* stirred at the Prima Materia of the decomposing chimera, it was forming a different shape than Onogoro ― reconstructing the four Chiefs and the magicians that were swallowed by the chimera. All of them were in magic intoxication but they seemed safe.

With the power of the beginning, an end had been brought for this battle.

Suddenly Kazuki looked down at the one more battlefield that was separate from his side’s location. At that place, the spark of magic power had already been calming down. He couldn’t worry about that side with the menace of the chimera bearing down on his side, but it seemed that the other side had also dealt with the three Chiefs and the snakes safely.

…Was the battles ended at the same time?

Or else, was it that the other side didn’t think of launching a surprise attack?

Ame no Nuboko that had finished its role disappeared. “Good bye desu nyan” Amaterasu’s materialization was also thinning. Kazuki jumped down from the disappearing rainbow bridge and returned to the ground.

Thanks to the chimera rampaging, the surrounding several dozen meters looked completely like an empty lot.

“I saw it. To not just kill that thing(chimera) but returning them beautifully back to normal is quite a considerable skill. I knew it but looks like you are not just all talk.”

Clark turned up while dragging behind her three Chiefs in tow. The three Chiefs that were wearing Indian costumes seemed like they were in magic intoxication, their bodies didn’t even twitch.

The Numbers were also following along behind.

“This one is Crow Dog that commands Coyote spirit. And the other two are… what is it?”

“Is this the time to talk so leisurely?”

Kazuki interrupted and asked. If they were not going to pick a fight here then…

“I think we should immediately go right now to join the clash of the main forces at Colorado river.”

“Guess so huh…”

Hearing Kazuki’s pointing that out, Clark was slowly looking up at the direction of Colorado’s vicinity. Of course although the dome had been broken, they shouldn’t be able to see the battlefield from here, but…

At that time the bodies of the two collapsed Chiefs were getting up all of a sudden.

Those two bodies instantly put up Enchant Aura all over their body and accelerated, one tackled Kazuki’s waist, and the other one circled behind Kazuki with faster speed, pinioning Kazuki from behind. Just in an instant ― Kazuki’s movement was sealed.

Bewilderment. He was desperately trying to work his frozen mind. Why? The Chiefs that he thought to be defeated were as if they were following Clark’s conspiracy.

Why were the Chiefs doing this? …These two were…

[Two people]

Clark opened her mouth.

“My bad, Indian’s Chiefs are not seven people but just five. I lied. All of us ganged up on Crow Dog alone and defeated her, then next we just pretended to fight.”

His thought was ― once more felt like it was going to stop. Is that so? He overlooked that.

He had to confirm. No, how could he imagine that they would do something like this.

These two were…

Muddily, the figure of the two Indians melted. Their appearance distorted, turning into completely different people.

The one who clung at Kazuki’s lower body was Ginny. And the one that agilely took Kazuki’s back and was pinioning him right now, was Mary.

Ginny’s curious contracted Diva, <Pop Star>.

She could use transformation magic. Kazuki had witnessed that once.

He was betrayed. …No.

One of the Numbers standing by behind Clark, Jeremy Barret was directing killing intent to Kazuki and at the same time she generated magic power. Short chant. There was no human that could immediately obstruct her.

“Self Burning!”

What Kazuki could do, was just chanting defensive magic instantaneously through Phoenix that was residing inside Zekorbeni.

“What is loaded into the magazine is a weakling’s black soul. Dyed in grief, worn out by tear, disgraced by scream, even so not giving up to keep loving the world ― my jet black is also a color.”

Jeremy chanted a spell. It felt awfully slow. The avatar of the abstract Diva <Frontier Spirit> was floating at her back. It was a glitteringly slimy black flame.

Weakling. Poor person. Pathetic person. Seedy person. Lowly person. Worldly person. Vulgar person. Filthy person.

Ugly person. Menial person. Malicious person. Unfair person. Coarse person. Vain person. Unrestrained person. Discriminative person. Cursing person.

A black color that shared all of that, was burning with the willpower that didn’t care of choosing the method.

It was as if the ideology of Clark Moore was materialized, a black flame filled full with ambition.

It was the very woman called Clark Moore itself.

Jeremy who was a believer like a puppet, loaded that into her bullet.

“That light, I received it! …Giant Killing!!”

Jeremy fired the revolver. That pitch black bullet slipped through the flame armor like a ghost, and hit Kazuki’s chest. An unknown impact attacked Kazuki.

At that moment, with a snap Kazuki felt how he became unable to sense his important [connection with everyone] that he had constantly continued to feel in these several months.

This attack, took away what made a strong person into a strong person.

He understood ― the King Solomon power was sealed.

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