Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou:Volume 12 Afterword

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This is Mihara Mitsuki that is a little late! Due to various reasons it became postponed for a month, my deepest apologies. This is because regarding the publication pace the editor K-nyan for some time,

“If you don’t publish at 3~4 months then it will be easy for the sales to drop you know.”

like that his mouth continuously talked sourly, so in my heart (he simply said that for the sake of cornering me mentally then……) I was doubting him like that while still desperately doing my best, but finally I got completely disheveled because of that pace. Sales drop is scary……now that we have come this far please by all means keep accompanying this story until the end without dropping out in the middle.

Even if I say that Magika too is approaching the climax. After this far it doesn’t seem likely that this will get something like aborted end because the sales is in trouble or anything, but I’m in the middle of doing my best vigorously that my head is balding so that we can turn towards the greatest climax. So even if there is just one reader more to accompany this series until the other side of the ending……I eagerly implore you readers. While I’m at it, if you readers will also accompany the new series that right now is still in preparation then that will be an unexpected happiness for me. Just now while I’m writing this afterword I welcomed my thirtieth birthday. A thirty years old with the principal occupation as a light novel author……there is nothing but anxiety for the future but anyways there is nothing I can do but continuing to write good things. When I fall, I’ll fall forward!

I don’t even understand what I’m talking about now so I’m changing the talk, but yesterday, at the light novel festival held in South Korea I was made to do an autograph session. So far, even domestically I had done an autograph session just once, but who ever thought that for the second time I was to be invited from abroad. The world famous Mihara Mitsuki (30). The truth is that I, this was my first time going abroad since I was born. In this present day, isn’t it rare for someone who became thirty yet never went abroad? However I didn’t have money when I was a student, and when I became a working adult this time it was my friend from my student period that cannot really match their schedule, on the other hand going abroad alone is scary……things like foreign language other than [Basileus] and [bonjour] I don’t know anything else……and so on that I hesitated. And so while I was helped by the editor-san he was greatly happily saying ‘you can going abroad, ain’t that the best yeah!’ The meal was too delicious that I ate too much since the first day, at the second day my stomach was already bursting out, but the readers of South Korea were horribly passionate. From them, their energy got shared with me, so I was able to safely get the autograph signing & get together stirred up. That country is extremely vigorous whether the city or the people……!

And so we are moving to the thanks. Everyone of Somi Media that published the translated version in South Korea and guided me on-site! Even though I came there for work I had fun there so much it made me wonder if it was okay to get that happy. Editor K-nyan and head department Misaka-san, I troubled you by rising up late and getting a stomachache……. Magika got published throughout the world, my greatest thanks to the whole world! And then, CHuN-san thank you very much for the wonderful illustrations in this volume too. The cover for this volume is Regina! And then Monrin-san that made the manga become increasingly perfect in form, I’m looking forward to it every month. And then, and then, above all is all of you readers, thank you very much for accompanying me in this volume!

Mihara Mitsuki (30)

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